Learn How Cinnamon is Grown and Harvested : The Renegade Health Show Episode #561

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I thought this part of the tour was even more educational than the vanilla beans…

Our tour guide showed us how cinnamon is grown and harvested, plus she let us try it fresh from the wood. (Cinnamon is an inner bark of the cinnamon tree)

The cinnamon that they grow here in Costa Rica is Ceylon cinnamon and is quite different than the cassia cinnamon we’re used to.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What is your favorite thing to use cinnamon with?

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Kevin Gianni

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  1. Tamikko says:

    ok, that was weird. I’m looking at the title and write up for the cinnamon video, but the video is on vanilla beans and is horribly off. I mean the audio is not playing with the speed of the video. But I love vanilla beans and you’ve made me want to go sniff my vanilla.
    Looking forward to the cinnamon video. I hope you can fix this one though. Maybe it was just me. If so thanks anyway.

  2. Dawni says:

    Nothing about Cinnamon here!

    However learned alot about vanilla. Thanks — no I know why it is so expensive!!!

    Fun watching the audio out of sync with the video…it fit with your super relaxed mood.


  3. Aggie says:

    Tamikko, it’s not just your computer. I’ve not even been able to connect to the renegade health web site for over a week and it is finally working today, but now there’s a problem with the video. I don’t know if I was the only one who couldn’t connect or not. I will be going back and seeing if I can now watch the ones I couldn’t connect to watch before. We’ll see.

  4. tessa says:

    are your heads stuck together??

  5. Michael T. says:

    You guys are so relaxed, you put the cinnamon title on the vanilla video!

    anyway, I love both of those spices, so it’s all good.

    I love to blend up vanilla beans with raw cacao and other superfoods. In a vita-mix you can blend up the whole bean, so you don’t have to scrape out the seeds.

    Also, vanilla vines can be grown on cacao trees, which looks really cool. Those two plants are made for each other.

    Thanks for the good information and pretty images of the tropics.

    And I’m happy to see you two relax now and then.

    Were you doing the video in the sauna or something? Or just sweating from the tropical heat?

    Michael T.

  6. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the lesson on vanilla. Quite informative. I think you put show 561 on and skipped 560 (on cinnamon perhaps?)

    It is funny with the audio and video out of sync. It makes it like a “dubbed” film.

    It shows you’re enjoying your trip. 🙂

  7. jean says:

    I use vanilla and cinnamon all the time — and I can’t tell you a favorite thing because I use them everyday, whenever I can! Who cares if the sound didn’t sync! Kevin, it was great to see and hear you so relaxed and so glad to see both of you so mellow and obviously enjoying yourselves and each other! I’m smiling . . .

  8. Gina says:

    Great video. I love to use cinnamon. One of my favorite spices to put on sweet potato.
    If anyone is interested I am selling my Samson Ultra Juicer. It does a ton of things, besides juices, wheatgrass, grinds meat, makes pasta etc. There is still 3 years left on the warranty. E-mail me at wall2wes@aol.com

  9. em says:

    Vanilla in my breakfast cereal!!

    Thanks for that cool video.


  10. Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to see your video on cinnamon! I LOVE cinnamon… in my tea and smoothies! Also great in pastries and on toast but I try not to go there.

  11. Brynda Bechtold says:

    Wow! great to know that they can be old! I have one that is 45 years old!
    My brother brought it back from his senior trip to N.Y. back in 65. It was in a glass tube. I just don’t think I could eat it though! I like it being 45 yrs old too much!
    How about my favorite being hot cocoa made with almond milk, raw cacao and honey, vanilla on cold winter nights.

  12. Louise says:

    Great video on vanilla beans, love the warmth in the video the extra effects made it interesting.


  13. nick says:

    Vanilla with almond milk:))

  14. Jude Manche says:

    I use vanilla beans all the time but my absolute favourite is tropical chia pudding with vanilla and cacao. Yummy

    Great show can’t wait to see the cinnamon video!

  15. crow says:

    Love vanilla in tea, pies, ice cream and anything sweet.

  16. Pat G. says:

    Hey, what are you smokin’?

    …and can I have some? ;-D

  17. RJ says:

    Loved this video about the vanilla bean. Always wondered why it is sooo expensive. Also, thanks for the great shot of the raccoon on the beach!! Please show us more of the land and shore of Costa Rico. Our current oil disaster has me very concerned about the well-being of the innocent creatures whose habitat is being destroyed by humankind.

  18. Melissa says:

    I like adding vanilla to ice cream. 🙂

  19. Jo says:

    Looks like you guys are having a great time!

  20. Sarah says:

    Ummmmmm April fools day was last month. 🙂 Great video on vanilla though. I had no idea what it took to get that wonderful little bag of vanilla powder. I love vanilla and use it in several recipes. I really like to add it to my almond milk. That makes a tasty dessert.

  21. Veronika says:

    Great video on cinnamon! I love how she explained all the steps in harvesting. It would be great if we knew this much detail about all of our food.

  22. Thomas says:

    Great video. She is good at explaining things. It’s good to find out about the two major types of cinnamon. I didn’t know about the coumarin before.

    Also glad to see you got the video sequence back on track. Must be the heat and humidity. 🙂

  23. Jacquie says:

    Hey, now I’m curious about the vanilla video because I saw cinnamon! 🙂 I love to put cinnamon on raw ice cream. I also love to put it in a smoothie with other pumpkin pie-type spices to make a yummy smoothie in the fall. Great video…thanks!!! ;o)

  24. JPaul says:

    Hey all,
    cinnamon sounded very strong tasting. The lady explaining was nice looking w/out makeup, and boy…what a nice rack!


  25. Aman says:


    JPaul- That’s a Costa Rican woman for you. We lived there for two years in Atenas, a coffee growing area, and the scenery was ALWAYS making me feel 30 – 40 years younger. 🙂

    I love cinnamon in pancakes, with pumpkin pie spice. As a kid we had cinnamon sugar on our breakfast toast both at home and summer camp. I think there may be a connection between cinnamon and testosterone ’cause all the girls were fun to be with when I had my cinnamon toast in the morning!

    And now I’ll tell my friends who are diabetic how good it is, in addition to organic apple cider vinegar.

    Enjoying cinnamon at 62,


  26. ryan says:

    Coconut smoothies with cinnamon. The best.

  27. Myriam says:

    Loved that kind of video! I learned a lot about cinnamon. I always find it interesting to learn how food are made or grown. More please!

  28. john says:

    Great information Kevin to know.I always had a curiosity how cinnamon grows and how it is harvested .I like oat meal cinnamon cookies,banana ice cream with crushed almond and cinnamon,apple cinnamon pie,etc. The” Cinnamon Lady” giving the lecture did an excellent job ,her english was very good clear and she definetly knows her subject matter,need to have her on again.Kevin you look drenched and hot.Great show.

  29. Elaine says:

    Interesting video on cinnamon, thanks. I like to slice apples and roll them in cinnamon until they are totally covered, they stay fresh for a long time.

  30. rainbow says:

    well cinnamon is another one i have never been able to taste or smell, since i was born w/o some senses, but i sure am curious about both cinnamon and vanilla (and every other herb and spice i’ve tried but never known). i’ll tell you a quick little story about my experience and perception of cinnamon. a friend sent me some dried fruit, i tried it and it tasted like it had been dropped on the floor and not wiped off, pretty awful. it was unlikely this friend would do that, so i asked some other friends to taste it, and each of them exclaimed their delight. it turned out the apples had been dried with cinnamon on them. to me it simply tasted like dirt. ah well, when life gives me lemons, it’s fun to put them in a smoothie! very interesting info on cinnamon. thanks!

  31. Nicole says:

    I think cinnamon is my favorite spice. Great on bananas, in pumpkin pie, on apples, in cookies, in tea, yum. It’s interesting how some cultures use it to spice meat, too. Not my kind preference, but still interesting.

    Kevin, I got a little lost with what your guide what saying: did she say one of the types of cinnamon is dangerous to eat? Which one is the better kind/healthier kind? The ceylon?

  32. Goody says:

    Both really nice videos, the vanilla and cinnamon. I never knew that about cassia or ceylon? Very interesting. Thank you. You are doing a wonderful job!!!

  33. Cindy says:

    I also thought I heard her say that one of them was dangerous to eat, the cassia one, which is of course the one everyone buys here in America. Should we not be buying that kind anymore? I love cinnamon & give it to my grandkids almost everyday, but I don’t want to be poisoning them. What are your thoughts?

  34. neil rosenberg says:

    I just looked at the cinnamon video. Long have I enjoyed cinnamon. It was interesting to see that the person in the video was well aware of the importance of this product.

    However I am wondering whether many know that it is also very good against radiation?

    Cinnamon, along with quite a few other edible vegetable types are very important to keep our bodies free of radiation.

    For this, the almond is first and most efficient in this regard.

    I made an apple pie this evening with cinnamon. Sorry to say, there is none left!

    Regards, Neil.

  35. Judi Schuff says:

    Kevin you look like you lost 10 pounds.
    love the info!!!! thank you.

  36. Debra Johnson says:

    Thank you for information about the different types of cinnamon. Now I know that the Ceylon Cinnamon is the true cinnamon that is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and help lower cholesterol.


  37. Jason says:

    I use cinnamon in my smoothie, elixir drinks every day. I make my medicinal teas with cinnamon too to make them taste good. I put it in my quinoa, amaranth, wild rice to give it a yummy exotic flavor. Just experiment . It won’t ususally screw anything up. rom my experience ceylon does have a more milder flavor and is the medicinal one.

    For those who are wondering which cinnamon was the one to use its the ceylon, as they said the bark soft and easily broken. Its is almost like dried paper, very light.

    The cassia is sweeter and i use it ocassionaly but the woman in the video said that its not good for eveytday use. The ceylon is fine for daily use, but i am not the authority.

    Everything is poison, nothing is poison. Everyone is differnet and has different tollerences to substances ingested. It won’t kill you to try cassia. Just pay attention to how it makes you feel at the doseages you use. You be the authority to to your own experience.

  38. Sharon says:

    Mixed with cayenne & vanilla in a hot chocolate. I use liquid cinnamon oil from Earthtribe which is amazing. You will never use powder again if you try it!

  39. wow this was such an interesting and informative video! I love cinnamon but i never thought about there being different kinds. The lady was really knowledgeable!

  40. Karen says:

    I have made a smoothie for years with yam, vanilla coconut milk (So Delicious brand), 2 frozen bananas, a handful of raw almonds and a nice heaping teaspoon of cinnamon from our local cooperative up north here, it’s like drinking or eating, as I make mine really thick and then top with just a couple raw walnuts, it’s so like my own pumpkin pie. I used to make it with raw yams, but now I bake them on a very low temperature for a longer time and allow them to cool first.

    I teach Smoothies which I’ve been making for over 20 years now in Cloquet through Community Education on May 18! So much fun!



  41. Gwen says:

    I like to sprinkle cinnamon on fresh strawberries and on baked acorn squash.

  42. Joelle says:

    Whether you drink it plain or add it to make chai tea or in your smoothies, I love to make cinnamon tea with just cinnamon and water, you can cool it and store in your fridge. In Mexico they use the water to make their coffee.

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