How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally : The Renegade Health Show Episode #800

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In this video from our bus tour around the Bay Area raw food hot spots, Dr. Alan Goldhamer talks about how to lower blood pressure naturally with water fasting.

This is the solution that many of you were looking for from yesterday’s video!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Have you ever had a good experience in an airport?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Robin says:

    Low blood pressure: 110/65. Especially when standing rapidly, I get a dizzying drop: 90/60. Please consider a show on the consequences of low blood pressure sometime 🙂

  2. Dr. Partito says:

    Dear Robin,

    Low Bp, head rush means adrenal fatigue, when you stand up fast one of your adrenals jobs is to instantly kick up your bp. If there is a delay the blood does not reach the brain as fast as it should. No blood no oxygen, hence head rush. simple to reverse charles@ejuva



  3. Tara Burner says:

    I’m normally around 85/57 to 89/58 or so, have always had low BP then again my resting heart rate is in 40’s too….

    meanwhile, to answer ?…good experience in airport…sadly no 🙁

    last trip was from Ft Lauderdale to Harrisburg, PA w/a flight change in Charlotte, NC which was a nightmare!!! If anyone was there Oct 4th I was the one literally sprinting from one end to the other with my name being announced for last boarding call! Flight arrived as flight was boarding to leave! naturally I was in last seat on arriving plane and nobody would move out of my way 🙁

    I prefer driving! Hopefully my flight to/from Phoenix in June will be great…anyone been to airport in Phoenix???

  4. Terri says:

    Finally. Someone who tells the truth about ‘healthy’ salt. I really enjoy Dr. Goldhamer’s talks and appreciate you guys bringing them here.

  5. Thomas says:

    Kevin, I think it is the influence of nearby Oaksterdam and the fact that Oakland has different laws than any other city. Of course everyone is smiling . . .:-)

  6. Betsy says:

    I have low blood pressure as well – and the same head rush especially when gardening – I will consult again with my wellness center about adrenal fatigue – This has always been the case tho, even when young and should not have had adrenal fatigue it would seem – and my mom and grandfather were the same and he lived to be 94 and was very healthy till 92 1/2!

    Had a very nice experience in Amsterdam Skipol airport – it’s well done and friendly. They have mini carts (free) for your hand luggage and purchases – then they have separate security at each gate! Very good idea – once you’re thru security, no more wandering around the airport.

  7. Jill says:

    how long is his water fast and where can you read more about it?

  8. Sue says:

    What I find fascinating about airports are the conversations I have with other passengers! People will tell you anything! Oh! The things you can learn!

  9. David Rundle says:

    Where can I find Dr. Alan Goldhamer’s lecture on reducing blood pressure naturally in writing. I couldn’t understand all that he was saying in the video. Thanks

  10. Fred M says:

    I have been able to water fast for about 27 (twenty seven) days with no real problems. Hunger pains left after the first days. Except that I tired easily when doing heavy labor during the fast, there were no other problems. Except for losing about ten pounds that I really did not care if I lost or not, I saw no noticeable physical or spiritual benefits from this fast.

  11. June says:

    I just went through LAX last week and requested that I not go through the little booth of radiation. The ladies who do the pat down were kind beyond kind. They did tell me that they do not like do it and I told them about why I do not like the booth. I had just left the Longevity Conference and shared some reasons I/we do not need anymore radiation…mmmm they said.

  12. Annette l says:

    Yes!!! The airport at Des Moines, Ia.!!!

  13. Mary Artemis says:

    Sacramento airport is where we fly in and out of these days, from Stamford, CT. It beats Oakland!! Very mellow…..
    Mary from Stamford, CT

  14. mary says:

    Best flights I’ve had were in China. Everyone was so nice. Also, when they told you to board, you better get on because they were leaving. There were people who were still putting their things in the cubbies while we were taxiing. Also, no matter what flight we were on, we got a great meal (even the 45 min flight), free beer/wine and newspapers. Oh, and also warm washcloths before we ate. The airports were freezing though since they don’t heat their buildings, at least not much!

  15. Anne Foster Angelou says:

    When my Greek husband and I were in the London airport (Heathrow) on our way back from Greece, we met a Greek/American man who was very agitated because there were no designated areas to smoke except outside. He was saying “I’m going to die if I don’t have a cigarette.” We both said: “You’re going to die if you do.” He didn’t think we were very helpful. After a month of being assaulted by second hand smoke everywhere we went (including public buses with unopenable windows), we were eager to get on the smoke-free plane and return to Seattle. In answer to the question about positive experiences in the airport, yes, I agree that meeting people and talking to them is the best experience (depending on their personalities, of course). Friends back in the US informed us that Greece isn’t the only smoke-filled toxic environment but that all of Europe is the same.

  16. Angie says:

    There are baroreceptors in your carotid arteries …in your neck. They are the “quick change” in BP receptors. So when you are squatting down, the legs and tummy squish and push back at some of the blood going to them. The baroreceptors sense higher pressure and tell the brain to slow down the heart and get the pressure down. When you get up… your body needs to get back up to speed. Whoa, things are flowing smoothly again!
    That’s how I understand it from my anatomy and physiology class…maybe google it.

  17. casey says:

    Yes, i boarded onto a amazing piece of machinery and participated in the miracle of flight! to think that i was sitting in a chair, IN THE FRICKEN SKY!!

  18. Rita Romney says:

    I totally agree with Dr. Partito’s comments in post #3. And fatigued adrenals love salt. We advise the use of Celtic Sea Salt while treating adrenals. The Hippocampus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis is very complex. It’s a dysregulation of this system that manifests as adrenal fatigue, a term the good doctor probably hates! Another interesting fact is that low sodium (as measured in blood serum tests) causes high blood pressure! So, doctors telling patients to lay off the salt is not very good advice in some cases. Regular table salt is horrid. There is good reason to use an unprocessed sea salt.

  19. Catherine says:

    I’ll never forget the time I flew to New Zealand. There was actually beautiful green grass next to the runways, and sheep were grazing. Inside the airport, they had older people ( probably retired), welcoming us. They were so sweet.

    My favorite airport in the US, is the Palm Springs Airport. wish I could fly there right now!

    Thank you for continuing to nourish our minds with great information. Enjoy the rest of your travels.

  20. oreganol says:

    Excellent video. If only this was available in mainstream hospitals. It would save the country a fortune in medical costs.

  21. Nanette says:

    My tickets, cash and passport was stolen at an airporthotel. We had one hour before take off. All I had was a boarding pass and the next stop was Namibia. Within one hour I had new pictures, new pass (and we had to drive out to another building to get confirmation from the police that I was me!)and the plane waited a few minutes for us.
    In Namibia the tickets for further journey had not arrived because someone deleted them because we had caught one plane…so we had again a very short time to get them and the plane waited. This lady was soooo great.
    Then they made a mistake and sent my son and I to two departing airports from Zimbabwe and he needed a stamp they forgot in the hurry. So we had to get this sorted out in SAfrica on our way. Again the plane waited.
    In Zimbabwe…well…that did not take place at the airport…and we already had our hat-trick 🙂 I wonder if anyone can beat that! Planes waited in Germany, Nambia and SAfrica.

  22. Nanette says:

    Back to the health…I have managed to rid myself of blood-pressure through the wonders of RawFood…and although there are thousands of recipes I just love the variations fruit brings with it self.
    Thanks for the salt explanation. It did not come over so clear due to the speed spoken…but worth thinking about.
    There are many thoughts here that the salt from the Himalayas is not a problem.
    Would like more feed back on this.
    Thanks for all the info. you both give us Kevin and Annemarie. Have a happy day.

  23. Bets says:

    O’Hare has vegan & fruitsat Grab’N’Go shops. Open airport hours. Finally something for special diet! Can go through security and find food on the other side.

  24. Bizzi says:

    At an airport, had a salad & used Ken’s salad dressing…so much sodium it sent me spinning! Talk about a rise in blood pressure! It should be illegal to sell any one-serving with a tablespoon-and-a-half of salt!

    I contacted the company and said they should be ashamed of themselves; never got a reply.

    I became a label reader and food advocate.

  25. Carol Lani Johnson says:

    Kevin, those curly locks of yours give you away! You ARE an angel. I have been seeking a natural blood pressure reducer. I had my bp go down while I ate raw but have been away from that and this gives me a way back to it. This dr makes sense. I realized how much I love salt, sugar and oil (boy do some raw recipes use alot of coconut oil (I just read on that uses more than a cup of it for a pie!)Back to simple whole food!
    I have had more good airport experiences than not. I firmly believe you experience what you believe you will!

  26. Jim says:

    What effect does this water fast have on someone who is trying to get OFF of the medication? I am currently on 10mg Lisinopril and 10mg Amlodipine and desperately want to get off of both of them! HELP!

  27. Thomas says:

    @ #23 Nanette:
    About Himalayan rock salt, you need to read this.

    It’s just a marketing scam to overprice rock salt from Pakistan and elsewhere. The pink kind is pink because of the same iron oxide (rust) that forms in your plumbing and discolors your bathroom fixtures.

    Better to stick with salt from the ocean, it has more than just sodium chloride in it. 🙂

  28. Leslie Moss says:

    Tara (Burner),
    Sky Harbor in Phoenix is great though I too love to drive and have not flown in years.
    My son uses it several times a year with no complaints. There are good restaurants inside, even gourmet, and a Waffle House used to be within walking distance, though you may have to board a bus now to get out if it is a layover.In that case try to know ahead of time where you connect and what busses run as each terminal has different groups of airlines.
    June will be incredibly hot as it is just before monsoon season starts, but the restaurants and pools in the city have misters. Could be 116 or more. Also, Phoenix is constantly being rebuilt so road signs often seem to lead to a wall. (I am not from there, but up north). Possibly best to stay in the air conditioned airport until you can get to your destination, this time of year.Hope the restaurants are as good as I reemember, they are changing, too. I eat gluten and corn free and like fresh salads when I travel!Have a good trip! Phoenix is used to conventions, etc

  29. veronica says:

    This video was a waste of time–No sense putting a video like this on line if one cannot understand what is being said. Try posting the message so one can know what the speaker is trying to convey.

    Just my humble opinion.


  30. Debbie says:

    Hi Kevin and Ann Marie,

    I had to take a flight from Chicago to Madison and while waiting for my flight, I met Chris Farley and his brother and a friend! I got his autogragh for my son. That was shortly before he died. It was a great pleasure meeting him! I felt blessed to be there at that moment. Made my flight more barable, because I am terrified of flying!

  31. Lucy says:

    I wish I could read transcripts because I cannot see the videos with my computer.

  32. Lynda Fraley says:

    Great info, I am 70, still work full time, fast frequently but dont let coworkers know, have spent my life with surgeons, they know exactly zero about nutrition, I do anesthesia..the other day one said to me , my friend has a fatty liver any suggestions???????????/ a lot of us in the or are vegans and they hear us talk, some MD’s r beginning to wake up, because it is affecting their pocketbooks, I’ve never had a physician, dont get mammograms, dont get flu shots etc, never had the flu…keep up the good work

  33. HealthSeeker says:

    Kevin & AnnMarie – When you go through the airport, which do you choose – being radiated or being frisked?
    Thanks! I’m flying soon & trying to decide.

  34. wayne rivali says:

    Because of my job as a business owner, I can’t get to reading or posting comments til late evening. Hense it makes me wonder how many people who commented before me will read mine. Anyway, for those who read my post, my comment is as follows.

    The body needs chloride to make the hydrochloric acid for primary stomach digestion. The primary source for chloride is salt. Kosher salt is what I believe to be the least processed even above sea or himalayan salts.

    Let’s ponder this. If salt is the second most abundant compound in the body, and we naturally excrete salt by means of at least three bodily functions, does it not stand to reason that it must be replaced?

    Grandma’s cure for a sore throat was to gargle with salt water, and it worked! The salt exchanges absorbed water in favor of toxins and both are elliminatd from the body in the gargling process, and the water is left behind to hydrate the throat. This is how brining meats works. If you’ve eaten brined turkey, you know the moist clean taste I speak of. I know, not the best site to talk turkey.

    So, still on the common sense page, the mouth is the largest opening to the human insides and conducts the largest intake of outside matter to the inside of the body. If salt can help throat as the first line of defense against unwanteds, would it not do similar things to help the immune system in the rest of the body?

    I think that that the professional medical and nutritional practices on all levels are deficient to a certain extent on common sense. Wayne.

  35. To my amazement, I opted out of the “pat down” and got a TSA agent who was very respectful. When I explained I didn’t want to get radiated, she went out of her way to assure me that no one would see my naked form. I assured her that I would much rather shed all my clothing and run around the airport in the buff than subject myself to harmful radiation for health reasons. I told her I don’t even let my dentist give me X-rays unless absolutely necessary. She was sweet and kind and made the experience less painful than other nightmares I had read about. Good thing, because I am afraid if I was ever groped like some of the stories I have read about, I would wind up in jail from a swift punch to the agent doing the groping!

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