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Last Renegade Health Classics show here…

About 10 months ago, we presented a list of raw foods that we don’t eat anymore.

Over time on a high raw diet, you tend to shed some of the foods that started you on your path.

Here are some of the raw foods that we pass on these days (the list still stands!)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What foods have you left out of your diet?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Hi guys!
    Interesting topic!! I have only been on a 100% raw food diet since april last year, so I have not left anything out yet accept agave! 😀
    I still love my crackers, pizza, nutmilks, cacao, oats, spirulina and cashews… but Cashews do I not eat so much more just because my stomach gets really swollen and it gives me gases to haha.
    I have added a lot of stuff that I didn’t eat in the beginning, like chlorella, spirulina, maca, wheatgrass powder, MSM powder, lucuma, mesquite, mulberies and more. LOVE IT!

    What are your thoughts on MSM powder? Is it something that you recommend to take on a daily basis? And how much would you say?
    Some people say 1 teaspoon a day with some lemon and water (which tastes awesome, no MSM taste there!!), and some say 1 tablespoon… like David Wolfe.. What do you think?

  2. Daphne says:

    Soy… don’t do soy anymore. Soy products are my personal gut bomb!

  3. elise says:

    I would agree, nuts are way overdone on a raw food diet. I have cut down to 1-2 oz per day as I feel they are still important, mainly walnuts and almonds and do still have some pumkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
    Also chocolate, for me cannot tolerate the hyper feeling and then if I do not have it every day, I get a massive withdrawal headache. This shows me it is a drug.
    I have spirulina though and love it.
    Oils are also way overdone on most raw food diets, so like u guys I have cut down to 1-2 tsp of olive or hemp per day. Most of the raw food books out there use SO MUCH OIL. Not good.
    Also, don’t even touch tamari or soy sauce, makes me swell up like crazy and get headaches. It is also way over used in most raw food books..
    So agree with you on many things. Good video, thanks for getting your experiences out there. It helps!

  4. Rebekah Corbett says:

    I grew up on a particularly bad for of the SAD (standard american diet) and after being borderline obese in Jr. High decided to eat “healthy” and switched to artificial sweeteners and whole wheat. I have been getting sicker and sicker for the last 2 years. Starting in January I cut out all high fat food (fried, oils, butters, etc) due to intense stomach pain, then all artificial foods for the same reason, then found out I have Celiac Disease and cut out all wheat, rye, barley and their by products. I was still sick after I ate anything and everything (extreme fatigue, changes in personality, depression, brainfog, lack of concentration, memory, etc) and then cut out soy and all its byproducts which really helped. I then cut out all forms of sugar (except honey and very occasionally agave) and anything with sugar in it (even organic) which eliminated most of the stomach pain and cramping. I tried cutting out meat and loss too much muscle mass and found out it was the grains that were making me sick. Rice was causing all the physical energy and mental clarity problems and quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat were making me really nauseas. So more grains at all for a while. I hear you can soak all grains in raw apple cider vinegar over night and rinse to decrease these effects but I am not ready for that yet. I have added tuna, salmon and maybe chicken and eggs back in but have yet to see how they do. I still have problems with headaches, nausea, and some mental and energy though these have much improved. I am having a hard time finding out what else is causing problems, even with a food diary, would an sensitivity test help pin point this? Any recommendations? Oh, I also cut out all corn for the same reasons as grains. I now eat fruits, veggies, maybe meat and soaked nuts and seeds (in moderation). help? I am really new to this!

  5. Abigail Taylor says:

    Hi Kev, greetings to you and your wife. Thanks for all that you are doing. I sure appreciate your video with you both sharing. I have not used spirulina as yet, and maybe I have yet to find out what does not agree with me. I use herbs at times, and I found that when I use Stinging Nettle, my lips get very dry. I am sure my body rejects it, also I cannot use ginger beer. After about one hour or less, I feel upset and when I vomit two times, I am normal again. If I eat rye biscuits, and whole grain too often, my feet become puffed. When I used to eat any meat kine (over fourteen years ago), I used to get tired. I now eat plant food, and I seldom get tired. God bless.

  6. Darlene says:

    Like you guys, gluten products, in fact most grains except quinoa. My system can’t tolerate grain. I have also eliminated most dairy products except yogurt. Bad reaction to dairy (don’t ask). I also don’t eat beef any more as I discovered through allergy testing with my naturopath that I’m allergic. I definitely feel better not eating red meat – at least beef. I seem to be able to tolerate bison though.

    Like you, I rarely use Tamari and have even substituted kelp powder for sea salt – tastes great!

  7. Lena says:

    Hi Kev and Annmarie, maybe you guys could write out your food intake for like a week or so? It would be really interesting and I think very educational to see what you guys are eating.

    So far I only eliminated some basics, that are not so great like dairy, soy and gluten. Actually raw soy because I’m allergic 🙁 I used to eat lots of miso soup. Oh, I did stop agave although I can’t say I felt any ill effects from it, but I like to use more natural alternatives as well.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Brilliant vid to watch in the wake of The Great Health Debate (which we are taking in every night).

    Like you, we don’t have Agave in our diet (actually, never did buy any) and have a hard time rejoicing with friends, new to raw eating, who have gone out and bought themselves a bottle and are raving about how healthy it is.

    Interesting about dehydrated foods coming out of your diet. I do not make as many crackers as I initially did– perhaps every couple of months for a potluck. You’re right.. they are a sort of “bridge” food and there is a temptation to stay on the bridge.

    Cacao is a hard one for me although I am beginning to see the sense (actually, to feel the after effects of having eaten it). The only way abstinence works for me is to make sure we have NONE in the house.

    We took out wheat and gluten a while ago and find that the high raw vegan way works well to keep us gluten-free. I DO have an unopened bottle of Tamari in my fridge, but it doesn’t call to me in the least. I also hear that toothpaste often has gluten in it, though, so there continues to be a need for vigilance among us who are sensitive to it. When we feel so inclined I make some gluten-free sourdough pancakes that are pleasant-tasting, nice-textured and highly digestible. Not an impulse food, though, since it takes two or three days to brew up.

    Thanks for what you do guys! We are learning a LOT from The Great Health Debate and although we are somewhat confused sometimes, the knowledge out-dukes the confusion I think.

    God bless,

  9. Renata says:

    Hiya thanks for sharing.

    Kombucha and Spirulina give me anxiety. As well as headaches and feelings of unwell.

    Chocolate if taken too much too soon blows out my adrenals and makes me feel wired and tired – more like exhausted and irritable.

    GRAINS, Brown rice and oats makes me completely exhausted after eating it.

    Any pasta bread wheat or glutten, totally gaseous and diarrhea, belly puffs out like a basketball – sheesh..

    Remember when you were a kid and you could throw anything down the pipe, hot dogs, kraft dinner, cheese, milk and cereal – what happened to those days? LOL!

    We are soooo sensitive to the foods we eat now…perhaps our whole consciousness of our BEINGS are raising and we cannot tolerate the bad stuff anymore? If you look at high consciousness people, as opposed to lower consciousness people interesting how high consciousness people – those on a spiritual path with awareness of heart energy and love for the planet and all beings have incredible food allergies and lower vibrational people have little to none? Just a thought. Hmmmm

    Soon I hope to no longer even need food to live, become a “breath”-arian instead of requiring food just light and air to survive. That would be AWESOME! There are more of those types of people showing up in the world. I know of one, and to prove it their butt hole closes up. TRUE!

  10. s.celsen says:

    KEVIN AND ANNMARIE!!!! Please tell us what are some of your guy’s food staples. What do you guys eat daily? What makes you guys feel great?

    I know you guys get millions of comments, but I am super curious as to what you guys consume daily.

    Thanks guys!

  11. Anna says:

    I was on a raw food diet for a while, then added back in some cooked foods. I still had a lot of raw cruciferous veggies- both fermented and non fermented. I had to stop when I found out that I had a hypothyroid condition My diet contained high amounts of raw goiteroigenic foods (strawberries, pears, millet and cruciferous veggies like cabbage, kale, arugula, broccoli, etc.). I had never even heard the term before my diagnosis. Anyway, turns out that a lot of people that eat large amounts of such foods in their raw state are susceptible to hypothyoidism. Now I eat about 50% cooked foods and small amounts of organic meat. Listen to your body, and if you get any weird symtoms (fatigue, edema, slow growing hair, digestion issues) get checked out and be willing to change your diet accordingly. Don’t practice a philosophy or lifestyle at the expense of your health.

  12. MJ says:

    To Rebekah (#4):

    If you don’t feel better soon after trying everything you can think of, consider getting tested for a bacterial infection. I had all your symptoms for several months (on a diet I found that worked fairly well for me – and I’m also allergic to a lot of foods), and found had a ton of deficiencies (blood test). This was because of the bacteria consuming all the nutrients I was eating. (What I have is similar to Lyme’s, and I was told it’s more common than people think; most people don’t show symptoms until their immune system is depressed.) This may not be the same situation for you, though.

    Whatever you do, don’t give up. Once you find what works and your body responds, you will feel more amazing than you ever have! Good luck to you!

  13. Ruth says:

    I think it’s beaut you are feeling so tuned in to your own bodies. I like that you ate advocating individual exploration and fine tuning. Cheers and thanks.

  14. Damien says:

    Being very sensitive to MSG I discovered that Tamari, Bragg Aminos, Shoyu (soy sauce), miso all contain MSG. Of course, none of them can be considered “raw” in any sense of the word.

  15. Mandi says:

    This list is great, but I would agree with a few of the commenters in asking what you DO eat. It would be great to see a week’s worth of meals from you guys. Thanks for all your great info.

    To MJ (#12) – Could you email me with more info on your condition? My mom is really suffering with something that is so similar to the symptoms of Lyme, but all the tests are negative and we are all at a loss. She has done a lot of stuff on her own to improve her condition, but she still has really bad days and sometimes weeks. My email is ‘sendmandianemail at gmail dot com.’ Thanks!

  16. Selina says:

    Great that you are in tuned with your diets, I was surprised to hear that you don’t drink nutmilks because of the fat factor.

    Oooh, I could never stop drinking nutmilks myself, especially hemp milk!

  17. AmandaS says:

    Has anyone reacted to kombu? I think it’s affecting me.

    I make my own kombucha for the benefits it has. Many sites say to use white sugar because it works better. I just make sure it ferments a while in order for most of the sugar to be converted.

    I’ve been buying fermented drinks from Grainfields Australia (same as the drinks sold through Donna Gates – Body Ecology Diet). They are fantastic for my husband and I. Unfortunately my body isn’t good with the lemon and ginger one.

  18. Alanda says:

    I don’t know that diet can be so complicated. Food should be about organic, healthy, joyful, and relationship. What is wrong with healthy fat? Why would you limit it? Not that you should eat anything in excess, but I think women, children, and families should eat plenty of healthy fat and a balanced diet in every way. Diet is something I am really working on for women and children. I want healthy, and we need variety! Thanks for your tips!

  19. Beef…no red meat for me anymore!

  20. Debra says:

    I’ve had the headache-spirulina problem as well. I used to be able to avoid the headache if I only had the spirulina every other day. Now, the reaction (headache) comes no matter how infrequently I have the spirulina. Spirulina can be hard on people with a depressed immune systems due to the various bacteria that come with it. Some spirulina companies tout that their spirulina doesn’t contain the most harmful bacteria(s). I’ve started reacting (headache) to major iodine sources over time. Spirulina is
    quite high in iodine. My personal spirulina headaches could be due to the bacterial contaminants or the high iodine level.

  21. Sue says:

    To Mandi #15–Often a lyme test will show up as negative, even though the person really does have Lyme disease. Sometimes the testing is not accurate.

  22. hyesun says:

    agave, grains, most soy (except fermented), too much fruit

    TRYING to cut out (but not very successfully):
    peanut butter, cacao, dairy (cheese!), any kind of sugar or sugar substitute, like honey, black strap molasses, erythritol and even stevia (i’m trying to get rid of my sweet tooth)

    i wish i were more in touch with my body like you guys are. the only food that gives me a bad effect that i notice is dairy (gas!) – even raw fermented dairy.

  23. Nick says:

    took out all unfermented non organic soy.

  24. Elke says:

    I have learned a lot about what my body doesn’t like, and am actively following the body ecology diet guidelines

    Soy processed foods
    Wheat/Gluten foods
    Caffeine – I take b vitamins or spirulina instead
    Sugar in any form- I only use stevia
    Beans -black,pinto, etc I might do lentil or kidney again some day

    I do great with all non acidic veggies and my favorite things to eat daily are:

    red peppers
    garlic and spices of all kinds especially paprika
    young coconut kefir

  25. Jane Gudge says:

    i am so pleased you two walk the honest talk without pretention…i am assuming that you are finding whole fresh ripe raw wild local organic plants really do best for your systems
    i do not follow any particular regime except my own i think doug graham 811 has great value and living off local foods growing my own produce it is not a trial but to get to real and practical raw living takes time..

  26. Dr. Chanda Seth says:

    I have a question about your comment on Kombucha… I have always made it at home and with sugar—the proportions being what an Australian book on Kombucha gave me…i.e. 80-85 gms of sugar in a litre of tea water! this ferments in about a week and tastes really good. But I stopped drinking Kombucha when I developed diabetes.
    I want to know —is it OK to make Kombucha with honey (for diabetics) or is it still too much sugar for them? Secondly—what is the amount of honey I should use in a litre of tea water? Lastly, can one add ginger, Tulsi (variety of Basil), cardamoms, cinnamon or other herbs/ spices to Kombucha while it is fermenting?
    would be very grateful for an answer from anyone who has experience with Kombucha.

  27. Dr. Chanda Seth says:

    Thanks Kevin and Annmarie for all your efforts and so much hard work U put in for our health and that of our “Planet Earth”…all I can say is “May your tribe increase…
    I am somewhat of a follower of natural Health Foods… and believe that whatever ‘The Good Lord—Our Maker’ grew for us (by way of leaves, nuts, seeds, veggies, fruits etc.(and the products thereof—eg oils from the nuts and seeds, spices from the seeds etc.) is mostly good for us– and the others which are not so —are there for giving us natural food remedies to cure or prevent many an illness or condition!
    As such, I am not a fadist–I don’t advocate any particular diet totally against another—but I do think fresh, locally/indigenously-grown, mostly organic and raw, vegetarian diet should prdominate, with some cooked foods and a minimum of meats, fish and and animal products. I think some amounts of fats are neccessary—especially cold-pressed and mechanically expressed oils from plants, nuts and seeds and fats from say.. cow’s milk, but never from flesh foods–like lard! I also advocate that we should cook some of our food—a lot of nutrition is not assimiable from raw foods like grains, lentils, cereals etc…they need to be cooked as they are the best source of proteins, high in dietary fibre and unrefined carbs for the poorer citizens of the world. Some argue that one can eat them in the sprouted forms instead—yes, thats good but not always possible with everything. Besides, the little bit of oil/ fat we add to the food while cooking—helps making the fat-soluble vitamins easily absorbable (as in carrots)…
    And I am an absolute fan of fermented foods (there is hardly anyone in India who does not eat curd/ yogurt (made daily/ fresh from cow’s/ buffalo’s milk at home)—which U have attributed to Pakistan—but which was a part of India till only 60 yrs ago- and has been a traditional food for centuries!! All over South of India—the people (rich or poor, sick or healthy) eat a fermented mixture of pulses and rice— cooked in a zillion ways… as their staple diet.In the North—they sometimes ferment/ leave to rise—the kneaded wheat flour to make a variety of breads…and so on
    So, each diet has its plus and minus points…but to cut out all the confuson—if we all stuck to our traditional food-habits and lifestyle and ancient food-wisdom of growing and eating food, without the additives in processed & preserved foods, refined, irradiated, sterilized, genetically modified, chemically altered and highly chemicalized foods grown with toxic pesticides etc. and without the flesh foods of factory animals…& ate conciously & with a conscience, I think we will all live long and healthy lives—as our Creator meant it to be…
    I loved the bit on ‘water’—its so true- we our almost made up of it and if we could just spend a few mins in the morning blessing it and thanking the water and cells for doing such a great job in keeping us well and alive—that would be half the battle won!
    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK— Would love to have shows like yours in India– do think about it—Chanda

  28. Loved your video of what you’ve eliminated from your diets. I think you were in the booth next to Cafe Gratitude at the Bliss Fest in Kansas this past summer. Anyway, my question is, Stevia vs. Xylitol? Any feedback?

  29. LynnCS says:

    I am lucky that I was already a vegetarian when I came across the Raw Vegan diet. I was already having a big salad at night and exchanged my microwaved oatmeal (no milk) and peanut butter sandwiches for a 2 meal smoothie each morning. As I got further interested and started watching some “raw cooking” videos, I experimented and now I am left with some obsessional thinking (cravings) about some of the foods I tried. I would like to go back to those early days that gave me a boost in nutrition and some healthy weight loss. Time to let go of the excess almonds/almond milk, excess fruits, excess avacado, among other things. I know I have, once again, given in to my old crazy food thinking. It’s time to get real and let go of some of the things that hurt me. Thanks for going through your no/nos. I did let go of all grains. I enjoy some seeds such as chia and/or flax in my smoothies. It should be enough fat for health. I let go of peanut butter and white potatoes. Because I choose raw, it automatically cuts some things out. That makes me feel better. I got to think about some things I haven’t taken back. I can’t imagine going back to the overeating life that I had. Don’t want it to creep back in. Thanks, Lynn

  30. Jahrun says:

    Spirulinas are not created equally. They, like other chloroplasts, and all organisms, are a product of their environment. You must shake it, soak it in sunlight for a while, and the make sure to “chew” it, i.e. mixing it with saliva. Take in small doses throughout the day.

    All of the others, yes. Tamari could give you an anurism or heart attack from the super high sodium – your fingers feel fat because your body must hold more water to thin-out, or lower the salinity. Miso, miso on the other hand has more fermented value and much lower salt. A little warm water make a slurry and you have the basis for something very nice. Again in moderation of course.

    When one commits to raw, one must commit to needing much less and spreading foods out throughout the day instead of meals, more meditative chewing and not eating after sundown. You must also eat according to the amount of physical exertion you are expending and the climate you are living in. You need those poly unsaturateds oils, seed/nut fats and proteins but not VERY much if you’re just blogging all day and evaluating crinkly snack products touting to be super foods – versus, say, working morning to night to build a life off-grid. If you’re working hard, your body will see those pumpkin and sunflower seeds and make very good use of them. Same with hemp seeds and oils.

    Well okay. I have Multiple Myeloma and that’s a drag. Almost all the chemo chemicals come strait from the Nazi war machine either as byproducts of chemical warfare agents or as antidotes to those agents, and even steroids like Prednisone. What a sham – so I have really had to step-up my research and meticulous adaptation of natural healing practices and, well, life is pretty good while the body feels even remotely good. Day after day in bone-dissolving grip of stiffness and pain is another story. Crap. I wish some sage had just sat me down when I was 10 or so and told me about the illusions and what was really going on behind curtain of the control constructs of social engineering.

    Hope everyone here finds their unique path to wholeness and wellness.


  31. Annette says:

    Thanks so much for your encouragement to us all!
    In 2005, we had a blackout here in Canada; we were camping. Decided to have a double scooped ice cream more than once). Mistake, major sinus headache. Prior to that, experiencing a lot of dairy issues.Puffy, bloodshot eyes, phlegm in the throat. I was raised on raw cow’s milk. It was delicious back then,especially pick up day.
    I find that milk is a no,no.Have a bit o’ butter occasionally. Sometimes ice cream.
    Avoid bread;major gas issues and major heartburn. Sprouted bread is fine though. No reaction there.
    I’m not on a raw food diet and I know I won’t be. Good balance of cooked and raw.
    Avoid sugar (still eat it sometimes) and use honey and maple syrup for most part.
    It’s hard to let go of the memory eating but now I am choosey.Let go of the guilt.I feel a lot better; lost inches instead of weight.

  32. Josea C. says:

    LOL…so what DO you guys eat and especially what do you eat to satiate those evening cravings for something yummy and chocolatey…currently i’m addicted to carob (lol me too on the cacao…burnt my adrenals…) but the amount of fat i eat to make the carob yummy is questionable…hmmmm….thankyou…you guys are awsome!!!

  33. Alice says:

    I found that I can’t eat Gluten free products as the flour used is made from tapioca and I can’t digest it. So gluten free is out for me.
    I eat mostly fresh foods and very little processed and have gotten tamri, agave, gluten, wheat, nuts and dried foods out of my diet or eat them vary rarely. Kev & Anna Marie’s list sounds like mine, almost.
    I need your recipe for Kumbucha made w/honey. I had heard honey tends to kill off the bacteria in the Kumbucha. Is that true????

  34. Alice says:

    Hi, ALice Again. I need lots of nut free recipes got any???

  35. joe says:

    acording to sciens the fermentation prosess create a chemical substance which is carsinogenic. Joe

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