The Truth about Homeopathy (What Is It?) : The Renegade Health Show Episode #918

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When I was with Dr. Williams recently in Sarasota, I gathered a ton of questions for him…

Good news, for you, is that I didn’t ask him those questions in private, I did it all on video so I could share them with you.

This video is the first of three videos on my questions about homeopathy. I really don’t have a strong understanding of this practice, so I wanted to learn more from Dr. Williams who uses some in his practice.

Here’s where you can watch the first of a three part series that covers what homeopathy is, if it works and how it differs from other types of treatments.

Check it out here (I’ll have written thoughts starting tomorrow!)…

Your question of the day: What do you think of homeopathy?

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Again, my comments will come tomorrow and Friday! (I have a wedding to get ready for today!)

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Helena says:

    I always choose homeopathy to cure an illness or improve a condition. My body reacts extremelly bad with chemicals so have only used it in extreme cases once or twice. I use homeopathy for different things from sea sickness to the occasional headache. My children are also using homeophatic remedies for asthma and to regulate periods, so there is nothing that is not covered by homeopathy. My body reacts fast to it as well, which is fantastic. In fact I recommended this strong flu homeopatic tablets to someone who had Dengue and they recovered much quicker. I recommend it to everyone.

  2. Leam says:

    Really appreciate this video! Have used homeopathy for many, many years with great success.

  3. sue says:

    Homeopathic remedies have helped me personally a few times. Arnica aborted a very new evidence that I was coming down with a flu. It also helped me get over a knee replacement operation rapidly.
    There is, right now, an attempt by a lawyer in San Diego to launch a class action suit against Boiron saying that the remedies have nothing more than sugar in them! Thus, consumer fraud. OTOH, a request that Consumer Lab ( test the remedies, by a Facebook user, led to the reply by Consumerlab that they could not test the rememedies because there is nothing to measure So maybe the ‘energy’ is captured. I believe it works and there is a different remedy for each hour of the night when a person seems to wake up for no reason. The word seems to by ‘mysterious’. Nux Vomica works well when travelling to new types of water.

  4. Yamina says:

    As humans need to believe, grigris are the best to fulfil this obscure need. Homeopathy is among the very fantastic ! The less harmful too. What an amazing invention considering the amount of material required to make a remedy ! ZERO ! I think that all the raw traders should dilute their potions down to …X (ask Dr Williams), coat this nothing with… for instance… euh… Oh ! a great idea ! some incredible, amazing, natural superpotent air from Blubambarica ; it would be more helpful than all the stuff the poor believers in magic powders are stuffing themselves with. I should be paid too for my great ideas… I have to think about… me too.

  5. LynnCS says:

    Would love to find someone who is as well trained in homeopathy as Dr Williams is. I find so much improvement in my health since being on the Raw Vegan diet that I hate to even think about having to take any kind of standard medicine again. Thanks for bringing this to us. It shows me that there are options out there. If not in my town, maybe I can find someone to travel to see. I would be interested to hear what your process was to decide that this was the person you wanted to see. Thanks, Lynn

  6. Velda says:

    Homeopathy … very interesting subject. I have used homeopathic meds before. Actually I used Arnica for brusing and pain from injury, but have never used it for the flu before, as Sue suggests. I have used it for my granddaughters when they were sick, because I did not want to give them chemical meds. I know very little about homeopathy, and now I know why 🙂 Did not realize that it was such a very involved subject. Thank you for bringing this to us Kevin. I will enjoy learning a little more about this.

    Kevin, why have we not seen Annmarie lately?

  7. Velda says:

    When I say I have used “it” for my granddaughters, I was referring to homeopathic meds, not Arnica 🙂

  8. IH says:

    Growing up in Europe my parents used homeopathy for all kinds of innocent conditions. With innocent I mean the stuff that you just wouldn’t visit a doctor for such as the flue and children’s diarrhea . I’m sure Dr Williams is familiar with the remedies of Dr. Vogel. These were readily available in the pharmacy and drug store. A number of years ago I had a naturopath in Canada who put me on a homeopathic digestive “tonic”. Obviously this was of a different level since you just couldn’t go out and buy it. The stuff worked like a charm. However, not every time has homeopathy been successful with me. Now, from experience I think that making the necessary lifestyle changes is very important to get the most out of any natural remedy.

  9. StarLight says:

    I believe that homeopathic tinctures can work, but I have heard from a naturopath that I used to work with, that you will have less success with them if you are fairly toxic to start. So in a sense, you need to change your lifestyle for the better first, then perhaps you will find the benefits from the tinctures. That makes sense to me, as the tinctures are so dilute, thus sensitive, just like we become as we cleanse. The subtleties will show through and not be overwhelmed.

  10. Ellen from Davis says:

    I’ve seen a bunch of benefit from…um…Lycopodium clavatum and Carbo vegetabilis (for my embarrassing GI symptoms). I was loathe to go back to simethicone, so I was glad to discover these two. I used them too long, however (almost daily, too) so I think they started to cause some of the symptoms that they originally relieved! My naturopath said, “Take a break!”

  11. Casey Hammond RN says:

    The National Center for Homeopathy is a wonderful resource for anything homeopathic, including finding a practitioner in your area. They are working hard to increase the recognition of homeopathy. They have lists of study groups if anyone is interested in learning more abouth homeoapthy. They also have a magazine that I have subscribed to for years and still look forward to reading each time it comes. Thanks Kevin for giving press to this wonderful healing modality.

  12. Jayvanthy says:

    Homeopathy is a wonderful Alternative Medicine. I live in India & Homeopathy is used extensivly by households. We generally go to the doctor for very serious problems only. Most problems are treated with Homeopathy & Home / Herb remedies. Those of us who had our ears to the ground when our mothers & Grandmothers were alive have learnt a lot. In Homeopathy I always keep a small stock of Arnica Mont, Lycopodium, Carbo Veg, Nux Vomica, Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos,Kali Mur & the like. Homeopathy & Home Remedies have been the Proverbial Apple that has kept the doctor away from my Family for the last 35 years! The only time we go straight to the Specialist Doctors is for Operations or with the yearly Check up Reports. Homeopathy is a boon to those who prefer to have control of their health in their own hands

  13. Becky says:

    I still find it very difficult to understand how it works. Can anyone explain how you can treat someone by giving them the substance that caused the problem? I have heard from many people that it works, but would like to try to understand more….For example, I took Lariam (anti-malarial) and got really bad side effects so my homeopath friend said she would treat me by giving me something which had something to do with the drug, and I wasn’t keen on that idea after what I went through

  14. This was very interesting.
    I look forward to seeing the other videos.
    Thanks Kevin

  15. Rocio says:

    Thank you, kevin what do you think/know about the SOTA (Magnetic Pulser) ? thank you.

  16. Karen Graham says:

    I got introduced to homeopathy through my horses and dogs and a wonderful veterinarian who has switched to using homeopathy instead of drugs and now does classes on classical homeopathy for animals.He travels around and does the classes and also has webinars. His name is Glen Dupree and his website is The training is the same for people or animal and all the books are based on human so if you want to get a start homeopathy take the basic class.

  17. Jose says:

    I a biochemistry major and I am working my way up to go to med school. Although it is my second year as an undergraduate, it seems that my school is preparing us to work with allopathy. Does anybody know of any university in Southern California that teaches homeopathy?

  18. ir says:

    great interview with regards to homeopathy … i did not know that it was so widespread in the USA … although India was mentioned, you might like to know that Hahnemann, who is German, developed/created homeopathy

  19. sharon says:

    I have used homeopathy for 30 years now for myself and my family. I first learned about it from a veterinarian who treated my cats. I will always grab a homeopathic remedy first, but to be honest, I rarely know if it has worked or not unless the symptom is alleviated immediately.

    Having said that, Arnica always obviously works. It’s the remedy that starts people believing in homeopathy. Take some Arnica when you have fallen, or in some way think that you will develop a bruise. It prevents the bruise and soreness every time.

    I have to say that learning remedies and dosages takes years before you can be a good self-diagnostician, and then only for yourself (or maybe your family). You need to know your own constitution and past ailments. For instance, there is no blanket remedy for a headache, because there are many kinds of headaches. If a person has regular headaches of a certain kind, and has found a remedy that alleviates it, then they have learned that particular remedy. What I’m trying to say here is that self-diagnosis takes time and there are subtle nuances to symptoms….so get a good practitioner instead.

  20. Lisa Guest says:

    I’ve got the Lymph Detoxification Protocol arriving in the mail today that I ordered with the help of Dr. Williams. I’m very excited to think this might help me stay away from more toxic choices in the next two to three years. Thanks Kev for all your generous educational gifts.

  21. Many questions above, I will do my best to recall and apply easy answers. In no particular order:
    The better nourished and less toxic the individual is, the more effective the remedy. The greater the neurologic integrity of the patient,the more effective the remedy will be. Old time homeopaths always sent their patients for nutr. conselling and ostreopathic adjustments. Nowadays, most osteopaths are not to be trusted for spinal/ cranial manipulation, so please be very careful. This is highly skilled business.
    There are 2 primary concepts for remedy choosing. First of course is the correct remedy. This is a very complex and lifelong field of study. The second is choosing the correct potency. The right remedy at the wrong potency can either produce no effects, or if very strong, can produce unwanted side f/x, mild to severe. Will continue in another space – space limitations

  22. Medicine and science is all topsy turvy when it comes to homeopathy, for the two reasons of:1.The Law of Similars & 2.The fact that the greater the dilution, the greater the potency. Both of these, which are foundational to homeopathy, are antithetical to science,& by default,’mainstream’ medicine – which by the way it’s currently practiced, has very little to do with science.

    Homeopathy, as ‘LIFE’ is in general, is based on quanmtum physics. period. In very very simplistic terms, the greater the dilution, the ‘harder'(more energetically)the ‘water'(remedy) has to work, to maintain atomic and molecular integrity. This is certainly way too far out there for mainstreamers,and even for for people who actually are seeking to learn. But this is how it is, and the literature is out there for those who seek

  23. Homeopathy fills the magic Trifecta which all patients seek. It is effective, it is inexpensive, and it’s easy to use. Oh, and btw, when used properly, 100% safe,

    For those for whom it has not worked, there are many reasons. To name just some of the more common ones:
    1. The 20 minute rule of how they can be utilized with food.

    2. Which foods and other substances they cannot be exposed to, else they be negated.

    3. Pellets cannot (usually) be handled with fingers.

    4. Remedy not held in mouth long enough, whether liguid of pellet. For some people, this requirement can be just seconds, and for some, this needs to be qiute a bit longer.

    So just like herbology and food in general, there are rules to be understood to maximize effectiveness.

    I have not watch the vid yet, and perhaps he addresses some of these issues. I hope so.

    I got rid of my FB account, so anyone wanting to contact me is welcome to so so at the e/m eddress shown.


  24. PS – some say the 20 minute rule mentioned above is actually more 30 minutes. It’s an individuall thing.

  25. L1Z says:

    Hi Kevin! I am delighted that you are looking at homeopathy. In the UK today it is very unfashionable – even though the Royal Family use it- and certain academics are trying to prove that it is all a hoax.
    I have learnt a little about it, and would like to learn more. Nowadays I am very unadventurous and mostly use arnica. But I am very impressed with it to treat minor problems.

  26. Aaron` says:

    Hello, I have been practicing homeopathy for four years now and have treated humans as well as animals with excellant results. If Homeopathy were a placebo as many have stated, the response to the remedy when given to an animal should have no effect. Yet when given a 30c Mercurius solubis to a feline with renal failure, the dis-ease cleared up within a matter of days. The swollen gums, bad breath and lack of thirst cleared up first, then on day four, his vitality returned. This was over one year ago and this 15 yr. old cat is now as healthy as a kitten. That is just one report, you treat the individual not the dis-ease.

  27. Steve says:

    I welcome the interview undertaken;it is always a positive anytime alternative methods can be introduced that have had historical success.
    I have experienced homeopathic treatments for more than 20yrs and have found them to be safe and effective provided that I made the appropriate changes to my lifestyle.
    A fundamental issue for me was to create balance and constitutional strength in the underlying organ function.Once the energy of the liver spleen kidneys etc. was achieved then the symptomatic relief would be a lasting one.
    If you use homeopathics allopathically without dealing with the underlying cause you will only get temporary relief. This exactly why drugs don’t always work beyond the short term.Classical homeopathy helps find the WHY to your problem.

  28. Nicole says:

    Hi all,
    Can anyone tell me the difference between homeopathy & naturopathy? Thanks

  29. Hello, Kevin!

    Thank you for the explanatory vids! I’ve been using homeopathy for years with great success and without really understanding how it works. My kid also knows to go to that first before trying “conventional” remedies. I got conjunctivitis last weekend and cured it -in one day- with honey and milk eye drops, euphrasia officinalis, and histaminum hydrochloricum. My choice of which meds to take was part research and part intuition (do other people do this?). And I agree with the doc above: it’s a totally different mindset than what’s used with conventional meds.

    Take good care!
    Lisa Marie

  30. Dia says:

    I find homeopathy so helpful. No horrible side effects. Use it for pain, allergies, nausea, etc. It is a learning process, I started out with a few remedies, but moved on. Some I found out about from other people recommending them. Sometimes I use the combo ones, but have a selection of the individual ones as well. My chiropractor also will recommend ones for me after a session.

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