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Today, we have another great juice recipe for you…

We’ve used this “Tummy Tamer” recipe numerous times when we’ve had a stomach-ache, so we want to pass it along to you.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What have you done before when you had a stomach ache?

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Here’s the recipe:

Tummy Tamer (Recipe from “Juiced! The Healthy Way“)

1 cucumber
3 stalks celery
1/2 Inch ginger

Instructions: Juice. Simple. 🙂

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for the recipe. I have a confession… I have owned a juicer for almost a year and I’ve never used it! Terrible, right? I’m afraid I’ll never get it put back together once I take it apart to clean it. For upset stomachs I usually reach for some sort of tea, like cinnamon and ginger or pop a few probiotics.

  2. I don’t get uspset stomach much anymore, if i do its usually because i had a large meal, so i take some digestive enzymes. I’ve also take cinnamon or ginger as well. Depending on what type of stomach upset you have, laying on your left side can decrease stomach movement and bring instant relief. Thanks for another great juice recipe!

  3. oh also..if anyone is looking for a juicer on a budget…you can usually check your local thriftstores and score one for 2-5 dollars! It may not be a champion…but it’s better than nothing!

  4. mark e says:

    My girlfriend and I use therapeutic grade essential oils (young living), both topically and internally, when we have upset stomachs. Topical use would include rubbing the oil over the stomach or bowels. Internal use would include ingesting a drop or two in a glass of water or juice or even just directly on the tongue.

    Most commonly we use peppermint, but there is also an oil blend that includes ginger, fennel, tarragon, peppermint and a few other oils that works wonders on digestive maladies. The relief is fast!

  5. Peg says:

    I could have used this recipe this weekend–had a couple days of nausea–I just had some hot water and herbal tea and did ok.

    On Saturday I attended a couple sessions of “singing crystal bowls”. I think it had quite an effect on me and was achy and nauseous–I believed I was having some healing. By Tuesday I felt great and am ready for more singing bowls–it was just amazing!

    For my next session, I will keep the ingredients for your “Tummy Tamer Recipe”.


  6. Clarice says:

    I don’t have a juicer and don’t really want to purchase one since we are really low on storage space in the kitchen. Would using a hand blender instead work any good for this?

  7. Nomi says:

    I always keep Bentonite clay in the house. I have a large bottle of it, in liquid form
    It adsorbs (not absorbs) something like 700 X it’s weight in toxins. Even things like salmonella. It’a a good thing for your medicine cabinet. I want to find some in powdered form in small packets for travel.

    This stuff is amazing.

  8. Claudia says:

    Perfect timing! I have been feeling nauseous and vomiting today and wondered about other ways I could add ginger to my body and help soothe my tummy. Thank you.

  9. Claudia says:

    I usually use ginger in some form (e.g. chop it up and let it steep in some hot water for a while, or use a packaged ginger tea), I drink lots of water, try to take some probiotics if I can keep anything down, use heat (e.g. warm bath, a hot water bottle), and I also like to use some peppermint oil when I can.

  10. Elaine says:

    I also use Young Living oils… Peppermint is one for nausea but my most favorite is DiGize; I NEVER leave home without it!! It’s amazing! Can be used topically or taken internally in liquid or capsule. It has never failed me.

  11. Cheri'-Louise horton says:

    I really like the simplicity and looks of this juice. Now all I need is a juicer. In all the years of knowing the juicers are out there I have not invested in one,the primary reason has been finances;I’m going to make it a priorty to buy one in the next 2 or 3mos.

    It will be a Jack LaLanne juicer. I’ve been a fan of his since the 60s’ when I first saw him on TV and exercised my way through my 1st pregnancy with him, it made what was supposed to be a C-Section delivery, not easy, but a normal one! Our friend is now on to bigger and better things and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll be as busy as ever,caring about others throughout eternity.

    Yeah, “The Hat” is a beauty!! Will you email to tell where I might find one like it? We’re Kangol fans in my family and this not one of theirs but it’s a cool hat nevertheless & almost everyone in my family would
    like everything about it. Enough about that heh?

    I want, one more time, to thank you & AnnMarie for the care you put into sharing your lives with all of us.

    Love and appreciate you both,


  12. I used to have terrible stomach issues at least twice a month but that all changed once I started increasing the amount of raw vegetables I was eating. Presto! Digestion issues gone! I can remember the last time I had a stomach ache!

  13. Haha, CAN’T. I cannot remember the last time I had a stomach ache..

  14. Dawn says:

    I use a little aloe juice mixed with some water. That seems to help.
    Thank you for the great juice recipe!

  15. Anne says:

    Ok for me, this is the best drink for soothing (although yours looks pretty awesome) : I cut some thin slices of fresh ginger and put them in a cup, add a sprig of fresh peppermint from your garden if you have it or you can use peppermint infusion and pour boiling water. Let it steep and have it as is or add Maple syrup (sorry I’m Canadian), stevia or honey to taste.
    This is so nice you’ll want to have it even if you don’t need it.

  16. Kym says:

    I really like this short format. Boom, take home lesson, you’re done.

    I used to have a lot of stomach issues but they’ve decreased significantly since I started adding a good size chunk of ginger and often peppermint leaves to my morning smoothie. Hard to believe something so simple could make such a difference.

  17. Lene says:

    Does not happen that often anymore since i have cut out gluten and milk , but i used to drink peppermint tea and lots of water and that usually helped pretty quick 😉
    Thank you for a great site Kevin and Annmarie

  18. Yoshi says:

    This works for me every time when I have a stomachache and it worked almost every time for my athletes (I am a gymnastics coach).

    First, sit down on a floor against a wall with a round back. Scoot your bottom forward a little, so that you feel low to the ground. Then, place a hand on your stomach right over the aching spot softly. Then place the other hand over the first hand softly.

    Second, breathe in through your nose slowly and breathe out through your mouth slowly. When you breathe out, relax and slouch your shoulders down at the same time.

    Third, when you breathe out and relax your shoulders, use your mental power to feel some concentrated warmth transfer from your hands into your stomach at the aching area. You should feel creating a ‘fire ball’ in your stomach.

    Forth, make the ‘fire ball’ get hotter and hotter each breath you take and let it ‘melt’ the ache just like melting scooped ice cream ball on a plate. The pain will slowly melt down and finally all burnt up and disappear. It usually takes 5-10 minutes.

    Enjoy the feeling of warmth. I love it.

  19. Rene says:

    For those that don’t have a juicer, you can use your high-speed blender and a juice/nut milk bag…see my demonstration on the “free videos” tab (video #31) at rawfoodrene.com

  20. Patrick H says:

    So what do u do with the left over pulp while jucing? ive always wondered what people do with it

  21. Steve says:

    Stomach aches are something I never have. I can only remeber having about two stomach aches in my entire life and the last one was about 20 years ago.

  22. oreganol says:

    Is it cold in your kitchen? Just wondering why you’re wearing a cap indoors.

  23. Rich says:


    That’s a natural remedy for an upset tummy, tried and tested.

    Contains prebiotics too 🙂

  24. Before I do ANYthing for the upset stomach, I always try to address the cause first. We rarely get upset stomachs from anything but stress or menstrual problems in my house (Jim, of course, is excluded from the latter ; ).

    For stomach upset during stress, we do Bach’s Rescue Remedy – even for our dog! For stomach upset during menstrual stuff, we usually reach for candied ginger (I know, Kevin, don’t say it) or got ginger tea.

    Lisa Marie
    Owner, Rite Chocolate

  25. Anne F says:

    If my stomach is gurgly, gassy or aching I first of all drink a glass of hot water. If things don’t change after half hour I make a hot tea of fennel (anti-spamodic), chamomile (soothing) and peppermint (deals with the gas). I find this very effective.

    I agree that Ginger is good for the menstrual kind of ache.

  26. debbie says:

    I love the hat but not showering every day would kill me because I exercise and sweat early in the morning…….and feel rejuvenated when I get in the hot shower!
    I never ever get stomack ackes any longer either since my new found healthy RAW FOOD EATING LIFESTYLE. I do love my life now!

  27. Cindy says:

    I used to have horrible stomach problems. My stomach would hurt so bad that I would actually pass out. It would happen so often that I became afraid to leave my house. I started taking apple cider vinegar in water every time I felt my stomach start to hurt. It literally worked miracles. I haven’t had a stomach problem in years. And every time I have some kind of family gathering to go to where I know I might eat something that’s not so healthy, I’ll take a cup of water with apple cider vinegar in it ahead of time to ward off any problem. It’s always worked.

  28. Kris says:

    Chamomile,peppermint or fenugreek tea, or candied ginger slices.

  29. Ginger works really well for me. I don’t even have to eat it…just smelling it will work. Homemade ginger ale is the best!

  30. Dee says:

    The tissue salt, Sodium Sulphate is really handy. Ginger Tea.

  31. For tummy unrest I mix 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, Braggs, in a glass of water, tummy ache gone

  32. Hope says:

    I use 1Tbsp. Charcoal in 1/2 glass of warm water, then drink a full 8oz. behind that. This is for upset stomach or any kind of poison in the system. It works for me and kids.

  33. bob says:

    Sometimes I just feel it and ponder the cause. Sometimes I lay down and massage belly. Sometimes ginger tea.

  34. lisa says:

    The only sugary product I ever eat, but it’s a miracle tummy saver… CRYSTALIZED GINGER!

  35. lisa says:

    Christy!! Please share your homemade ginger ale recipe. That sounds divine!

  36. Wendy says:

    Add some drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (which is very alkalne) to any juice (it is very bitter). It is an antiseptic and a neutralizer. Great when traveling for treating water. GSE has many uses – even controls tear stains on my Maltese (5 drops twice a day). I get mione from http://www.vitacost.com.

  37. Yasmine says:

    I have a question and I am still looking on the Internet to find the answer. Can someone help ? People say that glass container are better then plastic. Yet, the glass containers have plastic covers. Are these covers safe ? Thanks.

  38. Ingrid says:

    I rarely ever have a stomach ache but last time I scooped a couple of teaspoons of honey from the jar and just enjoyed it straight and strangely enough, a few minutes later I was fine.

    I never knew people use ginger this much for upset stomachs. It’s really educating to read the comments.

    One thing I never eat with a stomach ache though is bananas. I know many people say it’s the best thing but since my gut sometimes feels weird after eating a banana I definitely stay away from them when dealing with digestive discomfort.

    And when my digestion is slow, I turn to chlorella and chia seeds! 🙂

  39. Thomas says:

    I too like ginger, peppermint, spearmint and blackberry leaf tea.

    For acute indigestion and/or pain such as one experiences when traveling abroad sometimes 🙂 I prefer garlic. I take a small clove of garlic, peel it, and suck on it like a lozenge. Just swallow the juice bit by bit. It seems to solve the problem of “old” bacteria battling “new” bacteria in the intestines. The bacteria we ingest in food and water is not the same the world over.

  40. nick says:

    ginger,Aloa vera, coconut yogurt,
    fermented foods like kim chee
    activated charcoal

  41. Natasha says:

    Kombucha or Charcoal. Also, home made sauerkraut, here are a few recipes:



    For a fast heartburn relief if you have nothing else available, 1tsp of baking soda with a bit of water for easy swallowing followed up with some warm water to wash down the taste. It works really well but I am not sure how bad it is for you.

  42. Sarah says:

    Wish this video was up a week or two ago! I am 8 weeks pregnant and just had a mild bout of “morning” sickness off & on all day long, for about two weeks. Seems to be gone now… but if it comes on again I will be sure to try this juice. Some of people’s other suggestions look excellent too! Thanks so much!

  43. Cassie says:

    I love peppermint tea, and it’s very soothing. Also ginger anything is a staple and always calms my stomach.

    Thanks for the great recipe! Juicing has been showing up recently for me, the universe is trying to tell me something… I think it’s about time to invest in a juicer! Now just to figure out what kind…

    Peace, love and juice, <3

  44. How can I not suggest adding some aloe vera gel to this recipe?

  45. Ana says:

    I really appreciate this video. I wish I had some suggestions, but I can´t contribute anything. I wish I knew of this some weeks ago, when suffering from tummy bug. Thanks guys, xxx

  46. Vicki says:

    Great comments and juice recipe. I will try it. I read that cuke peels are poisonous, so I always peel them. Could you do some research on it?

  47. Vicki says:

    Oh yes, about your question…I take several probiotics.

  48. I love this. You are quite a character; in a good way that is. Love yours and Ann Marie’s Videos. Keep up the good work.

  49. Susie says:

    Essential Oil of peppermint or DiGize essential oil blend from Young Living. Works so fast. I am amazed every time!

  50. Pam gaytan says:

    I use 8oz. Of almond milk…1 banana and a pinch of cinnamon! Works on stomach aches every time!

  51. jeanne says:

    Thank you…going to try it right now. Fell off the juicing wagon……but going to get back on with the help of you and your videos. Been getting too many tummy aches with my eating lately….getting my juicer out right now. Thank you.

  52. donny says:

    I find drinking a can of real coke always works.

  53. Jess D says:

    I use Peppermint tea often when I have tummy troubles. I have used all the ingredients you used in your Tummy Tamer Juice before in juices but never in that combo..am going to try it right now, because my tummy is feeling unhappy today and Peppermint tea just isn’t cutting it..thanks!

  54. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the Tummy Tamer recipe, I’m going to try it. I have issues right now that have been looked into by a doctor, however all tests are fine. So hopefully the TT will do the trick.

    You most likely know this but just in case you don’t … cabbage is a great healer. Years ago I juiced cabbage when I had ulcer that I didn’t want to take medication for (the medication was too invasive to my system). I drank cabbage juice for 10 days, and did not have any more problems with it after that.

    Have a good day!


  55. Angie says:

    I drink kombucha tea. I’m in the learning process of making it and will be bottling it in the future. It’s so good for you.

  56. sue says:

    I am seeing an intuitive healer. I have terrible stomach cramps. He suggested that I put a cap of pure/unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a botlle (16.9 oz), of water and drink it twice a day.

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