Raw Food Recipe for a Fall Apple Cranberry Stuffing : The Renegade Health Show Episode #672

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Annmarie is really feeling the fall right now…

So for this episode, she will prepare a raw food recipe for cranberry-apple stuffing. It’s a perfect substitute for the nasty, gooey stuff you usually get on Thanksgiving!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What do you think we should do about the recipe shows?

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If you’re wondering what Ceylon cinnamon is, please click here: Read more about Ceylon Cinnamon

Here’s the raw food recipe:

Fall Cranberry-Apple Stuffing

– 1 cup raw, soaked sunflower seeds
– 2 stalks chopped celery
– 1 apple
– 1/3 cup cranberries
– 1/2 white onion
– 1 cup brewed chai tea
– 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp sage


Put all ingredients together and soak in the tea for 20-30 minutes. Process in food processor for 20 seconds.

Serve in a red pepper, steamed or baked acorn squash or a yellow zucchini.

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Donna says:

    I try and watch all the recipe shows. Even the healthy savory dishes are inspiring and scrumptious!

    Thanks for doing this!

  2. Veronika says:

    I love the recipe shows, especially the healthy savory dishes! I think the kitchen is fine – since it’s small, it’s easy to see everything without moving the camera much. So Annmarie I wouldn’t worry about that.

    Maybe for the healthy recipes, you could include some nutritional information to show how healthy it is. Maybe that will get people more excited about cooking it and watching the videos?

  3. sharon says:

    No complaints or criticisms from me on the cooking shows. In fact, it’s the sweet and nut ones that I might shy away from. Savory is good, and I can’t wait to try the cranberry relish.

  4. Molly says:

    Actually, I *prefer* the healthy recipes, and dislike the dessert/junk-food ones. I don’t know why the views are down… maybe you should just publicize them more! For instance, the way that Kevin sends out emails to talk about products you’re selling through your webstore – do the same for the recipes. “Advertise” yourselves a little! 🙂
    I also agree with the previous poster that some basic nutritional info (you could use NutritionData.com) might entice some viewers.

    Whatever you do, keep it HEALTHY, keep it VEGAN and keep it RAW.

  5. Cassandra says:

    I am new to the raw food lifestyle and I am constantly looking forward to all of your cooking shows!!! I do enjoy the “junk” food type shows but even more I like the “healthier” recipes! This is not an easy transition and the more healthy recipes I can try the more options I have for what I can eat. I would be quite disappointed if you quit the healthy recipe shows–I would actually like to see more of them!! Please don’t stop!! You were the first inspiration I had when I began exploring the raw food lifestyle and I look forward to every post, every recipe, every episode! Love you guys!!!

  6. Honestly, I don’t like when you star selling stuff like crazy on the shows, like the cinammon and the sacha inchi oil, but i always watch them and try the recipes, specially, the healthy ones, not de sweet ones, so, thats just an observation

  7. Rikki M says:

    I think that stuffing would be dalish in just good romaine lettuce wrap, with yogurt and cucumber dip

  8. theophilus says:

    1. Remember what you have been called to do (you evangelists you). 🙂
    2. Go with your true heart; your charm is your authenticity or is it your authenticity is your charm? Either way.
    3. Dance with your audience; step in and step out; yes, you step on toes once in a while but remember that to get out on the dance floor is to have fun!
    I hope this helps!

  9. Sophia says:

    I love the recipe shows, especially the healthy ones. I can’t wait to makes this recipe and the lentil salad you showed us the other day. Keep up the great work!

  10. Debbie says:

    Hey guys I think Annmarie does a beautiful job in the R.V. Kitchen, you seem so relaxed and natural in any atmoshere, all your recipes are super !!! And with Kevin and Johnny5 narrating you are the “MASTER CHEF SHOW !!
    Thank you for all you do !!!!

  11. jeanne SDR says:

    I think the sweets shows are popular because people feel like they need to replace everything others eat with a “safe/healthy” version. I don’t feel the need to replace item for item the SAD for a healthy diet. Take hotdogs for instance; what’s the point? I enjoy the savory recipes. I for one enjoy most of your shows, and have been watching since day one- yep, walking down the street… I did take a break during an especially taxing semester, but I banked the shows, and am chipping away at them- they’re like little jewels waiting to be uncovered! Thanx for all your work and trying to keep us engaged; it’s appreciated, even when it’s not said. ;>)

  12. Colleen says:

    Like everyone else who has posted so far I am more interested in the healthy recipes than the desert recipes. I particularly liked the raw eggplant show. I riffed on that a little and make an eggplant salad (think chicken salad substitute) that I eat a couple of times a week when my CSA is delivering eggplant. Keep up the great work!

  13. Tyra McMahon says:

    I love love the healthy recipe shows. Please keep them coming.

    Thank you!!!

    P.S. also like the fact you introduced some steamed squash.

  14. Muriel says:

    Yes, the healthy recipes, love them.
    I will make this dressing for Thanksgiving.
    Love the ingredients in it. Thanks so much.

  15. Paul says:

    I love them all. I tend to make only the healthy ones myself, but enjoy watching them all. I agree with the previous comment that your charm is your authenticity. The small kitchen takes excuses away from people that think they need a large kitchen with every gaget ever manufactured. Keep up the great work!

  16. WHAT?
    Who are these ungrateful people?
    The recipe shows are my favorite.
    PS. I’ve never missed a day of your show since June when I first stumbled upon this site.
    AND it was my quest for healthy recipes that guided me here!!

  17. Then again.. maybe the people who don’t watch the recipe shows won’t post today.. because they’re not watching.. you’ll have to ask this question when you’re not in the kitchen.

  18. elf says:

    Wednesdays are my favorite shows of the week! I have just discovered “Raw” and your show, both have become quite important to me. I have watched several of the “Related Episodes” and have tried to start with number 1 and go on from there, but haven’t been able to find it. Annmarie, the size of the kitchen is not important, what is important is the love you put into the preparation. Both you and Kevin “Shine” in that regard!

  19. Kim says:

    Don’t sell out. If people want unhealthy food, there’s plenty of that around anywhere. Stick to you path, and what you believe in.

  20. jackie says:

    I love all your recipe shows and look forward to them every week; this is where AnnMarie really shines, even with a small kitchen (the size doesn’t matter…it is the two of you that make this show great; not the setting). This is where she excels, much more than her skin care line. There are several other good skin care lines out there which are more affordable, but there isn’t any chef quite like AnnMarie; so down to earth, genuine, delightful, sweet, unpretentious, entertaining (I could go on and on); cooking creatively in an RV with limited space. It’s great! If she can do it in an RV, anyone can do it at home or apt. or wherever. I am baffled that the viewings are down….if I ever have to miss a show, it’s never the cooking one.

  21. Gina from W.Palm Bch says:

    I look forward to the recipe shows every week! All of them! Please keep them coming. And I agree with Paul above that the small kitchen without even an oven should make people see that there are no excuses for not doing it in their own full size kitchens. Love you guys, thanks for all you do.

  22. Laurel says:

    Ooo, that looks good. I’ll have to try that for Thanksgiving :D.

    I actually don’t watch your dessert recipe shows anymore . . . I only watch the one’s that are low in nuts/sugar. Not sure why they are more popular! I think you should show more healthy recipes, but that’s just me :).



  23. Darlene Union says:

    Keep the recipes coming. Healthy ones are great. When you make one that is not so healthy, they are still fun to watch and get ideas from. Like you said, have the not so healthy desserts on special occassions and continue to eat healthy most of the time. The more healthy you eat, the less you will want to eat the sweet stuff. I really enjoy watching you videos. Please keep them coming. Thanks! 🙂

  24. sarah says:

    When are you in Toronto?? I have so many events you might like to check out 🙂

  25. Nina Rao says:

    I don’t know why people wouldn’t be watching the savory recipe shows. I appreciate all the recipes you’ve presented. A lot of great stuff!
    Maybe people feel they can get a lot of savory recipes anywhere, but not enough of the dessert recipes. I don’t know.

    I appreciate what ya’ll do and giving us great info. Please continue to bring us great recipes of all kinds.

    I just got an idea. Maybe you could do a two in one show where you have a savory recipe and a dessert recipe. That way people won’t miss out on the healthier recipes. I know it’s more time and work. Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for all ya’ll do!

  26. Geri says:

    I actually make all the healthy recipes more than all the dessert ones! NO ANNMARIE, DON’T STOP COOKING! These shows are my favorite!!!! NOOOOO

  27. angie leigh says:

    I love your recipes because I learn how to make some new things. Thanks guys!

    Angie Leigh Martin

  28. victor says:

    I enjoy watching them but know I’ll never take the time in my busy schedule to make this stuff.
    I prefer the KISS (simple) stuff. Maybe take one food (i.e.squash) and offer increasingly complex ideas of what to do with it. Start simple with steam and go from there. Some of us who are new to healthy foods actually have no idea how to prepare them and have never even heard of a lot of these things. For instance, I know it sounds bad, but can you eat Kale raw? It’s tough to keep everyone’s interest, but this is just an idea how you might help all levels.

  29. I also love the healthier recipe shows! I don’t always love the recipes, but I’m pretty picky when it comes to raw savory dishes. That’s why I’m always looking for new recipies and inspirations!

    I don’t think that these kind of recipes are that attractive to those new to raw foods though. People tend to go for things that are similar to what they used to eat cooked. I don’t know how detailed your statistics are, but I’d think that a lot of your hits comes from people who search for specific recipes, and I think that “raw snickers” are more popular to search for than “raw carrot soup”. 🙂

    And it would perhaps help if Kevin said more nice things about the ingredients rather than complaining about the amount of salt in the recipe and how disgusting lentil steam water looks. 😉 Although, I think it’s funny when he goofs off like that.

    And don’t get too hung up on the numbers! So some shows doesn’t get as many views, but that doesn’t mean that they are less valuable.

  30. nick says:

    I like the recipe shows especially the healthy ones but I think you should be aware of difficult to find ingrediants or give alternatives to hard to find or expensive ingredients. If possible give alternatives to making a dish healthier or tastier (often less healthier) I think most people unfortunately like to see unhealthy cooking shows look at the most popular food network chefs are usually the ones with the most unhealthy cooking practices that is part of our SAD culture.

  31. Donna says:

    I, too, love the recipe shows. This dish today looks fantastic, and will be a part of my Thanksgiving! I say keep doing what you’ve been doing all along, a mix of sweets and good savory dishes. Love your work!!! Thanks!

  32. Bethany says:

    I love your recipe shows and honestly if I do watch the dessert shows it’s just because I enjoy you and Annmarie so much even if I won’t ever make the recipe. Seriously though, I have so much going on in life that I am not going to “waste” my time making a dessert recipe when there are other unhealthy things in my families diet that I don’t need to add any more, even if it is raw. Plus I really, really don’t like recipes that are nut heavy, they just don’t sit well…. kinda like a brick 🙂

    Love your shows, and Annmarie I think you do an excellent job in the kitchen, especially in such a small space, I admire that !!


  33. Dana says:

    The recipes are my favorite part of the presentations!!!
    When I look at a food preparation book, it is ALWAYS the pictures that inspire me to continue on and prepare the food. AnnMarie, when you commented about not having a nice kitchen with a nice presentation … it struck a note within me. With a great presentation you can serve an extremely simple & healthy meal that most will ooh and ahhh about, tell their friends about … etc. mainly because it LOOKED so amazing.
    Just my thoughts …
    I think you guys are amazing, doing what you love and following your hearts.

  34. gina says:

    The dessert type stuff is fun to watch, but I am more likely to follow the healthier practical stuff, Thanks for them.

  35. Michelle says:

    I usually don’t watch the recipe shows because at this point I’m not interested in recreating mock dishes or anything with a lot of sweets or nuts/seeds. Nothing personal, I just keep it simple nowadays. I think that the recipe shows can be extremely helpful and beneficial to others, just not something I really need anymore.

    I do like the elixirs and herbal tea recipes. That is something I would like to learn more about as far as combinations and what certain herbs can do for the body. Really enjoy listening to Daniel Vitalis when it comes to this. Maybe you could get him to show us how to make a basic elixir to start off.

    Thanks again for what you two do. You’re living your dreams!


  37. Bethany says:

    oh yeah and I am totally making this next week !!

  38. Lori Shecter says:

    I Love your recipe shows. Please don’t stop. Im going to try this one just as a snack on it’s own. You’ve got me in the mood for the fall and I live in Florida. Love your cat… my dog’s always in the kitchen with me too:-)

  39. Bethany says:

    comment on a comment a few people have said… I am really into simple and fast (like the one you made today) I much prefer simple to super complicated and time consuming. Also, my 3yr old daughter isn’t really that excited about many raw food dishes, she likes many raw foods by them selves but in a prepared dish not so much so any really kid friendly recipes would be great too !!

  40. cid says:

    Please continue…. Your recipes are great. I prefer the nutritional ones to the deserts.
    I marvel at what you can do in your small kitchen. And you always present them in such pleasing, attractive way.
    And in doing so, always think about how many dirty dishes you make for yourself to bring us these recipes.
    My mouth was watering to taste that dressing & acorn squash. Thank you

  41. I like the recipe shows the best! I always watch them or at least read the recipes and try many of them. I have even posted a couple of the videos on my blog. Keep it up! Don’t care how big the kitchen is. Keep up the great work!!

  42. Maria says:

    Love your shows…and your passion and authenticity….but where’s the cinnamon!!??

    seems like a natural to add it to this recipe…especially the steamed squash one….


  43. Janet says:

    I like many of the recipes you give, AND for a change of pace, I would like to see more recipes that do not include nuts/seeds as they are way too fattening and I am allergic to nuts and some seeds and feel that there is much to much reliance on nuts/seeds in the raw foods community versus creative ways to use veggies. What about something with the odd veggies or more on the things you can forage for? I always like those videos that you do on foraging like with the nettles, horsetail, and high bush cranberries, etc.

  44. Sandra Patterson says:

    I love the healthy recipes! I appreciated the cooked squash too.Go with your heart and the reason you are doing this show. Remember not all of your viewers are 100% raw. My goal is somewhere around 75%, but my even greater goal is whatever brings me the greatest health. You guys are doing great!

  45. Kathy says:

    I’m fairly new to raw foods recipes, and enjoy seeing EVERY recipe you demonstrate, especially the non-dessert ones. It’s not easy at first, and your shows have really helped me expand my recipe file. The demos are helpful, because I know what to expect, and what the food should look like.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and show.


  46. Kristin says:

    I like them too! Today’s show was great and a perfect meal for me- simple, quick and easy to find ingredients. I bet the sutffing would be even better then next day. Thank you!

  47. I watch ALL of your recipie shows. I especially apreciate you always posting the recipe. You have really exspanded my recipie book. Everyone at the raw food pot luck that I go to have also been enjoying your recipies that I have prepared from the show. Please keep doing what you are doing because you are appreciated.

  48. Marketa says:

    Great shows, just be yourself that is the best, and you are, thumbs up for you.

    I just tried your recipie only changed to hampseeds ang goji that was what I hade, it is tasty too 🙂

    thanks for beeing yourself and enjoying what you do :-).

    Everybody likes something else,so I think it is good taht you do all sweet,salt,savour…

  49. That looks delicious!! I have been struggling with what to eat raw since the weather has been changing. Thanks for this recipe! I love the cooking shows and I love the healthy recipes the best. I love your style and kitchen AnnMarie, it is relatable :)Thanks for all you do!

  50. Kuru says:

    Probably the answer to your query is the same answer to the dilemma of why veganism so often doesn’t work: people eating too much junk food and not enough high nutrition. Good diet is as much about what you don’t eat as what you do, right? I’m interested in only the healthy recipes. Thanks! Love your fitness shows too.

  51. Diana (Ohio) says:

    I guess most of us are struggling with having a sweet tooth!!

    Annmarie, it is not your kitchen, you inspire those of us who don’t have big fancy kitchens to prepare big fancy meals.

    I don’t have a lot of time to devote to preparing meals, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my families health, so I would love to see plain and simple everyday food with readily available ingredients. How about different ways to utilize what is in season, including wild edibles. Even something as “simple” as quinoa, what would you season it with or eat it with? Or the ever so popular “oh my, everyone is hungry and I have nothing prepared, what can I throw together real quick”. Maybe something like 5 ingredients, 5 minutes to the table or something along that line? Super quick, super simple 🙂

    You guys do such a great job, no matter if it’s in the kitchen, fitness day, interviews or answering questions, there is always something for everyone.

    Thanks for everything you do
    Diana (Ohio)

    P.S. My cats believe I need their supervision in the kitchen too, how would we manage without them?

  52. Angie Smith says:

    I haven’t watched many of the recipe shows, but I watched this one because it wasn’t a dessert. I even cringed at the honey on the baked squash. 😀 A few years ago, I would have been the opposite. I’m glad you mentioned that this recipe would work as a stuffing for a turkey as well. That’s what made me want to try it, and if I can convince the family to let me do it, then I’ll have some stuffing on Thanksgiving this year. Thank you for all you do!

  53. veronica says:

    the vid blacks out from like 7:10 to 7:45. and also, do the recipe shows!!!! the healthy ones and i like the savory ones better then the sweet ones, because i dont eat fancy sweet deserts everyday!!! i dont know why you get less views. maybe you can do a video with junky and healthy recipes together????

  54. Sheralee says:

    Totally agree with the majority here! I DESIRE health! why else are we here! Please don’t stop showing these options just because the numbers are down…Remember it is only 20% who succeed at anything worthwhile in LIFE! Thank you for giving a well rounded option : ))))

  55. Judy says:

    I am trying to be very high raw. I find it difficult with the colder climate. Please continue with raw foods for the fall and winter.
    I think people want to be healthy but just don’t know how to incorporate it into their lives. Keep teaching the healthy things, and the sweet teeth will disappear.
    Please, stick to your desire to be a real helper of health, not just a pleaser of people. We need more healthy recipes, raw recipes!
    Thank you so very much. I love watching you two.

  56. Liberty says:

    Mmmmm…can’t wait to make this! I say stick to the healthy recipes. I think the recipe videos are great. Also, having a small kitchen is not a negative….views may just be down due to the fact that it was summer time and everyone is so busy. We are so thankful for all you guys do. Keep up the great job!!!

  57. Bernadette says:

    Please do not stop your recipe shows… I agree: your cooking in a small RV kitchen shows everyone that it can be done anywhere!
    I also prefer the “healthy” recipes: the less desserts you eat, the better you are. In fact, since I changed my ways to healthy foods, I hardly ever want anything sweet: a piece of chocolate then is enough… Cravings for sweets show that your body has not yet found its balance.

    Thank you for all your shows – recipes and others – as they are great sources of information.
    Please keep going!
    Bernadette (from Brussels, Belgium)

  58. Sandi S says:

    It’s all good! And I’m not waiting until Thanksgiving to make this recipe…I love squash, cranberries, celery, etc. so this one is right up my alley! Thanks again, both of you!

  59. Rich says:

    Health food eating is a Biblical requirment. We need the correct diet. Not just deserts.

  60. Diane says:

    I love ALL the recipes you create, but I am always looking for some recipes for a healthy meal, let’s face it , you can’t live on desserts! Not if you want to be healthy! Thanks for all you do!
    Living the Raw Life

  61. eyla says:

    I love all the recipe shows,
    Keep ’em coming please 🙂

  62. Dorothy says:

    Perfect timing…it’s Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada!! I love your recipe shows so please keep them coming. My favorites are actually the healthier, savory recipes. The only problem I have is that I tend to eat the whole recipe by myself – once I start I can’t stop!

  63. I watch ALL the recipe shows and, ironically, am not really as into the sweet recipes. I think Annmarie has a great sense of taste and understanding of seasonings, so I like to see what she comes up with next.

    I totally don’t mind the RV (and LOVE when Jonny5 has input!) because it seems more like a “real” kitchen, if you get me.

    I would also like to say, Annmarie, that I appreciate you showing ways of combining cooked and raw (like with today’s show). I would also really like to see how you prepare cooked dishes, too, like quinoa or amaranth. Knowing how to -properly- prepare these dishes to maximize nutritional benefits while making them taste good would be awesome.

    Take good care – and THANK YOU!
    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Owner, Rite Chocolate

  64. Marcia says:

    don’t change anything…I love your “recipe lab,” I love the recipes that showcase items that you sell, and I love ALL of your recipes. I appreciate your continuous-improvement mindset, and the way that you bring your doubts to your audience.
    I’ve gone through many, many rawfood shows, and choose to stick with yours – you stay relevant and interesting yet concise.

  65. Barbara W. says:

    I prefer the healthy whole food savory recipes to desserts and thank you for adding a healthy steamed squash alternative serving option. Sounds yummy. The kitchen is fine. We don’t watch for that, we just <3 you two. There's just no way to please everybody so follow your heart. 🙂

  66. Luna says:

    Hi guys! Just want to tell you that i have tried most of your recipies..sweet and salty!
    and i have adopted quite a few in my daily life! I love your recipes! Ann-Marie, You are awesome…You have a great sense of combining foods, seasonings and give great alternatives! I love your recipes and I also love your shows..very informative!

    Thank you ++


  67. Paula Drake says:

    I love Ll of your shows it just seems like you haven’t been having enough of them

  68. Janet says:

    Thanks so much for this delicious sounding recipe. I can’t wait to try it!

    I agree with many others before me. Keep the recipe shows coming (all kinds). I like the sweet ones but we can’t live on sweets, so I really like these like today that are great additions to meals. I was wondering what to make for Thanksgiving this year since it’s my first eating a raw food diet – this is one of the recipes I’m including! Thanks so much. Keep them coming.

  69. Christina Dodson says:

    My suggestion (since you asked) comes from a different angle since I can’t always watch the shows the day they air (I follow 4 health shows). I wish the archive page would immediately open up to a page of TITLES and DATES instead of a search box. The search box (alone) is often very time-consuming. I know becaue I’ve watched most every show in the archives clear back through the first episode. 🙂

    Aside from that, I think everything you do is great! Your kitchen in the RV is wonderful and you guys do a great job! Even though I can’t always watch the day they air, I love what you’re doing and would NEVER want you to quit the recipe shows!

  70. Stephanie says:

    Looks yummy! Something I may actually try. I tend to not watch all of the cooking shows all the time only because some of the ingredients featured are things I don’t always have access to, but I love to watch you prepare them because you use methods of food preparation that are new to me. Example being soaking things, sprouting ect.
    I guess I just am more curious about the information you put out about health and not quite as concerned with recipes. Keep it up though because it’s nice to get new fresh ideas!

  71. Linda says:

    Both types of recipes are great! My kids and I love to watch both. Alot of people are new to this way of eating and do like to find replacements for favorite types of food they no longer eat.

  72. snowmoonelk says:

    Well, I know I have been away from the computer for a while (after it got stolen!) but that’s just one person…

    I am not a raw foodie and I find your recipes fascinating. I think I could bake that stuffing…

    Why do you soak the seeds?

    I should like to live in an RV…

    The video goes blank in the middle…

    I like the idea of using that stuffing to stuff Romaine lettuce leaves…

    Keep it gong, you two (and Johnny 5)

  73. snowmoonelk says:

    That last remark should read “keep it GOING”!!!

  74. Isabel says:

    I think you should just go on presenting different kinds of recipes. A nicer kitchen wouldn’t mean a thing to me. As for the dessert recipes, to be honest, if I go to the trouble of making something more elaborate, it would be a dessert. That’s because I just eat food to get the energy, but what I really look forward to are the desserts! So I make very simple dishes and I don’t mind a lack in taste variety, but when it comes to desserts, I thrive on variety. But I do watch most recipe shows.

  75. Dee says:

    Oh, please I love your recipe shows. They have been so helpful. I make your apple fennel salad on a regular basis. I have gone back on done searches for old recipe shows and used those. So please keep the recipes coming.

  76. Lorna says:

    I am watching…..love the healthy recipes……it’s not your kitchen…..you two are both are so so awesome…..thank you for sharing …

  77. This stuffing looks delicious and so simple. Can’t wait to try it. Think I’ll make it this weekend. You guys always do a great job. I enjoy the dessert shows as well as the healthier dishes. Keep it up!

  78. Kristine says:

    Thank you. This is a recipe I will definitely try. I hope I can bring it along to Thanksgiving dinner as an option everyone will taste… A few more Thanksgiving ideas would be welcome. I go vegetarian that day and eat all the gluten free veggies (there is a variety) available at the table. Having a full plate and looking like you are chowing down like everyone else is important. This seems to be the most tactful way to get through the extended family meal. And another bowl of tasty stuffing, even raw would be welcome, I am sure.
    Maybe you are getting more hits on the desserts because people are very curious as to how to make raw peanut butter cups and alike. I am more interested in quick and tasty raw dishes.
    I can understand your desire for a bigger kitchen, but it doesn’t matter for your viewers unless you want to start showing us 3 course meals 🙂

  79. josanne says:

    The Wed recipe demo is a definite draw for me. Savory recipes are especially welcome. Your RV situation is a reality factor and helps remind me to work with what I have.

    The only thing that would improve the recipe shows would be less running commentary from Kevin (some of which is helpful, some definietly not; it’s a distraction and an irritant)

    Annmarie has a wealth of info and is more than capable of helping us with relevant points.

    You did ask for feedback so here it is. Josanne

  80. Keep the healthy stuff coming!!!! Maybe some low calorie stuff added in there sometimes too?! 🙂 GREAT job guys!!!!

    God Bless,
    > Shannon <

  81. Leam says:

    Like many others have commented, I started tuning into your program for raw food ideas. Also, as stated by many, I don’t care so much for sweet recipes – totally enjoy the savory ones more. I do wish you would actually taste what was made on camera. First hand, honest reactions are fun and actually inspire me to want to try a recipe all the more. Keep doing what inspires you. It would truly be sad if you left off “In the Kitchen” the same way that you felt no one was enjoying “Fitness Friday” – that I miss.

  82. I love the recipe shows! My diet is pretty limited, so I don’t even bother with the junk food recipes. Keep the healthy stuff coming!

  83. Tamikko says:

    I love the recipe shows but I have bookmarked a couple to watch at a different time. Once because I didn’t want to watch yet. I was juicing and didn’t want to be teased 🙂
    Sometimes it’s just because I’m saving it until I’m ready to do something like that. I may not have the ingred’s or I’m just too busy to watch a video at the time, so I save it for when I have more time.
    I need more help and ideas on good food too. I have desserts down. They were my first priority once so now I need more healthy video’s.
    The stuffing looks and sounds delish guys. I can’t wait to stuff a red pepper. That sounds amazing 🙂
    thanks for another great video

  84. Beth says:

    I always enjoy the recipe shows, no matter what you are making. Even if it isn’t something I would normally make now, my tastes tend to change over time.

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving recipe, as Canada’s Thanksgiving is this weekend. Maybe I’ll make this and bring it with me to my parents’ place for the celebration on Sunday.

    Recipe show ideas: Smoothies, green juice, other fermented foods, dressings, sauces, roasted veg, or seasoned cooked grains (assuming you season it).

  85. Jan says:

    Maybe people watch but do not always comment like me. I enjoy watching the recipe shows but most of the time do not make them due to not having some of the ingredients.
    I also feel that most people are very busy and need super quick, easy, & healthy recipes. My easy fall dinner is squash soup in the vita mixer. Quick to make and easy clean up. Sometimes we have a salad first and if not a piece of fruit later for a snack. I would like to have many quick, easy, & healthy dinner recipes that my family will like. I have teenagers who will eat at a friends house if they do not like what I fix.
    I think they will like this stuffing and I plan to give it a try. Thanks

  86. Vegan says:

    I LOVE the recipes — all of them, not just the dessert recipes. In fact, I like the savory ones better becauses I’m always looking for new recipes for meals. I just don’t make desserts that much. In fact, I sometimes come to your site and search with a food keyword to see if you have any recipes for it, like Kabocha! hint, hint..

    Maybe the reason why more people watch the dessert videos is because raw desserts are so good and that’s where alot of people start when they transition to raw. I don’t think it has anything to do with your kitchen. Seriously, no one cares as long as the demo is clear.

  87. Ildiko says:

    I think your cooking shows are great! When we were in Hungary on vacation, my daughter ( 6 y young) was asking me constantly to put on Kevin Gianni and Anne-Marie Gianni, I kid you not!
    Her favorite show is the Mexican where you guys were wearing hats.
    All things go up and down, this is just life… keep up the good work, do what feels right for you and everything will fall into place again!

  88. Rev Bob says:

    I especially enjoy your “In the kitchen” shows, and have tried many of your recipes.

    I also realize that you have to make a living too. I can order the products that I like OR I can pass them by.

    Sooo, keep on keepin’ on, and don’t mind the small kitchen – your in a motor home. It’s not what’s “in it” – it’s what’s “coming out” that counts.

    A Happy Watcher . . .

  89. Nadia says:

    Hi there, I love the recipe shows.. keep ’em coming. The more healthy recipes are great and so are the less healthy ones. Continue to do a mixture of both. Balance is the key!

    A request; can you show us how to make raw root beer. I thought I remembered you showing us this once but I looked through all the shows in the archives and I couldn’t find it. I have sassafras bark and want to use it.

    Thanks so much for all you do,

  90. Lilith says:

    it seems the people that only watches the sweet recipe shows are not here to comment today… nor are the ones that don’t like recipes… 😉

    I think, like someone mentioned, that people enter something in the search box, and then it is easier to search for sweet with familiar name, than something savory with unknown name.

    I also speculate that is is for family events and such special occations, when people really want things to turn our “right” – not the normal day experiment – that they turn to recipes and start searching for desserts.
    I must say i only use recipes when I prepare food for others. And that is on occations. And occations often include desserts…

    Lastly. Why do you care so much how many are watching? Don’t sell out! If people have to much of a sweet tooth, it is their problem and not yours.
    Maybe some nutritional info on the dishes would be nice.
    Like a better archive without having to search for everything.

    I love the wednesday shows. From start that was my favorite day! 🙂

  91. Phyllis says:

    Hi Kev & Annmarie,

    I love your healthy recipes! Matter of fact, I have I’ve prepared several and they were yummy! As for your kitchen, I like that you use a compact space. It inspires me when using my small studio apartment size kitchen.
    So, keep up the fantastic work!

    I do have a question. I’ve been eatting a raw food diet for over 6 months and there are many recipes that require pine nuts. However, my boyfriend is allergic to them. Can you recommend a substitute? Thanks in advance.

  92. Kali says:

    I love yalls cooking show. esp the healthy stuff. Please continue the awsomeness!

  93. Laney says:

    I like all of the recipe shows. They inspire me to try new and easy things. I don’t care the kitchen is little, it’s real and it’s honest!

    I love to watch all of the recipe shows, but am more likely to try the non-desert recipes.
    I’ve been raw for three years now, and the deserts are less and less appealing other than for special occasions. I’m losing my taste for sweet stuff.

    I also really enjoy the interview shows as it exposes me to new thoughts to consider.

    I still like the exercise ones too, but I’m more apt to try the stretching ones.

  94. Marcia says:

    This is the first recipe that I have viewed at your site (from the e-mail that was sent out). I am just beginning raw and am trying to lose weight, so I am more interested in the savory recipes than all the sweets (I am prediabetic, too). I cannot imagine that the views are down, but hope you keep them coming. I need the encouragement and the information to help me stay focused and on track. I liked the one you did the other day with Daniel Vitalis — I thought that was very good information, too because it pointed out that changes can be made at any time. You just have to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and do what works for you.

    The only bit of advice I have is that for those of us, like me, who have been on the SAD for many years, I don’t always understand the jargon or what you are talking about. Like in this video at one point Kevin mentioned a “tapenade” but I don’t really know what that is or how to use it. I don’t need substitutes for every item in the SAD but if there are some, I’d like to know about raw versions of them.

    I also am curious for new things that I have not tried before, but am on a budget, so cannot purchase a lot of rare and expensive stuff — I just need to know new ways to prepare what is easily available and inexpensive. Love what you are doing. Loved the recipe and can’t wait to try it. Thanks!! Marcia

  95. Janis says:

    I’ve never commented on here before, but watch your shows quite a bit. I want to start by saying that I really like them, and appreciate what you do! Thankyou.

    In response to your question, a couple of things. First, I sometimes skip the recipe shows and just look at the recipe. I’d imagine that other people do this as well.

    Second, I find that Kevin intervenes in Anne Marie’s dialogue in annoying and distracting ways. Kevin, I think you’re entertaining and great (so please accept this as constructive criticism!), but I feel annoyed for Anne Marie when I watch these shows, because it seems like you’re a backseat driver, just getting in the way. And you do tend to complain a bit and question Anne Marie’s practices/ingredients, even though you’ve told us over and over that you know absolutely nothing about cooking. Dude, let her do her thing and be the expert! In all honesty, this dynamic sometimes stops me from watching the recipe shows.

  96. james says:

    I watch every show, but there are many times I do not comment. But the recipes (especially the healthy ones) are always great. Please keep them comning 🙂

  97. Cindy says:

    I love the recipes! I have had so many ideas from them. And Ann Marie your kitchen is just fine, thats what I love about you guys, you don’t care what people think about your small kitchen you just do the best with what you have, which is great! An inspiration for us all 😀
    Oh and can you guys maybe do more shows about identifying wild edibles?? I love the shows about the wild ginger and horsetail! Thanks for all the info! I have learned sooo much from your show haha I think I annoy my husband cuz I come home all excited about Vitamin D or Tulsi lol but our health has improved because of it. Thanks!

  98. Angelique says:

    I like the recipe shows too! I watch them all when I can carve out the time, and just FYI, I don’t think I’ve made any of the desserts (though they may have looked yummy) but do act on the savory dishes since after all, that’s the higher percentage of what I eat (and need to prepare) each day.
    Simple and ultra-healthy is totally good with me.

    I don’t mind the small kitchen at all and agree that letting Annemarie be the voice of authority in the kitchen (if she’s the one preparing) is what I enjoy too.

    Idea: I loved your foraging stuff lately and would love to see instruction on using those regularly in your food prep too — that would be fun.

    Thanks for asking and I look forward to hopefully more of your “in the kitchen” shows.

  99. Stephanie says:

    I admit I have been slacking on the recipe shows lately (sorry). I was giving 80/10/10 a look. Turns out to be too much fruit for me and spikes my blood sugar…..
    Anyhow, I am one more back to the recipe show rank so to speak, and I think these were WONDERFUL recipes and I will be trying them this weekend 🙂
    Thanks Much

  100. i love the recipe shows! also the week of excercise was great! good job, you ROCK!

  101. Joanne says:

    I love all your recipe shows. The kitchen does not matter. In fact, it proves that this kind of food does not require a big kitchen with every appliance. I think the “junk” food recipes catch the eye of the transitioning or new raw food enthusiasts and you need to reach out to them as well. Keep the recipes coming! Thanks for all you do.

  102. Robin says:

    I watch all the recipe shows, but find myself tuning them out more easily than the others. I’d rather hear expert commentary on the beneficial effects of different foods — folk medicine, etc. Also, if the recipes featured more unusual ingredients that were specifically in season (or foraged – I love the foraging shows), it would be useful to me. I want to know something to look for at the farmer’s market this week, and what to do with it!

  103. Alex says:

    Awesome recipe! thank you guys!

  104. Bill says:

    Please keep delivering the healthy recipes and also the not so healthy recipes. I am watching

  105. Barbar says:

    I love all your shows!! I don’t care what you make I watch them all. I’m always glad when Jonny5 gets on the camera and love to hear him talk.

  106. Wilhelmina says:

    I love them all. Nutricinal info would be great. I also like more nut free recipes or if you make recipes with the left over nut pulp. I hate having to through it out.
    I love the simplicity of the rv it shows you don’t need all the big stuff and big kitchen to be raw. Maybe post a picture of the recipe with the recipe so I can put it in my binder and then it will be like a real food book!! That I can collect and refer to.

    Thanks a million hugs and don’t give up


  107. Cindy (Sydney, Australia) says:

    Sorry for the late reply but i am a little behind in watching. I love the recipe shows, in fact i watch EVERY show whether I am interested in the subject or not, as you never know what you will pick up. Please keep up the recipe shows, I’m not sure if you are judging by comments or you can tell how many watch, but i don’t always comment but i am still watching.
    Thanks for your effort, I really appreciate you both.

  108. Shadow's Mom says:

    Don’t change a thing, Ann Marie. You’re so down to earth and real that I watch your demos even when Kevin moves the camera too much and makes me motion sick 🙂 Sorry, Kevin, but I think you just get so excited you can’t help it. Please keep doing your recipes and I’ll get back to watching on time…okay? Okay!

  109. jason says:

    Keep the recipe shows! And bring back fitness Fridays. It’s good for us. We’ll come around…

    I will usually scan the ingredients and instructions, and if the recipe appeals to me, I’ll watch the video. If it calls for ingredients I have yet to stock in my pantry like lucuma, tulsi, kelp noodles, or sachu inchi oil, I might not watch it unless I think I can modify the recipe. If a recipe looks good, but I’m not ready for it, I’ll bookmark it for later. I love Annmarie’s energy on the videos, but don’t always have time to watch something that’s not currently relevant to me.

    I think you guys have a great variety of recipes, and I think it’s important to have some recipes with exotic ingredients and some with all supermarket ingredients.

    Your granola episode #62 helped me develop a live gluten free granola recipe that my wife and I make every week. And, I’ve been threatening for a couple years to make the sprout salad with mustard dressing from episode #267. (No excuse now, ’cause I’ve started growing sunflower greens.)

  110. rainbow says:

    sometimes i just feel a need to be away from the computer for extended periods of time, and this is one of those times, which is why you have not been counting me as a viewer. nothing whatever to do with you folks or this show. but as i was looking through some older posts, this is what i chose to watch. i really appreciate the recipe shows, and have made some of them so often that they have become my own, so to speak. i do agree with some of the previous comments that kevin’s commentaries while annmarie is in the kitchen can sometimes be distracting, intrusive, and even close to rude. and it amazes me how calm,peaceful and patient she is every time he does something like that. i love it when her voice shines… since you asked. thanks as ever to both of you for bringing light and wisdom onto my plate and into our world. peace for all.

  111. Connie says:

    A few comments:

    1) THANK YOU for asking the question during the show instead of waiting until afterwards–it gave me time to think about it and motivated me to respond instead of just going on to my next e-mail. I encourage you to do that more often.

    2) THANK YOU for doing the recipe shows–and showing simple recipes (healthy or not-so-healthy). I watch all of them, even the ones I think I might not be interested in, because I have lots to learn. I’d like lots more recipe shows, but I do enjoy the variety so I’m not sure you can really fit that in.

    3) THANK YOU for using what you’ve got (RV, small kitchen, canning jars, steamer instead of oven, etc.) instead of insisting we have to buy this or that to make healthy recipes.

    4) THANK YOU for being normal everyday people. That encourages me that I can do this, too.

    5) THANK YOU for doing the “unhealthy” recipes, too, because those are the ones my family will eat. I think this cranberry-apple stuffing sounds delicious but I doubt my family will be as likely to try it as they would a “chocolate” treat (can’t think of a recipe name off the top of my head).

    Perhaps your audience is made up mostly of people transitioning to a healthier diet and therefore the “unhealthier” recipes are the ones they want/need. Those who are already sold know where else they can get more of the “healthiest” recipes.

    I say don’t sweat it. You are performing the service that is best for you and us right now. Maybe you could do a poll to find out who your audience is and what they want? You would probably want to offer an excellent freebie to get everyone to respond?



  112. Connie says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask. What could you use instead of chai tea? I don’t have that and don’t know what it tastes like. Would a lemon or orange or mint or sage tea or a cinnamon tea work? Chamomile?


  113. Maria says:

    These are my favorites (food prep) next to interviews!!! Put more on with healthy foods. Raw yumminess!!!
    Thank you both for a great show. I always look forward to you both. Thank you for all your advise and encouragement!!!
    XXX Maria ;>

  114. Mary says:

    Sorry this is so late, but wanted to tell you that I just LOVE the recipe shows. They are my favorite . . . especially the savory ones, not the desserts. I am inspired by the fact that Ann Marie makes everything in such a small space and seems to be delighted in her tiny kitchen with minimal “extras.” Thank you for your enthusiasum and great recipes. I will definitely be trying this stuffing recipe, and if it’s a hit, will be serving it at our Thanksgiving dinner this year.

  115. Deanna Dean says:

    LOVE the recipe shows!!! Maybe the response is low because people are looking for quick and easy, while many of the healthy versions take a little longer??

  116. Marie Zuniga says:

    Broth? You might mean brine? Salt water or spiced sugar solution. That is nothing like a broth. Then when you cooked the squash in a “non animal product broth” hehe I get your the vegan half. And that’s wonderful I still love your cooking segments. Cheers!

  117. lisa says:

    Are you sure about that? Positive the recipe show watching is down and the healthy stuff specifically? That’s about all I watch (sorry) so please don’t get rid of them. The kitchen is no problem. I like it better than those “cooking” shows with gigantic unrealistic kitchen that most people don’t have. Everything is easy to see. And the video quality is great. Most raw videos like on youtube are such terrible quality i cannot watch them.

    Suggestion 1 – What ever happened to the idea of adding more ultra healthy cooked food/grain options? Especially with fall/winter approaching, sorry, but there is nothing like a bowl of hot, healthy squash and bean soup on a chilly day.

    Suggestion 2 – How about a healthy/raw (or not raw) recipe redo suggestion box where viewers could name a dish we have a hankering for and need help getting a different version.

    Suggestion 3 – Maybe I am somewhat techy challenged, but I have not found a good way to search your recipe archives. It seems you just have to guess and get the right wording in the search box. I would love it if you had a more detailed recipe show only section laid out like a lot of recipe blogs are so even if you don’t know what you are looking for, you can “browse” by category.

    Suggestion 4 – A viewer recipe contest. We could submit our own idea or you could name the challenge, then you recreate it on the show and the winner gets free kelp noodles 😉

  118. db : ) says:

    I think “Johnny Pie” was agreeing don’t stop the healthy recipes! He had to get a first-hand look (counter view so cute). He was happily adding his comments, and I enjoyed them.

    Your healthy raw recipe episodes are great. Your love for each other adds the best ingredient to every healthy raw recipe segment.

    Your apple cranberry stuffing looks sooo delicious not jot for Thanksgiving but right now!

  119. Ashley says:

    NEVER STOP ! doing these show I love the recipe shows.. Just found you guys online so im catching up on all your shows. i have a little girl so the sweet treats are preferred during for the end of the year holidays but the healthy stuff is a must… thank you for everything your doing. I cant wait to try all your recipes

  120. Sara Rice says:

    Hi Kevin & AnnMarie-

    I love some of the recipes you come up with. I will confess that often I will not watch the instructional video- I will just copy and paste the recipe to try out at a later date if it looks simple enough to make. I think its just hard to keep up with all the shows you do- so my guess is people are listening to the informative talks first then going from there.

  121. Jessica says:

    I love you both! Super cute and always excited about sharing new things with the viewer! Thank you. I love the shows, and cannot wait to make this for Thanksgiving and just for a fall day. 🙂 Enjoy your time in Buffalo.
    Much love.

  122. Shaina says:

    I just started a living juice fast this week. I am looking forward to the cranberry stuffing recipe, it incorporates a number of my favorite fall foods.

  123. Laura says:

    The recipe portion of your show is what attracted me to your site in the first place. I suggest you send out email like you do for other products and remind us that the recipe show is out there.

  124. Velda says:

    A mix is good – healthy and “healthy junk”. We all love junk food and healthy junk is better 🙂 Anyway, please don’t stop the healthy recipes. I made your chopped lentil salad for a party I attended and it was a big hit. Wasn’t sure how it would go over since most of the people there are not healthy eaters – but they loved it. I’m going to make this stuffing also. I love getting these recipes. Hope you don’t stop them. Thanks,

  125. Lindsey Rey says:

    I just discovered you guys, and am slowly going through the recipes and everything else!

    If views are down, then don’t feel a rush in making them; just make one upon finding something that’s fantastic. And to help take some of the pressure off, if you don’t want to make a video, at least share the recipe on the blog and leave it up to viewers to make a video.

    Life should be stress-free, but if making the vidoes is causing stress, then dump them, no matter what anyone else says. However, if you enjoy making them, then keep up the great work!

  126. Liz Williams says:

    I love the recipe show. Sometimes, I copy the recipe and do not watch the show. I have been so busy lately. You have many shows that I want to watch! Please don’t stop doing the recipe shows!

  127. Miranda says:

    I must admit, the way I found you guys was through your Chocolate Milk recipe episode. I think that the views on your dessert eps might be higher because people want to know ways of treating themselves and still feel like they are eating well.

  128. Keep those recipes coming!
    I love the variety that you present Anne Marie! : )

  129. Roxy Harte says:

    I’m trying to stay as close to raw as possible, and I am soooo glad I found you both because you’re not so adamant that every recipe be 100% raw. I like rice and oatmeal too much to give them up forever…and yogurt…which I see as a live food but my raw friends give me loads of guilt over…

    I’ll try this stuffing in the steamed squash, because I need something really yummy to face the holidays with! I can’t imagine the recipe with a raw squash boat. Eek!

    but I also loved Rikki’s romaine lettuce wrap idea…perfect for any leftover dressing:)

    As far as your question about the number of people watching your sweet vs savory shows. I just wanted to say, I’ll only be watching the savory shows because I’m not really a big fan of sweets.

  130. John says:

    Two of my favorite recipes from your show have been the raw hummus (using zucchini) and the recent olive tapenade which I have already made twice and love it, will definitely become a standard for me. I like simple things best, quick and easy recipes. If there are too many ingredients I will still watch the show but not likely ever make it.

  131. Terri says:

    Kevin what do you feel about Sheep yogurt versus Goat yogurt? I am in a 12step program called FA and I am just starting to go mainly raw with some cooked. Peace and blessings.

  132. Jacquie says:

    I LOVE your recipe shows and never miss a one. Please don’t stop doing them, and Annmarie, your kitchen is just lovely…as are both of you. You give me encouragement and keep me motivated with all of your shows. You two are a gift from heaven for me. <3

  133. Meagan says:

    Personally, I love your recipe shows! I feel like they’re geared more towards those of us who have been on the raw food diet for awhile and are starting to refine our diets because we can no longer down a nut meat loaf and feel good afterwards ;). I feel like you guys really state your approach on raw food as a formula for long term sucess, but maybe you could bring this message to your recipe shows a little more. I hate to say advertising here, but maybe advertising your recipe shows as a more nutritionally ballanced form of raw food/health food eating is a good approach. And even we here at the community and the Health Renegade Inner Circle, should be spreading the words to friends and other like-minded individuals that this is the recipe show for those of us who are looking to refine and increase our vitality on a raw food diet. 🙂

  134. Meagan says:

    I had also wanted to mention that you guys have really unique and a lot of ethnic flavored dishes. These have always been the shows that draw me in the most, because you don’t see a lot of these on the internet, or even raw food recipe books. Those are the key shows I watch, maybe we can get more of these recipes back in the mix.

  135. Barbara Weith says:

    I LOVE your recipe shows and prefer healthy recipes to desserts, really. You two do a great job — as a former veg. chef myself, I know what you go through trying to plan, present and orchestrate recipes under less than optimal kitchen conditions. So kudus to you. You are a great team and always, always appreciated!

  136. Cynthia says:

    I am so behind in watching your shows but not because I don’t like them (I love them), it’s because I have been swamped with work. You are my rock in the raw food world. I love that you guys get to travel around in your R.V. One day that is my goal. Keep the shows coming please, please, please. 🙂

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