Do Processed Raw Foods Have Any Nutritional Value : The Renegade Health Show Episode #568

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We’ve skipped day 4 of our juice fast at Hacienda Del Sol in Costa Rica, to bring you a more interesting day 5…

Annmarie did a liver-gallbladder flush and wants to share her experience with you. πŸ™‚

I also explain if those little pellets are really gallstones or not.

We’ll both be answering questions about the nutritional value of processed raw foods, high protein raw foods and if medical testing values are accurate.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What processed raw foods do you eat?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living β€” he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols β€” including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more β€” to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog β€” which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    I did a liver cleanse a few times and eliminated quite a few “pellets.” As far as raw processed foods, I take raw chlorella, and sometimes I make raw sprouted dehydrated cereal and donuts or muffins.

    One note: today’s episode was extremely quiet. I had the volume all the way up and could still barely hear it. I don’t know if that’s fixable, but wanted to let you know.

  2. Rhonda D says:

    I was not able to see the video. for the last few days I have had this problem. Is anyone else having this problem. Any ideas? they are not even on youtube?


  3. I am so interested in what you are sharing with us, but I cannot hear you. πŸ™

  4. Angelique says:

    I almost never buy packaged pre-prepared raw foods from companies like breads or crackers but will occasionally make them at home. I usually make a batch and put them in the freezer and take them out a square at a time to eat with a salad when it’s really calling out for one, but I usually don’t need them. Every once in a while I’ll make some kind of snack in the dehydrator like cheezy kale chips or nori snacks but don’t make them often, usually when a fun exciting recipe lands across my desk and I just have to try it. πŸ™‚ I guess other processed foods I do have sometimes are powders like lucuma, maca, carob, cacao and mesquite. I sometimes have some dried fruit. There’s probably more that I’m not thinking of. Not everything that goes into my mouth is moist, juicy, and fresh off the plant and right now I’m OK with that.

  5. Beth says:

    Occasionally I will buy a slice / piece of raw cheesecake at the health food store.
    Otherwise I don’t eat any processed raw foods, and hardly any processed “SAD” foods either. I like making the food myself. At least then I know what is in it – I got serious about this when I realised my body does better without gluten. High raw was the next logical place to go.

    The sound was a bit quieter today, so I had the volume on the PC maxed, and the speaker volume maxed too – then no problem hearing you.

  6. Casey and Mateo says:

    I make crackers from the juice pulp, when i make a tasty juice then i save the pulp and make crackers, the whole thing feel so time consuming, juicing, sprouting enough for crackers then dehydrating that once they are made ( i eat them out of the dehydrator til they are gone, never get them in the fridge πŸ™‚ it takes me a while to forget how much work it was before i do it again. I love a smoothie any day, fast easy done.

  7. Weird, I also couldn’t hear it even with the sound all the way up. Bummer πŸ™

  8. Torey Taylor says:

    I could barely hear you today. I had the volume up as high as it could go and I still had to strain to hear you. I too buy an occasional prepared raw food but don’t feel a bit bad about it. Love your shows, look forward to them daily. Thanks for taking the time each day, even when you are on vacation. You guys are great.

  9. Angie says:

    If “processed” includes raw crackers, then I eat a whole lot of processed foods. πŸ™‚

  10. Angie says:

    I was thinking processed meant things like agave; not things that are blended & dehydrated.

  11. Susanne says:

    I didn’t have any problems with the sound or picture…I must admit I ate raw for 5 mos a number of years ago…but had a really hard time without eating nuts…which I eventually became a problem, too much fat. I went back to eating animal meat (grew up vegetarian would you believe) which gives me a more grounded feeling and I’m not craving sugars.
    I’ve heard spirulina and chlorella have excito-toxins in them which effect the brain leading one to feel energized. I heard an alternative MD speak and this was his report.
    Drink green smoothies, salads, little fruit and little fat just krill oil caps. Nuts still a problem…could you comment on the excito-toxin issue? Also any comment on blood-typing diet or metabolic typing diet?

  12. eyla says:

    Home made kale chips, crackers and breads mostly!
    Thanks for talking about the liver flush, I have done it and seen a lot of ‘stones’ come out, I have to say it was very satisfying, but I wondered about whether it was emulsified olive oil or stones or a bit of both, so thanks for sharing your opinion.

  13. Elmer J Fudd says:

    Is there an association of physicians who are knowledgeable about healthy diets? How did you find Dr Williams?

  14. Earl A. Osborne says:

    How much water are you guys drinking during your 6 day fast and when did you drink the water?

    I think what you guys do, and your lifestyle is wonderful.

  15. Sheryl says:

    Everybody is talking about how salt including epson salt is so bad for the body – why would they use it in a cleanse. Sounds evil to me.

  16. Earl A. Osborne says:

    Since others have had the same problem, I want you to know that the volume I had to use, to hear you today, was at maximum and I found I really had to listen closely to get everything you both were saying.

    I’m not complaining but giving you feedback.

  17. Ivy says:

    I eat quite a bit of the “2 moms in the Raw” crackers, kale chips, pizza bites, and chipolte rounds. I even make my own dehydrated flax chips. I eat processed raw foods about every 3 or 4 days, and when I do I usually finish the whole bag over the day. I have a garden at a community patch and I’m the only raw gardener, the others think it’s kinda weird for me to sit in the garden and have lunch on my plants, but I think it’s a benefit to having fresh vine ripe foods. Garlic is coming into season, have you ever picked garlic from the ground? When you give it a try, you will discover that there is no hard shells over each clove, each clove is wrapped in a soft edible cover, I bite right into it like an apple, the garlic is not so garlicky when it comes fresh out of the ground. It has a nice crunch like an apple too. It only takes a day or two for the garlic to dry and the skin to harden to those peels that cover the cloves. Try planting some cloves in some earth and see for yourself.

  18. Charlotte says:

    I make sprouted buckwheat quinoa bread which I mostly ate during the winter months; also I eat a few gluten free crackers (not raw) on occasion. And chlorella if that counts. I mostly stick to big green smoothies, big salads, and some cooked food!
    Really good show; very informative!

  19. Ivy says:

    One more, I want to let you two know about “purslane plant” which has fats – omega 6 and 3. This is a plant with the same great oils as found in fish – only naturally plant produced. This is expensive in the farmers market, and you can use it in smoothies, raw is great. If you use too much you may realize that the fats make it somewhat slimy – so go easy on it. Once planted, it takes over like a weed, grows about 1ft tall, and looks like a succulent. Pick it before it flowers to avoid seeds. The season for this plant is about June-July (short season). Happy raw eating. Yum yum!

  20. Charlotte says:

    Sheryl- when when doing a sea salt or epsom salt cleanse the content of the salt dissolved in the water is so high that your body does not absorb it; it goes right through you, acts as an abrasive to the lining of your colon to remove waste, and flushes you out.

  21. Hmm, what’s the definition of processed? Blended? Dehydrated? …

    Yes! I’ve always wondered how SAD test values can be truly relevant to raw vegans or even vegans … we don’t seem to understand everything about optimal levels for either group.

  22. Eve says:

    Volume all the way up, couldn’t hear a thing. Please revisit this as its a great topic!

  23. greg says:

    Sheryl and Charlotte,

    The epsom salt, literally magnesium sulfate, one form of magnesium. It is incorporated in the liver/gall flush because magnesium has a profound relaxing effect on the tissues of the body, in this case the liver/gall and intestinal track. This allows the liver and ducts to substantially relax allowing the burst of bile and gargage to come out easier.

    The use of epsom salt in this case is not to be confused with the use of sea salt in the ‘salt water flush’, as outlined in the Master Cleanse manual by Stanley Burroughs.

  24. nick says:

    volume was very low but i was able to hear you;
    Corn chips are my weekness. My wife keeps buying them and I keep eating them;( I make omioun bread about once a month and crackers from my juice pulp

  25. Debbie Grezik says:

    Couldn’t hardly hear you, maybe to far from camera ????

  26. kate says:

    couldn’t hear you!

  27. Jenn says:

    Hi guys,

    Great show. I’ve just recently added powdered Spirulina and Krill Oil capsules to my high raw diet. We don’t eat many processed, high-fat foods at this point. (We do eat a few cooked foods).

    When I eat sea-stuff (nori, dulse, wakami and now spirulina and krill) it seems to create insane, potent, body odor under my arms. Is this a common reaction to sea-veggies? When I don’t eat them for a while, I don’t smell much at all, more of a sweet smell and a salt rock eliminates it, no problem. When I do eat them, I get very self conscious! Is there a connection between seaweeds and BO?

    I know this is a personal question, but I feel like someone out there might know the answer. Does this happen to others too?

    I really appreciate any insight into this. I love my sea veggies (in moderation) but is my body telling me they’re bad for me?


  28. Dawni says:

    Hi All:

    I use small amounts of hemp protein, chia, maca, cocoa, mesquite, lucumba, probiotics, raw vanilla, tulsi and chinese tonic herb teas. Occasional almond milk and dressings with sunflower seeds or tahini.

    I am not into the dehydrated raw foods.

    I followed the Liver and gallbladder cleanse with apple juice, epsom salt, olive oil and grapefruit juice while at We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA and astounded the colon therapist who gave me my daily colonics. The bile and fatty deposits released were impressive. NOW…We Care does not promote this liver and gallbladder cleanse. They use Ultra-Phos Liquid for their protocol.

    Springtime is the best time to do a liver/gallbladder cleanse I understand and I have been preparing my body for a mid-spring cleanse by eating lots of sprouts, arugula, cilantro, parsley (all of which I’ve been craving) this week.

    I have a bottle of Ultra-Phos liquid and will move to cleanse my liver next week followed by a colonic.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has used Ultra-Phos liquid for liver cleansing.


  29. Satori says:

    raw brownies…yum..!

    I could hear you without a problem. I didn’t change my volume setting at all. Although, the opening music was very low indeed.

  30. Michele says:

    Daily I eat a mixture of Lydia’s raw cereal and Go Raw. I used to do Kaia, but they use agava. Can’t get over the need to feel the crunch of cereal. But that may change too.
    I did the same liver flush that Ann Marie did, I think twice. Both times, huge amount of green pea pellets. Thanks for explaining what they were Kevin. I didn’t think they had been in me that long. They weren’t hard or putrified, so I suspected they were from the salt and olive oil.
    Thanks for all the great info.
    Reno, NV

  31. Amy says:

    I could barely hear this show with the volume on max, too, so I gave up. Don’t understand why some could hear and others couldn’t, but thought I’d throw in my status. πŸ™‚

    I can’t answer the question since I’m not clear what is being referred to, other than to say I prefer to make my own raw food/snacks/etc than spend money on purchasing them already made.

    I do have a question though. I have so many friends that are into Nourishing Traditions but they cook almost everything they eat. Are you familiar with Nourishing Traditions and isn’t raw food supposed to be a part of the NT diet?


  32. Lorien says:

    Not sure what qualifies as processed but I eat a TBSP or less of maca powder, camu powder, cacao powder, cacao nibs each morning. I also take spirolina, clorella, bluegreen algee, mushrooms, garlic and several herbs in capsule form. They are whole foods but they are processed. My biggest weakness is plain ol’ tortilla chips. Once a month we get together with friends and play cards and I have chips and salsa. I also eat something cooked once a week. What it is varies, but it’s something vegetable. Cooking is processing so I think that counts.

  33. is it possible to give out the web site again on water fasting in calif again thanks

  34. sathya says:

    I’ve often wondered if the pellets are really gallstones. Glad to hear your version. I once ‘collected’ the pellets and put them in a sealed container. Then placed the container in hot water, and the pellets melted. The olive oil was floating on top of sediment.I still think that toxins are expelled too!

  35. Nancy says:

    I have done two liver cleanses this year. The first one had a few pea size “stones.” It was recommended to do another one a few weeks later. Supposedly the stones in the back of the liver move to the front after the first cleanse. I did my second cleanse about two months later. I could not believe the results. I know that I released at least 200 pistachio-size stones in addition to the pea and corn-size stones. It was amazing. I will be doing a cleanse twice a year now. Can’t say I like the Epsom salts but it is well worth any minor discomfort.

  36. sue says:

    i can not hear the video its at full sound setting but still bad can you fix it?

  37. Rhonda says:

    Hi Dawni,

    My husband and I both did the liver cleanse with the Ultra Phos liquid this past year. Since this is the only one we have done, I can’t compare it to any other liver cleanse. We did the cup of olive oil and coke, UGH! Neither of us found any of the green pea or stones. Maybe because we did not do the epsom salts. It did not say it was a requirement in the protocol. Optional to use an herbal laxative. My husband had 2 blood test showing elevated liver enzymes. So he went on a really clean diet for a couple of weeks and did the liver cleanse. Blood results came back normal the 3rd time. So must be something to this cleanse.

    Thanks Annmarie and Kevin for sharing your juice fast experience, and for sharing a bit of your vacation in Costa Rica with all of us back home.


  38. Ryan says:

    listened with headphones but was still kinda low…I mean do we really know what all the health ppl eat behind doors…most likely not really besides what facade they have shown to us…I mean I dont really eat a huge amount of prepackaged foods besides bars and a few snacks…I generally do pretty well during the weeks with smoothies and good stuff then the weekends I tend to enjoy a little more snacking :D…but is dehydrated food really still considered “RAW” even though its dehydrated at lower temps…when something is de-hydrated does that in sense still de-value the food or entail that its still being cooked in some way…I mean hydrate is generally about water or to in sense flourish something with structure I guess…so when food is de-hydrated does it entail that its still being devalued in a way…

  39. Couldn’t hear you guys. Sometimes I eat pumpernickel bread or the sprouted genesis or ezekiel something bread, I find it difficult to keep my calories with only raw foods, as I try not to eat to much sugar and fat, but when I do, I love larabars. I make my sprouted dehydrated granola, I think that counts too.

  40. Ryan says:

    Also as aforementioned I do leave some leway for a little but still healthy indulgence when we travel or when im in a place where things i normally have arent readily available…

  41. jackie says:

    I had my Pc and speaker up all the way and could still barely hear anything. Sorry to have missed what I believe was an interesting show. I could see the video fine, though. ??

  42. Basia says:

    This is about the epsom salt.

    Sheryl asked why one would use epsom salt in a cleanse. I would agree that it is not something that you want to be taking on a regular basis but in the liver cleanse it serves a purpose. I acts like a laxative, so that everything that comes out of the liver has a chance to travel through the intestines fast (before your body starts reabsorbing it). Also it helps to open up the passage out of the liver, so that any larger stones will easily come out when you take the fat and and juice mixture.

  43. Veronika says:

    What is it with the corn chips? I too have a weakness with those…blue corn chips to be exact, especially when paired with really amazing hummus.

    I don’t eat process raw foods much…then again I do eat raw protein powder. And I suppose the algaes are processed too. And vitamins…the list goes on I guess.

  44. Amy says:

    Organic Corn chips and hummus or bean dip!!!

  45. Nick says:

    Silent film, presenting the challenge it does, has more artistic potential than the gross over-representable highly deaf “talkies”, as they used to call them. To make up for the lack of sound tho, you need to be more physically animated, more slapsticky. Kevin, you are close. Watching more Chaplin will take you further. He resisted talking pictures to the point of making City Lights after the rest had started blathering away.

    Ann Marie is very brave to even try getting down epsom salts, & I’m usually not so queasy in trying such new things, wide of the norm. Of course, I haven’t tried in many years. Maybe my palate has matured, or numbed out–whatever works, eh.

  46. Garrett says:

    Yes, volume waaaaay too low. But, you know that already. Just confirming.

    The processed foods seem to call out to me every now and then. Chips and salsa are a real weakness when I visit Texas.

    Two Moms in the Raw have some really fine (super addictive) products in bags. It’s all sugary garbage-crap for the body, but it’s tasty and nice comfort food. I don’t do that too often, thankfully.

    Probably the one food I miss the most is anything with cheese, which has got to be the nastiest and most addictive food on Earth! I will “do” a pizza maybe twice a year. I miss pasta and my homemade marinara sauce, BIG TIME!

    Hugs ALL,


  47. Thomas says:

    If you read the Andreas Moritz book about liver cleansing he is very clear that the small, soft green stones consist of cholesterol and bile salts and not olive oil. There can be so many of them since they come from both the gall bladder and from the many bilary tubes inside the liver (which is a large organ). In the liver these ‘stones’ reduce the flow of bile and the efficiency of the liver to do its numerous chemical processes.

    Whether the stones can be made from oil and epsom salts has also been discussed to great length on sites such as Having done around 20 such cleanses myself I’m around 95% certain the stones are nothing to do with the oil. The main argument for me is that using the same protocol results in many different sizes, colors and quantites of stones. People have had these stones tested and the results seem to be cholesterol / bile salts.

    Moritz thinks it is the best single thing you can do for your health. The main pain with this is that most people need to repeat several times and its not much fun but does get a lot easier.

    Bon chance!

  48. Jan says:

    Could not hear this one.
    The least healthy raw thing I eat is a salad when out with friends. The lettuce is usually not organic but I use their dressing which is not even raw. I am trying to remember to bring my own salad dressing but seem to forget. There are no raw restaurants around here.

  49. Carolyn says:

    I love those kelp noodles! I think you still have them in your shop, but they really are yummy, even if processed. Once a month is all I can handle though, they seem to expand in the belly! But topped with raw pesto – so unbelievable.
    I listened with headphones and it was fine…

  50. Brooke says:

    I have done a liver cleanse twice and both times I released a good amount of those pea green stones. I have Andreas Moritz’s book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. He says to keep doing the cleanses until no more pea green stones come out. If the stones are made of the olive oil and citrus juice, then why do the number of stones that are expelled from the body decrease each time you cleanse?

  51. Nadia says:

    Dr. Paul Yanick (President of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine) has found raw foods always contain a high percentage of mold! Don’t buy raw food snacks in stores.

  52. Could not hear it Kevin & Annmarie.
    Love you guys!

  53. Sally says:

    Hi Kevin and AnnMarie,

    You both sure look radiant..Regarding the liver/gall bladder flushes..I had been a Colon Hydrotherapist for 8 years of my Massage/Energy work practise.. I’ve personally done 15 of them…. I can assure you that Liver and most likely gallbladder stones are what come out after most flushes.. I did spend 6 weeks w/Graham and fasted 23 days on water etc.. I listened to his lectures..and let’s just say, he is NOT the authority and last word on alot of things… Re: the issue of the matter being coagulation..well my experience and belief has been otherwise..That Ann Marie didn’t have much could speak to the fact of both having been on a very great, and pretty clean diet for a long time now..This emulsification theory is definitely false… I cut open many (thousands) of stones of many shapes and sizes..that certainly you could see had been lodged and then formed to the shape of the livers conniculi (sp)..also gall bladders dissected loaded with stones can be viewed by googling… MANY a person with malfunctioning/nonfunctioning gall bladders have had functioning restored after doing many flushes… My asthma and seasonal allergies and nagging neck pain disappeared from the detoxing effect and restoration of liver/gallbladder function being restored.. They are there in both the gall bladder and liver..No question.. the hygienists that claim otherwise are imo very biased…Thanks for all you do.. I marvel at what you’ve accomplished with your life, travels and best of all sharing and teaching.. Keep up the fabulous work… Sally Negus New Hampshire

  54. Melina says:

    Thanks Thomas and Sally for the information about the liver gallbladder flush. My impression from the research I have done on the cleanses has lead me to believe that that it is in fact gall stones that come out. One thing that does not make sense about the coagulated olive oil theory is that olive oil coagulates way below body teperature (maybe about 40 degrees F) so it would not coagulate as it is passing through our body. In the past I came across this same scepticism about eliminating mucoid plaque. My nutrition teacher at Bauman College in SC told me that what looked like mucoid plaque was really just the clay and psyllium mixed together. I believed this until I decided to try the Arise and Shine cleanse. Now I know for sure from personal experience that mucoid plaque is real. I won’t go into to details, but when you see some of it you know it is not psyllium and clay. I have not tried a liver gall bladder flush yet, but the pictures I have seen online of the stones that come out do not look at all like coagulated olive oil.
    Thanks Ann Marie for sharing your experience with it. Maybe I will try it.

  55. Karen says:

    I’m really interested in this topic and I too could not hear it at all? I wish you’d post this again and tweak the volume or something? Resend it to me perhaps? Maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow?

    Was just watching videos on Blendtec’s site and it worked just fine?

    I ordered a Blendtec and I LOVE it! I went back to the site that I saw and got the sproutman and fresh life sprouters too! Plus a lb of baby sunflower which is my absolute favorite sprouts.

    love and light


  56. Nihacc says:

    Raw ice-cream (Booja-Booja), from time to time…

  57. john says:

    Thankyou Ann Marie and Kevin for caring and sharing your truthful experiences. And making Public aware about internal house cleaning and getting ones inner house clean neat and orderly by cleaning ones colon ,liver ,gallbladder.Years ago my grandmother had gallbladder surgery and was full of half inch and one inch size stones -rock hard ,an actual stone and several other stones ,but she had a diet of white flour her entire life. I have a hankering at times for hallava ,I know I know it has sugar, my flesh is weak at times and I give into what I should not do ,even though I know it is the wrong thing to eat.

  58. Ella Jane says:

    I can’t here the video!

  59. JoyfullyRaw says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie,

    I actually had my gallbladder removed in my pre-raw days. In your opinion, would it be safe to do a liver cleanse in that case?
    Thanks for helping us all to Live Awesome!~Colleen~

  60. Deirdre Braddock says:

    I used to eat more processed raw foods than I do now, for example, Lydia’s Luna Nori, Italian and Green Crackers; Alive and Radiant Foods Mega Raweo and Oh So Fudgie cookies, etc., but the portion sizes have decreased while the prices have gone up over the years. I live in the San Francisco Bay area, near to where these items are made so I had access to Lydia’s raw sandwiches made with lettuce, avocado, tomato, a special raw vegan pate packed between two of her oversized raw crispy bread-crackers…And by the time these sandwiches were delivered to the retail stores from her production kitchen, they became wonderfully soft and bread-like. Delicious sandwiches! And so (I’m going to say it…) “convenient.” But they disappeared after a while. Perhaps not enough demand. In any case, I find that processed raw foods do not offer optimum health ultimately, but there’s no need to be extreme about it unless one is actively combating a life-threatening illness such as cancer or liver disease. Once in a while socially is a fun idea. They taste good and it’s easy to recover from them with a follow up day of high liquidity using carrot juice, green juices, fruit smoothies, etc. I don’t see a problem with eating them on occasion. It’s such a personal decision. I know how I feel. And I lighten up on them if I’m feeling low energy, experiencing a slower than usual elimination, smaller or more compact fecal output or darker than normal urine output. Too much information? Oh well… πŸ™‚
    Deirdre Braddock, EMT
    25 years raw
    RN student

  61. Beth says:

    None…but this is because in Central America where I’m living right now you can’t get any. But I probably wouldn’t eat that many anyway. Occasionally it’s ok.



  62. Troy says:

    Tips to keep your fruit & veg intake on track!

    Fruit and vegetables should be the staple of any diet these days. The health properties include improved weight management, heart health, energy control, clean pipes downstairs and now cancer. But how much is really enough and how can you achieve these targets each day let alone each week in our busy society?
    The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommends that we eat a minimum of 5 serves of vege’s and 2 serves of fruit each and every day. If your consuming a diet that is lower in breads, grains and cereals then the target is 6-8 serves of vege’s and 3-4 serves of fruit. Children under the age of 8 should aim for between 2-3 of veg and 1 of fruit and adolescents are encouraged to gobble down 4 of veg and 3 of fruit.
    “But what is a serve?” I hear you cry as look over towards the tennis courts. Good question. Many people think that because they eat veg once a day with the evening meal then they have one serve. But what we are actually talking about is a “sample serve”. We explain more below:
    75g or 1/2 cup cooked vege’s
    75g of 1/2 cup cooked dried beans, peas or lentils
    1 cup of salad
    1 potato
    1 medium piece, e.g. apple, banana, orange, pear
    2 small pieces, e.g. apricots, kiwi fruit, plums
    1 cup diced pieces or canned fruit
    1/2cup juice
    Dried fruit, e.g. 4 dried apricot halves
    1 1/2 tablespoons sultanas
    How can you hit these targets?
    Knowing what’s best for us is one thing, actually doing it regularly is another. The above targets can seem overwhelming for some, easy for others so below are 15 easy tips to help you munch your way to a healthy life:
    Tips for hitting your fruit & veg targets

    1. Add mushrooms, tomato, capsicum, bananas or other fruit and vegetables to your toast in the mornings
    2. Having an Omelette with a variety of vegetables may also be an option for those that have a little more time in the mornings
    3. For morning or afternoon tea try celery sticks, carrots, pieces of cauliflower or broccoli dipped into cottage or ricotta cheese
    4. Have a salad sandwich for lunch
    5. Take pieces of fruit or dried fruit with you in your bag each day to snack on so your not tempted to buy unhealthier snacks
    6. Grate or dice onion, carrot, zucchini, potato and corn into a savoury muffin or pikelet mixture
    7. Make smoothies or milkshakes from your favourite fruits or even vegetables!
    8. Puree fruit and pour into moulds and freeze for tasty snacks
    9. Add extra vegetables or even fruits to stews, casseroles, curries, nachos, tacos, pizzas, meatloaf, pastas or rice dishes
    10. Always have vegetables or salad as a side dish to your meals
    11. Make vegetables the main part of your nightly meal instead of meat
    12. Roast potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnip or cut into wedges and roast as a side dish
    13. Make vegetable kebabs for the BBQ
    14. Chop up fruit and put onto skewers for dessert
    When shopping fill your trolley with a variety of fruit and vegetable options!

  63. Robin says:

    I still eat terribly processed and harmful things like oreos, doritos, pizza hut, taco bell (seriously) 4-5 times a week, which probably negates all the good stuff I do: green smoothie every morning, raw soups for lunch or dinner. Very frustrating. I just LOVE these terrible foods–I LOVE the way they taste, as much as I hate to say that! I did the Raw Food Challenge, and it was ok, but honestly I felt like I was just WAITING to be done so I could get back to including my bad food again in my diet. UGH. Is there hope for someone like me??

  64. Chris says:

    Hi Robin, I know how you feel. I started out not that long ago making green smoothies for breakfast, some fresh fruit later on and then later on in the day I would indulge in unhealthy processed foods like pizza, subway sandwiches, packaged cakes and cookies, chips etc. I don’t aim for perfection these days or beat myself up when I mess up, and I’m doing so much better. These days I have a lot of green smoothies, salads, fresh fruit, some raw nuts, beans, and gluten free whole grains. What has really helped me is finding healthy/healthier alternatives to the foods that I like. For example, instead of wheat pasta, I’ll have quinoa pasta or brown rice pasta. When I want a dessert or something sweet, I’ll have vegan ice cream (I prefer hemp or coconut ice creams, not soy), blend up some frozen bananas, make a chocolate hemp shake, or have a raw food bar. Instead of chips, I’ll let myself have gluten free crackers, organic baked corn chips, or brown rice cakes. So I still have some processed foods but I know I could be eating much worse things! I don’t know if you’re doing any cleansing like colonics or enemas, but those also may help with cravings. I’m more motivated to eat healthier after colon cleansing because it makes me feel so light and clean and I want to continue to feel that way. Drinking green juices has helped me with cravings too (greens are so important!). You can also try the EFT method for cravings (there’s a renegade episode on this). Also, it might benefit you to go to OA meetings. Actually, I read in Angela Stokes-Monarch’s newsletter that she initiated a raw food OA program that is held by telephone. Don’t know if that interests you…but anyway, don’t be so hard on yourself, changing your diet can be a process, maybe you just need to focus on making more gradual changes..experiment with different recipes..find raw foods and whole cooked foods that you love! Take care!

  65. Chris says:

    Robin, I also just thought that maybe you can substitute some of your favorite processed foods with some alternatives that are far from perfect, but are still a little better. Like you can have the Newman’s organic version of Oreos. For taco bell and pizza hut, maybe you could get those Amy’s frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, or other entrees. I can’t think of an organic Doritos equivalent, but there probably is one, lol. Yes, these foods still may have white flours and processed sugars, but at least there aren’t gmo ingredients, artificial food dyes, msg, added hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful ingredients. I’m sure a lot of people would say these foods aren’t really better at all, but if you are really struggling then I think they are OK foods to help you in transitioning to a healthier diet.

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