Strawberry Chocolate Shake

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Strawberry Chocolate Shake 2This is a great one for breastfeeding moms.

Lecithin is thought to increase milk supply, and it provides choline, a nutrient which is not easy to get in sufficient quantities in an unsupplemented vegan diet. With its neutral taste, it can be added to any nut milk and shake. Combining different protein powders, such as brown rice and hemp, in one drink, helps increase the spectrum of amino acids.

Prep time: 5 minutes, tops

Yield: 1 serving


1 cup strawberries
1 T Fruits of the Earth (optional)
1 T plain hemp protein powder
1 scoop chocolate brown rice protein powder (we recommend Sun Warrior protein)
1 T bee pollen (optional)
2 cup plain almond milk
½ T lecithin
2 frozen bananas


Blend and serve.

Joanna Steven

Joanna Steven

Joanna Steven is a raw food coach, and a writer for publications and websites like Get Fresh!, the Raw Divas blog, the Raw Mom blog, EcoHearth and more. She is the author of Well Rounded, the ultimate guide on having a successful raw food pregnancy. Additionally, Joanna is the co-author with raw vegan celebrity Tonya Kay of The Raw Nutritional Analysis Series, a series of eBooks detailing Tonya Kay’s diet throughout the seasons with full nutritional breakdown of the recipes. She regularly writes about her family’s high raw diet, including her toddler son’s, on her blog.


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  1. Love Joanna and her Raw Mom group. I’m book marking this recipe for the next few weeks – due any minute with no 2. And it has my favourite 2 combos – strawberry and chocolate. YUM!

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