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I have poison ivy all down my leg…

I don’t know where I got it and I haven’t had it for at least 7 years. What I do know is that it itches like crazy.

Since I haven’t had it in so long, I consulted a few of my trusted resources for a cure or at least a treatment for this awful itch.

In today’s video, I’m going to share what I’m doing to help stop the itch. Take a look…

Your question of the day: What natural treatments have you used for poison ivy?

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Kevin Gianni

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  1. Jim Dee says:

    My sound isn’t working, so I can’t watch your vid yet, but… I’ve been allergic to poison ivy my WHOLE life, and have tried almost *EVERYTHING*! By far, the best results I *ever* had was one time when I went swimming in the ocean while I had it — and it cleared up almost magically! (Most of my life, I haven’t lived near an ocean, though.) For me, poison ivy is SO nasty, that I don’t care if the cure is natural, conventional, or totally freaking GMO’d out the wazoo. I just want it gone! So, I use this Zanfel stuff a lot, which they say binds to the nasty urushiol oil to help wash it away. For me, this works best — but it’s still far from pleasant when I get it.

  2. Dia says:

    Have you tried lavender oil, putting drops in the bathtub and soaking? Also, do you know of Bach flower remedies? There is one, Rescue Remedy that you can take internally, add to bath water, drop onto the skin. Also, Perelandra makes ETS plus that works in a similar fashion to Rescue Remedy. You also might want to look at homeopathic remedies, can’t think which one, but there is a specific one for poison ivy.

  3. Niraja Golightly says:

    Bentonite clay paste really helps and/or a left-over wheatgrass pulp from juicing poltice.

  4. Satori says:

    Not poison ivy, but I got some scorpion bite all over my legs when I was in junior high. I used aloe and it worked ok, but I think I should’ve went to a doctor LOL!

  5. Velda says:

    Sorry to hear you have poison ivy. Is poison oak the same thing? I used to get poison ivy all the time when I was a little girl living in Michigan. All I had to do was stand down wind of it and get it. Misserable!! I used to used a past of baking soda, and also used the oatmeal. We made it a little more “pasty” than you have it. Also, I remember soaking in a bath with salt in it. Which kind of goes along with Jim Dee saying his went away after swimming in the ocean.

    We moved to California in 1969 and haven’t had it since. Out here they always called is poison oak. I’m not sure if it is the same – I just thought it was maybe a little different than poison ivy and that maybe poison ivy doesn’t grow out here – since I haven’t had it since. I used to get is several times a year — seriously 🙂

    Hope it clears up soon. Thanks, Kevin.

  6. Velda says:

    I saw some typos after I sent this … I meant to say “I used to use a paste of baking soda”

  7. Lynn says:

    Hi VELDA,
    Poison ivy & poison oak are indeed caused by different plants & we do not have poison ivy in Calif. however, the rash from both plants is caused by urushiol oil…also found in poison sumac.
    just an fyi. 🙂

  8. LynnCS says:

    Kevin, No answers here but can comiserate. I had poison oak as a teenager and did the worse thing. I felt so bad that I wanted to shower, so get in and scrubbed. It was the wrong thing to do. I had in all over my chest and arms, legs, you get the idea. One thing I did want to say that I seemed to get immuned from it because later I worked in the hills of West LA and even fell into it and didn’t get it. The guys that got it all the time up there said that nature puts a antidote next to a poisonous plant and showed me to pick that plant and rub it on the area that touched the Poison Oak. So now all you have to do is go looking for the poison ivy and find the antidote. lol Not funny? Don’t blame you. I would call a natural doctor and get what they use and quickly. Don’ want that stuff to spread to the eyes, gens etc. Love and best wishes for a quick solution.

  9. Sue says:

    The homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox 3X. Also witch hazel and tea tree oil.

  10. RW says:

    Kev, you should have blended the oatmeal into a paste.

  11. Barbara says:

    Jewel weed (impatiens capensis is a natural antidote to poison ivy, maybe poison oak too.

  12. Sharon says:

    Homeopathic Rhus toxicodendron C30 which is the homeopathic version of poison ivy. Also I found that buttermilk applied externally (before I knew the homeopathic remedy) was about the only thing that took the itch out. It needs to be applied every couple hours and it’s a bit of a mess but I tried a zillion remedies that didn’t work, including some that have been mentioned like jewelweed.

  13. Vonciele says:

    Kevin, the best natural approach to itching relief that I have found (and I have tried a lot of them) is a tip I found in a book by Dr. Andrew Weil, HOT water. In the shower or sink get running water as hot as it will get, without burning you of course, and let it run over the infected area. It will itch like crazy for a while but once the itching stops you will get relief for hours. The hot water brings all the urushiol oil to the surface and washes it away which brings the temporary relief. Repeat as often as necessary. Tea Tree oil, my favorite go to for many skin problems is great for mosquito bites and other itchy bug bites but didn’t work for poison ivy. Aloe, another favorite of mine, didn’t help at all and maybe even caused more irritation for me. All the best to you.

  14. Carolyn Landry says:

    I have never had poison ivy but I do have a poison ivy story — back a long, long time ago in Connecticut when I was in 2nd grade my older sister and I decided that we didn’t want to go to school and rolled around in poison ivy. I did not get affected at all, not one spot. My sister on the other hand got so sick and swollen from the poison ivy she couldn’t open her eyes and missed several days of school.

  15. Chris says:

    Poison Oak, Ivy…..urushiol oil. Some guy invented Zanfel in his basement over a decade ago. It actually removes the urushiol oil off the skin. Stuff really works, and I have kept a tube or two around our house since I found it almost 10 years ago. Itch may come back if its deep in the skin, as it will draw more urushiol oil to the surface. The stuff is WAY expensive, but I’ll spend the $25 and sleep peacefully rather than deal with that itch for two weeks any day. Best of luck.

  16. albert says:

    To get rid of the itchy scracthy feeling for about four hours run as hot as you can stand water on the area. That will get rid of the hystamines not sure if spelled correctly which take about four hours to come back.make sure you wash all your clothes separately because the oil will get on other clothes as well. That is probably how you got it.the oatmeal is a good way to get the oil out of your skin.. good luck

  17. Velda says:

    Thanks, Lynn, for the information

  18. Janet says:

    Ditto on hot water. We deal with poison oak here in California. I haven’t found anything that gets rid of it quickly, and I’ve tried just about everything, even including a vodka rub (recommended by two nurses). Bentonite clay and apis mellifica help, but nothing beats the hot water therapy for making bearable the wait of two or three weeks for the rash to go away. Hot water stops the itching for 5 to 8 hours. Just be careful to keep the water temperature somewhere below scalding. This treatment, of course, is not be appropriate for really serious cases that involve eyes and other tender parts, but it’s great for arms, legs, and trunk.

  19. Velda says:

    Kevin, just a thought …. Have you tried Oregano Oil on it? Maybe on one small area … I am curious to see if that would work. Thanks,

  20. Rhianna says:

    Over 10 years ago, I use to carry rubbing alcohol with me when I camped in the Missouri Ozarks. Whenever I brushed against poison ivy or a dog jumped up on me (I have gotten poison ivy rashes from dogs who run though it), I used vigilance in wiping down with the alcohol. It removed the plant’s oils from my skin and prevented a rash. It was cheap too. Whenever a poison ivy itchy blister popped up, I would wipe it with alcohol and it would dry up the blister and prevent it from spreading.

    A few years later I underwent classical homeopathic treatment for my constitution. As a result, my body no longer was as susceptible. I wonder if I simply developed immunity or was that the result of the homeopathy?

  21. debby says:

    I recently become allergic to poison ivy. I used bentonite clay paste and had already made plaintain oil (Dr. Christopher herbal newletter)to work on the itch and also chewed on some baby plaintain leaves (good for misquotes bites and other itchy things). The suggestion of alcohol wipes is a great idea if you get it soon enough, otherwise oil pentrates into the skin. That’s why bentonite clay is effective: draws and binds the oil.

  22. Diane says:

    A friend had poison ivy all over her face and the pharmacist recommended using wet tea bags on it. It worked.

  23. Teresa says:

    I recently tried a paste of bentonite powder also – mixed with 4.0 acid water and left it on overnight, it helped the fluid blisters dry up and as long as I didn’t scratch it, it didn’t itch. Also, worked for a friend when he had a large spider bite.

  24. Leslie says:

    I have had good results using silver hydrosol (Sovereign Silver, but colloidal should also help) in conjunction with anything else I can think of, including hot showers and jacuzzi. My son is very prone and only in Pagosa Hot Springs was he able to eradicate it immediately. We have the ivy and sometimes Oak too in N. Arizona. Heat breaks down the proteins. Your best defense is to wash immediately after hiking.
    He is prone, I only get it if I break skin as I am very oily, which seems to shield me (also a layer of fat). My first case was at 54 when I fell and opened a wound on some rocks, didn’t shower right away then put on too tight pants to go to work for 8 hours. Guess where I got it!
    I applied silver right away. When I had used it with my son it eliminated the second seepy stage. I also used Oregano Oil, which breaks down venom. The homeopathic cure that is sold OTC is effective!
    Take good care!

  25. Sue says:

    My son and I both got poison ivy on our faces and arms when we last had it. Oatmeal and baking soda did not work! I think I remember that rubbing toothpaste on it made it feel better for a while. I would like to find the answer too! Especially since I have poison ivy in my yard, and I want it gone, but am not sure how to get rid of it without being affected by the itching that is sure to occur!

  26. Janet says:

    Jewel weed works great on poison ivy and it also grows near poison ivy – so you have the cure right next to the cause!

  27. CatWilson says:

    Jewel weed is the antidote herb to poison ivy…One of my classmates in my herbology class said her father (he’s a native indian) used to take a bit of poison ivy as a preventative…He’d take a bit when the season would start and for the rest of the summer, whenever he brushed against it, it never bothered him….It’s a homepathic principle…

  28. Cindy Yacob says:

    Just finished Dr. Cass’ “Cure is in the Cupboard” (thanks to your vid) and he says Oil of Oregano for poison ivy. Good luck.

  29. Bob says:

    Try a cheap hairspray or try cold coffee.Good luck…Bob

  30. Anna Nyitray says:

    First, you need to wash the poison ivy oil off of your skin…wash with Colgate’s Octagon or Fels-Naptha soap. Then go online or to Whole Foods and pick up Highlands Poison Ivy pills (less than $7.00). Take two tiny pills every time it itches. By the end of the week, you will have used up all of the pills and the poison ivy will be gone. I had a tiny spot on my wrist like yours last year. Within days it spread down to my elbow, the other arm and my thigh. I tried all the home remedies and everything available in the drug stores…nothing worked…it just got worse. In despiration, I went to Whole Foods and they suggested the Highlands Poison Ivy pills. The first two Highland pills stopped the watery drip and by the end of the week all of the crusty skin fell off in the shower. I had a huge whole in my wrist, but it healed beautifully. No scars and you would never know the mess that I started with.

  31. Ling says:

    Jim Dee,
    Yes, you are right. Going swimming in the Atlantic Ocean did it for me…I stepped into poison ivy in the morning and later that morning went swimming at the beach and I did not have any reaction at all-this happened many years ago. So, I must wonder, since I am into the Pink Himalayan salt/Sole…if this could be utilized as a remedy. I can’t test it since we have no poison ivy around here, but then again, do I want to, unless necessary? LOL Also, for note…I am into Coconut Oil, try using it after the Sole soak/rinse.

  32. DK says:

    at 60 i became allergic to poison ivy for the first time in my life and i’ve always been aroudn the plant. so last spring i inoculated myself each day for a week by eating some poison ivy leaves, starting with one leaf and building up. i developed a mild rash that really didn’t itch and after a week went away. now all summer i’ve been pulling the poison ivy that grows freely in my yard and have gotten no reactions. this is a cure not for the faint-hearted. i think i’ll have to repeat the inoculations each spring but i’m not sure.

  33. Charlie says:

    I live in the middle of poison oak. We have had to deal with it every year. Here is the cure and it does work very well. Find a manzanita tree/bush. It usually grows where you find poison oak. Pull off a big handful of leaves. Make a tea out of the leaves by putting all the leaves in two cups of water and simmer for 10 minutes. Let it cool. Then poor the whole pot of tea and leaves in a glass jar and refrigerate. Apply to poison oak itch every hour or whenever it starts itching. It will start to dry up the rash and within a few days it will start to heal and go away. Try it you’ll like it. 🙂

  34. Marie-Line says:

    My first encounter with poison ivy happened when I was 6 years old. My grandma used evereything she could find (includindg pure bleach) without results so much that I ended up with eruptions all over my body. That was 49 years ago.
    Twenty years ago, my cat got lost for a couples a days and then came back home, so when I grabbed her I did not know then that animals could transfer allergens to people.
    The day I started itching and the rest but I did not want to go through an other 2-3 weeks of all that so I looked at what I had around me and I saw my huge ALOES plant. So I decided to experiment and WOW to my relief. Oh yes it tingled or sting when I rubbed it on but in 3 days everything was gone. 3 DAYS NOT 3 WEEKS. Just take a piece of the ALOES leaf, split it open and rub it on the area. Don’t be afraid to rub some every hour or so The plant liquid may run a little, just wipe it. This is THE PLANT in my house, good for burns, sracps, sunburns, insect bites, zits and so many more uses.

  35. MARY says:

    Most of the things people mentioned work, the baking soda didn’t work this time for the misqui to bites, too many and it rubbed off at night.
    Also why did the family go around the world when tht are many great natural paths here who have been successful in curing cancer for 30-50 years. (great successfully)!!!!!!!!!!!
    drs, Weil, Weise, Sears, and many more. Most of them are famous.

  36. Edith says:

    I’m horribly allergic to poison ivy, always have been. My mother used to tell me that the Indians made a tea of poison ivy leaves which prevented them from reacting to it.

    I’m interested in this “jewel weed”. What is it? I was always taught to look for Virgina Creeper, as that always grew near poison ivy, but someone else mentioned impatiens. Would really like to know what jewel weed is, because nothing stops the itching for me. I just scratch. We always used calamine lotion, but there must be a better cure.

  37. Carina says:

    I have always been extremely allergic to poison ivy. Finally I have found my solution, which is to place bentonite clay on the sight and allow to dry up then I flake off the clay as I do not want to “re-moisturizer” the area. Then I up my antioxidants and drink the master cleanse lemon aid or the apple cider vinegar tonic until it has disappeared. The clay is the most important part though. Hope this helps because I was so glad when I remedied myself with this solution.

  38. Devi says:

    I have had it several times and bad. Per the doctor I am extra allergic to poison oak. I needed a shot. I was actually told not to use hot water on my body because it opens the pores more and spreads the poison. And once I wore a sweater from about a year after I had poison oak and caught it again (even after a year) and was told to wash all my clothes in very hot sudsy water. Cutting my fingernails in later episodes did seem to help because at night while you sleep you forget and scratch yourself. If I even see one outbreak I am careful to avoid scratching or touching so as not to spread it further. Oatmeal helped with the itching. Really, the secret is don’t let it spread.

  39. bt says:

    Hi Kevin,

    After a lot of miserable experience with poison ivy, I’ve gleaned these tips–using them, I never get it past the tiny bump stage:

    1. Get the urushiol off. Regular soap doesn’t do it. I swear by Burt’s Bees poison ivy soap. It’s in every sink in my house during poison ivy season. Lather for 120 seconds-count ’em. Rinse off.

    2. Next, use the secret method: after you’ve washed (and rinsed) with the But’s P.I. soap, lather it up in your hands, then pat the lather on your poison ivy. Air dry like a scarecrow. The soap contains jewel weed, which stops the itch, and bentonite clay, which dries it up. I can do this in the AM, then work all day without itching, then do it before bed, and sleep all night without getting up 5 times to shower.

    3. Remember, it’s on your shoes and your clothes, and maybe your dog or cat. Pay special attention when digging roots in your garden, or cleaning brush. Use that soap!–consider even lathering up beforehand if you think you’ll be around it.

    4. Some electrical linemen passed on this tip when they were warned about the poison ivy on the telephone pole: ‘We never get poison ivy. We take an herb pill every day to prevent it.” The herb is yellow dock–a traditional liver herb, grows wild all over. When I take it regularly, I find I don’t get the poison ivy at all. Support the liver.

  40. Joe says:

    As a surveyor we always carry rubbing alcohol and wipe down all exposed skin that might of come in contact with poison ivy. If you do get it ACV will take the itch away. Keep a bottle next to your bed with a paper towel folded up so when you wake up in the middle of the night itching you can rub it down with the ACV. Works instantly. It does stay on your clothing and boots so wash your clothing and wipe down your boots with alcohol. If you have a wife that does your wash be sure you tell her so she doesn’t get it on her arms.

  41. Doreen says:

    One of my sons seemed to attract poison ivy growing up. We did oatmeal baths, which were soothing, but after the bath, same itching.
    You will not like what I came up with….but it works! Again, this is not a “health” tip…it just works! Soak in a tub with a cup of bleach in a full tub….dries it up fast! In the summer, I would have him go to the public pool! Same thing! Within about 1-2 days, dried up and healing! I know, I know….but it works!

  42. Patricia says:

    Baking Soda!!! I would put a cup of it in the bath. I use to get poison oak a lot when I was a child. I would NEVER put bleach in the tub. Especially with a small child. Very dangerous. Water spreads the oils from the poison ivy or oak. I can see where swimming in the ocean would be helpful. Also, I used a lot of calamine lotion which is basically zinc oxide. If the rash is not too bad those two things clears it up pretty good.

  43. Tracy says:

    We found out the hard way that our son was highly allergic to poison ivy / oak. We tried everything natural and over the counter. Nothing worked. We went to the doctor and he was put on steroids. I was searching the internet for more help when I came across the Zanfel website. the time this stuff was $50 for a 1oz. tube. I bit the bullet and bought it. This is the only stuff that worked for him. He got in the shower and scrubbed with it. We have never had to go to the doctor again with this issue. I am not sure what it is made from…but it works. Check out their website to find out where it is sold in your area…you won’t be sorry.

  44. sfa says:

    Thank u Kevin and all!

    Very hot water first (thrilling!), then a paste of bentonite clay stopped the itching immediately! Wash off when dried — amazing! Reapply as needed.
    Also, after allergic reaction after eating a mango (no prior problem), I learned from Dr that mangos have urushiol oil under their skin (probably varies in amt and strength). So , off mangos.
    P.S. Take individual foil-enclosed towelettes when hiking etc to immediately wipe off oil if suspected exposure. Wash-n-dri brand good. Also, immediately scrubbing mosquito bites with Palmolive dish soap and water stopped reaction (haven’t tried with p.l.).

    Good luck and enjoy nature safely!

  45. Susan E Roth says:

    There is a homeopathic remedy called “Sting Stopp…” it is in a tube like toothpaste. Most health food stores that deal with homeopathic products have it. It works on all insect bites as well as poison oak ( which is the West coast version of the poison ivy). We no longer have jewel weed around here. Because they built up a huge amount of land very quickly the deer have nowhere to go and not much to eat- so they have killed off the jewel weed. It is not only for bites, but its seeds are very tasty, like walnuts. Watch picking them- they “pop” open into your hand as you pick them, and the covering curls back. They should be green to brown in color, the most flavor in the fully ripened, brown ones. Good luck with the itch! Susan

  46. Cheryl says:

    Does anybody know how to get rid of a brown spot? We have tried everything and nothing seems to work. It is still there.

  47. Melissa says:

    I have been getting poison oak since I was a kid and have tried a lot of natural remedies as well as prednisone. Prednisone will completely take away all the symptoms but is such a horrible drug I try to avoid it at all costs. The last time I got poison oak I decided to try oregano oil and was happily surprised with the results. It burned for a few minutes after applying but than the itching would completely go away for about 8 hours at which time I would re-aaply. Poison oak was gone in about 4-5 days. FYI – I should mention the poison oak was on my face which is the hardest area to treat.

  48. BarbaraL says:

    Probably a good idea after you use the oatmeal or baking soda paste to use light gauze to keep it on the area … otherwise it dries up too quickly and does not continue to work, and even falls off.

    I recently tried medical ammonia for some terrible yellow fly bites in Florida, and fire ants too. They are both a nightmare that lasts 5 days. The ammonia numbs it immediately and stays numb for a few hours.

    Its unbelievably amazing how much stuff like that can itch, throb and actually pain, esp the yellow fly bites. They are vicious. So sorry Kevin you have to endure that. Wash your hands often because the scratching spreads the oil that is emerging, and I have found no matter how I try, I keep scratching the moment the ammonia wears off.

  49. Kay Smith says:

    This spring I got poison ivy a few day before leaving on vacation. I showered …was pulling weeds…with tea tree oil (Young Living brand). I still broke out. So I used Young Living Thieves and Lavender oils. In half the usual time it was gone.

  50. Donna says:

    More than 50 years ago, we used to buy potassium permanganate at drug stores and apply a solution on the skin when we had poison ivy. It dried up the rash and stopped the itching almost immediately. The only problem was that skin turned purple for awhile.

    Here is a link:

    I don’t know if you can still buy it in pharmacies any longer or if it is valid to use for this purpose. Wikipedia says that it is used for dermatitis, hand and feet fungal infections and canker sores.

    For the comment on ant bites and insect stings: usually the pain is caused by irritation of nerve endings by the formic acid injected by the insect. You can immediately neutralize this acid with baking soda, soap, or ash from a campfire, or you can dilute the acid by taking a shower or jumping in the lake.

    I woke up one morning with a red swollen face miles from the trail head when we were backpacking. We had been sleeping on an anthill. I didn’t have enough baking soda in my first aid kit so I wet ashes from the fire and spread them over my face. Instant relief.

    In Hawaii, fire ants got into my clothes during the night. I have never had such pain from an insect bite. We were far from a hospital or drug store and the lodge did not allow charcoal or wood fires. I didn’t have baking soda, but I scrubbed myself immediately with lots of soap in the shower and diluted the acid with a long shower. Instant relief and no swelling from the bites.

    I was bitten by hornets and my foot became very swollen, itchy and painful. I applied a paste of baking soda to neutralize the acid. Then I applied a paste of bentonite clay, put my foot in a plastic bread bag, and put on my sock. Later, I applied a paste of biodegradable cat litter that WalMart used to sell, again using a plastic bag and a sock. That cat litter is apparently used for foot care by some beauticians. My foot came out with really smooth clean skin, but more important, I think the cat litter drew out the liquids causing the swelling.

    All that I know is that it worked. Before, I have gone to Emergency with hornet stings. But this treatment worked so well that I did not need to go.

    Hope this helps. Just because it worked for me does not mean that it will work for others.

  51. Donna says:

    Using cat litter: I bought the cat litter to put in smelly sneakers. It removed the odor very effectively. I think possibly that it absorbed the body oils in the sneakers. So this might be why it worked for the poison ivy. It might have drawn out the oil from the poison ivy.

    If you do try this, make sure to use a product that is safe for the skin. Do some research online to find a product used by beauticians. The skin is the largest absorptive organ of the body and you do not want to apply anything to your skin that contains harmful ingredients.

  52. Connie Smith says:

    I Heard from the people who get poison Ivy that Brown soap is good and if you don’t have that on hand Meat tenderizer is another. I never got Poison Ivy in my life and just last year I was doing some gardening and with my bare hands I was pulling on the vines trying to clear them out of the way. Still never got it and My sister assures me that I will get it as I get older. Well I am almost 60 years old and still have never gotten it so far.

  53. Sarah says:

    A long and painful story short… I discovered Rhus tox 4x sold as “Poison Ivy Pills” by Washington Homeopathic Products. I use that and a soap that cleans off the urushiol oil. Kevin, this stuff works period end of story.

  54. Jeni says:

    Hi Kev

    I have never had pioson ivy but for natural solutions I would get some fullers earth/any other clay powder will do and mix to thich paste and add 2 drops of tea tree oil,1 drop eucalptus, 2 drops of lavender, 1 drop of peppermint.

    I did aromatherapy diploma so I know what works for many situations.This would help anyone with measels or similar.

    If there is red raw skin/pus then omit the eucaluptus oil. it might sting a little but after 10 mins this should die down.

    let the clay paste dry naturally, and wash off.

  55. Joan Schiener says:

    I had a severe case of poison ivy, which started under a watch band. My family pushed me to the doctors where they prescribed 5 mg of steroids 6-5-4-3-2-1 and 1 antihistamine a day. I dowsed and took 4-3-2-1-2-1 and 1 antihistamine. I’m not convinced the above helped because the poison ivy seemed to have a mind of it’s own. Baking powder and water helped me the most over calamine and natural lotions. Don’t wear long pants, heat and sweat make it 100 times worse. Air conditioning calms it down. When the welts dried up, I used creamy shea butter on my skin to soften it up and took 3 selenium tablets, B50 and garlic. My skin is healing nicely and the redness is almost gone. Thank you Lord!


  56. Diana (Ohio) says:

    My husband is HIGHLY allergic to poison ivy, but since we got our dairy goats who feed on any poison ivy they find, our family now seems to be immune to the ivy, my husband included. I guess we are getting the antibodies from the goats milk.

    As a kid, my friends and I were always picking up poison ivy in the woods. I would just scrub the blisters with a nail brush dipped in a little soap and bleach. Hurt so good ( you know, where the itch is so bad that if you scratch it kind of hurts and feels good at the same time) but the next day it was dried up and no more itch. Maybe not a natural thing but it always worked for me.

  57. roni says:

    have had poison ivy many times. jewel weed near the PI worked somewhat – but you have to wash the oil off as much as possible first. (berry picking, creek, jewel weed…)

    what has also helped consistently: 3 black teabags in a little boiling water. (extremely strong black tea) when cooled, mix in same amount of rubbing alcohol. dab it on with tissues or cotton puffs whenever it itches. (don’t rub!) it would go away in a day or two.

  58. Martha says:

    My husband gets it really bad! All over his body in fact…and usually gets it when one of the dogs runs thru a patch and he pets them afterward. We live 2 hours from the beach which was the cure last time, but this time he made a very salty water bath and just constantly applied the water to it. Oh, I forgot to mention he had it all over his face, it took a few days but it worked.

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