Which Whole Foods Aren’t OK to Eat? : The Renegade Health Show Episode #709

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It seems like I confused a bunch of you guys with my talk about food science…

Today, I address some of your concerns about whole foods and if we should listen to the science on them too.

I also address women who have stopped having their period on the raw or vegan diet.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What living room do you think we’re in?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. bitt says:

    Thank you for saying that not having your period for awhile is NOT healthy. There is some sort of myth in the raw foods community that periods are just toxins and you don’t need it. Thanks for saying you DO need to have your period. I’d love to hear more info on this.

  2. I would love to hear more about your school experiences with the CCNM. I am looking to learn more about nutrition and actually would like to get a Master’s in Nutrition but don’t want to waste money and time in a program heavily subsidized by Big Pharma or the Cattlemen’s/Poultry Producers’ Association, etc.

    The living room looks cozy and I am sure you are with loving family. What better place to be?

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Ann Patterson says:

    Love you guys…Happy Thanksgiving! You and Anne Marie are a true friends to be at the mall on the Friday after Thanksgiving…regardless of what you call it. Also, I know that whoever’s living room you are in, they are delighted to have you. So, I have learned the hard way to believe in listening to my body and looking at my blood work and I think that is fantastic advice. I have witnessed people who do great on a high carb, low fat diet, a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet, a Paleo diet….From my own health as well as my observations, the key is finding the right diet for your individual body. That said, the Standard American Diet works for no one! I would love for everyone that eats intentionally and with a healthful purpose, everyone who is an informed eater, to come together and force change to the SAD. The number of people that fit under this umbrella can mandate change in the food chain. Getting rid of GMOs, a return to an organic way of raising crops and animals–what are fruits, vegetables, etc…if they are not organic??, makes me wonder!–no advertising of pharmaceutical drugs, common sense herbal and alternative therapies all make sense to a much broader range of people than just vegans or vegetarians or Paleo eaters. (Plus possibly term limits and rational rules regarding campaign finance!) Less division, more united action is my hope and prayer for 2011. Thank you both for all that you have done to advance my health and awareness. Peace and best wishes for finding your next, more permanent home! Ann

  4. Adriana says:

    I think, you’re in Ann Marie’s parents’ living room. If I recall corectly you said you have plans to spend this holiday with them, is that right?

    Happy weekend for you and all your dear one!

  5. Satori says:

    no idea where you guys are at right now, but putting jonny5’s meowing noise on your closing music is like…too funny and super cute!!!! LOL!!!

  6. Renee says:

    You are in Ann Marie’s living room? I remember seeing her mother taste her mayo? I could be wrong but Ann Marie looks like her pretty mother!

  7. Lois says:

    “Black Friday” stands for the day that stores can finally get out of the “Red” (accounting wise) and into the “Black,” i.e., profit category. It’s a business thing, not a consumer thing. Thanks for the great job you guys do!

  8. louise says:

    Thank you soooo much for answering my letter today.
    Love watching you, always so full of witty aura (if I may say it this way…!)
    Post the photo of Kevin in new suit, Annmari!
    See you soon!
    Warmly (from freezing Paris)

  9. Marian says:

    Judging by the lampshade, I’m guessing you are in someone’s grandparent’s living room. Taking a wild guess, I’ll say Ann Marie’s.

  10. nick says:

    toss between annmaries parents or your grandparets:)) OK Annmaries grandparents!!

  11. James Israel says:

    haha!!! thats funny!!! hey kev i know its not that easy now days….i read that native americans use to follow the river and where ever the growth was the healthist thats where they would plant food. i wish it was still that easy!!!=shalom

  12. nick says:

    BTW sorry u had to get a suit they r so uncomfortable and most r pretty toxic too..someone told me why would someone but a noose around there neck? Maybe they had to wear a suit!!!

  13. Karen Beattie says:


  14. Muriel says:

    I think you are in your grandparent’s living room Kevin. Just a guess.
    Also interesting to hear someone tell about Black Friday being the day stores sell enough to get out of the red and be in black financially. Makes good sense finally knowing that.
    You two are adorable, you are the couple of all couples.

  15. Roxy Harte says:

    Although I agree that in answer to the “stopped periods issue” is to get hormone levels tested and talk to a practitioner, I would disagree that not having a period is unsafe (since I am working with my GYN and RA specialist to specifically stop my periods on purpose and have been told by both that a regular period is only necessary for women trying to get pregnant)

    I would love it if going raw would stop my periods so that I could go off the synthetic hormones currently being used to suppress them.

    Hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I am thankful for your show!

  16. June says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I worked en retail for 6 years!! BLACK FRIDAY is named for the BIG NIGHTMARE that, we, the employees, has to live that day: Being at the store about 3:am, get the last touch to the store, deal with the customers, for the sales they want, dealing with cranky customers, being starving, until our break, ending with the aFTERMATH…CLEANING THE STORE TIL MIDNIGHT! instead “this is the most wonderful time of the year, we name it “THIS IS HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN,!! 🙁
    and I’m not shopping this day, no matter what great deal they got!

  17. Sheryl says:

    We are Light Beings & it never was intended for a woman to have a period (mensee)- The symptoms are bloating, cramps, release of blood, negative feelings. This is not normal. God did not intend for us to experience such a thing. A woman who holds purity in mind & body & focuses on the Light will not have these symtoms because they are pure. Nuns do not have a period. Many women Light Workers periods stop. Nowhere in the Bible or in History books does it speak about such a thing. This reaction was created by the sinister force. By first making people believe that it exists – so they have accepted it and they manifest such a negative condition in their bodies. There are many women who never experience those negative conditions and are very healthy because of it.

  18. Jake McCade says:


    Please read your Bible again dear. A woman’s period is discussed in the Old Testament. The woman had to leave the camp for seven days each month when her bleeding started.

  19. Christi says:

    I’m confused about the period issue. I too have heard from others in the raw food community that women don’t need to have a monthly period. If this is untrue, where did they get this idea?

  20. I do not know what living room you are in BUT i WISH you were in MINE! When are you visiting the mid-west again? We live a high-raw life-style and we are in a experiment that is changing our physiology in all kinds of wonderful ways! We live in a small town without practitioners that can coach us. Our doctors think we are CRAZY! We’d love to review our blood work with you.

    What’s up with Alicia Silverstone and all the tofu in her recipes?! Please, somebody call her up. Many of my friends and clients are I do not know what living room you are in BUT i WISH you were in MINE! When are you visiting the mid-west again? We live a high-raw life-style and we are in a experiment that is changing our physiology in all kinds of wonderful ways! We live in a small town without practitioners that can coach us. Our doctors think we are CRAZY! We’d love to review our blood work with you.

    What’s up with Alicia Silverstone and all the tofu in her recipes?! Please, somebody call her up. Many of my friends and clients are innammorded by her.

  21. Vitamin B12 says:

    I once spent a week in an RV travelling in Australia and it drove me nuts. I need my space and an RV just doesn’t do it for me.

  22. Christy Bull says:

    Hi there Kevin and Ann Marie,
    Just have a comment about Black Friday. Thanks to one of your viewers who gave the info. about businesses going from in the “Red” to the “Black”
    My husband and I had asked ourselves this question a few days ago, why was it called Black Friday? I thought maybe it was because so many stores opened in the “Black of Night” the earliest I heard was 3:00am. Many were 4:00am- 7:00am.

    I with you Kevin, the name for whatever the reason does’nt work well to get me in the mood to shop. Don;t even get me started about the greed and the almighty dollar. Yes business need to make money and people need jobs, but frankly NOTHING IS EVER ENOUGH !!
    Sad but true in my thinking.

    Thanks for your program and information!

  23. peggy bradley says:

    Hi Kevin and Anne Marie,

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! I agree with you Black Friday does now sound very nice.

    I am from South Africa, we do not have Thanksgiving we only celebrate Christmas and New Year and that is enough for me.

    I really want to thank you for all the good information you provide us with and the recipes.
    I would love to buy your products but it would take too long to get here.

    Thanks you once again,

    Love Peggy

  24. maria says:

    Sheryl, sorry but thats factually incorrect. I was a nun for 8 years, and celebate for 5 years before that. I am still celebate now. After 18 years of celebacy – some of that as a nun – I still have healthy normal periods. This idea that nuns don’t menstruate is such a myth! Please don’t believe it. It may be that some nuns are malnourished and therefor stop menstruating – thats entirely possibly! Its just not true that celebacy causes menses to stop. Just not true. My diet has been really healthy and clean as well. Its better now than ever before, and so my period is light and non-cramping, however if it were to stop it would NOT be a good sign. Early onset menopause can occure when you’re undernourished – so if you’re period has stopped, please get some blood work done and check it out. You don’t want to discover too late that you were wrong.

  25. Kay says:

    You are at the mall — in a furniture store 🙂

  26. Tiff says:

    LOL 23

    I like the living room, Imma say AM’s sister. I like the lamp!

  27. PE says:

    As Lois mentioned, store owners want to get ‘into the black’ from the red of money owed all year, on that dread Friday.
    That’s also why Republicans, who since Reagan have raised the national debt so much, wear red ties. (lol)
    Speaking of LOL, it’s widely thought an abbreviation [a short way of speaking, as in ‘eat my shorts’], but it’s a word-drawing of eyeglasses, as if to say ‘Put on yer specs, or a joke may graze ye.’
    Speaking of jokes, how’s the Mad Tea Party these days? Last I heard the Mad Hatter was trying to balance the budget on the end of his nose like a fish.

  28. @Sheryl

    I am confused by your post..

    my whole post is written in a questioning, friendly tone. Just want to make sure its read that way! 🙂

    I don’t know what bible your reading.. Can you please specify? (if your talking about the hebrew God’s bible.. It’s in genesis.. Also there are specific laws in the bible regarding ‘womens time’.. And how she is suppose to clean herself afterwords)

    Nor do I know what history books you are reading ..?

    And I also don’t know why you think the mense has to have symptoms & negative feelings?
    Mine have no symptoms or negative feelings if I have enough Omega 3s (salmon & salmon oil work for me) and my hormones are balanced. But I still have to bleed! (which is no big deal)

    Also In your post, You also don’t bring out any science…

    the science from what I understand is.. Afer your mense, Estrogen levels rise and build up the lining of the womb then estrogen starts to drop.. Then progesterone starts to rise & makes it ready for the baby.. And then progesterone drops if the egg does not get fertilized.. Once progesterone is down you then have your mense in which all the old material which was built up, gets released and then the cycle happens again.
    It’s a natural building, breaking down and cleansing.. From what I understand, Completely natural and goes right along with how our world works.

    For me, I think The real issue is when when this cycle gets interrupted and your hormones become unbalanced.

    I’d sure like to have some documented cases of women with no period getting pregnant and having a baby.. For obvious reasons Nuns wouldn’t be part of the study.. If you know of any, I would love to agree with you and think we aren’t suppose to bleed. Till then, I have to go with the science. (and the thickening of the mucus isn’t a good enough answer for me, I want a REAL documented case of someone getting PREGNAT. If there is none, I would sure hope you’d stop spreading the idea of no period being natural.)

  29. Love hearing Johnny 5 at end in song. LOL Your Mom was asking how to lose her belly….. walking 30 minutes a day did it for me. In my research, I found walking works much better and faster than doing scrunches or ab exercises.
    You are in your brothers house?

  30. MistyM. says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Eating a strict raw food diet has left me stripped down and weak. I believe in the concept, but now really understand the concept of moderation. i tried healing myself with raw foods and i ended up deeper in the hole. I am trying to rebuild, but i dont quite want to eat meat. my amino acide profile is in the basement. i am doing cooked foods, and lots of beans for protein. i also do some tofu sometimes, i know its not the best, buti have a very sensitve digestion. if you could write to me, or do a program on how to come back from being so depleted, i would really appreciate it. i was swimming 3 miles or so a day and now i am having serious fatigue issues. i also lost my periods. I am looking into some bone broths, but the idea is a little gross!

    Thanks, Misty

  31. Paulette says:

    Kevin your hair looks great. I love the cat’s meow at the very end. The living room is really pretty…and I haven’t a clue where you are. All I know is it is pretty.

  32. Hi, Kevin, I am male, 58y, and I am a naturopath, giving lectures, guidance, consultations, and I got exposures in trainings in large insttns, by the Govt and my father was a reputed Ayurvedic Physician. As a poet in English I also appeared in the US Uni Mags, long long ago. You may Know more about me in my humble site: on naturopathy,
    I want to tell you that I was with RAMAKRISHNA,the only DOGGEDLY DEVOTED, SINCERE AND FAITHFUL MAN TO NATURE I ever met or ever may meet, who lived only on only bananas and
    coconuts for food.(and water, of course.)
    HE had a disciple with him , a 25yr old girl, who had come to the ashram with many problems of life and death. He saved her 100% due to her mental make up and determination to stay on nature food and sprouts esp. She was plumpy, eating a lot- but only natural.
    Her Periods stopped. And Ramakrishna said:=

    In women, periods is accumulation of waste, toxins in the body, that is periodically expelled from the body, because they cannot hoard them, as they are supposed to conceive and propagate, human generations. IT IS CLEANSING. When the girl with him, lived entirely, on natural food, her periods stopped and he said there is no waste to expell from the uterus. HENCE I BELIEVE STRONGLY IT IS HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH, to have no periods, in women, when they are on nature diet exclusively. AND IT NEEDS NO MEDICAL INTERVENTION. NO FEAR. NO PANIC.
    She can test it instead of going to docs.
    Let her start eating cooked food for 3 days and she will get it.
    ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING: I know a person living on pure naturediet (no vitamin supplements at all.)for 15y and such pure persons’ BLOOD WORKUP can be the REAL YARDSTICK TO GO BY OR FOLLOW FOR OTHERS….
    I dont believe generally (but i do sometimes)

    Meanwhile, wishing you all the best for all the good things that you do for the earthlings.

    DPARAMESWARAN +91 9442285506

  33. Jan says:

    The Living room looks nice and comfortable. Enjoy it with family your family.

  34. Ashley says:

    Misty ~ the same thing happened to me on 100% raw foods. Lost my energy to work out 7 days/week, lost my period, lost my drive and ambition at work… lost plenty of hair, too. What a waste. I am rebuilding with cooked beans as well, and wild-caught salmon. My period didn’t come back until I started eating fish again.

    I’m very sorry that the raw vegan diet took away my period for 8 months! And I pray that it doesn’t affect my ability to conceive. When the female leaders of the raw food movement start having babies (um, hasn’t happened yet?), then I’ll be convinced one can be healthy as a rv.

  35. Chinese Medicine is very effective at eradicating PMS, heavy or irregular periods, menstrual cramping, water retention, and infertility. I specialize in women’s health and also do hormone testing with blood or saliva samples: http://www.superherohealthcare.com/

  36. Beth says:

    I think you are in AnneMarie’s sister’s living room.

  37. Donaji says:

    I also think you’re in AnneMarie’s sister’s living room 🙂

    I’m not sure about one thing though: Are you saying it’s not ok to eat flax? So I shouldn’t eat grounded flax or flax oil?

  38. James says:

    Which living room? That’s funny. Just consider it a good life experience.

  39. Manwel says:

    Kevin, you’re starting to look more like Jesus. Good show.

  40. Help! I have a cavity!
    I’m 47 and have never had a cavity before. I broke a tooth in an auto accident about 3 years ago and I’m told this weakened my tooth, which makes since because part of it is gone. Now, I fit right in here, in Missouri with my broken tooth! – Just kidding. My broken tooth is in the very BACK of my head.

    Two questions:
    with my sugar-free high-raw lifestyle and excellent oral hygene, can I “recover” from a cavity?

    If not, what should I ask the dentist to “fill it” with? It seems, nothing they offer would be acceptable to carry in my mouth daily. Please advise. What would a holistic dentist use to fill a cavity? (oops, that 3 Qs.)

  41. Ema says:

    Hi Kevin
    I would also like to know what material is best to fill a cavity? I too have a chipped tooth and need to get some amalgams replaced but cannot decide what material would be best. I have been pondering this for months. My regular dentist states gold as the best choice but holistic dentist’s say to keep metal out of the mouth. What are your thoughts?

  42. Leanne says:

    Amalgam fillings are toxic. Gold isn’t much better and can be especially dangerous if you already have mercury fillings. The two metals create a battery in your mouth and you can actually be shocked if they touch (as an experiment, try putting a piece of aluminum foil in your mouth and chew down on your filling). Okay, don’t do it–just take my chemist/biologist/physicist husband’s word for it.

    I must really be out of the loop here because I’ve never heard that nuns don’t have periods. I’m not sure I’d believe that anyway. Seems a little silly.

    I also would like to see somebody try to conceive without cycles. I wonder if the people who believe cycles are bad are also anti-children. All animals have periods–not just humans. If there’s no implantation of a fertilized egg, the uterus cleans itself out. DUH. (Sorry.)

    It’s when the body is under physical or emotional stress that the cycles get thrown off. You can call it “enlightened” or whatever, but the fact is, all that old dead uterine lining is still sitting inside your body if you haven’t passed it out.

    It’s not dirty or gross. If you’re cramping, get some magnesium or cramp bark.

    Have any of these people had babies? Have they ever had sex? For goodness’ sakes–it’s messy business! Oozing! Smooshing! Grimacing! Having a baby is normal and natural (done unmedicated at home, that is), and so is having a monthly (lunar) cycle. It’s reproduction. It’s normal and natural. Unhealthy beings don’t/can’t reproduce. Their genes end with them.

    I love eating raw. I’m about 90%. I’ve done it off and on for several years now and wish I could have kept it up during my most recent pregnancy, but my midwife said, “You can’t grow a baby on a raw diet.” She wanted me to eat 90g of protein a day, but there was no way I could ingest that much. A bowl of beans or a few handfuls of nuts was sufficient for my body and I sure grew a pretty baby!

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