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austin skyline growing
The Austin skyline growing…

We’ve settled into Austin and last night went to an Improv Show downtown…

This is the third time we’ve been to a performance like this and we absolutely love them.

The best one we’ve seen was in Atlanta, but the other two (in San Francisco and Austin) were good too.

It was actually nice to get out and do something non-work related.

Anyway, today, I’m going to answer some questions from this past week about diet.

I realize that since there are a lot of you out there who are new as well as a lot who have seen some transition in our work are wondering about where we stand on diet.

The truth is nothing much has changed.

Let me explain by answering some questions from you…

The first question is from Natalya:

“Kevin, You are not raw foodist any more?”

Thanks for the question, Natalya!

We are, and always will be, high raw eaters. That’s the title of my book and I stand by it.

One thing that I’m certain about when it comes to diet is that consuming plants (many raw) in high percentages (calorie and volume wise) is a very smart and prudent approach to health.

Almost across the board, in all long lived cultures (with VERY few exceptions), you will see 70-95% of their calories coming from plants.

So no, we definitely have not jumped the raw food or the plant-based diet boat. 70-95% of calories coming from plants can still be defined as a plant based diet (many of them from raw foods is a high raw diet.)

What I have been doing lately is attempting to find out what is true, what is kind of true and what is patently false in the diet and healthy eating community.

This way we can come to better conclusions as well as, together, spread convincing and truthful knowledge about eating more plants and killing less animals as a global community.

In order for people to understand the value of a plant-based diet (meaning 70-100% plant foods), we need to get our information right. We can’t spread half-truths and nonsense.

I think we can all agree, no matter if you eat animal foods or not, upon that.

Back to raw foods, just because I feel there are some things that are misrepresented when it comes to raw foods, does not mean that I’ve abandoned the concept at all.

I embrace it and welcome everyone to try some version of it – whether it’s for 3 days or 3 years.

Also, as a service to you and everyone who reads this blog, my commitment is being honest about my diet.

Whether is benefits me or not.

As we’ve traveled around the country, we’ve learned that the vast majority of raw foodists eventually go back to eating some cooked food or animal products.

This could happen in 6 months or in 10 or 20 years, but more often than not, it does happen.

So it’s only fair to share with you what is happening with Annmarie and I, instead of letting you believe something that is not reality.

I also share, whether it benefits me or not, because I realize that many people and experts don’t share their dietary changes because it’s not good for business.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe it doesn’t make good business sense to talk about goat’s kefir with everyone (since many who read are vegan), but it’s the truth.

So that prevails.

As we move forward on the blog and content, I think you’ll find we’re open to many different approaches in diet as long as you’re getting tested, you feel great and you’re managing all the other aspects of your life that create great health – like proper sleep, exercise, stress relief, enjoying your job and relationships and connecting with others.

Next up from unknown… “Does this mean that you think all vegans should eat some animal products?”

No, I don’t think so.

It’s amazing how assumptions fly, isn’t it.

I attempt to be very specific with my words when I write (much more specific than in videos as many of you have seen recently!)

I have never said that all vegans should eat animal products.

As I dig deeper into diet, what I’m realizing is that people have varied requirements based on their previous conditions, their climate and their genetics.

If your blood tests and your results are showing you the vegan diet is working, please continue – but please continue to get your blood tested as well.

This health thing, isn’t a one and done deal.

It requires maintenance like a garden.

So the only thing I’m asking vegans (as well as all other eaters) is to be honest with themselves when it comes to their health, be willing to experiment if things go wrong and have as much compassion for our environment and animals as possible.

From Sayward:

“Did you try to heal yourself/raise your levels within the parameters of a vegan diet *before* you resorted to adding animals? Or did you go straight to the animal products?”

Great questions, Sayward!

At one point I was taking 6-10 vegan supplements a day to attempt to override my deficiencies – B complex, DHA, Vitamin D, B12, a mineral supplement, protein powder, chlorella, and more.

I also adjusted my diet to add more cooked foods to see if that would change the way I felt as well.

This was over a 2 year period.

When I was introduced to goat’s kefir, I resisted greatly.

First, because I hadn’t had any dairy in over 8 years.

Second, because I wanted very badly to stay vegan (I did eat honey.)

Third, I had too much vested in vegan as who I was – on the blog, our business, etc.

So there were a LOT of influences keeping me away from animal products.

What it always came back to, even when faced with all these considerations, was that I wasn’t feeling great and my blood tests reflected it.

So I had to make a change. After the introduction of goat’s kefir and yogurt, I immediately felt an increase of energy, slept better and many issues started to clear up – my acne started to disappear, my knees stopped aching after a run, I gained back weight lost, I was able to retain muscle mass better, I could get out of bed in the morning, etc.

During that time, I also experimented shortly with raw eggs in my smoothie, but I’ve since stopped. I have no idea if I’ll reincorporate this or not, though I’m not opposed to getting farm fresh eggs locally from sustainable and conscious people.

So to answer your question, no, I did not go straight to animal products. I wanted very much to continue to be vegan. It was a much easier solution for me and everyone else involved to stay where I was, but the health I was experiencing was not optimal and eventually that would have likely gotten worse.

Now, also I need to be clear, I’m unsure how long I’ll continue to eat kefir.

Foods have their place as medicine and for a depleted body, some things work very well while others don’t.

Down the line, I’ll revisit my diet and take inventory of what is happening and likely adjust again.

Stay tuned…

I want to know your thoughts: What do you want to hear about next week?


Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. For next week I would love some recipes 😉

  2. Christi says:

    Just curious, does Annmarie eat goat’s kefir too? And where do you get the goat’s kefir?

  3. Beth says:

    I appreciate and applaud your honesty with your readers / viewers.

  4. O says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I think its so important to be honest with ourselves in our health journey. If we are taking a so many supplements to stay health then we must rethink that maybe our diet needs some improvement. So I totally agree with you. Health is always the key and you are seeing benefits from the kefir then it must be helping.

    I just recently found your site (today actually) while searching for info on whether nutritional yeast aggravates yeast infections. That was a good video by the way as I have been changing my diet recently to rid myself of the yeast affects in my body. I have been on my health journey for about 5 years now and started by simply moving from whole to skim milk, then to soy milk then to rice milk. I now have eliminated white rice, beef and pork from my diet. I also started to drastically increase my intake of fresh fruits and veggies. But for some reason could not rid myself of the yeast. I took expensive probiotics and even olive leaf extract. But that only provided temporary relief. Recently I began to experiment with no cheese at all and saw some improvement. I wanted to add vegan cheese to my diet to see if that aggravated it and came across your site. I will see what happens. Thanks for the info.

  5. I love your honesty Kevin. Out of all the books, websites and e-mails I’ve run across since last May, you have become one of my favorites. Thanks so much

  6. Colleen says:

    Hi Kev, I LOVE the transparency with which you write. It is one of the reasons that I have chosen to trust you as a source of my health information. Keep it up. Let those who don’t see things the same way find a source that they feel resonates with them. We must all do this to stay true to ourselves. I trust the things that you say because you strike me as a person of high integrity. That is very important to me. Best wishes as you help us all unravel the mysteries. Sending love to you both. ~Colleen~

  7. Anyone who truly has eaten 100% raw and cleaned out the typical and prevalent toxicity will notice a definite negative effect when they eat even a small meal size of calories from even the best cooked foods such as sweet potato, baked or steamed. I know I do. So, unless a person is literally going to “starve” after not being able to eat their usual raw fruits, etc, then there is no need for cooked foods. Of course most people “want” and desire them, or they like being “bigger” (but pound-for-pound they do not get stronger) by eating beans or potatoes, or worst choice “cream of the crap” refined grains, brown rice. If anyone here can honestly say that these “clean cooked foods” do not sap them of energy, cause slight nose run, dehydration, etc, then these are the people who do not know what it feels like to have their “machine” really in tune.

  8. Cassie Rhea says:

    Hello, Kevin! I love your style! Your honesty is greatly appreciated. I’ve been a raw foodist (very high raw), superfoodist for about 5 years. Hearing information like this is wonderful! Keeping our minds open to new things is AWESOME…it’s great to see you being true to yourself and to your fans! I have never had my blood levels checked, but I am VERY INTERESTED in doing so and will soon!I appreciate you and Annemarie sharing your results! May you two have a magical day!

    Cassie Rhea

  9. Kelly says:

    I may not agree with this type of eating, but I keep coming back, because I appreciate that you are on a health quest – and tell the truth about your personal results.
    I’m all about everyone trying to feel THEIR optimum.

  10. Miha says:

    Thanks Kevin for your honesty. You are doing great job!
    Ps: if you stay honest, you will be left with only readers that appreciate honesty 🙂

  11. Jessica says:

    I think honesty is the best policy. 🙂 With you revealing your diet adjustments, it shows that you have integrity. If anything, people should respect you more for being truthful. Thanks for keeping it real!

  12. elf says:

    Thanks for your honesty regarding what you eat!

    I have a question about one of the things you said when telling about Annmarie’s body wash. You wrote that all soaps that foam are too alkaline and damage the acid mantle barrier. Does this include MSM soap? I was told that this soap did not have the issues of other sudsing soaps. It is so hard to know what is real and what is hype. The fact that you tell it like it is regarding your diet makes me think you will do the same with my question.

    As for what I want to hear about next week, whatever you choose is great with me. I’m so new at this, I wouldn’t even know what to ask for. I always love your shows, you do a great job of “teaching” on all sorts of levels. Thanks!

  13. Pamela D says:

    Thank you for telling us where you stand today in regards to diet. Since you asked what we’d like to see on the blog in the future, here’s a vote for a thoughtful approach to an ethical diet. Health includes personal integrity. Can I maintain my personal integrity if there is some perceived health-based reason that I must consume animal products? I have staked nothing less than my worldview on the assumption that I can live well without milk, eggs, or meat.

  14. Candi says:

    Thanks for sharing with us, Kevin! I love how you are flexible and of high integrity all the way!! I added eggs back into my vegan diet after 6 years, but that didn’t last long. 🙂 I wanted to try it but felt I was betraying the label of “vegan!” haha. I since substituted the label of “vegan” for the word “healthy.” I follow a healthy (for me!) diet – no labels required.

    Good for you for putting health first and having the courage to share it all with us!

  15. Mary Ann says:


    I have only recently “discovered” you, Ann Marie and your website but I am SO HAPPY to find an honest person who is trying, just like all of us, to eat as healthfully as possible. I live in cold Northern Wisconsin and I will also make a HUGE pot of vegetable soup when I absolutely need something warm (on those -50 to -60 days). I know I am still eating healthier than eating processed foods or animal flesh.

    Take care of yourself and keep up the good work, it is so very much appreciated :o)

    Love & Light
    Mary Ann

  16. Gini says:

    “I’m not opposed to getting farm fresh eggs locally from sustainable and conscious people.”

    Yes, I like them to be from conscious people too!! LOL

    Sorry, I had to comment and know that was just a typo but it gave me a good laugh!

    I do agree with everything you said. Thanks for your honesty and inquiring mind & all you do!!

    Also, I’m glad you two took a break from work and did something just for enjoyment. That’s important too and you deserve it.

  17. Rose says:

    Thank you, Kevin. Your honesty makes your work and your promotions all the more valuable. I wish you all the very best in your continued search for health, and thank you for sharing it with us all.

  18. Kimberly says:

    Your honesty is why I have kept up with your website.
    Keep up the good work!
    Maybe for next week you could discuss foods that help the skin?
    I heard cinnamon is good for the skin are there any other foods
    that help keep the skin healthy in the dry winter months?

  19. Alice Harper says:

    Thanks for being so open and honest, now if our elected “leaders?” could be so honest…..Hmmm.
    What ever happened to transparency?

    Kev, you and Annamarie are really great. I always feel I can trust what you say. Thanks for that!

  20. Marie-Line says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I really love your transparency… it is so rare theses days.
    I’m 54 years old and trying to go vegetarian or one day = vegan. I have a few helth problems (overweight, thyroidism).
    I’ve cut my animal meals to 3 per week, been off milk for 15 years (5-6 sinusitis per year). Here in Quebec, it is so much easier to eat veganlike during summer then winter (cost of fresh fruits & veggies). I did get your HIGH RAW e-book and tried many of your recipes. Thanks for all the good work you’re doing. I’ll keep in touch.

  21. Monica says:


    hahaha just kidding…Gosh, Kevin, the way you were talking, I was fully expecting you to say that you were now doing the paleo diet – eating raw dead animals!

    But a little goat’s kefir and maybe free-range eggs? Nah, that ain’t so bad.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 28 years, and my 22-year-old son has never had a bite of meat in his life. I am 100% rock solid that NO ONE ever needs dead animals in their diets, ever. I just refuse to believe that we must kill other creatures in order to be healthy!

    I have never understood why vegans resort to eating dead animals to correct deficiencies, when they could just as easily accomplish the same thing by just adding a little eggs and/or dairy.

    I think it is far, FAR better to add some kefir/yogurt/eggs than to eat a dead animal! Sure, conventional dairy and eggs cause untold cruelty to animals…but you CAN find cruelty-free eggs and dairy! Whereas there is no such thing as cruelty-free meat.

    So I say go for it! I commend you for your honesty! I’m transitioning to raw vegan right now myself, after dabbling with it for all these years, but I reserve the right to eat a bit of yogurt or kefir or eggs occasionally if I feel I need to. I’m not interested in playing a game of “who’s the purest of us all”. I think if more vegans were willing to go ahead and do a little eggs or dairy, they could nip it in the bud and avoid backsliding into eating dead animals again. Better to eat kefir or eggs NOW than to eat dead animals later.


  22. Christina Dodson says:

    Kevin, I will ALWAYS be one of your raving fans just because of how HONEST you are! I’m convinced that everyone needs to do what’s best for their own body, and it sounds to me like you’re right on track with that.

    As for being vegan, we are not either and furthermore, I highly doubt but what we’ll EVER be. We eat “high raw” as often as possible, but we don’t go so overboard that we can’t enjoy life. We have bloodwork taken regularly and if it shows we need “more protein” then that’s what we work on with the healthiest sources possible. 🙂

    You guys are doing a great job – keep up the good work!

  23. Frank says:

    How about laying out a typical day of food consumed by Annmarie and you? I think that would be helpful for people. Thanks for the post 🙂

  24. Rawguru says:

    I appreciate you and Annmarie and what you bring to the movement so much. You are a true student and are therefore a wonderful teacher too! Thanks for the update and for being open with your viewers and the community.

  25. Roberta McMillian says:

    I appreciate your honesty so much. I respect and trust you because you tell it like it is for you. The longer I live here, the more I understand how multilayered life is, no one size fits all. Thank you for sharing your life and journey. Are still taking the nutrition course? If you are, I would like to hear more of what you are learning. I’m sure you could teach some of their courses. Love and blessings to you both, Roberta

  26. Sarah says:

    How refreshing to find such open honesty and someone who is truly in search of health rather than a religion. Thank you. It makes everything you say have more value.
    I don’t think there is one cure all diet. I think people change as their needs alter and diet changes as our bodies alter. Raw suits some people permanently, for others it is a detox, it can be a 10 day detox or a 10 year detox. This month your body likes kefir, mine likes raw egg yokes, who know where we’ll be next month, next year….One things for sure we wont bump into each other at a fast hamburger stall!

  27. Mark says:

    I love the way Daniel Vitalis put it — no human culture has ever evolved on a purely vegan diet. One of the biggest issues I have with the raw food and vegan communities is the assumption that because certain individuals seem to find those diets work for them at whatever point in time, doesn’t mean that others will feel the same. As a species, humans will always consume animals either in the form of milk, blood, meat, etc.

    I do pose this to the raw/vegan community, though. Ruminant animals are capable of repairing degraded landscapes — deserts, eroded gullies, overgrazed pastures, etc. They’re one of the only creatures that can facilitate this. http://www.holisticmanagement.org/

    What cultivation method of fruits, vegetables and grains can do this? Outside of your ecologically managed home garden or the Asian rice paddies — NONE, at least on a large scale. So from an ecological perspective, unless you’re growing your own raw foods (which is impossible in most of N. America all year round.) you are relying on a very destructive system. Animal proteins and fats are the most efficient (in terms of (human or fossil) energy return on energy investment) forms of food there are.

    I am advocating a more realistic health approach. Locally raised animal fat & protein and pro-biotic, bacterial enhanced foods raw and cooked foods. For our energy starved future, it only makes sense.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking space, Kevin!

  28. Thanks for your forthrightness and honesty Kevin.

    There’s obviously something in the goat’s kefir that you were not getting on your high raw vegan diet. Maybe you’ll need it long term, or maybe it’s just a matter of correcting a long term imbalance and then you can maintain it on a vegan diet.

    Only time and testing will tell.

    As you know, I share your firm belief in testing not guessing.

    Blood work is one way and another is conscious observation of your body’s signs, symptoms and functions. These are skills I teach people in my Assess Your Own Body Chemistry online course at assessyourbody.com

    You’re looking at lab and signs, symptoms and function in order to assess what your body needs. That’s great. And you’re working with a practitioner with the experience to guide you.

    I’m a long term vegan (over 25 years) and in my practice have on a number of occasions recommended fish oil for those who can’t convert their short chain omega 3 fats from flax, hemp and chia to EPA. We know this from testing.

    It’s important to avoid dogma when it comes to health and seek your own personal truth. We are all a little different.

    Looking forward to hooking up with you while you’re here in Austin

    Big Hugs

    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

  29. Chris says:

    Chris Califano.. I love you!! (Just kidding!!).. But I SO AGREE with you.
    Being Vegan almost 3 decades.. I can speak from experience and say One NEVER has to add in any type of animal food back to their diet to feel well, sleep well, etc. I live and work in the Midwest, thru the summer and winter, its still EASY to be a raw Vegan.

    If you are going by blood tests, etc. . know that you are comparing yourself with people who eat cooked, dead and devitalized food, and most of them are sick. If you want to compare yourself with sick people, go ahead. I have no need to do that. Each year I get stronger, healthier, and more vital than others my age eating the SAD diet.

    VEGAN means NO Animal products of any kind. Please do not call yourself a vegan if you are not one of us.. Its not hard to be a vegan, all it takes is cleaning up your body and getting it used to a higher standard of living. At least it appears there are 2 of us that know what we are talking about. .

    Someone has to stand for animals. No animal ever has to suffer pain or fear or die so I may eat a meal. I’m vegan, raw and proud of it.

  30. Gerry Karr says:

    Hi Kev- Regarding diet, no one cares what you or anyone eats. But I have to tell you, it is a little disconcerting when you were promoting one thing, and later doing a 180. Make up your mind already! I am not here to try to follow your changing opinions- and for sure, not to buy your products, when you could change your mind about the efficacy of the products at any moment.

    Take someone like Doug Graham- he is into vegan, raw to boot, and he sticks to it.

    I could also mention that many people are into vegan diets for moral reasons. Where do you stand on that issue? If it is all based on your personal blood tests, then morals don’t exist, right?

  31. Michael says:

    Hi Kev
    I am curious to know what your experience is
    with Dr. Peter D’Adamo and his blood type diet?

  32. dana says:

    I applaud you for your honesty 🙂 I think that what you are doing is great. There is no one size fits all, and in order to maintain balance each person needs to recognize what best fits their dietary needs. I commend you for telling the truth…and not feeling the need to continue to fit into a stereotype (i.e raw,vegan). I was raw for two years and have since incorporated some cooked foods back into my diet, every now and them some animal products as well. I feel great and am constantly accesing what my body needs. Keep up the awesome work ,and thank you for sharing the truth with the world, you are much appreciated.

  33. Adam says:

    Great post Kevin! My wife and I have been down this road before and are actually now eating an omnivores diet and stopped thinking about food as much as we used to. Don’t ever feel ashamed for these choices they are wise and sensible!

  34. alison says:

    Thank you for your honesty. You have not mentioned specifically if the goat kefir you are consuming is from raw milk (or if you did i missed it)- i’m assuming it is….I joined a buyer’s club and added raw goat kefir to my diet last spring and it has helped me immensely in many ways – my skin got softer, I have more energy, it improved my digestion. It has the ability to colonize the gut with healthy bacteria and I believe it creates a feeling of wellbeing. I’m sure you’d agree -good health begins in the gut. I now make my own kefir which is very easy to do. I want to stress that it is nothing like store bought kefir. I’m sure most of your readers understand the improtance of raw milk vs. pasteurized milk even if they are vegan. Also, by joining a buyer’s club you are supporting family farms and sustainable community. A neighbor of mine also raises goats so I’ve purchased milk from her as well. They are all healthy and happy! Thanks again for your work!

  35. Stacy Waters says:

    I love your honesty, Kevin. I’ve been in and out of raw foods many times over the years and one of the things that always drove me away was all the dogma. For example, someone actually once told me that I would like durian better once my system “became more purified.” (What, I’m not entitled to my own tastes?)

    And can I just say that there are a whole lot of cats in my very neighborhood that seem to be breeding just fine on a cooked-food diet, sorry Pottenger.

    Today I’m a raw almost-vegan (a little honey), but I have always felt that the dogma drives more people away from this lifestyle than it attracts, so THANK YOU for your honest quest for your own truth (which doesn’t have to be a replica of someone else’s theory).

  36. Debra says:

    I’d like to know what in the marine world (spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, etc.) can be a supplier of B-12. I’ve perhaps had a misconception that all the above can be a source of B-12.
    I also have noted that a number of the foods that contain iodine are goitrogens. Does that iodine-depleting part of the food mean the food ends up being somewhat neutral – not really a goitrogen, not really a source of iodine?

  37. Leila says:

    I would love a discussion about salt. Dr. Fuhrman is adament that it is bad and Dr. Robert Young is adament it’s important to have in one’s diet – sodium chloride as well as sodium bicarbonate. So many health leaders fall on opposite sides of this fence.


  38. Tara Rose says:

    I, for one, AM disappointed that you are not still a raw food vegan….which was my assumption when I decided to start reading your blog….really NOT interested in hearing about eating animal foods…I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years, and was very happy when I was able to wean myself off of organic greek yogurt, raw milk and cage-free-cruelty-free eggs—-I became vegan, then raw vegan after reading John Robbins, and I certainly DON’T intend to “backslide”, so yeah, I’m disappointed in you and your “decision”….and in the words of “Chris” “One NEVER has to add in any type of animal food back to their diet to feel well, sleep well, etc. No animal ever has to suffer pain or fear or die so I may eat a meal. I’m vegan, raw and proud of it.”
    I believe you are just trying to justify your decision with all this research and “Great Debate” stuff……
    PS Anyone else notice that Daniel Vitalis looks somewhat bloated and “puffy”, and heavier, since switching to consuming some animal products??? Wonder what his blood looks like???? (He looked much trimmer and healthier before…)

  39. Mila Ilina says:

    if there’s one thing i learned from my own experience.. it’s that our first priority should always be staying true to ourselves and honoring our body and health, regardless of others’ expectations of us. do what you gotta do, do it with love, and don’t EVER feel like you have to justify anything for anyone!

    we love and appreciate how genuine and open the both of you are!!

    Mila 😉

  40. Ellen says:

    I would love your intake on Adya Clarity. Is it hype or real. Thanks

  41. Ineke says:

    I think it is great that you are so honest about your health journey. I personally do not think that there is only one diet that works ALL the time for the rest of your life. However we know that you can never go wrong with making your diet plant strong with the inclusion of sprouts. It makes sense to me that they give life force and therefore to me is the Hippocrates diet superior to any RAW food diet out there. There are many variations on a theme. Could you may be let us know what kind of goats milk kefir you use? I use it sometimes myself and the only one that I have seen is available at Whole foods and a Natural Grocer’s (aka vitamin cottage)

  42. Leslie Crisp says:

    You stated that information about raw foods is often “misrepresented”.
    I personally feel that more often than not, it depends on how the information is interpreted and applied. One can only find what is “true” to their own personal experience and be their own final judge. I have been grateful for the many diverse sources of information regarding a raw food regime and the multitude of other diet possibilities. I believe that the majority of people that take the time to educate the general public, like yourselves, have the best of intentions and I greatly appreciate all of the information that comes my way whether I agree with it or not. I look forward to continuing to tune in to what you and Ann Marie have to share. Many thanks!

  43. Chris says:

    “Almost across the board, in all long lived cultures (with VERY few exceptions), you will see 70-95% of their calories coming from plants”.

    Could you point me to some sources for that?
    I’m curious because from my research this is not the case,more like 40-70% calories from plant food.
    Also I take into consideration that the closer to the equator,the more plant foods.

  44. Fontrella says:

    Kevin, that’s whay I like you and Annmarie. You are honest and keeping it real. That’s why I like your blogs as well as a couple more high/raw foodists. I have been eating a high raw food diet off and on and now I have been sticking with it since I have found that I am feeling much better. I still have animal products but I make my choices when I do. Keep up the good work both of you.

  45. Sandra says:

    It is great your are transparent. That has to be good for your health. I am saddened to hear that there are those who don’t feel like they can be. When we learn something that corrects what we once believed ,we would be foolish not to change. I wish you the best of health. There is so much more to life than food. It shouldn’t ever become an “idol”. I am seeking balance and truth. I think a person is wise not to label themselves. Putting oneself in a box must be uncomfortable. Live your convictions and let others live out theirs. Peace

  46. Amber says:

    Thank you!

    Every time we breath we KILL countless microorganisims…
    phtyoplankton are living creatures…correct?
    When we wash our bodies we kill more small creatures..”Horton hears a who”

    I agree and strive towards a peaceful reality,
    I know that my existince means that plants, microbes and countless other tiny little living beings must die in order for me to exist. I strive for awareness of this fact and gratitude for the flowing cycle of life and death.
    I value all life equaly and thats the conciousness I strive for.
    Real peace will be accomplished when we are all aware and grateful for the flows of energy that give us life, when we are focused on our similarites and not our differences.

    Thanks for being honest, thanks for being peaceful..

    Peace Love and Light

  47. Jean says:

    Kevin, I applaud your honesty and transparency about your dietary changes. A lot of dietary advisers become trapped by their own words and their business concerns into espousing diets that no longer actually work for them. Others hide what they do, you bring your changes right out in the open. It’s a truly refreshing approach even if it draws criticism from those people who feel you’ve abandoned ‘the faith’ of raw foods or veganism.

    You are right on target with utilizing tests as well as your own physical function and well being as guidance for how well a diet is working. If a specific diet is not working with an individual’s genetics or blood chemistry, or digestive capabilities, it’s going to show up in functional failure.

    In an effort to correct personal health issues over the years, I’ve done a variety of dietary approaches with mixed results. Most recently I was a vegetarian for a year, then vegan for 2 more years. I believed in the principles and tenants of veganism and truly thought than everyone should be able to live on plants alone. I was wrong. As a vegan my physical function declined significantly and so did my lab tests.

    As my health worsened and my adrenal system tanked I had to find an alternative eating plan or continue down a severe physical decline. Before I jumped ship from the vegan lifestyle I DID make every effort to correct adrenal function without resorting to animal foods. My body simply didn’t cooperate and my digestive system failed utterly. Ultimately I gene tested and learned I was intolerant to both gluten and casein, and I have problems with B-complex. Actually, I’m intolerant to nearly all grains as well as all dairy. The impaired digestive tract led to malabsorption problems.

    Last year I shifted from vegan to the Paleo eating plan, bringing back into my diet modest amounts of organic eggs and chicken, fish and some grass-fed beef. I did this for specifically for health reasons (to improve adrenal function) and it’s working. I still eat a predominately plant based diet, but I can’t physically survive entirely on plants anymore.

    I really find the ‘vegan or die trying’ advocates vexacious. The idea that absolutely ‘everyone’ can do forever well as a vegan or even vegetarian if they ‘just did it right’, is simply untrue. I believe that most people can do well as vegans. Some people will not, due to their own body’s inability to get the necessary nutrition extracted from plants alone. I don’t think they (or I) should die trying to avoid animal proteins, or even live in poor health due to an physically incompatible eating plan!

    Your own voyage of discovery is fascinating. keep up the great work!

  48. Season says:

    Unfortunately, diet is often a religion for people who don’t have more useful ways to utilize their time. But since we are going there, I would like to ask the last how appreciated it would be to be told that any spiritual changes you made as you became more connected and in tune with your path are null and void and/or compromising your integrity because you happen to be more aware than you were prior…

    In case this doesn’t apply, do you consider science valid at all? If so, apply the same standards you hold Kevin (and likely others) to, to science, and you will find yourself not buying anything, ever, idea or otherwise. We are always discovering new things that make old practices no longer apply, if we trust human development at all.

    If you don’t like that, I guess you might be a fan of bloodletting and leech therapy for treating disease. Or how about the development of Psychology, and that we now know certain behaviors actually do have detrimental effects on childhood development? Should we still be propagating spankings (based on the biblically based ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’)? Or would you rather we stick to our original guns? (A later interpretation of that scripture on the part of scholars found that the word “rod” actually means the scriptures themselves, i.e. spare correction through the word of God, and spoil the child. Just for perspective…).

    If we cannot be adaptable, then we can forget about evolving or bettering ourselves at all. Dogma is a scary thing because it locks us into “one way for all forever” thinking, even if that ends up detrimental along the way. We end up in denial thinking “it must be something else”, all the while, the proof is right there in the experience.

    If you want to use Mr. Graham as an example, do some serious digging into why he doesn’t cite his license anymore, if you can find it without going to central america and talking to the locals (like I did), where he happens to have retreats regularly.

    Furthermore, Kevin, of all people, has done the most in revealing to the public that experts do not always walk their talk. Why would that be? Could it be because certain steps work really well at first for initial stages of healing, and that we need to modulate as we go due to the CHANGES the body makes?

    We can even take David Wolfe as an example, who is vegan, and lives on super foods and power herbs now, and says very explicitly that he could not have started that way when his biological situation was completely different (and he ate 4 avocados a day, a Doug Graham no no, but it worked for him at first).

    How is it that we can have raw vegan superstars like Doug Graham who are having success personally on almost all fruit and no fat, and like Dr. Gabriel Cousins succeeding personally on mostly greens and moderate fat, and even non-vegan health experts like Daniel Vitalis succeeding personally with the addition of wild game to his diet, and several experts with clinical experience succeeding personally and in their practices, with vastly varying methods, if there is one diet for everyone forever?

    Is there no such thing as biological individuality, or constitutional differences, and instead, we should all make up our minds to follow one path for eternity? I will reiterate that sounds an awful lot more like religion than nutrition.

    Trial and error is necessary to find the right place to start, and staying diligent is necessary to thrive. Checking in on the changes our body makes as a biological organism (whether through intuition or a blood test, whatever inspires the most “faith”) and adapting to those changes are why we still exist as a species.

    If you want to judge right and wrong when it comes to how each of us chooses to adapt, you might want to look into the Crusades as a model of where you might be heading.

  49. Michele says:

    The more I learn about healthy eating,
    the more I believe there is not one diet
    that is best for everyone, not vegan, all
    raw or any other.
    As for not eating animal products for
    moral reason. I am a Christian. Yes, in
    the garden of Eden man did not eat animals.
    But later God’s people most certainly did.
    If they didn’t eat animal products than why
    did God label animals as clean and unclean.
    If God allows it, who are you to say that
    it is unethical and immoral to eat them?

  50. bitt says:

    Very interesting. You haven’t revealed that you’ve been using goat keifer for 2 years, you talked about using cow milk and how it didn’t work, then you have a debate and invite lots of pro-keifer people on the show, then reveal it. Interesting strategy to get some acceptance. I am curious if Annemarie is also eating the same diet, you should really disclose your true diet if you are disclosing blood test results.

  51. Thank you for your transparency, Kevin. In the raw food community, for some reason people are revered as the “purest” if they eat only 100% raw vegan, but not everyone wants to do that or can get what they need from that. I’m in the same boat as you are in one sense, because I am high raw (probably 90%) with over 95% of my foods coming from plant sources. I’m just not willing to stress over the occasional cooked olive, bit of cheese or kefir, raw honey or raw egg (or cooked squash, because frankly, I think raw tubers SUCK! LOL). I tried the route of being “pure” and it only resulted in binges on the worst “foods” imaginable (processed cooked junk)! I’m so over that huge pendulum swing, and sick of kicking myself over it.

    Your honesty is refreshing, and frankly, you and Annmarie look like you feel physically better than some others who claim they are eating 100% raw vegan. What you choose to put in your body is your business, and the entire world needs to stop nagging each other about diet. I have very dear friends and family members who are morbidly obese, eat fast food, don’t exercise and refuse to even try any of the foods I make. And that’s ok. Their path is their path. I’ll help if I can, but I was once just like them, and I changed. So each person will do what they can, when they can. I always appreciate your inclusiveness, your honesty, your forthrightness and your transparency about your life. Whether or not other people criticize you is irrelevant. How you feel at the end of the day is what counts. And if you lose clients/money because of your honesty, then you will gain others who appreciate you for something different! Keep on keepin’ on! :oD

  52. James Kahan says:

    I’m so tired i can barely keep my eyes open but i had to drop a message to thank you for your great work. As others have mentioned i absolutely love your honesty, transparency and integrity. It is a great inspiration in my personal and professional life. Also big up Amber in her post before me for pretty much reflecting my sentiments about life and death. Lots of Love to Kevin, Ann Marie and the whole Renegade community, James xxx

  53. Michele says:

    Most of the problem is with eating way too
    much, the wrong kind and unhealthy ones
    from the factory farms.

  54. Anna says:

    Interesting about the acne clearing up, because I remember on one of your shows when you experimentd with raw dairy you stated your back broke out in acne.
    Do you think the difference is the goats milk as opposed to the cows milk?
    Thanks for your honesty.

  55. Season ~ VERY good points!!! I call it people worshipping their gurus and their raw-ligion! It just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, I guess they can do that if they want, but people assuming that it’s ok to put their diet, their opinions and their supposed deities in my face (or Kevin’s, Annmarie’s, yours, etc.) and saying that just because it works for them or because they believe it to be true that everyone else therefore must bow before it is frankly a little disturbing to me. Since when do we all have to believe or do anything, just because it is in print? Humans have written everything there is to read in modern history. We screw up sometimes. In fact, we screw up ALL the time! Why are we being held to religious, raw-ligious or “divine” standards by other mere humans? Bizarre in the extreme (speaking of extremes)!!!

  56. erin says:

    kevin, i’d like to echo many of the comments on this page. it takes courage to be honest about your diet/lifestyle, especially when that also happens to be the way you make your money! you most likely will lose some readers–but that may be a blessing in the end as you hopefully will gain readers who realize that there’s no one diet that’s right for everyone!

    i am not a raw foodist. i am not a vegetarian. i am also not meat-obsessed, animal products take up very little of my diet. i try to eat raw at least for breakfast and lunch. dinner is sensible, mainly veggies/grains with an ounce or two of meat from an animal that was humanely treated and well fed during life.

    i am fascinated by raw foods and health benefits from raw food intake. that’s what initially drew me to you. the reason i read you now though is because i respect the stand that you take–you are honest and you are open-minded. i appreciate that tons. here’s to your health!

  57. Hey Kev,it’s good to know a person like you and your wife. You are honest,this is what is needed to learn. I will be a fan,because i like the way the two of you deal with us,and try to help. I know it comes from the heart. keep doing what you are doing,and I will keeping coming and learning. Great job!

  58. Susan Blake says:

    Great blog – and I agree with your other commentors, love the honesty. I’m a health coach/nutritionist and get asked about vegan vs non-vegan, raw vs cooked, every day! I say try things until you find what works best for you. As you said, we all are different and one size does not fit all. As long as you stay away from GMO’s and meat from CAFO’s, farmed fish, pesticide ridden fruits and veggies, HFCS, and my gosh the list does tend to go on! As do I – just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work!
    Susan Blake from Today’s Path

  59. Leslee says:

    Hi Kev,

    yOu.arE.awEsOme* your honesty & transparency is always appreciated, and you are sharing information & personal experiences that will help many people take an honest look at how they are feeling while following a particular diet & lifestyle path. no one person can say what another needs to eat, as every body is truly different. these blanket-statements need to stop. alot of people in this community are seriously guilty of the “one-size-fits-all” method of thinking. and it just doesn’t work. i know a great many vegans who seem to forget their compassion for living beings needs to be extended to their human brothers & sisters as well 😉 again, i say to you: thankyOu* 🙂

  60. Marisa says:

    My husband and I just got back from Austin yesterday, and loved our stay there! We are thinking about relocating from Jersey. Enjoy the warm weather. 🙂 And I love all of the information you give and your honesty about your diet. Keep up the good work!

  61. “Is there no such thing as biological individuality, or constitutional differences, and instead, we should all make up our minds to follow one path for eternity? I will reiterate that sounds an awful lot more like religion than nutrition.”

    Liked this.

    Kevin, as a fellow researcher in search of the optimum way to live I too applaud your honesty.

    Life is a journey of constant change and expansion. We are not all the same genetically so why would we think that one diet would provide optimum health for all?

    I love the fact that you are open to growing and trying different things to find what works best for you. And I believe that is the key, everyone needs to listen to their own bodies and find what works best for them.

    I am growing in understanding about what works best for me and I share it in the hope that it may also help others. However, I am very aware that others will need to personalise information to suit their bodies and their lifestyle.

    For many people diet does become doctrine and I think that is being a little unloving and unaccepting of the differences between us.

    We don’t need to be ‘right’ in our diet philosophy. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about journeying forward in a conscious way on the best path for us, while accepting that others will have their own unique paths.

    Moreover, having a choice about what we eat is a luxury of the modern world – many people still have no choice. Like our ancestors, they eat whatever is available to them for survival.

    Let’s remember the love people and embrace each other with all our diversity as a celebration of the abundance of life.

  62. Marie says:

    Hi, I am new to your site, and thank you its great information. This is quite a new journey for me. You asked about a topic for next week, have you ever covered candida and what is a good candida diet to rid yourself of it? I have been advised recently that I have quite bad candida and need to have a sugar free diet for a 4 week period and in that no apples carrots etc. I have been living off green smoothies, loads of fruit, bercher museli and veg and fruit juices and now have no idea what I can have in order to get rid of candida. There is so much info on the net I am a little confused as some of it is conflicting. ie rice milk is ok however when you read the box it has some albeit small amount of sugar. I am putting it out there that I find a practical meal plan that helps me as I work have a family have to travel. I have no idea how to make a tasty smoothie with no fruit in it. I have put on so much weight its really getting to me I have little to no energy its a challenge to get out of bed some mornings. Sorry I seem to have gone on a bit. Thanks for the site I am finding it a great resource. Kindest regards Marie

  63. Kevin,
    Great post.
    Authenticy at it’s best.
    I’m out at the True North Health Center among the “Hyper Healthy” in week two of a 10 day fast. It’s been wonderful.
    Restorative in every way you really want.

    One of the things that got reinforced as I am out here with friends and associates (ref; Dr’s, McDougall, Esselstyn, Lisle, Goldhamer, Klapper, Cambpell) is that everyone agrees on a plant “based” diet, some are more pure and vegan, others are more flexible and non vegan. All with good reasond. But all expouse raw foods to a large extent, with varying amounts of cooked food, and most are not too idealistic about the 10% or less (albeit an important %) that the hyper healthy spend most of their time debating with passion. Naturally, no one will agree 100%, thats impossible; that’s the nature of individual “lifestyles”, they are all different and I think you ultimately have to do what works for you in any moment in time. All the nutritional data in the world won’t change that. Every Dr, is influenced by their own lifestyle biases too. The key is making decisions on the basis of sound information and that’s what we all search for.

    Human beings in my personal and professional opinion are omnivores. But out diets need to be high in raw plant foods, and can be just fine with cooked foods and even small amount of animal products if you “choose” to eat them for whatever reason.

    Lately, nutrition is only one aspect of lifestyle and does not reveal all the answers.
    Love reading your site.

    Great post.
    ~ JAM

  64. Judy H says:

    I agree, honesty is always best, and I appreciate that you are always honest with us. I’ve only been trying to go raw for the past year and still have a lot to learn. I had read the book by Dr Peter D’Adamo called Eat Right 4 Your Type and was quite interested to learn that according to him, as a type A I should be eating mostly vegetables and fruit. Have you ever read about blood types and diet and if so what do you think about it?

  65. Mary says:

    Interesting what happens when people get their exercise by jumping to conclusions…that’s life!
    Live Long…you fill in the rest.

  66. Sheri Silver says:

    I agree with the TRUE vegans in this discussion. It is a moral issue for us but it also turns out to “magically” be a much healthier way to eat! According to T. Colin Campbell, P.h.D., professor of nutritional bio-chemistry at Cornell University and lead researcher of one of the largest human nutrition studies yet undertaken, “animal protein is completely inferior to plant protein for human needs”.(see The China Study and also, The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle). We are what we eat, right? So lets reconsider “eating” non-violence, having respect, compassion & love for all living beings.

    Additionally, if one does not absorb a particular nutrient/s optimally, there are other ways to work towards that goal w/o the use of a quick fix. Kevin, I know you said you tried plant-based alternatives. I encourage you to continue your experiments with plant based foods only. I also need to mention that the majority of people don’t have access to these specialty foods anyway. So even if the animals are treated better than factory farms animals, you’re still excluding many from being able to use your suggestions due to cost and availability.
    I highly recommend The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle for anyone grappling with these conflicting positions. It also comes in an audio book.

  67. Mike says:

    lol Our diets seem to have become our religions and we defend them like those who have a religion without a relationship. I think it was during an interview of Dr. Jubb about his time on herbal teas and sun that he voluntarily revealed he drank a cup of coffee a day during that time. The interviewer was taken aback and Dr. Jubb said, “I thinn you really have to catch people where they are.”

  68. Barbara W. says:

    I’d like to echo the vast majority who appreciate your honesty and integrity and find that highly preferable to an “expert” who promotes a certain lifestyle but does not walk the walk and eats differently behind closed doors.

  69. Lola says:

    I enjoy reading the comments above, but find a few so VERY pompous! Just because you feel pure and strong on a vegan diet doesn’t mean that’s perfect for everybody all the time, regardless of your strong language! I agree that a plant based diet is best, but even the Hunzas eat a little meat (LITTLE, I said!!!!) and they live to 130. When you live to 130 or 145 as they do I will listen to you! (smile!) I appreciate what Mike Adams said about everything we consume means something (plant or animal) has had to give up life for us. We pull up a carrot and cut off its life. The important thing is, “Are we giving something back to the world?” Some of the most caustic people I’ve observed are vegans and they don’t seem like happy, contented people. Please be kind. Just because you don’t kill an animal for food, with your self righteousness you are being mean and critical with your comments. I love Dr. Williams’ calm and gentle spirit. Let’s emulate him. And Kevin, I love your presentations… so helpful and positive.

  70. One more comment, like you Kevin, I can’t stress the value of blood tests, and thanks for putting them back on my radar screen, love your blood test product. Knowing how to interpret them, they definitely give you a dashboard to guide dietary and lifestyle choices.
    Very insightful.
    ~ JAM

  71. Annette says:

    Hi Kevin,

    One of the things that I appreciate about you and what you write is your honesty. In the health world full of “isms”, it is refreshing to see someone who can share their health journey with its ups and downs and isn’t afraid to say that something hasn’t worked for them. Because there are so many people who take all their health information from the internet without consulting a health practitioner of any kind, I think it is a responsible thing on the part of any health writer to share the honest truth of their journey so that people can make informed choices, instead of following a plan of eating just because it’s perceived the “right” way.

    Please keep up your honesty even if you choose to go out tonight and have a big steak because honesty in our world is rarer than a drug-free commercially raised chicken!! 🙂

  72. Where do we get raw goats kefir?

  73. marin says:

    Because of your honesty, Kevin, I am MORE motivated to give you my business. Additionally, I’ve had the same experience of having to add a little bit of pure and kindly raised animal products due to not feeling well. High raw is working great for me now. Thank you.

    ~ Marin

  74. Gary says:

    Wow! you’ve got a lot of replies.
    First I want to thank you and AnnMarie for all of the great information you provide.
    Also,thank you for your honesty. The Raw food Industry is still young and I don’t think everyone expects you to have all the answers, so please don’t be so hard on yourself.
    As long as you continue to be honest and share your experience with us, we will patiently and with gratitude, continue to listen and learn.
    thanks again,

  75. wendy says:

    One of the reasons I enjoy your newsletters is that you are not a fanatic. So refreshing.

  76. Christine says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Honesty and integrity is ALWAYS the way to go, no matter whom might or might not be offended.
    I’m also high raw with cooked / steamed veggies, a change I made after running into serious health issues from being completely raw and acquiring multiple deficiencies.
    Keep up the work, and thanks.

  77. Sue says:

    Of course people should be honest about their diet. But from the comments its as if people are surprised that Kevin is being honest about his diet. Makes me wonder what half-truths we are hearing from other raw-foodist, fruit-eaters etc.

  78. Ben says:

    Kev, you gotta try Beets Cafe while you’re in Austin. Great raw, vegan food!

  79. del says:

    Thanks for all of your sharing. After listening to the whole Great Health Debate it became clear to me that a shift had happened in the raw vegan movement. It felt almost like the “Fellowship had broken” in someways. I was seeing more and more of the outspoken people, authors, lecturers, speakers who where beginning to abandon the very thing the were advocating so enthusiastically. Although they weren’t advocating a complete reversal of plant based nutrition in favor of animal products however I am surprise to the extent of how much calories they were consuming of animal products. I respect that people have to listen to their own body based on their own decisions. Still it is difficult to make distinctions between cravings and what could be a symptoms of detox. However taking a more scientific approach using blood test as on way to measure result seems like a logical step and a useful tool. For myself I’m still in the experimental stage of a high raw vegan diet. By making that commitment many options open up that I would have looked at before. I too and taking Vegan form of DHA and other B12 and herbal supplements. Some of which I never considered before deciding to follow a raw vegan diet. Keep up the good work. Sending our love to you and AnnMarie. del & tri

  80. Tim says:

    For those who have a problem with low energy on a Vegan or raw diet, have you ever had your carnitine levels checked? If so, was it normal or low?
    Kevin have you had your levels checked?
    From what I have been learning the last few days it can be a problem for people who do not eat animal products since people normal get some from their diets and our bodies make the rest. I am thinking about having mine checked to see if it is part of my energy and muscle loss issues.

  81. Dave says:

    Kev is not a vegan – he just sells to them.. Daniel Vitalis is a joke

  82. Dave says:

    “I think if more vegans were willing to go ahead and do a little eggs or dairy, they could nip it in the bud and avoid backsliding into eating dead animals again.”

    How can you be vegan and “do a little eggs or dairy”?

  83. Ida says:

    Hey Kevin~
    I appreciate your constant investigation into your own health and what makes you feel super charged and vibrant. I made the goal for myself several years ago that I wanted to feel super awesome every day when I woke up…and have been on the path with that ever since. I, too, was completely raw for about 2 years, and have since added cooked food back into my diet. Last year I was also feeling like something just wasn’t right, and began taking omega 3 in the form of fish oil…..I am not interested (at this point) in eating animal products, but am much more open to the possibility of it in the future, if that is what I want. I believe that as our lives change and as our environment changes, we will be ever changing our lifestyle (eating as well as living)….the only way to truly know what we need is to listen very closely to our bodies and become more aware of how things make us feel! Ultimately, people are different, so there is no one rule for anyone…..I know you know what I mean!
    Anyhow, thanks for your on-going exploration and diligent deliverance of information!!

  84. Cathy says:

    Thanks Kevin, so glad to hear so much truth. I too do not feel my best without animal products as I have tried. Once I have some eggs, meat, or yogurt I really perk right up and have so much more energy. I think some bodies just need it, I know mine does. The great health debate made me feel even more confident about the fact that everyone’s needs are so different, so I am feeling great about eating animal foods and I know this is what I need to stay healthy. Raw foods and veganism in the short term? Some people I’m sure do great on this, as you have proven. But i need my meat and eggs! with a lots of raw veggies and fruits on the side please 🙂

  85. Vicki says:

    I also appreciate your transparency and honesty!

  86. oreganol says:

    Kevin – you are one of the most honest and open people in the health industry and I’m sure many people appreciate that. I definitely do. You are doing a great job. In future episodes I’d like you to cover what specific foods and supplements are good for specific conditions.

  87. Mary Kay says:

    Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your quest. I have always been where you have recently arrived. I raise my own chickens for eggs and meat (only eat a little), am a pickup site for a raw dairy/grassfed meat herdshare, belong to sev’l co-ops…etc etc….

    I am not a vegan.

    However, I respect someone who on moral grounds will not eat animals – my dh is a vegetarian and yet I butcher my own chickens!

    And I absolutely can’t argue with vegans on a moral ground either. Many don’t care if they have to do supplements. All the more power to them. No one can argue against one’s morals. But one can argue about science.

    And like you, I want to be scientific about it. I have been testing my blood for years…And I think it especially important for EVERYONE to do – er, if you care about your health!

  88. barbara says:

    Soap made mostly with goat milk on a farm in CT does clear up acne that doctors and all the medicine in the world couldn’t.

    Met the goat lady and her goats at the farmers market and bought some of her soap. Our families skin problems almost gone. Other customers of hers have totally eliminated their acne.

    So, to get to the post about do you know if the goat kefir was what cleared up Kev’s acne, I’d say yes. It also leaves my daughters skin so smooth. And I’d say try it and see for yourself if it does the same for you, but it has to be made with all pure ingredients no chemicals.

    I do coconut kefir, is their a big difference between the benefits of either goat or coconut kefir?

  89. Dana says:

    I’m starting to feel that a diet that has to be supplemented so much to have “normal/healthy” blood, is that natural? I applaud you like all the others that have above for all your honesty and appreciate your ongoing quest for being a health renegade in this crazy junk food crazed culture! Why are vegans/vegetarians criticized so much and put under such scrutiny, when most of our neighbors are consuming/and worst off their kids are being allowed/encouraged to consume garbage food! I am also considering adding some raw goat milk/kefir to help remineralize my teeth. I have been mostly vegan the past year, and recently found out I have 17 cavities (with what I considered good dental hygeine). I am reading the book Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel,and he advocates for mostly a Weston Price diet-with bone broths, livers, shellfish, cod liver oil and other organ meats, as well as raw dairy. He also has a vegetarian protocol which I think will work much better for me (besides the cod liver oil) (I know I can’t eat organ meats at this point-yuck!) I just wonder about the toxicity of this diet, even with eating free range organic- what about the cancer factor? Would I reverse cavities only to develop some colon cancer? I am so confused about diet- will be getting some blood work done in the next week. I really want to reverse these cavities, and remineralize my teeth. Sorry for the novel, next week, could you address ways to remineralize teeth using a vegetarian/vegan protocol, and making homemade tooth soap. Anyone one else been or is in the same boat?? Thanks a bunch!!

  90. SueS says:

    Dana wouldn’t want be in your position believing that eating meat will immediately mean you’ll get cancer.

  91. shine says:

    your community and information is so precious and all the more so for you not been all raw..the info in the raw community is good but not so much the rigidity – this way we get away from that but still get the info..thankyou both

    some clarity on adya clarity would be good

  92. Anne Gordon says:

    Is the goat kefir you use made from raw milk? I would greatly appreciate a discussion of whether pasteurized yogurt and kefir are beneficial or really only good for us when raw?

  93. Geoff Russell says:

    Hi Dana,
    I have been vegetarian/Vegan for over 30 years now and had some problems with my teeth which were not diet related but required osteopathic and orthodontic treatment to cure a number of health issues. Which now five years later are all aok, no more cavities no back problems etc. Plus I would advocate getting a sonic toothbrush and use a good non mainstream toothpaste the one I find best is Sea Fresh by Jason.
    Re mineralisation I have found that by making greens a large part of my diet and soaking almonds, pine nuts, green smoothies with linseed (flax) sesame seeds, hemp, pumpkin seeds and a couple of avocados a day will give you loads of minerals, energy and healthy teeth!
    No need for organ meats etc!

  94. Hi!

    I’m a total newby, as I only stopped eating meat and fish last November. I’m doing a lot of reading to make sure my new diet is fine, and I do appreciate all your work: blog, videos and specially the Great Health Debate. Thank you so much!

    Now, after seeing the huge response to Anne Marie’s blood tests (and also out of personal interest) I think many of us would love to know more about her approach to hypothiroidism. Some questions I’d love to have answered:

    – Seaweed: Good or bad? Are nori sheets useless? Raw or cooked? Which ones are best?

    – Cruciferae: Completely to avoid? Bad raw, but ok cooked (and why)? Detailed list. How do they affect thyroid?

    – Veggies, supplements and superfoods that help and why. And the ones to avoid and why.

    – Any other insights that she thinks are valuable for hypothiroidism.

    Thanks again!

  95. Felicia says:

    Kevin, I enjoyed your post and reading your blog.

    Today, I really enjoyed reading the comments too. Such a variety of opinions! I think thats its wonderful that as your readers we are comfortable sharing our beliefs and by doing so encourage each other toward investigation and discovery. Imagine where we would be if we didn’t ever question?

  96. Marla says:

    I would also love to hear your opinion on Adya Clarity.

  97. Sheri Silver says:

    Is there a difference between the nutritional value of coconut kefir and goat kefir? I’d be interested in buying the coconut to try.

  98. Debra says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for putting your integrity above your pride. I too tell folks I do not like being labeled by what I eat as that is how I just to eat at the present time, but could change as needed. I may find something works better for me down the road. Currently I primarily eat vegan and mostly raw.

    Questions I would like to see answered are what blood tests do you suggest and how often should they be checked? Do you think that diet alone can provide your nutrients? I too would like to hear your opinion on dulse, nori, nutrition for hypothyroidism.

    Dr. Debra

  99. Jasmine says:

    I really appreciate your honesty, Kev & Ann. Would love to hear your thoughts on royal jelly and if it would feed the candida. Also, pine pollen. Is it sweet and would it feed candida? Thank you.

  100. For those few that haven’t figured it out yet there are other sites that promote 100% raw/vegan diets. Why do you stay here if Kevin upsets you. That only puts negative stress on your body. I’ve had problems since birth and I will be 62 this year. I’ve finally run across something that’s slowly working. I’m still not 100% with what I’m doing and I’m still researching all the info/conflicts out there trying to figure out what I need to do. I love Kevins approach and really enjoyed reading High Raw. Our health SHOULD be our top priority and that’s what he’s working on. I also love Dr. Jim Carey, who tells you to do the best you can and to pray about the rest. I’m a Christian and that’s what I do. I don’t beat myself up when I blow it as I DON’T need the stress. Keep up the good work Kevin.

  101. Dana says:

    Thanks Geoff!

  102. AK says:

    I was so fortunate to come across your site – I am alternative medicine all the way and have been vegetarian for years. However, have had to battle extremely low IRON and thus HEMOGLOBIN levels for a number of years.

    Trying to find the reason for the malady has not been easy – a thousand blood tests – mainstream medicine in this country is a joke and, that’s putting it ever so mildly – they are totally inept, couldn’t diagnose a runny nose, and all they know is DRUGS – and, sadly they don’t even do that right!!! Just whatever the DRUG REP gave them with their little gifts~~

    My question is how do I get enough protein – I grew up on the Meditteranean diet and still cook that way – and, am a STAUNCH animal rights advocate and eating products from tortured, dead animals is not my choice! I do eat eggs from Whole Foods which indicate “free range”…. and, certain cheeses (organic)…

    Any suggestions

    This is one site I will keep – very informative and REAL…

  103. Pam says:

    Greetings Kev and AnnMarie,

    I too, echo most of the statements above, thanking you for your transparency/honesty/integrity. I am much farther along on my journey of health because of all the efforts the two of you have put forth on our behalf. KUDOS to Kevin and AnnMarie!! I would really like to know more about which vegetables/grains are better for us cooked. For example I know that there are some veggies that are detrimental to the thyroid unless cooked. A segment on which veggies/grains better for us cooked would be very appreciated. Best to you…Pam

  104. Mike henderson says:

    Dear kevin and ann marie,
    I respect your decision to do what’s pragmatic
    for your health and live compassionately.It
    has definitely made me reconsider my own rigidity
    to vegan natural hygiene health approach.
    I’m curious about your own spiritual beliefs
    and wondered if you sought help from Dr gabriel cousens as I get the impression that
    he has successfully kept to a vegan diet despite his blood type suggesting he might
    benefit from animal products and of course
    doing it as a path to enlightenment and
    spiritual development.
    Also you talk about energy levels as though it
    was entirely dependant on food but have you
    considered energy balancing via energy medicine a la Donna Eden/chinese medical healing.Chakra analysis whatever?
    many thanks

  105. Anna says:

    Kevin, I applaud you for your honesty. I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all diet. I used to be a vegetarian (5-6 years), then raw vegan (4-5 months)then high raw (over 1 year). Then I started eating meat & fish again. I love animals, have pets, and don’t really like the idea of eating meat and fish(killing animals, not sustainable, etc.) but I am struggling with hypothyroidism & leaky gut syndrome and have felt better after adding meat/ fish back in my diet, as well as mostly cooked food. Also, I am gluten intolerant (no wheat/ spelt/ kamut/ rye/ barley), cannot have soy (it’s a goitrogen) and cannot digest beans properly (no matter how many digestive enzymes I take or how long I soak & cook them). B/c of the leaky gut syndrome, until my gut heals, I have to cook most of my veggies. I cannot tolerate most grains, only small amounts of teff and buckwheat. Oddly enough, I digest meat & fish (organic & grass fed) w/o problems. Though I am no longer raw or vegetarian, these communities have taught me how to incorporate tasty veggies into my diet, raw nut milks (cannot digest the processed stuff- it’s full of starches and chemicals), how to grow sprouts and a greater awareness of the relationship bet. food, human rights, dangers of GMOs & factory farming and health imbalances. I certainly do not have all the answers, and I’m pretty sure my diet will continue to evolve and change as my gut heals. I also agree that we have to do what works for us & not cause we adhere to a dogma. After all, if we get sick, the dogmatic critics are not going to pay our medical bills.

  106. Interestingly, even well known scientists and doctors in this field (who are influenced by their own lifestyle beliefs, habits or even culture) have not experimented all the ways with themselves! If they actually ate 100% vegan for 20 years, and raw for at least five or ten, then they would EXPERIENCE the severe improvement over any diet that even includes animal products or cooked foods! Personally I have done this AND WITH THE IMPORTANT BACK-UP of a professional fitness program. That is the best way by far to actually see and feel your physical results. Together with blood tests, AND the many clients I have coached and taught in my brick and mortar longevity center for the last 25 years, I have come to the conclusion that raw vegan is best by far. The results speak for themselves time and time again. There is no “ego” in this. There are not habits or ideals here. I never wanted to “go vegan” or raw or save the animals or the planet (all great endeavors). All I ever wanted was to see what the best way towards perfect health and physical performance was.
    I wish that more professionals, especially doctors would eliminate all beliefs, ideals and ego and just focus on what works. There is no room for biases or opinions in science. Even T. Colin Campbell was the son of a dairy farmer, and was sent to increase food/ protein production in the Philippines, and he saw the honest path.

  107. s.celsen says:

    WOW KEVIN!! I can’t believe that drama you have started!
    I just say that after reading some pretty emotional responses above to your diet change.
    I really hope that you and Ann Marie feel really encouraged instead of put down by your blog followers.
    You guys are great and showing this kind of honesty is what a real health guru is- a real one, not just a popular one.
    SO WHAT! If you aren’t classified as a “”””vegan””””” or a “”””raw foodist””””
    And don’t listen to that shit about you guys never reaching your ‘peak’ as a raw foodist and not being able to become so clean that you don’t need a little lightly cooked foods, or that you were never in tune with your body when you were totally raw. I believe you guys listen to your bodies and make the decisions that are the best for your health and that is what it’s all about,
    Not being classified or categorized into a name- what is a name!!!?
    Call it the KevinAnnMarie diet so that other people quit judging.

    It’s really funny you guys talking about kefir, I have just gotten kefir grains from someone!!! I have been on the search for them for a long time and didn’t want to usage powdered ‘instant kefir’. So I was so lucky to come across fresh grains!
    Sooooooo excited about raw milk kefir, I have some fermenting right now!

    I hope you guys know how good the work you guys do is, I am positive you have changed many live- what a great thing!

    Your honesty and transparency is so rewarding a refreshing,
    Since you are asking what we would like to hear about next time,
    I would love a daily meal plan of you and Ann Marie’s diet.
    I love knowing what my health gurus eating in thief own lives!

    Love you guys!

  108. Patty says:

    Thank you both for sharing your truthful food and health experiences with us. I am learning much.

  109. Kevin,

    Thanks for this blog. Thank you for your honesty. It’s clear to me that you really do want the best for everyone. Encouraging blood tests is in my opinion smart and responsible. I myself have gone down this same path, when I finally did get some blood testing done, it was very helpful and allowed me to take steps to correct my deficiencies. Those who think that eating raw is the cure all and that you don’t need to check your blood is really a fantasy. Over the past 8 years I’ve find that living foods make me feel best, but sometimes a nice warm bowl of stew can really feel good too, but in a different way.

    🙂 Katherine Duvall

  110. Space Walk Traveller says:

    Thanks for being honest. If you feel that you need animal products then that is your prerogative. We are all different and you have to listen to your body.
    I’m sick of all these so called health guru’s. They all contradict each other. They remind me of religion leaders, they all have there own spin on religion and they all think that there way is the only way.
    Use your own common sense and do what you feel is correct.
    If you look at all the longest living societies in the world then none of them are vegan, vegetarians or raw foodist.
    These silly guru’s are only into making money with their pop nutrition.

  111. I can’t believe any of you are putting Kevin down here for following his own path! Any such comments seem so self righteous (vegan “crusaders” unfortunately), which just isn’t right guys!

    If he’s found a path that is enhancing his health journey, and STILL NOT hurting any animals in the least, what’s the problem?

    You should be targeting the ignorant masses of the world eating SAD, not awesome guys like Kev who is doing the world a massive favor every day by presenting the amazing info he discovers day in day out! Have some respect.

  112. Mike Chaet says:

    Before you went to goats milk keifer did you try coconut milk keifer? Just curious. Thanks.
    Enjoy your NL.

  113. Carmen says:

    I ate cooked until last year and had many many health problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal issues etc, and many blood tested dificiencies such as iron, magnesium and B vitamins, and no matter what I did I could not correct it. I am raw for life, no matter what. Cooked does not work for me, I WILL find a raw solution, its out there. Raw for life!!!

  114. Chris says:

    I just think its all very disappointing. As a long term vegan it was nice to finally have others who advocated a diet like my own. It was a lonely path for too long a time.

    Then ‘poof’ they’re all going back to animal products.. almost as soon as they vegan ..(began)

    Too bad I say.. I was macrobiotic the first 7 years.. then cooked vegan for years . . then finally raw.. and raw worked best.. but I couldn’t have come to this conclusion quickly. I just think now everyone is following the path of the temporary vegan/turned ‘other’ again. That’s what our society does.. Today they’re one way.. . tomorrow they’re another way, like changing one’s clothes. People are fickle. Its just too bad.

    So certainly do what you need to do for yourself.. Its just all very disappointing. I hoped people were waking up; becoming conscious. Guess not.

  115. AB says:


    As I have said previously, I really identify with what you are saying here and appreciate your honesty. I really struggled for the 3 years that I tried go 100% raw and my health steadily declined. I did more and more research and kept adding supplements to my diet, thinking that would help. It didn’t. I detoxed, cleansed, fasted, juice feasted and what have you…thinking that maybe after my “cleansing cycle” was over, I would finally stop having problems….but I had more sickness in that time period than in the whole 20 years preceding during which I was a vegetarian. I was enamored with the “idea” of being a vegan, but it was ruining my health. I started by adding VitaminD3 into my diet, felt guilty about it, but also felt better healthwise. The recurrent colds stopped. After other persistent problems, I reluctantly (literally since Jan 2011) added Goat Milk Kefir to my diet. I really resisted this too, because I LOVE hemp milk, coconut milk and nut/seed milks. But, I sometimes had extremely adverse reactions to these products. Since adding the Goat milk Kefir, I’ve felt better. I also now occasionally eat eggs. Like you, I am still an advocate of a high raw lifestyle. It just “makes sense” to me. But, it’s hard explaining to people who just want to tell you that you’ve “missed something” that a 100% raw vegan diet is just not right for EVERY BODY. I respect and appreciate those who have made that commitment and are able to maintain in it in a way that works for their bodies. But, I hope that within this community of earth and health centered folk, there is room for some flexibility and tolerance. Stay well.


  116. Tanya says:

    Kevin, you set SUCH a good example for being honestly introspective, humble, human and thoughtful. As I’ve said so many times before, thank you!!

  117. Lawrenz says:

    for years it bothered me why the fruitarians,vegetarians,raw foodists,breatharians etc…were wasted/physicallymentallyspirutally..I deteriorated likewise and am still affected by this former dietary lifestyle….I believe that excessive travel accompanied by devitalized soil in organic foods, & so called super-foods or even conventional foods for that matter…caused this and lack of edible mineral rich bio-diverse foods at that time is the prime cause…not raw food or animal food or montrophic diets etc …also a lot of the foods we eat evolved w/our ancestors…or mutated w/minimal uptake of trace elements..feral foods a better choice but near impossibility to sustain oneself…understanding pica is the key… hemp growers were on a closer track…led me to understand creating super weed was the philosophy to create super nutritious fruit , vegetable and even healthy animals etc
    Dr Maynard Murrays research proved this out….Hunzas also ..it wasnt the yogurt but the glacial melt water-colloidal minerals in all their foods that gave them their strength and longevity…there is more to it tho and getting research that isn’t funded by special interest orgs the key..anybody that is interested in this hobby ag-process let me here your approach..email me at biospheresgmailcom

  118. Rachel says:

    Thank you for your frank honesty! I was vegan for years. Due to ongoing major health issues over the past year I’ve reintroduced some animal protein – I feel it’s what my body needs. I’ve been closely following the BED and it has helped. Honestly I’ve been chicken about telling some of my hard core animal rights friends. When I tried to broach the subject before they did not “approve”. If they’re real friends of course they’ll stick by me. So, I’ve been feeling a bit of a fraud lately – by not telling them the important changes that I’ve made.

    Did you notice a big difference between goat kefir versus coconut kefir? Are you using raw goat?


  119. Petra Rose Sundheim says:

    Too interesting to skip. Lots of repitition, calls for flexibility according to body type. I really appreciate those with spiritual concerns.
    No one mentioned asking the body what it needs. I have committed my Muscle Testing (kinesiology)skill to spirit. I MT what is right for my body, regardless of anyone elses advice. I am a senior and have had some issues with digestion. I am a type O and a protein type according to Dr. Mercola’s Nutritional typing. My arthritis prompted me to omit nightshades which also MT “NO” for me. I have created raw seed cookies and more raw delights. Yes, until my body regenerates to the age of my choice I will eat some Alaskan salmon, local pure beef and chicken. A vegetarian friend who became quite ill, looked into the eyes of a cow who said, “Eat me.” When she did, she recovered.
    Listen to the Voice for Love within, follow your Life Purpose and bless your food. I have taken 15 years off my age. I am ageless, awake, aware and At One. Aloha

  120. Aga says:

    I am a little bit confused. You wrote that after the introduction of goat’s kefir and yogurt your acne started to disappear, but I remember you writing about 2 situations when after eating dairy you got acne (if I remember correctly back acne). Was it cow’s dairy then?

  121. breando says:

    Just curious Kevin, did you ever think to consult someone ‘within’ the rawvegan community about your health problems, lets say, Dr Doug Graham!? I recently saw a video featuring you and him where people where asking questions to you both. Your answers were very vague and seem to lack knowledge while Dr Grahams were in-depth, informative and very scientific in regards to tweaking the diet for optimal health. Maybe next time you could seek solutions from someone like him rather than the paleo crowd.

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