How Does Chelation Therapy Detoxify Heavy Metals? : The Renegade Health Show Episode #771

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While I was hooked up to the UV blood irradiation machine, Dr. John Monhollon and I had a chance to talk about some of the other things he does at his clinic…

One of them is chelation therapy for heavy metals as well as for providing nutrients direct to the blood for those who need fast and effective care.

Watch as Dr. Monhollon explains the history of chelation therapy and how it works.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Have you ever done chelation therapy?

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If you want to learn more about Dr. Monhollon’s clinic in Sarasota, Florida, here’s where you can go:

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  1. Leam says:

    No…appreciated his simple explanation on how it works.

  2. Janet says:

    Yes, I’ve done chelation therapy – for mercury, lead and aluminum toxicity – but with DMPS plus Glutathione, not EDTA. (in Canada). I have “chronic fatigue syndrome”. The Alternative and Complimentary doctor I saw did various tests, one being the chelation challenge test which revealed the heavy metals. The mercury must come from my years working in the dental field. Duh! I wasn’t too smart! And there’s a synergistic effect between mercury and lead which makes the symptoms worse than if you just had one heavy metal.
    I had a very hard time with the chelation therapy – got much sicker. I stopped after 10 treatments due to my decline in health, as well as finances. The test after 10 treatments did show a significant decline in the metals though. But I was scheduled to have another 10 rounds at least.
    In the meantime I’ve been building myself up with superfoods, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and chinese herbs – a lot of which I’ve learned about through your show! So thank you very much Kevin and Ann Marie. Your sharing of knowledge has meant a lot to me. I think my hormones are out of whack, so Dr. Williams 2 programs have really helped a lot.
    When I reach a certain level of health, I will consider what to do about the heavy metals. Right now, I’m leaning towards Zeolites and other less invasive solutions than IV chelation. I do take chlorella & put foods known to detox heavy metals in my smoothies.
    Thanks for the very broad range of info you’ve been sharing on your show. I look forward to it every day.

  3. Mary says:

    I had several rounds of chelation at the Born Clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have heavy metal toxicity, including mercury, nickel, cadmium, lead and arsenic. I have no doubt in the validity of those tests, because I worked in the offices of a chemical company for several years and I found out that my well water had a bit too much arsenic. The testing after chelation showed that I am one of those individuals that has the metals on the inside of my cells (not just attached on the outside), therefore, the chelation didn’t really help rid me of them. I’m now undergoing 10 sets of DMPS shots, spaced three weeks apart. In a month or so, I will be done with that and get tested again. I do believe it is working. My energy level is up and I’m back to going to the fitness center. Before, I was TIRED all of the time. We shall see what the next tests show. I can say that chelation was beneficial to my overall health, though. I could see physical changes, like healthier looking hair, nails and skin. I was suprised since I eat mostly vegetarian and get a variety of produce into my diet. We all have room for improvement! If you have heavy metals, then your hormones are almost certain to be affected, too. My levels have changed toward the good since I have gone through chelation and I hope they will continue to improve.

  4. Austin says:

    I have been dying to try chelation therapy. Using some herbs at home would be an ideal backup. I’m starting with bacteria & fungal detox first -> then probiotic re-build -> that way my body is in full operation (without any blockages) for when i start my heavy metal detox.

    Kev & Ann – You should setup a geo-map on your website showing the best doctors throughout the USA (& eventually the world). You should be able to filter these doctors by type & type of therapy/ treatments. You meet sooo many good doctors – so you would be the ideal people to provide such a service! If you don’t know how to do such – then contact me and i would be glad to help. Thanks for all your efforts!

  5. Ashley Bechtold says:

    I am currently doing Chelation Therapy and Hydrogen Peroxide IV treatments. I was a little nervous at first to get them but now I am sure that it was the right decision. I have more energy and my skin is clearing up. I’m feeling better and better all the time!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Why stop at the USA, I would like to hear about good doctors across Canada too esp western Canada. Thanks again for the health tidbits. I am learning so much. Became vegan from omnivore 2 weeks ago for a birthday gift to me. I know the road ahead is a long one. Keep the good info coming!

  7. Peter says:

    The best and safest way to chelate heavy metals is with the oral protocol of Andrew Cutler, PhD. Google “Andy Cutler protocol” and educate yourself.

    The worst and most dangerous way to chelate is intravenous DMPS. This is because the drug pulls large amounts of metals out of storage sites in the body, and dumps them into the blood faster than the body can eliminate them. The mobilized metals then settle into the brain, liver, and kidneys, and the patient gets sicker, as Janet did (response #2 above). For more horror stories, see

    Do not trust doctors and alternative practitioners who don’t understand the chemistry of what they are doing. Most don’t.

    Andy Cutler understands the chemistry.

  8. Paul says:

    Hi Kev,

    I am just wondering whether you guys have heard of Orachel (Oral Chelation) Plus tablets which is touted as a natural way to clean and purify your blood similar to chelation treatment without the pain? See product sheet here: []

  9. Mary says:

    Hmmm…is chelation cheaper or more prevalent in Canada? I think I paid $85 per treatment here in the US, but we do have a cottage in Canada. Just curious since it is definitely not covered by Blue Cross insurance.

  10. Cherry says:

    This was very interesting with all the history behind things. I like the mapping idea presented by #4 Austin. Would like to hear more on this subject. Thanks for all you do.

  11. Jasmine says:

    What was the purpose of getting your blood irradiated?

  12. Patrice says:

    I have done chelation therapy as has my partner. He had it done for heavy metal poisioning, he grew up on a farm and was exposed to everything including arsenic. I had the therapy twice a week for 2 months back in 2000, I was diagnosed with CFIDS and unable to get out of bed. The therapy worked wonders and when I could afford it I went monthly. I also had IV therapy for the flu, high dose vitamon c with hydrogen peroxide, which also just knocks it out. Unfortunately the doctor we went to in CT was put through the mill for using chelation to treat people with heart disease, alomost lost her license and know that treatment is banned here.

  13. Bill Stringfellow says:

    I’ve had 20 chelation treatments over the past six months to clean out Mercury, Iron, Nickel, Thallium and Cadmium. Every week I get EDTA and every other week I get EDTA and DMPS. Treatment ranges from $125 CDN to $240 CDN.
    My energy level is great as the heavy metals love to live in your adrenals and thyroid.

    Recommend the treatment to anyone with heavy metal toxicity

  14. Bill Stringfellow says:

    Sorry forgot to mention my doctor’s name Dr. Cline located in Nanaimo BC Canada

  15. Joseph Kétèll says:

    about 20 years ago when I was 49, I have done chelation therapy in the Netherlands because I had angina pectoris symptoms. I could no longer walk 50 meters without pain. By the chelating and by drastic changes in my lifestyle, I was healed within three months and till October 2009 I felt extremely strong and vital. But in October 2009 my wife and I were in Salt Lake City and I felt no good during a couple of days, so I walked into a hospital, I was examined and the doctors suggested an acute blockage of 6 arteries. I was hastily moved to the big hospital in Salt Lake City. And I had surgery two days later on October 18, 2009.
    There was great urgency by the cardiologists, something I’ve questioned afterwards.
    In any case, I was so vital that I was fast recovered from the surgery and was completely healthy again within 4 weeks.

    Back in the Netherlands I once again started chelation treatments, now as a precaution to avoid getting complaints again.
    But I discovered that in the USA oral chelation is offered, including Dr. Michael Cutler. He claims that oral chelation is as good as intravenous treatments.I would appreciate if you could give your opinion on this to me.
    We are more than two years traveling through the U.S. and would like to stay familiar with the alternative medical possibilities.
    Thanks and best regards
    Joop Ketellapper
    from the Netherlands

  16. Catherine Meade says:

    I’ve used Zeolite with great results for the treatment of chronic pain from reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

  17. Steve says:

    Back in the early 90’s I had chelation therapy for high levels of Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, & Arsenic that was in me.
    The first Dr. closed his shop 6 months after I started treatment and it took me about a year to find another who did Chelation in my city (Austin, TX).
    It was very expensive (over $100 per visit) as I had to go 2x per week and sat there with a needle in my arm for over 2 hours each time. They used EDTA alternating with DMPS (every other visit) and also a glutathione cream that I rubbed into the skin of my inner forearms just before my dentist removed all of my old metal fillings. During this year & 1/2 process, I had to give weekly urine samples for the doctor to check my kidneys to be sure that they weren’t being over stressed as the metals were eliminated.
    All in all I think it helped, but it’s just about as much fun as the 10-day fasting with high colonics and coffee enema’s that I had done the year before.

  18. jackie says:

    I never had chelation, but my parents did several times years ago. I don’t think they had any heavy metal issues though; just did it to clean out their blood.

  19. Mark says:

    I had “10 percent blockage” in my main arteries as determined by a cardiologist via stress test and MRI.

    My symptoms included loss of breath after exertion, high blood pressure,cold hands and feet. I am a skier and could not make more than several turns before I had to catch my breath.

    My Cardiologist put me on blood pressure meds and statins. I started to loose muscle strength in my arms, to the point I couldn’t pull the clutch on my motorcycle. The pain was awefull. Cardiologist said it wasn’t the statins or blood pressure medicine, but the more I read the more I realized it must be from these meds. 2 weeks after stopping the meds my muscle strength came back and the pain went away.

    I started L-arguine, citroline and Vitamin C. I then used a oral chelation (EDTA) therapy that I found through a reputable source on the internet. It seemed to help some, but the chelation was rapidly depleding good minerals, like magnesium, etc.

    I then read about Vitamin K and or natto pills disolving blockage and switched from oral chleation to using a combination of Vitamin K and Natto pills (which is fermented soy and has high levels of Vitamin K) and after 6 months of using K with the L-Arquine mixture, no more high blood pressure, no more shortness of breath, feet warm, hands warm. Last week, I went skiing in Utah and was in the best shape I have been in at least 30 years. So I think the Vitamin K and natto combined with the L-Arquine mixture did the trick. I don’t know how much the oral cleation helped, but I think it must have played a important part to my wellness

  20. hyesun says:

    i also have heavy metal toxicity but am afraid to get IV chelation. i tried the edta suppositories but i couldn’t even handle those. i felt absolutely terrible doing those, and i didn’t even do the full strength. right now i’m just sticking to zeolite, clay baths, infrared sauna, chlorella, cilantro, and other nutritional stuff. also OSR by dr. boyd haley. i was doing modified citris pectin for a while (pectasol chelation complex) also. i am about to retest so we’ll see how all this has worked.

  21. Sanjula says:

    Just right in chelation Therapy.
    I also suffer from CFS. have high lead, aluminium and mercury levels.
    The treatment is to swallow a DMSA tablet on waking up, than going to the doc and getting an EDTA Infusion (in the Infusion is also Magnesium and something to open the small blood vessels and something else I forgot) after 3-4hours EDTA running through I also get a mineral Infusion. 125,- €. I go every 2 weeks.
    I am also very exhausted, and it is difficult to go through with it but not as bad a health decline as Janet shared, but I had only 3 yet !!! I am supposed to do 20 too. Hope for good results eventually

  22. Mary says:

    One thing that can help with chelation and getting rid of toxins in general is acupressure. I would love to see a series on that. I go to Arkadiy Sariksov at the Born Clinic for that. He can help rid your liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder, etc. of toxins. After my first treatment, I just about slept 24 hours as my body worked on detoxifying. Afterward, I felt a huge increase in energy. I was a little skeptical of acupressure, but I am a full believer now. It really helps. This guy is good and so is my doctor, Tammy Born. Check them out at if you are in Michigan. They would probably be good for some interviews. Arkadiy is from Russia and he learned to do acupressure there. I must say that he knows his stuff. Dr. Born is very well versed in natural health and she encouraged me to see him.

  23. oreganol says:

    I’ve heard of it but never really looked into it. I’ll read a bit more about it. Sounds great, but I don’t think I need it. Is it expensive? Is it always safe? I can imagine some clinics may add other things into the cocktail and maybe end up causing some damage.

  24. hyesun says:

    oh my gosh, i just called my naturopath about the UV blood irradiation because i wanted to try it, and they said that they don’t do it anymore because the FDA was cracking down on it. the fda is such a crock of #%^@!!!!!! they make me so mad…..

  25. briannaG says:

    Yes I have! I used an oral chelation treatment (DMSA), haven’t tested my levels again though, since I finished treatment. Will be interesting to see what happened.

  26. Melissa Monroe says:

    Does anyone have experience with the product Detoxamin? It is metal chelation by suppository.

  27. Melina says:

    The doctor in the video did not go into much detail about how chelation therapy also helps disolve and pull out “pathological calcium.” Pathological calcium is calcium that is deposited in the wrong places like in your soft tissues (organs,joints, ateries, etc.). According to my research this is the main reason that it help circulation and heart health. There are several theories as to why calcium is deposited in the wrong places. The leading theory now is that nanobacteria cause these calcifications. Check out the book the Calcium Bomb to learn more about this. I personally have not tried chelation. However, I managed to get my high levels of mercury and aluminum down to normal (measured through hair analysis) with wheatgrass juice, chlorella and by following the Hippocrates raw vegan diet for awhile. I no longer follow the Hippocrates diet because I see it as a temporary cleansing protocol. It did not sustain me long term.

  28. Kuru says:

    I’ve done chelation IV, but consider it radical. I felt very depleted after. Replenishing minerals is a must. I’ve heard about good results with Zeolite which is not invasive. Great story about Natto, Mark.

  29. hyesun says:

    MELISSA (#26):

    see my answer in #20. even that was too much for my body. i used another edta suppository called kelatox – same thing as detoxamin.

  30. PamelaL.J. says:

    I had IV chelation therapy in the early 1970’s (’71-2). It was supposed to remove lead that was in my blood from riding & driving the L.A.freeways. (Gasoline in those days usually contained lead.) The treatment was at the Alsleben Clinic in southern Calif. – in Orange County – I don’t recall which town or community.
    I fainted once after a treatment. (I think I had 10 treatments.) Frankly, I doubt it was worth the time, money (for the chelation + the supplements), & discomfort.
    Clearly, there must have been improvements to the treatment in the intervening decades, since it’s still being recommended.

  31. myrna c says:

    I am extremely concerned about the chelation treatments my daughter has been having. I have done some research that suggests that to much of this treatment can pull to much Iron and other necessary elements from your body and cause some more serious problems. Is there a problem with having it done more than once a week and how is the Iron and other key metals that are necessary for life replaced after they are pulled out in massive amounts? She actually seems more tired and her brain does not seem to function as aptly as it should. That is the only thing different that she is doing. After the treatment she smells like death, I’m not kidding. I ran with the ambulance for 17 years and the smell is horrific. Has any one had problems with over treatment with Chelation? Thank you. concerned

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