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As I’ve made my way through all different types of natural therapies and thinking, I’ve always been curious about hydrogen peroxide.

I’ve never taking it internally, but when I came to Sarasota, I wanted to experience some of the healing modalities that are used for serious illness.

In this video, I take hydrogen peroxide intravenously and get an explanation of what’s happening from Dr. John Monhollon.

Check it out here (my written explanation below, if you’re not a watcher!)…

Your question of the day: Have you ever taken Hydrogen Peroxide?

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My experience with hydrogen peroxide IV therapy…

I was laughing today when I was reading the YouTube comments on these two videos…

Apparently, the consensus in Tuber-land is that I’m really sick and am doing these therapies under the guise that I want to “show” you.

Funny how people think, huh?

I’ll assure you, the only sickness I have is workaholism.

I also found it funny, to see people criticizing Dr. Monhollon for not being natural. This may have even been funnier than what was thought of me, since if I were to turn the camera the other way, you’d see a massive Hallelujah Acres poster and a book shelf of raw foods books.

Anyway, enough attention to the haters, let’s address those of you who actually see value in this for particular cases.

After the Healing Cancer World Summit, I was very interested in trying IV hydrogen peroxide therapy. My interest was preventative (even though one treatment likely isn’t sufficient).

Both IV therapies that I received the other day are both geared to fight bacteria and virus as well as boost the immune system. For me, since I’ve had Lyme Disease in the past — though have shown no symptoms since — I want to make sure my immune system is always strong. Dr. Williams has shared with me that no matter how much you fight off a viral infection, viruses will still remain in your body. So after you’ve been infected — and more than 95% of us have viruses in us now — your immune system starts a virus management game where it attempts to keep any attack at bay.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy, in my basic understanding, helps oxidize infection as well as bring more oxygen to your cells. These both can help boost the immune system.

It’s also my understanding that people who are relatively healthy, don’t need this type of therapy. Many natural and even integrative practitioners are using this therapy to see if it improves infection and if it has any effect on cancer cells.

They use IV as a delivery system because it is directly feed into the veins so it can go to work on the body. But just like all therapies, and any good practitioner will tell you, this is best used as a part of the whole program. It may be foolish to just use hydrogen peroxide therapy to help you when there are additional ones that could help too.

As for possible side effects of this therapy, long term use could cause your damage to your veins — but in most cases the benefits (since it’s used for sick people) outweigh this possible outcome.

A Different World — This Clinical Alternative Medicine

As you know, I’ve come from fitness, to nutrition, to raw food, to now natural cures.

We’ve traveled around the U.S. and some parts of the world looking for answers — to find out what works and what doesn’t.

After all this time, I’ve come to a few conclusions and many of them don’t make some of the other groups happy. The natural hygienists don’t like supplements — even though some work. The MD’s don’t like the ND’s. The raw food purists don’t like anything that they can’t pick. It’s a crazy world out there and it’s rife with misinformation, emotionally charged argument and lack of knowledge.

It’s been my mission to find out what works, what kind of works and what flat out doesn’t. I haven’t come to many conclusions about all this, but I have come to recognize a closed mind when I see one.

Here’s how you can identify one if you see one out on the street…

1. They interrupt you before you’re finished saying something.
2. They quote their health guru more than 3-4 times in a 5 minute conversation.
3. They immediately knock anything semi-medical (like hydrogen peroxide IV therapy)
4. They immediately tell you that if you can’t pick it from a tree or the ground it’s not good for you.
5. They ignore our history of eating.
6. They’re really sick, but won’t blame or change the way they eat.
7. They have an answer for every question ever posed to them.

Are you one of them? (if you answer yes to 1 or more, you may be…) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know I was!

BTW: To learn more about Dr. John Monhollon please click here:

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didnโ€™t change the way he was living โ€” he might go down that same path. Since then, heโ€™s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, heโ€™s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols โ€” including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more โ€” to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog โ€” which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Sema says:

    I have been drinking Hydrogen peroxide before in my water but I do not think I have seen any improved results as far as the influenza or cold goes.

    My dad also had a leukemia that he did not get any chemo for first tried alternative therapy where he used the high dose vitamin C and Amigdalin however that did not work for him so he ended up with a treatment in a hospital that was not a chemo therapy but something less agressive and that really worked for him.

    Before his spleen was protruding and his was in so much pain. He got every day high does vit C and B12 and all the other things he needed to go with it but after 3 month still no result. I am guessing my family maybe just immune to this high dose IV-s. If it works for you is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thomas says:

    I use H2O2 on cuts. It’s a great cleanser.
    I’ve never taken it internally, nor been ill enough to try an IV.

  3. Roy McCrindle says:

    Yes, I have orally and I did benefit from it. I overdosed once and couldn’t get to sleep for a long time afterwards. My energy level was boosted.

  4. Holly says:

    NO, I’ve never had a H2O2 IV. Putting more O2 into your system is great for cancer patients and for those getting sick or simply sick. Since we are all accustomed to the name Vitamin C, I think I may prefer a Vit. C IV first? I have been watching other ND’s and some are switching over to the new phospholipid Vit. C that is taken by mouth. Kev – research on this Vit. C maybe????? It touts that it is 100 times more effective for getting O2 into the bloodstream than IV Vit. C??
    I can just order this online!!!!!! Thanks!!!!
    Love these videos and you don’t look sick at all!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  5. Lin says:

    If I wanted to ingest some hydrogen peroxide, what is the safe, recommended dose and do you mix it with water or another liquid or full strength? I use it to gargle with and to brush my teeth with at times and I find it pretty strong if full strength at 3%. I usually dilute it to half strength or so. I would be interested in finding the proper way to ingest it safely.

  6. LynnCS says:

    Kevin, I love, love, love your blog and the great new insights you provide. Still always taken back when I turn your site on and you shout “Hi everybody!!” but am getting used to your delivery and do so appreciate all the energy you have and put into the research. I heard a saying recently that you might appreciate.

    “Curiosity is the cure for boredom!
    There is no cure for Curiosity!!!”

    I thought (lovingly) of you when I heard that.

    I posted on your Youtube site but wanted to say that I have not had a H2O2 IV yet, and probably can’t afford it. I would like to learn the at home protocol though. I have Raynaud’s disease and along with the highly nutritional food plan I am on, & exercise plan, would like to increase the oxygen in my blood and body any way I can. Keeping these little capillaries open is imperative. Can I call them, or can you pass along an interview from them to guide me to the right sources? Thanks for everything U do. Lynn

  7. Romy says:

    Thank you Kev !
    great info and I have the same question like Lin
    how much is ok to swallow 3% strength? My husband uses it to brush his teeth. I used it on cuts.
    Thanks a lot.
    God bless you and all you do ~

  8. Ema says:

    Yes, I did orally the last winter. When doing it I sometimes felt like I’m getting chemo, very bad feelings. Sick from my stomach. But after finishing that 7 weeks of treatment I felt strong and happy. I’m not sick, and I never had anything other than some colds in my life. Never cancer nor anything else, I just really wanted to make sure, that I AM HEALTHY. I don’t regret it, but now I’m too busy to do it again. It takes a lot of effort, energie and even a lot of time. I will be 65 this year.

  9. Joanna says:

    Isn’t there a difference between food grade hydrogen peroxide and the HP that you get at the drug store?

  10. Ema says:

    I did my protocol ( internal H2O2 )by a book, what anyone can find on Internet. It worked, I folloved it exactly how it is written there.

  11. Kat says:

    I love that you’ve had these IV’s! They are on my dream to do list! I often add an 8oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide to my detox baths. If you’re in a hurry you can do a detox shower. Put the peroxide in a spray bottle and spray yourself letting the peroxide soak in for a good two minutes or so. Repeat the process after the shower.

    Food grade peroxide is not diluted. The hyrodgen in the brown bottles has already been diluted for you. When purchasing the brown bottles please read the ingredients making sure all it contains is hydrogen peroxide and water.

  12. maria says:

    thank you for information.but i thought that hp iv treatment is illegal in united states .i do know that its done in germany,but i didn’t know that it can be done in u.s.
    my question is can be cured viral degenerative disease like hiv or aids?please Kevin reply
    also is it anything could help my husband to walk again?He was diagnosed with transverse myelitis 2 years ago and got paralyzed from waist down.

  13. Julia says:

    “1. They interrupt you before youโ€™re finished saying something.”

    That’s funny, Kevin does that to the doctor in this very video!

  14. T. A says:

    You cannot take H2O2 internally that you buy from the pharmacy – it contains stabilizers that are harmful to ingest. In order to take internally you need to take food grade only which is 35% and add it to water to dilute it. There is a book called the one minute cure by madison cavanaugh. The book contains a lot of info about H2O2 and also the protocol for taking it orally. The book costs maybe $10. The food grade costs maybe $18 dollars for a years supply. It is not complicated or time consuming to follow the regiman for this therapy. I have a supplier if anyone is interested please email me at

  15. Eden Vegan says:

    btw, there is a difference btween FOOD grade H2O2 and the stuff you buy at Walmart and Walgreens… If u r going to experiment, use FOOD grade or you’ll be putting some metals and stabalizing chemicals in your body you really don’t want there. It keeps the O2 in the mix (“old” peroxide is “flat” because it is NOT stable). Have fun googling it, you can even use it in your pool instead of killer chlorine or bromine (though a salt system generates a different kind of chlorine that is “friendlier”…). Dr. Donsbach was using IV H2O2 back when I was a kid (20 yrs ago), had to flee to Mexico because it was robbing profits from….others. I have taken 10 drops 10% food grade H2O2 in 8 oz water for 14 days. personally did not see a difference. Some do. Great for a non-toxic denture whitening/disinfecting alternative soak (plastic dentures/plates), and fresh blood stains (works on dried blood too). Just put it neat on the dry clothing article and watch it fizz… when it stops, add more until the stain is gone. Really good stuff for a lot of things.

  16. Shira Nahari says:

    Food Grade H2O2 is a household must for me. I dilute it to 3% and brush my teeth with it and use it as a mouthwash. It cleans and sanitizes kitchen, bath, and everything else that needs it. Seeds for sprouting get some added to the soak water, which afterwards waters the plants.
    when I had undesirable conditions of any sort, I drank 1 drop in 8 oz o water 2-3 times a day increasing up to 14 drops – at which point my body said: Enough with the oxygenation, already!
    when I travel I unfortunately cannot take any with me, as it is not allowed on planes.

  17. Shira Nahari says:

    P.S. Dilute FG H2O2 ONLY with distilled water as the minerals in tap water can cause unpleasant reactions.
    There is a wealth of info on the Web. Really inform yourself before trying to use this stuff, which is 1/3 as powerful as rocket fuel! Undiluted taken internally it can kill you. Diluted it can cure just about anything.

  18. Theresa says:

    I am very curious about H2O2 treatment for curing chronic ulcerative colitis. This is an auto-immune dis-ease.

    I began to show symptoms after a c-section then it got much worse after my 2nd c-section…possible bacterial infection from the operating room?

    Then I ate some bad chicken and got a bad case of salmonella poisoning which went undiagnosed for almost a year….a year of antibiotics and I was still so very sick….

    Now it comes and goes but when it comes it lasts a long time. I have cured it using the ETAScan (made in Austria, a radio-wave frequency device known as Hado Astrea in Japan).

    After 10 months of being colitis free, it’s back…..I am looking for someone or persons who have cured colitis using HP Therapy or some other therapy….I really need help here.

    Asking for help,
    in Japan

  19. Deb says:

    I, too, tried it orally for 12 months – reason being to superoxygenate myself. I had no serious health issues except for fatigue, and that disappeared and I felt energized. Something else strange happened – I thought I had reached menopause for 12 months but after one month of ingestion, I began menstruating monthly for a few months, so I stopped the ingestion and menopause came upon me again!
    Seems like it got things working when they had stopped, maybe due to lack of enough oxygen in the system?
    It’s great as a mouth wash and for any cuts/infections external.
    Seeds germinate quicker if treated with it too – as plants grow better with rainwater, as it contains hydrogen peroxide.

  20. Donna says:

    As a chemical engineer and health enthusiast I can answer some of the questions above. Yes there is a huge difference between food grade and the hydrogen peroxide you can buy in the store. The biggest difference is the one in the store is 3% and it has stabilizers in it. Hydrogen peroxide, is a very reactive substance and can be dangerous if not stabilized. Unfortunately you should not drink the stabilizers (it’s ok to mouthwash as long as you spit it out). Food grade is usually only available in 35% and sold in large quantities. There are a few places online where you can get small bottles of food grade H2O2 but you have to store it in a dark place and you must dilute it alot because 35% could kill you. You could also cause an explosion with it if you keep it too long and crystals form on the mouth of the bottle. Opening the bottle can cause the explosion. So although it has many wonderful uses, it also comes with some significant hazards. Whenever you need to learn about a chemical, just google the chemical name and the letters “msds” and you get a safety sheet about the chemical. Here is one for food grade H2O2: BTW Kevin I do love your information. I have not tried H2O2 therapy myself, but I did suggest it to my family when my mother was dying from cancer treatments. They all thought I was nuts and wouldn’t allow it. I still think it may have helped her.

  21. Brett says:

    Hi Kev,

    Like yourself I have a curious mind. So far I have managed to avoid san early demise and double my projected lifespan by changing my diet after chronic early illness.

    H2O2 therapy is one of two non-dietetic modalities I have explored along the way.

    First the cautions: H2O2 is a powerful chemical and dosage protocols must be followed strictly. Ignoring this can make your life VERY uncomfortable. So make sure you are thoroughly conversant. It is a VERY potent detoxicant.

    Having said that, once you build up to even moderate oral dosages, within seconds of taking it I experience a MASSIVE oxygen headrush. It has a very positive impact on mental clarity. It has a positive overall effect on the body and therfore the course of most diseases. In many respects it is like having a “fast in a bottle” because of it’s poweful detoxifying action.

    It is also absorbable through the skin and my most physically active year was during a time I was taking H2O2 baths (I have afflicted an unusual amount of punishemnt on my body over the years but in my 50’s I can still run over sand dunes).

    Ed McCabe’s books contain a world of information on the subject and oxidative therapies in general. It is manufactured by every body in our cells and some consider it to be our bodies first line of immune defense.

    Food Grade H2O2 is the only product that should be used as pharmaceutical grades contain toxic stabilising agents.

    The stuff tastes pretty aweful which in itself is a testimony to it’s efficacy since people persist in spite of this. To avoid the aftertaste I chase it down immediately with a glass of cold water followed by a dab of honey on the back of the tongue.

    High doses upset my stomach a bit but so considering it’s potency it may be wise to err on the the side of conservatism. It has helped me get through some tough times in the past and as a therapy I consider it to be of great value.

  22. Sheila says:

    I have used both High Dose Vitamin C IV therapy and H2O2 IV therapy in handling my cancer diagnosis. I also had some chemo and radiation, but feel the IV therapies were a HUGE part of my ridding myself of a large tumor and assisting in my recovery and overall health.

    • Doris says:

      Dear Sheila, would you be willing to talk to one of my group members about your experience with the IV drip? He has ALPHA1 and he wants to talk to you (or someone) who has experienced what you have so he can do it too. If you go to and look for Polominted that is the man who wants to talk with you.

      Thank you so much. It would be a great service if you spoke with him.
      My name is Doris and i am the Group Leader in the forum.

  23. Lyn says:

    I often use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash but would love to try the home ingestion formula. Keeping healthy is my mantra. Thanks

  24. Ann Cappola says:

    In 1979 my father was diagnosed with an advanced stage of bladder cancer. It was estimated he had about 3-4 months to live. We were told to take him home and just make him comfortable. Linus Pauling had written a book with Dr. Ewan Cameron on Vitamin C and cancer. I managed to speak with Dr.Pauling in Menlo Park, California. We were in NY. Dr. Pauling set us up with a doctor in NY who gave my father IV infusions of Vitamin C…I believe it was 50 gms at a time. It was a slow drip and took hours. It was done every day for several weeks. I monitored everything he ate, as well. That was all we did. He started to gain back his weight and feel better. A cat scan the following month showed the tumor had gotten much smaller. It eventually disappeared entirely. I don’t know about hydrogen peroxide therapy…but I do know about vitamin C. And for us– it was miraculous. The point being is that I am certain there are alternative therapies that can heal and cure. We are all ultimately responsible for our own health. We must become knowledgeable as to what is available and make informed decisions as to what is most beneficial from both mainstream and alternative options.

  25. Eva says:

    I did take it several times after reading the book of Madison Cavanaugh “The One Minute Cure” The Secret to Healing Virtually all Diseases. My energy level was boosted and I felt great. I only was too lazy to continue on a regular basis. By the way, even diluted in water, it is tasting horrible!

  26. Brenda says:

    As a healthcare partitioner I could not help noticing that in both videos your IV appeared kinked…

  27. Yes, in 2005 I tried vita C – 50 grams per day for five months mixed in a 2 liter water bottle with filtered water. I drank it throughout the day every day whenever I was thirsty. Then I had 14 IVs with 100 grams vita C in each one. They took about four hours to drip in. The vita C really helped me.

    I also have been drinking H2O2 everyday in my water for six years since 2006. I catch rain water and put 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in it every month to purify the 3000 gallon water tank. I have gone through about 46 gallons of H2O2 in six years. When I began I was real sick with bladder cancer and my body temp. was only 95 degrees. I stopped using chlorinated water and used rainwater I caught from my roof and purified it with the H2O2. Now my temp is 98.4 and I am not sick anymore. I read in a recent study that mice doubled their life span by adding H2O2 to their drinking water. Everyone says I look half my age and I feel young. I did many other detox cures and drank a lot of fresh juice. I wrote books on how to get well – &

  28. Julie says:

    Kevin: I am doing a combined IV Vit. C and hydro
    gen peroxide with home treatment of just addi-
    tional ways of using it. The combined IV killed
    my virus in the blood and I am now drinking, in-
    haling, soaking and douching with the peroxide.

    I put a little unsweetened cranberry juice to
    the mixed distilled water with H202 to make it
    more drinkable in taste.

  29. Eyelene says:

    I have breast cancer and have been taking 12 drops in a glass of water/five glasses a day totaling 60 for the past two months.
    I can’t say I see a major difference because luckily I still feel great and have a lot of energy.
    Today I got my first IV drip which had the peroxide and vitamin C as well as sodium bicarbonate.
    I can only afford 6 more IVs once a week but will continue treating myself.
    I am also drinking ozonated water and taking as much powdered vitamin C I can afford.
    I am praying this protocol heals me.

  30. Donna says:

    Yes. I have been working with working with H202 for about 20 years now.I have seen some pretty amzing things done with it. Use to be ,you had to go across the border to even have a Doctor speak outloud on the subject. I am really happy to see open forum information coming out of the closet.YEA !!!! way to go.

  31. Bonnie Pickhardt says:


  32. Ricardo Blasco says:

    The best is to use the hidrogen peroxide nebulized,acording to Dr. Frank Shallenberger.
    The most interesting articles that you can to read about this safe method for to use the hidrogen peroxide are here :

  33. maca says:

    I’ve never used Hydrogen Peroxide because I never knew that it could be used this way. I’ll do some research on it, as it sounds very interesting.

  34. Sophie says:

    Saw your mentioned Ed McCabes name above. Anyonw tried products. Seems more easy to handle.

  35. Rebecca says:

    I would alsk like to know the proper ammounts if taken orely. Also I am curious if you have ever had a nano silver drip? Hypothetically I have heard that the silver technology may nutralize issues within your body with 10 treatments…and no side effects other than great health. I am another citizen of the country Curious.

  36. Terry Stinson says:

    Hi Kev,
    I found the hydrogen-peroxide article very interesting. I never knew it could be used in this way. I have used hydrogen-peroxide for a long time. It is one of the old home remedies that my mother used when we got any sores with pus in them. I find them great for infected ingrown toe nails or infected finger nails. Just put hydrogen-peroxide on the sore and it will bubble out the pus and when it quits bubbling, put more hydrogen-peroxide on until there are no more bubbles. It’s quick, painless, and cheaper than going to the Dr. Could you please tell me how much it cost to get the hydrogen-peroxide IV and how did it work for you? Thanks for all your great articles.

  37. andre says:

    To Kevin and Annmarie: Ive been a fan for over a year and love what you guys do =)

    Ive done a fair bit of research on taking peroxide orally. The common protocol is a few drops mixed with a glass of water, three times a day, increasing by a few drops a day up to about 16 days.

    I did this protocol and felt pretty good. I felt more energy and needed less sleep. I also felt stronger. No side effects except that for me it tastes horrible. I tried mixing it with a few different things but it always made it worse, so I just gulp it back quickly as possible. Ive gone up to 30 drops of 35%, 3 times a day with no issues.

    It seems to be important to take peroxide on an empty stomach, so 1hr before or 3hrs after eating. I would also only take food grade peroxide. Theres likely many chemicals found in the normal stuff that I would not risk.

    The site I found of best use for me was here

    You can find food grade online all over the place. Some people make a lower dilution to use but I found the best way was to use 35% peroxide and just count the drops out of an eye dropper into my filtered water.

    Best luck

  38. joe says:

    Can H2O2 therapy be done at home with enemas. This would bypass most of the digestive system.

  39. Jeanne M. Shelton says:

    I have used it by mouth and externally. I had good results both ways…excellent cleanser and sterilizer. I also use it as a stain remover and deodorizer (I spray inside my shoes, for e., too.x.)

    Food grade is now available in lower percentages than 35% – 8% and 12%, I think.

    Question for you: anti-oxidant is now called a good thing. How do hydrogen peroxide, adding oxygen to the body, and anti-oxidants, fighting free radicals, relate. When should one be used, and when the other?

    I really enjoy your work and learn a lot from it – many thanks to both of you!! And all the folks you work with, too.

  40. ann says:

    I Love Your show, one of the only e-mails that I ALWAYS read! Yes I’ve done Hydrogen Peroxide orally, I bought the book on line ordered food grade HP through the mail. I also have had vit-C IV therapy for about a year and a half because of an terrible candidas out break, because I had lymes and was given high doses of antibiotics. Have been all across the board with food lifestyles,vegetarian,fruitarian,raw foodist,macrobiotic cook, many different fasts. I love being vegetarian best but sometimes my body feels weak and I eat meat(which I dislike) and feel better.
    The HP I think is good stuff do it exactly how it specifys. I think it helps keep the bad guys at bay, “a good internal cleanser”.


  41. Janet says:

    I tried it about 8 years, couldn’t smell had numerous test done by medical drs and couldn’t figure out why so read that is was antibacterial, antifugal, antiviral and antiparasitics. Figured this would get whatever was in the sinus area preventing me from smelling. Did 4 treatments and on the last one the nurse didn’t turn off the drip and hit a nerve in my arm (elbow area). Withing 5 mins the thumb, pointer and middle finger went numb. Figure it would get better but in 4 days developed RSD now called CRPS and suffered for many months with horrible pain. Went to pain management for months until I found a guy that did cranialsacral therapy in 2 sessions I was off all pain medicine and 4 treatments no pain at all

  42. Velda says:

    Great series, Kevin. I must admit that I didn’t thin about you being sick. First of all, you don’t look sick, and secondly I know that you are willing to do a lot of things so you can experience them first hand before passing them on. You are very dedicated and serious about your work, and what information you are passing along. However, I have been curious, since we haven’t seen Annmarie in so long, if she is pregnant :)…… just curious.

  43. Paula says:

    I have had the IV treatments and they are very expensive. Where I live, they are $120 per treatment. I was told that I should have one a week for at least 6 months. I am so happy to read the readers’ comments about the oral FG treatment. My ND/MD’s office said oral hydrogen peroxide treatment was dangerous, but maybe it was dangerous for him b/c he would not get the profits from the IVs. When I went to the pharmacy and asked about food grade hydrogen peroxide, the pharmacy clerk told me that all hydrogen peroxide is food grade. I knew that that was not correct, but did not know a reputable/known place to purchase it. Now off to Google it.

  44. Chalky Ventour says:

    Thanks very much, Kevin; and also Shira, Donna, Brett, Ann, Dianna, Eyelene, Ricardo, Sophie and Andre for your info.

    I am a prostate cancer survivor, diagnosed 11 years ago (Jan 2001).
    I chose NOT to do surgery to remove prostate gland, NOR have I used any drugs (chemotherapy, radiation, estrogen therapy, etc.). Instead, I RADICALLY changed my diet and lifestyle; developed a POSITIVE attitude; and deepened my relationship with He Who Reigns Supreme Above All through PRAYER โ€“ thanking God for His Mercies, Blessings, Grace and Love, each day.

    I stopped eating meat, dairy products, whit rice, bread, cake and other simple carbohydrates, refined sugars, and processed foods. Since 2002, I have used a plant-based diet (green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains). I drink fresh vegetable juices, green powders (Barley grass, Wheatgrass, Boku, etc), certified organic Soy milk and 3-4 litres of water, daily.

    From January 2009, I started using Kangen / alkaline water (from a Kangen – Enagic machine). Before that, I used to boil my water for drinking, and from 2004, I began adding 3% Hydrogen peroxide to it. 16 drops per liter, as recommended by US microbiologist Dr. Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc. in his fascinating book “The pH Miracle”, Warner Books, 2002, New York, USA. [He is the advocate of the New Theory of Biology that “there is only one disease and one cure: Over-Acidification and Alkalization.”] So I used the 3% Hydrogen peroxide for almost 5 years.

    Prior to my Cancer diagnosis I had a VERY POOR quality of life – MANY ailments; believe me, I was a “walking drug store” โ€“ chronic sinusitis, chronic asthma, frequent colds/flus, hemorrhoids, scoliosis, sciatica (with regular excruciating pains from waist down to both feet, making me unable to walk for as much as two weeks at a time), stomach disorders (ulcers and acid reflux, etc. for which I had to take Dica after eating, Ranitidine and other antacids, and had to sleep sitting up on propped pillows), poor eyesight problems, etc., etc., etc). I was living on prescription drugs.

    Over time, within 2-3 years of my radical diet & lifestyle change, I realized that my ailments were becoming less and less frequent to the point where they completely disappeared! So I no longer fall sick and have lots of energy.

    For the past 5-6 years I have had a good quality of health and life. That’s why I often shout from the “Mountain top” that “I Thank GOD for Cancer!โ€ โ€œCANCER SAVED MY LIFE!โ€ God gave me a GIFT of cancer โ€“ a BLESSING in disguise – which forced me to CHANGE MY DIET and LIFESTYLE, and transformed my life.

    My country, Grenada, has a very high cancer rate. And because of my own cancer journey, I help persons afflicted with cancer almost daily; so I will make a great effort to get this 35% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide which can help more people.
    Keep up the good work, Kevin!
    May God continue to richly bless all of you.

    Chalky Ventour

  45. Casey Hammond RN says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for the videos. It is nice to see the process. Also, I see you have had Lyme disease. Have you, or would you, do any shows on that? I know lots of people (myself included) that would appreciate learning about alternative and supportive treatments for Lyme.
    Thank you,
    PS It would be nice if you reject screen (which asks for missing info for comments submitted) did not delete the existing comments.

  46. marja says:

    I have read in dr. Mercola’s newsletters that sulphur is also bringing oxygen in the body. It seems that most of us are sulphur deficient. Could you pay attention to this item Kevin?

  47. Michelle says:

    Hey Kevin,
    it seems there’s a lot of other ways to get oxygen into your cells…did you notice anything thereafter? Let’s always keep in mind, though I KNOW it can be hard, NATURE has the answers, if we only look. Thanks again Kevin! ๐Ÿ™‚


  48. shine says:

    yes a while ago i took it i use it as a teeth cleaner and mixed with dmso for my eczema

  49. Dinae says:

    I do a lot of IV theraphy’s. I just did a HP for the cough and congestion gone in two days. I run to get one if I feel I’m getting a cold.
    I take a chealation treatment every other month.

  50. Beth says:

    I’ve used H2O2 externally on wounds, gargled and swished in my mouth for oral care, put drops in my ears to help with colds, as well as snorted (not a pleasant sensation) a few drops up my nostril to clear nasal congestion – only when it was so bad that my Neti Pot was not working.

    Taking internally is an interesting prospect, but I would want to know the dose before experimenting.

  51. Brenda says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I did have H2O2 IV treatment back in 2002or03
    for MS.Also had Vit.C with vitamins and minerals IV.I cannot remember for sure if this treatment helped but I think I had more energy; and since then have only had one relapse.With taking supplements and mangosteen juice I am managing and feeling fairly well.


  52. Frans says:

    The site below has all the information you need to know regarding Hydrogen peroxide.
    It even has a free e-book that one can download.

  53. Mateo says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have heard of people trying H2O2 IV but I have yet to hear their story and find out more about it. Care to tell your take on the whole experience?

    For users of H2O2, in any capacity, I encourage you to write your experience on the site The sites mission is really to have a place to discuss H2O2 and all of the different uses. It would be great to hear some personal stories about users experiences. All I ever read are short abstract comments about using H2O2 for therapeutic use, but has stories about real life users of H2O2 and their modalities.

  54. Norene Mackley says:

    Four years ago my immune system crashed. I’d had an infected tooth which left a large cavitation in my jaw. (My dentist didn’t listen to me when I said there was trouble there!)I ended up with several immune related problems. My regular doctor told me my immune system would have to handle my problems as there were no medical treatments available! My sister in Rexburg, Idaho hooked me up with her naturopathic doctor in Pocatello. I went into the West Clinic and had 3 infusions of Vitamin C and Hydrogen Peroxide. I credit it with helping to restore my health. I felt like I was cancer waiting to happen! I would recommend these types of infusions for anyone with a compromised immune system and in particular systemic! I wish these treatments were available in Utah.

  55. Norene Mackley says:

    Opps, the last comment was incomplete—it was supposed to say systemic CANDIDA!

  56. Zen S says:

    I have done many (at least 20) IV treatments of hydrogen peroxide. It has definitely boosted my immune system and definitely give me an energy boost. There were ZERO negative side effects . When I stopped doing them I did feel a bit of a slump in my energy though. I’ll probably go back in groups of 6 treatments now, especially once the kids go back to school and cold season begins.

  57. Maynard says:

    I definitely want to try the IV Hydrogen peroxide therapy..I’m thinking it’s going to cost a lot much did the doctor charge you for the treatment? Zen S…how much does it cost you per treatment?

  58. Forrest says:

    I have started the oral H2O2, I am using the food grade 36% in purified water(6-8 drops/500ml). I also add it to my Cpap machine. My understanding is that it will help to clear artery walls and fight infections. Hopefully I will see good results, my triglycerides are 256. I haven’t tried I.V. but as long as its properly diluted and in a large vien it is supposed to be safe. I would also add a high vitamin C regiment to help promote healing and add a good probiotic to replace good bacteria. Note: I notice those who became sick while using the oral dose quit until they felt better. Online research says to continue at a lower dose until you feel better but not to stop. If you are new start out with a low dose 2hrs before or after you eat or take medicine. I will only use food grade( low price on amazon). Normal peroxide may have additives that if used for I.V may scar the lungs. Do the research, trust yourself and make a informed desicion. H2O2 can treat alot. Good luck.

  59. Eric says:

    Excellent work on exploring a treatment that has many potential benefits with very little risk. Considering the great efforts put forth by a number of institutions in the hierarchy of western medicine to repress information like this I applaud Kevin for his work. The only thing that bothered me about this video was that the physician either did not know or more likely forgot (he seemed nervous of the camera to me) to mention that you must use food grade H2O2 and dilute it to a safe level for IV. Typically a drugstore brand 3% will have additional ingredients added which are not suitable for IV or any other application .

    I would also like to add that my friend, a 66 year old male, was recently told that with his Hep C had gotten to a threatening level in his body. The virus count was 1.4 billion in the sample of blood. The doctor told him that it was the highest concentration that he had ever seen and recommend interferon as a treatment. Considering that interferon has a number of side effects he chose to try H2O2 first. He has been taking 25 drops of 35% food grade H2O2, diluted with 1 liter of water 3 times daily. During the first week of treatment his health improved significantly. At the beginning of treatment he was bed ridden, unable to walk and was in a tremendous amount of pain deaths door may be a suitable way to describe his state. Now in the second week of treatment he has almost experienced a complete reversal of symptoms. His energy levels are up and he has returned to most of his regular activities.

    The next step for us is to have his blood tested again and if there is a significant drop in the virus count I would hope that the doctor will give H2O2 a serious look as a treatment for other patients. This is our first experience with H2O2 and while I am not prepared to state that it is a miracle treatment I will certainly say that I have read a lot of good things about it and believe that I am currently witnessing a successful application of its healing effects.

  60. Rob says:

    I just stumbled accross your video while researching peroxide. I have found a lot of info from Dr. William Douglas, he put it out as almost a super hero life saver. Thanks four your point of view on it.


  61. Salem says:

    Did you feel any different after your H2O2 IV therapy treatments? I’m curious if you noticed any difference in the way you felt.

  62. I just completed my 4th Hydrogen Peroxide IV this am.

    I hate the butterfly needles, & the IV burns like a big dog.

    The doctor will use a hot water filled plastic glove & lay it on top of the needle, I know it sounds corny but it does take with burn away.

  63. steve says:

    Hi im taking 35% h202 im up to 17 drops in 230 mil of milk per day, im only taken it in the mornings, but iv started to feel sick with it now. should i start to cut down the drops now? or work through to 25 drops.
    once iv done the course im going to take 3 drops in the morning and 3 in the afternoon as a maintenance course.

  64. db says:

    Sometime ago I purchased a gallon of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to make 3% PRIMARILY for cleaning. It also came w/a blue bottle dropper that I filled with 35%. I have taken a a few drops of 35% in 16oz water for a brief period of time. Stopped when I saw some statement on the probability of creating free radicals in body: requires more info.

    Also picked up by OxyLife Nutritional Supplements “Stabilized Oxygen with Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera”. Label says anti-microbial; immune system booster; and 100% food grade and no chlorine. I take periodically…especially if feel cold symptoms. I consume “only in moderation” when I take this product.

    Have I felt a difference with the internal use of these products? I can’t say that I have consistently given equal time to both products under similar conditions. I do know that if I have felt like a cold was working in my body, I ONLY TOOK ABOUT A 1/4 OF AN OUNCE RATHER THAN THE ONE OUNCE SERVING SIZE OF OXYLIFE AS A “SAFETY PRECAUTION”. It appears to work for me. HOWEVER THEY ARE PROBABLY OTHER PRODUCTS THAT GIVE SIMILAR RESULTS FOR COLD PREVENTIONS THAT ARE JUST AS EFFECTIVE.

  65. Michael says:

    Closed Mind: You explained yourself up above!

    Do you have Herpes or AIDS or something? You are constantly on a mission to cure yourself….and yet, you look very sick to me…what are you curing yourself of?

    You are a hypocrite – I wish you practiced this blood cleansing method on your tick – but instead, you ran to….western medicine….because you were afraid of dying of Lyme Disease! hahaha!

    Well, Mr. “I know more than doctors,” if you’ve taken an actual basic high school level chemistry class, you’d understand this is bogus and completely void of any critical thinking or reasoning. Have you noticed you only practice these dangerous things when you are so called, “healthy” and yet, when you are sick, you go running to the real experts?

    Get your head out of your ass – we are all going to die and get sick – and when it is your turn, you’ll see no amount of nutrition, dancing and prancing and hydrogen peroxide will save you.

    You already look like an old buffoon. What you are doing isn’t working.

  66. Terry says:

    The doctor does not mention the amount of saline solution for your IV drip. He does state 5cc at 3% H202; I would like to know the other number please (100ml, 500ml, 1 litre)

    Thanking you in advance,

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