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The Obligatory Street Cred…

Renegade Health Co-Founders Kevin and Annmarie Gianni have been featured or interviewed in a variety of media outlets, including WebMD, The Style Channel, The Huffington Post, EDiets, Cooking Light, Woman’s World, Skiing Magazine, Today’s Diet and Nutrition and many more.

Want to Have Kevin or Annmarie on Your Program, or Do You Need a Source for Your Article?

Kevin is available for radio, TV, film appearances, and to comment on natural health issues. Though his time is limited, he’s willing to consider all inquiries.

He’s also available to play guitar and sing cover tunes at your local coffee house — payment only need be a green juice and maybe a bar of organic, fair trade chocolate. (Just kidding… kind of.)

Annmarie is available as well to talk on skin issues, deception in the skin care industry and herbal and non-toxic skin care alternatives.

If you’d like to speak with them, please click here and simply tell us who you are, what you’d like and be sure to include your contact information (we’ll get back to you ASAP.)

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Want to Have Kevin or Annmarie Speak at Your Event, Conference, Magical Mystery Tour, or Birthday Party?

While they don’t do Magical Mystery Tours any more, they are available for many other engagements and food demos.

Together, Kevin and Annmarie have logged hundreds of speaking engagements in over 50 cities around the U.S. and Canada — from small audiences to events with thousands of attendees. Kevin has shared the stage with Dr. Joseph Mercola, John Robbins, Donna Gates, David Wolfe and many more well known health experts.

Due to their busy schedules, both Kevin and Annmarie choose their public appearances carefully. (If time weren’t an issue, they’d show up just about anywhere as long as there was a crowd to help!)

If you’d like to book us for a speaking engagement, please click here. Be sure to share the details of your event, including date, number of expected people, and any other pertinent information.

Here a Few Testimonials from People Who Have Attended Previous Renegade Health Talks and Events…

“Kevin and Annmarie offered an extremely informative seminar that went beyond expectations. I walked away with a terrific 10 minute exercise routine, a bunch of easy to implement practical strategies, and a couple of surprisingly simple techniques for promoting overall health.”

– Julie Hodson

“Fun, useful, to the point, energetic” – Dana Voelzke-Franco

“I liked your upbeat and friendly personality plus the exercises and nutrition tidbits! Thank you for your time and all your sharing. I’m going to include some of your tips in my daily life.”

– Deirdre St. Jacques

“Having Kevin speak to my Realtors was a very productive use of our resources and time. One of the issues we face on a day to day basis is how well we respond to stressful situations. Learning to identify and learn techniques to reduce stress and improve our energy reserves, will positively impact our companies’ bottom line and also make for a happier work environment. In addition, we had fun, laughed a lot and bonded as a group. All of my expectations were exceeded by his 90 minute workshop.”

– Linda McCaffrey