Should You Eat Your Protein First? : The Renegade Health Show Episode #626

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A follow up on yesterday’s question on purine and meats is this one…

Should you eat your protein first?

Well, if I told you now, you wouldn’t watch the video… 😉

I also talk about dehydrating your food so you don’t get any bacteria growth and why it’s best to buy a good dehydrator.

So check it out…

Your question of the day: When was the last time you went to the dentist?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Kurt says:

    Thank you very much Kevin.

  2. Eranah says:

    I love the water crock… I just gotta figure out how to get some spring water here on St. Thomas!

  3. JulieD says:

    Just went a week ago, been using tooth soap and brightener for about 3 mos. No negative comments made, and cleaning and polishing done in < 15 minutes. When I ate LoCarb I had terrible plaque, now almost none! What do you say about dental xrays?

  4. Zoe Raine Simmons says:

    I just went to the dentist in June. I was curious about my doctors enthusiastic delight towards my 20-years-strong-no-cavity-teeth… the way he said “this is exactly what a trip to the dentist should be! just a clean, in and out! this is fantastic! you always were good about coming!” I felt like seldom does he tell his patients this..

  5. Velda says:

    Why do you prefer a Vitamix over a Blentec?

  6. Sharon says:

    Went to the dentist the day of the last Thursday chat which is why I wasn’t there, LOL.

  7. melissa says:

    The last time I went to the dentist was last June. ^_^

    Thanks for answering my question!

  8. Jolie says:

    I have to get my teeth cleaned every 3 months or my gums get painful. I’m leery now about xrays. Should I try to find a holistic dentist?
    The nearest one I’ve heard of is about 2 hours away but might be worth it huh? My dentist won’t see me unless I get xrays every so often.

  9. Alfredo says:

    hey kevin, what about taking “simethicone” when you are bloated is it dangerous?

  10. Adam says:

    What do you think about David Wolfe’s calcification theory?

    He talks about it at length in this series of videos at:

  11. Anne says:

    Hi Kevin,

    The last time I went to the dentist was in July so just a few weeks ago. I find however that since I’ve been eating high raw my teeth stain a lot more than before. I guess I eat raw fruits that stain (blueberries, cherries etc) plus beets and green tea.

    The higenist says the stain are much easier to remove than say smoking stains but I was wondering if others have this experience.


  12. Karen says:

    I floss every day and when I went to the dentist he knew I had. I don’t know how they can tell.

  13. josanne says:

    I’ve been having some real dental challenges the last year or so. Am at the age where my heavily restored teeth are starting to crack, especially when eating popcorn, hard nuts. Needed to have a root canal and crown a few months ago, set me back $2500.

    Have been soaking my nuts since watching your show and am using my Vitamix daily for green smoothies so am being more gentle with my teeth. Have been flossing and rubber tipping religiously for years and always get great feedback from my hygienist about my home care.

    Have heard that Proenamel is a good toothpaste for people eating lots of fruit or foods that are acidic. Any comment? Thanks for your show, Josanne

  14. kristhiana says:

    6 months ago and due again. As far as X-rays, I’ve heard that many dentists do them digitally now and there is far less radiation. Comments? Also, what is the difference between a “regular” dentist and a wholistic one? None I interviewed use mercury anymore because too many people have heard about the problems. So what is different?

    As far as staining, I have the same situation. It is wise to check one’s PH levels frequently, as I had an extremely stressful job in the operating room of a huge hospital for years and the constant stress kept me acidic, which ate the enamel off my teeth. They are all smaller than originally, and the nerves, being closer to the surface are very sensitive. Is there any way known presently to do the magic of restoring it?

  15. Mary Kay says:

    Just went to the dentist a couple mos ago and got the last of my mercury amalgum fillings removed. Woohoo!

    I have two dehydrators: an old American Harvest (round) one onto which you can add trays, and an Excalibur.

    The Amcn Harvest was $29.95 about a dozen yrs ago, has a thermostat/temp control, and works very well. The only problem is that it is round and has a protruding center hole, so if you wanted to make something like crackers, for example, you can’t spread them smooth. It was very inexpensive and came with four trays. LOL, but try to add trays and it costs you an arm and a leg.

    If you’re hard up for cash, and you see a cheap dehydrator at a garage sale or something, IF and only IF it has a temp control on it, buy it, if it’s quite inexpensive. If it doesn’t have a temp control on it, then I don’t think it’s worth it, cuz you’ll be no doubt, heating your food too hot.

    Thanks for answering people’s questions.

    Mary Kay

  16. jackie says:

    Just went to the dentist last month. What is your thought on catching rain water and keeping it to drink? We have no spring nearby :(. Does rain water have bad stuff from the atmosphere in it?

  17. Brenda says:

    I was at the dentist in May. My teeth are in great shape. I love my dentist and all she needs to do for me is clean my teeth twice a year.

  18. Patti says:

    Have you ever done any research on the water ionizers, and if so, what are your opinions?
    Totally love your show and am learning so much!


  19. Meredith says:

    I went to the dentist last week.(seeking possible reasons for developing urticaria). I am wondering your views on Xrays if a patient is not experiencing any dental problems. They wanted to do a full mouth series as I had not been to them for 3 years.

    Another question… that I have my blood work done, where do I get information on my abnormal levels and what they mean? I went to mercola’s clinic for the bloodwork but can’t afford right now to go back and have them tell me what the levels mean.

  20. Kelly says:

    I go to my dentist 2x per year and my next appt. is tommorrow! I have them clean my teeth with water as I don’t use toothpaste and I never take x-rays. Floss every night and always get in and out quickly.

  21. Rhonda D says:

    I really need to go to the dentist. It’s been way too long like over 5 yrs.

  22. suzanne says:

    Went to dentist 3 months ago.

    For people w/sensitive teeth find Uncle Harry’ Tooth powder. I couldn’t touch my teeth near the gum line and used Sensodyne for yrs. I brushed and flossed regularly. I have absolutely no pain since using the powder (took a few months). He has other products for tooth whitening, healing, etc.

    As far as keeping your water jug clean try using grapefruit seed extract (about $10 for a small bottle but since u use only drops it lasts forever). Drop a few in jug and fill w/a bit of water and swish around. Has some disinfecting properties.

  23. Jasmine says:


    So I’m at the site. I’m about to order a comprehensive wellness test and a B12 test as well as MMA (as suggested by Jameth Sheridan). My question is should I order the B12 test for $59 or the B12 + Folic Acid test for $98?

  24. Katherine says:

    Hi, Kevin can you talk about a balanced diet regime and what signposts a person can look for in particular deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, etc to help strengthen teeth and gums? I already listened to your previous show on teeth care and making sure you have greens and your suggestion to use the tooth soap and tooth brightener. Can you give more guidelines on “balanced” diet for teeth and also how we can recognize where our deficiencies are and how to remedy them? Thanks! Blessings, Katherine

  25. Charlotte says:

    lol, have an appointment today!

  26. Andrew Casson says:

    I actually went to the dentist today too. lol

  27. Fontrella says:

    I am due for a cleaning now. Need to make an appointment for this month.

  28. Maureen says:

    Have you heard about too much iron in the blood? There is no way to avoid iron in the diet but we need very little and most of us have way too much, which makes our organs, joints, eyes, brain, etc. full of iron and/or rust. This contributes to cancer, diabetes, hip replacement surgery, etc., and M.D.’s generally do not bother to do a test for iron when they test the blood. Women do not usually get the complications until after menopause, so it was considered a disease of older men, but apparently even unborn babies can have the problem of retaining too much iron and everyone would benefit from donating blood 3 to 4 times a year.

  29. Carachi says:

    Kevin, You say “Get a Vitamix” as this is the most important tool in the raw food kitchen.
    I would have guessed that any highspeed blender would do the job?

    For me, I got a Blendtec because it is smaller and lighter and easier to clean/use. Did I miss something that makes Vitamix so much better??

    Just wander why You are so slanted towards Vitamix?

    What do You have against Blendtec??

  30. Susan Bessette says:

    I went to the dentist last month when my crown fell off. I get my teeth cleaned 2x year. I refuse xrays, but they wouldn’t reglue the crown without knowing there was no decay.

  31. Dee says:

    Thank you for saying that you can always just put the crackers in the oven and bake them. I really needed to hear that as I don’t have a dehydrator yet and was wondering what to do. And I had read all of the concerns about the flax seed. Your comment made me realize, that you can look for all the reasons not to do something or you can find another way to get there. It’s your choice. So thanks.

  32. Jan says:

    As a child my dentist recommended yearly check ups. Now they say 2 times a year. Not sure why the change. Since I have good teeth with hard enamel and take good care of my teeth I go every 2 years. My husband has problems and not good teeth and he goes every 6 months. My son age 19 goes yearly and my daughter age 22 goes every 2 years. I feel it depends on each person and the condition of their teeth. Our dentist does not agree with us but so far this has worked well.

  33. Hey K & AM!
    Val and Jamie here. We met in KC at the Bliss Fest. You guys are great! We still have a million questions for you. Val has never had a cavity at age 47 that’s something!
    Re: dehydrator recommendation:
    Val uses a Nessco by American harvest. It’s smaller and more quiet than box-style and can be stacked high or low. Round teflex sheets make giant doanut-shaped crackers. A Nessco (with a temp gauge –important!) goes for around $60 and you can add trays two at a time for $6 extra. She stacks it 18-trays-high and it still works great! Very accurate temperature gauge and just as fast as Excalibur.
    Re: Sequential eating. Also an 80-20 rule. Waite 20 minutes after eating fruit before other foods. Wait 80 minutes (1 hour, 20 min.) after eating starch or protein before eating fruit. Eat protein and starch separately and eat herbs and green-leafy veggies anytime with anything including low-sugar fruits like tomatoes, cucumbers, green apples… etc.(anything with seeds inside is a “fruit”, yes?)
    What say you?
    -V & J

  34. Isabel says:

    I also went to the dentist last month, since a crown came off from flossing my teeth… So don’t overfloss!

  35. Amy Davidson says:

    I was at the dentist 5 months ago for a cleaning, so I’m due for another one next month. I have been getting cleanings done 2x/year for about 3 years now. Before that, I hadn’t visited dentists regularly at all, and I had to pay for it in the end.

  36. Gwen says:

    I used to work in dental so I am ashamed to say I have not seen a dentist in about 3 years but I am diligent with my oral hygiene.

  37. Bill says:

    I have found water crock in the Boston area Kmarts incase any one is looking.
    My question is about the 5 gallon plastic jugs. Do they have BPA (bisphenol-A) and if they do are you concerned with using them?

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