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I know, we’re not exactly Time Magazine, but we’re working on it…

In 2011, a lot of amazing things have happened and behind them are some amazing people. In this award video, we share the man and woman of 2011 in health. (Just please note, it turned out to be men and women, LOL, we couldn’t pick just two.)

Go ahead and watch who won this year…

Your question of the day: Who is your man or woman (or both) of 2011 in health? Or maybe not health at all…

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For those of you non-video-ers…

There are no runner-ups here, they’re all equally as deserving (and there’s 5!)

Co-Woman of the Year for 2011 – Robyn O’Brien (

Speaking of children and changing the world, Robyn O’Brien’s TED Talk published in March 2011, introduced GMOs to the mainstream. Her work as a national food advocate has created a community of moms, dads and children that are questioning what they eat – in a positive way. I look forward to hearing from her more in 2012. Here’s where you can watch this talk: click here.

Co-Men of the Year for 2011 – Dr. Joe Mercola and Dr. Gabriel Cousens ( and

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Cousens are of course both doing great things in the world of natural health and diabetes, but this award is specifically for their cooperation (not ego-fighting) during the Great Health Debate. In a program that was filled with behind the scenes fighting, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Cousens gained a massive amount of respect from me by putting their opinions aside to further the discussion about which diet is best. Their willingness to come together is much more notable than most of you probably think because of what went on behind the scenes to put a program like this together. I have deep respect for both of them – and because of this they both get an award.

Co-Man of the Year for 2011 – Jaime Oliver (

There aren’t many people who have the ability to reach a whole nation. Jaime Oliver, for two years in a row, has gotten America to think about what we’re feeding our children on national television. Last year, we choose Jaime as well and some of you didn’t like it. I disagree. He and producer Ryan Seacrest are actually making a massive difference and creating change in many communities as more and more people see how possible it is to change the health of our children. Amazing work.

Co-Woman of the Year for 2011 – Ann Cooper (

The Renegade Lunch Lady (a pretty good name, don’t you think?) gets a last minute inclusion because of her amazing work and talk at Berkeley – we were lucky enough to be there to see it. Ann is driven, passionate and real – qualities that Woman of the Year should definitely have. I would love to talk shop with her and take her up on the school lunch offer she gave us next time we’re in Boulder. (Here’s that video of her at Cal: click here)

Alright, it’s been a great year, I hope you enjoyed this list and let us know what you’re up to in 2012… maybe you’ll make the list next year!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Annette says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for choosing Jamie Oliver. I love this man’s work. Ok, he’s not a raw vegan, or even vegetarian……most of the population isn’t…but as you say, he is one person who has probably made more of a difference in getting people to think about what they eat than anybody else. Not only that, he’s great to watch and has a heart of gold. His work with ‘difficult’ kids is awesome. It would be great if some of you guys in the raw movement could team up with him and show him some raw recipes and teach him to use some superfood ingredients! Maybe a 2012 challenge for Renegade Health Kev????

    Keep up the good work, and happy new year to you guys!

  2. michael westrick says:

    I like them all..

  3. Excellent choices. I also appreciated Jamie Oliver with the whole wake up america thing in the schools.
    I would add to the list Jordan Rubin for raising the bar with Beyond Organic – appreciating organic, but at the same time recognizing that it is not the ultimate standard – especially when it relates to animal products.
    I appreciate that you award vegan and non-vegan people of the year.

  4. Lovefruity says:

    I love both. i wish youa wonderful new year. i wish i could be with ou 24hours on a renegade health ED tv Trueman show….:) lol

    Big brother in the superhealth world….

    what ever…

    i love jamie oliver.

    his good friend agerman cook Tim Maelzer working on the german TV for better food also Sarah Wiener she is doing a lot for good health in Germany foir public scholls and dacare and in TV and publicity. Tim Maelzer and Jamie Oliver worked together . they are good friends.

    Sarah Wiener is Realy awesome. What she has done is awesom and wonderful. SHe is a woman. she is from Austria. No Kangurooh they have cows.
    She worked in a tv show where she cooked like in the 19th century. then she cookedon tv. She educate people. Has a restaurantin Berlin. Hamburger Bahnhof. Its not in hamburg its a ART place in berlin for modern art.

    Then she had a tv show where she is in different countires and cooking with regional produce and learn the people. its is one it was in france in Austria. She is so a loveful spirit totally awesome how she is.
    she is wonderfull. What she is doing for the people and good eating. and aginst the food insudtry. its great.

    Tim maelzer has done some tv show where he ate one week only salad. he is the friend of jamie oliver and a german chef located i think in hamburg right now. You never know where chefs are at the moment.

    HE done for a state TV in germany on Food quality and freshness of milk and foods. Also in work with the charite in berlin he measured the ORAC level of his body by the skin and ate one week only salad to measure how he feels and if the ORAC level increases.

    ACtully germany has somegood balanced health conscious people. Only wh they reffer in german mostly nd love french and ital they are not that known in USA. Stil they still competite with people from US or UK. Its a languge barrier but not a skill barrier. im surein france there are also great people. report a lot on french ECOlogical movement.

    ‘To Gabriel Cousens. He had a controversy on Carbohdrates. Durian rider found thatin the movie 30days RAW he said something different than on hisYOuTUB Videos. IT was BOTH on DIABETES: S what is Gabriel Cousens now thinking. Are High Carbs Low Carb Best for DIabetes. Or is Low Carbs High Fat Best For Diabetes. Check Durian Riders Video on this its worth SEEINg. im not with all what Harley aka Durian rider saying stil some is worth to talk about. its also worth to metion harley for some things he does.
    THank YOu great shining people Love To you and a wonderful ride into 2012

  5. Ellen from Davis says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Great picks! I agree on all counts. These are passionate, forward-thinking people who ALL, though they may disagree on many counts, have golden nuggets of wisdom to offer.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Lovefruity says:

    Miika Vanhapiha * he is afinnish guy who work at a stoneage project. sohe is also one of my heath MANS. he is great he mostly is on paleo. Actualy i not know wht he is one. still i know. that he is doing great stuff with his friends at KUTELO stoneagevilage. This is also a good thing for getting conscious about health.

    All people from the ting gatherin or rainbow rawfood gatheirng. The German woman Brigitte Rondholz promoting her RAW vegan Lifestyle with a lot of herbs like URfood. Also Stefan Hiene a german cclist and MTB who fuled on RAW foods. Also Arnol Wiegand a german Vegan RAW athlete fuled on 50fat% rest carbs protein%. A great guy. running triathlon ironman. Ultraironman. And worldcupleader in iceswimming.

    AND the ALL TIME BEST woman in HEALTH is REBECCA LERNER and her blog FirstWays. i think its she is awesome. living one week only on wildedibles with surivalist friends. Of course.

    And one last guy. Its Wile Larsen who revitalize languge with his laguage game WAYK Where Are your Keys. Both Rebecca and Willem are from Portland Oregan. TAke Care

  7. Lovefruity says:

    And actually i love and miss Oak0y from Paleohacks:) send him love **hugs * and * kisses <3 😉

  8. Violinist says:

    My man of the year is Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. He has healed thousands of people with cancer, MS, diabetes etc using a high fruit raw vegan diet along with his awesome herbs! 🙂 I hope to spread the news of his program to those in need of healing in 2012!

  9. Colleen says:

    YES!! Great list! Thanks for including Jamie Oliver for the very reasons you mentioned. He is meeting folks where they are and educating them to where they could be and beyond. He is a genuine person, with a passion for health and nutrition. We will never all agree on the details. We just need to let go of our collective egos and push this world forward…one step, one article, one show at a time. Wishing you and Ann a truly blessed and prosperous 2o12!

  10. Colleen says:

    I would also include Mark @ Mark’s daily apple. I know you mentioned him yesterday, but I wanted to give him asecond shout-out! 😉

  11. Teresa says:

    I’m glad to see Jamie Oliver on your list, I thought it was only supposed to be raw people on the list so I thought only about you and Ann-Marie;)
    A good thing about Jamie is that he accepts all us who don’t eat meat. Acceptance comes a loooong way;)
    I love this, Kevin! Keep up the good work!
    Happy New Year to all

  12. Barbara W. says:

    Fun video, this is what I have missed 🙂 Love watching you two together. Wishing you the best in 2012.

  13. Lovefruity says:



    something special

    the giant tortoise
    a truely vegan 🙂

  14. nancy says:

    So great to see you both on the tube!! You should also be on the list!!

  15. margot says:

    my vote is for video, not written word ‘cuz you guys are so much fun, so much better seeing your wonderful faces than just more written words.
    please do more videos, even if not as efficient, who cares – not me.thankyou for bringing so much love and light into the world.

  16. Terri says:

    I absolutely agree with your choices – for all the reasons you noted.

    I’m also so glad you see the immense importance of GMO’s. Truly, if they aren’t stopped, they will completely take over the plant world and destroy it and the health of every living thing…not to mention give Monsanto a monopoly on the planet’s food supply.

    Monsanto has a huge lobby and insiders working within the government agencies that are supposed to be protecting consumers. It’s going to take a huge public outcry to fight them. Informing ourselves and then passing on the vital information to our friends and family about the dangers is something very simple we all can do to help save this planet.

    That said, I too am looking forward to 2012. I truly believe it will be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it and this is a very very good thing.

    Happy New Year everyone !!

  17. lizzy says:

    just a quick note, someone here mentions, do more videos, but i do want to let you know how much i appreciate that your write up the info from the video, it really does save time.

    lately video has taken over, and sometimes it is fun to watch, but often people talk on and on randomly as if you have all the time in the world to watch them.

    so just a quickie, i appreciate the videos, and yours are good, so often i come back to watch them, but the write ups are what keep me opening your emails, cuz i know i’ll be able to read it quick.

  18. del says:

    Wonderful. Love you guys. Miss you. Happy New Year! And YES 2012 the year of change. Love it!

  19. Linda says:

    Love your picks. I’ve been following all of their work. Saw O’Brien’s, Oliver’s, and Ann’s TED talks this year – all very inspiring.

    Really appreciated Mercola’s and Cousens’ willingness to speak together on your Health Debate. Their respectfulness to each other even with their differences of viewpoints and passion for their work was wonderful. It sure would be nice to see more of that in the health world. If we could all get along like that, more good could no doubt be done in the name of natural health.

  20. Judith says:

    You two are on my list for Man and Woman of the Year! Thank you for being such inspiring agents of enlightenment and change.
    Blessings to you in the new year!

  21. You two have occupied many of our lives a major portion of our thoughts and action, because,the most important events have been:-
    and now THE BEST OF HEALTH 2011.
    Cancer summit would have definitely focussed the attention of many sufferers towards a new goal of natural life care that can alleviate their sufferings to a great extent if not fully.
    and the performance under the BEST OF HEALTH 2011 choices will give us all, a year long stock of info and help for our health – and for the future. If we have to live, we should live usefully to all. What meaning is there to live as a consumer, and die as a consumer!! Even a small plant or tree does give the earth more than Man.

  22. One more thing came up my mind.Foreign Members and readers here can write up about their countries’ BEST OF HEALTH SITES,MEN,BLOGS,VIDEOS. WE should have that too.

  23. Betoman says:

    Wow! I just watched Robyn O’Brien’s Ted Talks presentation and it brought tears to my eyes. She was able to present the big picture, clearly, succinctly and analytically. I’ve know about all that stuff for years and have tried to inform, educate and cajole my large family for years, mostly unsuccessfully, but I just forwarded her link to all 10 adults in my immediately family and a friend. Willful ignorance is one thing, but what do we call it when one knows and doesn’t act when it is really just a simple choice of one thing over another? Thanks again for sharing with us your most admired, influential… etc., in the health, wellness arena. You are changing the health of the world, one show at a time.


  25. Velda says:

    Love the video!! Great seeing the two of you again on video. Happy New Year … 2012 …. the year of change!! I hope so.

    Great choices. I had completely forgotten about Robyn O’Brien. I saw he talk on TED TV earlier this year and was impressed. Love Dr. Mercola and thank you for adding Jamie Oliver – he is so great and so caring. He puts so much effort into giving people the information they need to start our kids on a healthy eating path. You guys did a great job!!! (as usual 🙂 )

  26. I was surprised to see Jamie Oliver’s name there. He has come in for a lot of criticism in the media here in the UK for his “heart attack food”.

    I agree that he has tried to do a lot for school meals both here in the UK and America but just yesterday it was reported that “scientists from the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine said that the 36-year-old’s book 30-Minute Meals was one of 2011’s five worst cookbooks”.

    Some of the recipes in his book are apparently higher in fat and sodium and than the processed stuff.

    Wishing you both a very happy, healthy and successful New Year.

  27. nancy says:

    Excellent choices.. folks who work hard to educate the public and are flexible in their positions.. really appreciate the reasons you had for choosing Mercola and Cousins.

    Best to both of you in 2012. Excellent work!

  28. 4204life says:

    Happy New Year! I live in a GMO zone with a ADM plant nearby. The overall majority of farmers where I live have bought into the terminator seed technology. Trying to explain the dangers of their destructive ways only makes them want to hit me. It’s really important what you promote and I wish the best for the both of you. Hopefully in 2012 I will be able to financially support great sites like yours and start eating real food once again.

  29. IH says:

    Wow…I was kind of surprised when you said that you would never do the Great Health Debate again but now I totally understand why. I still remember the event very well and the speakers that for me definitely stood out most were indeed Dr Mercola and Dr Cousins for the same reasons that you mentioned. My respect for both of them has increased!!

    Will check out Robyn O’Brien!!

    Just a little reminder/question: Where would you position Michael Pollan? I know that like me you are a big fan of his.

  30. sean says:

    SO good two see your smiling faces!

    As for who I would nominate for my man and women of health. It would have to be Ann Marie & Kevin Genni. You can’t nominate yourself So I will. Your web site was my first doorway into the knowledge of health consciousness, along with mother earth news, one of my favorite mags.
    What I love about you two though is the fact that you are asking the questions that know one else is. You are going out there and getting every part of the story. You have revolutionized the way people access health.
    As For your choices Dr. Merola & Gabriel cousins great choices from two different sides of the spectrum. It is literally amazes me how much of a difference these people make.

    I am glad you brought up the GMO debate. I just came across some news articles. Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association, v. Monsanto, Will organic farmers finally have there day in court with Monsanto.
    ” The landmark lawsuit, filed in March 2011, challenges the validity of Monsanto’s transgenic/GMO patents and seeks court protection for innocent family farmers who may become contaminated by Monsanto seed.” December 30, 2011 Press Release

    Here you can view the article

  31. Gail says:

    It would seriously be SO difficult to choose!

    I would add Victoria Boutenko to the list. She traveled to the remote ends of the earth last year (?)..year before (?) teaching about Green Smoothies and showing communities how to raise their own greens FOR the smoothies – having maximum health at a minimum cost.
    People around the WORLD are benefiting from this simple and do-able concept for great, sustainable health.
    Cheers, Victoria!

    Thanks for all YOU do, K and A!

    Many blessings in the new year!

  32. Kev, Kindly ref 19 & 20.
    My comments are kept Awaiting in Moderation even though other numbers above 20 are not so.
    May be you forgot to see it. OK. It is tuf going for you both to do all things alone.Wish you all happy new year.

  33. remo says:

    it’s JAMIE not JAIME…

  34. Leam says:

    You two are too cute…really nice to see videos of you together again after so long. Articles are fine, but the interaction/spontaneity in front of the camera is truly missed.

  35. Ceci says:

    Great choices! I love to see people who are genuinely concerned about the good of all rather than trying to prove something for monetary gain. Which is the reason I would not put Boutenko on the list. Although I like to listen to her and others like her, it’s all about the money. People continue to stake their health on her opinions even though she is obviously seriously overweight.
    I think Mercola has lost respect that he once had from people because it seems when you are on his mailing list that every time he tackles a problem, he just happens to be selling something for that particular issue. Oh well I guess somebody would do it anyway, might as well be him. I do greatly respect his opinions though.

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