Avocado & Olive Salad

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power_avocado_olive_salad_actual (2)It has only five ingredients—anyone can make it!

The other day, a friend told me that many guys want to go raw, but have a hard time finding simple recipes with easy-to-find ingredients. Let’s face it—only a few of us use Irish Moss, and how many more even know what it is? This salad is a pretty hefty, but refreshing dish complete with two fats—from the avocados and olives.

While it makes a good side dish, I’ve had it as a complete meal many times, especially when there wasn’t much time to prepare anything. I have a section in my website called “Da Power-Five,” featuring meals using only five ingredients, so no more excuses to be deliciously healthy!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1-2 servings


1 cup cucumbers, cubed
1 cup tomatoes, cubed
1 cup avocados, cubed
1 cup olives, cubed
1 tablespoon olive oil

*Optional black pepper

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and serve.

Note: If you are not going to eat this salad right away, save the avocado until last so it doesn’t turn brown.

Jennifer McClelland

Jennifer McClelland

Jennifer McClelland is a whole foods spokesperson, raw food chef, and cookbook author of “The Right Blend: Blender-only Raw Food Recipes”. Jennifer grew up on a farm and studied at Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California. Based in Idaho, she travels the world, working from Beijing to Shanghai to Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Jennifer is a regular contributor for New Western Cuisine Magazine and available for culinary projects around the world!
Contact Jennifer at www.bedeliciouslyhealthy.com.


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  1. Interesting topic! Thanks for sharing this information! I also like “Avocado & Olive Salad” for the title. Thank you for the info Jennifer.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, besides Renegade Healthy, I really haven’t found good recipes for men out there. Of course, we should all be eating the same but my guy friend mentioned that many of my recipes are…well, foo foo gourmet if you know what I mean. It’s true, I love plating a dish or adding a lemon slice to the rim of a glass.

      For a lot of guys who want to be healthy, staying away from meat and dairy and “going green” seems a little wimpy. Totally disagree of course but if you have any suggestions on how offer recipes in a manly way am totally up for suggestions. Maybe will focus more on titles…stamina smoothies, power bars, strength snacks 😀

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