Can Your Emotions Cause Disease : The Renegade Health Show Episode #902

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It’s Labor Day, so I’m done working… LOL!

Today, I have the last segment of my interview with Richard Moss. It’s awesome.

In this portion, he talks about how emotions can cause disease – but not only that, he shares a story that is guaranteed to give you something to think about.

Here’s where you can watch…

Your question of the day: Have you ever been sick because of your emotions?

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Kevin Gianni

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  1. joel brown says:

    Yes, I actually feel that ever since I cut out meat and junk food as a teenager, that I have ONLY been sick for emotional reasons, and luckily that seems to have tapered off over the past few years too!
    There were a few times in college where I got sick, usually it wasn’t even winter, but then I realized that it was just after some sort of heartbreak or sadness going on with relationships.
    I have found particularly hard to explain this to people who are skeptical of the idea.

  2. jules says:

    yes, of course. the story he told is not about healing though, the woman didn’t heal, she got sick and killed herself.

  3. Satori says:

    Mr. Moss didn’t exactly answer the question Kevin asked, but the interview was great and it was a beautiful story indeed. I almost cried LOL!

    Every time my husband gets a bit of dry throat, he starts to tell everybody including himself that he’s going go be sick for sure. It’s almost like a brainwash. After this he will be sick for a month at least. I’m sure he was just thirsty or something. Illness starts in mind.

  4. Janet says:

    Yes we get sick because of our emotions (I know I have). I believe we can get addicted to our emotions, even the ones that cause anxiousness or ‘poor me’ symptoms…. because we like the rush of chemicals that are released, and it becomes a comfort zone.

    Unfortunately those stress chemicals block our receptors from receiving the nutrients that do us good. So we get ill.

    We have to find ways to change our mind, change our outlook on life. If we are grateful, loving and appreciative wherever we can be (including toward ourself), we will be physically more healthy too.

  5. Dia says:

    Loved this interview, great insights.

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