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organic latex mattress blues
If you don’t get a good organic mattress and a good night’s rest, you may end up sleeping through this scenery.

Organic mattresses are expensive.

In fact, so expensive that a few years ago, we decided that it was probably worth the risk of inhaling toxic fumes every night than to spend the money to buy a mattress that would likely max out our credit cards and leave us stressed about money for a year or so.

When we moved to Berkeley, I still didn’t want to spend over $3,000 on a mattress, but Mike Adams ( had told me that it was possible to build your own natural, organic latex mattress.

After he told me this, I was on a mission.

I searched just about everywhere, made dozens of calls, and asked everyone I knew if it was possible and where I could get more information.

What I found was that while it is possible to make a do it yourself organic mattress, you still have to buy some of the materials through distributors – not directly from the factory (which I was initially hoping.)

Anyway, I made a complete video about how to make your own natural latex mattress on yesterday’s show, but I also wanted to write out, step by step, how it was possible to order your own latex, mattress cover and pad to save at least about $1000.

In total, we spent about $1,400 for our Queen organic, latex mattress, with an organic cotton mattress cover and organic mattress pad and it’s worth every dollar.

(Particularly since we found a synthetic – it says natural but it’s 15% synthetic – latex Queen at IKEA for $900 without the organic mattress pad. So for maybe $400 more, you’re totally organic and 100% natural.)

If you wanted to use non-organic materials it would be even cheaper. (Though I’d caution against using non-organic cotton unless you want to support GMO.)

So how can you build your own natural latex mattress yourself?

Let me give you a step by step, blow by blow account here…

Step #1: Decide on a budget for your latex mattress.

Deciding on a budget will determine a bunch of things for you right off the bat…

When you have a set budget, you’ll know if you can afford a Queen or a King, organic mattress covers or non-organic, and if you will have extra thickness (over 6″) or regular size (about 6″.)

A good budget for an do it yourself organic natural latex Queen with all organic coverings is about $1,400.

For a King, you can probably add about $400-600.

For a Full, you can subtract about $400 or so.

In all, you’re likely to spend no more than $2000 if you do it yourself and no less than $1000 if you keep it all organic.

You may be able to spend less if you don’t go all organic, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of getting a natural latex mattress.

Step #2: Go to a store and try some latex mattresses out.

Some people really like the way organic latex mattresses feel, others don’t.

So maybe even before you budget, you might want to go to an organic mattress store and try out some of the different types of mattresses before you start to make your own.

Once you have been on a few, you’ll notice that latex mattresses have a totally different feel than spring mattresses. All my life I’ve slept on a spring mattress until we got this new mattress. I can’t believe what I was missing now that I’ve slept on a latex mattress.

So, again, spend some time at the store – ask the owner if you can spend the night (just kidding) – and decide if you believe you can sleep on a latex mattress or not for the next 10-15 years (this is how long they last!)

My guess is you absolutely can…

Step #3: Decide on a firmness that works for you.

While you’re at the store, be sure to ask about the firmness of the mattresses you’re trying out.

This will be essential when we’re going to order your own latex pads.

Here is a general rule of thumb for the different types of firmness:

If you’re heavy, you’ll need a firm latex mattress.

If you’re light, you’ll need a medium to firm mattress.

One of the challenges that Annmarie and I have is that I’m heavy and she’s light.

We decided that it would be best to get a firm mattress, because if we got one that was too soft, we couldn’t harden it up. At least with a firm mattress, we could add a pillow top if it was too hard for her.

Mattresses that are too soft, in general, tend to be hard on the back and neck, so I’d lean toward as firm as possible.

Step #4: Decide if you want a cotton or wool mattress pad.

There are three pieces you need to make your own organic natural latex mattress.

– The latex pad.
– The organic cotton mattress cover.
– The cotton or wool mattress pad.

I’ll address the latex pad in the next step, but deciding on wool or cotton for the mattress cover and pad is an important step.

Of course, if you’re strictly vegan, you’d choose the cotton. (You can move on to the next step.)

If you’re wondering what the difference is between cotton and wool, there are two – price and how often you need to wash it.

For the organic cotton mattress pad, you’ll spend about $50 more and have to wash it more frequently than the organic wool.

So it’s up to you to decide which one you want, just know if you do decide on the cotton, you do have to wash it more often because it will build up stains and possibly microbes over time.

Step #5: Contact Nirvana Safe Haven for organic natural latex pads.

When I originally was searching for how to make your own organic latex mattress, I thought it would be possible to find a factory that would deliver the latex mattress pad to my specifications directly to our apartment.

After searching for this type of factory and making phone calls for over 10 hours, I realized that I’d have to go through a distributor to get the type of latex that I wanted.

The latex factories do not really want to deal with one-off retail customers – they’re most interested in working with the mattress companies that assemble the mattresses on site and then sell their product retail and fully assembled.

So while I was getting discouraged, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Daliya Robson’s site – Nirvana Safe Haven.

What Daliya does is buy organic latex direct from the factory and then sells them at a small markup (her fee for the work!) to her customers.

I got on the phone with her and found that she was extremely knowledgeable and willing to help us save money and get a great mattress.

She’s in Walnut Creek, CA, so we decided to drive out to meet her and try out a mattress that she had at her home (please contact her first by email or phone before you head on out to see her, she works from home.)

While I was searching, I found that some mattress companies advertise 9″ thick mattresses and asked Daliya if that made a big difference. She told me it did – but only in the thickness of your wallet.

So, with her help, we decided on a firm 6″ organic latex pad and she ordered it for us on the spot. Her pricing includes delivery so it’s actually a really good deal. The box is at least 80-100 pounds.

It took two UPS (unhappy) guys to bring it up the two flights of stairs to our apartment here. They thought it might have been a body that was being delivered to us.

I assured them we’re not into that type of work.

Here’s where you can contact Daliya:

Be sure to mention that you heard about her from Kevin and Ann!

(Please note: We have no formal arrangement with her about referrals or anything like that. We briefly discussed it, but I told her I wanted to share what she does first and then decide if it makes sense for her – since she has very fair prices with little markup at all.)

Step #6: Get a mattress cover and pad.

If you want, you can get your mattress pad and cover from Daliya at Nirvana Safe Haven or you can shop around. It’s entirely up to you.

We chose to get them from Daliya because we were there and it was easy. I didn’t shop around much before to check pricing, but after meeting Daliya, I knew that she wasn’t in this business to fleece any one. (Yes, that is a bad wool joke.)

Step #7: Find some friends to help when the materials come.

Putting together a natural latex mattress, is actually tremendously easy.

All it requires is putting the latex pad into the mattress cover and then zipping it up.

The only challenge you’ll have when you’re putting it together is finding a few friends to help.

The reason why you want to have helpers is because the latex can tear easily if it’s pulled the wrong way. Since the latex pad is heavy, if you try to pull it to adjust positioning, there’s a high risk you’ll take a chunk out of your new mattress before you even get to sleep on it.

So get a few friends or family members to help once you get all the pieces together.

Step #8: Watch how to put it together here:

Instead of giving you step-by-step instructions on assembly, here’s how we put together ours:

Step #9: Have the most amazing sleep of your life!

Until you experience it, you may not appreciate it as much as we do now.

Sleeping on a non-toxic natural latex mattress is an experience that only you can judge for yourself.

The first night, I slept like a baby and when I woke up I told Annmarie that I was never leaving bed because it was so amazingly comfortable.

It’s that good.

Some Organic Latex Mattress Concerns and Considerations:

1. We chose to sleep on the floor.

Instead of getting a box spring, or even making something that will bring the bed up any higher, we’ve chosen – for now – to lay our mattress on the floor.

The main reason for doing this is because I’m waiting for some creative inspiration that will allow me to get something that is super-cheap and raises the bed up just enough so the covers don’t rest on the floor.

I have a few ideas for this, but am in no rush to get anything that I feel is pretty unnecessary. There’s really no need to have a higher bed.

2. What if you have a latex allergy?

When we went to visit Daliya at her home, Annmarie mentioned that I sometimes react to latex (latex allergy) and if that would be a problem.

Daliya suggested that we see if I react to the natural latex while we were sitting and talking about what size and firmness we wanted, so she gave me a piece of latex that is about the size of my hand.

She told me to hold it and squeeze it and see what happens. I wanted to be super-sure, so I rubbed it on my face and arms as well.

In the past, my reaction to latex has always been hives, but in this case after 30 minutes of playing with this piece, I had no reaction (nor did I have any in the 2 hours after we left.)

If you’re allergic to latex and have a risk of anaphylactic shock, obviously, you’d want to stay away from the stuff. For me it seems that the chemical, unnatural latex is what is causes my hives, not the actual latex.

Just a theory though… please be cautious if you decide to experiment.

Anyway, this is how we made our own natural, organic latex mattress. I’m sure if you choose to do it, you’ll find there is more than one way to do it. You may even find a way to do it cheaper than I did.

The bottom line is that it’s easy, anyone can do it and – if you do – you’ll save at least $1000 than if you decided to buy the pre-made models.

On top of that, you may just get the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Not a bad deal.

I want to know your thoughts: Do you think you’d be able to make your own natural latex mattress?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. thanks so much for sharing. daliya

  2. Julia D says:

    I bought a latex mattress several years ago from an online company called Flo-Bed and love it. All my beds now have latex mattresses from the same company. I have several guest rooms and my guests often report that the bed they slept on at my place was the most comfortable bed they have ever experienced. Flo-Bed allows you to order in several firmnesses (even for the same bed – different firmness for each side) and also comes with a mattress cover that you put the latex pads in. They also have different mattress toppers, too. Really easy. They also sell a base that you might want to check out for ideas of what you might want to construct.

  3. Geraldine says:

    Thank you for all the great info! I guess I would, but I would feel more comfortable buying one all ready to go, like the Ikea one, too bad they are not entirely natural and not organic. I will be moving to Europe soon, so I will have to look at the options they have over there other than the Ikea ones.

  4. Debi says:

    In the video you stated that you would put the link where the latex pad could be purchased but it’s not there?

  5. Terry Hopkins says:

    I have a wooden frame futon. With only a mattress, no box spring.
    I’m not sure what type of wood it is, but I believe it’s white oak. It’s wood only put together with screws and wood dowels. It sits low to the floor like some Japanese beds I’ve seen.
    It wood be the perfect setup with the mattress you have. 😉


  6. Maria says:

    You guys are awesome; your friends are awesome, Daliya sounds awesome…THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so hooked I read every sentence and hung on every glorious moment. SOoo much fun (and hey I can’t wait to see if Jonny5 approves hehehe). Am in Uk and noooooooo money right now BUT wow am I inspired to buy organic cotton for sheets and explore every affordable option I can to get less of those ickyity toxins:-)) Natural DIY ROCKS!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for all the inspiration love Ria and the angels xxx

  7. Steph says:

    Thank you for this information!

    I am curious why you chose latex over organic cotton/wool?

  8. Suzen says:

    That was such a fun video – you are all great spirits and had me remembering my early days of setting up house – cherished memories for sure! These days I have slept on latex mattress at my brother’s house and it is very, very comfy…yes, you just want to stay in bed forever! It is totally dense – he has a king size and throws on bamboo sheets, wow – Princess and the Pea, that’s me!

  9. Suzanne says:

    Kevin, I have a Tempurpedic ($$$$) that I bought yrs. ago and love, and now I need to buy another mattress for another house. So, yes, I will be following your advice. Question: why do you have to encase the mattress (can’t I just lay a cotton cover over the top)? And: does yours depress your shape like the often heard about “memory foam toppers”?

  10. Mary Dicerni says:

    Suzanne, natural does not hold the form like memory foam . I now have to see how firm it needs to be, for good back support. It is smashing !! I love your friends, and how clever they are as well. A great video. Thank you so much for sharing.. I wondered where the topper goes, as I thought it went inside the cover before zipping…
    Suzanne, Kevin has another video on how they make the natural foam, and they explain about the memory foam as well, it is informative, and that is how I know.. good luck with all the new mattresses..

  11. Marcey says:

    My husband and I purchased an all natural, queen size latex mattress from Arizona Mattress Company. A very helpful man named Ken is the owner. He is not a middle man. It is a factory store. His site has LOTS of helpful info and research about natural latex and how it is made. There shouldn’t be any allergic issues. He allows a 60 day in home trial with the bed. My husband and I had different ‘weights’ at first and we actually (well, just me), changed out my ‘side’ of the mattress 2x before I was completely happy. There was no extra charge for this. We are completely happy with the bed. We are in our 60’s and many of our aches and pains have stopped and snoring is almost gone! He also sells a great natural latex pillow. I travel with a smaller (regular size one). There are no depressions on the bed when we get up. It is the very best bed we have ever had!

  12. Never knew this was an option Kevin – and I LOVE the idea! We almost bought a new mattress back around Christmas and now glad we didn’t. This is a definite option and looks like a really fun project. Thanks for the info.

  13. David says:

    If if decide to get off the floor, Ikea has some reasonably priced platforms. We’ve had our latex 3 years and are very pleased. Enjoy!

  14. Rebecca Cody says:

    Several years ago I needed a new mattress. I’d been sleeping on a cheap foam that had taken on body dents. I wasn’t even thinking about organic at the time. I wanted latex, which I’d had previously, but, like you, found them too pricey. So I went to a local store that sells foam and upholstery fabrics and had them order the latex and make the cover. I, too, saved a bundle. Now, however, I find the mattress too firm, even though it is the medium. So I’m sleeping on a twin bed while my husband sleeps on the queen size latex! I’m glad our bedroom is big enough for this crazy arrangement!

  15. Brenda says:

    Yes, I have layed on a Flo-Bed latex mattress at their store in Fort Bragg. That will be my next bed when I replace my Temperpedic which is the non-natural version.

  16. wendy green says:

    super post kevin! wish i could find latex here…doubtful. sweet dreams!

  17. DebbieM says:

    We have a natural latex mattress we bought in 2004, we simply LOVE it!!!! Wouldn’t have anything but! It should last around 25 plus years. A very good investment. It’s already lasted longer than any other mattress we had, and we didn’t buy junk. Ours is firm also, it came with three 3 inch layers in differing firmness that we chose and we could rearrange them any way we liked. I can’t remember off the top of my head who we ordered from, but it was around $1,400 for our Queen size and that was seven years ago. I do need a mattress pad, though. We didn’t spring for that then, just used the cheapo one we already owned.

  18. Chris G. says:

    While I certainly like the idea, this is probably a little out of our price range.

  19. Janice says:

    I know you will sleep so much better! I bought my latex bed two years ago and it was very pricey indeed. On the flip side, it is worth every penny I spent on it. Mine is not organic but my matress pad and sheets are, so I feel okay with it. My kids want one after laying on mine & can’t afford the price tag. I will make sure that they are aware of your discovery here so they can make their own. Again, you lead the way………….

  20. Veronica Sjogren says:

    Kevin, we are very pleased to have a latex mattress, 6″ like you and a 4″ wool topper, we have it on a splendid frame. It is recommended to always have the mattress off the floor, otherwise, moisture can collect and mildew can form. Check out this link to the frame, we bought this from local Seattle company:

  21. Marlene says:

    Just a few months ago I did something similar to a “make-you-own”.
    I bought an organic latex mattress from a local company. Actually I bought two!

    It comes in 2 layers (a 6″ and a 3″), zippered together in a case plus a foundation!

    Cost for a Queen: $1800. delivered and set up.

    Mine is pretty firm, and oh-so-comfortable.
    Plus, no nasty chemicals. And it never softens or gets indentations.

    As for latex allergies, I have also heard that they are generally a reaction to synthetic latex. But either way it’s a contact allergy, so in the case of mattresses, the latex does not come in contact with you skin.

  22. JW says:

    I bought a Queen from in Jan. for $1245. You may want buy or build a base for air circulation and so it will last longer. I bought the base for $400 and it fits in a standard bed frame or you can put it on the ground. I love it! See site for details or talk to them.

  23. Sarah Nicholson says:

    any info on latex availability in australia?

  24. Irina says:

    Great info, thank you-you’ve inspired me to look into latex for my next bed, and I love a do-it yourself option!

  25. Mona says:

    Great spot! We did purchase one of those extremely expensive organic latex mattress a few years ago when we had so money. Now we have no money and want some for our kids–great idea.
    I would definitely get it off the floor: we had a previous latex mattress get moldy.
    We have a thick wool/ cotton blend cover–because it is thick, you don’t need a latex puddle cover. The wool/ cotton absorbs anything and protects the mattress. What do you think?

  26. Ape says:

    Thanks for the info you guys! I’m definitely going to do this for my daughter when she’s ready to move to her own bed.

  27. Catherine says:

    Wish I had my friends helping me when I set my bed up, looks like fun !
    I just spent $$$ on a all eco wool bed. I think it is to soft but was worried about the latex since I have such alergic reactions to everything. A few people cant get past the smell of them , they do let off fumes but have heard that can subside after a while. I think they aired it outside in the heat for a few days. Anyway congradulations on your new place. A great site for finding non toxic items is Debra Lynn Dodds site, cant remember the exact name but if you goggle terms, ‘Debra’s list’ I think you will find it, lots of info there from people who are sensitive and have figured things out. from Makup to paint and furniture. hey maybe AnnMarie’s products can make her list ! they are rated !
    Catherine from Seattle

  28. Scarlett says:

    Hi Kevin and fellow followers!
    This is my first time EVER posting on a blog I follow. Yipee! Thanks for all the great work you do What AMAZING timing, I am investing in my first mattress this week! My futon has been killing me and it’s time to be a grown up! My question is this: I am a recent college grad and there is NO WAY that I can invest more than $500 for a mattress. I probably will end up moving and not keeping it more than a couple years anyhow. So I think organic or natural latex is out of the question. What would be a good second best option for the young, broke and fabulous out there? Synthetic latex, spring mattress? Right now I am leaning towards a mixture of the two from Ikea. Thank you so much in advance!!! Blessings.

  29. Jayvanthy says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Its been interesting going through your blog & videos. You are a great lover of Natural stuff! You must visit the smaller towns of India, where to this day a pure cotton mattress can be made to order in your neighbourbood by your local friendly Mattressmaker!… Most importantly at a throwaway price! But sorry to say very few people here are as environmentally concious/ friendly, especially in the cities, as you seem to be.

  30. rachel says:

    Thanks soo much for sharing such great ideas that are environmentally sensible!. I used to sell futons, ours’ were all cotton or cotton with artificial foam (yuk). They were very inexpensive but cotton compacts and gets hard in a few years. Honestly a waste of money in the long run!. Wool, and natural latex, helps a cotton futon to stay more supple and last longer. Talay (natural latex) rocks, its’ worth the money to get a healthy mattress to last 15 years. I bought an organic cotton, latex wool futon two years ago; its’ fantastic. You can also put your mattress/futon on top of natural japanese tatami mats on the floor(they come in different sizes from 3 x 3 and up…).
    namaste’, rachel

  31. Sylvia says:

    This is great info especially that it’s about time for me to get a new mattress. I’ve looked at IKEA website and yeah too bad their mattress is not 100% natural but i’ve contacted them asking if they will carry 100% natural in the future and also mentioned that i know quite a few people who would purchase it as well. mabe if more people would write to them they would actually start selling one soon 🙂

  32. Doris Dejwakh says:

    I’m living in China, and I think most Chinese “mattresses” – if you can call them that – are organic. They are basically a wooden box with cloth around it. They sleep on a very hard wooden surface, and everyone will tell you it’s better for your health, body, whatever. I only realized that’s what I was sleeping on when the weather turned cold and I felt the cold coming from underneath me — the cold air had gotten into the wooden box under me. So I had to add a pad between me and the wood so it wouldn’t be cold. So I think you could have spared all your pains and just slept on a wooden box. Your kids won’t try to bounce on it the way mine (and my grandkids) did on mine in the States. Anyway, Congrats on your new mattress! Doris

  33. Sarah says:

    Wow! That was awesome. I had no idea about these mattresses. I tried the memory foam mattress years ago and gagged on the horrible toxic chemicals every night. I got rid of it. My next mattress will definitely be an organic latex. How exciting. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  34. Ivy says:

    I have tried them in the store and I wondered why the latex has such a strong odor. It has a paint type odor and since I’m allergic to the toxins in latex paint and the mattress smells like latex paint I would think a cotton futon was much more practical for avoiding off-gassing. I’m asthmatic and really sensitive to things like that, which means most people will sleep just fine without reacting to the smell of the latex. Sleep beautifully you two!

  35. Colleen says:

    I enjoy your web site so much and look forward to reading it.
    I need to know if you will be doing your tooth soap special again I missed it the first time around

  36. debbi says:

    DUDE! Get something to lift your mattress off of the floor – like a lat frame or sthg. You need AIR circulating – trust my experience, even my sister’s and daughters’ experiences!!! Aerate, even if it’s organic. You don’t want black mold creeping up on you. dh

  37. Christine says:

    Busy mom- dont have time to watch video or read comments but I live in Portland Oregon and this company: sold me my completely 100% natural latex mattress with Og cotton cover for 1100 I believe. You need a dr’s note to say you are exempt from flame retardants but it’s easy.

    I highly recommend this company.

    Ps probably preaching to the choir but talalay latex mattresses, or any for that matter from a mattress store still have chemicals in them. Don’t let them talk u into one.

  38. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this great information!! I’ve recently ordered a polyethylene cover for my son’s crib mattress to keep him safe from the chemicals. (In New Zealand they wrap their crib mattresses to keep their babies safe from sids.) Once he is a little older tho, I will be making him a latex mattress. Thanks!

  39. Anna says:

    just a warning about keeping the mattress on the floor. I just got my all organic latex mattress a month ago. A friend told me to turn it over because it will accumulate body moisture between the floor and the mattress and start to mold. I checked and yep, there are already a few mold spots on my nice organic cover! Such a bummer. This is especially important if you live in a ground floor apartment.

    I’m now looking to buy or build a platform bed, and apparently the best solution is one with slats instead of a solid platform.

  40. Lori says:

    I am not sure I would recommend firm for everyone when having a latex mattress. Because these mattresses basically form to your body, the stiffer the mattress for someone light may prevent this from occurring. Having a 2″ layer of soft and a four inch layer of what ever you need for you body type will help. If you can afford it add another 2″ layer of soft so you have it on the top and bottom. That is what the expensive ones are like. I have been sleeping on a latex mattress for 6 years and I have one side soft for me and the other side medium for my husband. Neither one of us are tiny people. It has worked out just great and that is what I ordered for our second home. We can feel the difference when we stay in a hotel.

  41. Linda says:

    I am completely baffled as to what a latex mattress actually is….I am not sure what type of mattress mine is, other than it’s one that your body kind of molds into…is that latex?

    When I think latex, I think chemicals, rubber, processing and a real funky smell.

  42. Stuart says:

    We have used an organic latex mattress for two years now, and have never had better sleeps. I actually don’t like traveling any more as my mattress is better than even the “expensive” hotels (with their toxic laden mattresses).

    The only issue with the latex mattress that hasn’t really been brought up is sex … we’ve found sex a lot more difficult on the latex mattress as the energy gets diffused back into the mattress, making it a lot more work. With a traditional “spring” mattress, the energy was “returned” requiring less overall work.

    As well, the springs really helped to support the back, for the person on the bottom, as there was a “counter” to the pressure from the bottom. With a latex mattress, there is a lot of pressure on the back of the person on the bottom, as they just seem to sink into the mattress.

    I’d never go back to a non-organic and non-latex mattress, however, felt the topic of sex should be shared.

    Any others have similar observations? Solutions?

  43. Alex says:

    Hi, Just wanted to post my experience of leaving a mattress on the floor. When my (at the time) baby used to share our bed we decided to leave out mattress on the floor for safety. It turned out to be a mistake. Since the moisture from our bodies collected between the mattress and the floor (due to lack of air flow) and I found a horrible patch of mould on my beautiful £2000 wool, silk and cotton pocket sprung mattress. I don’t know whether this would happen with latex, but from my experience having air circulating us REALLY important to keep it aired. Sorry really gross to post, but would hate others to have a yucky mattress too!
    Best wishes.

  44. Maria says:

    We bought an inordinately expensive latex mattress some years ago. In fact it was ridiculously expensive, but I have never regretted that expense as we had tried a number of bed types before. Words can’t describe the absolute comfort of this bed compared with any others that I have slept on, to the point that, my husband and I have a love affair with our bed whenever we come back from holidays! That’s how good it is to sleep on. Everyone should have one.

  45. BarbaraL says:

    I wonder if I am cheating my sleeping self. I seem perfectly happy with my 3″ cotton futon on a wooden frame. I love the connotations of the oriental symbology, i.e., serenity, and it seems just fine. I have used a futon or the floor most of the past 30 years but since I committed to 100% vegan, I have less flesh covering my bones! Thanks for all you both do for our outrageously wonderful community.

  46. Tyra McMahon says:

    Just wondering if your still doing recipe wednesday??

  47. Laura says:

    I spent $1200 on a 100% natural latex Queen mattress with ORGANIC cotton cover from Mulligan Mattress in Portland, OR a few years ago. I saw the little shop where they make the mattresses when I was visiting Portland. Making Organic 100% natural latex mattresses is what they do! They have been making mattresses for decades. I talked to Gary Kramer, who was very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me figure out the best mattress for me. My mattress is in 2 layers: 6″ of firm latex, with 2″ of soft latex on top, wrapped in organic cotton. The 2” of soft latex on top is really important for women, or anyone curvy, because it allows your curves to sink in while supporting places like the lower back and keeping your spine straight! The 6” alone without the 2” soft would have been only $1000, and might be good enough for people who are not curvy at all. I think for me a 4” firm layer with 2” soft on top would have been enough. My mattress was handmade by Gary Kramer himself. (Mulligan Mattress )

    I had the mattress shipped to Canada (Calgary) and although I don’t remember how much shipping was I remember it was very reasonable.

  48. Laura says:

    There are no extra layers inside my natural latex mattress – while the latex will last 20-30 years, if you put wool inside it will compress and become uncomfortable, so you will need to be able to access it so it can be changed every few years. Instead of putting the wool inside the mattress cover, I just bought a thick piece of ethical wool (from Kelley Green in Ashland OR) and put it on top of the mattress, under the fitted sheet. You can buy an ethical wool mattress protector, but buying just a piece of thick wool fabric is much cheaper – just make sure it is big enough to hang down the sides and tuck under a little bit so it doesn’t move around. Since my wool is not incorporated into my mattress I can air it out and wash it. Bed bugs don’t like to live in natural latex, but a few could live in the wool inside your mattress if you can’t ever clean it. (Kelley Green Wool Felt )

  49. Laura says:

    The quality of the FRAME is very important!! The latex takes the form of the frame, so if you have a frame that has DIPS or is WARPED then it won’t be comfortable! A latex mattress can’t be directly on the floor because the mattress needs airflow all around it. Gary from Mulligan Mattress told me to put it on slats that have two inch spaces between them. We made our own wooden frame and stained it with a stain I made by boiling down a few different plants (it’s a beautiful, natural colour for our natural bed). Mulligan Mattress makes frames, too, but I didn’t want to pay for shipping the frame.

  50. Laura says:

    My bed did not have any weird latex smell when it arrived. If a mattress you are trying has a bad odor, you might want to make sure it is NATURAL latex (from the rubber tree), and not SYNTHETIC latex (avoid at all costs).

    For anyone considering memory foam – it is very toxic and the heat of your body causes it to off-gas all night. (Yuk!)

    I have heard that people with latex allergies may not be allergic to latex beds because the part of latex that people are typically allergic to gets washed out in the process of making the mattress (but definitely check into it if you have allergies).

  51. Laura says:

    If you are looking for a very CHEAP alternative and you don’t need a thick “princess and the pea” mattress, you can buy a 2”, 3” or 4” natural latex mattress, in any firmness you choose, and skip the wool. Sometimes these are called camping mattresses. They are made for boats, cottages, and guest rooms.

    IDEAL is 2 layer set up with 2” of firm latex, and 2” of soft latex on top – this would be SUPER COMFY and HALF the thickness of a regular mattress (and nearly half the price!) This is also going to be much easier when you decide to move. Just remember you can’t put it on the floor because it need airflow, so an old futon frame should work to hold it – although you might have to add a couple more slates if they are more then 2 inches apart.

    We recently moved, so we wrapped our mattress in a clean tarp and tied it with 3 straps (kayak tie downs for the roof of a vehicle) and it was so much easier to move this way.

    I love my natural latex mattress!!

  52. QC says:

    I guess I’m probably the only one that doesn’t like Latex foam. A few years ago, I wanted to change my mattress and tried on a memory foam, Tempurpedic. My good friend let me sleep on her bed for a few hours to see if I like that. At first, I thought it was comfy, but then I started to feel warm, too warm for me. And, I found it hard to move & turn. So, I ended it up bought a spring mattress.

  53. Eve says:

    Suzanne (Post #9) I was trying out the memory foam pillows at Relax the Back last week and the sales rep said that it was essential that you get a dust mite pillow and mattress protector because the memory foam will collect pounds of dust mites in a few years and will become rigid and will need to be thrown out after 2-3 years. Does anyone know if this is the case with natual latex and if there is a natrual type of matress/pillow protector for dust mites? My family has severe dust allergies, so I hate to go all natural if we can’t keep the dust mites out.

    QC – Tempurpedic makes a water pad that you fill to keep the temperature down, but it’s not-so-natural-plastic.

    Love any suggestions for good night’s sleep!

  54. Victoria Walters says:

    I bought the “expensive” one they keep referring to from and it’s incredible!!! I will never sleep on a regular mattress again! I customed each side of the bed for a little softer for me and a little firmer for him. I bought an organic cotton mattress cover for it (I recommend it because you can wash it and can’t wash the casing). I sleep so much better and my body feels so much better.

  55. Simone Shaw says:

    My husband and I sleep on a latex mattress. We really enjoy it but if you look at it it’s just like a traditional mattress with a pillow top. Now I want to rip it all apart and just have the latex. Also, I recently discovered how wool bedding is the best. With organic cotton covers of course. I have some old wool blankets that I’m thinking of shredding or cutting into little bits and making a duvet to replace my feather one. We shall see!

    Thanks for the fun video guys!

  56. Scott says:

    Fantastic resource you have provided. Thank you.

    Here in Portland, Oregon we have a Latex mattress business that has their offerings for about that same price. They can be found at

    I am happy customer of theirs.

  57. Heather says:

    Great tips — I’d definitely do this…I was lucky and got a queen organic latex 10 in. on sale at Organic Grace ( with a 100% organic wool mattress pad for under $2,000 (with free shipping). I agree — they are so comfortable to sleep on!

    I think they have a sale on the 6 in. queens right now for $1275 (…and no, I don’t work for them! 🙂

  58. Patti says:

    Love your bed making show and article. We are totally feeling creative…if the shopping channel will honour their 30 day money back guarantee that came with our Enviro Tech synthetic foam mattress. I learned they are assembled in a green factory in the US and all mattresses made in the US have to be sprayed with fire retardent. It appears to have caused some ill health, so hopefully we can return it and make our own for about $500 more! Looking forward to skimming your site for other articles…I liked the bio. Patti

  59. I’m so happy I found your site and particularly happy that you made your own latex bed and described how to do it. I actually spoke to Daliya before I found you two. But did not know the connection until now. I’ll be calling her back. So, the only question I have, is about warranty. When one does drop the 2K amount for a mattress, they have at times a 20 year warranty. What are your thoughts on this? If you make your own, no warranty exists.
    Peaceful breathing, Andjru

  60. Natalia says:

    That is funny, I just built my very own and very organic latex mattress from putting together latex toppers. Main problem was to decide on firmness, so I started with firm and medium will go on the top. Instead of paying $2500 for mattress I spent $1000. And then I just used old foundation buy pulling unwanted materials and adding solid wood slats. Perfect, is not it?
    You dont need to go to most expensive latex topper seller, just google: there are plenty of them. Good Luck!

  61. littlebear says:

    I still find this incredibly expensive. And you may say it is worth it, but I don’t understand why even this company is so expensive and if you don’t have the money, then you don’t get a mattress. I don’t see the difference between this company and other bigger companies.

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