Avocado Seaweed Salad : a Raw Food Recipe by Laura-Jane the Rawtarian

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Just four ingredients and you’ve whipped up a winner.

If you’re familiar with my raw food recipes, you’ll know that I’m a fan of simple, raw recipes that only contain a few ingredients. This raw avocado seaweed salad is no exception. Both the salad and the dressing have only four ingredients, and the flavors in this tangy salad combine beautifully.

Serves: 1 (full meal)

Prep Time: 10 minutes


1 firm but ripe avocado
6 large romaine lettuce leaves
1 tablespoon dry dulse seaweed
1 teaspoon raisins

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
1 teaspoon nama shoyu (or soy sauce)
1 teaspoon honey


Cutting board

Directions (salad)

  1. Chop romaine lettuce. Place on plate.
  2. Cut avocado in half. Spoon into bowl. Chop avocado into bite-sized chunks. Crumble dry dulse seaweed into the bowl. Stir gently until avocado is coated in dulse seaweed.
  3. Place seaweed-coated avocado on top of lettuce. Top with raisins. Set aside so you can make dressing.

Directions (dressing)

  1. In a small bowl, combine remaining ingredients: apple cider vinegar, olive oil, nama shoyu, and honey.
  2. Stir dressing with a spoon until well mixed.

Combine Salad and Dressing:
Sprinkle a small amount of the dressing on top of salad – taste. Consume salad immediately.

You will have some dressing left over. Store dressing in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator and enjoy another salad tomorrow. Salad dressing will keep for five days in the refrigerator.

Laura Jane

Laura Jane

Laura-Jane The Rawtarian creates simple, satisfying raw food recipes. She is also the host of The Raw Food Podcast, and the author of The Rawtarian’s Raw Staples Recipe Book. She shares 100+ free simple, satiating raw food recipes at her website.

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  1. Fanny says:

    1 full meal??? I eat more than that! I think I’m no exception.

  2. It’s a reasonably sized salad – similar to what you’d get when ordering a full-sized salad at a restaurant. You can certainly eat more and add a side dish if you like 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Sounds delicious!!

  4. still hungry says:

    I agree with Fanny. This seems much more like a ‘side salad’ than a full meal…unless maybe you eat many (6 or more)small meals a day. But for those of us who eat only 3x a day with no snacking, this would never suffice to ‘hold’ our hunger for the 5 or 6 hours between meals; not to mention providing enough protein & calories for most people’s nutrition needs.
    But then, that’s just how it is for me.
    On the other hand, I love avocados & usually eat at least one throughout my day, so would probably find this recipe to be a delicious addition to my diet.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Dana Naylor says:

    Looks great other than the Olive Oil (empty calories), I would substitute that with Dijon mustard.

  6. Thanks Jessica. It is! And simple, too 🙂

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