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I have a few more videos with Dr. Williams that I want to share with you for the rest of the week…

One of his specialties is injection therapy.

This simply is a practice of injecting nutritionals, supplements, and other therapeutic substances directly into the blood stream or muscle tissue.

When I go to Sarasota, I generally do a few injections based on my needs. These usually are vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.

In this video, Dr. Williams explains why injection therapy can be helpful… but only if used correctly (my personal comments in writing follow the video)…

Your question of the day: Have you ever used injection therapy?

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My thoughts on injection therapy…

About 8 years ago, I would have told you injection therapy was unnatural, dangerous and crazy. Of course, then I didn’t know anything about it except that it wasn’t natural.

Funny how things change.

Now, I get it regularly.

The reason why is because I understand that some nutrients when injected are assimilated into your cells easier. It’s like you skip the middle man (or multiple middle men) — the digestive tract, pancreas, gall bladder, the liver, etc. — and go right to the source.

Some may say that this may not be the best thing for you since your body is meant to pick and choose what it needs, and I’d agree… but also some bodies are damaged and need nutrition delivered in an efficient manner. This is when injection therapy can play an important role in your health protocol.

When do you use injection therapy?

Well, it’s really up to you and your health care practitioner. Injection therapy for vitamin B12 and D3 is very common and I think this is a great way to boost levels quickly and allow the nutrients to be absorbed into your tissues.

Other types of injection therapies like herbal extracts, hormones, etc. are much more issue specific and are far beyond my range of knowledge. Tomorrow, I’ll have a video with Dr. Williams as he explains a few of the nutritionals and supplements that he injects regularly.

Why use it? Isn’t it unnatural?

Again, using injection therapies for boosting your health is totally up to you.

You can take a natural route and see if you can bring your levels up, or you can use therapies like this. Again, as I mentioned before, sometimes we’ve come across unnatural situations that require unnatural solutions.

In this case, I think using injections can be extremely helpful. Particularly those who are low in B12. You can easily start to build back your stores with a few rounds of injections — and it turn save your nerves and mind.

Can it create imbalances?

Sure, just like any food, substance or supplement, injection therapy can create imbalances in the body — remember, you are injecting very potent nutrients into the body.

So the best course of action is to work with someone who is well trained and knows what they’re doing.

What if I hate needles?

I hear you here… if you don’t like needles, this may not be a solution for you. There’s no other way to inject something into your body.

But, if you hate needles and you have an issue that can be solved with a few rounds of injection therapy, don’t you think it’s worth giving it a shot? What I found most interesting about this video with Dr. Williams is his discussion about injecting nutrients right into the joints of autoimmune (lupus) and arthritic patients — apparently this is a widely effective treatment that many people don’t know about.

My question to you is would be be willing to override your fear of needles to get better?

Or maybe an even better question is for everyone… would you be willing to use injection therapy — regardless of your belief system — to get yourself better?

I’d like to know.

For me it was a no-brainer — but only after I was educated about the process.

Your question of the day: Have you ever used injection therapy?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Kimber says:

    I have used injection for b12. I was severely lacking in energy and was currently doing intense labor out in the sun everyday. I was in Africa so it was relatively easy to go and buy b12 without a doctors consent. I felt great (BAM right into my leg muscle), but now, although I am taking pills (1000 mg per day) I feel as if I need more than what is lost in digestion.
    That leads me to go through the long BS of getting blood test, and then another doctors appointment to do the injections.. I understand it somewhat that doctors would be concerned with “overdose” but on b12 the happenings of this is pretty rare.


  2. Charlene Schosser says:

    So Kevin, I seen you have seen the light on injection therapy. I know you and I have spoken before about isotonic-capable products so for those that don’t want needles….why wouldn’t you consider these either? That’s what one of our Naturopathic doctor did. She was in fact, using the injection therapy for her patients and heard about the isotonic-capable products and realized not all her patients could afford the injections. So while I’m all for injection therapy when someone needs it, what about those that can’t? I’m still working the Isotonix line and if you want to check it out…visit my site:
    I still follow you, even since my days at The Back Shack….but now I work with doctors that are implementing these products and seeing the results. Email me any time!

  3. cindi says:

    i think like u do… if it is something u need… i found out i was deficient in B12 and am taking that now but i will be tested again for it on monday and if i need to take in another way i will…. if it is what i need i will do it….

  4. Natalie Cashman says:

    Just had my first B12 injection yesterday. I couldn’t agree more on the usefulness of injections, especially with B12. People with inadequate hydrochloric acid, lack of intrinsic factor and other digestive diseases are unable to absorb B12 properly and can benefit from the injection. Increasing dietary intake or vitamin supplements won’t help in the case of malabsorption. Thanks for posting on this topic!

  5. sharon says:

    I’m confused about B12 testing. I purchased a test from Personal Labs, but before I go to get it, I read/hear David Rainoshek say that normal B12 blood testing does not give true results….only urine testing gives the accurate results. Know anything about how to determine if one is deficient. (Guess 90% of us are deficient)? AND other than injections, what carrier method works? He says only the patches. (expensive) Thanks.

  6. Rawcharm says:

    This is great! Finally some discussion about this in the raw food community. I am a true believer in injection therapy. I used it after I had a tumor removed (personalized cocktail administered in a slow IV) and did Vit B shots for a while later on. The effects are much more rapid and efficient than oral supplementation. Indeed, I wish it was freely available and affordable as so many people could benefit from this healing modality. Looking forward to the other videos on this subject!

  7. kris gallagher says:

    The injecting straight into joints is something vets have been doing on animals for years. My German Shepherd was born with elbow displaysia and the vet injected ‘cartilage’ straight into the joint once a week for ten weeks……… cured!!!
    so……why not humans ?

  8. Carla Gilmore says:

    I have been injecting B12 for almost a year now. I also use it in my Nutritional Counseling practice. Most of my clients report more energy and more focus. Better sleep and weight loss seems to be common as well. I love it!

  9. QC says:

    I’ve been a vegan for about 5 years now, I used to take oral B12 and my B12 level was always good. Then this past 6 month, due to other aspect of my life, I fell back on the vitamin. Just when I could catch up, I thought I would do an injection. So, last week, I got my B12 injection. That night I had some mysterious pain and though out the night, I couldn’t sleep. I continued to have pain for the next few days and then a rash appeared. Turned out it was shingles.

    So, I asked my ND, he said that the B12 injection would not trigger shingles, it will only help. However, I have no way to explain the coincidence. Well… for one thing , I don’t know what is the source of the B12 injection, and what actually happened, is there anything went wrong during the process to cause shingles to appear? I don’t know. But next time, I will be very careful about any kind of injections.

  10. Will says:

    Injection therapy worked for me as a child 50 years ago. I took monthly B-12 shots for a few months & had noticible improvement in the way I felt. Not sure why they ended other than my parents probably could not afford them all the time.

    Now, my adult (but still young) son is facing testosterone injections since the daily gel application is no longer working for him. He has a rapidly degenerating condition know as Mitochondrial Myopathy so he has an appointment to see if the doctor will get him setup for injection instead of using the gel.

    Kevin, if you have any recommendations regarding his myopathy, please post about it. He has been on the “mito cocktail” for at least 3 years with minimal benefit.

    (I do promote you on 2 of my websites, but did not drop a link here out of respect for my son’s privacy…)

  11. Kuru says:

    Kevin, weren’t you just raving about the B-12 patches???

  12. Donna Herrick says:

    I currently take max Stress B, from Dr. Cousins made by quantum nutrition labs. I notice that it is a “Live-Source” of B Vitamins, including B-12. After reading your article on B-12, and then another from Dr. Mercola about B-12 spray under the tongue, its hard to know what is best. Would be nice if someone rated all the B-12 on a power scale, like the most powerful at the top, which is probably shots and then the other types whether it be patches, live sources, sprays, pills or otherwise. Thanks for bringing this subject up. It gets confusing….Donna

  13. Terry says:

    to trigger shingles he’d need to inject the B12 into the nerve ganglion, adjacent to the spine

  14. Facebook User says:

    I had my blood work done in last October using Dr. Williams protocol. I suspected my B12 would be low after being vegan for 5 years. It was 280, the reference range from the lab was 211-946, Dr. Williams optimal range is 600-1000 so I was definitely low. I had other markers that indicated I was low as well. My MMA was 495, lab reference was 87-318 and Dr. Williams optimal is 73-376. Also my MCV was 102.5, lab reference was 82-101 and Dr. Williams is 80-98. Both of these being high are indicators as well.

    I am currently injecting B12 myself. In the past I have hated needles, feeling an anxiety attack that I couldn’t control when having a shot. I started out by having someone else give the shot to me. The needle is very small and I couldn’t feel it at all. I logically decided it was ridiculous to be so anxious about shots, especially since this one didn’t even hurt so I decided to do it myself. That was quiet a feat for me to overcome but I did it and now I have no problem giving it to myself in my thigh.

    My local Dr. wrote the prescription for me. It was only about $15.00 for 10ml to get it filled plus $10.00 for needles. It is 1000mcg of Cyanocobalimin that I do once every 2 weeks. I know the Methyl is the better form but apparently the injection only comes in Cyano. I will have my blood retested in April so I’m not sure if it’s working yet. Honestly, I don’t feel any different but I really didn’t have any symptoms. However, I know that I need to keep my levels up for my long term health.

    I look forward to hearing others experience with B12.

  15. Lori says:

    I have been using injection therapy several times a day for 31 years to treat type 1 diabetes. If you need it, you will do it!

  16. GK says:

    My Osteopathic MD put me on 2x/week B-12 self-injections about 4 yrs ago. For about 12 months prior, I had taken oral B-12 regularly due to low blood levels, without sufficient effect. The first injection was powerful in its effect. A huge dark cloud lifted – it was amazing. I still see this same MD and once I buckled down and followed her orders I began to heal. I am hard-headed though. I have to know why I need it (details please), and I have to know how it works! Initially, B-12 shots were no walk in the park, and I was not compliant – only taking maybe one every other week. My MD took another approach. She formulated another B-12 compound (concentrating the dose into a smaller amount) into a diabetic/insulin syringe. These are virtually pain-free, but I still did not comply as I should until about a month ago, I had blood work done by another doctor who after receiving the results, requested I visit his office for a follow-up to discuss my genetic mutation for B-12. He explained that since birth, I have had a mutated gene which prevents me from methylating homocysteine into B-12 – complete with diagrams and text for me to read further. I haven’t missed a shot since! He also checked my pregnenolone level, which was “5”, so I’m trying to find out what you’ve done, Kevin, to heal your adrenals. That was only two weeks ago – we’ll see what happens. And BTW, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 6 years ago and Graves a year later. Once I began following Drs orders it took less than 2 weeks to put the Graves into remission. Before that, I never would have believed diet could affect your health that closely. (Did you ever read those Ripley’s Believe It Or Not lines as a kid about how a “man survived jumping out of a 10-story window”, or how “You’re tougher than you think! Lady found with surgeon’s instrument buried in leg – last surgery was 10 years earlier”? – okay, I made those up but you get the gist) I guess, like many others, I grew up believing that our bodies were made to handle anything and everything we throw at it, including all the cheesecake, doughnuts, steak, candy, stress, etc. we can stand. Once you experience healing through omitting certain foods from your diet and adding nutrients, you want to share it with the world and you begin seeing things in a whole new light.
    Thanks for all you and Anne Marie do. Keep up the good work in bringing enlightenment to all who are seeking.

  17. Michelle says:

    I hate needles.
    But there is an easier way to get your B12.
    B12 is seriously important for health, plus it can create lots of energy for you. But as soon as I became a vegan everyone said I would have to take some kind of supplement, because it was only available from animals.

    You know what, I am an animal. Not eating meat means my need for B12 is less, but also that I myself make it.

    So the way I get my B12 is from my mouth. The bacteria in there make it over night. I drink some water first thing int he morning, making sure to switch it around in my mouth, before brushing my teeth.

    I have been tested an I am over the range for normal. It’s a good thing the body only uses what it needs so there is no side effects of having too much.

    But this little morning ritual keeps me bursting with energy, plus no needles.

  18. George says:

    I think the point about injection therapy being unnatural is a good one, but if the patient is at a critical stage of illness you can argue that it is neccesary. The other problem is that in the USA you are living an synthetic lifestyle and Australia would be a similar situation. I assume in most of Europe the same would apply. Having said that, I still maintain that the natural method is still the best at I don’t even like the needles used in the periodic blood tests. Injecting vitamins and other such items is another matter, and I agree there are dangers in using too much. Food for thought, if you will pardon the pun.

  19. gary says:

    i think more importantly this is the future…injecting what we need instead of digesting…jus sayin

  20. theresa carruthers says:

    Can someone make an appt. with Dr. Williams. Where is he located. I live in the northeast. Please answer this, I haven
    ‘t had a response to my other emails. Thank you

  21. Pearl in Florida says:

    I would also like to know how to reach Dr. Williams for an appointment. You often show videos of doctors you meet with but never tell their address or location. Why?

  22. Mark says:

    There is an alternative to injections. Sublingual administration is very effective for many nutritional supplements. For example B12, D3, selenium, zinc and many more. The sublingual route bypasses the liver and the nutrients go straight into circulation.

    I treat cancer using sublingual high dose selenium as an alternative to IV
    injections. This saves the patient money and allows treatment at home.

  23. Lori Z. says:

    Tried injection therapy once, but had a bad experience. Felt weak & shaky right afterwards and completely lost my cookies on the drive home!! Spent the next 24-hrs in bed till I felt normal again. The Drs. office explained it as detoxing, but I think it was that I’d fasting the night before. I’m tempted to try another round of injection therapy, but will definitely make sure I’ve eaten first. I did feel tons of energy for a week following the treatment 🙂

  24. samantha says:

    I LOVE DR. WILLIAMS!!!! Kevin, you are amazing!! You have brought a bonanza of enriching 411, inspiration and tools of empowerment into my life. I have to say, my all time favorite is
    DR. WILLIAMS!! He emanates such loving/kindness~he is everything a healer should be! I agree with many of the others: I would love to have him as my personal physician.;)

  25. Gini says:

    So you are saying the B12 patches didn’t work for you?

    And its not that I fear needles, its just that I don’t like forgoing or bypassing my body’s natural barriers and injecting foreign substances into my blood. Does it go directly into the blood stream or is it just in the tissues? Sorry, I’m not knowledgable about this as I have never had any vaccinations due to my family being Chiropratic.

  26. Rebecca Cody says:

    I often bring up MethylTetraHydroFolateReductase polymorphism (MTHFR), a genetic condition where we don’t methylate folate. As a result, we also don’t absorb B12 properly, and need a methylated form of both folate and B12. Since I was low on B12, I use both the sublingual methylated form and I painlessly inject myself with a methylated B12. I started using it daily for a couple of weeks, and slowly tapering off, on the advice of my doctor. I’m down to one injection every two weeks. In another month or so I’ll be tested to see if my levels are up to normal. If so, I can continue with only the sublingual.

    This genetic condition affects up to 40% of the population, but few people are aware of it. I suggest that anyone who is low on B12 should be tested for MTHFR. People who have this condition are unable to detoxify very well through the liver. For example, I have two of the 677 genes and that means my detoxification is only about 7-10% of normal. No wonder I got cancer in this toxic world! Some have even lower levels of detoxification!

  27. Maria says:

    I’ve done it. Been injected! With B-12.
    I hate needles, but it was well worth the prick.
    My energy picked up quickly, my brain fog lifted and
    as my B-12 level came back up, I began taking the B-12

    I’m fairly natural in my approach to living, but I had an interesting lesson once concerning food poisoning. Upon hearing the doctor beg the friend who had taken me to the emergency room to talk me into taking a treatment that would eventually save my life, I had an epiphany. Before that event anything “un-natural” was completely of the question.

    Now , I’m of the philosophy, “Live as naturally as you can, as long as it works. If you need to look beyond what we commonly think of as natural to improve the quality of your life, then consider it, if the side effects are not prohibitive.” We live in a world with many so called “un-natural influences and we need to take that into account.

    Flying is un-natural, but I”ll step on a plane any day to go visit one of my kids, though skype-ing is a great fall back. Neither are considered natural, but the end results are uplifting!

  28. maca says:

    I’ve had B12 injections. Better to be healthy than worry about whether it’s natural or not. We don’t live in a natural world and we often need solutions to our health problems that aren’t entirely natural. That’s life.

  29. Velda says:

    Theresa Carruthers, Dr. Williams is in Sarasota, Florida. Here is a link to his website

  30. LynnCS says:

    I’m not afraid of needles. I have had plenty of shots in my life and would do whatever, again if needed, to be well. This is great information you are passing on to us here. I think most people have no idea it’s available. Thank you so much for these interviews and thanks to the wonderful Dr. Williams for giving of his time and knowledge.

  31. Anne says:

    I have had B12 injections in the past and preferred them to taking supplements. However now my B12 is at a good level (although since I have Spirulina and Chlorella most days I don’t know if the amount is accurate and represents the potent form of B12). However having been Vegan for about 25 years (at times I ate eggs so wasn’t Vegan for the whole 25 years), I have had low iron for many many years and having consulted a Holistic Doctor (head of the Australian Colleague of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) I’ve decided to have iron infusion. i’ve done 2 and have one to go. I also tested really low on Zinc so much so that he recommended I test for a condition where the body dumps B6 and zinc. He also convinced me to start eating red meat and more animal protein (chicken,fish) and i have done so as I realise I cannot naturally keep my iron levels decent without it and don’t want to rely on iron supplementation and infusions in the future.

    So far this diet seems to agree with me more than when I ate more grains and pulses. I still have loads of veggies with my lunch and a huge Salad for diner (with a can of sardine in it). Bye the way I didn’t in any way eat processed foods before (apart from some Sun warrior protein and the likes). So I think it’s important to remember that if there are deficiencies, it’s time to look for a diet that feeds our body better no matter what we may want it to look like.
    Thanks for the ongoing research and sharing Kevin.

  32. I am w/ Rebecca in that I also have the MTHFR gene mutation (double 677) and my ability to detox is very low. I have been on the raw vegan path for 8 years now but still struggle with detox. The Methyl-B-12 injections have helped tremendously. I give them to myself every other day. I have also done the patches which also work but when you have to do them daily it can get pricey. The injections were a cheaper and better delivery method for me. I have also had the B-6 injections which I also responded to very favorably.
    However, I wanted to point out that I did not even test low for B-12….my urinary MMA and blood homocysteine levels came out great (probably thanks to my daily green smoothies w/ plenty of spiralina and chlorella?) But that I still desperately needed the methyl-B-12 to help with my symptoms! I feel strongly that everyone should be tested for the MTHFR gene mutation! Treating it has definitely helped all those symptoms I shouldn’t have been experiencing if I was doing the raw vegan lifestyle “correctly” :o)

  33. Martin Matej says:

    I soo hate sticking myself with needle 🙁

  34. brian longhurst says:

    My wife has ,it appears terminal cancer (i.e. non small cell lung cancer).Having been through the various Chemo’s e.g. tablet,vein.but not much luck.Can’t help thinking all that is needed is to kill the cancer and build up as much as possible the immune system with B12,VIT D3 etc.
    But perhaps that’s too simplistic.

  35. Rocio says:

    This is a late reply..better late that never! Yes we do B12 injections, my father in Colombia has weekly B12 injections and C IV’s. His MCV was elevated he was anemic and the Hemo-Oncologist wanted to give him a “hidden chemo med” after performing a bone marrow biopsy. We kindly decided to ignore his “safety mesaures” and We started B12-injections and his MCV- Red cells size- went down and he is feeling much better. I also check his thyroid, and he is taking Iodoral and his anemia is under control. My father is 84 and with aging comes certain deficiencies. Anyway, I am grateful the Lord has lead me (us) to all this truths and answers specially when we feel we don’t know which way to turn and trusting “certain doctors” is not an option. Thank you Kevin and Dr. Williams we are listening. Yes, you are a clinician…One we trust.
    Kevin any comments on the SOTA machine? I got the info from Chris’ website.

  36. reen says:

    Any forceful injection of anything into the body is not a natuaral event and your body does react to it, treating it as an invader, which it is. The simple act of getting a splinter should tell you something. Granted, needles would be sterile, but they are invasive, nonetheless, and there is a reaction. Certainly in emergency situations I would resort to appropriate injections, but why not use the sublingual method for B12 which is ablsorbed directly into the bloodstream in nanoseconds and does not send your white blood cells into a frenzy as injections do. A simple spray under the tongue does the trick.

  37. reen says:

    To Brian Longhurst: Have you tried Hoxsiac for your wife’s cancer? How about Anamu? They are incredible immune boosters.

  38. Anne says:

    Brian Longhurst,
    You might try a website He has some interesting ideas about Vitamin and mineral supplements for cancer, lots of research to back it all up.

    I hope it helps.

  39. I want him as my doctor!
    When I told my current doc (soon to be not my doc) that I’m always tired and have been ever since highschool she just said that everyones tired.
    This guy looks genuine – that he actually wants to help and that he cares about the wellbeing of others.

    Oh, the question! No, never – but it sounds interesting! And I would like to try it, not very common around these necks of the would tho i think… (Norway)
    Maybe a trip to US is in order! 😀

  40. Edith says:

    Brian, try contacting Dr. Brzynski in Houston, Texas. He may not be able to cure, but he won’t cause harm like the standard treatments.

  41. Wilma says:

    I feel very strongly that we are all so different, what works for one does not necessarily work for another but unless we give it a go, how are we to know?

    Is there any chance that these talks can be recorded at a higher volume. My volume is set at its peak and I am having trouble hearing it.
    Yes, I have booked an app with a hearing specialist 🙂

  42. Avril says:

    I don’t get the point of having D3 and B12 injections when you can get the dosage you want and the most absorbable forms orally.

  43. Kay Morris says:

    You can get injectable Methylcobolamine at a compounding pharmacy.

  44. PJ says:

    ANYONE NEEDING TO UNDERSTAND B12 and how to treat, please read a book called “Could it be B12?” I got mine on Amazon…. Written by an ER doc and his wife, a nurse. She has a B12 deficiency. I don’t have any NDs here and I had to study myself to figure out what to do.

    ALSO, injections DO come n “methylcobalamin”, which is the acive form and the preferred form of B12. If you are going through a mainstream doc, who is tied to their hospital formulary–they will only carry the cyanocobalamin. Now it is better than nothing for the “first shot” for sure, but go to a compounding pharmacy and get the Methyl-B12 shot in a very concentrated amount of fluid. Your doc must write you the prescription for the methyl B12 and take it to the compounding type pharmacy. I use a mail order compounding pharmacy in SC, called Coastal Compounding pharmacy….they test all their B12 solutions for potency and mail out asap in appropriate packaging. I believe my shots are under $3 ea!
    Make sure whatever compounding pharmacy that you use,that you get the methylcobalamin,that they test each batch for potency and that the solution is a tiny concentrated amount around 6 “units” on an “insulin” syringe. You won’t even feel these shots! Read the book advised above and it will help you greatly. The “compounding” pharmacies in your area should be able to refer you to what doctors are ordering B12 shots in your area. That is how I found my doc, who is more integrative medicine than ND. Well, hope this helps! read the book above and look up the B12 forums online…they are a couple that are really active and informative. Healing and wholeness to all of you out there and I personally give my thanks to God in heaven,father of Jesus…. we are fearfully and wonderfully made and need His wisdom, direction, ideas, leadings etc to get help!

  45. P,K. Willey says:

    Dear Friend, thank you for your noble work. My son urgently needs injectable b 12. We will be in Sweden from next week. Can you please tell me where I can order 48 doses ( I am also little low ) of injectable b12, and some of d 3 with syringes, that will post them to us in Sweden?
    Thanking you for your kind response.
    God Bless you.

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