Ja’Man Jerk Burger : Healthy Recipe by Chef Mayra Trabulse

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Looking for a tasty veggie burger you can sink your teeth into? You’ve found it!

I adore this recipe! Why? The flavor, the fun, and the sexy aspect of designing a plate that is cruelty free, healthy, and GMO free. Having a “burger” that is cruelty free is exciting, and the combination of the Jamaican flavors in this one gives it a real tasty twist. How can you loose?

You can taste all the flavors in layers. Each bite will take you to a different pleasure. Every time I serve this veggie burger, I get an instant reaction from the presentation to that first bite. I call it an “culinarian orgasm!”

Chef Mayra’s Advice
As cliched as it may sound, use only the freshest of ingredients. Your mood affects the outcome, so if you expect great results, be in a good mood. Cooking with love is the best way.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but is better to use a well known recipe if you have guests. When baking, be sure to have good measuring tools.


Yield: 8


Jerk Sauce:
2 bunches scallions
¼ cup organic & fair trade allspice
¼ cup fresh pineapple juice
6 organic garlic cloves
6 scotch bonnets chilis
1 Tbls organic & fair trade thyme
1 Tspn organic & fair trade cinnamon
½ Tspn organic & fair trade nutmeg
½ Tspn Himalayan sea salt
½ Tspn organic & fair trade smoked pepper
1 drop lime peel essential oil
1 drop orange lime peel essential oil

24 oz seitan
1 white onion, roughly chopped
Chef Mayra Jerk Sauce (see above)
8 pineapple rings


To Make the Jerk Sauce:
Place all the ingredients on a food processor and process until a paste is form. Transfer to a large bowl.

To Make the Jerk Burgers:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (140C or gas mark to 4). Line baking sheet with parchment paper or silicon baking mat.

In food processor, combine the Seitan and onions and process until crumbly. Add the Jerk Sauce paste and knead to combine. Form into 8 patties and place on a prepared baking sheet. Place a pineapple ring on top of each patty before baking if desired.

Bake uncovered, for 45 minutes, until firm and browned.

Chef Mayra Trabulse

Chef Mayra Trabulse

Chef Mayra has been in the healthy eating and cooking industry for over 11 years. She has certifications in Sports Nutrition, Macrobiotic Cooking, Vegan, Holistic, and Feng Shui cuisine. She is trained in the in the classic culinary arts and her forte is Caribbean and Southwest cuisine.

Chef Mayra conducts a variety of classes, courses, and demonstrations geared toward different categories of athletes, personal trainers, and anyone who would like to live a healthier life. She is dedicated to bringing the flavor back into your mouth with wholesome animal-free and organic foods. This is the reason she has been called “Dr. Flavor” by many professionals! She also helps clients to achieve inner harmony in the physical, sexual and spiritual aspects of their lives. For more information, please visit her website at Pure Vida Vegas.


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  1. Lilith says:

    Bread?! Your promoting a recipe with bread?! 😮
    That it is not raw is one thing… but BREAD?!
    Looks like white wheat at that… :-/

  2. LAURA says:

    Hey Lilith-the recipe is for Jerk Burgers, not bread. The bread is just a ‘serving suggestion’, ya know? Take it, or leave it.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I’m usually not one to criticize but how is seitan healthy? It’s extremely processed and made from wheat gluten. It’s not a whole food and certainly not appropriate for those those avoiding wheat. I’d rather have a nice organic grass fed beef patty which quite frankly is much healthier than imitation meat, albeit, not vegan. Even so, there are so many delicious ways to make vegan patties w/o resorting to seitan. I’m quite surprised that this recipe made it on the renegade health blog to be completely honest. Sorry, just trying to keep it real :-/
    On a positive note, the sauce does look delicious!


    • I am with Charlotte on this. I was very surprised when I checked out recipes and saw that Kevin had posted a recipe that included seitan. And as Charlotte did, I would like to suggest using lentils instead as they make great burgers. The sauce does indeed look fantastic! No seitan, though. Not so good for you. Kevin, I did not know you eat seitan and was surprised by this.

      Warm regards,


  4. shine says:

    ow dear.!! chill folks

    looks good bread and all!

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