Thoughts on the Rawsome Raid and More On the Vegetarian Diet and Stomach Cancer : Week in Review

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I’ve been reluctant to get involved with the buzz about the raid at the Rawsome Co-op in Los Angeles.

There are a few reasons which I’ll discuss in this week’s recap.

I’ll also talk about the interview I had this week with Yuri Elkaim – why I think it’s worth listening to – and I’ll also talk about stomach cancer and the vegetarian diet and why I wrote that article.

Take a look…

[NOTE: I suggest before you pass judgement on this video, please read what I have to say about the Raid at the link below. I’ve made some written clarifications on the video because I’ve proved again in 2 weeks that I can write much more clearly about sensitive issues than comment on camera! πŸ™‚ If you’d like to READ my thoughts, you can visit this page…]

Your question of the day: What are your thoughts about the raid? Do you know about it?

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Kevin Gianni

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  1. LynnCS says:

    Thanks Kevin for all the info you give us and the time you put into research. I used to live in that area and Venice is known for pushing the envelope. Sometimes that is necessary to get some stupid law changed. I also worked for the city (2 cities.) My experience is that we all have to pick our battles to achieve an acceptable end. I’m not sure why they didn’t want to get the permit, but if that’s all it took, I say get the permit and avoid the raid. I also think “raid” is a overkill word. If people are selling something the law has deemed necessary to test or keep track of. Get it and then do what you can to change the law. Permit fees can run high on some things and can ruffle a store owners’ feathers, but is it getting you what you want doing it your way? I need to find the report on this to understand more.

  2. Russ says:

    Hey Kev,
    i completely agree with your assessment of the Rawsome raid. I see you are getting hammered on the YouTube comments about this but Rawsome has to take a role of responsibility for this. Yes I think the authorities should spend their time on more serious matters but Rawsome had to have known that they were being watched VERY closely.

  3. Michelle says:

    The NY Times seemed to underplay the story of raid, while other coverage I’ve seen made it seem brutal. A brutal raid was certainly unnecessary. Rawesome say that they did not need a permit since it was a co-op buyer’s club rather than a market or store. That said, they should have probably obtained a permit since they were distributing and this wasn’t the first time they’ve had issues with the law. Not that I agree with the law, but unfortunately it is a law, and they knew about it. Now, why the authorities had to confiscate produce and cash and be militant is abhorrent and representative of an aggressive police state. A bit scary, actually. Those are my thoughts!

  4. pres says:

    You seem to state that as all they had to do was “get a license” to make it all ok.
    If so, getting a license is only a local requirement (but not required for a “club”) and has not anything to do with the federal government. So why were the federal government murderers involved?
    In reality you know it’s because of lost profit for the big food corporations. If healthier, less expensive, locally grown food catches on it will reduce their profit. Hell, the big corporations fight wars over reduced profit and if you don’t support their wars you are “unpatriotic”.
    Freedom -US style- includes freedom to screw your fellow citizens and get away with it most of the time. Just witness Wall St.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @pres: The club allegedly was selling outside to non-members. This kind of breaks the rules. There is also a list of allegations that happened before this that need to be addressed and sorted out before we make these guys out to be heroes.


  5. Sarah says:

    I just said it on another video, but again, you look healthier than you ever have! (On the vids, at least) The sun is obviously helping, but overall, your face just looks better, and you seem really balanced… not sure what all you are doing different, but keep it up!

    And I have a question: If you are now eating eggs, how many, and what do you consider the benefits to be? Would love an answer! Thanks.

    And AnnMarie- you always look great! πŸ™‚

  6. holly:) says:

    It sounds like Rawsome might be making health food advocates look bad. Its smart not to have such a strong opinion on something you dont really know about. Best thing we can do is live outside of the fear and anger. Thanks once again, Kev!

  7. Sue says:

    The raid has me wondering if this will lead to a shut down of the establishment. I imagine that the fee for getting the license is astronomical for a small business. There are probably some other regulations that need to be met, too. I found the athlete info fascinating, thanks for posting the info about it!

  8. Thank you Kevin. It is so important to look at the bigger picture when it comes to these things. As we educate each other and grow our consciousness we will evolve a better food policy that is inclusive to all.

  9. Sharon says:

    Supposedly, RAWSOME as a private buyer’s club, did not require the same permits as a grocery store. What is very puzzling to me though, is why the agents not only took paperwork, computers, and member files, but why thousands of dollars in fresh produce? I am not a consumer of dairy or any animal product, but I am very much in support of our right to choose what we can buy and eat. If I still consumed dairy, I would choose raw because once pasturised, the nutritional content is radically altered. There wAs raw sheep and goat products involved. Was it about permits, or was it about profit driven politics? No way for us to know for sure. But, for sure I agree with Mariel Hemminway, who said in an interview, that surely our government has much bigger issues to focus on than a raw food club. Also, is the whole thing really worthy of using taxpayer’s money? So, no answers. Only some thoughts and questions.

  10. esther says:

    why has your video been removed ?

  11. jackie says:

    I wish you hadn’t taken the video off…would have like to have seen it, even if controversial. Your controversy is usually refreshing…

  12. jane says:

    Have the FEDS got to you too and made you take your comments down? This terrifying raid carried out by government terrorists was obviously for corporate profit and government monetary gain, not in any way to protect us, the consumer, since there were absolutely NO COMPLAINTS against Rawsome and NO ILLNESS OUTBREAKS, unlike for people who eat conventional meat. Can you imagine they paid their agents WITH OUR TAX MONEY for an ENTIRE YEAR to carry out this ‘sting’ Go to to learn about all their other food raids and food and money grabs around the country.

  13. John says:


    I can’t access the video. It has the message “This video has been removed by the user” or maybe by big brother!

    Is it available elsewhere?



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