Getting Apartment and Our Do It Yourself Natural Latex Mattress Ready to Go : The Renegade Health Show Episode #784

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In this episode, I take you through some of the things that we’ve done to the apartment since the last update…

I’ll show you the big old piece of natural latex mattress for our do it yourself mattress as well as our new second hand couch.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What color is your couch?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Dawn Shears says:

    Hey, guys, GREAT work on setting up your new place as sustainably as you can. That’s all any of us can do…the best we can. I am REALLY looking forward to the whole mattress vid…why didn’t I think of that? But I didn’t…so thank you!!!

    Soooooo, I am in a community on the north coast of Oregon that is doing some pretty exciting stuff. I lived in Portland, Oregon before I came here (since 2000) and have live all over and was raised in a beach community (very progressive) in San Diego…

    Anyway, I do as much raw as I can… Mostly, it’s organic, local and I do a lot of my own growing and wildcrafting. It’s what people do here…

    I posted some stuff about helping others start urban veggie gardens on a shoestring on your YouTube video comments. Do you check those? Anyway…I plan to do a few wild crafting vids and also I am starting a new community garden here, from scratch, and am documenting that process on YouTube. My stuff is all geared towards practical, sustainable, local, organic, healthy (I have an M.S. in health ed./alternative health research) and the spiritual and healing and creative aspects of gardening.

    Anyway…wanted to invite you folks up here to wild harvest seaweed, nettles and mushrooms and share ways to live as part of an eco-community/sustainable community and show you some off-the-grid eco farms/communities.

    Lemmeno if you are interested. :oD This summer is the best time.

    In health,


  2. You are so inspiring!!!
    I bought a natural bed/madrass from Ikea made from eco friendly materials like cornfiber, eco cotton, naturelatex and wool! Very good price too!!! and really comfy.

    Our couch is dark brown in a rough material, so nice!!! 😀

    Oh by the way, I MISS YOUR FITNESS videos!!! : (
    and some healthy yummie dessert videos! 😀

  3. Amanda says:

    Hi guys

    My couch is cream. It is not a good colour especially with two rescued cats sleeping on it.

    I have used organic latex for a mattress. It is good stuff. Don’t, however, let it sit in the sun because it will form a ‘crust’ and then crumble away! It needs to be well protected even from indoor light.

    Great to see others live like we do! Great show. All the very best, Amanda

  4. Mah couch is blue.

    East coasters know about water crocks too. I’m Raleigh-area and I’ve got three water crocks, one for water, two for kombucha (continuous brewing).

  5. Barbara W. says:

    Enjoying the shows from your new apartment. Thanks for sharing the eco tips and please keep the updates coming.

    Couch color is dark brown.

  6. I have no couch. Just hotel beds.

  7. Karen says:

    Are you coming to LN conference or what?

  8. Hanz On says:

    I love you guys! Your show is the hightlight of my day!

  9. Wish I had known you were going to buy a latex mattress… I have a good friend who has a mattress business in Denver but can ship anywhere in the US. Don’t know how much you spent, but probably could have saved you some money.

    We made a video for natural latex mattresses on GreenJoyment a few years ago which includes a discount…

    Anyway… Glad you got yours and looking forward to seeing it set up (in person)!


  10. Althea says:

    This is such a good and creative idea! I don’t know anyone else who’s doing a theme like this. Can’t wait to see them! They are just in time for me too. We lost our house in a fire and in a few months our house will be finished and we will have to refill it. Thanks so much for doing this. It’s really going to help.

  11. Tara Burner says:

    love it!!! you’re living the life I want!
    meanwhile, my couch is tan recliner couch…oh whopeeee lol

  12. esther says:

    My bed is my couch so often times it has my warm comforter on it. It’s a mixture of colors with blankets and all.
    Cool about getting stuff free or cheap! Are you looking for a nice Japanese dresser? I live in Berkeley too and would love to pass it on to anyone that wants it!

    ps- How about that thunder; lightening; hail show yesterday?! Mama nature was a wild thing last night!

  13. Jan says:

    We have a contemporary sectional with pillows in terra cotta, stone gray, and buttercream. The main fabric is a geometric design with these colors and the most prominent color is 2 shades of olive green. 2 people can sleep on it comfortably. All soothing earth tones.
    Have a great evening putting your bed together. Happy Full Moon today and Spring Equinox tomorrow. Love and Gratitude, Jan.

  14. Marty says:

    Cool…Your crock still can have problems using a “plastic” bottle. Albeit heavier and breakable, I found a glass bottle that size (5 gal) @ my local health food store.You pay once forit filled and when you return it you get some back that was a “deposit”.

  15. Thereasa says:

    My couches are white…twill fabric which is removable and washable. I end up washing all the covers 3x a year.

  16. Gen says:

    Our old couch — a sectional — was 23 years old! We gave it to a friend’s daughter and it is still being used. Our new one is brown leather and also a sectional.

    Can’t wait to see how you make the bed!

  17. Andrea says:

    My new couch is blue and we just donated one that was orange. Good luck in your new place. Berkeley?

  18. RACHEL says:

    My (bought used) teak couch has a brown pattern on the cover.
    Yes you can get GLASS bottles for your crock, and they DO come in sizes like 2 and 3 gallon
    (much lighter than the 5 gallon size).
    Enjoy your new place and outfitting it,,,
    namaste, rachel

  19. Annie says:

    I don’t have a couch. Or a TV. Really. But i have a big lighted rack to grow wheatgrass on. So it’s all good. 🙂

  20. juan crovetto says:

    Kevin who in Berkeley cleaned youe soffa ? i live in san francisco and i want to clean my all natural mattress with no chemicalls can you give me the contact number please thank you juan

  21. Liam says:

    I was curious about J5’s diet. I have 2 cats who are big fans of his and was wondering what food you use?

  22. Lorie says:

    Thanks for showing us how it’s done.

    My couch is green 🙂

  23. Karin says:

    My couch is the most uncomfortable couch in the world if you want to sit on it… but it is a really good bed. Did not have one so ‘stole’ this one at my mom’s. Must be about 40 years old but with a nice green cover (the original pillows are also green) still does a good job. And if ever you pass by here…. it really is a good bed. None of my visitors have complained yet.

  24. Gini says:

    I don’t have a couch. Last year my grandson didn’t want to come stay with me saying, “Grandma doesn’t have a sofa!” So I bought a papasan chair with footrest. They have natural bamboo stands with olive green pillows on them. The pillows aren’t all natural fiber and filling so I had to put them outside in the sun and asked the sun to please purify them. After two days the smell was gone. And even natural bamboo is often treated chemically to be imported so I washed them with th hose and left them in the sun too. I have a jungle of houseplants so they help purify the air. The papasan chair is soooo comfortable so now I’m a couch potato thanks to my grandson.

    I bought a wool bed pillow from Dr Mercola last week. He claimed you get better rem sleep than with synthetics. He says the wool is naturally cleaned but it does have a slight smell. I can just hope the sheep were humanly treated.

  25. Mara Mor says:

    Ivory (muslim) futon with blond wood frame.

  26. Mike says:

    Happy that things are going well with the 2 of you .Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and excitement.

    Kind Regards
    Mike J

  27. vdubaya says:

    Gingham blue and white

  28. Lorien says:

    My couch is dark redish with an Indianish motiff on it that repeats. It’s a bit old now but we’re getting ready to hit the road in an RV so we won’t replace it untill we build a home somewhere out west.

  29. Mary says:

    Love to watch your shows….I remember when I lived in Santa Cruz…….now if I could just get back to the West Coast!

    My sofa is handpainted by me; purple, green, orchid, and gold….I got it second hand in good condition..Wish I could put a pic here of it, but don’t know how…will send one to you……BTW, it’s for sale if anyone is interested!


  30. Pamela Pollock says:

    wine colored twin futon chair that serves as a guest bed is our movie chair….we don’t have a proper couch!

    i love how you are teasing us out with the latex mattress demo….keepin’ us comin’ back for the whole scoop…..i was just about to order one from back east and i live in oregon…so patiently waiting to hear the details to save me lots of dollars…i hope! i was intending to buy a latex (talalay) with 3″wool and 1″ organic cotton topper includes 3″ of convoluted talalay on each side with a more solid piece of talalay in the middle (9″ total) for 1695. it will be interesting to see how much yours cost and where you got it and the cover…do tell!!!
    thanks, pamela

  31. Anne says:

    My couch is chocolate brown and was a steal at the time I moved into my current flat. The people who sold it had it advertised for $600 (had paid $1300 for it about a year prior)on Craigslist. I’d seen it because I’d visited their apt which they wanted to sublet but I got another place in the end. I also turned down this beautiful couch because of the price. They were leaving for Montreal and called me back to tell me they would let it go for $250 so I took it.

    And I’m really happy with it.
    You really can save a lot by buying second hand if you are prepared to shop around. I recently bought a six month old Juice Fountain (Breville) juicer which was hardly ever used for $40. Bargain and it works beautifully. I had hesitated for the fancier green juicers that extract juice from green leaves better but you know what? This one is so convenient and easy to clean that I’m sure I get so much more use out of it. I juice first thing every morning before running or training and love it!

    I really enjoy your posts and videos. Keep up the good work it much appreciated.

  32. Patti says:

    Wow!We have been looking in to Latex for almost a year–since our sleep number mattress of about 7 years developed mold between layers. (We did get a refund). Knowing now about toxic mattresses, we are hoping you will mention where you purchased yours as we have been sleeping on the floor while trying to find a less expensive latex one. Thanks for all you guys do!

  33. Joy says:

    BTW, you will find that crock gets stinky over time – especially in warmer climates…I ended up switching to this pump and it is SO much better – awesome – easy to move around…and el cheapo!

  34. Sue says:

    Yay! Gray!

  35. Swirl says:

    Hi there, My sofa is purple, but it has a yellow quilted slipcover over it. Very washable. I had it made out of a kingsize bedspread. Loved it so much, I had a slipcover made for my chair too..out of a twin bedspread.
    I bought an awesome tabletop water filter from Dr. Mercola. No more bottles!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  36. Brenda says:

    My couch, chair, love seat are smoke blue with some ivory and a tiny bit of rose. way cool organic latex beds made in Fort Bragg California. I am looking forward to hearing about yours. 🙂

  37. Lisa says:

    Interesting. I looked up natural latex mattresses. Next time I buy a mattress I will most likely buy this kind. I’m wondering if you use glass bottles for your crock. I’ve heard that plastic is more porous and allows bacteria to grow. I also thought plastic emitted toxins.

    Couches – Blue denim and light olive green.

  38. Mary Artemis says:

    BLUE – big blue. I moved from east bay area to stamford, ct. You guys are doing the opposite! Nice to watch as I am personally acquainted with Lamorinda (lafayette, moraga, orinda area). We now love hanging around Bethel and other CT areas. Still have the blue couch though.
    Mary from Stamford, CT

  39. Bill Murphy says:

    We have a big blue second hand couch, with two matching armchairs. I have never bought couches, dining settings etc new, always second hand. This one came form my wife’s cousin. We gave him a carton of beer for it…lol

    We also have a water croc similar to yours, but ours looks larger and deeper. They are awesome. It used to be a ceramic water filter, but we put upturned bottles on it now. 🙂

  40. Isabelle says:

    I almost never buy anything new from a real store…I love antiques shops, thrift shops, flea markets and places like goodwill…I just bought a “new” couch – it is gorgeous! it looks totally new…I got it from a place like goodwill for $150.–…new, I am sure it was a $1000.– couch…I also had it cleaned top to bottom and it is lovely – it is a cross between tomato red and old rose and the fabric is like corduroy without the lines! anyway, in my house the shape and color are perfect in front of the fireplace and it is very comfortable which my old couch was not…..
    I prefer recycling and giving new life to things other people no longer want. It isn’t just a matter of economics altho I can travel the world with the money I save from buying brand new stuff. One of my favorite things to do is to take old stuff and paint it. I love to paint furniture – tables, chairs, picture frames whatever, make them beautiful by painting designs on them. I used to do this for a living when I lived in the States… would love to do it again as I love painting something someone has discarded because it is all scratched and ugly…just give me a sander and paints and let me make it gorgeous!

  41. I have an oak-framed futon couch with an earthy brown futon cover! (I secretly love questions like this. It’s so interesting to see people’s responses! : )

    Lisa Marie
    Owner, Rite Chocolate

  42. Annette says:

    I thought you had said that you are allergic to latex. Latex may be great for some, but it would kill me. :>)

  43. Gail Jensen says:

    How fun, Kevin! You’re just too cute!
    Enthusiasm and excitement is ‘catching’. I found myself getting very excited for you to open up the box! LOL

    Now, I wasn’t sure about what was so great about latex mattresses, but I guess I will learn why.
    Some comments to the other readers:
    #9 – Jonathan – very interesting stuff – thanks! (saw the video and checked out the website)
    #19 – Annie, would love to hear more about your lighted wheatgrass rack! Pictures?
    #21 – Papasan! Oh wow. I used to love those, and haven’t seen one in a long while. Didn’t know they still made ’em!
    #23 – Mary, I hear ya! I need to get ‘back home’ out West, too..!
    #25 – Annie, which Breville model is it? I have checked out every model and read the Amazon reviews and just cannot decide which seems to be the best and whether it will do what I need.
    #32 – Annette, hmmm…latex allergy would/could also have an issue with a latex mattress? Really? I have latex allergies, but my understanding was that it was more often when it came in contact with moist areas of the body (ie, I really could not do latex condoms, or dental dams, or have examinations with latex gloves). Gives me something to think about..

    I’m not sure I get the need for a crock, or anything else, but I’m glad you’re excited about it.

  44. Lorraine Lott says:


  45. Richard says:

    Kevin, You Didn’t mention from where you bought the Natural Latex. Please give all the details on the next video. Thanks.

  46. Linda says:

    Watching your progress with great interest. Thanks for sharing! My couch is micro soft fabric in a taupy-sand color. bought new because I was a heavy duty booty. lol

  47. Maya says:

    I’m surprised you drink “bottled” water – those plastic containers contain BPA among other nasty chemicals as all plastic does… why not purchase an RO or distillation system. And it will end up costing you less in the long run than buying water you don’t even know where it comes from.

  48. Leam says:

    Khaki with a sage green slipcover. The design of my couch is very similar to yours with the fold out sleep bed. Since it is used for guests to sleep on I thought a slip over would be a good way to protect the seat cushions that become the mattress.

  49. Sharleen says:

    The couch we are using is my parents old and I emphasis “OLD” couch of black vinyl from 1970 with a huge tear on the bench. Ugly and very uncomfortable to say the least!!!

  50. Please share with me – is this the hundred percnet natural certified organic rubber from nirvana safe haven?

  51. Yamina says:

    Hey Kevin !
    My couch is a japanese stuff, easily removable for the visitors, that you can deplace all over the appartment. It nearly don’t curve when you sit down on it, very, very compact, and very, very heavy. Into a solid cotton tissu, it is covered with an indian beige fringed blanket, itself recovered with a profound blue plaid, like greek seas in the middle of summer, itself covered with a more little piece of white, rosy, and thiny blue baby blanket, synthetical, often washable. And a lot of cushions, red, orange, green, burgundy, goldy, a dazzling of warm colours on the pale, cool tone of the covers.
    So cute your cap ! Elegant colors that suit you very well…

  52. ann says:

    Hope you guys are getting all settled in. Am waiting on the mattress vid. Anyhow, I was just curious as to why you picked Cali to live. I’ve visited there and it is a beautiful state for sure. But, I know you guys do most things natural, organic, clean, no chemicals, etc. etc. etc. And, Cali. is one of the most polluted and crowded states of our country. (No offense to anyone there.) Are you at all concerned about pollution, smog, overpopulation, and now the Japan radiation situation creeping up over there, (even if it is in low amounts.) Don’t you have any concerns about all of that?

  53. Cortney says:

    Our sofa is tan, or it was before the kids but we have some great all natural cleaner from meleluca that gets any stain out! I’m somewhat new to your site but I’m lovin it! Your video’s and emails are awesome. Would love to meet you guys if you ever came through Fort Worth.
    Peace to all!

  54. smita says:

    So excited you guys are in the bay hope to see you guys more now!

  55. Veronika says:

    We have a water crock too! We just need to make a trip up to a spring soon.

    The water at Mt. Shasta was amazing and energizing, but that’s a long trip. I should check out the Calistoga springs. The only Calistoga water I’ve encountered had that strong sulfur smell to it coming out of the regular tap water, but maybe the spring water isn’t like that. Do you guys go to Rattlesnake or Howell? On, some people report rust and debris in the Howell pipe, so I might go to Rattlesnake first.

    What is the name of the Green Cleaner you used? We would love to have an option for green cleaning! =)

  56. Will says:

    I’m happy for the two of you, I now am a proud owner of 2004 Coachman Chaparral 5th wheel which I now live in. It’s my nice apartment on wheels.
    My couch has colors like light blue,grey,green,brown in designs. Its nice and comfy. Thank you for sharing your lives. You remind me of a real good couple of friends.

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