A Big, Super-Special Announcement We’d Like to Share With You…

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No need to write anything, it’s all in the video…

Your Question of the Day: Any questions for us? Advice? Prayers? LOL!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Patricia says:

    Wonderful news!!!!!!! Congratulations 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    Wonderful news! Congratulations and I know Ann Marie will be nursing!

  3. Nicole says:

    Congratulations!!!! God Bless your new family. =)

  4. Shannon says:

    Congratulations you guys!!! Glad to hear that you aren’t finding out what you are having. We were surprised with all three of ours and it was so much fun. BTW, the end of July is an awesome time to have a birthday:-)

  5. Anna21 says:

    Congrats! You will be wonderful parents. I am soooo happy for you both!

  6. Bill says:

    One lucky child Congratulations

  7. Oleander says:


  8. KATHY says:


  9. Joanie says:

    Congratulations! You are in for a fabulous adventure! Advice – continue being the loving people that you are. Enjoy life’s dance

  10. Tina says:

    Congrats to you both!

  11. Anthony says:

    Congradulation on the great news, best of the best to you guys

  12. Jean says:

    I knew it I knew it I knew it!!!! As soon as I read your headline!!! So wonderful, bless you guys — so great to see you giddy and goofy. Love you and so happy for your news!

  13. Danielle says:

    I am so happy for you both!!
    Will you be raising him/her raw vegan? or just vegan with a ton of raw? lol
    I’m thrilled about the home birth, I did that as well with my little one, BEST THING EVER! it was soooo relaxing, just breath deeply and you will get into a trance and your body will just take over.
    Also a little suggestion, I practiced EC’ing (elimination communication) with my daughter and it was unbelievable, it creates such a deep connection and it’s actually LESS work then diapers. Defiantly look into it… here’s a link to the book I loved on being diaper free:http://books.google.ca/books/about/Diaper_Free.html?id=78h2dnL00isC If need be I can always send you one of my copies (I bought two so I can share lol). Congrats again guys! you will be wonderful parents -Danielle

  14. Donnalyn says:

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations, and I guessed right, by the way, tee hee! So very happy for you!

  15. Sunny says:

    I am absolutely THRILLED for the both of you – and thrilled for the little one that chose you for their parents 🙂
    You look VIBRANT, Annmarie!
    All the best to you,

  16. Diane says:

    I knew it!! Yaaaay!!!! Congratulations, you two! You will be the best parents ever! So happy for you! 🙂

  17. Sarah says:

    Wonderful! You are in for a real treat!

  18. joyce says:

    congrats ann marie & kevin!!! i am also pregnant and due end of june! we have home water births with a midwife and i’m so happy i have had (and will again have) the opportunity to experience. is is amazing. you are radiant ann marie! best of luck to you both. i will be thinking of you.

  19. Sarah says:

    Hey, can we ALL be Godparents?

  20. Char says:

    Awesome news on your precious addition. You are going to make such GREAT parents, Congrats!

  21. Anthony says:

    Hi Kevin your recent vitamin D video, you didn’t give us a good company to get vitamin d supplement, My vitamin D 25 is very low, and I would like to correct this, what do you recommend, I know you said you were low at one time as well, thanks

  22. Angela says:

    Awesome news!! Congratulations you two!

  23. Tricia Fieth says:

    Congrats! We experienced a wonderful home birth in rural Colorado with an incredible midwife for baby #3 and had the birth of my dreams and am so glad that I went against all highly recommended suggestions of my doctors to to the hospital since this was a V-bac! Good luck, will send lots of good energy your way!

  24. Larry says:

    Congratulations and best of luck.

  25. Jean says:

    P.S. AnnMarie, you look absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Cheryl Rae says:

    Congratulations on your blessed and special announcement ! You two will be fabulous parents ! Enjoy your pregnancy !

  27. Jill says:

    Congratulations!!!A very blessed baby to come to two special people!You are both awesome!

    Please tell us what your advice is to resolve morning sickness.

  28. Lynette says:

    Congratulations to the both of you!! I had a home birth with my last child. It was Amazing! Had a swimming pool in my living room and way too many friends(9 including son & hubby)to watch! LOL! We had took The Bradly Method – Husband Coached Child Birth classes. Very Helpful! Best Wishes to you. I pray that all goes well and can’t wait to hear what you have!
    BTW…My son’s name is Colton Alexander and my daughter is Erica Lynn.

  29. Jen Molitor says:

    Congrats!! That’s so wonderful! I’m due in 5 days with my 2nd child. I’m working with a doula and she has been fantastic so far. Good nutrition makes for such a healthy pregnancy & baby. 🙂

  30. Jen says:

    So happy for you both- Congratulations!!!

  31. Heather says:

    Wow congratulations. Have you looked into Diaper Free http://www.diaperfreebaby.org/

    I have heard some pretty wonderful results with it.

  32. Gerwyn says:

    Great news the best thing to happen to anyone
    How about Rene for a boy,lol

  33. Joan says:

    You have shown such open hearts and been in awe of the world and all its wonders, but your child will open up your hearts even further–break wide open with the deepest of loves. I am so happy for you!

  34. Janet says:

    Congratulations !!!! Soooo glad you aren’t going through that ultrasound to find out which it is….Yay Home birth…

  35. christine says:

    Yeah, for home birthing! Congrats!!!!

  36. Jo-Ann Hutchings says:

    Congratulations! I wish you the best. This will be one healthy baby. Best wishes to the three of you.


  37. Congratulations! You guys are not going to love sharing/reading The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach series (http://www.MitchSpinach.com) with your new little one! We had two wonderful homebirths–there is no better way to bring your baby into the world!!!

  38. April says:

    YAY! Congratulations! You guys will be the best parents ever 🙂 AnnMarie, you look SOOOO beautiful! Pregnancy definitely suits you!

  39. Congratulations! You guys are now going to love sharing/reading The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach series (http://www.MitchSpinach.com) with your new little one! We had two wonderful homebirths–there is no better way to bring your baby into the world!!!

  40. Kelli Hughes says:

    Thought that might be the announcement with the headline and the smiling faces. Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you!! I’m expecting grandbaby #4 the end of October. It’s all exciting whether you’re the parents or the grandparents. 🙂

  41. Tahnee says:

    Congratulations are in order for both!!!

    Ann -Marie you are glowing and smiles from ear to ear.

    Some questions:

    Are you going to stay on your Raw diet and if you do how does that work.

    Enjoy your baby when it comes and that is a special gift Love Him or her spend a lot of time together.

    Take care


    I did miss seeing you guys on the video

  42. Jackie says:

    Congrats – thanks for sharing this special news!

  43. Janet says:

    Liam Kaleb Gianni

    Kaleb Liam Gianni

    Nevaeh Marie Gianni

    Octavia Angel Gianni

  44. Melina says:

    Congratulations! I am happy for you both!

  45. Tom DeWolf says:

    Congratulations! How very exciting! Your child will be so blessed to have parents so completely dedicated to healthy choices in life. Y’all look GREAT! Should you be bringing a child into this world? Absolutely. We need more peacebuilders! (And “Renegade” would work for a girl as well… ;o)

  46. Brent says:

    Wow congratulations to you both!!!

  47. Meg says:

    Will you be starting a special blog to document the pregnancy/birth/baby, etc? I don’t mind seeing updates here either though!
    Congrats you two!

  48. Emily says:

    Much love and light to you and best wishes to your new addition!

  49. Michelle says:

    SOOO happy for you both! Congrats! You will be wonderful parents!

  50. Linda says:

    Congrats to you both! I thought so just by the intro, but was sure as soon as the video started. You can see it in Annmarie’s eyes and smile!

  51. rosie says:


  52. Tracy M says:

    I knew it also! It was about time….it was just fun watching you announce it on the video–but you didnt fool us from the first word! You could see it in your excitement and faces–but nice trys Kevin! So nice to know we wont have to worry about this little one gettinv vaccines–whew! My best to you both–rasing happy and healthy children is one of the most fun thing to do in life– I did natural child birth with all 3, breastfeed all three and made all my baby food from scratch–my 3 kids are now in their thirties and just starting to have their own–all ages are fun stages to go thru! congrats! TM

  53. Jocelyn K. says:

    Congratulations!! What exciting news! Life is such a precious gift from God! Looking forward to reading about your pregnancy journey, Annmarie. 😀

  54. Pan says:

    Oceans of blessings to all 3 of you! He/She is one of the healthiest and happiest babies on the planet. I like the name “Renny” for a boy. Short for Renegade, of course. Wonder what color his/her hair will turn out to be. You two are such opposites! This is one famous baby, already! So happy for you!

  55. sharon says:

    So happy for you guys! The most fun ever is having a child! I’ve been watching the progress of Angela and Matt Monarch with Oria too.

  56. Carol says:

    Great news! Your baby will be sooooo healthy! Great going you two! I too did the midwife home birth thing with my 2nd baby. Make sure you have a loved one, a mother or someone to help you out at home, immediately after birth, (Like in the middle of the night) so you can get help going to the bathroom, or what ever it is you need to do, but are so tired, when you don’t have the energy to do the simplest of tasks.
    ~ Carol

  57. Kris says:

    Congrats to you both and much joy. And yes, Annemarie looks amazing!!

  58. rosie says:

    annmarie how do you get such nice hair what is your secret. 🙂 congratulation again

  59. mary says:

    AnnMarie, you were glowing more than usual —
    so I knew it wasn’t a move to Mexico 🙂
    Congrats to you all–
    It’s time for a change 🙂 Woo Hoo

  60. Faith Minier says:

    No questions, just “Congratulations”. AnnMarie, I must comment, as well, on how absolutely GORGEOUS you look! This world needs young ones raised well, to lead and teach the way. In my experience, you don’t know the depths of love until you have a child of your own. Many blessings and much love as you embark on this wonderful new chapter in your lives.

  61. Debbie says:

    Awesome news. Congratulations.
    How about Derek Kevin for a boy.

  62. Bob says:

    Yay! Congratulations!

  63. Beautiful. There is no perspective-transformer like bringing new life into the world, and being intimately involved with the evolution of another being.

    Blessings, AnnMarie and Kevin.

    Love, David and Katrina Rainoshek
    (expecting in September 2012)

  64. Jeannie says:

    Congratulations! I knew right away as Anne Marie was glowing and looks so beautiful.A mother carrying a child has a “special aura” about her.
    Wishing you all the joys of raising a child .~

  65. Clara says:

    Awesome!!!congratulations. The baby will be a beautiful and healthy baby. Congratulations, again.

  66. jacky says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy, you look amazing Annemarie! Yes, this a very exciting time in your lives. Good health, eat well & properly. Looking forward to welcoming the new little Gianni. Best wishes to you both.

  67. Chris says:

    Congratulations to you both! Thats great news. Wish you all the very best. God bless you.

  68. Madell says:

    Congrats!!! You will be wonderful parents!

  69. Velda says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What wonderful news. A baby is a very special gift from God. I’m sure you will be touching basis with Matt and Angela Monarch. They have been sharing some great things – including diaper free. I wish I had been half as aware as you guys when I was having my babies. Very exciting news. I’m sure many of us had a feeling you guys with child, since we haven’t seen Annmarie around much. I asked a couple of months ago and, of course, didn’t get an answer – until now :). Again, congratulations and love to you!!

  70. Barb says:

    Yeah! Happiness abounds. If anyone is equipped to bring a child into this world-it would most certainly be you 2.Following you through this is going to be sooo exciting.

  71. Mary says:

    Wow, what a great surprise. Congratulations. Much love.

  72. Sally says:

    Blessings of love to you and your little one!
    I just knew somehow what the big announcement was, so I was on the edge of my seat until you FINALLY came out with it! Kevin, you are so funny! Do get serious about a boy’s name. It’s probably a bit frustrating for Ann Marie when you suggest things like “Pepperoni, etc”, though it was funny for a short time on the video. Love you two (three) very much!

  73. shelley says:

    Congratulations! to both of you!! ~ mamasita and papasito 🙂

  74. Dodie says:

    Congratulations! I was thinking about that recently….I had a feeling you be making this announcement, Kevin! I think Peperoni Gianni is not the best name for a raw fooderer! or even vegetarian! LOL! Hey, I just started experimenting in the Asian markets, and bought a “Fuzzy melon” which is VERY tasty sauteed in a little oil with a few drops of Korean chili sauce! I also started calling my daughters newborn that! (Fuzzy melon!)
    What about….Cassidy or Kyle Gianni?
    Enjoy your pregnancy,Annmarie! You look absolutely radiant!

  75. Katie says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  76. cindi says:

    awwwwwwwwww that is sooo sweet… congrats … and of course we all knew as soon as we read that headline and saw the two of u sitting there looking just so excited and thrilled…. and yes will u go diaperless like Angela and Matt??? that mite be the big question of the day… i think it is amazing but not sure if i could do it…. i had 3.. they are all blessings…. God Bless both of you and your little bundle of joy…. i did not have the option of knowing so i would want to know but surprises can be nice too. enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  77. Treesa says:

    Congratulations. I’m so excited for you guys. With such a big Renegade Health family, he or she will have thousands of loving and adoring ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles.’

    BTW: you look gorgeous Annmarie! May you have an easy, healthy rest of your pregnancy.

    One request: please appear in more videos so we can ride the next few months with you, watching the little renegade grow!!!!!!

    All love…

  78. ohhhh, congratulations !!!!
    Yeahh this world needs more new angel children.
    enjoy this new adventure
    all the best for your expanding family
    lots of Love

  79. Robert says:

    Fantastic news – life will soon flip 180 degrees. What a lucky child to be brought into the world with the best nutrition available and such loving parents. Awesome!!!!!!!

  80. d.Lo says:

    I was RIGHT!!! OMG!!!!! I am soooooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!! There is nothing (NOTHING) better in the whole wide world than being a parent. It’s for sure a hard job, and even harder if your aware of what your doing. There is no greater joy, so be prepared to have your hearts broken over a thousand times in only the first week. 🙂

    Enjoy every single second, and take way too many pictures, you can always delete, but you can’t go back in time to take the shot you missed. 🙂

    Big fat snowy hugs, to both of you, and I know we all are going to be very excited for you and Ann-Marie, and we look forward to pictures and updates.

    Much love and sunshine to you all!!!

  81. Raluca says:

    I knew it from the title already!!!! Yeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Congratulations!

  82. Carol says:

    Great news. I know you will be the best of parents. As a great grandmother, I wish I’d known half as much as you when I had my children but I can at least pass on what I know now, to my family. Good health and happiness to you all

  83. Jessie says:

    Totally cool! Congrats! YES, tell us every detail. Will Body Ecology be your biggest resource or what others?
    You are RADIANT Anne-Marie!

  84. Denise B says:

    Instead of “Angel” for the boy – how about Gabriel? He is a great angel – he made his share of announcements in the Bible… just a thought 🙂 Congratulations to you both.

  85. One for All says:

    Fantastic! WOO HOO! I knew it was a baby and not a new computer… he he.

    Suggestion for JILL who wrote about MORNING SICKNESS… just chew on a piece of ginger candy. That stops nausea BAM! Super fast.

    I take wheat grass powder in juice every morning and I feel nauseated so I chew on a piece of ginger candy and the nausea is immediately stopped. You just need a very tiny piece and it works! It is better than smoking marijuana right? LOL! Just wanted to share a natural cure for nausea or morning sickness. A small piece of ginger candy. I get it at T & T market here in Vancouver.

    A cool name for a baby “ZOLTAR” if it is a boy.. you can give it a short name of Z or Zolt.. nobody messes with a dude named ZOLTAR. There is nobody with that name out there and it sounds very commanding – a true leader. POWERFUL. Like a God incarnate. ZUMA is a cool name too.

    Or be original… there are so many people calling their babies days of the week or months like April… why not give the baby a number as a name… like “six” or “Seven”.. there is a lucky number – Seven could be the luckiest baby?. Even go right out there and call your baby “ONE”… Imagine to greet someone and say “Pleased to meet you … I am One”. One with the Universe, One with everything, “One of a kind”.

    Sooo…my baby name selections:
    Zoltar as a boy Zuma as a girl or “ONE” if it is either sex.

    Much love and blessings for you both and the little “ONE” coming. PEACE.

  86. cyntac says:

    Wonderful! I wish you all the best! Annmarie you are so young and beautiful and you will be great parents! xxoo

  87. Colleen says:

    Congratulations! We are looking forward to “sharing” this wonderful journey into parenthood with you! Many, many blessings to you all as you move forward into this new phase of your life together. Squeeeeeeeee!!

  88. Denise says:

    So Happy for the two of you!! This new little bundle will bring you so much joy!

  89. Awesome News! Congratulations Kevin and Ann Marie! ~*~ Blessings ~*~

  90. Denise says:

    So Happy for the two of you! This little one will bring you so much Joy!!

  91. Debra Evans says:

    Oh, how beyond beautiful that news is! I’m so happy for you…and for that child who will have you for her or his parents!

    You asked for name suggestions…so I’ll share a few that bubbled up while watching your video. Beau for a boy. Or Devon for a girl. xox

  92. Jackie says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you both!

  93. Debbie says:

    So so so so so so HAPPY for you !!!!! I wondered a while back, because I saw a pic of Annmarie, and she looked to be with Child !! Your lives are in for the most beautiful miracles you’ll ever experience !!! My only advice is to just enjoy every single moment. Get ready for the most unbelievable amount of LOVE that is going to take over your lives from here on out…..just wonderful news. Nothing but JOY, LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, filled wishes for you and your new precious addition to the Gianni’s !!!!!!! YEAHH !!!!
    Many many blessings (:

  94. Caryl DeHerrera says:

    Congratulations to Both of you!
    Kid’s are great! Just take lots of picture they grow so fast…;-)
    You may want to make skin care for baby’s now.(don’t trust the ones on the market)

    Oh and the name will come to you but there are websites with baby names and definitions of the names.
    Have fun!
    Big Hugs,

  95. Candice says:

    Congratulations Anna Marie and Kevin! Even more beautiful than the news is to see the intimacy you share and awesome love your child (ren?) will be born into. Much love, deep namaste’ and continued enjoyment of your journey.

  96. Morgan says:

    Congrats guys! That kid will be lucky to have awesome parents like you.

    As for names…how about Zephyr? Or Adrian?

    Haha … or Spumoni

  97. Dianne says:


    Your baby couldn’t have chosen better parents!!!!

    SO exciting. 🙂

    Love Dianne

  98. elaina says:

    maybe you can have my sons name also
    it is Gaetano
    Congratulations to you both, hope you were planning this and that it is not a surprise.

  99. Monique says:

    True, haven’t see Ann Marie much but when I clicked on video before it started my first thought was how beautiful you looked. It was obvious the annoucement was that you are pregnant, you have that glow! Congrats…

    Saw you two at Expo West also!

  100. Awwwwwwww! 🙂 Congratulations!!! 🙂

    I knew that’s what you were gonna say…..Annmarie looked to be glowing and her hair looked Beautiful so, I thought…Yep..she’s Pregnant.

    Are you going to do the Diaper Free thing with your child as well? Will you do High Raw or any Animal or Animal products while pregnant or after?

    Love and Light to you Both! You will be Beautiful Parents just as you are Beautiful People!


  101. Francesca says:

    Great news, guys!!! Congratulations!!! <3

  102. Dawn says:

    What a beautiful blessing! God bless you both! What about Adam like in the Bible. He would have been like the original “raw renegade”. So happy for you both!

  103. Karen Young says:

    Sooooooo excited for you guys!! Congrats! The Best News Ever, a little rugrat Gianni, YaY!

  104. Victoria Hinton says:

    Excellent news! Congratulations. Are you doing the diaper or no diaper thing? We want ALL the dirt for your sweet little baby. Without babys, how is the world to get any better? It would just fizzle out. OF COURSE you should bring a baby into this world. Maybe this is the baby who will fix everything!

  105. Candy says:

    Excited for you!!

  106. Deborah says:

    Yay! It’s the greatest news ever!!! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!!!
    I wish you tons and tons and tons of happiness!
    You will make wonderful and FUN parents!

    Make sure to get your probiotics/cultured veggies to have nice healthy flora to pass on to the little one, it will be the best way to start and ensure a strong immune system! (Can’t help it, I learned it from YOU and Donna Gates!) ;o)

    Love and light!

  107. Nita says:


    I just knew that you two were going to announce that you are pregnant. Wonderful news, I am so happy for the three of you.
    Love, Light, and Laughter.

  108. debra says:

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled to hear your good news. I have no doubt that you will be two of the best parents this world has ever known. Blessings to you all.

  109. I knew it!!!! Congratulations you two!!! =)

  110. Melissa says:

    Take the Bradley Method – Husband Coached Child Birth classes – they are excellent. We have had 5 home births, each one very awesome!
    Show us some belly photos!

  111. OM says:

    Good news!

    One of the best and easiest ways to raise children is sharing the family bed. We put a king size mattress on the floor like a futon and slept on it with our first baby who would have none of the separate room with cradle or crib we had prepared. He was so right and he taught us what he needed! When the second child came, we all slept in the big bed together. Nursing made it easy to feed anytime during the night so nobody had to get up at all. There used to be a book called the Family Bed but not sure if it is still available.

  112. tammy says:

    Check out the book, “Birthing from Within”, by Pam England and Rob Horowitz. Comes highly recommended by people who have had home births.

  113. I thought you were kidding because you’ve pulled that one so many times!! Happiness!!

  114. Denise Davies says:

    Great – Congratulations You are having a lucky, Dragon Baby. I am a Dragon, my Grandmother was and so is my daughter, and i was hoping she would have one too, she really needs to get a move on!

  115. Susan says:

    Tears of joy – so happy for you. Yes we do need more angels, thank you for bring one into the world. Much love to you all

  116. Beatrice says:

    Congratulations! 😀
    How about a nice Italian name, Lorenzo, for example, to match his last name? Your child might want to spend time outside the U.S. some day and will be happy to have a classy name everybody can spell. Being ridiculed for a silly name is not every child’s desire as it unfortunately happens so often these days.
    Very best wishes from Switzerland

  117. Susan says:

    Fantastic! Congratulations! I am so happy for the two of you. You will make wonderful parents! You know most kids are “accidents” and not especially wanted. But I know this one is very much wanted and will be so loved. As far as advice, I do have some on how to get the little one to sleep through the night . . . but I will give that later. Anyway, my brother is 47 years old and he was delivered at home (when it definitely was not a popular thing to do!) and the midwife was unable to arrive on time and my Dad delivered the baby. They woke my sister and I up after the baby had been born and we were disappointed that we had not seen the birth (which was planned with the midwife) but I definitely understand my Dad wanting there to be less commotion since he had to do the last minute delivery! Anyway, it was a happy ending!

  118. Susan says:

    Kevin and AnnMarie,
    You really should do videos once in awhile. . . I miss them . . . how about a couple of times a month????

  119. Amber says:

    Congratulations! What have you been taking for your prenatal vitamin? I’m just curious what you have chosen (or what your doctor has recommended). It’s hard to find a good supplement out there anymore, and my doctor told me that they were all good (which I disagree with after reading the labels)…

  120. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations!! What wonderful news….and Kevin in response to your comment/query, it will be YOUR child that will perhaps change the world for the better…that is every parent’s hope I think!! For if we do not think this way…then we are giving up on our Mother Earth, and mankind, no??? Blessing out to the 3 of you….you will be wonderful wonderful parents!! Look forward to seeing the wee one!

  121. Congratulations! A great news!

    Regarding the name, I am sure the baby knows its own name and you could find out by communicating with trees. I took a weekend class in Shamanism and learned how to communicate with trees. It is awesome! I put my hands on a tree and it tells me all kinds of things and answers questions if I have any. The answers appear as thoughts in my head. Sometimes I don’t understand them until later when more info from other sources completes the puzzle. The same goes for night dreams.

    I hope also, like other readers here, that you will be posting continuous info about the pregnancy, birth and no diaper choice. Good luck!

    What a great day today is, to get such a good news! 🙂

  122. Congratulations! A great news!

    Regarding the name, I am sure the baby knows its own name and you could find out by communicating with trees. I took a weekend class in Shamanism and learned how to communicate with trees. It is awesome! I put my hands on a tree and it tells me all kinds of things and answers questions if I have any. The answers appear as thoughts in my head. Sometimes I don’t understand them until later when more info from other sources completes the puzzle. The same goes for night dreams.

    I hope also, like other readers here, that you will be posting continuous info about the pregnancy, birth and no diaper choice. Good luck!

    What a great day today is, to get such a good news!

  123. Sue Rushford says:

    Congrats! I like a lot of the boys names suggested above – esp Adrian (per Morgan) or Lorenzo (per Beatrice) – I also like Justin, Jason, Andy, & Clay (my own picks). Best of luck & health & all that!

  124. Wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!!

  125. Donna says:

    I gave birth in the hospital to our two sons, then ten years later a girl with a home birth. It wasn’t accepted back in 1979, but I loved the experience. Congratulations you two!

  126. Christie says:

    Congratulations! You two are going to be awesome parents! I wish I knew as much as you guys going into parenthood.

    July is an excellent birth month- both my babies were born then – the second one at home!

    So, I was vegetarian with both my pregnancies and would totally crave carbs, unless I got enough protein. I would carb out my second trimester (Easter candy pig out) and gain a ton. Just wondering what you’re (AnnMarie) craving/eating these days. You look fabulous!

    Congrats again- so happy for you!

  127. Laura G says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! I knew it as soon as I saw the subject line in the email. What a lucky kid. You two will make great parents.

    Blessings and best wishes along the way and thank you so much for a much needed smile today.

    Love you guys for all you’re doing.

  128. Elizabeth DeJager says:

    So happy you gave us this big news. You will be wonderful parents. God Bless you all.

  129. Charlotte says:

    YAY!! I would have been disappointed with anything less! I’m so happy for you guys :-)I’ve been a watcher/reader of the blog throughout college (4 years now) so I’m really excited for you. I had a feeling before I watched the video and as soon I saw Annemarie I knew because she’s glowing! As for boy baby names; I love the name Oliver (which I’m planning to name my future kid), Adrien, Julian.. I have more but most of them are in french and they don’t so as good in english..
    Anyway best of luck!! And next time give us a little twirl!
    Also, I want to know whether you are staying vegan during the pregnancy.
    Yay for you!!

  130. Mist says:

    Congratulations! Good luck and smooth sailing to you and your little Renegade!

    You two have such bright, sunny dispositions that when I think of names, “sun” and “sol” pops into my head. Annmarie, you look “sol” glowingly beautiful! Kevin, you are “sol” funny!

    P.S. Pepperoni won’t work, but what about “kaleroni?” 🙂

  131. marie says:

    AWESOME!! CONGRATULATIONS! That’s a wonderful news! My intuition told me so as soon as I saw Annemarie appear on my computer screen, must be her amazing glow, her radiance! And the joy coming out of both of you is truly beautiful. Sending lots of love and blessings your way! xoxo

  132. Wow – so happy! Congratulations on the wonderful news!!!! You both are awesome!

  133. Amy says:

    Congrats to both of you!!!
    Best wishes, you are awesome, love you!!!!

  134. Annette says:


  135. Michelle says:

    First off, I’d like to say CONGRATS! I wish you both (3 actually) the best birth experience with your midwife. That being said, I hope you relay the experience, once it happens, with the usual frankness and honesty in perspective that you usually do. I’m sure that Angela & Matt are fantastic people and I’m very happy for their seemingly perfect birth experience and life thus far with Oria. However, being a mother of an 18 month old and expecting another in the end of May, I would really appreciate hearing about some of the not so perfect sides of child birth and parenting that are a reality. I had a very difficult labour and delivery with my first son. And the first few months of his life he spent crying most of the time despite any modifications to my diet and my attempts at “attachment parenting” and co-sleeping. I’m sure my experience was not that uncommon and that there are many others out there that would appreciate hearing about healthy ways to help deal or cope with less than perfect parenting experiences. Goodness knows that parenting, from the moment of conception, challenges every decision you make. It’s easy to feel guilty about everything you do when things don’t go perfectly or as planned/hoped-a “renegade” perspective on parenting would no doubt be a lot more helpful and reassuring, if you know what I mean ; )
    I do wish you the best and look forward to following along with you through your exciting future! And btw, I love the name Angel for a boy!


  136. Henry + Liane says:

    Your news is great NEWS! It has spread all over the world, even “down under” in Australia. Congratulations to the new parents to be, Annemarie + Kevin ! May God give his blessings to you and your child to be healthy and have a wonderful and successful life.

  137. Helen says:

    Very exciting news! I knew it as soon as I saw the headline too….Very happy for you!

  138. Diane says:

    Figured that is what this was about. So is this all we’re going to hear about now from here on out just like with Matt Monarch???

  139. Rita says:

    Congratulations…. You will all be in my prayers….. so happy for you…..

  140. Karen says:

    Awesome news! Annmarie, I really missed you!

  141. George says:

    Whatever the gender of the child, the main point is that both mother and child are healthy and thriving at the end of the time.

  142. Maia says:

    Major happy news!!! CONGRATULATIONS. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

    Warml Wishes, Maia Alpern

  143. Micele says:

    Congrats!Annmarie looks way gorgeous!! Please do a video about your haircare!! A baby name suggestion… Kale.

  144. Daniela says:

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I saw “big-super-special-announcement” on the subject, I just KNEW IT!!!!
    Ann, I’m the girl from Florida who had a home birth and you watched it on youtube, remember? Giovanna Bella’s mom.
    I took the video out of youtube, but I’m actually going to put it back next week (I’m re-editing), so look for it. You guys are going to be awesome parents because in a funny way, you already are to so many people that you’ve helped to “birth” into health and wellness. This is great, I’m SUPER DUPER excited for you!!!! Love you guys!!!

  145. ken says:

    congrats so pleased for you both ! as for names Kioni it is African and means seer, wise man.Thats what my son called his son and Robyn for a girl.

  146. Jacquie says:

    Congratulations! I’m SO happy for you! Such joy is ahead of you. Enjoy every moment. 🙂

  147. satori says:

    omg super awesome! Congratulations! Leonardo is my favorite name. I’m giving this name when baby comes and if it was a boy. It’s my husband’s name as well:P Enjoy your pregnancy AnnMarie.

    Love, Satori

  148. Ruth says:

    Congratulations on the new life born of your love!
    As for a boy’s name, what about Angelo: An Italian name meaning messenger of God.
    Whoever this child is, he/she is blessed to have such parents.

  149. Julia says:

    I like the way AnneMarie said it: “Bring more angels into the world…” 🙂

    It gives me encouragement for the future to know that more children in future generations will be raised untouched by the mainstream medical “mafia” of vaccines, and “social norms” of sugar, aspertame, MSG, etc., etc…. with health-conscious parents. I am grateful to the both of you for the individuals you are making of yourselves as well as for the type of responsible parenting I know you will be doing. Blessings, love and light to your beautiful family. 🙂

  150. helen says:

    Woohooo. A little Renegade!! Loved hearing the musical theme again! Thanks for telling us- so excititng!!

  151. Steph/Cliff says:

    Oh bless…….. That’s a wonderful surprise, congratulation to you both. You will have such fun, treasure every moment.

  152. Amila says:

    You guys are so adorable and the happiness if just oozing out of you!! What great news and may you continue to experience a perfect pregnancy

    Much love Amila x!

  153. Nan says:

    Congrats! And so glad to hear you’re not doing ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby. I heard that fetuses try to move away from the ultrasound when hit with it.

    Natural all the way — how good does it get!

    Love and light to the three of you ~

  154. Mary says:

    The very best to all three of you. Be sure to take lessons from Angela and Matt Monarch. They are the true pioneers in home birth and diaperless living and ALL the rest. They can teach you sooo much!

  155. stephanie says:

    Congratulations! Annmarie you look gorgeous! Are those 2 Mesa’s on your stand next to the couch? Ahhh that’s what you’ve been doing in Peru! Palo- for a boys name? As in Palo Santo. It means ‘stick’ or ‘wood’


  156. Eva says:

    Congrats, you two will be great Mom & Dad. xxoo 😉

  157. marie-andree says:

    Congratulations and that kid is so lucky to have so good parents. Anne-Marie was saying another angel, why don’t you call him GABRIEL, it means: friend of God and he will be protected.

  158. Nancy says:

    So super excited for you guys! Such a wonderful blessing! Get some rest now! 😉

  159. Terri says:

    Yay!! I knew it!! As soon as I saw AnnMarie – you look positively radiant – actually you both do – lol.

    Congratulations to you both, you are going to make the BEST parents. You know, they say 2012 is the birth of a whole new consciousness, so what better time to bring an angel into the world.

    The name will come to you. It’ll be special and perfect – just like the new little renegader. 🙂

  160. Teresa Raj says:

    Awwwesoomme Congratulations ,I knew it as soon as the post came out and then I saw the video.Anne Marie looks soo radiant and Kevin well he’s all goofy and sheepish. bless you three and lets share your experiences as you go. Much love Teresa

  161. Farideh says:

    Congratulation to you both .

    I trained as a Nurse/Midwife in England ,delivered many babies at home as well as ALta Bates in Berkeley .

    I also used to live in Moraga near Berkeley ,but have moved to San Diego area for the last year .
    My very best wishes to AnnMarie and Kevin .


  162. Ed says:

    Fine Work, congratulations, how about Viktoras for a boy?

  163. Gina says:

    Best of luck to you both! I knew as soon as I saw Ann that she was pregnant. She is just glowing!! How about Jesse Gianni- It’s got that little bit if bad boy with the Italian.
    Whoops- could be a gangster)
    I never had a boy, but Jesse was my choice.
    Good luck with whatever you choose.

  164. Kym says:

    As all above have said, congratulations! Somehow I knew as soon as the video started – Annmarie had that special kind of glow… and Kevin had that special kind of… nervousness. Lol. All the best. 🙂

  165. Shannon says:


    Wow!!! How Divinely WONDERFUL!

    I am ‘preggers’ (as we say in Australia) too!! It’s such a beautiful and exciting time. We tried for 3 years, and with chinese herbs, exercise and a little progesterone creme, we got there! we’re due in 2 months…

    I am also having trouble with the name…..I think it will come to us-the baby will give us a sign!

    Enjoy, revel, be in bliss!!

    By the way, I recommend a body pillow for sleeping.

    I also want to know if you will raise bubba as a vegan/raw food person?? I am neither of those things, but I do try to get in lots of raw and limit the animal products….I guess I will do the same for bubba. If my bubba wants meat I’ll probably say “wait till we go to grandmas”!!

    I do want to know if you’ll do any vaccinations-I am thinking I won’t-but I don’t envy you the position of deciding whether or not to talk about that on this forum. From my experience here is Aus it’s a very heated topic and I have all but stopped mentioning it to more mainstream friends! Yikes! The many decisions of parenting!

    MUCH LOVE , BLESSINGS and Joy for you THREE little healthy bunnies,


  166. N Sinha says:

    Congratulations to both of you! Life won’t be the same any more.

    An uncommon name – Brahma (Lord of the Universe).

  167. julie says:


  168. Donna says:

    Congratulations!!!!! I’ve been waiting, I just knew (hoped?) this was coming. As for names, I was raised in a big Italian family and I always thought it was a law of nature or something that all boys HAD to be named either Tony or Frankie. Was I mistaken? HeHe, just kidding of course. I am sure the perfect name will come to you. You both look gorgeous!!!

  169. jackie says:

    I knew that’s what the announcement was! Well, congratulations and best wishes. Your little one is getting 2 fabulous parents and is so lucky. I’m so happy for you. And Ann Marie, you look radient. 🙂

  170. Chris Armstrong says:

    congratulations, you two will be great parents. your work is needed and appreciated. this is a scarey world to bring a child into, your courage is remarkable. teach and protect the very best you can, and try not to get in the way of the learning.

  171. Rhonda D says:

    Wonderful news!
    Wishing you both and baby the best.

  172. Therese T. says:


  173. Diana (Ohio) says:

    Congrats, I knew I saw a baby bump on one of the past videos or pictures.

    Remember the ketchup commercial from the past? ANTICIPATION, ANTICIPATION IS MAKING ME WAIT.

    Can’t wait to meet the new little one. You guys are going to make great parents.

    Floods of blessings and love

    Diana (Ohio)

  174. Jen says:

    What amazing news! Congratulations to you both! You look radiantly beautiful AnnMarie!

  175. Sandrielle says:

    S/He will be a beautifully evolved being. What great parents you will be.

  176. John Michael says:

    Congratulations! I would have picked you as my parents too except you weren’t available when I was born…but I received a beautiful mother an father anyway. Your baby has a lot of courage to come forth in our World at this time! Much Love, John Michael

  177. Shannon says:

    Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

    Bet we would have heard lots of applause going on from the audience…

    Yes and Angel and yes we need lots of them.

    Blessings big time to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Linda says:

    I knew it! Congratulations!

    Two of my three girls were born at home, and now I’m a gramma of 4 beautiful children including 2-month old identical twin girls. I got to be there for their birth and have been blessed with being able to help my daughter and husband with them and their 2-year-old sister. Such joy!

    I’m so happy for you!

  179. Betoman says:

    Congratulations on such a blessing! I caught my 9 yr old daughter reading in bed with a mini flashlight an hour after I told her lights out! Get ready for a ride with new twists and turns.

  180. Elo says:

    Congratulations and best of luck.

  181. Jos says:

    Congratulations. So happy for you.

  182. Kristen says:

    Congratulations to all three of you! That is wonderful news. I am hoping you have your baby on the 27th cause that is my birthday.

    Home births are a little frightening to me right now. A woman in my raw group did it and had a bleeding problem. She delayed going to the hospital and she actually died twice on them- but they were able to revive her thankfully. On a side note- the baby was fine and lived with another raw friend for the first 2 days and lived on coconut milk and is fine. So, if you have any complications, go to the hospital! Take care of yourselves.

  183. Leam says:

    What a joyous reason to make a video! Hope johnny 5 will be a good big brother and not be too jealous 😉

  184. Donna says:

    Yay!! I hope you are communicating with Matt & Angela & reading all their blogs & following their lead. What an amazing experience they are having. I love reading about it and I will love love love reading about your journey, as well! We think of you as family so please share!!

  185. Linda says:

    Wonderful news! You are in for the ‘Great Adventure’ called parenthood. The children coming in now are very special in so many ways and require special parents, such as yourselves. I sincerely wish you the very best. Names carry a vibrational frequency that follows from childhood to adulthood. Choose wisely, I know you will! Congratulations to a wonderful couple!!!!!! Can hardly wait for the blessed arrival!!!

  186. Esther says:

    Congratulations—you could not hide it–your smiles were too big!!!!!!!!

  187. Rhonda Ostberg says:

    Congratulations to you Kevin and AnnMarie!!! It is the most exciting time in your lives – enjoy every moment! Blessings!

  188. Noga Fisher says:

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Enjoy!!! Mazal tov!!!

  189. Rose says:

    May the Blessings of Ireland be upon you all,

    Best of Irish Luck…..



  190. Trifany says:

    I agree w/ Ruth (above) that Angelo is a fine boy’s name. I also like Asher
    as it means happy or blessed. And since my birthday is July 31st, that is a great time to be due!

  191. Nadine says:


  192. esther aida says:

    Wow!! Yippee!! Hip Hip Horray!!! Hey you guys are going to have a baby in the year of the Water Dragon!! That means she or he has the potential of becoming a great leader!!! Wuhu!!! Let’s all celebrate at Cafe Gratitude! I’ll treat mommy and daddy! You guys are going to be great parents! Will the baby be born in BerZerkeley? Congrats again! I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you both!

  193. Diane says:

    I guessed it as you began to speak….you were both so, so, happy and “glowing”. Yes, Kevin too.

    All I can say is how wonderful it is that people like you become parents. What a lucky “little renegade” he/she will be.



  194. Heather says:

    YAY! That is wonderful news. You guys will be great parents. That is one lucky little Gianni. 🙂 My advice is ignore all advice! (except that. lol) You will do your research and you will know the right thing to do. Blessings on this amazing journey before you. By far, being a mom is the most incredible and fulfilling thing I have ever experienced. I wish you both the same.

  195. Carl inWis says:

    Natural birth? Double great! In the 60’s I delivered our last 4 after we had a terrible experience w/ the first at the local hospital. Little Rocky heard the first cry and exclaimed “A baby! a baby!” The doctor came out to ok all and kept saying’ ‘just like the old days!” We were in our late 30’s for the last one and it was a bit difficult but the kneeling position did the trick.
    It took a year of study to prepare me for that first delivery but it still was quite a shock seeing that blue little head emerging and unfolding like a flower bud.
    God bless you and give you joy. === 89 yr old prophet

  196. Irina says:

    Blessings! You look radiant!

  197. Elspeth Kerr says:

    Since you didnt think angel was a good name for a boy why not go for Angelos which means angel..congratulations and as you know the name has already been decided just the same as its sex ……

  198. Valeria says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Cynthia says:

    Congratulations!! Rigatoni or Renegade… definitely a toss-up for a good strong boy’s name! Gianni Gianni? Steer away from names like Bonnie, Connie, Mannie, Fanny, Lanny, Donnie, Danny, Riannon, Jenny, Lenny, Winnie, Sienna, Penny, Minnie, Denny, Renny, Vinnie, Lindy, etc… you get the point. That leaves you with Renegade or Rigatoni… or maybe Bill.

  200. LuAnn says:

    Ann Marie & Kevin,
    Many congratulations to you both! Such joyous news! You will make wonderful parents as you are so aware. Please keep us informed. Share lots of pictures. You are family to all of us. This child will be one of the most beloved from all corners of the earth, as Jonny 5 is adored by so many. Blessings to all of you!

  201. Charmaine says:

    YAY!!! Finally!!! Congratulations to the both of you! So happy for you both 🙂

    I think it’s a girl because Ann is blooming! Here in the Philippines we have a way of knowing whether a woman is pregnant with a boy or girl just by looking at her face and I must say it’s accurate most of the time.

    My love to the 3 of you 🙂

  202. Marie-Therese says:

    Congratulations precious soul with having made the choice for these wonderful parents!
    Michael?? With all my Love for the three of you!

  203. Valerie says:

    Wonderful news about this upcoming event. The new Baby will bring much happiness, & I feel you will be bring “it” up with the positive advantage of all your advanced alternative health, education. (a fortunate child).
    I actually think that “Renegade” should somehow be incorporated into the name. – Maybe a middle name or nickname. (Could even use “Ren”!)

  204. Denisa says:

    I knew it just as I was reading your email! Congratulations! Very happy for you guys!!!

  205. Iva says:

    Wow! first Angela Stokes Monarch and now you, Ann Marie. Is it contagious? 😉
    Big congrats!!! 2012 and I believe these are going to be very very special babies. Thank you guys for sharing with us cause you really din’t have to. Love and blessings!

  206. Rob T says:

    Sincere congratulations. Let’s hope it is NOT a hamster (bad call Kev) or you guys are going to be grandparents before your time! As for a name… how about Renee (sorry can’t do the accent) for a little Renee-gade girl and Regan for a manly Renegade. I do think Renee Marie would be nice for the girl. Hey… just thinking but what’s the prize for this name calling lark? Eh? Eh?

  207. Are you going to go diaperless, like Matt and Angela?

  208. Amanda says:

    Lovely warm wishes to you both. Wonderful!

  209. Suzanne says:

    I knew it! Congratulations!

    Three of my six children were born at home. If you have a healthy mother, a good midwife, good prenatal care, and no contraindications, home birth is great!

    Be well and be happy, all three of you!

  210. Jenny James says:

    Congratulations I am thrilled for you. Enjoy the ride and don’t mind the bumps. Only advice for mum to be have the birth plan but be prepared to let it go without beating yourself up if that’s not how it goes. xxx

  211. Philip says:

    Our first child was born in a military hospital where the father was not permitted to be in the delivery room which was an unpleasant experience. We decided that our next would be with us together at the birth. When our next was due, we found ourselves in Illinois which had a state law that the father could not be in the delivery room and we had just moved into a new house. We informed the doctor that it would be a home delivery. We put a new matress on four wood packing boxes and when the birth was imminent, we called the doctor who came to the house to assist in the delivery. After a prayer and normal delivery, the baby was placed on a diaper and weighed with a fisherman’s de-liar. The entire event was normal and peaceful.

  212. Rocio says:

    Congratulations! May God bless you. I thank the Lord Jesus for answering our prayers! We all knew it!

  213. michelle says:

    jasper for a boy or sunny

    Malika or mika or indigo(indi) for a girl

  214. David says:

    Mazel Tov!

  215. Paul says:

    Great news, CONGRATULATIONS. bringing up baby is such fun, and such hard work. We really enjoyed home teaching for our 3. Just recently read about not needing diapers. it sounds pretty cool. Boys name, it,s gotta be Jiohnny gianna !!

  216. Melissa says:

    CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to both of you!! I couldn’t be happier for you. =)

  217. Haha I knew it as soon as the video started! You both had that shared experience look towards each other and cheeky smiles to boot! Congratulations, I know you will be great parents. Aww you both looked and acted so happy :)That’s great.

  218. Dia says:

    Congratulations, Woo Hoo. Thanks for sharing your happy news with all of us.

  219. Donna says:

    I was wondering when you guys would settle and think about bringing in the next generation of health experts.

    Have you talked to Johnny 5 about this yet? You need to start getting him ready.

    Looking forward to sharing with your news in the future.

  220. DeWayne says:

    Angela Mikaila Gianni

  221. Samantha says:

    Blessings of a new life to nourish……so wonderful – and I love seeing your Mesas in the background……

    Hampu Muchais YA – Hi Ya YA….

  222. Louise says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you. What a lucky child this will be to have parents like you! Enjoy!

  223. Paola says:

    Congratulations!!! It is a Blessing, and you always going to need prayers!!! it is an amazing experience.

  224. Ling says:

    Kevin & Ann Marie,

    Congratulations isn’t enough for me to say. You’ve been blessed by the highest power to live, love, learn and having children is our future; a legacy of each of you. Hugs to both! As for names…you’ll know when he/she is born, however, I’ll throw a name in…KAM, K for Kevin and AM for Ann Marie…Stay golden, Blessed be!

  225. Nicola says:

    Congrats guys! Primrose for a girl !!!

  226. Cindy says:

    Congratulations! Ann Marie is so beautiful. How about Lorenzo after Lorenzo Lamas from the Renegade (TV series 1992-1997)? 🙂

  227. Millie says:

    Congratulations!! There is always something so special these days when an announcement like that comes from a couple that is aware, consciencious and awake. He/she has seen in you a beacon of light where he/she can arrive and do great things for the planet, like you are doing. God bless you both and the fabulous work you do!! I thought you both were glowing and as soon as I received the email I thought Ann Marie is pregnant!! well done!

  228. Brigitte says:

    congratulations and many blessings for your whole family. yeah! 🙂

  229. Helen says:

    Congratulations!! My son and his wife just had a baby boy on Monday. They didn’t find out ahead of time either..very nice surprise.
    God bless you all!

  230. Louise says:

    If you get this far…YAY! Good for you, I know you’ll be awesome parents, wish I’d had some like you! Prayers, of course, for an uneventful rest of the pregnancy and healthy delivery AT HOME!

  231. michelle says:

    First, I can tell by looking at you that you are going to have a boy.

    Second, DO NOT eat spicy foods while you are pregnant! Or your child will be born with red skin and a hot temper- trust me!

    Third, get sleep now!

    Forth, what ever you envision now- expect the complete opposite. Ha!


  232. Alma Cote says:

    I haven’t read ALL the previous comments, but how about:

    Renee Gade Gianni.. ;).

    (I DO like the Lorenzo suggestion,too)

    Blessings to your little family!!!!

  233. shazz says:

    Congratulations to the both of you!! Becoming a parent is indeed the most blessed, wonderful and life changing experience!!
    May you have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery!!


  234. Rona says:

    Congratulations! You look like you are having a girl.

  235. Claudia says:

    Congratulations! At least your new bundle of joy will start off life with a good healthy diet. You will be great parents and have wonderful, happy kids. That’s my prediction!

    Be well, Claudia

  236. Linda says:

    Congrats to you both.!!!!!!!!:))))))))

  237. KariB says:

    Congratulations you two! Thats pretty awesome!

  238. elainie says:

    Congrats!! I had my 6th baby last July (on my birthday) at home (like the others) and there’s no better experience of birthing at home, AP parenting, etc; etc; best of luck to you both!

  239. Cathy says:

    Many blessings to you and your new addition!!!!!
    He or she will be very lucky.

  240. Leigh says:

    Congratulations. You both will be great parents.

  241. Congratulations! My only advice is not to look forward to the first tooth, first step, first word; just be present in each moment as your baby will grow so quickly that those fleeting firsts will be gone! Abundant blessings!

  242. Cynthia says:

    Congratulations!!!! Many good blessings to you all. Made my day, I am soo happy for 2 beautiful people and a beautiful little one on the way.

  243. Crystal says:

    That’s awesome you guys! Your video made me laugh with joy for you! Annmarie, you look beautiful and love your hair too!

  244. Kristine says:

    I opened your email a few days late. So it was hard to find the end of the list of congratulations to add mine. Congratulations and best wishes from a faithful reader/watcher/listener! As an aside, Natalia Rose has raised a couple of kids on a very clean diet and has some great recipes like “babyshakes”, but that is all in the future… E njoy now 🙂

  245. Karen says:

    Many congratulations to you both! Your announcement almost had me in tears. I’m so happy for you! You’ll both be wonderful parents, and I look forward to sharing in all your news. Sunny is a nice name for a boy!

  246. Isabella says:


    Boy name: Skye

    That was the name we had chosen but never had a boy.

  247. Gina says:

    Congratulations!! That is awesome…So happy for you!!

  248. Soooo happy for you!

  249. MaryKatherine says:

    YEAH!! I was wondering when you two would be making your announcement – Annmarie’s baby bump was showing in the picture you posted from from the Expo.

    Such happy news. You certainly put a happy smile on this grammy’s face.

  250. naomi says:


  251. Laura says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful news. I hope you find as much pleasure and enjoyment in raising your child(ren) as I have! Be well.

  252. nina says:

    Congratulations to both of you. You won’t believe how much love you will have for this child you have created. It’s almost indescribable.
    I also want to know what Johnny 5 thinks of all of this??!!

  253. Nancy says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you both!!

  254. sandra frankel says:

    Congrats !
    You two are too cute and will be wonderful parents !
    Ann Marie, you look so beautiful.

    My sister used to teach Bradley classes…
    When people would ask her when the baby would be born, she would say- ” on his/her birthday !”

    let the world take a backseat.
    let it all be about you and baby.

  255. Catherine Meade says:

    Congratulations! Exciting times!!

  256. David says:

    Best recipe ever, to produce a baby.
    You should call him Caruso Gianni. I’m sure he will serenade you for many hours at a time.
    (I don’t know why I am getting strong male vibrations.) But whatever the gender it’s always an awsome blessing to bring a new soul into the world. To Life!

  257. Eva says:

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you…and this baby!! Welcome to the wild and crazy world of parenting 😉

  258. Jo says:

    So happy for both of you! How about Saul for a boy and Naika for a girl. Oh, yeah, already have a name for a girl. Whatever you name your child will be well thought out I’m sure. Annmarie your hair looks super healthy!

  259. barbara g. says:

    This has to be the most comments I’ve seen for a post! Blessing to the 3 of you. I sensed it from your title too and Annmarie’s glow.

    Since you enjoy Costa Rica, Peru all those wonderful places there may be a great word or name that has special meaning to you for a son. I like the suggested Oliver but it seems to clash for me with Gianni.

    My friend had a home birth with a mid-wife here in CT in December. She said the woman was very good and she’s thrilled she did an at home birth. Mother and baby did great, better than in it would have been in the hospital. I couldn’t find one when I had my daughter that is what I wanted 18 years ago. The time just flies by.

    The best advice I had was from a vegetarian mother baby book out of England. I found it somewhere. It spoke about food, had categorized charts, listed where all the nutrients are and how many, menu planning before delivery and after for the mom and baby both. The best advice was no sweet juice or pureed fruit as first foods after the first food solid cereal.My daughter moved on quick form that to their recommendation of pureed green beans or peas then add more veggies before any sweet fruits. To this day my daughter loves salads and vegetables (and fresh fruits) because her sweet taste buds were not activated for quite a while maybe 7-8 months aafter her birth. Since they are the first in the mouth, once activated the “sweet tooth” is very strong.

    I was fortunate to have a very easy/healthy pregnancy I was sorry in a way when it was over. My daughter was quite the swimmer then. It took a bit to get used to no more racing flip turns. lol.
    Enjoy every moment and do get a ton of rest. I gave myself 2 weeks to rest and my daughter came, you guessed it, 2 weeks early. I was quite a tired mom.

  260. barbara g. says:

    That should say regarding taste buds “first on the tongue”


  261. Nihacc says:


  262. Great News … It was clear as soon as you came on the screen that was your news, Annmarie is glowing. Congratulations and enjoy the pregnancy, it is the greatest 😉 Krystyna

  263. db says:

    : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ; ) : )

    Congratuations to you!!!

    The miracle of life is such a special blessing that not everyone gets to experience. Your baby will be fortunate to have parents that share such love and admiration for his/her life.

    When you think of all the planets in the universe, the earth was created to sustain and create life as we experience a sense of stability as though our planet was stationary.

    Just think the rotational speed of the Earth at the equator is about 1,038 miles per hour. The atmosphere at the equator is also slightly thicker due to rotation, and you weigh slightly less. At mid-latitudes, the speed of the Earth’s rotation decreases to 700 to 900 miles per hour.

    If the Earth were to stop spinning suddenly, the atmosphere would still be zipping along nicely at around 1,000 miles an hour. As a result, everything not attached to bedrock would pretty much be scoured clean.

    And…Kevin and AnnMarie are having a baby!!! : )

  264. MAGICAL NEWS! Congrats you two :]

  265. anisa says:

    congrats keep positive keep happy only do things you love .as what ever you experience has an effect on the baby .here is wishing a truly awonderful time. love to all anis

  266. Teri says:

    AWESOME!!!! Such great folks to guide a new soul on this earth. And thanks for sharing BEFORE you actually had the baby. Appreciate that!

  267. Jayvanthy says:

    Hearty Congratulatios!! May the Divine Energy help You and take care of You and the Baby.

  268. sue says:

    CONGRATS! The world needs more parents like y’all. Hope the baby is not TOO much of a renegade. Oh: there’s one in every family!
    Yay for the second trimester, eh?
    Many smiles, Sue

  269. Jerry Langlois says:

    Congratulations,most excellent news God bless the three of you,so good to know this great news,please post photos asap.jerry

  270. Dede says:

    The three of you will be a beautiful family – – hugs, Dede

  271. fatima says:

    You look so radiant ,so you have to be pregnant.
    Wonderful news.May this be the most fantastic time ever.lots of love,light,joy,peace and harmony.

  272. Mary says:

    There is nothing in the world that can compare to the feeling of holding your child in your arms, or feeling his/her little arms around your neck or tucking them in at night. You will wonder how you ever got along without this precious little one. CONGRATULATIONS!

  273. Mary says:

    I am so thrilled for you both — congratulations!! You look so lovely, Ann Marie. Continue to feel good and enjoy this wonderful time in your lives. Anxious to hear all about everything — I’m reliving that fun time in my life through you guys.

  274. Julia D says:

    Congratulations! You do look beautiful Anne Marie. That haircut you have really shows off your hair and your face so beautifully. I do rather like Angelo and Gabriel for names because of the Great comment you made about bringing in more angels.
    As an addition to the suggestions or queries about diaperless baby, do you know about the Dunsten baby language DVD? It teaches you how to recognize the four sounds a baby makes when it is crying and what they mean – “I need to eat”,”I need to sleep”, “I need to be burped”, “I need to poop.” Its not based on how hysterical the baby sounds, but on the very beginnings of language development.

  275. Julie says:


  276. Sue says:

    Fantastic! Just the other day, I found my birthing egg. See if your midwife will give one to you! That is such a special memory for/when giving birth! All of my children were born at home with a midwife there. Then, we all shared a family bed. It is a wonderful way for babies to be welcomed into the world!

  277. Francine says:


  278. Jasmine says:

    Aw 🙂

    How about Blaze for a boy’s name? Blaze Gianni! I can see it.

    QUESTION: How has your diet changed to prepare for the baby’s arrival? What nutrients are you really concerned about increasing?

    I am attending the National College of Natural Medicine in portland, OR this fall and I am very interested in studying prenatal and postnatal care/nutrition for mother and child.

    Thanks! and congrats 🙂

    Anne- you look beautiful. absolutely beautiful.

  279. Tessie says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations!

  280. SUSANA says:

    great news…Baby will tell you the name…

  281. SUSANA says:

    This is Great News! Baby will tell the name at the right time!

  282. Heike says:

    Precious Angel Parents TO BE
    Warm heartfelt wishes.The best is yet to come and you two will do a wonderfilled job.All the BEST.Heike

  283. smita says:

    Finally! Congratulations!

  284. Anna-Carin Rahm says:

    Congratulations. The baby will get wonderful parents! Wish you all the best.

  285. Sarah says:

    Yaaaayyy!!! Congratulations Kevin and Annmarie! Annmarie you are absolutely glowing! Yes, you two-bringing a child into this world-a very right thing to do!

  286. Tina says:

    Awesome news!!!! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be praying for you, for a safe and healthy birth and easy adjustment in the coming months!!!

  287. Robin says:

    How very exciting! You will love having a midwife and homebirth. Midwifery is such a gift and will bring you both much comfort and peace.
    Enjoy your pregnancy Annmarie, it is the most awesome of times to have this little blessing growing inside of you. With my last child I remember contemplating the fact that this is the only time in my child’s life that I can totally protect this life so completely. The minute they are born and the separation of mom and baby is complete they start their journey step by step away from you toward independence and becoming who they are meant to be. Sure the steps are little and hardly noticeable at first as an infant, but each year the steps are a little bigger and as parents your arms try and grow a little bit longer as you try and keep them close. J Yet, these 9 months you can totally protect, comfort and meet the needs of this growing child and it is a precious thing. Embrace it all the good days, the hard and uncomfortable moments…embrace it all…it is an awesome time.
    As far as a name…names are so very very important and many cultures place great emphasis on naming a child and giving him/her an appropriate name. I would encourage you to write up a list or lists of all your favorite names and include the meaning and origin of each name, but don’t decide upon one until you see, hold and spend a bit of time with your child. You will be surprise that the favorite name you thought you wanted just doesn’t seem to fit. I had favorite names I was always going to name at least one of my children and have yet to use it! The name just didn’t seem right nor fit any child. You will honestly know when it is the right name…you both will just sense it. If you journal during your pregnancy you will learn things about your child that will help you also in deciding a name.
    Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing with all of us. Parenting will be the best challenge you will ever have!

  288. David says:

    Félicitations for you new computer !!!

    Nahhhhhhhhhh Félicitiations for your upcoming little one!!!

    You are truly inspirational folks !!! You are the same age as us and we enjoy growing old with you:)

    Lots of good karma coming your way.

    À bientôt,

    From Sophie & David

  289. Nicole says:

    It so weird, I was watching your announcment & I was so excited I screamed & clapped & junped up & down. Then I thought how weird as I dont “really” know you guys. Thats the beauty of the web!!!!. Your lives will be so enriched by bringing a little miracle into the world. Enjoy the expirience.
    Love from Down Under 🙂

  290. Janet says:

    Wonderful news, Kevin & Annmarie!!! Many blessings to your little family!

  291. Diane Perone says:

    YAY!! Congratulations!

  292. Gen says:

    Well, it’s about time! ha ha Just kidding, but we have all been eagerly waiting for this day to come for you two. Usually it is the mother-to-be who “glows” but you’re BOTH glowing. You’ll be AWESOME parents. Hearty congratulations!

  293. Lenexis says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are going to be the best parents and the best examples for all of us!!!

    I do have a few questions! Was it a surprise pregnancy or intended?

    Have you been doing enemas/colonics through out your pregnancy? Whats your veiwpoint on that?

    Have you had considerations or has age been a factor? As far as home/natural birth goes?

    Are you going to be diaper free?

    Once again, I am so proud of you guys!! And happy for you!!! xoxo

  294. Bugs says:

    F E L I C I D A D E S!!!!!!! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!

    My advice would be the same as many previous comments – enjoy this journey, savor the moments, learn all you can from this part of your lives. But also I would remind you (as I am sure you have already thought this many times) to be BALANCED. In everything. You have been so dedicated to your blog and all the amazing work you do educating us,sharing so much good information, inspiring us and making us think (which we all greatly appreciate!!)But your priorities will now change and your time is soooo precious! Your new little one needs YOU and your TIME more than anyone else. If you have to slow down your work or make some more adjustments, which you have already done bringing out other experts to write and contribute, we all will understand! I wish you all the best and am so very happy for you!

  295. Heather says:

    Congrats! Enjoy your pregnancy… you never get another first pregnancy! Its bliss, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.


    (mama to a 15 month old beautiful boy)

  296. Congratulations to you both!!! You will be amazing parents even though I don’t know you I seem to get that feeling from watching your videos.

    Boy’s Names:


  297. LaShawn says:

    Hi Kevin & AnneMarie, first off, I want to congratulate the two of you on your first child, wishing a wonderful and healthy birth. I wanted to know were you too planning a pregnancy? Considering you both been parent-free for a long time, which have allowed you both the freedom to pursue your endeavors without any responsibilities of another.

  298. Erika says:

    This is WONDERFUL news. Thank you for sharing.

    Love to all three of you!

    The name will come on its own, or in a dream, or if one of you talks at night, indeed (-:

    (The name “Timéa” came to my husband at night, and when we looked it up, we discovered its origins were Hungrian… like her Mama’s!)

  299. Gil says:

    Hi, and congraduations on having a baby! How exciting!

    My question, or questions have to do with being confused on all the different ideas and advise I get from different people on how to deal with prostate cancer.

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was higher that it had been for 5 years. Each year it went up, not a lot but it went from 5.0 to 9.3 in over a 5 year period. My doctor advised me to see an urologist, which I did. The urologist from hell was very rude, did not explain things well and insisted that I have a biopsy, right then. He claimed that after a DRI exam and an ultrasound that he performed that my prostate was very large, and said that most likely I had cancer, but wanted the biopsy to be sure. I refused and he told me to at least take two drugs that would reduce the likelihood of cancer spreading, should I have cancer. I bought the drugs but decided not to take them (Proscar and Flowmax) I was not given any information on side effects or anything, so I read up and decided no way was I going to take them. Taking them seemed to be like getting a chemical castration. He asked me to come back in a month and see how I was doing.

    When I returned 30 days later, he was shocked that I had not taken the drugs and got really nasty with me. My daughter accompanied me to this appointment and also insisted that I get the biopsy. I gave in to satisfy my daughter which was a mistake. I became violently sick and was hallucinating and my temperature went to 103.
    My daughter had to take me to the emergency hospital that evening. The doctor gave me some very strong antibiotic and after a couple of hours released me to go home and advised me to return if I did not get better.
    I went home and was ill all night. I had gotten a very strong infection that had me bleeding from both ends and vomiting several times. I was very miserable. This infection lasted about three weeks, but finally I got better.

    The biopsy results showed that I had a small nodule and that my Gleason score was a 7 (3+4). Both the urologist from hell and the oncologist said that it was aggressive and recommended that I start on a treatment of intense radiation. They said that if I did not start the treatment within two months that most likely the cancer would escape the capsule and get into my blood and them my bones which would more that likely end my life. My reply was ¨Don´t you know that radiation causes cancer?¨They did not appreciate my comment. I refused the radiation
    and sought after an alternative medicine doctor. The warning from those two doctors was 14 months ago.

    I have been on alternative treatments and diet since then and continue. I also went on a very strict diet of mainly veggies, fruits, nuts, and quit eating any and all animal flesh or byproducts like milk and cheese. I also gave up white rice, white potatoes and all sugar products. I also no longer drink alcohol, with the exception of an occasional glass of red wine with dinner. I lost 20 lbs and my muscles started to get softer. I exercise a lot, and walk on the beach for an hour at a time, but I lost muscle mass. This month I started to eat small portions of chicken and fish, mainly talapia and salmon.
    So much for my history, here are the questions that I need help on:
    1) I eat honey mixed with aloe vera (A recipe that is suppose to help cure cancer) Someone said honey is another form of sugar and that I should not eat it. I also use this mix along with a little mustard as a salad dressing. Should I or should I not eat honey?
    2) I do daily coffee enemas, have been for 14 months per what Dr. Gonzales says is very good. I find that they make me feel good and keep my colon moving. Dr. Ludwig is against enemas. Whom should I believe?
    3) What about exercise? There seem to be different thoughts about what kind and what intensity. I walk/jog/sprint
    on the beach for an hour 3 to 4 times a week. I feel good about it and at the same time get plenty of sunshine vitamin D. I also workout with weights. Am I doing too much? I am 75 years old and in pretty good shape. I have never had any illnesses nor operations, and do not believe in taking drugs
    4)After 14 months since my biopsy, I am feeling pretty good, and positive about my health. I have had and MRI and ultrasound and in both cases, there is no sign of an increase in the small node that appeared on my prostate. As far as I am concerned, the cancer is controlled and will eventually disappear. Could I be right or will it remain forever? I feel that it will eventually change back to normal. What are your thoughts on this?
    5) My last question is How can I be sure that all the supplements, vitamins, and other treatments that I take, I maybe should not take with each other. How can I find out which products conflict with others? I have a long list.

    I thank you very much. I really appreciate your help and love your website. Sorry about such a long list.

    Gil Montoya

  300. Char says:

    I have followed you kids since you were first traveling in the rv and/or living in the basement. You are both blessed, and you bless others by sharing. Good luck and prayers for this baby of yours, and keep up the good work (in the health field!) hah.

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