How Often Should You Test Your Vitamin D and B12 Levels : The Renegade Health Show Episode #761

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Like I said yesterday, we’re spending some time in Sarasota with Dr. J. E. Williams…

I asked on the blog a few weeks ago, what questions you wanted us to ask Dr. Williams and now today we’re going to start on a series of “Ask Dr. Williams” based on your questions!

Today, Dr. Williams addresses vitamin b12 and vitamin D tests, how often you should take them, and what if you go to the doctor not feeling great, but your blood tests say everything is great?

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Have you ever been to the doctor and they said everything looked OK, but it wasn’t?

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  1. Yes, I went to the doctor with gastro issues and was told I was fine. Finally pushed the issue and got a specialist who did a number of tests and determined that I have IBS. After starting to eat cleaner and taking Mercola’s probiotics…I no longer have major episodes or pains.

  2. Sherri says:

    Oh yes… my Thyroid for one, the test showed slightly low, yet every symptom was extreme, temp was 4 points lower, very low blood pressure, too many to list, yet blood was fine over all.

    My own doctor was puzzled so we did it again. He didn’t trust the Lab. BTW Labs do mess up too; I have 2 good friends that were Lab workers… not good stories. I did have hair analysis done several times which was highly helpful far more than the blood work.

  3. Trudy says:

    Yes, absolutely! I was so unwell for years and saw a countless number of doctors with countless numbers of tests and countless amounts of money spent to have no real answer. They all thought I was crazy because ever test done came back that I was perfectly healthy – which couldn’t have been further from the truth. All I can say is hanging in there and have faith. I finally found a great doctor who has properly diagnosed my condition and now I have strategies to help me cope.

  4. D says:

    I have a quick question regarding this subject:

    Once you get the blood test, how do you know that the levels the doctor is considering “normal” are the levels you need. For instance, I’ve been reading about different levels of vitamin D, so how do we know what “normal” is?

  5. Maya Washizu says:

    When the lab tests are fine and Dr. says you are fine, you have to look at your sleeping pattern, diet, and excercise. If your are sure you are doing well with all those things you can go get acupuncture from certified Acupuncturist near by. Traditional Chinese Medicine can reajust your body function by regulating your Qi/energy through your body. In other words resetting your body, which will then help your mind, which will then lefts up your spirit. Give Acupuncture a try!!

  6. Mary Dicerni says:

    I was told everything was normal, but I had this large bump on my chest. He said it was my abdominal muscle very separated, but that is normal for older women I also had an umbilical and hiatus hernia, but he said they were small. I walk like a barrel and they said it is normal for older women to have these large bellies. Another surgeon said I had Irritable bowel, and am treating that. I still feel I need some surgery before I can walk well again. I was fine before I landscaped, and split the abdominals apart. They often say everything is normal if they do not know better, or if they think you are wasting time, since you do not have cancer or heart problems. This seems to be all they are looking for, other than give you as many pills as possible. If you do not want the pills, they do not want you as a patient.

  7. Yeah, almost feel it happens every time i visit a doctor 😉
    Last fall I went to get my blood work done and I have a very low iron count, so after 3 months I did the test again and my levels were still very low. Gonna recheck them again in a moth or so.
    And I told my doctor that I feel very tired all the time, and she said its due to the iron deficiency – but I’ve been feeling tired for years I told her, and back then I had my blood work done too and the iron levels were fine.
    But she wont listen and its annoying.. Dont really know what to do..

    What are some good iron supplements?? I’m taking the only vegan option there were to be found but maybe I need to experience with more types

  8. Absoutely, once I was having digestives troubles so I consulted an specialist, he gave some medication, but told me all I had was stress, that I needed to see a psycolgist, and then I found information about the raw foods diet, after a week I was off medication and symptoms, although I am no longer a raw foodist, my digestion is better than ever.

  9. Lilith says:

    Every time… their blood test just don’t show what’s up… :-/

    Is Dr. Williams the one with the indigenous tribes?
    If so I would VERY MUCH like to know WHAT BLOOD GROUPS does the inut’s/quero’s have?
    And are they the same within the tribe or do they differ?

    Depending on the answer to this it would be very clear as to how much faith to put in the blood group diet!
    So this would be MUCH VALUED info! Since I am kind of looking at the blood group diet…

    I am 0 myself, so I should really be eating a lot of protein…
    So, as a followup on that (according to the blood group theory): How to get LOT of protein on a raw diet?

  10. Beverley says:

    Years ago, my youngest daughter was almost 3, would keep running to the toilet, or wetting herself, was never dry at night, was often got very painful behind her knees, and her little toe nails were *very* thick and curved like bird claws.

    Also had a soft tuft of hair under her chin, but I didn’t notice that till later.

    Her older sisters were fully night trained by the time they were 2.

    Doctor said there was nothing wrong with her.

    Started going to a naturopath – said she had nephritis on one kidney. Put her on an allergy free diet (one of her sisters and I had been diagnosed with low blood sugar and food sensitivities) with lots of fresh fruit, salads and veg.

    Soon after, her toe nails simply fell off, then grew back normal. The pain behind her knees disappeared. She started going to the toilet at more reasonable intervals, and was quickly night-dry.

    Doctor still refused to accept there had ever been a problem.

  11. Ineke says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I don’t hope it is too late to ask a question. topic: omega 3, fish and sea veggies

    There is a lot of controversy about eating fish. Even the health debate did not clear my confusion about it. (FYI I do eat small amounts of fish once in a while.) However a lot of health professionals seem to incourage the consumption of blue green algae and sea vegetables. How come that if the waters are polluted with mercury you could eat the sea veggies and not the fish? I also heard from a reliable source that it is actually better to eat fish than algae since the fish has already predigested it. If you should not get your omega’s from fish and fish oils what other source does Dr Williams recommend? Is he in favor of cod liver oil?

    Thank you

  12. Sue says:

    What’s a person who can’t afford a doctor to do? If I wasn’t eating the nutrients I needed before becoming vegetarian, I assume that now that I’m a vegetarian I still lack some basic nutrients. I will continue eating what is better for my body and hope for the best!

  13. Anne says:

    Yes, doctors are funny. if you show some abnormal values and they don’t tie in with other values for them to diagnose something, they stop looking because they can explain it.

    I had some really abnormal urine osmolality values saying my kidneys were not concentrating urine at night and during the day. I was eating high fruit diet. I didn’t show any abnormal glucose test (diabetes) and my results didn’t make sense as my kidney markers otherwise tested fine. The fact was that I have fructose Malabsorption but I had to get to that on my own.

    The doctors had just given up and probably thought, when she comes back with something tangible like diabetes I can treat her but meanwhile just do nothing. I wonder how many people just go home and ignore their symptoms only to come back later with serious illness.

  14. SueS says:

    Most doctors would ignore your symptoms if tests come back within normal. I always make sure to ask for a copy of all blood tests I get so that I can take a good look myself and have a copy when seeing a naturopath as they interpret some of these tests differently. The best example is the TSH for thyroid – the upper level is around 2 maybe higher in some labs but a lot of people don’t feel good unless their TSH is closer to the lower end of normal around 0 point something. Also as long as tests are normal nothing is done but a naturopath would say look at iron results and say yes it’s within normal but the lower end I think we need some supplementation so that in 3 months time you don’t end up out of the normal range and deficient.

  15. Geralyn_D says:

    Standard bloodwork does not show parastic problems, amoeba etc, MSG problems nor celiac. Those (at best)require targeted tests. I had H-pylori and the test came back negative, my friend had 4 tests for it before it showed up positive. I cured mine with Cashews(2 raw nuts every waking hour for 2 weeks) She did antibiotics and still suffers(6 months later). I think I got it from contaminated fertilizer used on wheat grass… but really not sure.

    I had bacteria, celiac and MSG chaos all at the same time… the drs thought I was NUTS! so much pain and even my heart(MSG) was involved… originally caused by an emergency room bag of CIPRO. Which killed gut flora which allowed the invasion and advanced the celiac etc.

    I got a bacteria from a bad coconut that took colloidal silver to shake (1 tsp every few hours for 2 days after cashews didn’t budge the burning in my gut). Raw foods can be risky I am learning. Keep your hydrochloric acid up to fight the critters. The picture at this site says it all…. lol


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