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Healthy and Not-So-Healthy Supplements for Your Cat : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Thursday Jan 22 2015 | by Kevin Gianni

Seriously, he’d prefer a bit of tuna. Does your cat need nutritional supplements? It’s a question that vets get asked more often these ... more »

7 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Pet

Monday Aug 18 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show that pets can boost your mood, make you more attractive, and even help you live longer. If you own a pet, you already know they’re good ... more »

Human Foods Dangerous to Dogs—And Those You Can Share

Wednesday Apr 30 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Though it’s generally best to avoid sharing human food with your dogs, some foods won’t hurt them. You’re not supposed to feed your dog table ... more »

Help Your Cat Live Longer—Some Well Known and Unusual Tips

Monday Feb 25 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

“Dogs come when they’re called. Cats take a message and get back to you.” —Mark Bly The ASPCA states that the average lifespan of the indoor ... more »

What’s the Best Diet for My Dog? Should I Try a Raw Food Diet?

Monday Feb 18 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A raw food diet may be great for your four-legged friend—but there are some risks. No grains, no by-products, no preservatives. No people food, ... more »

Two Recipes for Natural Homemade Dog Treats

Monday Jan 28 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Try these natural recipes and see if your dog likes the homemade touch. Looking for some recipes for homemade dog treats? A little scouting around ... more »

Cat Coat Care: How to Keep it Shiny

Wednesday Jan 16 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

He does a pretty good job of grooming himself, but if your cat is suffering from a dull coat, here’s how you can help. If you have cats, you ... more »

How to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy—and It’s Not Just About Brushing

Wednesday Jan 9 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Does your dog or cat need regular dental care? Most vets say “yes.” It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of brushing our ... more »

7 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Glossy and Shiny

Wednesday Jan 2 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

A glossy coat is a sign of a healthy dog. How can you encourage one on your best friend? If someone asked you what makes a dog look healthy, a ... more »

Doggie Detox—Does Your 4-Legged Pal Need One?

Monday Dec 24 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Is your pet suffering from itching, lethargy, or stomach problems? He or she may need a detox. If you’re having strong cravings, suffering from ... more »

Anxious Dog or Cat? 10 Steps to Help Calm Them Down

Monday Dec 3 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

If your dog or cat is anxious, there are other options besides drugs. Most of the time, our pets teach us how to face the world with a positive, happy ... more »

10 Tips for Preventing Fleas & Ticks Naturally

Wednesday Nov 14 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Pesticides in over-the-counter flea and tick treatments may be dangerous to your pets and your children. According to the Humane Society of the United ... more »

3 Nutritional Supplements for Your Dog — Are They Safe? Do They Work? : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Wednesday Jul 11 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

You may have a pill container for your supplements, but does he really need one too? Have you taken a walk through your pet store lately? If so, you ... more »

Are All Herbs Toxic – The Renegade Health Show Episode #488

Thursday Jan 21 2010 | by Kevin Gianni

Herbs… Are they all toxic? Today, I address this question as well as what we feed Jonny 5 (our cat) and if coconut oils is good for all skin ... more »

What We Feed Jonny 5 (Our Cat) and a Marinara Sauce – The Renegade Health Show Episode #388

Thursday Sep 3 2009 | by Kevin Gianni

Funny combination, huh? 🙂 We don’t feed our cat marinara sauce… but we do feed him a specialized diet. Today, I’ll talk just ... more »

Can You Feed a Cat or Dog a Raw, Vegan Diet – The Renegade Health Show Episode #284

Friday Apr 10 2009 | by Kevin Gianni

Many people ask if we can feed a cat or a dog a raw vegan diet… Here’s what I think. You may or may not agree, but remember this is just ... more »

A Puppy from Mexico on New Year’s Day – The Renegade Health Show Episode #217

Thursday Jan 1 2009 | by Kevin Gianni

Back in the States (again!)… We’re in the car going to Fountain Valley, CA to stay with Matt and we have two special friends with us. ... more »

How to Eliminate Cravings, What We Feed Our Cat and More – The Renegade Health Show LIVE Episode #169

Friday Oct 24 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

Alright… Last live show for a while, this one was really fun… Annmarie apparently was keeping a secret from me and still won’t tell ... more »