An Ugly Food Manufacturing Trick You Need to Know : The 7 Things I Learned This Week

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With all that’s going on these days, buying this view might not be a bad idea. (Casa Verde, Honduras)

There are some ugly underground things that happen in manufacturing…

Last week, the removal of a drink product called Skinnygirl from the shelves of Whole Foods reminded me that you can’t even trust reading the labels.

In this 7 Things I Learned this Week, I talk about label omissions as well as share an interpretation conflict about a recent article about cancer and 9/11 first responders. I also give my thoughts about two great documentaries that I watched over the weekend.

1. Sneaky tricks manufacturers play…

When we were developing Annmarie’s skin care line, we had a few interesting conversations that made me wonder if we really know anything about anything that is found in packaged products.

We were consulting with a natural skin care chemist about shelf life and this person mentioned that in order to keep the products fresh – as an industry standard – we would have to add a little bit of sodium benzoate to mixtures.

Ann asked if that would compromise the integrity of the products being preservative-free and we were told that it wouldn’t be a problem because the small amount of sodium benzoate didn’t need to be put on the label.

Talk about a wake up call.

It’s one thing to hear about things like this happening in the news or online or second-hand, but to be on the phone with someone saying it, is much more eye-opening.

The good news is we managed to be able to formulate a product and have every ingredient on the label by pushing the issue further, using creative herbs and packaging, and doing our research – which means it is possible. What the larger industry has found is that the shortcut is always easier – why bother when you can use something cheap and then lie about it afterwords?

As you can imagine, it was difficult to find the right mixtures, blends and scents using only natural ingredients, but with Annmarie’s current growth, I can tell that our hard work has been embraced by people who are tired of shortcuts and lying.

Anyway, back to what’s relevant here…

Last week, celebrity chef Bethenny Frankel (I’d actually never heard of her before) had her Skinnygirl cocktail line pulled from the Whole Foods shelves because the products contain this same preservative – sodium benzoate.

She said it was a non-event, but I seem to think otherwise.

What it means is that manufacturers are adding this preservative (and others) in all types of products. What’s even more sneaky is that they’re likely adding these chemicals and not putting them on the label. (All you have to do is connect the dots here. Common knowledge in the skin care industry is that you add sodium benzoate and not put it on the label – Common knowledge in the food industry…)

What my be interesting to you is that my anger doesn’t come from the fact that the preservative is in the product or not. I choose not to eat sodium benzoate, but if manufacturers want to include it in their products that’s fine. I just would like them to be honest about it and not label their products “preservative free” if there is, in fact, a preservative added.

It’s not that much to ask, but of course it will hurt sales of “natural” products.

That’s where I get a little heated. To me this type of practice is fraudulent and needs to stop. Lying to get a sale is in direct violation of any ethics code I’ve ever encountered.

You can read more here if you like:

2. So which one is it?

Last week, a story about the increased risk of cancer to 9/11 rescue teams popped up on the wire.

I don’t doubt that anyone who inhaled those toxic fumes has a higher risk of cancer. It doesn’t take a scientist to confirm that, at the very least, if you breathe in toxic particles into your lungs, you might increase your chances of something – whether it’s cancer or not, it doesn’t matter to those who are suffering.

Anyway, what’s interesting are that two different articles showed up on Yahoo News that used the same study to come to completely different conclusions.

Here’s the first article, published on September 1st from Reuters….


Here’s the second article, published on September 1st from the AP…


The articles both cite the same study. One came from the U.S. based Associated Press (no link) and the other from U.K. based Reuters (positive link.)

You can draw your own conclusions on this one, but I’d urge you to consider that this isn’t the first time the same study has been interpreted differently.

3. Inside the Inside Job.

Last night, we watched an “Inside Job” with friends.

This film details the shady derivative trading that caused our economic collapse.

It’s a must see film – if you have a strong stomach.

Watching the interviews of executives and policy makers from Wall Street stumble and stutter though their answers to protect themselves and their interests was almost unbearable.

Look, if someone can’t give you a straight answer, they’re holding something back from you. It’s just the way people work. I’ve interviewed hundreds of experts and I know when someone is sure about their answer or if they’re ad-libbing.

In fact, watching the film can get so uncomfortable, that it’s shocking none of these executives have been charged with fraud or any other crimes for the economic collapse in 2008. Evidence points to all major brokerage firms selling their options on sub-prime loan packages while they were pushing them on investors.

Their faces and their double speak confirms their guilt as well.

Here’s the trailer for this film in case you’re curious…

4. Gasland.

I mentioned Gasland in my last “Digest This!” article here, so I figured I should watch it.

On Saturday night, I couldn’t seem to get to sleep so I ordered it on Amazon.

The film is about how hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is causing damage to our water supply. The filmmaker travels around the U.S. talking to those affected by natural gas drilling.

If you love the environment – like I do – you may find yourself angry at the end – like I was.

My biggest take away, just like above, is that when people start to jabber double talk, they know something that they don’t want you to know.

The second biggest take away is that, just as seen in “Inside Job”, our businesses have gotten bigger than our regulatory bodies. In fact, our businesses “own” our regulatory bodies – since it’s common practice to have business leaders inserted into these positions.

Commerce has free reign – which is why it’s so important to support small businesses that share your belief systems. This practice of conscious wealth distribution is the only way people like us will ever have a voice.

5. Heaven for sale.

A few years ago, we went to Honduras to visit Casa Verde – a small yoga retreat owned by an expat from New Jersey, Wendy Green.

Each morning, we woke up and did about an hour and a half of practice, then spent the rest of the day exploring the river, fruit trees and nature around the property. It was a very, very special place. Annmarie and I still talk about when we’ll get back there to just relax again. (Yes, maybe it has been that long since we’ve relaxed… LOL!)

Anyway, Wendy told me a few weeks ago that Casa Verde – riverside, with outside shower, guest house, fruit trees and all – is now on the market and waiting for new family who loves it just as much as she did.

If you’re interested in living in tropical paradise – which is isolated but still close to modern amenities, then you should seriously look into this place.

Here’s a link where you can read more…

She’s, of course, only looking for serious offers – so please respect her time.

(Also, if you mention that you found it through us, she may be willing to give you a special deal!)

Here are some pics of enjoying our time at Casa Verde…

Photo 1: On the porch listening to the river and watching the waterfall…


Photo 2: Garth, Wendy, Ann and I in front of Casa Verde…


You can look at more here…

6. Happy Labor Day!

I hope you are taking today to rest and enjoy with your friends and family.

7. [BLANK]

I left this blank, because I want to celebrate the day working no more than I already have. LOL!

I want to know your thoughts: Seen these films? Know some other dirty manufacturing tricks? Is there any big study misinterpretation you’ve seen that you want to share?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Tara Burner says:

    I totally knew about the manufacturer tricks from having started (and sold 4 yrs later) a mineral makeup company…while mainstream companies were adding ‘stuff’ to their makeup (even other mineral makeup) I wasn’t… but the others justified it saying they didn’t “have” to put it on the label so therefore they were still ‘natural’…infuriating….

    haven’t seen those films (yet) and OMG wish I had $$ to buy Casa Verde!

  2. Here is a good one Kevin. A manufacturer that is selling, for instance, aloe vera juice, can put,’contains 100% pure aloe vera on the label, even if it only has one drop of aloe vera in it as long as the one drop is 100% pure aloe vera.
    This can mislead one to believe that the bottle is 100% aloe vera when there is only one drop in it.

  3. Marcla Green says:

    (smile) (frowny face) to go with it b/c I HAVE seen most of these films…and know (researched).

  4. Sarah says:

    The Military-Industrial and Corporate compex runs this country, There is no doubt. Scratch the surface of anything that seems like a dubious practice and you will find a monied special interest behind it. We are entering another long season of the run up to the presidency. This season promises to be the most expensive ever with more than a billion dollars spent on the siude of either of the two parties for advertising. This is all to choose our poolitical leader. Any politician who has won an office owes somebody somewhere big time. The debt is paid in passing laws etc. that favor the sepcial interest group (ie corporation. NONE of our governemnt is exempt. Not so long ago, the Supreme Court made a decision to view a corporation as having the same rights in this country as a citizen. I’ll just bet our founding forefathers never saw THAT one coming!The answer may be just to go off the grid and practice under the radar.

  5. Sarah says:

    Sorry about the typos, especially the “poolitical” one…then again maybe I am not sorry about that one! 🙂

  6. Ellen from Davis says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for this article! I’ve seen tricks like this, but the ones that perturb me most have to do with nutrition: hiding sugars by using different names, lowering serving sizes to get below .5g of trans fats, etc. Most of the public is so incredibly deceived by such tactics and it’s sad.
    I haven’t seen the films you mentioned, but am definitely going to check them out!
    And Casa Verde looks heavenly. When I earn enough to pay for such divine living quarters, I’ll host a potluck there and y’all can come…

  7. Being in the food and cosmetic industry has made me aware of these shameful mis-labeling practices as well. Some companies will, as we do, consider themselves “full disclosure”, meaning disclosing everything – all ingredients. Though a legal term, I have not seen anything sufficiently concrete in the legal arena as it pertains to nutrition and cosmetics.

  8. thomas says:

    Hey Kevin big fan, awesome documentaries up there, I wanted to suggest a great documentary/flim to you “zeitgeist moving forward” its really awakening people and has become a movement around the world, its a bit long but really eye opening and covers so many different areas theres the link to watch it below hope you find the time to watch it

  9. Thomas says:

    PBS had the study about the dangers of fracting on last Spring. They showed how people were dying of cancer in Wyoming and Montana where Haliburton was fracting with diesel and it was coming up in their well water. These were ranchers and farmers, so you can bet it was also in the food produced by them if it was in the water table. It showed how Haliburton got an exemption from government inspection (since it is illegal to use diesel in such a manner) due to the fact that the former CEO of Haliburton, Dick Cheney, was the vice-president at the time an wrote it into law and got our crooked Congress to pass it (as a tag on some bill).

    PBS also had the documentary about how the reins on the use of derivatives was removed by the Clinton administration under Larry Sommers and his assistant Tim Geither. The controls on such dangerous gambling by banks had been in place since the FDR administration during the “Great Depression” of the 1930s. Interestingly enough, Obama had the same Larry Sommers as his financial adviser until he recently retired from the position. Obama also made Tim Geithner the current Secretary of the Treasury. So the same crooks who sold out to the large banks to begin with have been running the show again for the past few years.
    That’s why the Fed has been consistently bailing out the banks with zero-percent loans and depreciating the value of the dollar. That’s why gas and groceries keep costing more dollars. Washington has been failing us no matter who has been in charge.

  10. Phyllis Mar says:

    So I keep reading about how Big Corporate and Big Pharma are poisoning us because of their greed, but I keep wondering…are the bad guys poisoning themselves, too? Is money so important that even their own lives don’t matter? Or…do they have a secret stash of healthy organic foods somewhere? I haven’t seen this addressed anywhere. We can talk about Big Pharma as a big ginormous entity, but it is still being run by humans…isn’t it?

  11. Edith says:

    Current tv has a show (5 parts) called “50 documentaries to see before you die.” Inside Job and Gasland are listed. Some very important documentaries are not listed. I would recommend you watch Earthlings, the World According to Monsanto, the GMO Trilogy and Food Inc (which was on the list) if you are interested in the American food supply. Earthlings is very hard to watch, and if you are interested in animal testing, “Behind the Mask” is an important one, though again difficult to watch.

  12. Gini says:

    A friend who is a distributor of Monavie Acai juice tried to get me to use it. It has sodium benzoate in it. The company says it is not harmful in the small amount used (ha) and that it occurs naturally in vegetables (I forgot which ones they said).
    So not only is it in cosmetics but is in many so-called health drinks. I did some research and the kind of sodium benzoate Monavie uses is not even the supposedly safer and natural form of it. Read your labels, but unfortunately even that is not a sure thing as to what is in it.

  13. Sherri K. says:

    King Corn is another excellent documentary. Gives a very good explanation of the corn industry and how High Fructose Corn Syrup is in everything and killing us!

    Watch online FREE on

  14. Mary says:

    To Phyllis: Personally, I don’t think the culprits care, so long as they are alive and filthy rich TODAY. If they cared about the future of their own offspring, let alone the Planet, which is entrusted to them by their Maker, you can bet they would change.
    Just my humble opinion, thank you.

  15. tori says:

    It seems likely that there would be more cancer resulting from the 9-11 thing in the first responders. So, I’m totally in agreement with you there.

    The thing is that the two articles aren’t really coming up with two different conclusions. One has determined that there are was more cancer RISK in the first responders, while the other was NO more cases of DEATH than “normal”. Right? Well, the two can both be true at the same time as a result of the same article. Seems to me, anyway. Not taking the time to read it myself, though. 🙂 Baby crying….

  16. Guadalupe says:

    Over the last 20 years I’ve watched many (probably too many) well done documentaries exposing and explaining the fraud, lies, illegal government activity, greed, ignorance, incompetence, etc responsible for the problems in the world. My personal feeling for a while has been: yes, its good to keep exposing and explaining, but so what? At this point exposes about what is wrong sicken me…because its just the same story repeating in new variations. What I need and want are more documentaries, movies, etc focused on the answers, the solutions. I wholeheartedly support exposes; they are essential for many reasons. But they are not enough, not even close! Lets popularize people who are succeeding at changing the status quo and who educate and empower us to do the same. This is why I support the Renegade Health Show.

  17. jackie says:

    To Phyllis,
    I agree with Mary. Or maybe they’re so dumb they don’t realize how bad these things are. So many people just go through their lives and have no clue….it requires a time commitment to educate oneself, and an open mind…

  18. Mia says:

    Casa Verde looks amazing! As for all the shady manufacturer stuff, it’s aggravating and depressing! I’m glad to know you guys still keep your integrity. 🙂

  19. maca says:

    I once got check by an allergist and he told me I should avoid yeast. He also told me to avoid orange juice because he said most had yeast in it. I said I would only drink 100% pure orange juice. But he said that manufactures were allowed to add small amounts of yeast and not put it on the label.

    I also find this shocking. Governments and food industry say that what they put in is safe, so no need to worry. But why would you hide it if it was safe?

    You are totally correct that industry owns government. Nothing is regulated properly these days. Everything is done to protect industry and not the consumer.

    These government officials and industry leaders who deceive us like this should be locked up. Some ingredients can cause some people great harm. It could even kill them if they had a severe allergic reaction. But that doesn’t seem to matter. What difference does it make if a few customers die.


  20. LynnCS says:

    72 yrs young here. I’ve watched all I can, and done all I can. So sad that the country/world has become owned by the despots. But it has. In spite of our efforts. Nobody listens.

    Time for my salad…weeping here..

  21. Anna says:

    Interesting…. I’ve seen internet rumours about undisclosed ingredients in food & cosmetics and had a feeling it was true, but sometimes it can be hard to track down specific details.

    Oddly enough, I am always a little paranoid about the ingredients in the foods that I eat, yet have not given nearly enough consideration to the skin care products & cosmetics that I use.

    I just found out that in addition to having leaky gut, Hashimoto’s, hormonal imbalances & food allergies & other issues(as if that were not enough!) my liver function is impaired, most likely from a combination of food toxins, prescription drugs (antibiotics & Accutane in a futile attempt to control breakouts) & cosmetics (perfumes, lotions, skin creams, face cleansers, make up, etc.).

    Going forward, I must be much more diligent about anything that I put on my skin.
    Anything that goes on the skin can end up in the blood, so cosmetics can certainly impair liver function, contribute to hormonal imbalances, congested blood, etc. Don’t know why it took me so darn long to realize that! I am also glad to know that you & Annemarie use ingredients that are toxin free, and do not impair organ function.

    I am working with a holistic dr and am FINALLY starting to really understand, on a deep level, the relationship between my health & what I put into or on my body.

    As for Inside Job & Gasland, I must see those movies. I used to do P&L accounting for a derivatives dept, so I agree that there is so much deception, not too mention ‘shady’ accounting practices in the derivatives industry. Gasland is tragic- poisoning people, land & water for a few bucks. Unconscionable.

    As for Casa Verde, I wish I could own a beautiful property like that. Looks so peaceful, lush & gorgeous, I can see why you referred to it as ‘Heaven for Sale’. How fitting.

    Thanks Kev & Annemarie for all the amazing work you do!

  22. Marilyn says:

    Comments from an 83 year old:

    I was lucky enough to have been raised on a farm back in thirties. I drank nothing but raw milk. We didn’t use the term organic those days, but that’s what one can describe what we grew and ate. The steer and hog that Dad butchered every fall had never been treated with hormones, and other stuff we had never heard of.

    We hear so much about Big Pharma — how about Big Farma? (My term). The two work together — Big Farma producing poisonous food, and Big Pharma selling us expensive drugs to treat the diseases caused by Big Farma. I really think they work hand in glove.

    I’d like your response.

  23. nils says:

    i like the documentary from journeyman pictures “spirit for sale” i stoped watchingdocumentaries cause of the confusion and misleading information they make. better reading plain textes and keep things by hearing and by getting out of your local area. If you work for media, you know how powerful you get the videomaterial and how intense a short stime of seconds can be. Video is one of the most illusionary medium ever. So better stay clear and watch either plain fotage or only fotage you realy relying on or when you watch a movie watch it in bites. Stop break play, stop break play. Just otherwise all this movies are made to catch you. And so you only gt a new illusion a new manipulation. they try to draw lines. What is if this rich bosses spend their money back. What if so they wont show it cause this hinder the flow of the movie and the illusion breaks.

    I recommend movies which are nonentertainemnt. another thing watch a movie without sound. and watch it in picture strips like a comic book. There are lots of techniqes to escape manipulation. Its easy to manipulate us we are very simple strict.

    Imagine. You watch one our movie and it get very intense. How you would get this one hour intense without watching a movie. A movie can trigger intense emotions so be aware of it.

    What i remeber from Neil postmann “we amuse us to death” is that in old times people are used to listen to four hour speches and now its opnly short sound and snackbites.

    Or look at adbuster from canada how they declothe the media. and create anti meda or and adbusting activist. This movies is a bit like a ad on the street. to really understand it you have to critizie it to make it into peaces to interpretation. If a filmjournalist critizize amovie its just to get away easier with the collective trauma. Films are setting us in a traumatic experience its a situation of freezing. a situation with stand still to be getting of the like an animal stands still when someone comes close.

    get into play get int laughing , get into natural movement. without ll this powders and superfood. just like a child or a animal.

  24. nils says:

    You had an issue for TEETH . I really would like to have a long series or a long movie or a long speech on eeth. What is neccesary to heal and remineralize teeth. what are the ways without superfoods? Which are the best superfoods to remineralize teeth? Do we realy have all this parasites? Do we need to clean? Whenn is clean dangerous? When is a clean good and healing for teeth issue? What about ramiel Nagel Cure Tooth decay and is further developements? What about tooth regrwo? Is there an alternative to a dentist? Is there a good dentist? Is there a toxity from eating all this animal products? What does Western Price says? What does realy count? What are non food terms which cares?

    What is realy important? You handle teeth quiete some itme. And more in a ashort easy to misinterpret version. Like internet you tube health advices. Please do some long description on teeth. Have you heard on the barefootherbalist. What do you think on him? And why i have to order expensive products from the usa isnt there also a easy do it myself version with local herbs????

  25. Sonja says:

    WoW!!! I love Renegade Health and all that you and Annmarie do!!! Thank you for sharing all the valuable information you learn about. Its liberating and empowering to us as individuals to have health advocates like you and Annmarie. I share as much of this enlightening information as I can, to inform people, so they can make informed decisions on their health and buying purchases. Much love & grattitude to you, Annmarie and all health advocates!
    Lets Blaze the light together!

  26. Vivi says:

    This reminds me of that book I wanted to read but can’t afford it….it’s called “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” by, Stacy Malkan. This book is about the toxins in our beauty products.

    I love watching/listening to documentaries/lectures and research on subjects I’m interested in, such as: nutrition, environment, psychology and pretty much everything because as my saying goes “to comprehend just one thing, you have to research everything because everything is link to one another.”

    I would like to share with you a link to free documentaries, in case you didn’t know:

    And I would like to share this site that I learn a lot from (I’m linking it straight to the documentaries/lectures):

    On the site “beautiful-vegan,” there one lecture called “Nutrition and Behavior.” I remember you said how there are people in Peru that their main diet is potatoes and you thought they are healthy on that diet. In this lecture the guy said there is a tribe in Peru that 55% of males are aggressive and violent because the potatoes are just as bad as sugar. Excess sugar leads to insulin release which leads to hypoglycemia which lead to adrenal glades to release epinephrine and norepinephrine, also, the brain release glutamate and all this leads to hyperactivity that can lead to criminal behavior. Also, potatoes are a common allergy. He also talks about “brain allergies,” just the fact your food doesn’t cause physical problems, does not mean you are not allergic to it; it can cause mental problems as subtle as tiredness or as badly as schizophrenia. In addition, a rule of thumbs I live by is: “If you can’t eat it raw and then you shouldn’t be eating it at all.”

    Also, there is another lecture by a medical doctor about the direct connection between what we eat and the diseases we have. I learn from him why calcium deficiency is on the rise. People are eating too much meat and animal products which cause too much animal protein. Animal protein is fast release unlike plant protein that is slow release and more gentle on the body. Protein absorbs calcium from us and then we urinate them out. Too much animal protein can take out a lot of calcium from us. Drinking your dairy product is taking more calcium out of you than adding into your body.
    Here the link:
    There are bunch of movies people such watch. There one documentary I i’m going watch soon, it’s call “Forks Over Knives.” It was release a few months ago so it’s still some what new. Also, there another little documentary that is 21 mins long, it’s called “Story of Stuff.”
    Here the link:

    I know all documentaries are bias that why I question everything and research. And, after I’m done researching, I research the research to make sure what I research is right. All I have to say is RESEARCH AND QUESTION EVERYTHING.

    Sorry for writing so much, I get so excited because I learned so much. I also learned so much from you too. Thank you Kevin for existing, sharing your thoughts and experiences and just being you. ^_^

  27. Joe says:

    Long ago, I heard an interview with a food chemist who was also the author of the book, Beating The Food Giants. One example he gave was that cat gut was “natural” and so it could be added to an “all natural” product with no problem. I believe it had something to do with making you want to eat more of the product. There are lots of “natural” (and even “organic”) things that you probably wouldn’t want to eat.

  28. Nicks says:

    Loose Change and Press for Truth. About 9/11!


  29. Everyone used to use coconut oil here in Malaysia, and other Asian countries – God’s gift, a natural enzyme, you can drink it, use it externally, cook with it. It balances your body and in doing so, lowers cholesterol, high blood pressure, cures sugar diabetes, burn heal more quickly, hair thickens up if you rub into the scalp, it doesn’t need any preservatives, just avoid storing in direct light. About 50 years ago, Palm Oil industry needed to promote their oil, so they told everyone coconut oil was high in cholesterol. A blatent lie.
    It is a medium chain fatty acid, and everyone should be using it daily.

  30. Bill K. says:

    Another interesting docu-film is called “Animals” by Jason Young. He documents his move from the big city, in this case Toronto, Ontario, to a small farm in Nova Scotia. His main goal was to get closer to his source of food. Jason was and presumably still is a meat eater and so he was looking to raise some animals for the eventual use as a meal. He aimed to see if you could essentially spend this much time raising and also possibly bonding with an animal and then kill it to use it for food. This film, I felt, was difficult to watch but at the same time very instructive. For those of us that have not spent any real time on a farm this film sheds some light on the workings of a small farmers life and the mindset that goes into raising animals for food. Many of us see most animal foods in relation to their trade names and not so much the animal that they come from. Foods like “bacon” are not usually tied to a Pig as a living thing. Jason struggles throughout the film with this very real connection. He creates a justification for eating the animal by trying to ensure that it lives a good life before he kills it. He even creates a special place on the farm he calls the “sanctuary” in a nice green pasture area where he kills the animals. But even with all of this he eventually can no longer do the killing himself and in the end of the film sends his cow (which he raised from a calf) to the local slaughter house. As I said earlier, this film can be hard to watch. In one scene a woman, who is one of his neighbors, shows him how to kill a rabbit by shooting it between the eyes. The rabbit then still kicks for several seconds until finally dying. She then shows him how to skin it. There are many many scenes like this in the film including a pig, sheep, and the cow (as mentioned earlier). It is not sensationalized but shown in a matter of fact type manner. After the difficulty of watching this film it has become even more evident to me that we are not Carnivores. I don’t care what type of eater you think you may be but going to a store and buying meat at a counter is not the same as being a carnivore that could squeeze the life out of an animal with your bare hands and then eat it uncooked like a wolf or cat can do. Seeing these animals visibly suffer made that very clear to me. Toward the end of the film Jason (and his girlfriend) both state that they are still meat eaters but, after watching his cow die so violently at the slaughter house, I don’t know how they could still say that. As tough as it was to watch I would recommend watching this film as we really need to see the reality of where our animal foods come from in order to honestly continue to consume them. If you can’t make it through this film then that should tell you something about our eating nature.

    Bill K.

  31. Daniel W says:

    Hmmm, really disappointed with the link to Fox “News”. I’d think you’d be more enlightened than to trust anything from that network, Kevin

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Daniel: You can find hundreds of others of links on the web to this story. I’m not looking toward any news agency to give me the real story, I’m looking at the larger implications of the event. I could have linked to TMZ (which carried this story as well) and it would have done nothing to affect the credibility of what I’m addressing here.


  32. Violet says:

    “fragrance” is a wild card ingredient in cosmetics and body products. It can be anything, and is allowed to be kept secret to supposedly protect their product from directly being copied. 80some percent of ingredients are never tested for safety, and even some natural ones in high concentrations can be irritating. Best to use the simplest home made things possible!

  33. Angie says:

    I totally agree with Guadalupe. No amount of complaining or whining will change a thing. An exposé is only good if something is done about it. So, show us who will make a difference and I’ll vote for them. Who needs money if it can be sent through facebook. Perhaps we can change the world. I have friends who have friends. I don’t know enough about this stuff, but I sure am tired of all they hype.

  34. Ira Edwards says:

    Thanks, Marilyn, for the term “Big Farma.” I want to use it. I have used the term “Big Pharma in my book HONEST NUTRTION,and IMP-BB for industrial-medical-political big brother.
    I am promoting “endobiome” for gut contents, which needs a name for an organ-like community of organisms with multiple functions. Concepts need names.
    I am 80, with similar farm background, though we didn’t have much to eat. Milk, of course, was raw. 541-779-2854

  35. Em says:

    I can’t believe Wendy & Garth are selling their place in Honduras!! (When I saw your picture, I thought “hey that looks familiar…cuz it was) I went there last March with my Mom & a new friend! It WAS gorgeous & was a wonderful experience for all of us. I am pretty surprised to hear they are selling it!!! I wish them the best wherever they end up, of course! (In case you are reading this, WENDY, hope you are doing fantastically!!!!!! 🙂 xoxoxo) Love, Em

  36. Edith says:

    “natural flavoring” is the ingredient that bothers me. I have heard that the “natural flavoring” in raspberry Jolly Ranchers is actually the anal glands of a beaver. Maybe that was a joke, but I’ll never eat anything raspberry flavored again. Though I eat real raspberries.

  37. Oleander says:

    I bought some Aloe Vera juice from my Health Shop in UK, only to find that it contained sodium benzoate. I now always read the labels before I purchase, having imagined that if bought in a health shop merchandise would be free from harmful chemicals

  38. Jessica says:

    In the spiret of being honest and upfront, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in this so called FREE book you are promoting for back pain. As one who suffers from back pain myself I was drawn to look into it. It was only after I agreed to pay the 10 dollars for S&H, that a page comes up selling his program for 40 bucks, in which he clearly states that the book is useless without the program. I find this very underhanded. Even if this program is amazing, I am so turned off by the way he manipulates you to buy it, since you already invested in having the book sent. That sort of selling never works on me – it only makes run the other way and feel stupid for having trusted this guy, but actually I was trusting you and that’s why I am writing this comment. Sure it’s only 10 bucks – but that would have been better spent on buying a sample of your skin care line. I think you are both very upfront and honest, but you promoting this guys “free” book makes you loss some points in my eyes. Please consider that – thanks! Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  39. LA says:

    THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. This is fraud and not fair to paying customers. Wish they couldn’t do this. The whole FDA,USDA, Label laws are corrupt. Glad I am following your blogs

  40. Velda says:

    Great article, Kevin. Annmarie’s Skin Care products and amazing – top drawer. They are well worth the money, I just can’t afford them on a regular basis. I get a few when they are on sale and love them. I trust you guys that when you put out a product, we know all that you know about what is in it. I’m glad that a friend sent me in your direction a few years back. Please keep up the great work. I do what I can to support you.

  41. Velda says:

    I saw the type in the first sentence just as I pushed the “submit” button. Of course, I meant to say Annmarie’s Skin Products ARE amazing.

  42. Jeni says:

    Hi Kev

    Have you seen the site?

    Scroll down on the right side and you will see a string of food/enviromental videos. So many there and most of them good information on them.

  43. Liz says:

    This has been going on for a long time. I read about the labeling over 30 years ago. There is a GRAS list (Generally Regarded As Safe). If it’s on that list, it doesn’t have to appear on the label – & probably won’t. Here’s a good place to learn more about what’s on the GRAS list:
    As far as the Inside Job, one function of the Glass–Steagall Act was to prohibit the kind of unscrupulous banking practices that led to the meltdown. This act was repealed in 1999 by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act. Actually I’m surprised that it took so long for the meltdown to occur.

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