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When I published this interview, I knew it was going to strike a chord.

Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s important to share all different types of opinions.

This interview falls into that category. I’ve followed Dr. Young for a while and appreciate his contribution to the alkaline argument. In this interview, though he said some things that I question.

Here is the interview, my response, and then my comments now based on what I’ve learned since.

Take a look…

Robert Young Interview:

My Commentary:

Here are my thoughts today…

1. Meat?

I think Robert Young was a little hard on meat. While there are ethical and health reasons for limiting (or eliminating) animal protein consumption, I also think there is plenty of evidence that shows animal foods in the diet is not as bad (and in some cases helpful) as some say. The key to a healthy diet is, first, the foods you leave out – processed foods – then second, how you fine tune.

Those with some diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, may want to look at their animal protein very closely.

2. Acidic lifestyle, yes, it’s bad.

Dr. Young states that exercising and eating more green foods will help you be healthy. He’s 100% right. Most people I encounter either focus on the exercise or the food and not both. Getting your body alkaline requires consumption of minerals and detoxing your body with exercise.

3. Need to assimilate protein.

Dr. Young talks about a low protein diet. The only thing I’d caution against here is that you need to make sure you’re assimilating the protein you take in. If you’re taking in plenty of protein (or very little) and can’t absorb it, the amount doesn’t matter – you’ll still not get enough. So while lower protein may help some, it also may not allow others to get enough amino acids.

4. Fermented foods, algae and their historic use.

Both of these foods have a very strong historic relevance to health. I understand what Dr. Young is taking about when he mentions their acidic nature, but I’d also like to point out their beneficial nature as well.

Fermented foods have been shown to be very beneficial to digestion and the immune system. Algae has been shown to remove heavy metals, provide protein and essential fatty acids as well.

5. I still stress out about Steelers games.

As much as I’d like to think that I’m over it, I’m not.

6. My squeaky voice is funny here!

I couldn’t help but notice my squeaky nature of my voice. Why didn’t you guys tell me? LOL!

7. You can look at one thing or the whole.

All in all, when it comes to your health and the foods you eat, you need to look at all aspects of the things you put in your mouth. Nothing has only a good or bad connotation. Many foods and supplements work to a certain degree and after that they have diminishing (or sometimes harmful) returns. I still eat algae and use medicinal, anti-microbial mushrooms on a somewhat regular basis and haven’t seen any negative effects in my personal health – in relation to my blood tests or how I feel.

I want to know your thoughts: What do you think about Dr. Young’s interview and my commentary?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Sheika says:

    I think Dr Young is doing a one size fits all. The Chinese diet has lots of mushrooms and when eaten with meat takes away the excesses that meat causes in the body, from a TCM point of view. I think he’s wrong when he says meat is one of the worst things you can put in your body.
    processed foods that contain stuff your body doesn’t even recognize is far worse. I am an O positive and eat plenty of chicken, fish and beef-grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free. My blood tests are perfect.
    If I had cancer I would go his route but we didn’t eat his way thousands of years ago- Commmm on!!!

  2. Yamina says:

    Dr Young is totally right in this video even if he is wrong by recommending fat fishes as an alkalizing food (vid on YouTube) ! Fishes are worse than meat. Just smell them ! They really stink ! Our taste is so perverted (not mine) that growns up (not children’s) find those awful smells delicious ! Concerning mushrooms, I wonder how people can eat such a poisonful stuff. My husband eats cèpes. I tried once and nearly vomitted. “How is it possible to swallow such a… garbage !” Muschrooms are garbage in nature. And cèpes-garbage are so expensive ! Even with garlic and all the spices of the world, I can’t find any interest to ingest these dangerous plants. About your commentaries, I would say that it is quite annoying to note that you are always balancing between yes or no ! You never have a firm opinion. Sometimes animal products may be useful, sometimes not. Have the courage to affirm that they are not good for human ! You are not selling them, isn’t it ? Not consuming them ? So, be firm because people with health issues may take this for granted and consume them. Sometimes, people are so upset that they take all advices that pass around as a possible remedy.
    Just a subsdiary question : what were you taking that made you dance so nervously on you chair ? Raw cacao ?! Anyway, the Renegade is worth knowing !

  3. Dia says:

    Listening again to Dr. Young, I heard more of his all or nothing approach, and I wonder if his attitude could be a block to helping others. He appeared kind of intolerant, although amazing energy behind his beliefs, not wishy-washy.

    From personal experience, changing over from a SAD diet to a healthy diet needs to be done slowly and carefully. And you need to be compassionate toward yourself when you slip up. And it is a learning process, finding out what works for you, may not work for others and vice versa.

  4. hehaw says:

    September 2010?

  5. nils says:

    durianrider made avideo on dr youg debunk his wooh wooh nonsense. its floting on durianriders youtube channels.i would eat vegan if it work for me. i avoid mushrooms. still i would eat them occasionally.

    hi yamina. i find wonderful what you saying. maybe this is bit orthorexic. what i mean. maybe this is good for you or it is something unbalanced. it can be everything in life. like my father saying often food isnt anything.

    fish stinks. if you catch a fresh fish from the water does ist stink. how does fresh salmon meat smell. or fresh cod liver. it smells like algae, like sea like endless ocean.

    stinky fish is bad fish. dont eat it. fish who smell like ocean. and deep sea is good.

    go fresh

    I even would say that the raw salmon tastes like a ripe fruit. very fresh andj juicy.

    with all superherbs and powder maybe animals can stay alive. some need meat for their health sadly.i think wild meat is better than any farmed and caged or domesticated. even grass fed.

  6. Janet Kent says:

    My Mother is 97 yrs old and has eaten meat all her life so why hasnt it killed her yet ?

  7. nils says:

    i like chlorella. can i live on a chlorella diet. and spare money on veggies.and fruits. i wanna eat more chlorella what in my budget should i cut for chlorella?


    Can you write on meat a bit longer? thank you for effort:
    i like your effort and your wirk. this is fantastic. im queite tired cause i miss this superfood. maybei just have rest.

  8. Janet Kent says:

    I find Dr Young a bit over the top !! I do agree that meat is not what our bodies were made for ( long intestine) as it takes too long to be eliminated but like I said ,a vast number of people including my Mother live long and healthy lives eating meat. I am virtually vegan and high raw and at 73 am fit and healthy and do not suffer the usual things accociated with someone my age.I take onboard a lot of the arguments but find a lot a bit misleading especially where protein is comcerned. We DO need a certain amount of good protein.

  9. Ira Edwards says:

    Some time back, I watched a video by Robert O. Young, and was negatively impressed by his knowledge of biochemistry. He made errors that were too obvious. I do not trust any of his advice.

  10. Janet Kent says:

    Thanks Ira I think those are wise words. Tread the middle way is what I think.

  11. Diane says:

    I don’t like Dr Young’s attitude and lack of tact. There could be some truth in his opinions but I don’t believe he has all the answers. If I remember right, he was pushing avocados on The Great Health Debate. I believe that he owns an avocado ranch. Hmmm. I have no interest in hearing him again.

  12. Tera says:

    Meat is definitely not good for the body. even if you disagree with this, why in the world would you want to eat a creature that lived, had thoughts, emotions, and felt pain acutely. not to mention, te animals did nothing to deserve the cruel treatment they receive. and don’t you DARE say you get your meat from “grass fed happy cows and chickens”. this is simply not true. there is no such thing as a “happy animal” meant for slaughter.

  13. Chris says:

    I LOVE Dr. Young! He’s Brilliant! Brilliant!!!! Brilliant!!! Listen and learn.

    He doesn’t mince words.. . and he doesn’t lie to you.

  14. David Klappstein says:

    I agree with many of the comments on Doctor Young. He does appear to be arrogant and unbending in his approach and an all or nothing approach to diet regarding meat, algae and mushrooms. The problem I have is that I have researched Doctor Young and he is without question one of the brighest and best chemists in North America. He used dark field microscopes to review and examine live blood and he has also observed the transformations of the microzemas which according to some scientific theories is what all the building blocks of the body are made of and it can make up human cells or bacteria, yeasts etc and can transform back to any of the forms. It is obvious that he has a very different view of the body that most people have, including doctors. He is also conversant in the latest research regarding the quantum theory of the body, which unquestionably will change all health and medicine for all time when it is finally formulated in sufficient detail to be useful.
    Because of his formidable background and knowledge, I am reluctant to be too hasty about his opinions, inspite of his attitude. In the ultimate end, in our understanding of the electrical and quantum workings of the body, he could be totally right, and we are all simply very naive. His biggest concern with meat, algae and mushrooms, from reading his books, is fear of contamination of these sources and the difficulty in getting good sources.
    Otherwise I certainly agree with Kevin regarding the use of Chorella and mushrooms, but perhaps these are just good substitutes for electrical and quantum techniques we have not yet understood.


  15. Jeffery A. Arnson, Certified Nutritional Microscopist says:

    Okay, so the benefits and side effects of eating meat… the benefits are that you not only get to kill something (or pay someone else to kill it for you), you then get to eat it! Well, last time I checked, none of us on this blog are lions or tigers with a three foot long intestinal track that enables us to eat the antelope here and dump it right away, while it’s practically still kicking to get away. No, we have a twenty seven to thirty one foot long intestinal track, so after eating this dead animal, that’s already been stripped and hung up to attract just the right amount of mold, mildew and fungus (for flavor), we then heat it up (even burn it in an effort to rid the dead animal of parasites that we know CAN and DO survive the heat), and consume it, but only after adding a meat tenderizer (a highly acidic liquid that can also tenderize us) and then proceed to spend months or years pushing it through out intestines, causing a toxic bowel scenario that gives us dead aches, sinus problems, colds, flu, numbness in our extremities and other such acidic imbalances. Consider that the amazing human organism is not meant to eat meat. So then, if those are the benefits… now for the side effects. Hmmmm. I can’t think of any side effects, although I’ve already mentioned some of the DIRECT EFFECTS – count on it. Then your mushrooms grow on dieing and decaying organisms and somehow that benefits us doesn’t make sense to me, unless you are dieing or decaying also – hope not. Algae is a one celled fiberless slime – not what I’d care to ingest. As far as the “see for yourself, remove it, and see if you feel better approach” I’d ask, why not see a certified nutritional microscopist and really see what your every day lifestyle choices are doing to the quality of your blood, so you can know now where your quality of life is headed, or continue to do your own experiment. Eight minutes and fifteen seconds of Dr. Young isn’t enough. I’ve been personally trained by the man and am taking his thoughts and theories and testing them out for myself, under a microscope. For those who choose not to even consider what he is saying because they don’t like how he says something, that’s your choice, but I’ll tell you, the world isn’t flat. And, Dr. Young isn’t suggesting that you never consume acid anymore, his thoughts are that we can consume 20 to 30% acid with our 70 to 80% alkaline food and lifestyle choices. It isn’t that hard to do, and the benefits are enormous!

  16. Danai says:

    I did Dr Robert’s Young diet for almost a year. It was helpful but found vegetables unsatisfactory calorie wise for 80% of your diet so I resorted to fat for the rest of the calories. This diet did not work in the long run and as you can see Dr. Young I believe is trying to be unique in his ideas so he can make money and be different. That doesn’t make him right. If you read his book he relies heavily on supplements to cover deficiencies in his diet including suggesting probiotics. So as you can see that is contradictory to his advise on bacteria. I can go right now to any old folks home and find all kinds of people over 80 years old eating what ever they want and still living. Go check out Macdonald’s in the morning it’s filled with old people eating there every day. I was on the Douglas Graham diet which is totally different than Robert’s young diet. Robert Young also advocates to eat as much pink salt as you like which is totally poison to Douglas Graham. I also read Douglas Graham’s book and was on his program for two month’s. After reading Highly Raw by Kevin I decided to go with Kevin’s advise and that’s to come up with your own conclusion and to have fun and do what’s best for you. Following all these health gurus can make you sick and depressed if the program is not working for you and no one is going to give you a medal for your achievements. So I say stress will kill you alot sooner than any diet. I wonder do these health gurus practice what the preach or are they just selling books?

  17. Reptilian Ancestors says:

    My 2 Grandmothers one lived to 96 the other to 99. Both ate MEAT, sugary deserts, bread, and were happy and healthy with very few health issues until the last week of their lives. Typical roasts with cooked veggies, bread and salad and pie or cake or sweet treats for desert at every meal. I also know of several people who are avid organic vegetarians who got cancer and constantly ill at very young ages – so how can you prove meat kills you at an early age if these people are real in my life circle? Perhaps there is more to it than just food consumption? Luck? Or EMOTIONS? More to look at here than just food ingestion.

    Myself, personally, I prefer veggies and fruits and healing herbs and some sea vegetables and particular supplements we are lacking from our foods – I personally find they have a higher cleansing and healing and higher vibration than sugar and meat and fat. Just my personal experience.

    NOW, I am probably going to get blasted and hated here but I just want to share some truth. We are hybrids, we are created by an alien race that is reptilian, look at the research and facts. We are hybrid of human and reptile. Reptiles eat FLESH, meat and blood. Look at the reptilian part of your brain. Look at what reptiles eat – meat, flesh, animals. The Annunaki came here and created us as a slave race through genetic engineering to serve them to get gold and other precious minerlas. OK. go ahead and attack now.. but please do research at looking at sumerian texts and drawings of the Anunaki, the most ancient drawings on the planet of people or a race that were here 6000 years ago and longer than that. what was the real reason to attack the middle East? Not for hidden weapons, there were none. It was for other jewels hidden there. what is the planet that is headed towards us now? Watch for Aliens and UFOS appearing in the very near future. The Queen herself is a shapeshifter part reptilian and she eats meat (human flesh) and blood – many have seen her do it in rituals. Do some research. We are of ancestral aliens who eat flesh, it is part of our genetic code. True. Do not hate until you research it. PEACE.

  18. ry says:

    sry I personally find his commentary a bit arrogant…now I dont know his work or what he does but thats my o-pinion…hes certainly presenting his “validation” but when u do it like that it certainly can give u an @$$ image & presents itself in negating everything else and we were (all)ready and willing to believe and do as he states…

    we really need a weeding of the “garden”…ive seen and read some very wonky things…but generally weve gotten our ideas from others in a pre-tend to it kind of way that we “should” do, have, be…we need to become that of which we seek…not because people “believe” something…not because we should have been in the believe(belief) state of (all)ready and willing to “believe” somthing…its got to be something of our truth that we experientially can validate…I tend to do some extended research for periods of time even on the same things even if they all are similar results…I wont write a whole lot but I think the problems are what certain things create…like free radicals come from food, air, etc… I also have thought of that in a way of other things…I personally think that many people themselves have become free radicals and we know what free radicals do…

  19. Dan Hegerich says:

    I’ll take a stand and say that I do best with a little bit of animal protein in the form of raw chicken, raw liver, and raw fish. A little protein is about 6-10oz max per day and many days I take a day or two off. I do consume raw eggs and dairy (especially raw butter)and I consume my share of green vegetable juice (now incorporating super green foods to boost it). Through juice purification programs I am learning to be more sensitive to my thoughts and the feedback messages of my mind/body. Food is the densest form of energy, emotions then thought then love are of higher energy.

    The point I want to express is that thoughts are the power behind our food choices. We give thoughts that certain foods and food philosophies will heal or harm us. Thus food is our medicine. Yet why not work to use our thoughts and love for life as our medicine?

    Lastly, it is never about how long you live but how much aliveness you express and experience along the way. Quality always trumps quantity.

    Dr Young is narrow minded because he excludes rather than includes all of life. The most profound teachers are the ones who can hold the most truths.

  20. Emily says:

    I am happy to read about the reptilian concept. What I mean is I read this blog for many reasons and one is entertainment. I am not making fun of the reptilian concept. Maybe it’s true. I am open to the idea. I’ve read David Icke, etc. I also think that Dr. Young has some good ideas and some wacky ones. I’m presently an omnivore trying to be healthy. I agree with Kev’s comment about attending to both exercise and diet Anyway, just thanking all for their input.

  21. kt_mm says:

    Another great takeaway from Dr. Young’s video is that a big issue is the rising cost of healthcare (or sick care) and it’s connection with the poor quality of the food we eat. So many people are sick because they trusted the food on the shelves were just that, food, not some horrible thing engineered to enslave us into sickness and pharmaceuticals. This interview was very interesting, I’m glad you re-posted it, and I think he makes interesting points about the purpose of mushrooms and algea in the cycle of life, but my theory (for lack of a better word) is that it is breaking toxins down in our bodies and freeing up the good things we need. Just a few thoughts, and as always, enjoyed the info!

  22. Wendy says:

    Ummm…all very interesting comments but like everything in life if we argue for our limitations they become ours. At the quantic level the health or disease of the physical body is but one possibility of the collapse of the wave function of Consciousness. Who is looking here? If Dr. Young has these preconceived ideas then this is what probably will show up for him. Its the old experiment in Quantum physics where the observer affects the results of the experiment by what they expect to see. So with that in mind we have the power to decide with our beliefs, our mental body how we each will collapse consciousness for ourselves. It comes down to a choice each person makes and that is why some people can live to be in their hundreds and eat meat, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and still be alert, and vital. Hawkins (Power vs Force) has shown us that the mental body calibrates twice the power of the physical. I think alchemy is where science is taking us and as the principles of quantum physics becomes more main stream in the field of health and wellness we will see a new paradigm forming, a downward causation model where Consciousness is the Ground of all being and through the more subtle energetic bodies,(intuitive/mental/emotional/vital) we see the manifestion of that energy show up. This is very empowering and there is now so much science to prove this. Everything is energy and yes too much of even the best of foods can give you cancer or some other chronic disease. I think we need to embrace a more integrative approach to diet and health and merge both Eastern and Western Medical principals when making a decision as to what is best..from my experience each person is unique and I also respect the philosophical reasons for not killing animals.

  23. joel brown says:

    all i have to say is, i had a wonderful laugh when you threw in “which is kind of disgusting” in a very matter of fact way after saying the mushrooms were grown from insects.

  24. Teresa says:

    @Joel Brown, Kevin is funny when he said that.

    @Kevin Gianni, I like your approach regarding the health issue. You have a more sincere and pure reasoning to it all.

    I’m mortified that “Dr.” Young can say the things he says with a straight face.

    Have you seen durianriders take on “Dr.” Youngs electricity talk? Its great and thought provoking.

    I love your updates/uploads 🙂

  25. suzanna davis says:

    I agree with the post that states, “why in the world would you want to eat a creature that lived, had thoughts, emotions, and felt pain acutely”. I grew up eating lots of meat, wheaty, starchy, sweet foods. I am 60 years old, 100 pounds overweight, and making strides in my diet and health. Addictions are a big factor – and I find I crave meat not because I need it but for the same reason I craved wheat breads, taffy, cookies, etc. I do not think my craving meat means I need it and I am in fact healthiest when I avoid a great number of foods I crave…so, sometimes people get very rigid as a way to manage the constant onslaught from our society to do what we know to be wrong for ourselves.

  26. Helena says:

    Totally agree with Wendy’s comment. Your mind and imagination (author,Neville Goddard) has more power than anything you can do physically. “Believing is Seeing”. I certainly feel better eating fruits, vegetables, greens and occasionally organic eggs, meat,fish,poultry. I do not eat any processed packaged foods.

  27. Rob says:

    Spirulina and chlorella are algae. They’re great sources of B-vitamins and chlorophyll. However, the acid/alkaline rant made perfect sense to me. The fungi issue I’m really not sure on, but I’ve personally never had a bad experience with them.
    Otherwise, I really loved what he had to say about how people just need education and empowerment, not medication. There will never be true change in health trends until the there’s a shift from the disease-oriented system to a health-centered one.
    In Lak’ech!
    ~ Rob

  28. Sophia says:

    Thanks for all the interested gurus you interviewed.
    However I never seen anything regarding the bloodtype diet. I am sure you have looked into that as well.
    I would also like to see Dr Young and Peter DÁdamo speak – since Dr Young sais ” It is all in the blood. Why do they not work together – perhaps that´s what is missing – collaboration.
    Hope to hear from you on this,
    LOL Sophia

  29. David Klappstein says:

    Wendy, I wanted to address your idea that you influence what you are observing. Strictly speaking about quantum physics that is one mathematical model of quantum physics that uses what is known as the Copenhagen convention—originated by Nels Bohr which states that the act of observation collapses the wave function and so only one value (usually in a particle track) is observed. From that convention grew the idea that we influence events(which may be right or wrong).
    In any event, there is another mathematical formulation of the quantum theory which states that the wave function never collapses, but all the various states that the particle can be in(or in a particular path)lie in different universes. Since we are only in one of these universes, we only ever see one value. These universes only share gravity, not the weak, strong or electomagnetic forces. This theory produces identical results to the other quantum theory so far and there have been no exceptions to this. Since the parallel universe theory for quantum mechanics is more mathematically complicated, it is not normally used in analysis. So I would be careful about your assumption about influencing events the way you stated. That simply is incorrect. We are connected to everything else as laid out by Bell’s theorem so in that sense, we may be able to say we influence events, but that really is stretching a point. Influencing events is nothing more than a mathematical convenience that makes the math a lot easier, but again, it is not the only model that works.
    Who says science is not weird.


  30. Edith says:

    I remember hearing years ago that man was originally a vegetarian, but was forced out of his original habitat by weather. (drought or something) He then began eating eggs and other forms of meat, but bone tests indicate he was a lousy hunter, and most protein came from various forms of vegetables.

    I watched a documentary about some cave drawings where they found some spear heads which the film maker then made into a spear and demonstrated the usage. I never saw such a pitiful display of spear throwing in my life. I’ll bet those cave dwellers were starving.

    I am from a family of meat consumers. I am the only vegan, though we have a heritage of blood clots, colon cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. I am probably the least healthy in the family, but I am by far the poorest, living in the big city, and under constant stress. My eldest sister does everything wrong, (smokes, drinks, etc.) and is the most healthy. She lives in rural MT. with well water, her own garden, fresh air, and many friends. Perhaps, those things outweigh the other lifestyle mistakes.

    Dr. Young is correct about one thing, I can smell meat eaters, especially in their sweat and hair.

    Guess I’ll get in touch with my lizard side and go lie in the sun.

  31. JT says:

    @ Tera #12. All living things eventually die, animals, plants and people. People are often happy until they die, so are animals. Don’t know who told you that grass fed cows and chickens aren’t happy until the day they die, because that is craziness. That person never lived on a farm. Animals, and most people, are happy from day to day if their basic needs are met. Any animal has no idea of the day they are going to die, and neither do most people. Animals just live from day to day. You clearly are an animal activist, and that is ok. You may also be on of those people who can’t put a sick animal down. I am that way. I have a very sick dog with heart issues and I told the vet I would bring her home to die naturally. She suffers everyday, I take care of her and am just loving her and waiting for her to die. She was suppose to die 4 months ago according to the vet. Am I mean and heartless to let her suffer? SO, the whole animal issue gets convoluted to me. We send people to get slaughtered overseas and we send animals to get slaughtered. There are explanations for both. But the bigger problem is when people get hateful towards one another in discussing this issue. I have seen that a lot here and any time I encounter an animal activist forum.

    I basically agree with you on the meat issue. It is hard to digest and makes people feel and act sluggish. We are however, able to choose what we put in our mouth based on information we have acquired. For that I am grateful. Thanks Kevin for allowing us to choose which information we can accept.

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