Is There a Legal Requirement on the Term Raw : The Renegade Health Show Episode #548

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We answer a bunch of questions today…

Here they are:

1. Recently I was told I have to eat fermented food, why??

2. How necessary is the culture? My kraut seems to ferment great without it. Is it really missing a lot?

3. So is Paul Stamets suggesting that he would say the mycellium has the same or close enough of the qualities that the fruiting body holds, AKA the above-ground mushroom?

4. Wendi – Is there a legal requirement on the term “raw” so that we actually know we are getting a truly raw product?

5. Terri – I have a question about the Raw Food Challenge recipes. When you say to add a lime….do you mean zest and all or do you peel it first? Thanks!

… and of course more!

Take a look…

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. I’m watching! We are here! We are here! We are here!

  2. Henrik says:

    Still out here!

  3. Sheryl says:

    Kevin & Ann Marie you both are two wonderful precious Souls. But I do not watch most of your shows because I was finding that alot of it was mis-information. I believe Mushrooms are a fungus & show not be eaten. Hemp & Cocoa are both drugs & should not be apart of this Raw Movement. Sea Veggies are algaes & do not belong in a clean body. Jesus explaned in the Essene Gospel of Peace which foods were given us to eat. Purity is the key & truth & to give wrong information only harms the one giving it. Raw/Vegans foods give us beautiful skin why should we spend alot of money on makeup, cleansers, etc. When God gave us perfect foods why should we eat processed supplements. Alot of your guests have given so much wrong information – that would harm those on the path. I believe the show needs some revamping. This message is given with Love because you both are beautiful people.

  4. Adam says:

    I’m still out here! I do skip some of the recipe blog videos though.

    Have you done an interview with Dr Dicenso (Dr D)? He is big on the connection between body PH and disease/symptoms. It is very easy to test urine and salive PH but I don’t recall you mentioning that simple cheap test yet.

    Also, I have been reading a lot about GM foods lately and am glad to hear you spread the word more. Stay away from non organic corn!

  5. Hi Kevin and Annemarie

    I have been busy with teaching raw food lecture classes and working with clients, so haven’t had time to leave comments.

    Still here and I have not even had time to write on my own blog, but anyone can check it out and catch up on my 42 day cleanse

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

  6. Julie Lynn says:

    Hi guys! Great episode, thanks for sharing it. I love The Renegade Health Show and have been sharing it with my teens & 20-something kiddos as we move toward a more raw lifestyle.

  7. Bethany says:

    Hey guys… I have never posted but watch your shows with my husband and 3 yr. old daughter Ellie, she always tells me you have crazy curly hair. And Annmarie… Ellie pretends that she is you and her younger brother (10m old)is Kevin and makes different raw recipes in her little toy blender 🙂
    Just thought I would let you know we’re out here in MI enjoying your show !

  8. Peg says:

    Definitely here! I look forward to your videos everyday and miss you on weekends. Take care and keep it up!!

  9. Shane says:

    Hi I’m here! Love your show!

  10. Present. Never miss your shows
    love peace and joy.

  11. Jo says:

    “Hi!” from a newbie hiding out in the back of the classroom. Going on my second week of raw, and you guys are helping SO much. Thank you!

  12. Jeannette Vox says:

    Hi AnnMarie and Kevin,
    I really like your show. I am an American but live in New Zealand. I especially like the shows on fermentation. Thanks so much.

    I also sent in your survey but never heard back from you. I had a request but never heard back from you. I have coauthored two kids books — with the goal to eat more raw food. I would love your endorsement on these. If you are willing to take a look at them, and see if you like them, where can I send them so that you can take a look?


    Jeannette Vos

  13. Tina says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,
    Love the show and I look forward to it everyday. Wish I could have met you both when you were in Long Beach, CA. Have a blessed day!

  14. Luke says:

    Poor Renegades!

    This is my first post in response to one of your videos. Mostly I prefer to sit back and learn from both you and the comments section, but since you feel lonely and I am a fan of the show, I should speak up and let you know that I am still out here!

    You guys are a great guide for someone who is pretty new to the whole movement and give me a lot of things to think about and look further into.

    Greetings from an Englishboy currently in Sweden, and thank you for making the shows!

    Keep it up,


  15. Denise says:

    Hey there! We love you guys!

  16. nicole says:

    Here! Just in the process of moving and unpacking, so no Internet set up. Looking forward to getting back in the routine of watching your vids every weekday though, and leaving comments. Thanks, as always, for your info and all the work you do to help us live happier, healthier, more informed lives!

    PS: when you have time, can you share your opinion of guarana? I’ve been using it in a herbal tea, but I know back in North America it seems to have a bad rep since it’s often used as a stimulant in junky energy drinks or diet pills. Is it a dangerous stimulant, or a super-food (even though I don’t like that word much)?

  17. TERRI says:

    Still here,thanks guys!

  18. Laura says:

    Do you know what April 15th is????
    That’s where I’ve been.
    But, I still watch and appreciate you both.
    How about trying to tailor your show sometimes to children.
    I think you could really reach them since you are so exuberant.
    Also, the cartoon drawing of you both could be turned into a Saturday morning cartoon show that teaches children to eat healthy.
    God bless you both and best wishes for success teaching the whole world about health, one show at a time.

  19. Britt says:

    Hi guys 🙂

    Not gonna lie, when you asked if we are there…I yelled “YES!” out loud. 🙂

    I actually love what you guys have been doing. I think too many raw foodists become involved with dogma, and I love that you are willing to post controversial interviews for us to see and decide for ourselves. Your quality of reporting is unparalleled in any other raw vlog or show IMO. You are really willing to get out of your comfort zone!

    Furthermore, I love that you stress that we become our own ‘experts’ and figure out what works for US. I also love that you are so open and honest about being ‘high raw’. I follow the low-fat path and also want to eat with the seasons/use local foods whenever possible. Therefore, including some cooked foods just works for me sometimes!

  20. Jamie says:

    Still here! You guys are fantastic! I hope to meet you guys someday… Your site/tv show has helped me transition to a raw/vegan diet, saved me so much time/energy/stress because you put it all out there! Thank you guys so much! Keep it up! I’m all ears!

  21. Mary M Wolf says:

    Hi I am here! Just haven’t had any questions so far.

  22. Britt says:

    p.s. LOVE the cartoon idea from #9

  23. Gail Blanco says:

    Still here and look forward to your show everyday! I don’t comment unless I have a specific question or something unique to say about your question. Keep up the good work!

  24. Tamikko says:

    I’m so sorry. I’ve always been here 🙂 You’re added to my Google Reader so I never miss an episode.
    I haven’t left a message in a while because I fell behind a little, on one I didn’t feel I had any experience (I’ve never tried sauerkraut)to answer and I’ve gotten a little busy. I always love your vid’s, especially that you reserve a q & a ever so often. I love when you do recipes, probably more so because you don’t do them to regularly.
    Since were on the subject of like and love. I really love your upbeat, enthusiastic attitudes. You always make me smile. Just like a tv show that I look forward to every week, I look forward to the vids because I always feel educated or validated in a really fun way.
    Thanks guys.

  25. Wendy says:

    I do watch your shows often, and get good info. However, not a single question I have ever asked has been answered. It bothered me when I felt they were significantly important questions… but then you would answer silly questions (like about the steelers).

    In fact, many of us would ask the same question in the comments, and they never got answered. I feel like there’s no participation or interaction with all of these great people leaving valuable comment on your posts. I guess I feel it would be better if you responded to post comments on the blog. 🙂

    I just want to be honest. Truthfully, I am a member of your inner circle, and I could probably go there to get answers–but haven’t really gotten into it yet… and actually, have my doubts about whether you will answer my questions there either. That’s My “issue” though. I own it. I haven’t even tried. I’m paying every month and haven’t done much there yet.

    I am actually the member of a raw food rehab site (which I believe you are friendly with) where I get answers and a ton of support without the push toward purchasing “super-foods”.

    I do watch your shows–don’t get me wrong. They are entertaining, down-to-earth, and you are good people. I love the fact that you research the information and products out there and then share the results with us–so we know what we’re getting or not getting.

    I hope you’re not upset with me or feeling down. I choose to think this could end up helping you–so I don’t feel terrible.

  26. Randall says:

    hidy ho

  27. Sarah says:

    Here! 🙂

  28. stephanie says:


    Yes, I am listening to your shows 🙂

    Great info!

    Whole Foods sells a 365 wildflower honey that is labeled as raw…Just the other day, as I was holding it in my hands, I was wondering if it was truly raw…

    I’m new to your show, so I have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

  29. crow says:

    Howdy guys!!! Glad you are keeping up on the shows. I do love them. Really enjoyed the ones on herbs.

  30. Corina says:

    Hey there,
    I just started watching you guys, and I look forward to it everyday. Thank you!
    I have no idea if you would know, but do you know of any raw food eco communities/farms anywhere in the world? Possibly one that does internships or WOOFing? Just curious 🙂
    <3 Corina

  31. Sandy says:

    Love your show!! Keep on sharing the knowledge.

  32. Austin says:

    Thanks for the heads up about “Vampire GMO Soy”

  33. ryan says:

    Hi, i love your guys show, i just never comment, but i don’t want you guys to feel left out! 🙂

  34. marillyn says:

    Hi you two! Yes, I am here and loyally watch your show with a smile on my face. Not to worry about the lows of response……
    everything fluctuates to some degree…..
    I don’t agree with everything, and yet
    I believe like you do that our learning cannot be blocked. Thank you for contributing to my education.
    Yours in RHYTHM, Marillyn

  35. jasmyn says:

    ;)still here… just been out in my garden more.. actually thought about you two earlier today and yesterday too. ann marie a question popped into my head earlier today and for the life of me, i cannot think of it now… aiigghh.. soon as it passes back through i’ll ask ya. oh and here’s a question for the two of you;) have either of you experienced bulking up on raw.. how about any of your readers… when i first started this i was weighing in under 100lbs… i am now somedays up to 102 .. i am noticebly bigger:):) like i may even get to go up a size… while the weight on the scales is not moving much.. my muscles are growing:) wow

  36. Gosia says:

    Hello both of you, of course I told you Annmarie, I am watching your show 🙂

    Thank you for great answers.

    with hugs.


  37. Maggie says:

    Yep! Still here. Just haven’t been too terribly interested in the subjects of fermenting foods and consuming medicinal mushrooms to ask questions or make comments. I still watch you every day, though, and appreciate all your efforts.

  38. Diana Press says:

    I love your show and enjoy it as often as possible. The topics are super juicy and your beaming personalities add zest!

    Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to starting the raw food challenge!

  39. Melissa says:

    Hi! Sorry I haven’t been commenting. I can’t really do the cool things that you explain on the show because I’m in South Korea and I don’t have access to the resources that you talk about, but I still watch the show daily and I really appreciate everything you’ve done to help viewers like me become believers in the raw food diet. 🙂

  40. Candy(lilmissfitnessgirl) says:

    Hi you two! Your shows are great! I learn so much and am grateful for your shared knowledge of nutrition. I listen to your shows you send me every day and share them with friends and family as well!

    Keep up the great work and………………

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  41. Jackie says:

    Hi! I have a question about your answer to Terri’s question. Assuming that the lime is for a smoothie or something, is there a reason to take any of the peel off? The outermost rind is the non bitter flavourful part, no? Thank you!

  42. Kristen says:

    I really appreciate the show. I tend to like to get involved with the postings when there is a question that I feel like I can learn something from others – vs. too general a topic.

    Re: Legal/Raw question. This drives me crazy.

    I was in Whole Foods the other day and while I love the attempt they are making to produce a “raw” soup (as so labeled) I noticed they added coconut milk from a can (not raw). A few days later I was back and they blended in some cooked potatoes to the soup (not raw)….They continue to put the RAW label on it. Why can’t they just call it Vegan?

    I got into a discussion about Larabars – while they may have all whole ingredients like – dates, raisins, almonds, etc., they are not Raw. The nuts have been pasteurized (along with fruit juice and cocoa in some products) and you have to trust that General Mills doesn’t dehydrate the fruit at a high temperature that kills the enzymes (I’m skeptical). Regardless, it’s not Raw….maybe the reason they pulled the Raw Label from the packaging!

    I’ve also seen some raw food cooks on Facebook add non-raw ingredients to their recipes. Why can’t they just say they want to present a vegan recipes??

  43. Crystal says:

    I’m here… watching regularly!
    I love your information! Thanks for doing what you do!

  44. Dorothy says:

    I watch you both every single day – it’s the first thing I do before I start my morning. The shows you are providing us are awesome – I only wish they were 7 days a week because I really miss you guys on the weekend!! Please show more of Jonny 5 – my cat goes nuts when she hears him and she’ll actually will watch the video with me when Jonny 5 makes an appearance!

  45. lovola says:

    I have never written in, but felt that today was the day. I so appreciate all that you do. I love the recipes shows the best and wish there were more.I watch almost everyday and you are both a very important part of my raw food journey.I always learn something new or I get a confirmation that Im on the right path. So I really thankyou for this. I imagine that alot more people out there are watching than you know and blessings…Lovola

  46. June says:

    I felt compelled to post today (even though I have never done so before) because I watch all the time. Sometimes when you are late I am even a bit sad…you are my after dinner treat.

    I watch lots of shows, but I gotta say you guys are my favs.

  47. Madison says:

    I’m still here…
    I love your shows and look foward to them! I watch your shows alot and think it is neat that you all do this every day.
    keep up the good work!

  48. Wendy says:

    Oh! The recipes are my favorite shows. 🙂

  49. Angela says:

    Your guys inbox is going to burst from being so full! I love you guys, love the show, I really admire your work. PREBIOTICS! Are they in fermented foods???? Please address prebiotics.

    Thankyou so much for all your help! : )

  50. Rae says:

    I haven’t been watching as much because I can’t seem to get any definitive information on the Codex Alimentarius and whether it will pretty much destroy the raw food movement altogether. I asked a question about it before but, as far as I know, your show hasn’t addressed it. I even saw a comment quite a while ago from someone named “Victoria” about this very issue and wondered whether it was from Victoria Boutenko. In essence, if the Codex is mandating that all foods be irradiated, how can any foods still be raw, especially imported ones such as bananas and other tropical fruits? Please look into this very important topic, Annamarie and Kevin!

  51. Kristine says:

    Here! I love you guys because you know you don’t know everything, but you try like the rest of us or even more! I love the way you nagged us to get our blood tested including D and B12. I just got my results and because I am attentive and listen to everybody – you guys, Mike Adams, David Wolfe, Dr. Mercola, my blood work was unbelievably good and when the technician took my blood pressure she couldn’t believe the numbers, 100/65. I guess being healthy is the exception now. with love and gratitude

  52. sue says:

    Also about soy, there was an article in Mother Jones this week about non-organic soy burgers containing hexane, a neurotoxin. Look out for products that say “made with organic ingredients” that’s how they get around it.
    http://motherjones com/blue-marble/2010/04/which-veggie-burgers-contain-neurotoxin

  53. Rose Vasile says:

    Yes I’m here. Thanks for the info and your sunny dispositions 🙂

  54. Satori says:

    I’m out here too:) For the last show, I don’t eat sauerkraut so no comment. For the last last show, I have no idea what “tapping?” is and was lazy to go look it up. Thus no comment was made either. Still love your show! Love & Peace for you.

  55. nashima says:

    hi! thanks for all your great shows : )

  56. Charlie says:

    Definitely here. Try a cooked recipe in a couple weeks if you can- thanks!

    And I have to say the interviews and guests you have had lately are amazing. Great work! Keep giving us that “misinformation” we love so much- LOL! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  57. I’ve just subscribed to the Raw Foods Challenge. We’ll be trying it in 1-2 weeks.

    Oddly enough we have a jar of Spirulina in the house. We’ve already been adding it to our morning fruit smoothies. Turns them a lovely colour of green!

    Would you have any recommendations on where to add the Spirulina, or how to balance it so that the calories don’t overbalance if we were to just add spirulina? What should be taken out if we were to add it? How much per smoothie/soup? 1 tsp? 1 tbsp? Thanks!


  58. Jane says:

    Just us crickets out here — chirping away and all that, ya know — keeps us too busy to comment 😉

  59. Sandy says:

    Kevin and Annmarie, you guys are unique and amazing; there’s no one like you, and so many of us are very grateful for your living this life so fully and raising so many things for consideration and examination (from yoga swings to Hippocrates and Charlotte Gerson).

    I agree with another viewer that if I don’t have anything unique to add, or a question, I don’t write every day–but we do always check out your shows.

    I also agree with a different viewer that many questions in these responses don’t ever get answered, so I was a little surprised that you were even reading these. Perhaps if you don’t have time each day to answer most of the questions you might answer some (especially ones that come up more often).

    For questions you don’t have the time or specific knowledge to answer, perhaps you can open a topic for each question on your blog which is searchable by topic (I’ve seen this on other sites and blogs). This way, anyone who asks a question will get some response, even in the opening of a tickler topic to which anyone can add based on their knowledge. Everyone then clearly knows you do care and do read responses, and others in the community who may have insights or ideas can respond by topic, rather than simply on the day of the show in question. This can further encourage the community you are helping to build and inspire.

    Speaking of inspiration, your spirits are so warm and uplifting, and I heartily agree with another viewer that doing some shows for kids would be fabulous! Kids are so receptive and open to influences–healthy and not–and your fun entertaining shows on recipe preparation or other topics can plant seeds of fun and joy associated with high raw living in the little ones. This would be a wonderful influence for you to add to all of your many others.

    Thank you so much for everything! People are of course overworked (as are we), but I sense that your show is still watched and needed, even on days when feedback is less plentiful.

  60. jackie says:

    Hi, I am still listening. I usually watch the show late at night and sometimes am just too tired to respond, since the next thing on my “to do” list is to get in bed! I appreciate all you do. Am still waiting to see if you have any info. regarding the gadgets that are supposed to shield us from EMTs from our cellphones. This is a very important issue, and I don’t want to fall for any “quack” gadgets. I would trust your judgement, though 🙂

  61. Sarah says:

    Yup, still here! I watch your shows everyday. Thank you so much for the variety of information. I really appreciate your open mindedness and NOT insisting there is only ONE way, like some do. Every body is different so it only makes sense we listen to our own inner guidance to decide what is best for our own self. Thank you!!!!!


  62. Amanda says:

    I recently subscribed to your blog and I really enjoy watching your broadcasts. Your and Annemarie have a wonderful energy that brighten my day.

    Keep up the wonderful work,


  63. Magda says:

    We’re here 🙂 Hi and thank you both for all the info!

  64. sasha says:


  65. a says:

    Hi, yesterday’s show was excellent. I’ve been afraid to venture into fermented veggie territory and that demystified it some.

    I don’t particularly want to post comments because of something in your disclaimer at the bottom of the page: “Comments are owned by”. I take it offensively like you are taking over all of the community’s ideas, research and taking sole ownership. You seem like a great guy and I love the show, but when I read that I think, ‘no, comments are owned by the people making the comment and they don’t automatically transfer to you no matter what you say on your site.’

  66. Natalie says:

    Im here..always listening for your next show.Thanks guys from Melbourne 🙂

  67. Maia says:

    I love you guys! Does it still count cause you asked for it? Just kidding. I never miss a show though I am more of a lurker and only comment if I have something important to add.

    This morning I listened to your great interview on detox, had all the mercury taken out of my teeth, started to write my first blog post, had a nice chat with Jennifer this afternoon, then was on a teleconference call with Living Light Institute about becoming a raw food chef and now saw the RHS for today. All in all a pretty great day. Hope yours was too!

  68. I am here!! I like the videos best when you guys are actually in them, and I love when you all meet up with other raw foodies too. I was wondering if you guys know/associate with Chris Kendall, I am not convinced the natural hygiene diet is the best but he is definitely a walking/skating testimony.



  69. Wynn says:

    Hi Guys! Love your show. Have been watching since the beginning. Don’t even remember now how I found out about you, but I’ve never missed one, and love them all. You are Great! And I love your guests too.
    I have read that what is sold as raw honey in the stores has been heated to 160 degrees to make it easier to filter. If you want it truly raw you have to buy “unheated” honey that has never been above 92.8 degrees, the temperature of the hive.
    And I also agree with #9, that a cartoon for the kids would be a fun idea!
    Thanks for all that you do.

  70. kate says:

    Hi guys. Still listening every day – don’t be worried! I don’t always comments, but I’m here!

  71. Essie says:

    Hey !!! you guys are great. I love all your info and great recipes.
    And your great spirit and attitude.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks

  72. Gay says:

    Have no fear … many are listening … you are not alone!!!
    I’m having a problem following your suggestions because my husband loves to cook and he’s not in to the natural health food psyche! I’ve gotten him to buy fresh eggs from a farmer down the street. He doesn’t pay attention to my organic veggies & fruit request. I get some in the basket but once the tally is rung up at the counter he is aghast at the prices!!! I look for farmers markets and buy from stand when we see one …. it’s frustrating, to say the least. If I was alone I’d have no restrictions on food intake … all organic,eliminate any/all GM foods .. absolutely no canned .. blah blah. Little by little I hope to sway him your way! I’m all aboard. Keep up the great streams of information.

  73. RW says:

    I’ve been watching!

  74. Adriana says:

    Hi!!! Of course, I’m here every single day. How could I not be? I miss you during the weekends and can’t wait to see you again every Mo-Fr.
    I love what you’re doing, I appreciate your honesty and passion to discover the truth in all aspects of life. Your efforts are helping us to be better people, have a healthier life and incite us to discover new things every day.

    A big hug from me.

  75. Patti says:

    I’m here. I love your show and watch it as much as I can, as I am a full-time adult student & work part time, plus have 10 g-kids that I play with now & then.
    I have a question: I have been on 10mgs of Prednisone for about 4 months now and will be getting weaned off in May. It is for chronic,severe, sinusitis and asthma. I am allergic to changes in the weather, Ibuprophen, Sulfas, dairy, eggs & whey. I have seen tons of doctors and two naturopaths and am now out of money. I have been eating 80% raw for awhile, am starting to drink Kobachi (sp?), and taking a bunch of supplements including probiotics and enzymes. I know you cannot give out medical advice, but I am tired of doctors anyway and I know that if I can just detox, build up my immune system and go almost full raw (at first) I could get better. I read a lot about all of this and am convinced. I want to know how to detox slowly and I know it will take a long time, that’s all right, but can you steer me in a direction of info, so I don’t waste a lot of time? I get sick a lot when I try to detox and then I can’t work or I miss classes-hence the Prednisone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in Hawaii

  76. kimme says:

    still watching…but not posting because my questions don’t get answered. When I ask a question, I spend the next couple weeks watching each episode carefully to see if my question gets answered and when it doesn’t I can’t help but feel like I am wasting my energy. Right now your show is great as a passive experience. I would love if it could be more than that. Could we have a question numbering or tracking system so that we get alerts when our questions get answered? I think that would make the whole question and answer experience much more fun.

  77. Lish says:

    Still here & watch all your shows. I very seldom post. I haven’t had any of the questions I’ve asked responded to, so that’s been discouraging.

  78. Yama says:

    Hi, I am still here from Singapore!

  79. Shadow's Mom says:

    You two are so cute who wouldn’t watch you??? We’re all out here watching you failthfully but the nice weather has taken me out to the garden to produce some food to make your recipes 🙂
    Keep up the good work…you are appreciated more than you know.

  80. Ray Deckert says:

    Hi. I do watch every day and enjoy getting educated on the principles of health. Thanks you!

  81. Melaney says:

    I am contemplating change. I am a vegetarian addicted to poor eating habits. My husband just went raw about 5 months ago and he has inspired me. I bought your challenge book and challenged 4 co-workers to do it with me. Learned alot but really struggled for multiple reasons. Still contemplating. Live in the Midwest where I have to drive 2 hours and spend a good deal to buy raw foods. Local farmers are not organic or focus on animal products. I think my hang up is the drive, hating food prep, love chewing and being very picky. Anywho… I’m here surrounding myself with healthy ideas.

  82. Elaine says:

    Hello from the over 50 crowd, we appreciate all your efforts to make a healthier world. Don’t have much to say, just listen and choose what is good for us and discard what isn’t. Thanks.

  83. Glenn says:

    Hey guys! I’m here and am learning heaps from you both 🙂

  84. em says:

    i still watch everyday!!

    Your shows are great

    THANK YOU <3

  85. Sarah C. says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie,

    I’m here! I’m new to your vlog and blog, but really enjoying the info you have and looking forward to learning more. I don’t watch every day. I usually watch if subject seems interesting, other than that I check out your site and products, try to read most of what is sent to my email, etc.
    Thanks for the recent tips for healthy eating on a budget. We are on a very tight budget and try to eat well, but I have not done a good job of making raw foods the main part of our diet. It is cheaper to eat pasta, but my children are always getting sick and I know diet is a huge part of building up or breaking down the immune system. Thankfully 2 out of my 3 children LOVE green smoothies! So I’m slowly incorporating more raw and hopefully our health will reflect that!

    Thanks for the inspiration and information! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  86. Melissa says:

    I really wish people would leave the negative comments at home. I like to come here to feel positive and gather strength. I love what you guys are doing!

  87. Barbara says:

    I’m here and I watch every single episode of Renegade Health. I hardly ever comment but I am watching.

  88. Barb says:

    My husband and I just started our search on eating healthy after watching the movie, “Food Matters”. We’re looking into juicing and/or green smoothies. Each one seems to have an advantage. Where do you guys stand on this? I don’t usually “blog”, but after watching today’s video and your ‘tugging on my heart strings’, I had to! 🙂

  89. Mike Ladwig says:

    Hi … love the show !!!

  90. Lana says:

    I have noticed some changes on Facebook and Twitter also. And Even people that used to shout at me when I gave them a shout are not doing so. I think we are experiencing a bit of a wave. But for the record, I am here and you are still the people I recommend for anyone who questions me about the raw food lifestyle. I have looked into the majority of raw food and vegan health leaders and to me you are the most balanced and honest when it comes to information.
    Love you both to pieces

  91. Angela says:

    What do you guys think about the Farmacist Desk Referance from Conscious Lifestyler?

  92. Catherine says:

    I don’t post often but I watch all your shows. Thanks for all the great info!

  93. Jen says:

    Hi from Boulder Colorado. I watch every day. I am learning lots and sharing what I am learning! Enjoy what you guys are doing! Keep it up.

  94. Louise says:

    I’m a fairly new watcher, out here and enjoying your shows.

  95. lovely.psycho says:

    I’m here! 🙂
    … unless I’m not, in which case, I won’t be… unless I am, in which case, I will be…
    I got it right the first time – I’m here 🙂

  96. George says:

    I’m here. Have seen every show in the last year and half. Love you guy’s. Keep the show’s coming.

  97. anthony says:


  98. dottywine says:

    You may not take my suggestions seriously, but since you asked… I will tell you my opinion of some of the reasons why you get slow periods of commentors or what you could do:

    1) When you put the link to your site, please don’t use that link that automatically asks for your email info before you can even see the blog!! How do you expect people who post comments when they think they have to go through a hassle or commitment to comment?

    2) Check your youtube comments. Trust me, if you guys ever feel lonely with only 24 comments on your blog, the youtube comments will give you plenty more material to think about.

    3) I personally do not post because I just doubt that my question will be addressed or that you really care. Maybe I’ve just got some internet-trust-issues going on, lol. But uh, actually… I posted on your FB wall and you responded, so that put hope in me. so I guess keep up that kind of contact. It let me know that you actually care to listen and that i am listening.

    I have a question. What exactly is organic food? So, to buy organic soy or corn makes sense since for the most part they are GENETICALLY MODIFIED. But what about everything else? What is so special about an organic food that is not on the list of GMOs?

  99. Atlhea says:

    I watch you all the time. Just too lazy to comment. 🙂 But THANK YOU for all you do.

  100. john says:

    To # 3 I concur with you Sheryl, well said.Thank you! To # 50 thank you for prodding Kevin in a nice way about a EXTREMELY important issue CODEX ALIMENTARIUS . MY concern also is Radiological Contamination dispersal all over all our foods thru Big Brother and it’s Military proving grounds and testing research centers , NUCLEAR PLANTS etc. And also GMO’S .The Politicians Democrat and Republican are out of control and Do not care about We the people.Only about their self interests “they “want us dead—-Wake up America.Theirs All kinds of proof–WAKE UP !!! Before All your Freedoms are gone Forever!!! Still here kevin thank you.

  101. Ineke says:

    I’m out there for sure! The last couple of shows were just not of my interest. I have heard about Paul Stamets. I think David Wolfe is a big fan of him as well. I’m sure there is a truth in the benefits of mushrooms. The Chinese recognize them as well as very beneficial. I’m just not the kind of person who is “experimenting” with all types of so called “superfoods” I think that when one needs supplementation, you need to work with a practitioner and I think you can do more harm than good with just taking whatever is “supposed” to be good for you. We are still following the HIppocrates program and I love my home grown sunflower sprouts. My daughter of 7 eats a whole plate of them. At the moment I know that I could use some extra supplementation but other than the Hippocrates multi and enzymes I won’t take anything else until I get my blood checked. If a practitioner tells me that I should take mushrooms I will definitely consider it.

  102. Joel Brown says:

    Hey buds!
    I’m here!
    Keep on doin watcha doin!

  103. Im here!! I sometimes have to take a step back from all information having been on this path for a few years and turn to inner guidance and clarifying what is right for me intuitively
    Seem as though you are both so open minded how about a show that covers long term raw food eaters that start having problems and why.I know you covered this briefly with Paul Nison but it would be good to go in depth about what other kinds of problems people are having.What about certain kinds of foods which when first on the raw diet were digestible and now are not?
    I do think the one thing that is becoming more than apparent is that people who are on a junk type lifestyle need to be guided through getting onto more whole foods and
    slowly transition to raw.Im also convinced that some people do better with a little steamed veggies etc which I never would have thought when I first got into living foods.
    I think you are both doing a great job helping people and getting all the info out there ,you are making a difference in the world 🙂

  104. Kuru says:

    I am a devoted fan! At first I thought your videos were too long and time-consuming. But your topics are great, great guests, and great info and inspiration from you. And now I even read every single viewer comment–I learn so much from all, and really like connecting over health. I love the negative comments too, because that means free speech, hooray!! Great to be able to speak your mind, thanks for that too.

  105. Annie says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmary,

    I watch you everyday, you guys are great!!
    I just started my Nutritional Consultant Program at Global College of Natural Medicine and I want to share your link in the Forum.

    Love Annie

  106. Pat G. says:

    What happened that you’re so whiney? Why is it about us? Do you have abandoment issues? 😉

  107. sharon says:

    I’m here…watching you every day.
    Still struggling to get the perfect diet for me. I feel that I am too skinny and I don’t know if that is because of all the raw food and of course cutting out breads and grains. I’ve gone back to eating cooked foods in the evening like sweet potatoes, legumes, soups, cooked greens. Not as tasty though since I cut out “heated fats.” Every cooked vegan recipe starts out with “…saute onions and garlic in oil…” which makes everything taste good. When one leaves out the saute, there’s not as much flavor.
    What’s your take on heated fats?

  108. rosie says:

    Hey guys I am trying to buy a juicer but not sure witch to get. This will be my first one ever.. I want one that dose ever thing like ice cream, smoothie’s juices and so on. I was looking at um heath master from montel Williams 😛 and TurboBlend 4500 by Vitamix can you please help me. Thanks from rosie

  109. jasmyn says:

    okay so here is another question and no anne marie it is not the question that i knew would be right up your alley… i just made my first yoghurt the other day.. not all fancy like yours… where did you get the yogurt maker btw?

    so here’s the question(s) for the two of you… my friend’s husband has just gotten back some lab results telling him his ldl is really high… what foods do you recommend to lower that.. any other methods in addition to food… any herbal methods… ? those are a few to start;) hope ya’ll have a great night.

  110. Christy says:

    Hi guys!
    I’m response #97 Hope you get the 200 that you asked for and many many more!

    Thanks so much for all the shows and newsletters and products etc. that you give to us your health family !

    God bless!

  111. Ellen says:

    I never miss your shows.
    I am waiting for Kevin to really thrill us with his guitar playing and especially his SINGING! Please?

  112. Christy says:

    It’s me again!
    I was #97- got pushed up 2 others while I was sending my comment. Maybe I’ll be #100 this time. Whatever!!

  113. Kathy says:

    I recently found your site and think you guys are great. Keep it up and know that there are others out here appreciating what you do.

  114. NuNativs says:

    I’m still out here having followed along for quite a while. The info for me is a bit too mainstream or geared towards generating sales, obviously. I could use a bit of advice in that realm…

    I’m still waiting for you both to put that RV to use in the building of Paradise Earth…

  115. Kym Hutcheon says:

    Yep, I think I’ve watched pretty much all of the last 250 or so posts plus selected others. I used to be subscribed to about 25 lists but you’ve one of the small handful I still keep up with. Basically I learn something valuable from every show.

    This is in no way intended as a negative comment but a post every second day or 3 or 4 times a week would also be good. I’m often motivated to further research topics you raise, etc. and it can be a challenge to keep up with everything.


  116. Satu says:

    Hi folks!
    I’ve been fermenting lots of stuff and have never used any starter/culture w cabbage. Especially organic cabbage has a lot of milk acid bactertia in it. Only if I prepare fermentations of vegetable pieces (have used carrot, broccoli, cauliflower etc.), not shredded veggies, I use boiled cooled 1 % salt water and add some liquid from former fermentations.
    The most important things besides temperature are that the kitchen utensils are clean and the liquid covers all the stuff and the weight over it completely.
    All the best!
    Satu from Finland

  117. Kim says:


  118. veronica says:

    im here 🙂 dont worry i watch your guys’s shows everyday

  119. Ronna says:

    Hello, I listen daily, you guys are great. hey i’m here in the other room across a ocean. Keep up the good work as always be well

  120. Maria says:

    Hi! I’m still here watching avidly! Thank you, again for all the resources. I enjoy the diversity you present and follow up on the leads that feel instinctively correct for me.

  121. Hey KevAnn and RH crew,

    I haven’t missed an episode in over 8 months and the shows are a daily part of my routine. Haven’t been posting much because of some issues brought up by #25 and that many of your topics I feel have already been addressed or I feel that I have outgrown them… I realize that coming up with new topics day after day is incredibly hard work and you guys deserve all the credit in the world for being here day in day out. I truly commend you for your unbelievable commitment to us,the viewers, and your show. It’s truly why you are where you are today.

    Also, many of the questions lately have seemed silly to me and are more geared for children?? Which color do you like? red or blue? 😉 all kidding aside though, there are a lot of hard hitting debates out there that have been left out of the debate on this show; intentionally or not I do not know but what I do know is that some of the most important topics, I believe, have been brought up multiple times, supported by many of the viewers of your show and completely ignored?? I feel it’s frustrating and also disheartening. I believe this show is an AMAZING resource for beginners or for people who don’t have time to do their own research but for the die-hard truth seekers like myself and others that watch this show, there seems to be a lack of quality information at the more advanced levels.

    Anywho, I’m still here; a loyal viewer who is addicted to watching Kevin’s charisma and boundless energy unfold day after day and watching Annmarie’s beautiful smile light up the screen.

    Your loyal fan,


  122. bethany says:

    Never miss a show!
    Thank you!
    Love to you both and Johnny 5!

  123. Cindy in Marin says:

    Hey, I tune in nearly every day. I have learned so much from your show, and even some great stuff from the blog. I would be very sorry to see it ever stop. Love your upbeat personalities and easygoing manner.

    I am enjoying the shows on fermentation as I am getting into it myself lately.

    Would like to see a future segment (if it has not been done already) on the many benefits of hydrogen peroxide, 3% and food grade (I just finished, “The One Minute Cure”).

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the service you perform.

  124. Nick says:

    Thanks for your answer to my question & thanks for all you two do & for who you are. Your show & site has been very supportive to me in my transition to raw, as well as making my exploration in this vast subject enjoyable.

    Myself, I wasn’t asking about the extraction process, but about the mycellium holding the same nutritional qualities as the mushroom because the mycellium carries the nutrients to the mushroom & to form the mushroom. As I was writing I realized this was so cuz New Chapter uses the mycellium in their Mycomedicinal line.

    Stamets book, Mycellium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World is a great read. & helpful towards gardeners & farmers realizing the symbiotic relationship between microbes & mushrooms & plants; then too, towards engaging the populace in enlightened reforestation as well as sane forest management. Check out the Plant for the Planet–Billion Tree Campaign & Green Belt Movement founded by a Kenyan woman & Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai to see how also planting trees can help save the world (assuage global warming/warning). Unfortunately knowledge of & action on this is sorely lacking in North America, ironically where it’s most needed. Just repairing a microclimate here & there can & will help to temper & cool the macroclimate generally.

    Lastly, another question: Is it possible, thru the way the system runs, that organic foods can be GMO’ed, given that GMO’s don’t have to be labelled as such here in NA (Not Available/North America)? In other words do organic requirements leave open, even tiny loopholes, where GMO’s can squeak thru? I wondered this upon seeing organic bananas by the likes of Dole.

  125. Eric Braun says:

    Hello Anne Marie/Kevin,

    I don’t post much but watch your videos when I can make time. I’m neither a member of your inner circle nor have I made orders from your store. I may have posted before but as I didn’t heard back from you in email nor on the show I tend to just watch and imitate others raw food lifestyle until it becomes mine or I dump the idea/food if it doesn’t fit or is too expensive/time consuming. I do admire what you guys do and will tell you that it’s unique, novel and avant guarde. I’m sure you guys must be so busy with your blossoming business so you don’t have to respond to my posting here, just want to let you know what I’m thinking.

    I find your videos so very educational, entertaining and motivating. Wish I had more time to watch them all. I also read a lot of books about raw food, spiritual nutrition & so on. I’ve actually even considered doing something similar to what ya’ll do for my Japanese audience over here.

    Most of the stuff that I order (foods, books, videos & kitchen equipment) as you may imagine is imported from the US. Shipping is often expensive but recently i-herb has negotiated reasonable rates with one of Japans largest shipping companies so things are getting better.

    I also have several companies shipping me their products in what’s called bulk rate which is nothing more than a discounted service for up to 20 lbs of “stuff” with a rather limited total space. Can never really get in the max weight unless the products are books, dates or similar dense materials in which case the price ($54.-) is really not so bad. If it’s possible that you can ship by large flat rate box let me know by email so that I may consider your health foods next time I make an order.

    I always have lot’s of questions when I read books and watch your programs. If you can answer any of them in the future I would most appreciate, if not I won’t be upset.

    I haven’t been able to answer the following questions with my own self study:

    1. If B-12 is so necessary for proper health then why is it so difficult to for raw vegans to maintain proper levels with raw foods and superfoods/neutroceuticals (w/o suplementation)?

    2. Do you recommend supplementing with MSM? I’ve been taking it for like more than a year now and believe that it’s helping me to detox but really can’t be sure. Is taking chemically created MSM even beneficial or is the biological value of Sulphur in fruits and vegetables significantly higher than the supplement type?

    Anyway I just wanted to touch bases and if you value my comments/questions I actually have so many questions (to many to answer perhaps).

    Thanking you in advance!

    Best of Regards,
    Eric Braun

  126. Jana says:

    I had trouble accessing your site the day of the sauerkraut demo. I don’t see anyone else making that comment, so I thought I’d write and let you know. I suspect, however, it was your topic that was the reason for the dearth of comments. I’ve never tasted a sauerkraut I’ve ever liked. blech!!!

  127. Michael T. says:

    Hi guys,

    I agree with previous comments 59 and 108, and others. I don’t usually post answers to what seem like silly questions of the day, or if the subject matter does not interest me.

    But I usually watch your show every day, and I appreciate the great diversity of viewpoints and ideas that you and your guests provide.

    I agree that it would be a great idea to better organize the questions, perhaps keep a running list of them to make sure that no one’s question gets left out.

    Also, if someone asks a question that has already been answered in a previous show, just put a note in the blog saying, check out show number x for the answer to that question. Perhaps the website should have an index of all questions that have been asked and where to find the answers

    Realistically, I would not expect you to personally answer every question that comes up on the blog. Some days seem to generate dozens of them. So, of course you are going to pick and choose which ones to answer.

    People, if your question has not been answered, try Google. There are lots of places to look up information, many of which conflict with one another. I suppose that’s the problem, how to sort out all the confusing and conflicting information out there.

    I think Mercola has a great website, and you can search for just about any topic there.

    Anyway, I really appreciate the show, please keep it up.

    Michael T.

  128. David says:

    This comment goes out to the lady who wrote the 3rd comment. I believe her name is Sheryl. Here is a question for you to ponder Sheryl. Why would God create foods that are nutritionally sound and promote well being to our bodies and then tell us not to eat them? Does that make any sense to you? Regardless of what you have read. Does that make any sense?

    Kevin keep up the good work. Thanks David

  129. jak jak says:

    kooeee,little wave

  130. Cheryl says:

    Thanks Kevin and Annemarie,

    I soooo enjoy your wisdom and sharing.
    I’d love to know all and more about the health and benefits of wild mushrooms. Like; what all the varieties are? What they look like? Where to find them? How to preserve them? When the best time to pick and eat them? How long they last? Anything you can help me with. I have quite a few varieties growing right on my property and heard some good things about them, like the cures for cancer. Just would love it if you could do a day of display and discussion on just wild mushrooms. Thank you both so much for teaching me and helping me evolve every day Love you both.

  131. naomi says:

    hi guys, i love the interviews with awesome people like daniel vitalis, also, my fave episode was, what’s in the avocado’s fridge!!

  132. Brenda says:

    I am out here. I love your shows. Thank you for offering them. I just got Anne Marie’s anti=aging oil and serum this week. They smell lovely. I am liking them so far.

  133. Charlie says:

    I’m watchin, from Paris! You’re doing great!

  134. Eiki says:

    I’ve been here every day for couple of months now. but I hardly ever comment. I’ts mostly because I’m so new to this stuff and I’m really just a newbie. so right now I’m just gathering information like crazy. and when you’re asking about supplements and stuff… I am just a newbie to rawfood and I’m just really struggling with starting still…. as soon as I can I’m going to do the 7 rawfood challenge. oh yeah.. once i did comment and I asked a question… and it never got answered. I took it really personal 😉 I love your show and I think it’s so great to get all that information from so many different people. I think you guys are doing a friggin awesome job!

  135. Jackie says:

    Still here and listening. For some reason I don’t get the shows anymore via email?
    Love you two

  136. Joan says:

    I love your show and watch it often. As a matter of fact it is probably your show that has finally motivated me to actually start doing something about my health instead of just gaining head knowledge. I thought I was in great health until I realized my blood pressure is high – now I’m on a mission to get it down without drugs. Thank you, thank you.


  137. Alisha says:

    Definitely still here – watching all the time and learning a ton from you guys. Love what you are doing and inspired by you every day! 🙂

  138. Love your shows! I watch them all and love the recipes best. Many thanks for all you do

  139. Christine says:

    Sometimes I would really just love to read a blog post, not watch a video. So often my time to watch you is when my son is sleeping.

    Speaking of children, it’d be cool if you had them 🙂 I know that’s a bold statement, sorry if I offended you guys.

    The only other raw show I’ve watched is matt and Angela… They are mostly “here is a day in the life” with no science; I know that works for them and you guys are giving factual info; but i think having some personal life infused in always boosts viewership 🙂

  140. Emily McClamroch says:

    Here and watching! I don´t normally comment here because I watch through youtube.
    Regarding the lime- Annemarie says to use the white part- that is the pith, not the zest 🙂

  141. Leanne says:

    Hi there! First i’d like to say I love you two! I just started watching your show (+ some others like the one of Matt and Angela) on youtube. The 2 interviews of you and Jameth Sheridan were amazing! I have been a healthy eater since many years due to allergies (I’m 21 now btw). I’m not 100% raw, cause it’s not working well for me. I’m very sensitive to nuts and beans so I do eat fresh fish instead.
    I think I’m 80% raw now, and I love how it seems to work well for me! You’ve made me feel so much better about my eating, because before I felt awkward when I couldn’t eat anything (or felt sick after) and my friends could… now I know loads of people choose this healthy lifestyle! So good to know!

    Anyway…I also have a question 🙂
    Could you post something on healthy eating and menopause? My mum is, just as I am, very sensitive to a lot of foods. And because she’s going through menopause at the moment it all seems worse. Also she doesn’t feel the need to eat most of the time, but that worries me, because I’m affraid she’ll start lacking nutrition… we do take loads of organic? and natural suplements…
    Could you please tell me something on how much we should eat in different stages of our lives, and what type of nutrients are importent in these different stages we all go through?! It would be so interesting (to me at least)

    Sorry my message is so long 🙂 but I really would like some information on this 🙂

  142. Robin says:

    I start my day watching you before I go to work. I really appreciate all the useful information and encouragement. Thanks!!!

  143. Kevin and Annmarie –

    No worries! I’m still watching everyday! : )

    I have a question though. I’ve been making my own chevre out of local raw organic goat milk. Is this considered a fermented food? Is “cultured” the same as “fermented”?

    Thanks in advance,
    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  144. Sandi Seegert says:

    Love you guys and watch most all of your shows and hope to get in on the Raw Food Challenge….my challenge right now is money! Thanks for all your great information.

  145. Elmer J Fudd says:

    My name is Elmer J Fudd, I own a mansion and a yacht. I watch the show every day from one of these locations. I cannot get my friend, Dick Cheney, to watch with me. He’s usually in a bad mood.

  146. Tyrah says:

    we’re here =) HI

  147. Lorien says:

    Yep, I’m still here. I adore the two of you and the information is actually quite good as well.

  148. Hi guys, I’m here from Mexico, I’ve been too busy harvesting my beets and putting them to ferment, they are delicious, nothing compares to growing your own vegetables, what do you think?

  149. Mariel says:

    Yo! Enjoy your show. Lots of good info to sift through. Keep ’em coming!!!

  150. Susan Bessette says:

    I watch most shows, but your question of the day is often meaningless to me. Like, what is EFT? Then came the word “tapping”, which I’ve heard of. The whole episode was confusing to me since I don’t have enough background knowledge to follow it. And I have been watching you daily for a year!
    You might follow your question of the day with an invitation to post any thoughts or comments on any topic.

  151. Sanjula says:

    love your show, watch daily 🙂 but I am not a big forum or blog writer.

    I also posted a question about homeostatic resistance 3 times as I really wanted to know about it and can not find any information but you never mentioned it so I was not sure you are actually reading these comments.

  152. Andrew Casson says:

    Still watching & enjoying your shows.

  153. Rev John says:

    Apparantly you have a few watching your show, this was one of the longest scroll downs I have done here. I watch all the shows, just don’t always leave a comment. For those who still had questions about EFT, I have several web sites (not mine) that I could send them to for really good instructions on how to do it, including Carol Look’s, and mostly the instruction is free. Or Kevin has my permission to give my email out and I can answer any questions, I have been teaching EFT for about 9 years( I don’t charge anything for advice) When I first went all raw there were no shows, as there was only a baby internet, just starting to grow, I could only learn through reading books, so the rest of you just getting started be very greatful that there are people like these two who put out this kind of information. Appericiate the show greatly—Rev John

  154. Mary says:

    I watch every day 🙂

  155. Just wanted to say “Hi!”. Yes, I’m still here. 😀

  156. Ellie says:

    Hi, I am watching but, honestly, not every show. I have been skipping a lot of episodes as they have become more like a platform for sales and product promotions. Some of your shows,though, are still interesting, oh, and,btw, I always need to lower the volume for the part when Kevin is yelling “Good afternoon this is …” and raise it again afterward, so when I don’t have time for this I just skip the whole episode all together.
    Good luck,

  157. Mary says:

    Hey I love the interviews you guys do with various ppl! Also the recipes are great!
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  158. Tamara says:

    Hi Guys! You are great! Question for you…Recently I was at Whole Foods and noticed that they are phasing out the GTS Kombucha that I really liked and now they are bringing in Honest Tea Kombucha. I tried one and it is okay, but I noticed that they put raw cane sugar in it and I was just wondering what your take is on that? Have you tried either of these brands of Kombucha? Thanks for being here!

  159. Esoteric Engineer says:

    I often don’t leave comments because I am of the mind that you could both so easily be overwhelmed by hundreds of messages posted each day!

    I much appreciate your work with the Renegade health Show.

  160. Sue Henshaw says:

    Oh, yes, I’m here! I look forward to your show every day. Some times I have to wait a day or two to watch, but I save them until i can. I really like the food prep parts.

  161. Melissa says:

    Is this enough responses to make you feel loved an appreciated? Still here, still watching, still loving it, and still very grateful for all the info. Thank you both!

  162. tessa says:

    Im here!!!! and watching every day!

  163. Patty says:

    Hi guys!
    Honestly – with all the information I have received through these shows – I feel as though I’ve been living under a rock! I had never heard of EFT until you did a show back in December. Keep up the good work!

  164. Forest Klinedinst says:

    Just letting you know I’ve been watching your show for almost a year and I have glean so much from you, your wife and your guest’s Thanks for being a light in the dark world of S.A.D.


  165. Suzanne says:

    Ever watching from Daytona Beach! I’m the type that sits there and smiles or nods my head..rarely chirp in with opinions. Been busy slowly but surely tearing out the St. Augustine and starting up my own organic garden in the back yard…I would like it if your question of the day would have to do with the video…not just some off-hand question. I always feel like I’d like to see how those of us out here feel or if they have personal knowledge about the subject. Thanks for creating a sense of community out here…

  166. Aleise says:

    I am watching!!!!!

  167. Dee says:

    Hello, still here. I don’t always have a comment or a response to the question of the day.

  168. Jan says:

    Love the show. Sometimes I view it 2 or 3 days late but I always watch it.

    I have been busy planting fruit trees and getting my garden ready. Maybe since it is spring people are busy so they watch the shows but skip writing their comments which is what I tend to do.

    Thanks for the information

  169. stacy stowers says:

    Always watching and recommending your show! Have a beautiful day guys : ))) Stacy

  170. Natasha says:


    I follow you from Barcelona.

    It’s nice to learn a lot of interesting information about raw food and health,
    thank you!

    I wish you the best,


  171. Dean says:

    Hi, still watching, reading and enjoying everything you guys post. I love what you’re doing, and have heard the same from others in a couple of my Yahoo health groups. Kevin and AnnMarie, you guys are awesome!

  172. Penni says:

    Love you both very much and I deeply appreciate all you do in spreading the healing message to the world. I often reference and share your videos with my community at Raw Food Rehab and will continue to sing your praises! I don’t comment mainly because i know how the volume of emails can be overwhelming, but I am standing with you all!! Looking forward to seeing you again this summer at Kansas City Bliss Fest on July 31st.
    Much love!
    Penni Shelton

  173. dov says:

    my first comment to say hi, and I watch every day 🙂

  174. Rachel says:

    Love you guys. Thanks for all you do!

  175. Robin says:

    Hi guys! I watch every show, every day, just don’t post much. Thanks, and keep up the good info…

  176. Stephanie says:

    Hellooooooo!!! We are here, we are here, we are here!!! Watch, I’d say, 94% of the shows. Get a little tired when it seems more than half the interviewees are pushing product, not just knowledge. But I do understand that the folks pioneering this movement have to support themselves somehow. I, personally, don’t have time to do the kind of research, reading and writing y’all do on the topics at hand. So I appreciate a fun way to follow the discussions within the “movement.”

    That having been said, think I will pony up the cash for the 7-day Challenge soon, as I have not yet supported you guys financially! I am broke, but am totally on a cooked food binge right now. Gotta get back on track, and support some of my favorite rawbies in the process!

    Thanks for all you do!

  177. Ron Williams says:

    Always here. Quiet maybe, but here watching and listening and learning and getting healthier, thanks for all you do.

  178. mary harris says:

    Appreciate the show tremendously. Thanks for keeping us informed. Sincerely, Mary

  179. Joe G says:

    Thank you for all you do, great show.
    been watching for about 2 years. Between you guys and David Wolfe, really inspired me to go more raw. I am the manager of a natural and organic foods department at a major food retailer. I try to educate my customers on the benefits of raw foods, Which is why I am working on the web site. I even turned my entire front yard into a garden. Once again thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    PS would like to see more videos on gardening or interviews with organic gardening experts.
    (I really think growing your own food is so much more healthy)
    Joe G
    East Berlin PA

  180. Torey Taylor says:

    Always watch your show. Can’t wait from day to day to see them. I love you guys and love the diversity that you have on your show. I haven’t always agreed with every single person you have interviewed but have always agreed with you and it is nice to hear the different opinions so you can make your own decisions as to what you think is best for you although I admit sometimes it can get confusing when you hear two opposite things. Keep up the good work. We love you both. It is by far my favorite show that I watch. I feel like I can really trust you guys and that the things you tell us just aren’t to sell something.

  181. cid says:

    Present as always…..Appreciate you both.

    Just recently found out that Whole Foods is owned by Corporate America = The Duponts, etc.
    This company has more than compromised with its integrity.

  182. Tyra McMahon says:

    Whew! Had to scroll down aways to post my comment. Looks like alot of us are here. I usually don’t miss an episode. Just don’t always comment. Love your shows. I’ve learned so much. Thank you!!!

  183. teri says:

    jumpin up and down , you know you guys are the best! How is Jonny 5?? Been seeing a health coach and introducing her to your recipes, shes gonna be come a fan too. Keep the human quality, and interview Dr Mark Hyman .. rest asure I always watch. yeaaaaa for renegade health, XXXOOO hugs too

  184. Sean says:

    Hi Kevin & Ann Marie sorry I haven’t been participating lately. You two are awesome.
    I can’t thank you enough for you words of wisdom & constant feed of fresh information.

    I love what you both are doing. The world is surly a better place with you here. I can only hope that I could have a voice like yours and make a positive impact that is a tiny fraction of what you are doing.

    Thanks ever so much for your passion for great health & wanting everyone to be able to feel there absolute best.

  185. Connie says:

    Here every day, I just don’t post much. Love the show. Am relatively new to raw food but have made many of your recipes and have watched many of the older videos and ordered supplies from your store. Love Kev’s Smoothie Powder too.

  186. Stacie says:

    Hi, I’m here!

  187. Jane says:

    Yeah still watching here in Scotland!

  188. Beth says:

    I’m still here.
    I’ve added you to my Google Reader, so I don’t come to your Renegade Health site directly much anymore.

    Still loving the shows and the recipes too. Working on making / trying some more fermented foods soon.

  189. Melissa says:

    Hello Kevin and Annmarie! I’m the show and keep up the good work:) Thank you for all the fermenting info..I’m really interested in getting started.

  190. The Bird says:

    Look forward to, enjoy and watch almost daily, catch up when I can’t. Just have never posted. (?)

  191. John says:

    I’m here, glad you are too.

  192. LeAnn says:

    Is there a way to know if you have made a “good” batch of fermented food? Since it is sort of sour/tangy anyway, it is hard to tell. Thoughts?

  193. Wonda says:

    Still here…but sometimes I can’t get unto your site. Maybe too much activity…ahh, not sure. Anyways thx guys.

  194. Claudia says:

    I’m still here too! I’ve fallen a bit behind on the videos but am still watching. By the way, I’d love some more fitness videos… hint hint 🙂

  195. Dianne says:


  196. Cindy says:

    Hellooo there from Arizona!!!

  197. Chris & Sara says:

    Hey guys! Yes we are here!! We love you tons and tons! You guys are sooo cute. Look at all the responses you got! We had to scroll down for a whole minute! LOL.

    Not sure why we havent commented… but will definitely let you know we are out here. We know how ya feel!!

    You guys rock. Great shows lately, as usual. Great questions, too! You are on fire these days! And both looking good, too!



  198. Karen says:

    I watch your show every day. It was also great to be able to meet you at David Wolfe’s conference. You Giannis are both superstars to me. A lot of times I don’t have any comment on the question of the day – but I’m always here. I greatly appreciate your dedication and hard work!

  199. David Smelser says:

    Hello Kev, and Anmarie,

    O.K. I am out here and watch all your videos. Want you to know that I really appreciate all the interviews and don’t care if you show them after they are a couple weeks old. Your excitement might have worn off since it becomes old information for you but we haven’t seen them yet, so it will be fresh for us.


  200. Angelique says:

    Hi there! I don’t post questions any more since I’ve submitted some in past months that haven’t been answered yet. I don’t want to keep posting the same ones repeatedly. Do you keep all of the questions and go back to some of them or just toss them if you don’t get to them in the next episode? If you let us know, then we’ll know if we need to keep asking the same question or if once is enough and you’ll get to it eventually if you can.

    Ditto to what Britt said — love how you are “renegages” and post information from all over, even if you don’t agree with it fully — but you offer your input and encourage us to be our own experts.

    Kudos and thank you for all you do!

    p.s. Come across any cool new intro music? I wonder if any raw musicians out there would be able to send you something….maybe you could have a fun little contest…?

  201. Amy-Marie Wiechert says:

    Hey Guys! Really love your shows. Watch them on a regular basis and the information you share is so right on! Thanks for being here for folks like me.


  202. colleen says:

    i love u guys

  203. Nick says:

    On the why of fermented foods I’d also include cuz the process creates vitamins. This is how New Chapter claims to source its vitamins & why I take them: cuz such food sources are more bioavailable than motor oil derivatives. Isn’t that where pharmaceuticals & many vitamin product lines come from, SAD’ly? So fermentation adds value as well as making the inherent value more accessible. This is why beer used to be touted as a nourishing food source, back before commercial $hort cut$ were taken.

    I’m not consistent with my vitie intake, more periodically than “religously”, mainly due to distraction &, I guess, lazyness, as well as lack of funds, at times. I think this way cuz I believe our foods are greatly genetically degenerated from the manner to which we had become accustomed down thru the ages, until these, so thought, “enlightened” times, since the so called “Green Revolution”. I also believe in genetic regeneration by rehabilitation thru actually enlightened permaculture measures.

  204. Amber Lea says:

    I almost never comment. This is probably my third time, but I watch every episode! I promise. Though sometimes I watch them a week or so after you post them.

    I thought it was funny you mentioned my name. I was like, “Wait, what?” And it’s even weirder because I’m allergic to soy.

    Also, I live in Pittsburgh.


  205. Patricia says:

    You guys do a great job. Always informative.I don’t watch everyday, but I do watch often.
    I know that you can’t answer all the questions that come your way. But could you at least answer the questions that come up concerning the topic of the week/day. ie. wanted to know what kind of bacteria is in your culture starter and is it in a base of milk probuct. Really wanted to make yogurt from the almond milk. But when I looked for the starter, in my local health store, it comes with milk stuff in there and I can’t have milk anything. Does yours have milk stuff in there?

  206. Lizardo says:

    We’re Here! I think it the problem is tax season! lol 😛

  207. Leam says:

    Hello ~
    Almost always watching – not always motivated to comment. Sorry, but phone interviews and interviews at talks from a far are a little to distracting and often not watched. Also, sometimes other’s comments that are too preachy or too mean spirited turn me off from being apart of those who comment. As mentioned by others, there seems to be no reason to comment on questions that are rather silly or have been asked before. Again, sorry. Obviously, there are a great number of people watching and enjoying your show. Thanks!

  208. Angela says:

    I’m still here…..watching when I can. Love you guys. Keep up the great job!!

  209. Page says:

    I’m here!!! Hi!

  210. eyla says:


    Still here,
    Loving the shows, I find that you are the most down to earth raw foodies I can find out there when I am looking for info, and I agree that you are not dogmatic, you provide plenty of points of view so we can decide for ourselves, with our own brains!!
    I would love to see cracker/bread recipes that aren’t just flax, I find them way too fatty, I know you are without dehydrator at the moment, but maybe in the future…

    Thanks for all the passion and dedication, you both rule!

  211. Connie says:

    I’m number 178, so you’ve almost got your quota… 🙂

    I watch all your shows. Just don’t have time or a reason to post very often. I like to contribute when I have something worth contributing.

    Also, my garden must be wondering where I am…the weather has been so nice up here in northern Ontario that I could probably plant some of this year’s crop NOW. Can’t though, because we’re doubling the garden area this year and that takes a lot of planning and time and for some reason I keep procrastinating… by watching your videos and those of a new health site ( from whom I have been learning a lot.

    Don’t worry, Kev and AnnMarie. I don’t think your fan base is abandoning you. You may not have everything right, but you make up for that in being REAL PEOPLE who are sharing their REAL JOURNEY with a REAL AUDIENCE.


  212. Sophia says:

    Love your shows! I share the knowledge I get from it with my family. I have been inspired and turned on many new great superfoods! Keep up the awesome work!

  213. John says:

    IM HERE! I wish AnnMarie could talk more. I love you too Kevin, but at times it seems like AnnMarie is just eye candy 🙂 and i know she’s a smart lady.

  214. james says:

    Always watching….sorry, just don’t comment all the time.Love your show .

  215. Sherry says:

    Still here. Wish you were. I watch every program and enjoy them. Just don’t post. Don’t mean to make you feel bad.

  216. David says:

    As you asked, HI! I rarely comment anywhere unless I have something to add.

    FYI, I started watching a lot because I appreciate your pragmatic attitude, but now I only watch when a topic is of particular interest. The deal is that you are rather commercial. For example, in this episode, when answering a question about an alternative protein source to soy, you didn’t mention a single whole food, just products!

    BTW, your gardening space would be good for greening sprouts, microgreens, baby greens and grasses. HO T5 fixtures w/90+ CRI bulbs are the best bet for making sure your indoor vegs get the light they need. Something like the Gardener’s Supply Super 7 would work well for the planter.

  217. jasmyn says:

    okay annmarie… i really hope ya’ll read this today because i finally remembered my question.. 🙂 on the cashews and pistachios.. any ideas on what to substitute for them in recipes… like what will match a cashews richness and texture.. both of them are in the poison ivy family !!!! lot’s of rash for almost a year now… shaking my head… anyhow would love to find suitable substitutes… and kevin.. do you know of any food bar companies that do not use either of these nuts? i love raw food bars when i’m on the go and out and about.. so many of them have cashews as a large portion of the bar… thank you both and hope you have a great weekend. i’m hoping to begin fermenting a lot of stuff soon.. i have done yogurt so that little yogurt maker ya’ll have .. think it may produce better results.. oh and annmarie.. have you figured out chickpea miso yet?

  218. Jasmine says:

    still here and still queer. Still loving you both w/ mucho gusto.

  219. nick says:


  220. Cherie says:

    hello, still here. You are posting your show much later in the day than you used to. So I have to wait and watch it the next day. By then it seems strange to comment on an ‘old’ post when the next one should be coming out soon.

    Thanks for the great interviews you have been doing. They are not there for me to agree with but to cause me to think and research some information on my own and make my own conclusions.

    Such as Dr David Brownstein and others research on salt and my own personal test, my body needs salt. (not the bleached stuff)

    And mushrooms for instance. I have always been against them because they are a fungus. However one of your shows caused me to do some searching. I found out there is a difference between ground mushrooms and tree mushrooms. Tree mushrooms seem to be medicinal and actually have scientific information to back them up for things like cancer! Ground mushrooms are still fungus to me 🙂 This has taken me some time to get to and I am glad to have the information.

    Thank you both for all your hard work. You have given us great information but it is still up to us to determine what works for us.

  221. Andreanne says:

    With the beautiful weather, I have been busy outside. Don’t worry still watching.

  222. Thomas says:

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    And keep your eyes peeled as you travel for these signs. Some of them are great.

  223. Phyllis says:

    Hey guys!

    I never miss your show. Matter of fact, I look for your email daily. Keep up the fantastic work. It is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  224. joel Katz says:

    I have seen today’s video……..therefore I am.

  225. Barbara W. says:

    Thanks for your show. I watch daily but don’t always have anything unique to add. Love to you both 🙂

    P.S. Just received a couple of AnnMarie’s skin products in yesterday!

  226. Chad Ouellet says:

    keep on keepin on!!!!

  227. Suni says:

    I’m here, and love watching all your shows. I learn so much from you and enjoy your presentation style. Thanks!

  228. Still watching. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information.

  229. josanne says:

    Love and appreciate your show! Have been busy with guests and visiting family lately so have about 10 videos to catch up on.

    I have a question regarding testosterone levels. My husband is 62 and has been a vegetarian for over 40 years and a vegan for the last 6 years. His free testerone levels have been low (under 22 pmol/L) the last year. Our family md prescribed a cream that he used but his levels are still remaining borderline.

    He’s started to add maca powder to his cereal and smoothies. Is there anything else you can recommend. Many thanks, Josanne

  230. Sue says:

    Still here and I watch every show.

  231. Colleen says:

    Hi Kevin, Hi Annmarie. Here I am. Hello. I watch your videos all the time, but don’t always comment. My bad. I promise to do better.
    Come visit me on my blog and say hello as well won’t you.

  232. Sue says:

    @ Rae (post 50)

    There is nothing whatsoever on the Codex Alimentarius website ( suggesting that the irradiation of foods will be made mandatory. There is information saying that if foods are irradiated they must be labelled as such and that it should not be a substitute for poor hygiene. I don’t see why they would say that if it was mandatory. The codex alimentarius is meant to be an international standard and I can tell you there is no way mandatory irradiation of food would ever be excepted in Europe – we are quite fussy here – there’s a lot of stuff that goes on in the US food industry that isn’t tolerated here.

    I have found sites claiming that irradiation of foods will be mandatory, but they offer no evidence to support this and it certainly isn’t based on any official reports – they are clearly just scaremongering.

  233. Heather says:

    I’m cuckoo for coconuts! Can I get a what? What?! Present and accounted for in your live non studio Renegade Health Show audience!!! Be kind to crash test dummies!

  234. Judie says:

    I just got around to watching this episode today. I watch often. You are doing a great job and performing a great service to the people that want to get and STAY healthy.

  235. Janet says:

    I’m here too!! For every show! I think those crickets are messengers from your many fans!! No need to doubt that we’re here! Your show is wonderful!! I’ve learned so much from you and your guests over the months. Thank you Ann Marie and Kevin – a very big thank you!!! <3

  236. Mark says:

    #237… oh yes, I’M HERE!!.. tx for all the vids guys 🙂

  237. Heather says:


    Saw Kevin & Anne on another blog doing a smoothie recipe with a cute lil’ kid…LOVE that. Our lil’ guys watched with interest. This would be a great way to encourage the little ones.

    Wanna do a kimchee recipe? Beats fermented foamy goats head…

  238. Gina says:

    I am still here in West Palm Beach, FL waiting for you guys to come back!! I love your shows and never miss them, just a day later sometimes. Keep up the great work, I have learned so much for you guys.

  239. suzy+ says:

    watch u everyday! love ya 🙂

  240. Sherri says:

    Yes… here!
    Busy but try to catch up when I can 🙂
    Don’t stop!

  241. Sheralee says:

    Wow lots of us are here!! Still love the show and all you give!

  242. Colin says:

    Hey guys, always watchin and I love the show.

  243. Jules says:

    I am here (a newbie) but always watching (sometimes multiple times so I can get it all in). BTW love the sticker on your laptop!

  244. Here guys!!!! 🙂

  245. Irina says:

    I am here, still listening, since day one!

  246. Sharon says:

    Still here! Sometimes I watch 3 or 4 days worth at a time now and have less time to post. It’s been a crazy few months and things won’t be slowing down anytime soon (more about that soon I hope).

    I think your shows are a nice mix of different things. You will never please everyone and many people are really fanatical and will never be content anyway. At least they watch, LOL! I like to know about what products are out there. It’s important to make sure we eat enough nutrients and with diminished sunlight and poor soil these days adding superfoods and/or fermented foods, especially in northern climates, makes good sense. Mushrooms rock and have a very long history. We should be informed about what’s out there. I thought that green powder taste test with your non-raw gals was a great idea.

  247. Oksanka says:

    I am so much here. Dear Kev and AnnMarie, you are truly awesome! Keep up with your good work and never never never doubt in your popularity! I always watch your show, but rarely comment. Keep investigating and sharing, it gets back to you as a reward! I’m sure you feel it! :DDD
    Lots of Love and Respect,
    from sunny North Cyprus

  248. Roberta says:

    Hi guys, I am here in CT, and watching you through my little laptop screen. You guys are the best! Come to Mystic sometime because we have a little band of raw foodies here that would embrace you and let you know WE ARE HERE! 🙂

  249. Carol Kraft says:

    Carol From Ontario Canada

    Still watching after all these years. Listen a lot. Not always time to respond.
    Good info guys! Love seeing Ann Marie with you more now. Really see a growth in you Ann Marie, more comfortable being seen.:-)

    Love the ferment shows. Want to eat the fermented vegies but have yeast issues and on a candida diet. Okay to have the vegies? Not sure you answer or read all the responses so my turn to ask you if you are listening to me or am I talking to air?

  250. Ella Jane says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just stopping by to say hi! And, I llove your show. I have just been busy with family and warm weather! Trying to be outside a little more!

  251. Denise says:

    I love your shows!
    Thank you 🙂


  252. Myriam says:

    Hi from Québec, Canada!
    Love your show even when i watch it many days later. I’m running after time! It’s great to see from where people are watching from. It shows how far you can reach with internet and how we are all trying to reach wellbeing no matter our origines. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  253. Sue Paterson says:

    Hi – not a big blogger but definitely watching and enjoying and learning. Recently tried your B supplement with flax and I FEEL BETTER! Have been looking for a good supplement for awhile. Thanks for all you do.

  254. David says:

    Love – LOVE – love your show!!! Always looking out for new episodes – but – not always the time to watch so I get to them when I have the time – quite often in an hour or 2 hour period!!!
    Thanks again!!!

  255. Roger says:

    I love your shows, especially the interviews. Keep up the good work. I impressed my wife after learning from you how to open a coconut.


  256. Rhonda D says:

    Hello Yes I am here watching.
    love the show.

  257. Nancy says:

    I agree with #25 – Some other communties I follow answer the questions in the blog posts. I found myself reading the posts and when a question would come up, I would think I hope they answer that one..I have never seen a response to a question…I think it would be an added benefit and feel like a community where we can all share… I think you guys are great. I love watching your show!

  258. Toni says:

    You guys are great! I don’t respond very often because it seems you all always get so many responses, but I never miss a show. I so appreciate the positive contributions you all are making! Your show is such a support for me! Thank you for all your hard work!!!!!

  259. Matt says:

    Holaaa Holaaa, Konichiwa wa wa

  260. Linda says:

    Still watching every day!

  261. Cindy(Sydney, Australia) says:

    Hey guys,
    I watch every day but I only comment when i feel i have something to contribute or ask.
    I have to admit though that it is a little frustrating to keep posting questions and not getting a response.
    Anyway, since I am response 263 you needn’t worry that no one is watching, maybe just commenting when they feel it’s needed or when the question is good/relevant.
    Keep up the good work and have a great day

  262. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, yes we are here. Keep up the good work!
    Great Shows!

  263. Adrienne says:

    I am here! i just only get to watch on the weekends and i catch up on all the episodes over the weekend. I dont bother to comment then since the comments would be old.

    But i am here!!

  264. Sheilah Renaud says:

    HI! I’m here and loving your shows!!!

  265. Lorna says:

    Here. thank you!

  266. Deborah Gordon says:

    Hello Kevin and AnnMarie, Definitely HERE every single day!!!!! Love you both!!! Thanks for all this information and the entertainment!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  267. louise says:

    I’m a couple of days behind but I’m here and I’m watching and listening and doing! Don’t Stop!!! Love you guys!

  268. lulu says:

    Hy, I’m from Romania.
    I never posted or answered any question but I’m watching you every day.
    Love your show…keep up the good work!

  269. sharon in sugar land says:

    Always watching. Love your show!

  270. Lisa says:

    I’m definitely watching. Love the show. Can’t tell you how much I’ve gained from all that you guys share. Thanks so much!!

  271. Celena says:

    Hi Kevin & AnnMarie! Just wanted to let you know I make time to watch everyday. I really appreciate you guys and what you are doing. You keep me inspired, and constantly remind me to keep strong on my personal quest, to change the health of the world one day at a time. GO RAW!!
    Thanks Celena

  272. Bob Lewanski says:




  273. Stormie says:

    I don’t always have an opportunity to comment, but watch ALL the shows. I really appreciate the wonderful balanced information that you provide on your shows as well as the practical help with recipes. Anne Marie really is a great teacher. Her instructions may seem remedial to some, but there are many who she saves from confusion, frustration and waste that often deter those with limited resources from even trying.

    Thank you both for this outreach.

  274. Bill says:

    I am watching and enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work.



  275. Karen says:

    Was away from the computer for a short while, just catching up on many back issues of you guys, thank you again.

    love and light,


  276. Smita says:

    I love your guys show, i watch all of them but at different days depending on my schedule, keep up the great work!!! I guess I should reply more often!

  277. Cheryl says:

    Hey, Kevin & Annmarie, I am out here and listening when I can. Most of the time I am listing to the older shows to catch up and do not post a comment because I think you will not be looking at the older show comments. Cheryl N. Calif.

  278. Beth says:

    I’ve never left a reply but I love the show. I’m relatively new to the raw movement and really appreciate the encouragement and ideas.
    Thanks for what you do.

  279. Nicole says:

    I’m here! Thanks for the info! Love you guys : )


  280. Derrick Coleman says:

    Absolutely here! Love this website and just joined the inner health circle which is an amazing ocean of information! Thanks for all you do!

  281. Gwen says:

    Yes, I am here. I love your show and do not miss an episode. I even have a Renegade Show Mail Folder to save my favorite episodes.

    The other day at work my computer monitor was switched for a different one and in doing so I lost the speakers as they were built in. I thought what oh no a catastrophe, now I won’t be able to listen to the Renegade Health Show. That day after work I made a bee line to Walmart and purchased some speakers which are now hooked up and working well so the catastrophe has been averted. Don’t worry work always comes first.

  282. Pamme says:

    Yes, I’ve been doing something fun! I’ve been in Costa Rica at Dr. Sam’s Raw-habilitation Retreat ( at Finca de Vida (! It was awesome! You guys should check out Finca de Vida when you are down there. Brian & Jody would love to have you.

  283. Jacquie says:

    I’m here! It’s just such a busy time of year with spring….yardwork, getting landscaping all spruced up, trying to get a new garden in….so I’m VERY behind in email and watching you guys, but I never miss one. Love you both, love the recipe shows and watch EVERY show! <3

  284. rainbow says:

    hi, i’ve been in major transition, from a house to a motor home, and i’m just beginning to get a wee little bit more caught up, and have miles to go before i sleep. just got re-connected to internet and phone, still working hard to fix the water issues, and lots more. but i am planning to do the raw challenge, which i am looking forward to. however, i may be working about 60 or so hours a week for the next two months. the census called, and i want to work that job, while i already have a full time job as well, so you may not see much of me for a while, but i will do what i can. but please, no whining. we all know you have access to the numbers, so you know how many watch. don’t take any of it personally, simply keep doing the great job you both do. you are greatly appreciated, whether i or anyone else ever has the time to give you the strokes you long for. thanks again and peace to you and to ALL life. aho

  285. Marie says:

    I here got Holy Basil from you makes me tired and i only use about 1/4 of a tsp. i live in Canada would order a lot more stuff from you but it takes so long and they add duty on to the stuff. to bad you have a lot of responds will you read them all oh and do you use organic produce when you ferment thks

  286. To the woman who wrote the 3rd comment, Sheryl…
    The beautiful thing about this journey is that we are each on our own path. You do not know what we are “supposed to eat” and clearly you have not done research into the science of raw foods. It seems that there is lots of conflicting information in the raw food world but that is because we are ALL still learning.
    It is not very peaceful of you to tell Kevin and Annmarie that they are giving “mis-information” when they are selfless people on an amazing journey and they have scientific backing for their information. You should go to the Longevity Now Conference in September and listen to some of the most intelligent wellness scientists in the world (which by the way Kevin and Annmarie were there) and then start forming your opinions.
    My question for you Sheryl, is how will you ever grow as a human if you think you are right and you shut out all the other information out there? I feel sorry for you that you are so closed-minded.

    Kevin and Annmarie, you rock and I am here! I hope to see you both again in September in Costa Mesa! You guys should do a renegade health show episode as one of the talks! 🙂

  287. Wendy says:

    Still here. Are raw CA almonds safe to eat or as nutritious now that they are pasturized?

  288. Cherry says:

    Hi, Kevin and Annemarie!

    I love your shows. I do save them in my inbox so I can be sure to watch them when I have a moment.

    Thanks for bringing cutting edge information to this newbie. It gets confusing sometimes, but I think common sense can help sort out the hoopla. And you two definitely have the common sense. THANKS!!

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