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Two years and two weeks on the road…

One day in our new apartment!

Check out our new place, our plans for it and how we’re going to hook it up so it’s eco-friendly and we don’t lose our shirt decorating it.

Come on over…

Your question of the day: What apartment tips and ideas do you have for us? How can we save money, be more eco-friendly, etc?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Veronika says:

    Yay Berkeley!! I live in Oakland myself, but you’ll love the Bay Area in general. I lived in Berkeley for 4 years before moving.

    1) Join the East Bay Raw Food Meetup! (formerly known as Oakland meetup). Potlucks every month, and lots of other great events. This meetup tends to have the most action.

    2) There’s an “SF Living Foods list” (it’s not a meetup, but an email list where they announce events), also monthly potlucks.

    3) “San Francisco Bay Area Rawfood Meet Up Group” is associated with Pena Pachamama, a great Bolivian restaurant that also serves raw food – the musician-owners are raw foodists!

    4) You’re already friends with a bunch of the raw folks in the North Bay – Shea Lynn Baird, John Kohler, so no need for introduction there.

    5) There are also a bunch of North Bay potluck email lists, such as Petaluma, Marin, and a few others. Marin also has a raw meetup group.

    Have fun!

  2. Veronika says:

    Oh, and there’s also a FREE event called Alive SF that’s a combo of pilates, raw vegan potluck, and massage. Here’s the link:!/event.php?eid=202110163134397

  3. Veronika says:

    And to help with your budget:

    You could join the Oakland chapter of (maybe they have one in Berkeley?). is really popular for free and cheap stuff.

    Urban Ore is awesome…if I think of other places I’ll let you know.

    Side note: for yoga, 7th Heaven on 7th St and Ashby is my favorite studio. I’ve taken classes at a lot of places but they’re still my favorite for the variety, and down to earth vibe.

  4. Theresa says:

    Congratulations Kevin, Annmarie, and Johnny 5 on your new home sweet home! May all love surround you, at all times, in all ways.

  5. This is so incredibly inspiring..

    This is my ultimate dream.

    Thanks for sharing your space and intentions.


  6. Shira says:

    Wow, I kinda got the shivers after hearing you’ve moved to Berkeley. You both popped in my head when I was running this morning and I thought of Berkeley…no joke!

    We are fellow RV’ers, presently in Northern Ca, but I grew up in the Bay. I love the second hand shops in Berkeley…they’re great! You will no doubt find some cool stuff.

    I graduated from the Acupressure Institute many years ago, so I was there quite a bit. Love Cafe Gratitude, they made our wedding cake….it was amazing!!

  7. Jana says:

    Congrats on your new place. Since you have empty kitchen cabinets, a show on stocking your pantry would be nice. As for eco-friendly, I’d like to know more about household cleaners. Also, what kind of container for the freezer is a good choice?

  8. ben says:

    What about a magnet bed?

    also how come most of the stuff in the store is out of stock?

  9. Kathleen says:

    Welcome home.
    The East Bay and surrounding area has so much to offer! My very favorite place to find goodies over 20 years of age is at the Alameda Flea Market on the first Sunday of each month. The good news for you is that it was rained out this past Sunday, so it’ll be going on this Sunday. As far as salvage and thrift stores go, there are many, many to choose from, but my favorite overall is Thrift Town in San Leandro with their huge selection and very well organized items. Someone already mentioned Freecycle or the free section of Craigslist which, if you’re patient, could supply you with everything you need for your whole house. In Oakland there is a place called Builder’s Resource and it’s similar to Urban Ore in that the merchandise comes from old houses, but it’s only carries building supplies. Lastly, if you go to one of the salvage places in the Berkeley area you can ask for the list of all the different yards in the area that they kindly gave to me a few years back.
    A blank palette…Have fun!

  10. Lisa says:

    Welcome to Berkeley! Use the tool library at the public library. Also, if you decide to grow stuff, the ecology center has a seed exchange. Of course, if you want to save money, go to the Bowl or the farmers markets. As was mentioned, between freecycle, craigslist, second hand stores, urban ore and the flea market, you can avoid buying new and the ikea syndrome. Of course, there’s also some great stuff left on curbs, if you have the time and patience.

    I just left Berkeley after 23 years (and the previous 28 in Oakland). I’ve moved way far away to El Cerrito. I love the East Bay! I hope you are happy here. Between the weather, the parks, the culture and the diversity, it is a lovely place to live.

  11. Barbara W. says:

    Congratulations guys! So happy for you both 🙂

  12. Beth says:

    Check out online sites like Ebay, CraigsList, Kijiji, and FreeCycle.
    Re-Stores are usually have a wealth of inspiration and unique objects. Some even sell paint at a fraction of the cost.
    Do you have a Salvation Army store near by? That can be another great place for deals.

  13. eyla says:

    Congrats Guys!!
    Will post any ideas on eco friendly stuff if I think of it…

  14. Yamina says:

    Hi Kevin and Ann !
    One day, my husband returned home late from his job. His eyes were nearly felt off his head ! “- Where is the slatted bed base ? – Oh ! I have given it… – What ?! – Yes. I think that it is better to live near the ground, like ancient cultures. Flexibility is one criterium of youth… Someone who cannot sit down, get up, do many actions on the ground is old.” So, many comfortable carpets, japanese tables, down-pillows, huge or not, is the main furniture of my home. To make compromises, I tolerate short armchairs, removable chairs in the kitchen, desk chair for my alter ego who is nearly ready to work on his computer on a japanese table patiently awaiting him in a corner of the appartment, but all that is up to certain centimeters is banished from home, except my husband, of course !
    I hope that this idea will be helpful for you and please receive all my best wishes for this new settlement !

  15. Nadia says:

    Welcome Home! I love your tip about the toilet tank. Will definitely do that in our home.

    Since I moved here we have become friends with our local antique shops, swap meets, thrift stores, pawn shops etc. Really great places for getting almost anything you need or want, cheap and used.

    We also frequent yard sales, garage sales, estate sales all the time. Its a lot of fun, like treasure hunting, and with the right intention you usually find the exact thing you need.

    One thing we do to be more eco friendly in our home is to not use all the light bulbs. For example, above our bathroom mirror is a row of 8 light bulbs.. we only use a couple – no need for all that light and the electricity that goes with it.

  16. Joe W. says:

    You don’t need to put anything in the toilet tank, you can simply adjust the float level lower. It usually has a slider on it or you can bend the arm.

  17. Rene says:

    It’s so fun to see your new “home” and hear all your plans!

    Thought I’d give you another thought for a bed! Don’t know if we showed it to you the first time you were here…it’s very grounding!

    We made our mattress by purchasing heavy duty organic cotton fabric (used for making futons) bought a heavy duty zipper and sewed it on the fabric for our mattress. We then ordered about 200 lb. of buckwheat hulls (just like they use in the buckwheat pillows) and filled the mattress with it. We’ve been sleeping on it for about 7 or 8 years and we love it! We found an old water bed frame that someone was giving away and we use that as the base. When we made ours I couldn’t find any commercially made, but since then I see that some companies are actually making them. It was fun to do it, it really only too a couple hours from start to finish.

  18. Veronika says:

    Another great place to shop for produce is Monterey Market in North Berkeley. Sometimes their organic produce is even a little cheaper than the farmers markets. Doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. They’re mainly a produce market so they have a great selection.

    And I’ve found the energy there to be a lot more calm and happy than Berkeley Crazy/Angry People with Big Carts/ Bowl. Just being honest, even though Berkeley Bowl still has it’s perks and we go there too sometimes. The new Berkeley Bowl in West Berkeley (same area as 7th Heaven Yoga) has much more space, and a slightly better vibe.

  19. Veronika says:

    Oh, and Monterey Market gets much of its produce directly from the same farmers who sell at the Berkeley Farmers Market.

  20. ramona potter says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and life. We use cloth wipes instead of toilet paper for the #1-can’t quite use them for the other, but we are saving a lot of money.

  21. Diana says:

    Hey guys, so excited you’ve moved to Berkeley.

    Check out Spiral Gardens (not far from your warehouse space)–public land converted to raised vegtable beds and they are a non-profit and are able to sell produce from the Berkeley Farmer’s Mkt at wholesale prices.

    Also near your office is Omegha Salvage (similar to Urban Ore, but closer). There is a ridiculous amount of second hand, thrift, vintage and consignment clothing and furniture shops nearby, including kid stuff

    Check out ForageSF for learning where and what to wild plant forage locally (and more).

    People often put out “big garbage” curbside for anybody to pick up. Already mentioned is the Berkeley Freecycle website (I do not have much experience with it), and always garage sales.

    Join East Bay Rawfood Meetup, 2-3 events each month.

    I can go on and on, but I have to get back to work!

  22. Marcla Green says:

    YAY for y’all!!!! Like above posts… trash day!!!!! you can find AWESOME antiques and REAL wood furniture poeple think is trash!!!! Craigslist free listings.
    Do you have a balcony or something to grow food?????
    I love all of Cali…wish I could be there, my best friend is there (in Bako).
    YAY… at least the apartment is bigger than the Kale Whale!!!!!

  23. esther says:

    Wow fantastic we’re finally neighbors!! Wuhu!!
    The Berkeley Ecology Center is great! It has everything you want to know about ecofriendly living. Check out the Eco house that they give tours for!!

    Wow I’m sooooooooooooo excited! Come on raw vegans of the Bay Area lets all welcome Kevin and Ann Marie to lunch a Gratitude in Berkeley!

    It’s going to be the Best Year Ever Now!!

    your tallest fan!
    ps- Check me out at the Berkeley Public Library I do fresh food demos for our literacy students there!

  24. Amber says:

    Yay so glad you are in Berkley! Congrats! Enjoy your new place!

  25. Kuru says:

    Plants to make a house a home and eco friendly! I saw a window in the bathroom where a plant (herbs?) would be ecstatic. Maybe a window veggie garden if you have another with good light:

    Congrats on settling in!

  26. Daphne says:

    Can’t wait to see how you are going to spend your budget and what new ideas you can give me to make some positive changes in my home.
    And cycling to work is awesome! I do it myself. Well… if the weather is really too bad I take the bus, but it’s such a nice start of the day to be outdoors on your bike.
    Have fun with that!

  27. My husband and I just moved to a new apartment last month too 🙂 I spent some time making long flat cushions to serve as a japanese-style seating area, and can lay flat to be our spare bed. Like a home-made futon without the frame! Like what you were talking about doing to make your own mattress – just get extra materials and stuffing. I used a hempcel fabric that I got from a girl up here in Canada, but in the US NearSea Naturals is a great source for hemp and organic cotton fabrics. So I made 2 of these cushions 20″x60″, and one that’s 20″x40″. The 2 long ones go on the long side of our coffee table (made by my husband from some reclaimed wood), as a base & back. The short cushion goes on the short side of the table. So they are both against walls to lean, and then when we have people over we can take the back part of the long seat and put it on the other side of the table for extra seating. We use yoga mats under the cushions so that they don’t slip (and then they are dual-purpose – another way to be eco-friendly, reducing unnecessary things). For sleeping, the 2 long ones go side by side with the short one at the feet or head. Then I have a bunch of large pillows that I sewed from more of the hemp fabric. Our last place, we bought a used futon and then sold it, but this way we can move this with us easily. I also sewed us curtains from some undyed hemp fabric – makes for nice light that comes in while giving privacy.

    We also have our mattress on the floor 🙂 and for now, we’re using our storage boxes & a suitcase each for a dresser. Storage boxes also make great clothes hampers and recycling bins.

    Also – for ‘art’ on our walls, we have a huge map of the world on one wall, and a huge map of Canada on another. You could do the US of course. Now we’re trying to figure out how we want to mark the maps with the places we’ve been, making it personal without making it too messy. I’m also working on a photo wall, with photos of all our travels and adventures.

    Sorry this is so long… just got excited sharing 🙂 Have fun settling in, and enjoy the bike commuting! It’s the greatest…

  28. Denise says:

    Hi Kev,

    Congrats on your new apartment!
    One eco-friendly idea is to flush the toilet less. Ok, maybe it’s a little gross, but it depends on how you feel about it. If it’s just you and AnnMarie and you know that you aren’t going to be having any guests over, you could flush less, maybe after every 3 or 4 uses, instead of after every 1 use of the toilet. Of course, this works only, ahem, in the case of Number 1 activity. 🙂 Also, eliminate or reduce the amount of plastic as much as possible. Denise

  29. cid says:

    Congrates…..must be a great feeling to be grounded. Great decision not to be in Denver.

    Freecycle is so great.
    Just google Berkley freecycle for group nearest you.

    would suggest if you sign up, do individual messages…..if you wait for the digest will miss things.
    zip 94701-94720

  30. diane says:

    Awesome. I love your openness and your excitement for being frugal and green. You are a man and woman after my own heart! Keep sharing.

  31. Irondoll or Pat G. says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood, Kevin and AnnMarie! I like your place a lot! Are there anymore vacancies in your building? I’m moving soon, I think.

    BTW, I’ve been watching your program for several years. I was sure you’d go back to CT again after traversing the country in the Kale Whale…I so want to do likewise one day.

    If you want to meet really kind, super nice, vegetarians many who live in ahimsa, join I’m a member, formerlly a board member, and they have wonderful weekly events. They are a wonderful group of people!

    Also, the best farmers market in the bay area is on Tuesday nights in Berkeley. Small and comprehensive, no longer go there, since I live in Daly City. My ex (R.I.P.) and I always went!

    Hope to see you soon at a local event.

  32. Congratulations on your landing, Kevin and Annmarie! I am so excited for you!!!!


  33. Maria says:

    WOW!! Thanks so much for sharing with the fab tour…I REALLY need to know all those things you’re gonna show us as ye set up ‘camp’!! Heck I even need a matress and loooove making things (and second hand shops too…). THANK YOU, I can’t wait to have a super-cheap, super-eco London flat:-))…And then observe the shifting impact it’ll surely have on my diet. You guys ROCK (and that inclused Jonny5 of course;-))xxx

  34. I have an AWESOME tip for you if you want to paint your walls sometime : ) Maybe not? But anyway…

    * This paintcolor is made from coldpressed flaxseed/linseed oil and natural colorpigment

    * It’s totaly toxicfree and unharmful for the envoirment, humans and pets.

    * It’s really good to switch to this type of paintcolor since the “normal” paintcolor contains a lot of chemicals, toxins and cancerogenic ingredients!!

    * The churches in Europe started to use organic linseed paintl in the middle ages around 12th century and in the 18th century people started to use it to paint their loghouses and after that they started to use it everywhere they could cause they saw how amazing this was.

    * When you use this color the wood can breath and you will never get mold in your house and the house can stand forever!

    * We have used this organic linseed paint everywhere in our house, on the walls, insideroof, different furnitures and more. It looks sooo good!!!
    All the colors you can choose are very natural colors and you can really see how the color gets more and more beautiful by time. : )

    I live in Sweden and here we have several retailers and brands of organic linseedoil, but I could only find one in North America!

    And the funny thing is that they sell organic linseed paint from Sweden!!! 😀 The brand they sell is REALLY GOOD, on of the best on the market!!

    If you want to read more about that brand they have and the history, read here:

    and here:

    Have you heard about this before?

    Hope I helped a little ! : ))

    Take care!

  35. […] If you want, come see our new apartment in Berkeley as I give a tour on the show here. […]

  36. Gen says:

    I can sure relate to your excitement about settling down for awhile because we (my husband, daughter and THREE cats) lived in a 33-foot motorhome for 2 years when my daughter was 7-9 years old. It was wonderful, but then so nice to have the space again in an apartment. Eventually we bought our own house and settled. You’ll always want to own a motorhome though, even if it is just a small one, because of the freedom and flexibility it gives you. Once an RVer, always an RVer — at heart, anyway.

    I am happy for you about your new adventure and I would think after being in the outdoors so much, you’d want to surround yourself with lots of plants (including catnip for Johhny5), and perhaps do a show or two on houseplants and indoor gardening.

    Many blessings.

  37. Kelly says:

    Hi Guys,

    I just discovered you while I was perusing through YouTube searching for info on the process of digestion of fats. I love your show and what you do and congratulations on the new home! Currently I only have one little tip, I like to use rocks in my toilet tank as they disperse water and kinda give it a Chi effect. Good luck on everything and I will stay tuned regarding the eco friendly mattress 🙂 can’t wait!!

    Best Regards,
    Kelly 🙂

  38. RACHEL says:

    Congratulations on being open minded to other than Denver and grounding yourselves!. Don’t
    know CA. but tag sales and used everything stores, closeout stores, flea markets are great browsing.
    About 90% of my furniture, lamps were purchased USED. (Bartering for anything is a great way to meet people and to save money. I am a reflexologist and love exchanging for other body and energy work). Just make sure to purchase well-made items that you like, not simply something cheap, then they will last and fit your sense of function. You can put a piece of glass over your new table if needing to protect the top.
    I have been not flushing urine every time I go for years, so I flush maybe every 2-3 times, a great water saving device. namaste’, rachel

  39. Renee says:

    I am so excited! Woo Hoo! You live like me! I cannot wait to see your shows as you settle into your new home!

    Thank You!

  40. Amanda says:

    Hi welcome to your new home. I hope you will be very happy there.

    I’m in England and we try, like you, to be as environmentally conscious as we can.

    We have organic hemp wallpaper in our hall, eco paints everywhere else, a bed made from 200yr old reclaimed wood, a cotton futon mattress, 25 or more bicycles mostly rescued from the metal recycling lorry (you can’t have too many bikes!), secondhand furniture and clothes from charity shops and from Ebay. We just bought a fantastic Nilfisk hoover from Ebay really cheaply. Even this laptop was bought secondhand on Ebay! We also made organic cotton and hemp curtains using new material for the house.

    We’ve got filters on our shower too. Don’t forget you can get filters for garden hoses as well if you are growing food (we often run out of water in our water butts so have to use it).

    A sewing machine is high on my list of good eco purchases so you can repair and make stuff. I’d never be without one.

    It’s great to know others are doing similar stuff.

    Best wishes, Amanda

  41. Peg says:

    Congratulations on your new home. I am looking forward to hearing about your eco and budget friendly projects.

    I am looking for a good paint for a cement floor (basement flooded last summer, carpet gone never to return)–anyone have any ideas?

  42. Stacey says:

    Check out where you can post your want list and search for items that you want for free.

    This is where I find my mason jars and neighbors who have fruit trees that need picking.

    Salvation Army usually has sales on Friday’s for 50% off, however their prices can be high for 2nd hand items.

    Craigslist has a wanted section and garage sale section under For Sale.

  43. christine says:

    Thanks for the tour. Regarding the water cistern – an old brick works if you can find one from a builder’s site or demolition site. Works the same as the water bottle you mentioned in the video by displacing water but as its heavy it doesnt float and get in the way of the flush mechanism.

  44. Patty Garcia says:

    Hi guys—So excited for both of you! I am also excited about the up coming shows where you will show us how to make our own mattress and how to install water filters in the kitchen. Thank you for caring and sharing

  45. Adriana says:

    Congratulations on getting into your new place, thanks for letting us all visit. I have been doing humanure composting here at my place for several years now. If you haven’t read Joseph Jenkins book on Humanure composting I hope you will. Excellent reading, with really great cartoons too. For me it was a very memorable read because it had unusually high liberation value in my own life.
    Recently I have noticed a rise in general interest on the topic, and that some people are doing this in their urban apartments somehow. The Bay area seems really advanced in waste management, from things i have noticed about recycling and garbage regulations and etc.

    Hope you totally enjoy being in CA, I cant see why you wouldn’t. Cheers

  46. D says:

    Congrats again to the both of you! I see there’s quite a few of us in the Bay Area as well. I think you picked one of the best places with a large community of people that have the same mindset, we’re actually thinking on moving to Berkeley but we’ll see. Looking forward to the next shows about our place.

    I think everyone else mentioned some of the info I would have mentioned, so no need to repeat.

    Enjoy your new place 🙂

  47. Geri says:

    I love that your furnishing your place like this! I love thrift stores, yard sales and curbside finds!!!!! Usually those are free things. Just a little paint and wow, you could have a cool place! Look on craigslist for free things also!!! Have fun!!!

  48. Nomi says:

    GO AWAY!!I really want a new natural latex mattress!!! And I have been dreading even looking into it as I know they are soooo expensive!!!! I am so excited to be learning soon how to do it on the cheap(er)!

    Congrats on landing! I figure any town that has a raw smoothie bar (tiny as it is) has to be the coolest place ever to live.

    I love Consignment stores for furniture and nice dishes, etc…Even tho I need very little if anything else (maybe a little art work for the walls) I still drop in on the local consignment shop regularly. Almost everything I own was purchased that way and some other ways on the cheep. I am willing to wait til I find what I like. I am not big on getting upholstered pieces as there could be bed bugs and who knows what else tho I’ve done that too with measured amounts of caution and trust.

    I noticed you have a wall heater in your new place. A nice warm comforter will be very welcome winters and many nights. Why heat the whole house when you can stay warm in the bed?
    And sweat suits and (faux) UGGS

    I’ve put bricks in toilets and half gallons jugs filled with water. Here, In SoCal the water is terribly expensive and I have some fruit trees I need to share it with so my flushing involves only throwing what T.P. must go in the toilet the ‘other’ (only girls actually create this) goes in a wastebasket. Hey urine is sterile you know…nothing ‘dirty’ about it. Because if you want to hold off on flushing it’s not good to allow the toilet to fill with paper…eps here as I also have a septic system and it’s not a new one.

    I hadn’t been to Berkeley in many years til a few months ago, what a great vibe. Love the Bay area. Enjoy this new adventure….

  49. Diana says:

    Great video guys!! You’ve really made me aware that I’ve been eco friendly for most of my adult life. I’ve been doing it for years out of sheer necessity as I didn’t have the money to buy new. But looking at my space now, I’m actually very proud of the beauty I’ve created on a shoe string budget. I think I’m going to give a virtual tour of my space soon too. Thanks for the great idea. Love you guys!


  50. Dr. Raleigh says:

    Welcome to the Berkeley, good choice ! I am so happy for you guys. Both of you and the Kale Whale deserve some serious down time, or at least to be able to stop driving for a while ! Let em know when you are ready for your house warming present.

  51. Heather says:

    Joel and I just got Brompton folding bikes so we can bike to work, farmer’s markets and the health food stores. With the touring bag on the bike, I can fold the bike (half fold) and take it into the grocery store, using the bag as my cart. Surprisingly, you can fill the bag up really full with all kinds of heavy things (produce, nut butters, apple cider vinegar, etc.) and the bike still rides like the bag is empty!

    Plus, it folds up so small that you can take it into your apartment with no space issues.

    With gas prices rising and parking issues in LA, we are loving these bikes…plus you can take them to Peru in your suitcase for no extra bike fee (they are 20 pounds), then ride your bike everywhere when you get there! 🙂

    Have fun — I’m excited about your new adventure!

  52. Welcome to Berkeley and wanted to point out that the Berkeley Bowl is an amazing place to shop…so check it out and if you ever come to San Rafael we have an amazing farmer’s market at the Civic Center on Sundays.

    Great that you are into bikes….Mt. Tam is also amazing for hiking!!!

  53. Sharon says:

    Nice looking apartment! I miss my old lifestyle of having no car and walking and bussing and taking the train everywhere. Not only was I was more fit but also had more time to read while using public transit. You’ll love it there!

    I hope you both got tested for latex allergies since it’s VERY common!!! I had to get rid of a latex mattress. Better to find out beforehand since at least 1/3 of the population are allergic. That’s my tip!

    Do you have a balcony? You could get a worm composter to put your juice pulp and veggies bits in. Makes great soil. I guess with J5 you’d have to be careful or you’ll have kitty castings too, lol! You can get smaller ones to keep in a cupboard. Done properly it won’t smell (throw the stuff in the food processor or Vitamix to break down really small and it will be gone within a day.

    How about some urban gardening?

  54. Tara Burner says:

    Congrats on the new place!!!
    Enjoy 🙂

  55. Hey guys, check out Salvation Army and Goodwill for some cool stuff to furnish/decorate your new pad.

  56. Angie says:

    I’m so excited for the ideasinstructions on making a mattress! I’ve been needing a new mattress, really wanting it to be natural, and not having a budget for one…either the latex or the cotton with buckwheat hulls (mentioned by another reader) sound like they may be good options.

  57. Colleen says:

    Congratulations! I know you will be happy no matter where you end up! Filling your home with second hand treasures is, I think, the best way to furnish a home. Your giving things new purpose, your not filling the landfill, and you’ll probably have the coolest, cosiest home around. I noticed all the great comments about the restaurants, exercise spots, etc. in your new town. I would also check to see where the nearest spring might be. Gotta have that cool, pure, water!! Best wishes and lots of love to you both. ~Colleen~

  58. Janice says:

    Will you be using an Earthing Sheet on your bed? I just received mine from The Longevity Warehouse. Hope it is as great for my health as David Wolfe says.

  59. Gina says:

    Hey Guys: Congratulations on your new place. Sorry I didn’t get to see you when you were in West Palm Beach. Rene should have called me. There is a Yahoo group that is called Freecycle. You need to join and then you will get posts daily of people getting rid of things by giving them to others for recycling instead of just throwing them in the trash. Good luck on your new adventure. Gina in WPB

  60. sesameb says:

    Congratulations!!! I still use second hand shops to get all of my own cotten, linen, hemp and burlap fabrics clothing. Also, local charities here in Arkansas are so helpful as well. I have been doing this since 1991 after settling in the state of Arkansas, near the thermal springs. I made my own mattress also, from donated cotten, linen, muselin fabics. My own short bio can be seen in this wonderful book: Vegetarians and Vegans in America Today by karen Iacobbo and Michael Iacobbo. Also, I have been car free for 20 years and counting. I have a bicycle, and I use the local intracity transit. Recently, a local chairty purchased a monthly bus pass for me because I met the low income guidelines.
    Dew, barefootin’ drinking spring water
    rural south central sunny Arkansas
    *I wish you both very well. I use to live in Santa Cruz, California for a short time, and loved it!!

  61. Gordy says:


    Glad you found a place to reside for awhile. Glad to hear you want to work close to the business and pump out more real shows! Yeah!

    Kev, I have an old 5 gal. toilet tank from 1949 in my homestead house. I found an adjustable toilet float @ home depot for around $11. It is plastic and has an adjustable screw on top of the float to set it at the water level you want for the most economical flush. It also has a porous plastic tube that lays on the bottom of the tank and forces water around the base as it refills to help keep circulating the entire tank water w/each flush. I love it!
    (Works better than the plastic milk jug filled with rocks and water!!)

    Enjoy your new space! Love ~G

  62. Amy-Marie Wiechert says:

    Oh, I am so happy for you all and so excited to know that you both will be giving us good tips on how to set-up an “earth and environmentally friendly” apartment. You might be grounded but you are flying with new ideas. How about a Kev Green Handyman Show? lol

  63. Karen says:

    Many congratulations on your new apartment – it looks lovely! Love your chair too!

  64. Pamela Pollock says:

    hello annmarie and kevin, way to go! we used to live in the bay area and urban ore is one of our favorite places to go shop! i still visit it when i drive down from oregon and am visiting my friends in emeryville. there are also cool flea markets in alameda and santa cruz…not too far away! there’s a great goodwill in san rafael and a fun thrift store in mill valley, i think it’s on miller avenue. well, good luck to you both in berkeley! love, pamela

  65. Laura says:

    Congrats on moving to Berkley! Love the Cafe Gratitude there (well love Cafe Gratitude everywhere).

    I just saw an inspiring video about a Zero Waste family in Marin County (spitting distance from SF).

    Check it out. Lots of great Eco friendly ideas. The wife also has an interesting blog that goes over how to organize and downsize and stop the waste.

    Warning for the sensitive vegans out there. These people are not veggie folks but IMO they certainly have a great thing going. Gotta believe with time they’ll see how much less waste is generated outside the home by going vegan (or at least primarily vegan).

    Best wishes,

  66. Hi Kevin and Ann marie,
    Do you have particle board in your kitchen ir bathroom cabinets or drawers etc. If you do you can line them with activated carbon fabric or seal them with a nontoxic sealant you wont absorb any formaldhyde from the partilce board

    if you buy things from good will you might have a horrble downy smell or other fagract odors from them . Check out the mystical page for removing toxic odors from upholstery.

  67. Brenda says:

    Please let us know if you run across any Doctors that you would highly recommend from the East Bay. After listening to the Great Health Debate, you have me motivated to find a new doctor and have the appropriate yearly testing done.

    Also any acupuncturist.

    Many Thanks!

  68. Tammy says:

    Congrats on the new place. Check out to find free stuff in your area. Thrift stores like the Salvation Army store or the Habitat for Humanity store are also great (if you have those in your area). Best of luck to you both!!

  69. Sharleen says:

    Instead of buying paper towels, we cut up old bedsheets, towels etc and use them instead

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