Frederic Patenaude on Raw Food Diet Research and Errors : The Renegade Health Show Episode #563

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This whole week we’ve spent time with Frederic Patenaude and his new bride Veronica…

It’s been fun swapping stories about health, the raw food diet and our own personal experiences.

(It’s also been nice to talk about things other than raw foods and health! LOL!)

Today, Frederic will share with you some of the information he’s researched over the last 12 years and some of the raw food errors he feels are most prevalent.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: As per Frederic Patenaude, what is the diet that works for you?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Maia says:

    Wow, this information was so interesting. Thank you both for sharing your ideas with us. And it looks like you all are having so much fun being together too.

  2. Kris says:

    Yes!! Another excellent show! Thank you for publishing common sense and truth instead of ridiculous myths. The best diet for me so far (always refining)contains lots of fruits and veggies, making sure I get enough greens, not eating too much, not eating too much fat.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I really like this interview. I began looking at raw last year, but realized right away it was not for me; however I have worked myself to a method of eating similar to the idea of a hunter gatherer with the idea that the gatherer portion was about 80% of the calories eaten. This is where I always seem to return whatever new idea I check out.

  4. Jackie says:

    I am SO HAPPY to hear him say that the enzymes in food are not used to help us digest food. Enzymes are proteins that denature in the stomach due to the low pH. Great interview, thank you!

  5. Samantha Hussey says:

    I drink lots of water in the morning, Chia seed fresca for breakfast, and loads of Greens and then Fruit, Vegetables, and then a few dehydrated foods – like Onion Bread and Pepper-Cashew cheese. Green Smoothies for Lunch or Supper, and one green salad thrown in, with an amazing fruit based dressing (kudos to Frederic’s Low fat DVDs.

    I do believe you can go overboard on nuts on the Raw food diet…I have chosen my favourite heavy foods, and I don’t eat them everyday.

    Love and Blessings,

  6. Sharon says:

    Diet is only one component of health and it’s easy to get overly-obsessed with it. My preferred diet is 80-10-10. It’s not always the healthiest way though in my climate and with the food availability (old, unripe, not always organic, etc) but that’s the way I typically eat in summer and fall. The rest of the year I eat as best as I can under the circumstances, not 100% raw. When I think of it I treat my food with zero point energy to bring some more life back to it. You can taste the difference. Eating locally is better than eating imported food.

  7. tessa says:

    This is awesome! thank you, and its all making more sense to me; forget the dogma and do whats works for you.

    What works for me is warm in the morning with cooked soups (food energetics are important for me because I live in a cold climate and have a very vata constitution, also warm food or drink in the morning stimulates digestion), then a grain or starchy veggie with raw veggies for lunch, green juices or smoothie in the afternoon and salad for diner with veggies.

    I include nuts and seeds and lentils in my diet too, and meat once and a while (but less and less).

  8. shakti says:

    i am adding superfoods and superfood powders to my diet at the moment which i am loving the results of….
    the best diet for me is to trust my intuition, if i feel i need to eat a little meat to ground i do….i tend to observe my imbalances so i then adjust where i need to…
    thanks for this fantastic information ….peace

  9. suzanne says:

    After reading info online other day regarding healing of dental caries I came across other viewpts. on diet again! (other than raw), supposedly all “substantiated” by research, studies, anecdotes, etc. At that point I became just plain “fed up” w/reading any longer about what’s good for us nutritionally. It seems like there is always info out there that counters what I finally come to believe is the ideal diet. So, I have decided the best diet for me is one of primarily raw foods (grn. smoothies, fruit, salads) w/some cooked greens, brn. rice and quinoa. But I also eat occasionally a slice of pizza, an egg, bread, or healthfully prepared sweet dessert. I always feel great and have no health problems, especially after stopping all the nuts and seeds (plain or in a raw dessert).

  10. Sandi Seegert says:

    The body’s enzyme production slows down as we age and by the time you hit the 40’s and 50’s it’s pretty low…that’s why enzyme therapy can be beneficial. Enzymes in foods are dependent on whether or not they’re fresh or have been sitting for a while. Enzymes begin to deminish after only 30 minutes of being picked (not to be confused with vitamins and minerals, though) So, I don’t agree with his explanation of enzymes. But love the show still!

  11. Shirin says:

    Love your show but do not agree with Frederick. I think those are just his opinions and I dont understand on what basis he is trying to disprove those so called myths.
    Enzymes in fresh foods do help with digestion and if we cook our foods then we are using from our own reserve of enzymes. We are the only species that think it’s o.k. to cook our foods and strip them off their enzymes and vitamins, etc. Also there is increase in white blood cells when we eat cooked foods because our body sees cooked food as toxins.
    Raw foods are what nature intended us to eat and is the best way to get nutrients from our food.You dont have to be scientist to know that; we dont need all these researches to know that; just look at how other animals eat.

  12. Pat says:

    This is so contradictory to so much we have been hearing about enzymes in food helping us to digest. Curious, what is his source of for this statement? Are there studies to prove this? About my diet, I have the best luck with staying away from processed foods. My body will let me know when I have over done the bad ones. Thanks Kev for the video!

  13. Crystal says:

    As a naturopath, I definately find that not everyone needs or can thrive on the same diet. When testing thsir body chemistry, it becomes obvious to me that many people are not getting what they need from their diet (often times these people are vegetarians). Although I believe that a diet comprised mostly of (raw fruit and veggies, I do not necessarily believe that a vegan diet is the diet of choice, as I have seen many people fail to thrive eating that way. For me personally I eat about 75% raw… not a lot of dehydrated foods… but I am sure to get enough protein via hemp, eggs and occasionally fish. As an O blood type… this diet works very well for me. Just a note… I was vegan for a number of years and had a very difficult time staying balanced…

  14. Siobhán (Ireland) says:


  15. chanda says:

    if the enzymes don’t matter why not just cook the vegetables? and doesn’t the body produce fewer digestive enzymes the older you get?

    I don’t mean to be negative but I found this segment frustrating. I thought I had finally found a safe refuge in the raw food world and an understanding of
    how do eat right based on what is actually going on
    in the body in terms of digestion and assimilation
    (albeit in mostly laymens terms). I do feel more connected to my food and what I’m putting in my body than I ever have because feeling like you know why you’re eating what your eating makes it make more sense. I first got this feeling thru sally fallons nourishing traditiona(which eventually led me to raw foods). I liked the principles
    behind NT in that it gets you away from processed mainstream food. I threw out just about everything in my cupboards and fridge and started over. switched to raw coconut and cold pressed olive oils, sea salt, non irradiated spices, agave, raw honey. absolutely anything processed was gone. and beyond any ethical reasons the animal product consumption seemed to make sense in NT as well. raw unpasturized dairy and meat from humanely treated pastured animals.

    NT tought me about sprouting, soaking and fermenting for assimilation and ‘supposed’ enzyme benefit. tho they then cooked some of these foods. I came to raw foods to take that benefit one step further by not killing those enzymes. now I’m hearing its not relevant.

    if one is a healthy person with no allergies, food addictions/issues, no illnesses, is physically active and just wants to be the best human possible why is ‘raw’ advantageous(over something like nourishing traditions which seems very sensible to me as well?)

    again, I just want to be the best I can be. to thrive. I’m doing the raw food challenge right now. its not so much of a challenge. I’m ready, willing and able. but now the why has been kinda pulled out from under me and its got me rattled.


  16. Kristen Schriver says:

    Kevin, Can you comment more about the enzyme issue. I’ve been after this issue for a while and finding pretty knowledgeable people on both sides. I did recently connect with one physician and he made this exact comment that the enzymes in the foods were 100% not necessary for digestion – that we make all our own digestive enzymes. It probably still makes sense to eat primarily raw foods since cooking denatures the vitamins and minerals but perhaps enzymes are not as much of a factor to health as we thought.

    My question is – Do we rob our bodies of metabolic enzymes if we are not properly making all the digestive enzymes we need to digest our food??? Do we have a finite set of metabolic enzymes?

    Thank you

  17. Rhonda D says:

    I would like to know why all these so called people that have so much information have to bring in religion or evolution into the factor of eating well for your health.
    Sorry but I will not listen to something like that.

    Kevin & Annmarie you guys do a great job

  18. Jo says:

    Now I’m confused (or maybe it’s because I just got back from a two hour massage).

    So the benefits of eating raw and – if heating food – keeping it below a certain temperature has nothing to do with keeping enzymes alive because they don’t effect us anyhow? Why is eating raw a good thing?

    Jeez I feel like eating a plateful of pakora and samosas all of a sudden.

  19. Kam says:

    Hi, nice interview:)
    Raw food diet works for me best.
    I am begining to think it has to do something with my digestion, that is not obviously in the best shape. I was trying to get some other foods in my diet, like cooked veggies or so, but it is not working, my legs would swell from cooked stuff, even if is just vegetables, my stamina would fall etc. So I have to stick to raw.. 😉

  20. Marla king says:

    Well, since I have no data about what happened millions of years ago, I cannot agree with what this brother says about why we need to eat the way he is suggesting. We cerainly don’t need to debunk the idea of eating from the original plan (Bible, creation story). At least there is a design to everything I see around me that is natural, which implies a Designer! That’s obviously evident! it’s hard to make a good case of his ideas since he has no evidence and looses credibility by his assumptions. (evolution). I would agree with his take on enzymes because it is scientifically based. Any biochem book can tell you that. So, thank you Kevin and AnnMarie. I always appreciate the freedom to comment. Reasons for why we do things IS important!

  21. Hi, Kevin I really would like you to read my comment because every when I hear you taking I can relate myself with what you are saying, I have a strong pitta mixed with vata, I know you know what I mean, so, when it comes to food, I tend to overdo, so, I was 100% raw for some time and then I began having skin problems I think for to much fat, so I began clearing my diet of nuts, but because I am so slender I really need the calories, I am 5’1” and about 98 pounds so. I have to return to eating cooked grains, so, my diet, right now, the balance I have attained is, after rising in the morning at 6 2 big glasses of water, then around 7 some fruit, then yoga, taichi or garden, and around 9 or 10 I have my green smoothie, with lots of greens, sometimes topped with some raw granola, for lunch a big salad with rice, or corn tortillas (because I live in Mexico and one can make really nice wraps with them), and maybe a green juice around 6 and a green smoothie around 7 for dinner. So that’s it. I’m also reintroducing egg and raw goat cheese to my diet because I was so low on b12 and eating those foods at noon stops me from overeating. Thank you.
    P.S. about vegan sources of b12 I would like to say they work, but they don’t, I include in my diet spirulina, algaes, nutritional yeast and unwashed greens and root vegetables from my garden and still I had a deficiency so,I’m taking my supplemente and turning to those animal sources. I think I just need to take my vegan label off me, but every when I do that, I just give thanks for my food and bless it.

  22. Derrick Coleman says:

    I am still figuring out what works best for me but it clearly involves lots of fruits and vegetables because that change alone in my diet has made the most significant impact. Still, I eat only about 50% raw. I’m working on lessening my meat intake currently. Thanks for the interesting thoughts on diet and evolution.

  23. Angela says:

    He had some interesting ideas. I am going to look into the enzyme breakdown that he mentioned. For me right now, I base all my meals and my family’s meals around raw/and perhaps some cooked veggies/fruits. Some kind of grain, very little meat-only occasionaly.

  24. Connie says:

    I am very disappointed to hear Frederic Patenaude feels this way. It was interesting hear about the enzymes and I was fixin’ to absorb this “new” information until he started talking negatively about faith-based eating principles and assuming that evolution is true. No-one should assume that because he could be right about some things that he is right about others. He may be right about the enzymes but he is definitely not right about evolution or Eden. He needs to have a conversation with Paul Nison!

  25. Cindy says:

    Very thought provoking interview. I have not considered evolution or adaptation before. This may be a reason so many obese/ overweight people, esp with major health problems like diabetes, go on living longer than i would have thought possible.
    Anyway my question about this interview is “Are the natural enzymes our bodies produces to digest food ‘diluted’ if we drink with, or too close to, meals?”
    I’ve always been told this but it was in relation to the enzymes in the food.
    For this reason i tend to try and not drink for around 20 – 30 mins before meals and 1 hour afterwards. Your feedback would be appreciated.
    thanks guys and have a great day

  26. Eric says:

    Frederick is right on target in this interview. The myth that we can use the enzymes found in foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts is simply not true. Plants, like any other organism, are inherently selfish. These enzymes are being used for their daily functions, just as ours are. These enzymes (which are proteins) are broken down in our stomach and intestines, and not used to assist our body’s own supply of enzymes.

    Thanks Frederick for clarifying this issue!

  27. Lorien says:

    I have found that for now, fruits, vege’s seeds and some nuts are working well. I have added some super food powders and a wee bit of cacao as well. About once a week I’ll eat something cooked but usually it’s a vege, not a bread, meat or dairy. I do eat those things now and then. About twice a year I get a huge craving for a burger. No idea what causes it. But as I am not a meat eater by nature, I assume there is a need and have one.

    Personally, I would not discredit how someone thinks because of their religion. Being able to look deeply into something that does not agree with your theology is the sign of a strong mind. On more then one occasion, the ability to do this has shown me where my own thinking was in error. When it comes right down to it, there is not much that we actually “know for a fact”. If history is any example somewhere down the road, folks will be astounded that we believed some of the things we believe today. Not long ago the earth was flat and the sun and all the planets revolved around us. Someone who closes their mind to an idea because it does not agree with what they already think (or the bearer of the idea has other ideas that do not agree with what they already think), will never grow. I prefer growth over defending my theology.

  28. Kurt says:

    I’m still trying to find the right diet that makes me feel the best. Right now I have some pretty bad digestive issues that I think are probably caused by a colon cleansing product, ironically.

  29. Kurt says:

    It’s interesting about the enzymes though. Is there any more information I can get about that? Such as scientific stuff backing that enzymes in the food are pretty much useless?

  30. Diane says:

    I enjoyed the discussion but need to leave out any concerns over theology. That does not concern me- either way. The diet that works best for me is 80% raw with beans mainly included as the concentrated protein source. I cannot control my appetite for seeds and nuts so I try to keep away from them. When I included them in my diet, I gained weight and did not feel well. They are difficult for me to digest. Rock on!

  31. Sophia says:

    Very interesting!! Great job!!!

  32. Eric says:

    Kurt – all enzymes are proteins and are denatured/digested in the stomach and intestines. There is tons of research on enzymes, but this is considered a basic point in biology. With the exception of pepsin, which digests proteins, all enzymes and proteins that are swallowed would not survive the very low acidity in the stomach.

    Plus, why would a plant help us to digest it? That’s like digging your own grave.

    This enzyme issue shouldn’t even be a factor in whether or not eat fruits and vegetables. T. Colin Campbell has done years of research on the topic, and has come to the conclusion that a diet of at least 95% fruits and vegetables is optimal for health, for a multitude of reasons (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, etc). So keep on eating as much fresh produce as you can, and as Kevin says, do whatever works for you, in the end.

  33. Eric says:

    Kurt – all enzymes are proteins and are denatured/digested in the stomach and intestines. There is tons of research on enzymes, but this is considered a basic point in biology. With the exception of pepsin, which digests proteins, all enzymes and proteins that are swallowed would not survive the very low acidity in the stomach.

    Plus, why would a plant help us to digest it? That’s like digging your own grave.

    This enzyme issue shouldn’t even be a factor in whether or not eat fruits and vegetables. T. Colin Campbell has done years of research on the topic, and has come to the conclusion that a diet of at least 95% fruits and vegetables is optimal for health, for a multitude of reasons (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, etc). So keep on eating as much fresh produce as you can, and as Kevin says, do whatever works for you, in the end.

  34. Kathryn says:

    The diets that worked the best for me have actually been the Atkins and Primal Diet. My body does not seem to do very well on a high carbohydrate diet.

    I was a vegetarian for about 3 years and even tried the fruitarian diet for a few months.

    I started to internally bleed after 3 years of being a vegetarian, so I immediately stopped.

    When I tried the fruitarian diet, I was hungry all the time and too emotional.

    Fruits and vegetables are not that easy to digest. Fruits have way too much fructose and vegetables too much fiber.

    These so called health foods when not eaten properly or in excess will only cause mineral deficiencies and liver problems.

  35. nick says:

    Approx 75% raw vegan except for honey, Wild organic fruits and veggies. Not getting stressed about anything or anyone.

  36. Sue Paterson says:

    I feel best eating a low fat, high raw (about 70%), mostly vegetarian diet. On the current raw food challenge I discovered I cannot do as much fruit as has been suggested so have had to make some adaptations. I really think the “right formula” is unique to each person. I really appreciate your work and have learned and grown so much. I look forward to the June challenge and the opportunity to work with what I have learned this week. Thanks!

  37. Sean says:

    I agree with 10 & 11. something did not sound right about what he was implying. Yes, I do know you don’t need enzymes to digest food that seems obvious enough, but aren’t you robbing away energy from self to replace what is destroyed in the cooking process. I would think raw foods are freeing up more energy taking the burden of breakdown off of the body.

    I know after I eat a cooked meal I feel more tired than I do energized at times.IF he is just saying you don’t need plant enzymes to digest food, well then I certainly know that is true for a healthy young person. Although don’t Certain diseases exist in people who can’t digest there food properly especially at older age. I thought that it was possible to exhaust your supply of enzymes that your body can make within your lifetime, therefor being beneficial to keep them alive in your food. Plus isn’t at least half the vitamin content lost by cooking not to add to the acid residue that accumulates in the system.

    It would be nice for a little clarification on this one, left me a little confused of the intent of the message.

    Well anyways this is still one of the top five health shows in the world. You two are still one of the best examples of what it means to be healthy. I love the fact that you are always presenting info from the other side of the table, that’s what keeps me watching even if I don’t agree I enjoy the criticism.

  38. Horst Schmidt says:

    Frederic spreading MISINFO…DON’T use SALT…
    even dogs lick it…DON’T use SPICES…what BS
    WHO he thinks he is?????

  39. Eve says:

    I think he refers to evolution because Kevin is asking him questions regarding the SCIENCE of a raw foods diet.

    Carbon dating of fossils is what leads a person to the conclusion that evolution is real. Carbon dating is a chemistry event. If you “don’t believe in” carbon dating, that’s fine, but it’s basically saying you “don’t believe in” chemistry – and chemistry is a science that’s pretty easy to “prove”.

    So – if we want a scientific understanding of the chemistry of raw foods and how they interact with the body – that fits hand-in-glove with accepting evolution as a given.

    Otherwise, all dietary decisions are faith-based by definition. Fine, if that’s your preference – but it is DIFFERENT from the science of diet, or the science of raw foods.

    I believe Mr. Patenaude was explaining raw diet concepts from a science perspective.

  40. Sheryl says:

    Realize that the Enzymes (little workers)in our bodies all have an assigned job to do. When a person eats food without enzymes then they have to taken from the body – which takes them away from their orginal designed jobs – so they can be used to digest the foods. This depleats the enzymes in the body that were put there for other purposes. By the way in the beginning mankind did not eat food they Lived on Light. Beautiful Beings of Light not the Human bodies we have today – that were created by disobedience to God Divine Plan of Perfection.

  41. sharon says:

    Love hearing what Frederic has to say. Even though “we are what we eat” it’s pretty funny that we haven’t any agreement on what to eat. I am continually changing my diet and trying to find what is best for me but I can’t really tell. I wish one could just easily test their body chemistry and know exactly what they needed to be eating. Right now I haven’t got a clue what’s best for me.

    For breakfast I have a smoothie of fruits, greens, chia, goji, and other superfoods. Lunch is a big salad including all kinds of vegetables, plus a sprouted grain tortilla or two with coconut oil. Dinner is cooked vegetables and quinoa or millet or rice and more salad. But, I’m way too thin and have lots of air (Vata imbalance), so something must be wrong. Ahh. still looking for answers.

  42. Nicole says:

    Great interview! Just because his view doesn’t fit in with what I thought before watching it doesn’t mean it’s not helpful.

    Honestly, I still don’t know what works well for me, diet wise. When I find what makes me feel balanced, satisfied, healthy, and able to go poo on a regular basis, I’ll be ecstatic and stick to it! For now I’m eating fruit, veggies (cooked and raw), green smoothies with supplement powders, lots of water, and salads, with occasional cooked meals like stir-fried veg and tofu, soups, cooked grains.

  43. Kym Hutcheon says:

    Interesting comments, Frederic. Particularly your question about dietary philosophy vs. reality.

    But I think you need to clarify your points about digestive enzymes – a lot of people here seem to have been left confused. I was reading about a study recently that linked an increased ability in Japanese to digest seaweed fiber to the consumption of marine bacteria that produce the enzymes required to digest that fiber. Seems like solid science.

    I do like how you describe meat as a concentrated food, though. There is a strong argument that the consumption of such foods led to a jump in our cognitive abilities and pushed us signficatntly down the evolutionary path. This is a similar concept to your point what kind of diet is better for longevity.

  44. Hmm, one thing we know for sure is that people have been debating about the ideal way to eat since biblical times …

    I think Frederic is awesome and I always enjoy his info!

  45. john says:

    Hello Kevin and Ann Marie I am very much dismayed at Frederic view points on evolution and agree also with what # 17 and # 20 have to say as they are truthful and correct in what they say ,and are not bringing up Humanistic ideology and are supporting the Bible scripture or GOD’S HOLY WORD. Let God be true and every man a liar, the Bible says-God’s word. One only needs to ask one self, God did in fact create the the entire Universe as well as all fruits and vegetables and things that grow /food.So God needs to be the primary focal point of any conversation or reference point when something comes up regarding a conversation about something we may or may not fully understand .God Almighty is the SCIENTIFIC STARTING POINT in all fields of education etc.Without God you have NOTHING-NOTHING! I do realize Frederick may or may not be right in what he says about enzymes and I realize he is a nice and personable .But I maintain if a person cannot by now know how this universe got here and by whom etc. -THEN EVERY THING ELSE HE SAYS I PUT A BIG QUESTION MARK . Thankyou.

  46. Darryl says:

    This interview actually made me mad. You are misinforming people and leaving them confused. Please interview people who know what they are talking about. I love the interviews you do with well known, knowledgeable people like Dr. Gabriel Cousins, David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, etc.

    But this was very disappointing!!!

  47. It’s great to hear more unique view points, and it just enforces the fact that we all must listen to our own inner guide. I love to learn new information, but it can be overwhelming when each individual speaks with their truth so convincingly. I like to be open to ideas of living/eating and try it out to see how my body responds. My body thrives on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies, herbal teas, simple soups, and wheat free sprouted and steamed grains. But even more then that my body and mind thrives on a minimal stress, joyful, loving existence. Instead of obsessing about every meal I am trying to focus on other peoples needs and how I can give openly and honestly.



  48. Christa says:

    This was another great and very informative show. I love Fredrick and his tell it like it is approach. A lot of his concepts really resonate with me and make a lot of sence. I don’t know how anyone can argue against the fact that the majority of our diet should consist of fresh fruits, veggies(greens in particular) with small concentrations of nuts and seeds. I do, however, understand the debate on the exact ratios, which in my opinion is kind of a waste of time. It’s more important to listen to your own body’s intuition rather than focusing too much on someone elses practiclly religious philosophy regarding the exact specifications of certain diets. I also understand the controversy surrounding superfoods and supplements in general which some “health gurus” and even health professionals highly recommend as the fountain of eternal youth, while others completely disagree, deeming these foods as useless and even potenially toxic. The other foods that get a lot of attention from various professionals is the health value in fish and eggs. Some hail these foods as neccessary and quite health supportive while others again find these foods as toxic, difficult to digest, unethical, or too acidic for the body. So to wrap things up, I think the basics are clear: fruits and vegtables should dominate the majority of one’s diet, but its the specific details which are still up for debate.

    Great video by the way, I love you guys so much. You are such a wonderful couple, so humble yet determined to shed light on the truth of how to thrive and live optimally. These shows are all about empowering us the viewers, to take control of our own health and providing us the tools to support the journey as we find it for ourselves. I am eternally greatful for all of your hard work!!

  49. Veronika says:

    Great video! I was just thinking about this the other day.

    Instead of being concerned with what we used to eat when we were neanderthals (or Adam & Eve…or Sumerian alien mixed-breeds, whatever your beliefs are), we should look toward the future and see our diets are evolving. Gather up-to-date nutrition info, support food research, and use your intuitive awareness to figure out the best diet for yourself.

  50. Annalise says:

    my anatomy and physiology handbook says enzymes are a catalyst, ie starts and facilitates an action without being affected itself. how come then they are destroyed?anyone?

  51. Brent says:

    Great comment! Another perspective on the health game that makes alot of sense:)

  52. rudolf says:

    have tried various systems, the worst for me was 80-10-10. I test teheffect of nutrion on my atletic performance abilty to train and the recovery. The best nutrition for me is based on raw fats and minerals. I have cyci preiods when I eat predominatly raw salads
    and periods when I eat nearly all cooked – stews based on mushrooms, greens and root vegs and varieties of seeweeds.
    I am now grains free and nearly fruits free (body is only asking for apples – low sugar varieties).
    I do consider the raw food movement to be a form of religion

  53. Dr Jerome says:

    Hello Kevin & Annmary,

    thank for your show from Costa rica. Fredeeric is part right. Enzymes in raw food would definitely help to digest in the first part of the digestion process before the acidification of the stomac, which has different area with different pH too.
    Yes in the past humain was eating only fruits, vegetable, nuss and sometime cadaver, which they found. However they lived just to reproduce and dry at age of 30 from infectious diseases. Now we have a lot part a secure society with a lot of food around the year, vaccination, which saved a lot of life (and few exceptions didn´t tolerant them)and we are aging over 80 years. Sciences will allow us to live longer with knowledge and technics, which will repair large part of injuries inside our body… in 20 years we will have nanoroboters in your body, which was monitor any infection or disregulation of our tissus and will start a repair. It is not sciences ficsion !
    Currently we can prohibit injuries through healthy nutrition with a lot of micronutriments … calories are just a braod measurement.
    Everybody has to find his/her best diet because we are all different at each time point of the day. We start to develop diagnostic based on metabolosomic analysis.
    I am following a vegan diet with a lot of raw food, sprouted seeds and fermented food, but cooked food too in winter and at cold time of the year.
    thank Kevin

  54. Paul says:

    A long read on enzymes with lots of references to the science involved here at

    Entitled: Do “food enzymes” significantly enhance digestive efficiency and longevity?

    The whole site is worth a read. Lots of debunking and biographies of long term raw foodists, vegans and vegetarians. Also paleo diet.

    Here’s another great read: Beyond Denial: Coming to Grips with Reality in the Veg/Raw Movements at

  55. Henrik says:

    Thanks for the interview!
    While I agree with some of what Fredric say, I think that he has a rather narrow point of view. Which is common in the scientific field.

    If our only purpose was to pass on genes it would be rather pointless wouldn’t it? I certainly think that we have a job to do, and I don’t mean it in a grand epic way, but our job might just be to eat fruit and spread the seeds around. To do our part of the regeneration of this big ecosystem, whatever it is.
    We also have the job of taking care of each other and helping out in the herd.

    Also, in a natural environment the mortality rate is usually much higher so we would have to reproduce a lot more in order to make sure that our genes lives on. That certainly makes a long life beneficial.

  56. Angelique says:

    Great show — I love hearing different perspectives!

  57. Jan says:

    To number 13, your comment about feeling in the dark. I also felt that way being new to eating raw. What is helping me is the book – Transitioning to Living Cuisine by Rene Oswald.
    The book helps so much by starting out easy on level one and gives you time to adjust to those recipes then you build on what you have learned. She suggests you stay one week on each level but for me I know I must make things a habit before moving on and so far I have stayed on the first 2 levels about 3 weeks each.
    I had been trying to put a raw food plan together not getting anywhere till I found this book. I can not say enough positive things about this book. I feel the reason I am able to stay on this plan is that it is easy and I feel so much better with more energy.
    Hope this helps.

  58. Neil says:

    To find out about the role of enzymes in raw foods, read Edward Howell’s “Food enzymes for Health and Longevity” (1980)This work was originally published under the title “The Status of Food Enzymes in Digestion and Metabolism” (1946) by the National Enzyme Company.

    Living on raw foods banishes ill health and disease. Living on the same foods cooked brings ill health and disease.

    I have spent the last 20 years helping sick people regain their health, youth and confidence.

    Ann Wigmore did marvels with her all raw living foods saving many lives condemned by the medical doctors as only having weeks to live. Her Hippocrates Health Institute is still going today. Read her book “Why Suffer” ISBN 0-89529-286-6 (pbk.)

    May I encourage everyone to seek out the truth of everything, for by so doing will bring riches in health and well-being. As we read in scripture ” I would that you prosper and be in good health” Blessings to all, Neil.

  59. Angie leigh says:

    I find that the raw food diet mixed with ocasional organic cooked meat and whole cooked foods works best for me. I abstain from wheat, flour, sugar, dairy and all artificial additives. This way for me is the absolute best, however I am still in my experimental stages, so I may opt for a 100% raw food diet one day…however I still deep down believe I need animal protine sometimes.
    I am actually afraid that if I do not eat eat I will become unhealthy over the long run because I will cause defficencies in my body. I know suplementation is a choice, but I would rather eat the foods that contain the vitamins and minerals I need. Maybe you talked about this is pervious episodes, but I have never seen it…could you offer any clarity on this?

  60. Elaine says:

    Interesting ideas here, I will take what I think is right and ignore what I know is wrong. It is an ongoing journey we all have, trying to figure out what to eat at each phase of our lives, but well worth the time an energy. Most people just eat without any information on nutrition, and I thank you for putting different points of view out for us to ponder.

  61. Beth says:

    Another interesting interview showing a different point of view. Definitely seems to have people commenting 😉

    I like listening to all of the interviews and viewpoints that you bring us. I take what I can use, and leave the the rest.

    Being gluten-free is the #1 thing that works for me. I’m eating a high-raw diet, but am not vegan. In the warmer months, I eat less cooked foods, and in the colder months, I eat more cooked / warming foods.

  62. Quinny says:

    I’m on the 80/10/10 diet and studying natural hygiene. Realized our body use different amount of different enzymes at different time to digest our food. Although, we don’t need the enzyme from our food to aid digestion is a new concept to me, it does sound reasonable. I’m going to test this concept with a little bit of cooked food, see if it works for me. That way, I can cut down my fruit intake and save dome money 🙂

  63. wow looking at all the comments on the blog I just have to say we must look within for what works with us I have written an article on exactly this concerning this.
    From my personal experience I can say that after being on raw foods for about three years my body cannot handle the same amounts of fats that I used to be able to, it seemed to be making my digestion weaker so Ive cut back.
    Instead of eating a whole avocado I can only eat half,Nuts ,coconut I cant do very much of anymore ,seeds are a little better (I find chia seeds work very well for me though).During this time of my body resetting it rather than burden it I did experiment with a little steamed vegetables.
    We also must take into consideration the land we we live on and what kind of climate we are living in that has a huge bearing on what may be optimal for us.As I always say health is not based just on what we feed our bodies but also what we feed our mind and spirit 🙂

  64. Donna in Portland says:

    These kind of talks and assumptions remind me of theories about the universe & God – no one really has the answer yet many believe they know the truth of all truths. I guess that’s what makes our simple ordinary little lives so interesting. We bounce our theories and supposed facts off each other and stir things up a bit.

    Thanks Kevin and Anne Marie for the variety of shows.


  65. Thanks for today’s show, Kevin! If you don’t mind me asking, where is Mr. Patenaude from? He sounds Quebecois!

    I stick to eating as much organic/raw as I can. I never eat anything cooked. I feed my kids lightly cooked veggies once in a while for change, but mainly raw veggies for us. I find I feel healthier. When I do have a ‘craving or get hunger spurts I will have a slice of sprouted bread. I am fairly new eating this way, but I love it and will never go back 😛


  66. Rhonda says:

    I have researched the right diet for me for years. It is hard to suggest for someone else what will work for them. It is important to know what and why you choose to put what you do into your body, ultimately it is what you find to work best for you. For me, it has evolved to some raw foods each day, such as fruit and greens and some superfoods, cooked grains and veggies, occasional eggs and once in a while a good source of fish or meat. It is important to be conscientious of things that are not good to consume, and most all of us agree on eliminating processed foods as much as possible, alcohol, sugars, most oils, etc. I have found that being to regimented in what I can and cannot eat can cause deficiencies. So learn to be a little flexible and use your best judgement in what you eat. I do believe there is a place and a percentage to eating raw foods, it just will vary from person to person. We must listen to our bodies.


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