Does Homeopathy Work Or Is It Just Hocus Pocus (Or a Scam)? : The Renegade Health Show Episode #919

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Yesterday, Dr. Williams gave an introduction to homeopathy…

Today, he’s going to share if he thinks it works or not!

Here’s where you can watch now…

Your question of the day: Do you think homeopathy works?

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Kevin Gianni

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  1. Sam says:

    C’mon son! You asked a homeopath if homeopathy works?

  2. Mike says:

    Ditto. Right question wrong expert.

  3. gabriel reed says:

    i’ve wanted homeopathy to work because I subscribe to the idea of the body healing itself, but have never notice any difference when trying various homeopathy medicine. I don’t think it’s effective.

  4. Many “alternative” remedies are written off by traditional medical science unfairly, but not homeopathy. Although people may experience the placebo effect, on the face of it homeopathic dilutions are silly. The dilution is so severe that the chance of you having a single molecule of the original substance in a drop of it is low. The answer I have heard many times is that the substance “imprinted” on the water. Again, this is simply a made up story. Homeopathy gives other useful health strategies that have scientific evidence or even somewhat reasonable theory behind them a bad name.
    I suggest you have someone that doesn’t believe in traditional medicine provide a counterpoint to Dr. Williams, since as Sam said, you asked a homeopath if homeopathy works!

  5. Correna says:

    I have used homeopathy on several occasions, as have my friends and family, with great success!! If it hasn’t worked for you then perhaps you weren’t being treated for the right symptom…or with the right homeopathy. Perhaps visiting a different Doctor is all someone may need to see and feel the results. My son was having seizures, and Doctors at our Childrens Hospital wanted to put him on 3 three years of experimental meds. I said no way and took him to a Doctor who specialized in Homeopathy. He never had another seizure. Coincidence? Well, better than three years of meds!!

  6. Jean Hart says:

    Homeopathy is Energy Medicine – the wave of the future!
    I have been using homeopathic preparations for years, including flower essences. I’ve experienced some incredible turn-arounds from sprains to various emotional issues (ie: Rescue Remedy – which is very popular). I use herbs, functional foods, supplements, homeopathics – all at the appropriate times for my varying needs!

  7. I am a classically trained homeopath and my concern is that the low dose system that Dr. Williams is using may be just as likely to suppress the patient’s problem as to actually heal it. Thus, that system would be closer to the allopathic model than to homeopathy. I know that classically prescribed remedies cause sufficient changes in the body that one can speak of bringing about a cure in most cases but I do not know that to be the case with low dose biological prescribing. There are so many elements in the latter system as described by Dr, Williams that it would be impossible to determine which of the elements, if any, are actually working. That is not the case with classical homeopathy, however, as only one remedy is being used at a time. I believe this needs to be addressed by Dr. Williams as what he is actually practicing would not even be considered to be homeopathy by many in the field. I would appreciate a response to these concerns.

  8. Jean says:

    It works for sure. Been using it for over 50 years. Hard to match symptoms to remedies. When matched correctly, it sneakily makes you think you are improving all by yourself and you do. I have some favorites that work every time!

  9. JF says:

    I have tried homeopathy quite a few times… and amazingly i have results.
    My neighbour with a glioblastoma, have tried a homeopath remedy ( his wife gave to him, he don’t believe in thing) and it reduced the tumor, even the doctor was astonished.

  10. Winter Fey says:

    I’ve used Bach Remedies and yes, they worked! I’ve been able to forgive my family in conjunction with PTSD issues and to heal some ED issues. I can only say that in my experience, the remedies were transformative!

  11. angela says:

    I opted out of traditional immunizations for my 10 year old daughter. I did work with a homepathic pratitioner giving my daughter three years of homepathic “immunizations” for common illnesses and disease. The titers (not sure I am spelling correct) did not show up for any of the diseases however, my daughter has not had any of them even when exposes. So NOT SURE!

  12. Deborah says:

    Homeopathy is an extremely powerful method of healing. However, it needs to be prescribed by a certified classican homeopath, or a doctor of homeopathy. The practitioner goes to great lengths to choose you constitutional remedy. There are hundreds of remedies so this is a tricky process. Once you find your remedy, its amazing how the profile of that remedy describes your whole makeup – physical and emotional. My chronic lung infections for 20 years were completely healed by my homeopath!

  13. Ursula says:

    The Swiss government, not known for hasty decisions, a few years ago commissioned a very thorough evaluation of homeopathy and other alternatives therapies. Some 16 conventionally trained medical doctors, homeopathic doctors and other scientist contributed to this research. They concluded that not only does homeopathy have sufficient solid scientific evidence that it works but it is also very cost effective as compared to conventional medicine and patient satisfaction is high. The Swiss government has since recommended for homeopathic treatments to be paid for by the national health insurance system.
    This is the title of the study: “Homeopathy in Healthcare – Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs: An HTA report on homeopathy as part of the Swiss Complementary Medicine Evaluation Programme. This Health Technology Assessment was commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), and completed in 2004.

  14. lisa teniswood says:

    i have been using and studying homeopathy and other energy and informational therapies for many years works!!!
    i have seen some miraculous recoveries from cases that were told by allopathic drs there was nothing could be done to improve the situation and they would have it for life only to have a complete release from the symptoms with no side effects.
    if its placebo then why does it work on animals and the unconscious and young children.
    “scientific” research is agenda based and who pays for these studies anyway??
    many factors come into play and you cannot expect a problem to go away if the cause remains in place so if you take remedies of any description and continue to do whatever is creating the problem then how can you expect anything to work for any length of time…
    our society goes to the dr and wants a “magic pill” and doesnt want to take responsibility or change their unhealthy lifestyle..just because a remedy hasnt given the result for some doesnt mean it doesnt work and just because someone hasnt felt any major sensations still doesnt mean it hasnt worked.
    homeopathy, flower essences and other natural therapies all work.

  15. Robin says:

    I used homeopathic teething drops on my 3 month old son. It took some experimenting to find a type that resonated with him. There could not have been any placebo effect with him. Yes. Homeopathy works.

  16. AnnaN says:

    I’ve seen it work, so I know it works. The 2 most convincing cases were my brother-in-law’s depression (responded to a single dose of a homeopathic preparation made from gold) and my sister’s alopecia areata (total hair loss — reversed with a preparation made from rat poison). Of course, these were not preparations one can buy over the counter.

    As the video states – it takes an experienced practitioner to reliably heal people. Homeopaths must look at each patient’s entire physiology and even personal character traits. So what works for me may not work for you at all – you may need a completely different remedy.

    I believe that’s the main cause of homeopathy’s poor reputation. It’s easily dismissed as “unscientific”, exactly because specific cures are not reproducible for everyone (reproducibility being our main “scientific” criterion).

    Fortunately, alternative systems recognize that people aren’t identical and can’t all be healed with one-size-fits-all remedies. Such remedies work when a known pathogen is involved that can be killed with a known chemical, but that’s only one part of the disease landscape. Drugs didn’t cure my sister’s hair loss or my bro-in-law’s mental disease. Homeopathic preparations did.

    In Germany, treatments by a homeopathic MD are covered by insurance and those insurers aren’t in the business of paying for hocus pocus 🙂 The US may never broadly accept homeopathy but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

  17. Valerie says:

    Homepathy take time to see results
    There is the classical.( I am a client of another homeopath
    I see a Homepath that was trained in Russia as a medical Dr prior to coming here.
    He applies a different form of homeopathy.
    So far I am happy. I am currently on a liver and Kidney cleanse ( small amount of liquid , in addition to one in small pill form along with a diet no dairy no red meet ect)
    My firend has been going for several years he has helped where others failed.
    I intend to be consistent before jumping to any conclusion.( side effect so far my Blood Pressure is normal (3 days )I did not go there for that I wanted an overall assesment. And no I am not being treated for that but this is a bonus and I will be happy if My Bp remains the way it used to be. There is no quick fix in life.I wanted to explore something beside allopathy

  18. For the first three people who have expressed skepticism of homeopathy’s ability to make changes in one’s health, I would respectfully state that you are, without equivocation, totally wrong in what you are saying. Further, I would state that you have obviously never studied homeopathy nor have you ever used it. You may have used remedies that have been prepared according to the standards of the homepathic pharmacopeia but the selection of the remedies was not done homeopathically. If it had been done in that manner, you would have had results.

    Simply stated, there are several thousand different homeopathic remedies. The vast majority of prescribing and usage comes from the top 200-300 remedies on the list, most of them being called “polychrests”. It is not possible, except in certain rare cases, to put a label on a homeopathic remedy and say that “for this particular disease, take this particular remedy”. Only in certain cases such as in violently caused injuries, such as blows, contusion, shock, etc. resulting in bodily and even psychological damage would one be able to say with a high probability of certainty that one should take Arnica for relief. Likewise, food poisoning will often be quickly resolved by Arsenicum Album or possibly, one or two other remedies. Beyond these and a few other situations, however, it is not possible to prescribe in a “this for that” fashion.

    Homeopathy is not what most are used to and it is because people try to apply the allopathic paradigm to the completely opposite homeopathic paradigm that virtually none of them will be able to get any positive results. A trained homeopath will usually get very good results, however, and complete cures of often baffling diseases are what can be expected if prescribing is properly done. Homeopathy does not attempt to suppress disease symptoms as does allopathy. Conversely, it attempts to bring the disease out of the body and uses symptoms only as a guide in the selection of an appropriate remedy. Thus, there is often a brief, apparent worsening of the symptoms after a properly selected homeopathic remedy which will then lead to an overall improvement or cure.

    It does not matter if there is any of the original substance remaining after dilution and succussion of a homeopathic remedy. Again, homeopathy is not allopathy. In fact, the less of the substance in the remedy, the more powerful it becomes. I know how homeopathy works but I will not risk subjecting myself to the taunts and remarks of those who do not have the first idea of what this system is nor care to learn and understand it.

  19. Craig says:

    I think there are better ways to change the frequencies of the energetice system,but ill have to admit i have not kept up on this for a few years so things may have changed

  20. George says:

    This debate has been raging for decades and conventional doctors will continue to oppose it and support the drug companies. My usual GP would have to be a typical example who will denigrate homeopathy and even naturopathy to the realm of Witchcraft, even if he has to admit that it does appear to work. It takes time to quiz your patient and get a clear picture of their lifestyle etc and suggest an appropriate treatment. A script for a mass-produced drug is quicker and he is a busy man with many more patients in the waiting room. Our sick society, it is said, needs more doctors. What we really need is more caring physicians with wide knowledge of all the healing modalities, including Homeopathy.

  21. George – You have said it and that is why the debate rages. It is about money and the power of drug companies and boat, car, and house payments, etc., etc.. Unfortunately, more people, including most peoples’ doctors are more interested in things of the flesh than things of the spirit. Homeopathy is of the spirit and as such will never be understand by the carnal man. If you do not understand homeopathy – or anything else – and condemn it without having studied it, you are rejecting the Truth, which is life. Learn to love the light and the challenge and you will find life and thus, overcome the LIE, which is death.

  22. niko says:

    HiKEvin, in berlin there is the samuel hahne mann school for naturopath. i knwo two people close who have been student there. im unsure. one fight his hiv virus. now i heard hiv isnt realy true. its something still challanging.

    my father loves homeopacy as practicener. i have used anthroposophic medicine and feel a differentce. yeah i see it can work.i know it can work. also i think it can have side effects and it is not anarchistic. it alwqways need a practicinor. it also can be anarchistic cause its easy to use. once i met a guy at a church a place where people with little money can eat breakfast. and he treated people with homeopathy and he reoprted sucess. i was very curious and sceptic. more liked the real life and plants and thought free spirits. im unsure what realy work. its energetic medicine. its like a fingerprint or a waterpint. dr. emoto. or asccended health products. the love we give is the love we get. and homeopathy si love.

  23. Marsha says:

    Holistic care is my choice for good health. I have a holistic doctor and a holistic veterinarian, both who are fantastic!!!

    I’ve been involved with holistic care for a long time and have seen it work beautifully, and not having to stress the body with harsh drugs.

  24. Sam says:

    Doctors makes similar “logic” mistakes – they often believe that because their patient has taken a pharmaceutical and subsequently improved that it’s because of the pharmaceutical. While this may be true it may also be false. It’s a bit like saying I went shopping today and my friend called this evening – therefore because I went shopping that’s why my friend called.

    The human body is amazing, and given half a chance, the right environment and the right building blocks it usually does get better. Often in spite of medications.

    We need to remember that the placebo effect is very very real and very strong. Homeopathy would HAVE to APPEAR to work at least some of the time just to keep up with a sugar pill. As a hypnotherapist I effectively “sell” a placebo effect myself. I have no pills or potions or special dilutions but pains can disappear, sadness can turn to happiness, despair to hope, all in a matter of minutes. It’s just words though. Of course they are very specific words, tailored to each person.

    The other way that homeopathy may appear to work is via the side effect of the patient feeling they have done what they need to do – they are taking a pill (which can’t have any negative side effects) and this means they can relax. And as they relax their cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop, which in turn allows their immune system to function unimpeded. Hey presto – a result!

    Having said all that I’m all for people trying homeopathy – as long as the basics of health have been covered first. Inadequate proteins, fats, natural vitamins (especially vitamin D) are never going to be cured with a pico concentration of anything. I get incredibly angry when I see patients not getting proper treatment because they know homeopathy works. I watched my well-educated-and-otherwise-sensible cousin die of breast cancer while her well-educated-and-otherwise-sensible mother gave her homeopathic treatments. That was truly insane.

  25. Dave says:

    Dr. Williams is NOT practicing Homeopathy. He is using some derivation of it, however it is not right to call what he does Homeopathy; particularly when he talks about using complex remedies. This notion flies in the face of classical homeopathy and I can’t imagine how many times Hahnemann has turned in his grave for every “new age” version of the medical art that he pioneered.

    Further, if one truly understands the principles of science, then one would understand that matter does not disappear but rather it can be transformed and render itself in other forms but it never really evaporates into an abyss of nothingness. To say there is “nothing” in an Homeopathic Rx is futile! Man has only been able to determine with it’s measuring devices only so much and so to say we have the ABSOLUTE answer to this and to cite Avogadro’s # wherein at a certain point of dilution there ceases to remain any molecular substance is just plain nonsense! How do we know that the substance doesn’t still exist but that we just do not have the tools to fully recognize it? From the perspective of Physics, the frequency band within which the homeopathic molecule exists may not be perceptible to us, but that does not mean it is not there. It may very well be in a frequency band that we cannot grasp with our current technology.

    One need only look to the Veterinary use of Homeopathy to appreciate its efficacy. Animals do not KNOW they are being treated with a remedy, yet many cases have been proven to show that diseased animals have been cured through the use of this modality. So how can it be a placebo as many have argued? The same argument holds true when applying homeopathy to pediatric care … most infants and children do not KNOW they are getting a remedy and yet there are countless cases where Homeopathy has cured many sick kids.

    Open your eyes folks, things are NOT what they seem to be just because we feel we can or cannot decipher it.

    From a classical homeopathic sense this good doctor is NOT practicing Homeopathy. Whatever he is doing may be working and that is fine. However to call it Homeopathy is not right because it is not that at all.

    Thanks for reading,
    Dave Aul, 1st Year Candidate, Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

  26. It has never worked for me. I’ve tried it alot. We have to remember that Gods way of healing is better than mans;

    Here is the sanctuary and from under the door of the sanctuary comes forth flowing water which as it proceeds becomes deeper and deeper until it flows in great depth into the sea.

    Ezekiel 47:12 And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.

    The Water of Life
    Where does the water proceed out of? The sanctuary. We are studying the sanctuary and all the things that flow out of the sanctuary. Here in symbol are waters that flow out of the sanctuary. The heavenly sanctuary pours forth a living stream.

    Revelation 22:1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

    In the heavenly sanctuary from Gods throne proceeds a river of water of life. This is the river of Ezekiel 47. The waters are issued to the east country and to the desert and sea and the waters that they run into are healed. The fish, a great multitude of fish that live in these waters, shall be healed and everything shall live where the river comes to. From Gods throne proceed waters for healing. The trees growing by the side of the river are benefited so they produce fruit and the leaves for medicine. This is a picture of healing that comes from the sanctuary. All who drink deeply taking hold of Gods outpouring from his throne and Gods ways in the sanctuary find healing.

  27. Sam – Respectfully, you are about 50% wrong.

    First – let us all get over the “placebo” lie. Homeopathy works with animals, babies, and even plants. Let us just get over that inaccurate statement until we have all studied the subject and actually tried it ACCORDING TO THE GENERALLY ACCEPTED STANDARDS OF CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY.

    No doubt that good nutrition and a healthy, minimally stressed lifestyle are necessary to good health. You watched your cousin die because her mother gave her homeopathy. There are too many unanswered questions to even go into that. Was her mother a qualified homeopath? Did your cousin eat properly or did she consume large amounts of Aspartame, gmo’s, and the like? Did she have numerous mercury filled dental fillings or root canals? Did she receive any other therapies? I am currently watching my cousin die of cancer because she is refusing to listen to me and will not bother to take homeopathy or other therapies I have offered to her. She is taking all of the conventional cancer treatments including huge doses of chemotherapy and all she has done is to lose her hair and get exhausted. Her cancer, however, has not gotten better. Why is it that people denounce homeopathy and yet see no reason to denounce the biggest scam of all – the modern, money driven, quack cancer industry where people spend a million dollars, get sick from all the treatments and die anyway – not from the cancer but from the treatment.

    Now, everyone – look over all of the points that have been made on this page. Has anyone disproved homeopathy? Who has made the stronger, more logical points? Is it logical to ask that a person try something according to its generally accepted protocol before condemning it?

    I have no doubt that homeopathy works as I have tried it and I have practiced it for 15 years. I have earned my right to an opinion on the subject. 15 years ago, I had no right to have an opinion on the subject as I knew nothing about it.

    Love the Truth and you will live.

  28. AnnaN says:

    I agree with Sam above that the placebo effect is very strong. It’s a significant contributor to most healing, even with many conventional drugs. And I’m so sorry about the terrible experience seeing a loved one die because of improper treatment.

    However, that does not prove that homeopathy is universally useless, just as my experiences don’t prove that it will work for everyone. BTW, the brother-in-law I mentioned earlier didn’t know he was getting anything. My sister administered the homeopathic remedy in a glass of water that she put near where he was sitting in one of his horrible depressive stupors. He was completely opposed to homeopathy.

    I use homeopathy knowing it’s not always effective. If it doesn’t work, I try something else. I would not rely on it to cure cancer, because even if there’s a remedy for my specific case, the odds aren’t good that I would find a practitioner who’d quickly pin-point that remedy, and time is of the essence with cancer.

  29. Bethany says:

    Homeopathy has saved my life! When I was a child I was having a severe asthma attack to the point that my lips were blue. My mom was about to rush me to the ER but my uncle, who is a doctor trained in homeopathy was there and happend to have several meds with him. He made me a concoction of some sort and quickly I was able to breath fully again and there was no need for me to go the ER.

  30. Anna – Homeopathy should not be used all by itself to treat cancer nor should anything else. It should be a multi-pronged approach starting with complete dietary changes, fasting, herbs, Rife machine therapy, and much, much more. The homeopathy, however, should be central to the case, comprising a large percentage of the therapy.

    Again, the placebo effect must be dismissed completely with homeopathy as you have described above in the case of your family member. Babies, children, plants, and animals will demonstrate no placebo effect yet they all benefit demonstrably from homeopathy. Even in the case of one young boy whom I witnessed in the throes of complete, babbling insanity and for whom there could not possibly have been a placebo effect as he did not even know where he was, one sip of water from the glass into which the remedy had been dissolved brought him back to sanity in less time than it took to get the glass out of his hand. I chose the remedy, gave it to his attending relative, watched as he sipped the water, and thanked God for homeopathy as he came back into his body. The whole thing took less than 30 seconds to recovery from that acute crisis.

    Placebo effect? None.

  31. Ladi says:

    I tried just a few products and they worked for me. For decades I am using arnica for my back pain and it works in minutes every time.

  32. Joanne Witte says:

    The main thing that one has to understand is that homeopathy can cure the body of the actual disease. Most traditional medicine can rid the body of the symptom/s of the disease. The body still has the disease and the symptom with either return as the same or return in a new (and often deeper, more serious) manifestation. A great example is the use of cortisone on children to eliminate eczema. These children will often develop asthma later in life. Which is the more serious disease? Asthma of course. And that often leads to using more serious medications and further illness, etc.
    If you have not had good results with homeopathy, then that is likely simply because you or your homeopath have not chosen the correct remedy. And you do need to be patient. Illness does not happen overnight, so a true healing process takes time too.

  33. Henning says:

    If Homeopathy is all about the placebo effect then how to explain the remarkable effect it has on animals that are sick? There are hundreds of homeopaths who practice on animals and they have recorded thousands of cases. Ok I am waiting to hear a scientific or even reasonable logical answer?

  34. John R says:

    Firstly if you ask any professional if there professional modality works they will always say if does. Ie ask a surgeon – ?.
    I practice Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy and started using them in 1985. Since then I have seen them work or bring about changes in peoples life.
    I was diagnosed with B cell leucaemia some 8 years ago. I would lie in bed for up to 2 weeks with vertigo. The correct homoeopathic Remedies were prescribed for me then and since then I have never looked back. I was never treated for leucaemia by named disease. I never was prescribed Chemo as the Cell count is not at that level. Most homoeopathic Practitoners do not pay enough attention to diet.
    The two work together to help speed up recovery. A organic simple diet and pure water.
    Take what works for you!. Be open and research your choices.


  35. Anthony says:

    AnnaN had a great post and as far as water being able to take on and imprint, it is a liquid crystal.

  36. Diana Stone says:

    My husband is a retired homeopathc physician. I have seen many cases of healing a variety of ailments ranging from schizophrenia to intractable skin conditions. I am shocked that this controversy rages on. I guess people will continue to worship at the feet of the science gods who say they can’t be proven. Big Pharma and the medics would love to see homeopathy proven to be quackery. At least homeopathics are not the fourth leading cause of death in this country because doctor error and drugs hold that dubious honor by their own admission.

  37. Kat says:

    I’ve use homeopathy and am happy to say it works well for me. Happy, because I needed something but it turned out I am extremely allergic to the the petrochemical coating and dyes in most pharmaceutical drugs. What a hot mess! So I love homeopathy.

  38. NS says:

    Some recent research says that homeopathy works using nano technology.

  39. Antonietta says:

    Hi there, I wonder if we will ever come to accept that some things work for some people and some for others. In my view it’s not necessary to make pronouncements on things. How different would it be if we could create healing system/environment where the (informed) public is able to chose their preferred form of health care from practitioners who have demonstrated they act in the best interest of their clients i.e. knowingly ‘do no harm’.

    “Does X work?” is a question, to me anyway, that implies there is only a certain number of truths…and tat we currently have the capacity to understand all aspect of this. We just have to consider the burgeoning field of epigentics (not to mention nutrition :-)) to see that what we “know” is always in a state of flux.

    We all want non toxic health care options yes? We KNOW certain people get results from modalities like homeopathy, kineisology and any number of other disciplines. So perhaps a better question is ‘under what conditions does X system work?’. Under what conditions do we decide something works? If we conclude a system does not work are we not implying the people on whom it has worked are delusional? Especially when there are numerous rigorous studies that show homeopathy performing better than placebo?

    And the literature is strewn with cases of folks cured by homeopathy or herbs or fasting or whatever after advanced western medicine could do nothing for them.

    I never quite understand comments like x person died because they used homeopathy or whatever system. What are the mortality rates of many western treatments? Getting radiated or having surgery is NO guarantee of survival. Our thinking can be SOOO polarised. I’m truly sorry for every loss. That said, NO form of treatment is guaranteed – ever. Someone dies under the care of a cancer specialist and we say “they (the person/family and system) did everything they could”. And I am sure they did…Few ask if that is the best path to begin with.

    There is so much more going on than we understand. Can we prove or disprove what we don’t understand? Think about how many ‘scientific pronouncements’ have been recanted in the light of new evidence and understanding.

    As a system, we do not understand or work to explore and ‘exploit’ the placebo and nocebo effect. Remember placebo is responsible for 30% of ALL cures. Who knows how many deaths nocebo is responsible for…NOT that I am equating any system with placebo. We have an amazing self healing ability which the medical system effectively ignores.

    So I think we need to ask better quality questions. You know the saying: the quality of the answer you get depends on the quality of the question you ask. Go well. Antonietta

  40. Jeanne Schmelzer says:

    Homeopathy DOES work. I am living proof that it does. I was intolerant of EMF’s and it was healed. But the important thing is to have a competent homeopath. Not all of them are created equal. It takes a lot of expertise. The results may be slow but my daughter will get certain problems, like a headache, take the appropriate dose and it’s gone. Her whole family is like that. I just broke my foot this past fall and took homeopathics instead of the medicine that is prescribed. It healed just fine with no need to use hydrocortisone type of medicine.

  41. Yes, homeopathy works, for acute and chronic stuff. It works so well I have decided to undergo training this Spring to add “homeopath” to my professional healing skills – WEHEW!!

  42. E. Wald says:

    I have used homeopathic remedies for more than 20 years. Some have had very immediate effects, others were subtle and required time to be effective. I know it works but we have been habituated to trying to knock out superficial symptoms fast and this is not the optimal way to work with the body. It requires patience to reveal deeper layers to get at the cause of the problem–something that allopathic medicine rarely if ever does.

  43. susan says:

    I went to an M.D. who was also a homeopathic Dr.He did an extensive 1 hour interview and the remedy he chose for me stopped my worst symptom almost overnight. If it didn’t work he would have tried something else. I am a true believer! I also know you have to be careful not to have any coffee or menthol, eucalyptus, or mint or you will totally neutralize the remedy. I never see this mentioned on any over the counter remedies, so I’m sure that could be part of the reason some people don’t see any benefit.

  44. Steve says:

    Works for me and my family and friends.Brilliant system of medicine. First used to treat my daughter to fix the eczema her first immunisation gave her. Used for over 25 yrs and I have used electronic homeopathy or radionics to prepare my own medicines.

  45. Sam says:

    I was once given a magical talisman.

    I was told that it would keep the dragons away.

    And it seems to work brilliantly – I’ve never once seen or been bothered by a dragon.

    The question is – did the talisman really do this?
    Or the question is – did the talisman make me unable to see and hear dragons even though they could be all around me?
    Or the question is – did the dragons decide to stay away on their own?
    Or the question is – are there no dragons anyway?

    We really need to broaden our minds and our outlooks. To ask lots of questions. To question everything. Including our own beliefs – especially the ones we are certain are right. And then to be thrilled to find out we were wrong about something. Because then we can move on and be better.

  46. Sarah R says:

    Here is a really good summary of all the scientific studies around homeopathy:

    In all treatments, both western and alternative, it is wise to be skeptical. Placebo is a very powerful, powerful thing. That can have varying levels of effectiveness depending on such factors as whether it’s a pill, shot or even surgery. Whether the bill is white, or blue etc. In the end, you CAN NOT trust testimonial advice for any treatments, again both western and alternative, because we as humans (and doctors are humans) tend to only pay attention to the cases that match with our expectations. We will remember the people who were healed by homeopathy and forget the ones that weren’t or vice versa.

    In the end be skeptical and think critically. If you are in a time-sensitive, life threatening situation, such as cancer, the risk of following an alternative treatment which is far from unproven and tested is not worth it. If you have a toothache, sure give it a shot.

    Also here is a good discussion on the complexities around the placebo effect:

  47. Gail says:

    ABSOLUTELY, it works!

    It is not a bad ‘reputation’ that hinders its usage, but bad thinking, bad usage, and misinformation..aha..just like so many other things.

    I was fortunate to have a great Homeopath in San Diego – Dr. Timothy Dooley – author of Beyond Flat Earth Medicine; but I was introduced to it many years before and had great ‘teachers’ from people who’d used homeopathy for many years.

    Now, 30 years later, I can say that it has come through for me time and time again, like nothing else has.

    Want to know if homeopathy works? Read “The Impossible Cure” by Amy Lansky.

    Yes, it works. But it takes some learning about yourself, your own body, and about the herbs. I prefer single herb usage. I think most ‘formulas’ have too many herbs in it, and follow too much like allopathic medicine and can be part of the confusion for people new to homeopathy.
    Take some time to learn and you will love how well your body responds.

    OFFTOPIC, but similar topic..I’ve recently had some absolutely fabulous results using Dr. Schulze’s herbal formulas (purchased through his site; or by an apothecary who makes his formulas). Nothing short of miraculous.

    I’m so grateful for both of these avenues.

  48. Suzen says:

    Yes they work. I also had a broken foot and was not going to the emergency room – no thanks! Used Arnica and massaged foot – I’m an LMT and it took about 2 mos. but foot completely healed. I have photos to prove the damage and the results. Also use Homeopathic remedies for other situations and always have excellent results.

  49. Ileana says:

    Sam: dah! Who should he speak/interview about homeopathy if not a homeopath: with a car mechanic??…
    Homeopathy WORKS and it works like a clock! I had TREMENDOUS experiences with it! I know countless people who did as well and…take a look at the shelves filled with homeopathic remedies: do you THINK that they would be there if it wouldn’t work?… Ignorance is dangerous, but the willingness to learn CAN beat it IF you WANT to know.

  50. Gail says:

    (sorry, meant to also state, when mentioning Schulze’s formulas, that they are not homeopathic..but just mentioning them because, like homeopathy, they are natural, herbal, and WORK)

  51. Many years ago I (with an open mind and a frivolous attitude) agreed to being treated homeopathically for three things: migraines, which I got about once a week); psoraisis; and hay fever.

    Since the one only ever visit, I have had about three migraines and about half a dozen bouts of hay fever instead of an almost continuous bout every summer.

    Placebo effect? I don’t care! It worked for two out of three of my problems. That’s what mattered.

    On another occasion, my wife came to collect me from my shop after work and had brought our dog. Halfway home, I turned to my wife and said “the dog’s not car sick!” She grinned and told me she had given him Rescue Remedy for the first time. EVERY time previously he would be slobbering and whimpering within 100 metres of start.
    Placebo effect? I DON’T THINK SO.

    I don’t HAVE to understand completely how everything in this world works. All I want to find is what does and doesn’t work and understand if I can, and accept if I can’t.

  52. Lauren says:

    My family has been using homeopathy for 34 years. We’ve had some great results. When we prescribe for ourselves, it’s not always as good as the doctors. I do have an undisputable story regarding our dog. He had just broken his leg, was casted, and in an Elizabethan collar so he couldn’t destroy the cast. I had to be out of town and a friend of my daughter’s was dog sitting. She was in college studying science and not at all inclined to alternative meds. I put several things on the table with notes about when to give them to the dog. Our dog loved to go out, but was acting depressed and couldn’t be tempted to go outside. After looking over the possibilities she gave him a few drops of rescue remedy and then took a shower. When she got out about 10 minutes later, he was prancing around and ready to go and had a great walk.
    No placebo effect there!

  53. Lauren says:

    The above is my comment

  54. I’ve enjoyed the Renegade Health Show and web-site for years and never posted comments but when I saw today’s topic, I got very excited and had to jump into the discussion.

    I am a practicing homeopath trained in classical homeopathy and can tell you without a doubt that it does work.

    Classical homeopathy is not about buying a homeopathic remedy at the store and taking it for a specific ailment. People may get lucky and get results that way but this is often temporary or partial. Instead, classical homeopaths spend a good deal of time with the client and look at the whole person, including physical, mental and emotional symptoms and characteristics, and come up with a homeopathic remedy that fits the person, not the disease. Healing happens at a deep level.

    Classical homeopathy can work amazingly well if you seek the help of an intelligent, intuitive and well-trained professional. I attended The New England School of Homeopathy which is among the best and have met some very talented healers, especially Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, the teachers.

    As a homeopath I’ve had the pleasure of watching many clients eliminate troublesome symptoms and become healthier and happier people. I’ve had success treating people with anxiety, anger issues, sleep disorders, digestive problems, ADD/ADHD, vertigo, female hormonal issues, chronic pain and the list goes on…

    I personally think that classical homeopathy when done well is the best kept secret in the natural healing world.

    For more information, you can check out my web-site the National Center for Homeopathy web-site,

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions and thank you, Kevin, for making homeopathy the topic today! I am pleased to see the depth and breadth of your content.

  55. Gini says:

    I have used homeopathic cell salts for many years. The most dramatic one for me is oscillococcinum. I’ve never actually HAD the flu because if I feel something coming on just put 5 to 7 grains under the tongue. Repeat a couple times during the day. Using only 5 to 7 grains is actually much more effective than using the entire vial. I’ve heard you should shake it into the lid without touching it with your fingers so have always done that. Yes, it works!

  56. Yes it does work. I was given a remedy by a homeopathic doctor at University of Bridgeport and the remedy was a one time dose that worked for about 18 months. Rescue remedy, arnica, all the good brands work well. The body is an amazing healing machine, the mind being the most powerful tool available.
    A caring practioner really helps too.

  57. Greogry Clifton says:

    Homeoptahy really works. The formula Elastic is the only thing that actually helps my bad back. Since I started using it hasn’t gone out in years.

  58. chris says:

    I started to use homeopaty on my horses, while giving meds to my daughter, it took me several months to realise I treated my horses better than my child ! NO PLACEBO effect with a horse ! I do this since 15 years and have amazing results ! It even cures COLICS witch is lifetreatning for horses…my VET is not happy with his bills going down and his only comment is …I”m lucky !!!

  59. Nita says:

    I wish there was a honeopathic doctor in my area.

  60. Jacqui says:

    Well I know it works, I have used it for over 30 years, I did not actually train in it but went to many talks by homoeopaths, and one of them said that she was selling all her remedies as she was just using the ‘word’ by dowsing in the materia medica to find out which remedy the person needs and then asking them to write the name of the remedy on the body… is fantastic…..I have used this method ever since… dowsing it is taking away the guess work and the person is receiving the energies of the correct remedy…..I know it sounds strange but I help people all the time in this way…..the healing energies of the remedy are brought to us through the universal life force.

  61. Jacqui says:

    I am happy to discuss this further if anyone is interested.

  62. KowKow says:

    I think only the homeopathic HCG works. I had my boyfriend take the hHCG and I know he would not be able to stick with the strict diet of 500 calories without the hHCG! Unfortunately, the FDA does NOT like hHCG and are shutting down companies, legitimate or not left and right.

  63. Karen says:

    Conventional medicine treats the symptoms not the cause! Giving the body what it needs to heal is not a chemical made by a pharmacutical company. Figuring out what the body needs takes a lot of investigation or go to an Alternative Health Practitioner. Many of them have dual degrees, they have taken the inititive to find out how to help their patients get well! If the conventional medical system is so great then why no cure of any chronic or fatal disease in the last 50 years? Food and supplements from Mother nature help the body to heal, chemicals can’t and never will do that. Been there done that…signed a cancer fighter (one of many winning the war quietly)

  64. maca says:

    I’ve tried it a few times and it’s never worked for me. It’s made absolutely no difference at all.

  65. Nicole says:

    Hi all,
    Would like to know th edifference between naturopathy & homeopathy

  66. Micele says:

    Nicole, the first video Dr. Williams describes homeopathy. You could google it, it is quite a specific field of treatment, where as naturopathy covers a lot of different natural healing/health options.

    What is naturopathy?

    Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, is a system of medicine based on the healing power of nature. Naturopathy is a holistic system, meaning that naturopathic doctors (N.D.s) or naturopathic medical doctors (N.M.D.s) strive to find the cause of disease by understanding the body, mind, and spirit of the person. Most naturopathic doctors use a variety of therapies and techniques (such as nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture).

    There are two areas of focus in naturopathy: one is supporting the body’s own healing abilities, and the other is empowering people to make lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible health. While naturopathic doctors treat both short bouts of illness and chronic conditions, their emphasis is on preventing disease and educating patients.”

    Read more:

  67. Brenda says:

    Of course it works. You have to know what you are doing. It works on the Quantum Physics level. It is energy medicine. I have been using it in my health practice more than two decades.
    Micele, there are many areas of focus a naturopath has. Not just two.
    Nicole, naturopaths use homeopathy and as Micele said we use many other things to assist the body in achieving well-being.
    Homeopaths use homeopathy, mostly.
    Jacqui, good work.
    Here’s to health for us all, in what ever way works for each individual.
    LIFE is good

  68. Sophia says:

    I just wanted to share my experience with homeopathic remedies. I suffer from hives now for appx 17 years. I’m allergic to heat, hives are extremely itchy. For 16 years non-stop I took reactines every 24 hrs. I couldn’t pass the 24 hrs mark, otherwise I’d wake up in the middle of the night scratching like crazy. A little over a year ago now I went to see a homeopath. I was followed by him over a couple months as we worked on weaning the reactines out of my system. It’s now been a year that I haven’t taken reactines or anything else for my hives. I still get them occasionally but they are not with the same intensity as they used to be. I’m so grateful for discovering homeopathic medicine.

    Whenever our family gets sick (which doesn’t happen often) we turn to homeopathic medicine.

  69. OMAR says:

    Good question. This is a similar question I’ve had looming in my mind recently. What I really need to know is, are most tinctures in the category of homeopathy? As far as efficacy, I know that some work well. A diuretic tincture I tested recently works really well, too well actually. I also bought one for insomnia, and that one didn’t seem to have any effect. I guess it’s a matter of accurately knowing the unknown variables (duh:)

  70. ana says:

    C’mon guys, it’s 21st century & you’re still asking if homeopathy works??? Just to give you one example, courtesy of my French neighbour: in France most medicine for kids is homeopathic even though it looks like regular medicine & is packed like regular medicine & sold in regular pharmacies. No conscious mother would use allopathic medicine during pregnancy or for a small baby. Same in Germany, where homeopathy is covered by state health insurance. And they also use homeopathy to get rid of vaccination side effects…

  71. Jeanne M. Shelton says:

    I use homeopathy along with herbals and colloidal minerals, too. They all work well – for me! Don’t know about anyone else!

    I love homeopathy because it will help, or, at least, do no harm!

  72. Oleander says:

    About 10 years ago, I had had a problem with my little finger shaking involuntarily, getting worse over 3 years. Really worried in case it was the srart of something serious.

    Eventually went to a Homeopathic practitioner, also a qualfied doctor. Had a course of treatment and it cleared up, never to return. Only problem, the treatment was expensive

  73. Carol says:

    Dear Jacqui would you please expand on your statement: “and one of them said that she was selling all her remedies as she was just using the ‘word’ by dowsing in the materia medica to find out which remedy the person needs and then asking them to write the name of the remedy on the body…..”

    I would like to get more information about the process you described. Would you please write about how I may research this topic further. Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.

  74. Sam says:

    Homeopathy itself may do no harm but the belief in it certainly can, and does. People put off getting essential alternative treatment because they believe homeopathy is going to fix them. This is where it becomes dangerous.

    There is talk about how there have been rigorous studies and trials and how it all works in the quantum area but without proof these statements appear to be as blinkered as those of the pharmaceutical doctors. Relaying stories of how somebody believes something worked for them isn’t enough. Saying somebody got better after seeing a homeopath isn’t proof – it’s just a possible connection they’ve made. Sure, it’s interesting but there are so many other factors at play in the human body.

    Without a proven mechanism of action homeopathy needs to prove itself to be better than a placebo in a well designed trial.

  75. The system of homeopathic medicine although over 200 years old is such a far advanced system of medicine with respect to how it works that this is precisely why researchers and scientists are just starting to understand just exactly how it works. I dismiss the placebo effect entirely as I have seen it work wonders on autistic children, babies and animals that don’t have any inclination of the placebo effect. What more can I say, it absolutely works and quite profoundly!

  76. Sam says:

    The problem with the “it works with children, babies and animals” argument is that children, babies and animals are all “designed” to get better on their own. They are also affected by those around them. And those around them can be part of a placebo effect themselves.

    I would love to see a true understanding of what is going on but when many/all of the benefits can also be explained with other causes we can’t really say that miniscule (or non existent) doses of anything are having any part in a recovery process.

  77. Dia says:

    Yes, I do. However, I read an article that explains that medicine of any kind needs the doctor prescribing to believe that it works; and in the U.S., the doctors don’t believe that homeopathy works. Also, the fact that it costs less than drugs, means less of a profit margin.

  78. marja says:

    Great thank you to the people talking about classical homeopathy. There is so much misunderstanding but it is the only real homeopathy as meant by dr. Hahnemann en Dr. Kent. Don’t judge about things you don’t master instead study it and you will be humble.

  79. George says:

    It seems that the shleids and swords still clash over Homeopathy, whether it be “New Age”, or the classical model of Doctor Hahnemann. I used the Bach Flower Remedies some years ago and found them effective. This might be seen as another instance where the “essence” of the flower is absorbed into the water. In Homeopathy, if I understand the concept rightly, the “essence”, “energy”, if you pefer, is still present in the liquid despite the extreme dilution. I am also reminded of David Wolfe’s “Ormus Gold”. This is refined to the 99.999% purity. We are at an atomic level, or higher. The “essence” of the gold, he insists, is still there. In a similar way, despite the dilution, the “essence” of the substance is still supposed to exist in the homeopathic liquid.

  80. Catherine Meade says:

    I’ve used homeopathic remedies associated with Electrodermal skin (EDS)testing. I’ve had wonderful results. EDS is an amazing diagnostic tool!

  81. Norm24 says:

    Heck yes, it works. I had a case of extreme insomnia which developd into panic at night time. I ended up in the emergency room a couple of times.
    I worked with an MD who is also a classic homeopath, and, after a couple of misfires, he found a remedy that clicked with me. I can sleep at night, and have my life back.

  82. Jacqui says:

    Hi Carol,
    I don’t know where you can research about using the ‘word’ but if you would like to email me we can communicate further about the process.

  83. Matthias says:

    That is really, really sad to watch. Asking someone who earns his living with homeopathy, if what he does works?

    Come on Kevin, that is not the quality information you usually create.

    Really great was his answer to how it works, he basically does not know and mentions terms he does not understand (quantum physics etc.).

    But of course it does work (… riiiight …), but you have to go to a trained practitioner and pay for it (of course), because it has to be very specific for each patient. And when it does not work? Well then it probably was not individual enough.

    Give me a break.

  84. Aime says:

    I have used Homeopathy with much success even though a novice at it. It does take much time & thought to pinpoint the correct remedy but that’s part of truly listening to the body & letting it guide you in it’s cure. I think it would be wonderful if ALL Dr’s learned it & used it first before any drugs! Also if Dr.s went back to using iridology (study of the eye), finger nail analysis, tongue analysis, muscle testing, accupressure points etc. to help them diagnose problems & help patients learn how to help their own body be well instead of the machines of today which are extremely costly & toxic!!!

  85. Danny says:

    I went to a homeopathic medical doctor which costed me an arm and a leg and those silly pellets and liquids did absolutely nothing for me. Don’t waste your time with this nonsense.

  86. Any of you that have teething baby know that homeopathy works. Hyland’s teething tablets are great I have even used them on myself when I bit my mouth. The cold remedy’s work on me and Arnica Montana 30c was given to me by my plastic surgeon after a procedure. The only way to know is to buy a remedy and use it. That’s what we did.

  87. tamarque says:

    For people like Danny, I would ask if you have the same anger and rejection of allopathic medicine which has a very poor rate of cure and is, admittedly, the 3rd biggest cause of death in the US. This statistic has been printed in medical journals but it only reflects those deaths recorded as due to allopathic care in hospitals. Most so-called pharma studies are bogus but the $$ spent in marketing, buying doctor endorsements, buying the FDA and CDC other other political people, etc has created fear in the public if/when they refuse such treatment. And talk about fear! What about the fearmongering about typical childhood illnesses which the body needs to build real immunity and health coupled with threat of legal action for parents who won’t comply.

    Homeopathy works; it works well, efficiently, and safely. There are no reams of data of death by homeopathy, only conventional medicine. And given the hostility of conventional medicine and big pharma towards homeopathy that data would be waving out there if it existed. And yes there are stats on homeopathy.

    This guy Williams, btw, is no homeopath and seems to know virtually nothing about it. He is stuck in biological and material paradigms. Homeopathy is an energy medicine. It is based on electromagnetic energy which is what the body is. It works extraordinarily well on any living being and plants. I would say, tho, that it is probably the most complicated healing protocol and it may take several attempts to identify the correct remedy. It does not use combinations which serve only to confuse the body. And it definitely does not throw in hormones or nutrients for good measure. This guy is totally bogus I am sorry to say.

    Personally, homeopathy has healing for anything from old emotional traumas to sprains that would not heal to chronic physical issues. For others I have used it with babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy as well as pneumonia. The list goes on, too long for this little blog.

  88. Lourdes says:

    I was a bit skeptical at first but when I started the treatment and as I got better I feel one must have patience and faith as this is a slow healing process but steady.

    I enjoy my sessions with my Doctor as it gives one a lot of insight to mind and body.

  89. VICKI says:

    Kevin: your doctor is promoting BUNK! I would never let him treat me. If you want to know about homeopathy, go interview DAVID LITTLE, an American living in India and practicing, educating and people in real Classical Homeopathy!!

    Prescribed by a physician? He must represent the BIG PHARMA.

    David Little can tell you exactly how Classical Homeopathy works, and he can tell you why this guy is never going to heal anyone.

    What in the world were you thinking by putting him on your site? Injecting homeopathic remedies?

    My pets and I are both treated by a Classical Homeopath, and we have results all the time. Please remove this guy from your site and interview David Little. You can google him. Go to his site and read a bit, take a class and you will never go to a doctor (or recommend it to clients) again.

    Of course Classical Homeopathy works when the practitioner is a skilled homeopath, and does not have to be a licensed physician. I wonder if you’ll go take a look at this guy’s fee schedule and understand what I mean by BONK!


  90. Vicki says:

    “This guy Williams, btw, is no homeopath and seems to know virtually nothing about it. He is stuck in biological and material paradigms. Homeopathy is an energy medicine. It is based on electromagnetic energy which is what the body is. It works extraordinarily well on any living being and plants. I would say, tho, that it is probably the most complicated healing protocol and it may take several attempts to identify the correct remedy. It does not use combinations which serve only to confuse the body. And it definitely does not throw in hormones or nutrients for good measure. This guy is totally bogus I am sorry to say.”

    This guy is bogus and I agree totally with this reader. You need to remove this from your blog because you don’t want to be responsible for someone dying or getting really sick from paying a guy like this to heal him. He knows nothing about Classical Homeopathy.

    BTW SAM SAYS ON 2/9/12: The guy is not a homeopath. He knows nothing about it. I can speak from experience and some studying that it absolutely is the best thing you can do to ditch allopathic medicine, your doctor, your hospital and find a real Classical Homeopath!

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