The Golden Elixir Dressing : Healthy Recipe by Chef Susan Teton

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This dressing is fabulous on greens, great for any type
of raw salad, or even cooked veggies and grains.

This scrumptous dressing, also called “tahini tamari lemon dressing,” is made with Barlean’s Organic Oils, and is an exotic dressing that literally launched my cooking career. Seriously, this is what people say when they first taste this dressing: “What is in this? I just want to drink it.” That’s how it got the name, “The Golden Elixir.”

My favorite way to enjoy it is with a variety of baby greens or Romaine, a finely grated carrot, then topped with pumpkin seeds that have been slowly roasted in coconut oil. Wow—it’s a meal in itself!

Yield: serves 6

Total prep time: 10 minutes


½ c Barlean’s high lignan flax oil (can substitute olive oil)
1/4 c fresh lemon juiced
2 tbsp raw ‘salt free’ sesame tahini
¼ c tamari soy sauce (wheat-free if possible) or Shoyu
¼ c spring water
2 tsp dried kelp seasoning
2 tsp fresh ginger juice (grate ginger, gather in hand and squeeze out juice)
dash fresh, crushed or powder garlic
optional: garlic, cayenne


Blend all ingredients except oil and blend. Add oil slowly as you blend it in.

Keeps up to several days in the refrigerator. However, for essential fatty acids to remain in integrity, the oil should be consumed within one week.

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Photo courtesy Susan Teton.

Chef Susan Teton

Chef Susan Teton

Susan Teton has been a specialty chef, nutritionist and culinary instructor for over 20 years. She worked with John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, while authoring the Healthy School Lunch Action Guide and pioneering an award winning national program. After years of studying with notable health professionals, and creating menu plans for large resorts and celebrities, Chef Teton created Essential Cuisine, a culinary practice that integrates the culinary styles of raw, cooked and cultured to create a diet similar to the celebrated Centenarians.

Essential Cuisine is a comprehensive “Lifestyle Diet” made available with a 6-Set DVD series and e-book. Her new 4-Week Dietary Makeover includes coaching instruction with all the segments in her DVD series, including award-winning recipes, curriculum and audio series. Read more about her at her website, Chef Teton.


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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Kevin, thanks for all you do, it always feels like you are doing it straight from your heart. I have been lurking for about 9 months now and 2 1/2 weeks ago I started eating raw. I became a vegan 1 1/2 years ago and I really felt better, but going raw was like, OMG, more energy, less pain in my body, better skin. I feel like I could go on and on. Thank you for all your information, because of your blog I am now eating raw and loving it. At 71 years of age, my hiking and running have improved since I stared eating raw. Yipeeeee!!!! PS, by the way, my blood pressure is 109/65 and the doctors wanted to put me on meds to reduce my blood pressure, what a joke.

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