Healthy Recipe for… Coffee? : The Renegade Health Show #642

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I know it’s a big claim…

Did I find a mixture that tastes like coffee using only raw and healthy ingredients?

Take a look and find out for yourself…

Your question of the day: When did you last drink coffee?

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Here’s the recipe for healthy “coffee”…

Healthy “Coffee” Alternative

1 Teaspoon Holy Basil
1/2 Teaspoon Kev’s Ceylon Cinnamon
1 1/2 Teaspoon Chag-o-Charge
Green Stevia to Taste

Boil water or put in a crock pot. Let steep for 20 min if you’re boiling water. If you’re using a crock pot or a stove, let simmer overnight.

Makes 16 to 32 Oz, depending on how strong you like it.

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Craigs says:

    Today and i quitt it for years because it caused skipped heart beats. I switched to yerba mate but like a dummy I stopped at Starbucks . Like your recipe!!!

  2. Blair says:

    can’t seem to get my parents off the coffee…and it’s not necessarily the coffee, but all the crap that they pour into it. super sweet artificial gross creamer, splenda, sugar, whipped cream on top and all kinds of different coffee liquors if its at night.

    just got my ceylon cinnamon in the mail today! super excited to try it!

  3. Jo says:

    Drink decaf once in awhile, but I have to admit that I love the flavor of coffee!! I am willing to give this recipe a try!!

  4. kyle says:

    haven’t had any in about a year.

  5. Christi says:

    It was about 6 months ago. I used to drink coffee every day, but now it is very rare that I have it. I’d love to try out your recipe!

  6. Andrew says:

    At 9:50 this morning. I only drink black, freshly roasted coffee so perhaps that s better than most. But Kevin if you give me a real good, thorough talking to maybe I can move to twice a week. My head just loves the stuff. One cup a day. Only one.

  7. Erina says:

    this a.m. organic french roast with almond milk & stevia – its the olny thing holding me back – i cant justify shaking it – or sometimes i feel like im not completely whole b/c i hold onto this one vice!??!?! mother nature forgive me

  8. Tiff says:

    Thanks can’t wait to try this!

    It’s been a month or two…I was on decaf (black) and having hard time quitting…I heard something about how decaf is even worse because the chemicals (?don’t remember?) they use to decaffinate it? Anyway, I’m still in healing mode.

  9. Sophia says:

    I don’t drink coffee, but I love Guayaki yerba mate.

  10. Mary Artemis says:

    YES!! Actually supplement with Chai Soy Tea from Cosi’s. They make it with Silk Soy and now I have to write the company to find out if there are GMO’s in the soy they use. . . … So, I’ll try this. I would love to cut back on the coffee. Thanks!
    Mary from Stamford

  11. Nancy says:

    I keep trying to quit, but unfortunately I did have a cup of coffee during a boring meeting at work today. I’ve tried Dandy Blend and Maya Herbal Coffee which are OK. I look forward to trying your recipe (just need to get some Chaga)! Thank you!

  12. Anne says:

    I gave it up completely about 15 years ago but even then I was never a heavy drinker.

    I have been drinking green tea (although not lately) however and roiboos. I also really enjoy the taste of Dandelion roots tea (boiling water with root for 10-15 min).

    Thanks for the show

  13. Tk says:

    You removed the scruber & other hanging thing from off the red towels that are hanging by sink. 🙂 Luv your show and all the information that you share.
    Thank you!

  14. Nancy says:

    I gave up coffee about 3 1/2 years ago. Did an on line cleanse headed by Frederic Patenaude and prior to the cleanse…just gave it up in a day and have never had another drop.

  15. Joel Brown says:

    Now that was a sweet cat ending.
    Oh your black and white doodad disappeared after the cut.
    Coffee? Yes!
    I drink it but I notice the same thing with it as if I drink red wine (the only alcohol I’ll consume) My body seems happy up to 1.5 to 2 cups/glasses, but after that if I keep drinking I definitely feel toxic.
    I like coffee as a treat and not an addiction/necessity. I put coconut milk in it and nothing else.
    Also I enjoy the substitutes of Teecino and Dandelion.

  16. Joel Brown says:

    ooooooo, one more comment please. I just happened to find this page about coffee earlier today, its nice.

  17. Laura says:

    Never been a regular coffee drinker. Only a once in a while thing. I’ve never liked the taste so have always added some kind of flavor. Not usually a healthy one either. But it’s been months since I’ve had any coffee.

    Green tea is my morning beverage and again not every day.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  18. Brenda says:

    Johnny 5 is so cute.
    I never drink coffee. I do not like the taste. I like various teas though. This drink looks interesting. I like the ingredients you put in. I have never had Chag-o-charge. Maybe it would taste good with coconut milk.

  19. Cally says:

    I drank some a few hours ago. Love it love it never gonna give it up.

  20. jhood says:

    This afternoon ! Had 2 this morning. I drink them black and grind the beans myself, I’ve heard they have been doing it for thousands of years ???

  21. Shirley says:


    I had to smile when you said “I know your out there” when talking about coffee drinkers. I gave it up for a complete year once, and I missed it every day. I went to a lady’s hormone seminar one day, and talked to the doctor about how I still craved the coffee after a year. He told me, “One cup a day will not hurt you” and that was all it took. I do limit coffee to 1-2 small cups daily. I know I am addicted to the caffeine. But like I heard someone say in the past, “Knowing what to do, and doing it are two different things. I will definitely give this recipe a try. Just finished making my first batch of Kombucha today, and thought I might give it a try in the mornings instead of coffee.
    Always enjoy your videos.

  22. Fontrella says:

    I drink it every blue moon and when I do it’s decaf.

  23. Tiff says:

    I’ve already left one comment but I’m so excited about this show that I’m just still going…I really hope this is as good as it looks. I’m going to order these products and it’s perfect timing as the weather will start getting cold & the cravings will intensify. It was hard, but not as hard to quit this summer when it was 100+ degrees out. But in winter… I can’t wait to have this drink. It’s so hard even now –in the 100 deg heat –to see people with their mugs/cups walking around EVERYWHERE… constant reminders all the time. It’s the HABIT of it that gets to me. The idea that I can have my own mug again is so great, especially if you’re saying it’s something HEALTHY.

  24. cindi says:

    Gave it up 34 yrs ago, but still miss it, so will give this a try when it gets cooler. Usually do peppermint tea in the winter, but this sounds like a nutritious alternative. Had never heard of holy basil.

  25. One of your funnier videos, Kev! Right on…

    I love espresso, and allow myself a shot every few months.

  26. Deanna says:

    WOW I’m shocked that so may of your watchers are drinkers. I never have. I never got the habit and never liked the taste except for the high priced expensive stuff loaded with sugar and cream but I can’t tolerate all that sugar and caffeine, plus all the fat. I would bounce off the walls for a few minutes and then someone would have to pick me up and drag me off the floor. I hate how it makes me feel after the crash comes. I don’t know if anyone has tried it but Teeccino is a wonderful herbal coffee sub drink that I have made for coffee drinking friends and they like it. I put coconut milk and wisdom of the ancients liquid stevia in it to make it more tasty and fancy. I really like the recipe idea. Thanks

  27. Tandi says:

    I have never tasted coffee so that is not an addiction I have ever had to struggle with. However, I do have an awful sweet tooth so that is actually my biggest hurdle to overcome. I try to make the healthiest desserts I can but ultimately I’d like to be able to quit eating turbinado sugar and succanut as well.

  28. Cheryl says:

    Do you feel that cocao taxes the adrenals seeing as it’s a stimulant as well? Isn’t cocao also very acidic? Also, doesn’t heating the nutrients damage their properties? I am a raw newbie, so forgive if the questions seem naive. Will try the recipe, as I love my coffee and having a hard time giving it up!!


  29. Pat says:

    Hi Kevin here in Canada they don”t have those
    good things

  30. Tara Burner says:

    I’ve NEVER tasted coffee! I know, hard to believe…I’m almost 43 and have never tasted it 🙂

  31. Jolie says:

    When I first tried coffee, I hated the taste and it increased my heart rate which scared me.
    However down the road I started with Caramel Cappucinos which led to mocha coffees with
    whipped cream and before you knew it I had acquired the taste for coffee. Then I dated a guy who drank good quality black coffee and voila a brand new habit (same thing happened to me while dating a man who liked dry red wine).
    I’m trying to quit. I like Teecino but it isn’t coffee. I’ve found Seattle’s Best organic decaf tastes just as good as caffeinated. I’m juice fasting right now and I had a decaf Americana espresso yesterday and today for a treat. I hope to get the ingredients and try this recipe someday!
    Oh and you mentioned soy milk…I thought all soy that isn’t fermented is bad…especially the extracting process?
    I’m watching too much Renegade b/c I dreamed you guys came to my town and AnneMarie didn’t like me! I really noticed the red towel in the frame today for some reason.

  32. Ineke says:

    Yes, I still drink coffee, not every day though BUT….. I found a very good non caffeine alternative. It is called “teecino” and available in the health food stores. This is now my treat almost every day and i leave “the real deal” for special occasions or when I go to my favorite bookstore. I love a cappucino once in a while. I admit that it is a pure emotional thing. It reminds me of old “coffee houses” in Europe. Once in a while a cappucino and a good, small croissant is the ultimate treat for me and at this point I won’t give it up.

  33. Frances says:

    Change in frame: you took the utensils off the towel rack! LOL!

    I do still have some coffee once every week or two, especially if I treat myself to the Pom Iced Coffee in chocolate. But usually now it’s Teechino. I have a sweet tooth, and even though I use stevia and cinnamon (as well as half & half – trying to switch to coconut creamer) the Teechino is sweet while the coffee is more bitter.

    I’d like to try your recipe, though, soon as I can get the ingredients together. Thank you!

  34. Annie says:

    Havan’t had coffee since last winter. I do miss is, especially espresso. But i can live without it. I’ll probably miss it more when winter comes.

  35. Darlene Santano says:

    I’m Italian and somehow that justifies drinking coffee – because coffee and Italy just go together! Not too much though – 2 to 3 cups a day is all and it’s fair trade whole bean. I don’t buy a cup of coffee from a coffee shop though – I make my own at home.

    Love to try your recipe – can’t wait to get my cinnamon in the mail though – must take longer to get to Canada. Where do you find that Chaga?

    I’ve tried coffee substitutes but they taste pretty awful! One I can think of is Postum which I believe contained chicory root?

  36. crow says:

    Haven’t had coffee in about 5 or 6 years. Drink a lot of tea though, water and some juices.

  37. Lorien says:

    I love coffee and drink it every day. Black and organic but still coffee. Coffee is the only black hat in the food arena that I truly love so I see no need to let it go. If my coffee outweighs the organic, only whole food, no processed food, no animal protein, more raw then not diet, then the health benifits of said diet are more fiction then fact. But it’s the diet I love so hey, I’d eat it anyway.

  38. Sarah says:

    About 3 years ago I stopped drinking coffee and switched to Teeccino (herbal drink). But I haven’t had that in over 2 years. I must admitt that I miss the taste. I love coffee but I know it isn’t good for my body so I don’t drink it. I am excited to try out this recipe.

  39. Ray Deckert says:

    Had my last cup of coffee May 20, 1978. Also regular tea although I have some herbal tea from time to time. You`re adrenal boost looks really good. Will try. Thanks!

  40. Amy Davidson says:

    The scrubber brushes hanging in front of the towel are gone!

    I didn’t read any of the other comments yet, so I don’t know if anyone else got it or not.

    The last time I drank coffee was on birthday, June 26. I had a free iced coffee at Caribou Coffee. Before that, it was probably sometime in February, but it was actually coffee ice cream.

  41. a says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes I still drink coffee. Less tho, as I am now taking caffeine pills to get up in the morning. So which is worse? Coffee or caffeine pills?

    My body knows the difference between mushroom based coffee substitutes and real coffee. I’ve had a couple and they are nice beverages. I’m really not a morning person and I have a high skepticism your formula would work. With the adrenal supporting herbs maybe as a long term experiment it would help. I’m already taking a few herbs, went raw (besides coffee). I think my energy is bouncing back and when I do drink coffee often times lately it seems like too much so hopefully that’s a positive indicator that I’m needing stimulants less. This is a slow 6 month to years thing… *sigh*

  42. nancy says:

    last time i had coffee was about 7 years ago.
    i used to drink coffee only once a week on sunday morning with my breakfast at the restaurant.
    but every time, i would feel dizzy and nausious and get a headache for the rest of the day.
    so one sunday morning, i tought i should have tea instead. guess what? i felt ok.
    so i went on like that for a couple of weeks just to be sure. the same results.
    so i figured the coffee was to blame.

  43. Russ says:

    Jan 1st 2009 was my last coffee. good bye for good. I dont even miss it.

  44. Dianne says:

    Hey! I’d buy your “coffee” mix!

    I have not had a cup of coffee for 2 months. I “treated” myself to a cup while on vacation. Your mix would be a much BETTER treat for my body. 🙂

  45. jos says:

    Gave it up for about a year, but 6 months ago started again! I tried the fake one, but it did not work for me! Horrible!
    I know shame ! but I don’t claim to be perfect!
    I stopped the occasional glass of wine and that was so easy and never miss wine one bit, but coffee….!

  46. Michael says:

    I used to drink a whole presse of very strong coffee. When I started drinking green smoothies, it got in the way. I gradually went down in consumption as my desire waned and so I didn’t ever really have withdrawal or cravings. Green smoothies change everything in the morning. They are real energy. I highly recommend them. I’ve also started E3 Live first thing: mmm, amazing. It’s like a shot of virtual espresso.

  47. josanne says:

    I enjoy 1 cup of organic coffee each morning with 1 cup of vanilla rice dream. Love the aroma, taste and stimulation. Enjoy green tea or rooibos in the afternoon as a refreshing pick me up. Drink lots of water in between as I find these beverages dehydrating. Love your Wednesday show! Josanne

  48. Probably about six months ago… I started getting into raw foods about a year ago, and coffee was the last thing to go… For years, I was a one or two cup a day gal… always decaf… but it was all the stuff in it at cafes… decaf soy latte… Then, about six months ago, I was down to one cup of organic decaf with hemp or almond milk and no sweetener, and said I would just give it up when it felt right… and it just kind of faded away. I still love a good tea with nut/seed milk and a pinch of stevia, but it’s not an every day thing.

  49. Gave it up about a year ago when I went vegan and don’t miss it at all. Didn’t have any problem giving it up either. Now I drink black tea or herb tea instead, sometimes green but don’t like the grassy taste of green tea. I know black tea also has caffeine so it’s not ideal but it’s less than coffee and I’ve heard is high on the antioxidant scale (though green and white are higher). Hey, it’s about progress not perfection, right?

  50. Arla says:

    LOL! …Kevin how hyper were you when you drank “real” coffee? … 🙂

  51. Bina says:

    You 3 are super cute! :o)
    So to answer about coffee, I havent had in at least a year and a half. I got off coffee by drinking green smoothies. I had also for awhile organic toasted barley coffee replacement, but once I stopped drinking milk that was the end of it. Stopping coffee was the best decision ever. My husband works late (bad) and drinks lots of coffee to stay up (bad) and only gets about 5 hours of sleep a night (bad). I wish I could get him out of this crazy cycle! Does this help with people who need to wake up?

  52. Satori says:

    This afternoon. A venti iced latte at Starbucks. I have a habit of drinking coffee in the early afternoon when my stomach slowly starts to digest my lunch and makes me sleepy. I drink decaf, but it refreshes my mind anyways because it’s all in my head.

    In my first two years of college though, I was drinking frappuccinos everyday with extra whipped cream and extra caramel. I stopped drinking when I started to breakout. If my skin stayed clear even with their sugars, I might be still drinking them every day. Such a scary thought!!!!

  53. madiethunerclap says:

    hi folks you took the brushes away

  54. susiequeue says:

    What a lovely recipe!

    I have one delicious, fruity, organic, fairtrade coffee every morning. I love it. Just one, though!

  55. Jen says:

    I love sitting in cafes to draw people but I’m conflicted with the coffee. It gives me jitters and I can’t draw. Unfortunately herb teas are three times the price in a french cafe. Its a shame that there are no alternative cafes here. A cup of dandelion would be the perfect compliment. Off the topic, is Johny 5 a burmese?

  56. Anita says:

    It’s been 2 years and 8 month since I had any coffee..At that time I had 2 cups of it and before that I was “clean” for one year already, I do not crave the taste anymore but still like the smell. Luckily I do not need to substitute nothing but this recipe is worth trying as soon as I can afford the ingredients. Loved to see Johnny 5!!! ?

  57. Juicin Jackie says:

    I quit drinking coffee at the beginning of 2010, about the same time we went high raw. Didn’t even get the headaches, which was really surprising. I was also doing lemon in water and Kombucha daily, so that probably had to do with no headaches.

    Husband is still drinking coffee, but he’s willing to try your recipe… hoping he’ll really like it!

  58. louise says:

    This video is talking directly to me!!! I have one cup of organic coffee every morning and I know it has to GO! Gonna try this… hope it works! Thanks, how did you know I’ve been trying to give it up??

  59. Jan says:

    I drink much herb tea. I like green tea but can have it only once a week due to the caffeine. Can not wait to try this.

    It is very easy to grow mint for fresh herb tea. To store it for winter, pick it just before it starts to flower or goes to seed. Dry it, then pick the leaves off the stem and leave the leaves whole for best flavor. You may crush the leaves right before brewing the tea or leave whole and you do not need a tea ball to brew. I put 2 whole leaves in a cup of hot water.

    Does anyone grow any other herbs for tea? If so what kind?

  60. Sandee says:

    I quit coffee about a year ago trading it in for green tea and Yerba Mate along with Teechino, then discovered Pepsi Max, let go of that in July, then discovered Zip Fizz….let go of that last week….now I’m doing well on just ginseng and Treasure Tea. My energy levels are better than they were with all of the caffeine already and my thinking and feeling senses are much better too.

  61. ok,what if i show you the facts on how 1or 2 cups of coffee is good for you!! i dont know where you get your facts but coffee is good.

  62. Stephanie says:

    Oh, Kevin – I didn’t watch until this morning and I was drinking coffee as I watched. DOH! Gave it up for 9 months last year. Highly addictive for me, too. No excuse. Either I will drink it or I won’t. Today, I am. I will try your alternative, though. I know I would benefit. JOHNNY FIVE IS SO DARN CUTE! Our cats Captain Cajones and Curbside Check-in (aka “Curby”) and “our” outdoor cats Funyons, Pringles, Cleveland and Ms. Bigglesworth say hello!

  63. Stephanie says:

    Yes, we have cats named for junk food. I know.

  64. Dee says:

    I have never been a coffee drinker. I was raised on tea, my parents are British.

    I don’t drink tea like I used to, but I will drink decaf Earl Grey.

  65. Jo says:

    Yay, I haven’t had coffee in 4 months and I was such an addict, it’s so freeing to turn my back on my addictions, I feel proud of myself!

  66. Tamara says:

    I used it to drink it daily, especially if I went out at night with friends. we would sit at Baker’s Square and drink cup after cup. Eventually I switched to organic. And last October I was in Mt Shasta and would go to Seven Suns coffee shop and get Chai’s or coffee. But I finally realized that it made me irritable and jittery and sometimes gave me headaches. I decided then and there I was done for good. I dont miss it. Still like the smell, but I’d way rather have tea or my cacao smoothie. Thanks for this wonderful-looking recipe!

  67. Stacy N. says:

    I stopped drinking when I had kidney stones, it actually caused a kidney stone attack!

    The change in the picture, where you took a break, was that you removed the veggie & dish cleaning brushes from the towel holder 🙂

  68. Rene Oswald says:

    It’s been 30 years since I’ve had coffee. I drank if for a few years when I was in nursing school and when working in a high-stress ICU. Then one day I had 12 hours of heart palpitations after drinking a few cups of coffee. I never drank it again after that experience and I’m so grateful that happened to me!

    Your recipe sounds great Kevin, and thanks for figuring out the quantities Annmarie! I love the smell and taste of coffee, can’t wait to try it!

    I have a Chai Smoothie recipe that many people have said was a good coffee substitute (It’s video # 54 at )

  69. Doug from Dallas says:

    I drink coffee daily for the last 10 years. Love the stuff, some vices I’m not sure are worth giving up. I need to substitute for something else. When I do an upcoming water fast, may take the opportunity to break from it. Highest world-traded commodities. No 1: Oil. No 2: Coffee! Its true.

  70. Leam says:

    Stopped drinking coffee about 14 years ago. Lately a number of people have been relating studies that show coffee to have great health benefits and all I can say is “Give me a break!”

  71. sue says:

    Went on a silent retreat about a year ago no caffeine in the building,felt great when I left said I would never drink coffee again. I am afraid to say it crept back in slowly , I know one day I will just stop thats how it happens with me.

  72. Char says:

    I stopped drinking coffee 4 weeks ago, the same time I cut out fruit which was giving me sugar lows and the coffee would keep me awake. I love the stuff, it would actually make me feel so much better mentally but alas I do care about my adrenals and for those who buy coffee, just think about what kind of water is being used. The last cup I bought at Starbucks, left white rings around the inside of my stainless steel cup and I drink it black. All that bad calcium. So then I would only drink it if I used my own water. Now when I need a pick up I use raw cacao beans

  73. Rhonda Henderson says:

    I still have my coffee every morning. I’m going to try your recipe because I would rather put something healthy into my body! This is Rhonda from Key West…I met you guys at “Help Yourself” when you were here visiting earlier in 2010. You guys rock!!!

  74. christine says:

    thanks for posting this…but if anyone here knows the recipe to Truth Calkins REISHI CAPPUCCINO please share it!! im guessingit has nutmilk, reishi powder, powdered vanilla, but i want to add the maximum superfoods for the most dynamic taste. please share! xoxo

  75. Judy says:

    I last drank coffee in 1990. And quit after being told that the severe chest pains I was experiencing were caffeine related…(I was 31 at the time)…so I quit cold turkey…terrible way to do it…withdrawal was exacerbated by total exhaustion for weeks.

    My advice to anyone wishing to get off this drug should begin slowly by watering down each cup as well as drinking a glass of water with every cuppa coffee…take it slow….but get er done..cheers…

  76. Laura says:

    Yesterday was the last time 🙂 Love it but know its not good for me. Mostly fazed out the caffeine and now have decaf regularly with nut milks or black. The smell, the taste, the mouth feel, all of it is a full on addiction for me. Once quit for 2 years but all it took was one cup and bamm I was hooked again! Wonder if this recipe would really satisfy all that. Loved Johnny 5 at the end of the video.

  77. KAREN BEATTIE says:


  78. Meri says:

    Luckily I never liked the taste of coffee – love the smell but the taste is awful 🙁 Your recipe sounds good though Kevin.

  79. Carol says:

    I never drank coffee my whole life. Then, I started working in an office when I was 44. They have a cappuccino machine. I LOVE hot, frothy milk. My first coffee made my head spin and I really didn’t feel good the rest of the day. But, that milk was so soothing and getting the morning coffee in an office is the “social time”. 4 years later and even though I “only” drink 1x a day, I recently started making it 1 1/2 coffees in the morning drink. Sometimes I sweeten it up and sometimes I like it bitter. Any way I cut it, I am kind of “addicted” even though it is only one. I can kick the habit when I de-tox but emotionally I am hooked to that hot, soothing feeling. I’d love to try your mixture. Besides using soy milk and “frothing” any other nut milks that you think can be frothed? Almond doesn’t work too well and I prefer not to use the soy.

  80. Julie B. says:

    I’ve had some iced coffee (homemade) a few weeks ago from some leftover coffee my parents were going to throw out (I’m a teenager, don’t you go thinking that I go to my parent’s house for leftover coffee, lol!)

    Although, we were aweay from home, and usually they don’t drink much coffee (I think).

    Oh, and by the way, you sais KEV’S DELICIOUS cinnamon, but isn’t that the smoothie powder? I’m guessing you meant ceylon cinnamon, lol!

  81. Barbara says:

    Where can I get Holy Basil like what you used in your coffee substitute? It looks like you used a powder.Your store is out of stock and other web sites look like they sell loose leaf.

  82. Chris says:

    Would love to try this, but don’t have any green stevia. Your store has been out of it forever it seems.

    What’s the story on that? Tried to find it elsewhere and they’re out of stock, also.

  83. Claus says:

    I drink coffee about once a week when I see a freiend who is not into the raw food.
    But I drink what we call corn coffee made from roasted and spraydried rye, barley and chikorie.
    I would like your comments on that.
    As to your new coffee recipe I dont think any of the ingredients are available in Denmark, apart from the cinnamon.

    Anyway, I love your show and have learned so much since I started on raw food four months ago. Thank you so much.

  84. Marla says:

    Hello !

    Never tried coffee and never will. But many do not realize that hair lips are caused in children whose parents are heavy coffee drinkers… It is a drug but most people do not think so! Thanks for the show!

  85. Amy Kindred says:

    Just started after 6months off the bean. I really am liking the mochas with soy! I like the buzz and I only have one a day…..still drink my smoothies and doing the best I want too. Love having options!

  86. Kirsten says:

    I also have never tried it and never will. Well it hasn’t passed my lips but it has passed another body part!!! Teehee!

    My hubby gave up coffe last year when he got some gastrointestinal thing and was barffing for 3 days straight. He was too sick to drink it so had to suffer through the withdrawl. Funny though, that was the least of his discomfort. He stayed off it for a few weeks because he knew it was bad for him but he went right back to it. He says he likes the taste. I think the other pressure it that ‘everyone is doing it’!!!

  87. I drank some this morning 🙁 I gave it up while my husband was deployed with the Army. He is a coffee drinker too. I switched to Teeccino and would add some Holy Basil and Reishi/Shilajit/Ormus to it, sweetening it with a little stevia. I could live without coffee if I was single, but my husband did not like the Teeccino. I know it’s not good for me, but at least I buy shade-grown organic fair trade coffee.

  88. Corrinne says:

    I don’t drink coffee at all anymore. I quit about 20 years ago. I drink only tea..yerba mate with some added spice.

  89. Tiff says:

    I’m in your store buying the ingredients now. Doing a search online, it appears there is no maca in the Chag O Charge as you said. Should we add maca to the recipe?

  90. Julie says:

    Recently, I tried herbal coffee. The brand is Teeccino and I tried the Hazelnut. It is alkaline. It is a medium roast. I haven’t had coffee in a few months, so having this herbal coffee on weekends is a treat and I love it!

    I will try Kevin’s coffee too. Thanks for the recipe.

  91. Gabriela says:

    I started drinking coffee when I discovered that it helps my headaches, as I was working nights in the bar and so I didn’t have to take any pills unlike my colleagues. But i got hooked and now I absolutely love it – very strong, italian espresso with bit of cream. Can’t stand any substitutes or mixes. When I have lot’s of sleep and green smoothies, I don’t even miss the coffee, I just make a concious choice to have it as it goes with everything. One day I shall give it up, though. 🙂

  92. Ian says:

    I found the stress of trying not to drink coffee more detrimental than the drink itself. I have one cup of coffee with honey and condensed milk every morning, and I love it. After that, I have no taste for it. And, at 59, my hair is still dark brown, I’m wildly fit and look nowhere near my age. Something’s working…I’m a big believer in mindset.

  93. I have never ever drank coffee, but I always loved smelling the rich aroma. When I was practicing macrobiotics we did drink roasted barley tea, which have that rich coffee smell.

    I do drink coconut water and it is much better for you and helps to remineralize your body

    You can read more about my use of coconut water for my 42 day cleanse I did in December 2009 on my blog: Make sure to click on the archive for December so you can read the day by day account

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

  94. alex squirl says:

    YERBA MATE’ OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Radames says:

    if i drink coffee, it is usually only on sundays. but i only use organic and grind it at home right before brewing; also only use nut milk, if any, sometimes some ceylon cinnamon on top and honey to sweeten. during the week, i drink yerba mate in the mornings….love it. the recipe does look awesome though. can not wait to try it. thank you for it!!!

  96. Kris says:

    Guilty!! I have one cup of coffee every morning. I actually quit for a few years and then started up again. Your recipe looks interesting (although stevia gives me a headache). I’ve tried many coffee substitutes over the years and none were quite right. They either taste more like tea or like licorice or have to be boiled for 20 minutes….no thanks. Just a couple of months ago I found an ‘instant’ herbal powder called “Dandy Blend” and I love it. It’s just roasted barley, rye, chicory, dandelion and beetroot. It works in hot or cold water and tastes very like coffee to me. Eventually, I will wean myself off that last cup of java and just drink DandyBlend.

  97. Carla Ayers says:

    Could you put together a mix for this coffee and sell that? Or maybe packages of the right amount of each ingredient to have on hand for more than one cup. It would be a lot easier and less costly for me for one. I am 61 and love coffee in the winter. But hot flashes keep me from drinking it in the summer. Or maybe sell a one cup mix for folks to try. I have the Stevia already.

  98. OM says:

    Johnny five seems to me to be looking for something that his diet is not giving him. Please pay attention to what he tries to eat, like whatever he was tasting today. Another time it was Spirulina or another of the green powders. He may need some “supplements” to his regular food especially if he doesn’t go outside to forage on his own. Even outdoor cats need additional greens in the winter. Perhaps it was one of the herbs you put in the “coffee” that he liked?

    Peace, Love and Harmony,

  99. Barb says:

    I quit totally 12 years ago. I only started drinking coffee in college, to help me stay up studying for exams. I didn’t like the taste so sweetened and milked it up! Then I began drinking it black – the only way to do it. I drank it regularly for maybe 10 years, then switched to only decaf, as I became more sensitive to caffeine (after my hippie years!). I simply decided to quit and did it, with no effects. That was before I went vegan and then raw. (I admit my raw suffered when I had some emergency things going on, but am trying to get back on track now.)
    I don’t even drink tea much – only herbal teas once in a while in cold weather. I’m a water and juice girl!

    I want to try your recipe tho, just for fun!

  100. zyxomma says:

    1994. It was then when I attended my first workshop with Dr. William Martin (N.D., Michigan) in NYC. He told us that apart from tobacco, the most carcinogenic compound humans ingest was COFFEE. He said if we had to have it, homebrewed organic, one cup only. The next day, I was going to start my morning with coffee, but threw it out. Later that year, I drank part of one cup, but rather than energizing, it drained me. I already loved jasmine green tea, and used that (in moderation). Now, I drink organic Rishi jasmine white tea. I have it hot in the morning, iced during the rest of the day. I love herb teas, too, and use them judiciously (I’m an herbalist). A friend in Kentucky sent me the best, tastiest wild ginseng root I’ve ever had. Rather than make tea, I just chewed it, it was so tasty.

  101. Tom says:

    The white handles scrubber(?) and black handled something disappeared from the towel rack.

  102. Jessic a says:

    I have one every morning. It’s the one thing I cannot give up. Love it too much.

  103. Lina says:

    I never drink coffee

  104. Rhonda D says:

    Wow lot of coffee drinker out there and I am one of the LOL! I love the taste only one cup and it’s 50/50 half reg half decaf. I have given it up in the past so i know that is not a problem when i do a cleanse for example.

    Keep up the great show.
    best of health to all.

  105. Galen says:

    Great video, Kevin! I’ve been a fan of coffee alternatives all my life since I’m caffeine sensitive and also can’t handle the acidity of coffee.

    Your recipe here looks like a good one, but I must say I’m already hooked on my Teeccino regime. It’s a great coffee alternative made from grains, fruits and nuts, and you can put it right into you coffee maker (they might even have single-serve tea bags of it now too)! I’m still going to try this holy basil mix, although I’m a bit skeptical about how it’s going taste… 🙂

    Thanks for all the great posts!

  106. I quit coffee the end of February 2009. I switched to tea and recently started drinking too much Yerba Mate! My hot drinks are usually a guise for the milk and honey with whatever tea, coffee, yerba mate. It’s the milk and honey I need to cut down.

    How did Kevin and Anne Marie meet?

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