Do You Need to Eat Meat to Get Your Purine : The Renegade Health Show Episode #625

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Nope, not protein, but purine…

A question came in the other day about if you need meat to get your purine.

In this episode, I explain what purine is, why we need it, and if you need to eat meat to get it.

I also talk about water ionizers and the best type of water.

Check it out…

Your question of the day: What kind of water do you drink?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Karri says:

    We have a Jupiter Melody Ionizer system that produces alkaline water. We LOVE it!

  2. Kurt says:

    Thanks Kevin.

  3. Janet says:


    My dad has gout. He can’t eat cauliflower or asparagus. It gives him way too much pain. It is not just a meat thing.

    Cherries are great for gout pain. He has bags and bags of them as they are high in potassium and stop the gout pain. Watermellon also helps him.

  4. taylor says:

    we drink fresh wild spring water and love it…we have big glass 5 gallon bottles we take and fill….make a day or two out of treking to local springs for fun and adventure….then we have a ceramic despener at home….once you go this route…there is no turning back…we take our 5 gallon bottles with us everywhere we go…
    thanks for your show …love you guys!!! lov…taylor &jeff

  5. kristhiana says:

    We drink RO water. I drank distilled for a number of years until I heard so much about it leeching nutrients out of one’s system. I even read that it will case osteoporosis because of the leeching of minerals. But here, you put it above RO – ? I’d like to know more about the scientific facts on distilled. Others have said you can take any of the waters and set them in the sunlight for 30 min or more and it is filled with all the goodness of the sun, eliminating the need for Vit D and other things. It is reported as extremely nutritious. What are you thoughts please?

  6. Karen says:

    Kevin, sometimes I just want to reach in the computer and give you a big hug. We are so lucky that you and Ann are committed to doing this wonderful broadcast for us. Just wanted you to know I really appreciate you. BTW, I use RO water most of the time, although I’d love to get a distiller.

  7. Sophia says:


  8. Doug says:

    I’m not convinced gout is simply a matter of a high purine diet. Some people eat massive amounts of purines and have no issues with gout whereas others are not so fortunate. I think it’s more likely an issue with the kidneys not being able to eliminate uric acid properly (or the skin). Since it seems to be correlated with alcohol consumption, I wonder if it’s some form of kidney damage that can be induced by alcohol consumption. It would be interesting to do some research on it…

    Oh, I drink distilled or R.O. water. Used to drink it as is but have recently increased exercise and have found I’ve needed the remineralizing drops to avoid leg cramps!

  9. RJ says:

    I am a lucky little camper. For it is here where I fetch my water.

  10. Lynn says:

    My water is filtered, UVd, RO and Distilled!

  11. Kristine says:

    I have read that 7 to 12 sweet cherries a day in any form (juice of, dried, etc.) controls the symptoms of gout. It is wonderful how nature can heal us and put us in balance. Thank you for the reminder about water. I am still drinking filtered tap in which I put Dr. Young drops to eliminate fungi, etc…

  12. nick says:

    Spring water!!! I even water my plants with spring water but while I have enough glass bottles for my drinking I still use plastic water bottles 4 my plants I need to get more big glass bottles 1 gallon or larger they r not easy to get anymore.

  13. Fontrella says:

    I uses a filter by “Pur”. Since I have been using this I can taste the difference in the bottled water I used to buy.

  14. idealist says:

    My family has a Kangen water ionizer. Drinking this water has literally done miracles for us. And I don’t say that lightly. My grandfather (85 yrs. old) had such bad pustular psoriasis that he bled from his feet everytime he stood up. He didn’t leave the house for 4 months. The Kangen water COMPLETELY got rid of the psoriasis in 2 weeks. Unbelievable. I had him completely on an alkaline diet, and drinking 2 quarts of green drink a day. NOTHING helped until the Kangen water. My husband has relied on coffee and senna to go to the bathroom his entire life, after 8 days on the water, he was going 2x a day on his own! Wow! Did I mention we love this thing?

  15. Gilligan says:

    I drink vitalized water. I purchased a Vortex Water Revitalizer from a few weeks ago that attaches to the kitchen sink spout of my bachelor suite apartment, and immediately noticed an improvement in water quality. The city water where I live is actually not bad for city water (not heavily chlorinated), but I knew the importance of drinking the best water possible for optimal physical health. The city water is apparently transformed into something like spring water by the Vortex Water Vitalizer. I don’t think I need to use a filter to improve the water quality further, though this could be done.

    Another company that produces a different style of water vitalizer is the Centre for Implosion Research (see I actually like this design better and would have purchased it if I had found out about it first, because it doesn’t need to be attached to the sink spout in my case, and for home owners, doesn’t require the help of a plumber to install a vitalizer for the whole house.

    These products may seem like snake oil to some people, but I believe there is a solid science behind it. An excellent video to watch on the subject can be found here (APA water video):

    The idea is that water absorbs subtle vibrations that are harmful from the typical ways that water is treated and transported, in addition to harmful physical substances. The water vitalizers apparently correct the subtle energy impurities and also seem to neutralize or render harmless, or at least reduce the harmful effects of the harmful physical substances found in treated water.

    I’ve been putting off purchasing a water filter because I don’t like the idea of adding used filters to the landfill, so I was happy to find an alternative that is perhaps superior to just filtered water. I believe vitalized water is in some ways similar to ionized water in its benefits.

    I love your show Kevin an Annmarie! Your enthusiasm always gives me a lift!

  16. Gretchyn says:

    Hi There! thank you thank you for your show!
    So right now i’m back to drinking tap water…blech…but i just sent back my fancy schmancy and expensive water ionizer that my partner wanted to try out. We tried it out…and we both got terrible headaches, i also felted weirdly bloated! Never experienced that before…the machine we tried wasthe Tyent 9090…i don’t reccomend it…probably going to go for a RO now.
    peas and hominy everyone!

  17. Sharon says:

    I drink Pi-water from Nikken. Any other water dehydrates me. I highly disagree with using RO or distilled. They are very energy-draining waters. Ask any person with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or other energy-draining illness who has experienced both.

    Sorry Kevin but I don’t agree that water fits into the 20%. We are mainly made of water. If there’s one change a person should make first, water would be a great place to start! It can balance blood sugar, blood pressure, get rid of headaches and other aches and pains. Good water means good health. Water washes away toxins.

    An engineer had a long chat with me years ago about RO and how it was just slick marketing that made it into drinking water. He said he’d never drink it and it should be for industrial use only.

    There’s some good research from Czech Republic and other countries about distilled water. I don’t know why it’s so slow to catch on in North America. All the good spas have mineral water!

    PS: the Master Cleanse should be done for at least 10 days. There should be no hunger if it’s done right. First few days will be nasty if a person is really toxic or has been drinking coffee.

    I like the headband, LOL

    If you want I can send you some documents on water:

  18. Donna in Portland says:

    We drink local filtered (GE refrigerator water filter) tap water. We notice the difference and can’t live without the filter. Our water comes from a nearby watershed that is 26 miles from our city. It’s great to drink water from the local source rather than having to drive to a source or buy bottled water. We also realize what a precious thing fresh water is and use it mindfully.

  19. Christine says:

    I drink charcoal filtered water, this I do for myself, because the others are more expensive for me, and charcoal filtered water is about 96% pure water.

  20. Jolie says:

    We have well water and I know I need to buy a Brita or something…just haven’t done it yet.
    I’m thankful I don’t have city water with Chlorine anymore.
    By the way Kevin, how did you and AnneMarie meet?

  21. SAR says:

    Reverse Osmosis here!

  22. Amy Davidson says:

    I only drink and use Brita filtered water for everything in the kitchen. It is the easiest and most economical way for me to get decent water. Also, I believe that drinking distilled water is not good for you. Thank you for the wonderful insights Kevin!

  23. larry says:

    Here’s a good video on meat:

  24. Janice says:

    We drink Kangen water. It is awesome/ Higher ph level and is absorbed quicker then other waters. Along with drinking more water it has helped us with physical and health issues and losing lbs.

  25. Annie says:

    Reverse Osmosis water for drinking and cooking. Filtered water for washing fruits and veggies.

  26. Jason says:

    Hand collected spring water.

    Spring water is “pure” out of the Earth at the resonance of the Earth’s vibration, literally,and structured, requiring no processing. Water “purifier’s” are using a tainted liquid and rendering it “pure” by means of processing.My thought is that you end up with a not so tainted liquid, or an extremely volatile molecular Mickie Mouse head [H2O]grabbing anything in it’s path, Our body being nearly 80% water, water could easily be seen as the main life source, which for myself makes it the main priority. It can be a great amount of fun harvesting things from the wild.

    Now, I feel the foods that I eat don’t have to “purify” the water that I put in my body.

    * I use the quotations around “pure”, for, i find it to be an extremely subjective term.

  27. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the show. Check out what Dr. Mercola has to say about gout.

  28. Mariya says:

    I drink both spring and tab water. From a book written by a famous bulgarian healer Peter Dimkov I learned first about the benefits of drinking destillate water and sometimes destillated by myself.
    Thanks for reminding us about podagra(or goat).
    In the past it was known as a disease that affected mostly the wealthy as not everyone could afford to eat meat everyday or with every meal.Nowadays, however the uric acid arthropaty affects people hwo are careless what they eat or are not aware of how dangerous it is to overindulge too much to eat meat or drink alcohol.

  29. Sandeep says:

    Hi guys, I believe the research about purine is from Dr George Watson’s work called “Nutrition and Your Mind” where he says that Fast Oxidizer Types need “high purine” proteins to do well. Gabriel Cousens suggests that legumes and chlorella are good plant-based sources of moderate or high purine proteins.

  30. Erika says:

    Finding decent water is a real problem in this country. I find the RO water flat and tasteless. Since I am sick, water is part of my medicine and for the time being I drink mineral water. In Europe you get mineral water in rehab centers and spas. Apparently some Pakistani or other foreign national has come up with a great filter system, but I do not have any details yet.
    Has any of you read the most recent article about the extra virgin olive oil fraud? I want to send it to Kevin but don’t have any address for him. I have even returned extra virgin olive oil to the local health food store. I am now ordering it from a California grower.

  31. JoAnn says:

    I’ve been drinking RO water for years, thinking it was the best. Now I’m concerned that isn’t so. I don’t know of a local source of spring water. I have a client that says he has an artesian well. What about that? anxiously awaiting feedback on this.

  32. I use an undersink double (2 micron) carbon filter system I designed and assembled myself. I drink filtered bottled water otherwise when Iam away from home…

  33. heather says:

    We drink only spring water. We used to drink Brita water, but have stopped once we discovered that no processing (not even Brita or charcoal) can remove estrogens that are a by product of people taking the pill, and the active ingredient in prozac. We live in a university city, where the pill and prozac are taken in major quantities. They did lots of tests on the water here and found that no amount of filtering or reversing actually removed these two chemicals, so, as estrogens are linked with many cancers and prozac is so toxic hormonally, we switched to spring water (in glass bottles) pretty quickly!

  34. Mary Ellen Cota says:

    I have a Kangen system and love it. But expensive! I also have used the PURE H2O unit you can get from and I absolutely think it’s the best FILTER out there! Beware the Brita, it is not very good at all.
    I think there is a site you can go to to find natural springs nearest you. findspring(s).com or Love the tee shirt and the headband.

  35. Dee says:

    I have a Brita pitcher at home and at work. When I am traveling I drink bottled water.

  36. Ryan says:

    I had been using a Nikken water filter system and still do, but after discovering I have been drinking as much spring water as I can get. Not only do I like the taste better, but going to the spring to get my water is a fun activity for my girlfriend and I. It’s like a date, and the best part is it’s almost free!

  37. I drink and use Brita water at home and also give it to dog.

    Reverse osmosis at work.

    I also have one of those alkaline shower filters.

  38. Bonjour Kevin,

    your skin looks so healthy since you are back from Peru.
    Great question: I am drinking since one year ionized Kangen water. This very expensive machine from Japan work fine, however I could only test the pH and have to believe about filtration. I love Kangen water: it taste so good, that I don´t want to drink only this water when I am invited to party: all other taste horrible. Because I was extremely healthy athlete I don´t really see a difference from Brida filtrated Mountain tap water in Portland OR.
    My brother family has a RO, which is ok.
    I am glad to invest in such machine because the tap water in Haute-Normandie in country is the most polluted of the region because of intensive industrial agriculture… France has a very lot restriction level for pesticides and heavy metals in drinking water: they sell Spring Mineral water bottles in the entire world !
    Water is very important to get healthy ! We are water and we forget that.
    Good night in the States
    Dr. Jérôme, France.

  39. David says:

    Distilled my friend, with a pinch of sea salt. The next step will be an awesome pre-filter for the machine and a good alkaline remineralizer. You are amusing and informative and I hope you make it to Georgia. Keep up the good work 🙂

  40. Jan says:

    We have well water with farm land all around us. We use reverse osmosis and have the water checked yearly for many chemicals that could be running off the farms. We also have the water checked for whatever the area is having issues with.

    Great show, I learn so much from you.


  41. Trina-Lea Briggs says:

    I am so excited…I just found a local…well…some what local natural spring so I am looking forward to seeing if this will make a difference in my already good health. Prior to this discovery I have been using a purchased filtering system for my water.
    Keep up the good works and blessings to you both

  42. Jacquie says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie! I use Dr. Mercola’s water filtration system on my kitchen sink. He states that it does a better job than reverse osmosis. I also use his filters on every shower in my home, too. I sure wish I had access to a spring, but I don’t. 🙁 Kevin, can you please tell me if there is a water filter out there that you can take with you into the wilderness so if you’re hiking, camping, foraging, etc. and need to filter creek/river water in the wild, the filter will kill bacteria/filter the water so it’s safe to drink? I’ve tried researching this and haven’t come up with anything I trust. Thank you!

  43. Shweta says:

    In India , my mom always told me that preapre cauliflower always with a bit of ajwain(anise seeds) and black salt(himalyan salt) the combination takes away gout forming abilities of cauliflower and always eat it fresh as it stale will create gout like pain.though she was very particular about eating fresh food as stale food creats gout, but she was more particular about cauliflower, chickpeas and other gout forming foods.By stale i mean to eat dinner from leftover lunch or to eat lunch from leftovers etc

    I also recently attended a talk by Dr. cousens where he mentioned about bad effects of ionizing water in long terms.

  44. Jack says:

    Distilled water but most of the time I get plenty of hydration from fresh juices and smoothies.

  45. Susan Bessette says:

    We have a deep (750′) well that taps into an underground river. It tastes so sweet.

  46. Hand-gathered wild spring water here in Maine!

  47. Tom Woloshyn says:

    Hi Kevin, You talked briefly about the Master Cleanse and having done it. I have done over 1200 days and treated several 1000’s of people. I have people heal cancer, diabetes allergies colitis etc. I have found well over 50% of the people that try it do it incorrectly. Many people drink it fresh by making a gallon in the morning, in 10 mins. it is not fresh and will not work and you will starve and then slam the diet. People don’t take an effective laxative or one at all or drink enough so that their metabolism actually runs higher.I wrote a book to easily follow the proper instructions and maximize the benefits, I can send you one if you like.
    PS RO water is acid and so is distilled, use pH strips to verify this.

  48. michelle says:

    i drink well water. it tastes great. i notice when i go to friends and drink there water in the cities i can taste the chlorine. so i dont drink city water anymore.

  49. Gwen says:

    Spring water is my preference as I do not like the taste of Reverse Osmosis water and I do not think it is healthy to drink distilled water. If I am unable to get spring water I use my Brita Filter although I do question how effective it is.

  50. Sarah says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie,
    We drank distilled only for over a year, through my second pregnancy, and through our daughter’s infancy, but when her teeth grew in, she had one that was deformed, then one of her teeth got chipped! I remembered reading that distilled water can leach minerals from your body and as we drank it I was looking for any signs of that. Well, my poor little girl’s teeth were all the sign I needed! We switched to filtered water, and her teeth seem to have gotten a bit stronger. Plus our third child has beautiful teeth, like our oldest. I was drinking the filtered throughout pregnancy with both of them. I know filtered isn’t the greatest, but with no local drinkable springs, and no $$$ for a Kangen or other good system, we do what we can. Thanks so much for all your research & interviews & great info. I’m reading “The China Study” due to your suggestion – eye opening! Thanks again, keep up the great work!

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