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You all have been asking for a while to get Dr. Brian Clement on the show…

Finally, we had our opportunity this week thanks to the work of Rene, Annmarie, and Lucy and Nick from Sunwarrior!

In this episode, the Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute talks about the three essential raw foods for awesome health.

This is part one of two clips.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What are your 3 most important foods for health?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Pamedalah says:

    The first to comment? wow, lucky me!
    Great info, but I think I saw that guy in a Vincent Price movie….

  2. Hi Kevin

    Thanks for the interview with Dr Brian Clement
    I have had the opportunity to visit Hippocrates
    on many occasions with my parents, as they live
    nearby. I have heard Brian speak there and also
    in San Diego.

    I don’t agree with everything Brian says about
    what food to eat and not to eat. I know that his
    heart is in the right place, but I don’t believe
    we need that much protein as is suggested. I lean
    more towards Dr. Doug Graham, but I do also include
    seaweeds and I don’t have any condition that would
    forbid me to eat fruit.

    My three most important foods for health
    1- green leafy vegetables- lettuces, spinach, parsley, cilantro, etc
    2- sea vegetables- dulse, whole kelp, etc
    3- fresh, ripe, organic fruits

    Also, visit my blog and read about my 42 day cleanse using coconut water and stevia in my water, and finished mid-January. I have also written about my transition back to food. I continue to write about health related topics and post daily (off on weekends). To read about my cleanse from day 1, click on December 2009. Share this with others who may be interested and I love to receive comments. You can also subscribe so you will always receive the latest posts in you email inbox.

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

  3. raymond says:

    vegtables,apples and carrots are the 3 i eat the most of

  4. Zak M-K says:

    Thanks Kevin, Brian and everyone who made the interview possible! Excellent! 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    I eat a ton of fruit, so his words about fruit are pretty shocking. But, I also know that I am more than likely eating a ton of ripe, organic fruit to feed a sugar addiction.

    Other than that, I eat salads with dulse and I eat green smoothies. I should eat much more of those two and minimize the amount of fruit I eat.

  6. Mila says:

    THANK YOU for this interview! I love Dr. Brian Clement, such a wealth of information! Love his focus on research!


  7. Miriam Proefrock says:

    Awesome interview. I’ll agree100% but would you please address fresh water green and blue-green algae? I know nothing about this and where do you get it? Thanks!!!

  8. Chris says:

    Hey Kevin, I would like to see you challenge your guests more about what they say. As I know you have followed(and may still) Dr. Graham’s approach, you may have differing views on what Dr. Clement says. It’d be nice to hear a back and forth discussion, not just one side. I’ve also heard you say that someone (Dr. Clement) says not to use a blender for smoothies etc. as it destroys nutrients. I would have liked to hear you challenge him on this as well. Personally I’m still conflicted about fruit. I eat quite a bit myself, probably mostly for the taste though. I think if I was quite ill(cancer etc.) I would probably avoid it completely. I’ve been to hippocrates and think it’s a great place in many respects. But I think you can still be healthy and eat fruit.
    I guess my three foods for health would be: wheatgrass, sprouts and blue green algae like e3live. Although I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables as well.


  9. Stephan says:

    Hello Kevin,
    Thanks for the work you do! I’m sorry to say I get so confused because there are so many varying theories. Eat fruit..don’t eat fruit.

    I get so discouraged I just go out and eat McDonalds sometimes. LOLOL

    I just never know who to believe or what the truth is. If Hippocrates is backed by science doesn’t that mean that they are right?

    What do you think?

    Thanks again Kevin!

  10. Donna says:

    I’m totally confused now. I thought I was eating raw and healthy, but I do consume a lot of fruit. I haven’t been able to afford most of the algaes that are available. Does this mean I’m severely lacking? What do I eat if I eliminate fruit?

  11. Sharon says:

    I’d say it changes depending on the season. -Fruit: Definitely more fruits in summer than winter. Watermelon in summer. Citrus fruits in the winter: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, pommelo. I’ve started using an energized superfood powder made with ripened fruits & broccoli spouts to fill in the gaps.

    -I agree with protein. Despite the amino acid argument in all veggies and fruits, many people are still protein deficient. Therefore I use this daily: Klamuth Lake algae & spirulina (mine is fermented packaged with bacteria and other foods add protein. I’ve never really considered them food but more of a supplement.

    -anything green. Green leaves or veggies. Is green a food category? If not it should be! We need to eat lots of colors and I think green is the most important for us.

    Hope to see Brian again. Please let this be one of you mini-series!!!!!!! I heard him discuss his top 3 supplements and I really hope that topic comes up too!

  12. Kristen says:

    Thank you for this interview! Such a 180 view from Dr. Young who thinks we should have very little protein and that algae will significantly shorten our lives. With all the science out there – it’s baffling to me that we can’t have some general consensus among these smart educated people.

  13. Kimber says:

    Sex/Love, Health & Creativity!!!

  14. Kimber says:

    BTW: It isn’t just about food for health!

  15. Diana says:

    My most important nutrients in my diet are Sprouts (preferably ones I have sprouted myself), Leafy green vegetables, and Seaweed (dulse, wakame, etc..)

    I first learned how harmful sugar is for the body two summers ago. I consumed processed sugar EVERY NIGHT for a year straight (yikes!!) Other than the candy my diet was full of wonderful and healthy, nutritious foods. (I am a vegan for three years now and try to eat very healthy every day including some raw meals!) Despite how healthy I thought I was eating the candy took its toll on my skin as I had a severe acne problem. My energy levels were o.k and I thought my mind was pretty clear.

    Then I decided to do a candida cleanse. I cut-out all forms of sugar, vinegar, processed foods, meat, wheat, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine for 15 days!! At the beginning of the cleanse my energy levels were very low and I actually had headaches for the first 4 days (and I never get headaches!)

    Around the 7th day of the cleanse I began to feel GREAT! I found myself telling people I actually felt like my energy was coming from within myself rather than from some stimulant (ie. caffeine or sugar). The idea of processed candy almost made me feel sick by the end of the cleanse.

    After I finished, my skin was glowing and I didn’t crave the sugar anymore. My energy levels were amazing and I felt very positive and had a clear mind-set.

    I went back to eating fruit but I do limit it in my diet and try to consume it during the day rather than at night.

    I hope to improve my diet by adding a green powder smoothie every morning that has blue/green algae and cholorella in the ingredients!


  16. Kathy says:

    I LOVE that you show so many different perspectives and types of raw food and health “journeys”. Great interview.

  17. Jo says:

    This interview is just part of the whole that makes this food journey very confusing!I am just going to do what I know works for my body. Sugar feeding cancer is very scary statement. Fruit is such a part of eating! I love veggies, fruits and seeds/nuts.

  18. Jo says:

    oh, I forgot the green smoothies….they have fruits, and I am waiting for my wheatgrass juicer to arrive!!!

  19. Patrina says:

    I think his comment about modern fruit being 30 times higher in sugar than wild fruit is worth thinking about! I always try to eat my fruit in the form of green smoothies with lots of greens to increase the fibre ratio and decrease the fruit sugar ratio for that reason. If I eat fruit without greens I eat it in small quantities only. I would love to be able to find wild fruits somehow, but we have too big of an unpopulated country here in Australia and it would be extremely difficult to go search for them! Some are traditional foods for our indigenous peoples and are almost off the scale nutitionally, high vitamin C etc!

    With regard to the protein intake, it’s fine to increase as long as the pH of your urine is higher than 7. If it falls to the 6-6.5 range then your body is a hundred times more acidic than 7-7.5 range and cancer cells LOVE the acidic environment of 6-6.5. They die when the body is alkaline. So I agree with Brian on his emphasis on things “green”, but suggest that a wide variety of greens, especially including weedy types like lambs quarters and dandelion greens can be excellent sources of protein too. These proteins will also provide alkalinity, definitely more so than non-green protein sources such as nuts which (in high quantities) would produce a more acidic effect in the body. So that may explain Brian’s emphasis on “sprouted” seeds/nuts/grains – they are so much more alkaline once they have sprouted.

    I also like the way you provide different points of view Kevin! You seem to be the only raw foodie I’ve come across that has enough ‘guts’ to do this and I really admire you for such open mindedness. 🙂

  20. Betty says:

    I’ve noticed that I haven’t had enough protein in my diet and it killed me… I was moody, irritable and it affected my thyroid and adrenals…. now with more sprouts, seaweeds and green…and fruit in my smoothies….Ive been slowly getting better 🙂


  21. Barbara W. says:

    Hooray! So glad you were able to get the interview with Brian Clement. Hope there is a part II coming. Did you get to check out the greenhouse?

  22. Jackie says:

    Wow, this was excellent. My top 3 foods are Quinoa, veggies and fruit (sorry). I would like to know if it would be beneficial to test my blood sugar occasionally. I do not have diabetes, but I am sensitive to blood sugar spikes and the lethargy that follows. Nasty! I always wondered if it might be a good idea to test and get a handle on this. You are the best person to ask.

  23. Erin says:

    Yeah, I probably eat too many sugars. But I think I am doing better when I eat whole fruits like apples and oranges, rather than sweeteners like agave. As far as what I should be eating, what I have found to be important in my diet is dark leafy greens, flax seed and water. It has been a challenge on busy days to make sure I get enough of those.

  24. sharon says:

    arg! It’s so confusing when various people say they have done the research and have the definitive answers when each is conflicting with others. Don’t get me wrong though….it’s so great that you present ALL sides of this health/diet issue. We are what we eat, and SOMEDAY in the future we will work it out so every individual will know what they need to eat to give them a long, healthy life.
    I totally agree that sprouts, algae and sea vegetables are hugely important in the diet. It’s the leaving out carrots, beets, dates and other fruits that’s hard to do/believe that it makes you sick or ages you. I know if I were seriously ill, I would go to Hippocrates and follow their regimen. But until then, I think my “important” positive attitude would suffer if I limited myself so severely from fresh, ripe, juicy fruits.

  25. Britt says:

    My favorite part about this interview was his comment about greens not being as ‘sexy’ or high in taste. I truly appreciate and respect his honesty.

    My top three foods would be greens, greens, and greens. 🙂 Although not all raw foodies agree, I have found both personally and through research that sprouts, algae, sea vegetables, and any sort of edible leafy greens that you can get your hands on are all highly beneficial to health.

    My only concern is this: what food is best to supplement with in order to get enough calories? fruit or nuts? or both?

  26. Kali Lilla says:

    Greens, seaweed and fermented foods – with a little chocolate thrown in for good measure. 😉

  27. Muriel says:

    My three daily favorite foods: All raw organic greens, a few ounces of meat, grass fed organic beef from nearby farmers, raw organic chocolate 70%cocoa with added maca, approx. 20 grams daily.
    When meat protein is not available i love to eat organic almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts.
    It is a most enjoyable diet, feeling great, and certainly not deprived or overweight.
    I eat an occasional fruit but only when that fruit is fresh and in season.

  28. Kaye says:

    Bananas, In season fruit, lettuce. I feel the same as some of the other posters…fruit just..must be good for you.

  29. Kaye says:

    Confused too, as always, who in the heck is right?

  30. john says:

    #12 Well said . Would like to see a debate amongst the various well known health researchers , Dr.Brian Clement I agree with him on consuming sprouts which naturally have protein . Dr.Clement has a lot of sincere truth to say . But would like more in depth debate on algae and it’s reaction on the cellular level-good or bad.This debate can be done out of love for the truth,so to benefit those interested in truth. Like to see a debate between Dr.Young and Dr.Clement -thru maybe a three way Phone conference and all their documented research.So we the People can Make an Informed decision.What I do when I have some Questions or doubts amongst very Knowledgeable Sincere and well meaning good men, is I turn to scripture and see what the Creator GOD ALMIGHTY has to say. In The book of Genesis God Tells Adam specifically what foods and what kind of foods to eat. That is Where I Ultimately go to weight my decision on this subject of algae foods. I have heard pro and con on algae-Would like a debate.Algae is put in a lot of green “superfoods” .As for me I take Salba,Kelp,vegetables (variety) ,juices.Try to consume old world Heirloom variety when in season,dandelion ,Monster salads,NO LIQUID OIL from any plant source.No olive oil,only olives.No almond oil,only almonds.

  31. Jessica says:

    Wow, this is great. I agree about the sugar thing. Way too much sugar in fruit. It’s almost not a real food. ….

    Wild foods are awesome. CHEWING food is awesome.

    I’m going to rewild my fruit trees.
    I’m going to talk to them and ask them to pull out their ancient DNA and reform themselves.

    Eating sprouts is most pratical for where I live. But I’ll still order seaweed for as long as I can.

    I love the bitter sweet grasses that grow wild in my yard. I love going for hikes and trying all the new plant leaves and flowers. Very few are harmful, so I just look up online the harmful ones in this area. about 99% are houseplants anyway. 🙂

  32. Jessica says:

    p.s. confused? wondering who is right? Why not get in touch with yourself. You always know the truth. Practice listening for the truth within. It may not match with what other’s say… but do what is right for you this day.

  33. Jessica says:

    Jeez, there are so many people confused. I wish all of you would learn to think for yourselves.

    There are so many variables to consider. Each viewpoint backed by science or not can be equally right as it’s opposing view point.

    Variables are different ways to see things.

    There are unliminted variables.

    There is no one right answer for humans, because humans don’t see the whole picture. All the pieces fit together, but from our limited perspectives’ we only see one piece… (some of us might see two or three and can even piece them together.)

    Perhaps, instead of looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do and eat you might try opening your consciousness… expand your awareness… maybe?

  34. Kristine says:

    Thank you for the interview. I still struggle with getting sprouts in my diet. Because I am very active, I have just started to include sunwarrior protein which tastes good and I think my body likes. Otherwise I pretty much follow the precepts of Natalia Rose who gives people a lot of options on the path to detoxification and high energy by making sure you have green juice in the morning, almost eliminating all sugars, food combining, and of course lots of high vibe foods!

  35. scherry valentine says:

    Kevin, lots of experts talk about the importance of seaweeds but they never mention Irish Moss. I was wondering why. Is it in a separate catagory? Is it as nutritious as dulce and kelp, etc.?

  36. Sarah says:

    Well, I cannot say I agree with him 100%, or even 50%. Fruit to me is a daily staple. It is my breakfast every morning. I do not eat a ton of it, but it is easy to digest and gives my what I need in the morning. My three main important “foods” for health are greens, fruit (oranges mostly), and green tea. I like simplicity. I also take a raw food vitamin and mineral supplement because I know that our foods do not contain the proper amount of these things anymore.

  37. esther says:

    Thank god for kale is all I can say!

  38. Wendy Eden Harris says:

    I am ecstatic to say that I am a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator after having experienced 9 weeks at Hippocrates last year, Seeing the guests make progress through dietary lifestyle changes, working on their minds, and give their testimonials I am very confident in the findings of Dr. Brian Clement.At Hippocrates they do blood work on all guests coming and going and so have the research to back up their findings.
    It has been found that sugar is a cancer promoter and therefore Dr. Brian feels that is why we should fruits.
    My three daily favorite foods are a large green salad, various seaweeds [ for the minerals essential for many things and often not in enough supply through my other vegetables ], and wheatgrass, 2 oz. daily [my fav as it has profound health benefits-not for the taste ] !

  39. Cindy in Marin says:

    I really respect what Brian Clement has to say- he’s been around a long time and has a full head of hair to boot! I believe what he says about the fruit sugar and disease.

    I have a major sugar addiction, and when not eating chocolate I turn to dates or fruit. Any ideas how to get off of it? All reason just leaves me when the cravings kick in.

    Otherwise I live on kale salads with avocado, tomato and celery, green smoothies, juices (beet, carrot, green stems and apple),and salad from the edibles I forage in the neighborhood.

    Thanks so much for the interview, I always pay attention when BC speaks.

  40. Jan says:

    I spent three weeks at Hippocrates. I witnessed the change in people from the first day there to the 21st day that they left. I saw people who came with crutches and left running. I saw people on Morphine in terrible pain leaving with no pain. I myself was half dead, and when I left I was a new person. Drs. Brian & Anna Marie Clement know what they are doing. I don’t know how you can criticize someone without seeing the remarkable thing that are being done there. People come there from all over the world.
    How many people from around the world come to you? This is all done with raw living food, and lots of love from Brian & Anna Marie and all of the staff who works there.

  41. Interesting, thoughtful interview. Glad I heard this.

  42. Michael T. says:

    I would like to offer some common-since principles around sugar consumption.

    First, if you are very active, you can eat some sugar and you will simply burn it off. No harm done. Someone like Dr. Graham, who exercises a lot, can eat fruit all day and just burn it off. On the other hand, if you are basically sedentary and sit in front of a computer all day, you would not be able to use so much sugar. It would build up in the blood and eventually lead to health problems.

    I think it makes sense to eat sugar, preferably in the form of fruit, earlier in the day, when you will have a chance to burn it off. Probably best to just have a salad and some form of fat later in the day so your body is not burdened by excess sugar while you sleep.

    Also, I would point out that thousands of years ago, early humans did eat a fair amount of fruit, but they did not find it neatly stacked in grocery stores. They had to walk a lot of miles and climb some trees to gather their fruit, and in the process probably burned off as many calories as they ate. In this way, there would have been no build-up of excess sugar in their bodies.

    That so many different health approaches all seem to work, for at least some of the people, just shows how incredibly adaptable our bodies are. Some of us thrive on high protein, others on high sugar, others on high fat diets. Some thrive on balanced amounts of all three, as in the Sunfood triangle system of David Wolfe.

    Instead of looking for one right answer, let’s be grateful that our bodies are as intelligent and adaptable as they are. Humans seem to be able to thrive on many different diets, depending on where we live and our level of activity.

    Enjoying a high level of physical activity and a fair amount of sugar, in warm and sunny Hawaii.

    Michael T.

  43. Willamena says:

    Right out of a Vincent Price flick …SO TRUE!Very FUNNY #1 comment from PAMEDALAH.Why did every comment get SOOOO serious after that great opening shot? You raw fooders have got to lighten up and not take Dr.Clement quite as seriously as HE takes himself!Please don’t take this the wrong way,but I’m still trying to get past those 70’s-style suits that he LIVES IN ! Yes…even when he is GARDENING,he is dawning a dapper friggin polyester suit!Call me a dirty Hippie type-but this dress code makes me and my boyfriend want to run RAW-NAKED through Hippo-Crates RIGHT NOW !(very funny intro Kevin!)We are, like,a 1hr drive from there.I think we’ll do it !
    We have attended his live gigs and listened
    to his doctrine for many years and trust me,HIS SCIENCE is just that – It’s the Hippocrates Science Philopophy.THATS IT !
    My Dear Friends- Do not be confused by anyone
    who espouses extreme, fanatical, dogmatic teachings of HEALTHFUL living principals.

    Dr.Gabriel Cousens,Dr.Doug Graham,Dr.Max Gerson,Dr.Norman Walker etc.etc.etc.

  44. Joyce Braun says:

    oh boy… i think i’m just as confused now as everyone else. here i thought i was doing everything right… but really, fruits and dates causing cancer? are you kidding me?

  45. Who’s right? Doug Graham or Brian Clement. Both claim science supports their particular view point. I read a lot of other comments on this page, which express similar sentiments.
    I eat a pretty good amount of fruit and people tell me frequently they would never have imagined I am as old as I am. I feel better in many ways than many years before. Unfortunately I don’t have the scientific evidence to back it up. May the light of truth live in us and descend upon us. Amen!
    Want to express to you Kevin and Anne Marie that we appreciate the wide range of viewpoints you put out there.

  46. briannaG says:

    Let’s see… my three most important foods (right now, it may change tomorrow!): 1) fermented vegetables, 2) greens (all kinds, in smoothie and salad form), and 3) sprouts (because, hey, they are sooo affordable!)

    I also consume sea vegetables like dulse, kelp and wakame, daily. And I know fresh water algaes have a lot of benefits, so I’m working on getting them in my diet in a few weeks/months, budget permitting.

    To the overwhelmed commenters: I think the best thing you can do is listen to your body. We are all unique human beings… some of us struggling with disease would probably benefit from a low sugar (no fruit) diet. But if your body is in pristine health, try fruit out, see how you respond to it. And remember, good health isn’t a quick fix/simple routine. It’s a journey- enjoy it! And know that you will reap the rewards if you perservere and dig for answers.

  47. imlivingandlearning says:

    I watched this 1st on YouTube and I posted the same comment there. This is for those who won’t visit the YouTube site. Often, my comments don’t get posted here on the blog. We’ll see about this one.

    I hope people will decide NOT to swallow these statements of “fact” by the good Dr. Clement. Despite his “facts” what he states is anthropological idiocy. Kevin, normally I applaud your generous airing of a variety of “opinions” on YOUR show. Unfortunately, today’s show should have been prefaced with a warning disclaimer. I hope all your previous shows & interviews will be enough? to “balance” that harm I think this one show can cause. 🙁

  48. Ladan says:

    Ok i’m going to be skeptical with all due all for eating live life promoting foods, but can someone explain to me how there are soo many people inthe world eating a variety of foods(ie. meditranian diet, ethnic foods, tropical foods) and they are healthy and alot of them live to a ripe old age..alot of elderly that are 80 something have been eating fruit and are doing okay! i think the sress and confusion and nit picking is creating alot of anxiety in many peoples lives..there is so much conflicting information that it can become overwhelming and and so stressful, and that cant be good for health. Do i really need to feel anxiety the next time i eat a fruit salad?? or is it better to have peace of mind and take everything in moderation..i’v never felt so well informed yet so confused at the same time..much love and thanks for listening.

  49. Ladan says:

    I am sorry to say but this is the first time on here that im actually pissed day its good for u and the next u’l die from it. That sounds extreme but my brain is on overload from so many contradictions..and now i have to wonder if i should continue to eat my fruit in the morning or not..i think its time to lighten up and just do what feels right for our own individual health..Dr.Clement,fruit! cancer! i need to meditate.

  50. Isabelle says:

    Thank you Kevin for this is awesome interview! I live in Sweden where there is soo little available as far as fresh produce, so I had to find a way to make raw food work. The three things he mentioned work for me, I almost live on them in the 6 months of winter. I eat lots of algae and blue green algae, and fermented veggies. I am reading the book by dr. Weston Price ‘Physical and nutritional degeneration’ and he found that people living in the mountains, growing their own food and not touching modern foods were a picture of absolute health and beauty. There was another tribe that was eating grapes in addition to their diet of rye and diary, but they were not one bit healthier than those who didn’t eat it.I do believe that sugar ages us, which is an important factor for me.

  51. maddiethunderclap says:

    hi what can you say after that??? i would seriously need to know would it make a difference to grow the old heirloom veriety of fruits. i grow all the heirloom veg and cucumbers tomatoes peppers so WOULD it make a difference? take care and thank you again

  52. I would just like to say, I love the show, I love raw food and I love the IDEA of being a raw food vegan. What I do not love is the mis-information about diet and nutrition so rampantly reported as fact in the vegan / raw food communities that lack what is actually found in our reality today. This is a post that is a long time coming. Kevin, I’ve been waiting for a response since the last time I posted a similar post but my patience have run out so I’ll post again, with a few more questions and information. I am a researcher first, idealist second.

    Here is some of the mis-information / information I have been pondering regarding a vegan / raw food diet that I would LOVE answered

    If 60,000+ people in the US alone can live to 100+ by eating loads of cooked meat and potatoes, (food combining?) lard (animal fat), butter, cream, white bread (refined white flower) , refined sugar and EVERYTHING else that made up their diets, then how can those foods be that dangerous to consume? They are living to 100+ and for their entire LIVES consumed those foods in massive quantities.

    With all the focus on diet, raw foods, 80 10 10, high raw, macrobiotic, and every other diet that science backs as PERFECT, ALL of these theories fall flat on their faces when we look at the longest living people of the world. They ALL eat animal products (sorry vegans) and nearly 100% cook a large part of their food. If cooked foods were poison as many rawfoodies love to think of it as, then PLEASE explain how so many people are living healthfully into their 90s and beyond.

    Also, the raw food, fruitarian movement was HUGE 100 years ago, bigger than it was today, with Arnold Ehret and his mucusless Diet Healing System heading the pack. Many people followed him to their graves unfortunately. His book was published in 1923 and was practicing and preaching his diet for at least 20 years before that. He had tens of thousands of followers. If his diet, which is the grandfather of the 80 10 10 diet now, was so good, then where are all the 100+ fruitarians now? There isn’t any. Just like there aren’t any 100+ vegans or raw foodists. There has been plenty of followers, teachers, preachers and propagandists 100 years ago and not a single one could make it to 100? That should start ringing some alarms here.

    Dr Stanley Bass followed the same path as many people in the raw food movement have taken and found out considerable info trying to live the life for 60+ years. He, as nearly ALL followers of this type of diet have found out that it is NOT a healthy long term diet. Dr Stanley Bass is a very interesting man and for those of you who are not familiar with his life and what he eventually learned from trying to be a vegan / rawfoodist for over 70+ years, look him up. Even Herbert Shelton, the grandfather of the raw food movement today died at 89 and spent the last 13 years of his life bedridden because of Parkinson’s disease. Even Mahatma Gandhi and his 22 companions also attempted to go vegan and primarily raw on top of that. For years they experimented with raw foods and vegan diets but eventually they all failed. Gandhi himself had to add raw goat’s milk back into his diet to regain his health. “The crores of India today get neither milk nor ghee nor butter, nor even buttermilk. No wonder that mortality figures are on the increase and there is a lack of energy in the people. It would appear as if man is really unable to sustain life without either meat or milk and milk products. Anyone who deceives people in this regard or countenances the fraud is an enemy of India.” OUCH!

    In one of the world’s longest-running studies of authenticated centenarians, the Okinawa Centenarian Stud found that NONE of the centarians they studied were vegan or even vegetarian for that matter.

    Whenever vegans, raw foodies, or so called health “gurus” talk about the Eskimo Inuit, it is claimed that they had poor health, bad teeth, osteoporosis etc etc.. and while these characteristics are true of MODERN Inuit eating refined sugars and modern foods, they were definitely not the characteristic of their society over 100 years ago. Vilhjalmur Stefansson was an arctic explorer who traveled to the far north at the turn of the 20th century and made many detailed accounts of their health and diet. He noted that he himself ate a 100% meat based diet for over 10 years and said he never felt better in his life. Now if meat was so acidic, and animal fat and flesh so poisonous, than we’d expect that 10 years of eating 100% fish, and animal fat would have huge negative health consequences but that wasn’t the case. He claims his health only improved.

    I’d also love to address the fact that the gurus of the raw food/ vegan movement would love for us to believe that the reason why these don’t work for the majority of the people that try them and yes, the majority of people who try a vegan diet go back to animal products, is because the macronutrient ratios aren’t right or the consumption of too much whatever was eaten or they had failing health before they came to the diet or they’re not eating sea veggies or superfoods or whatever excuses they put forward to cast away these people who have been harmed by some of these diets. If they didn’t follow it 100% then that’s why it failed them. NEVER looking at the diet. That’s why their teeth are rotting out of there skulls, or they have extremely low energy or are craving salt/fat/sagary/foods all the time. BULLSH*T!! If our grandparents ate like they did and lived to 80+ 90+ 100+ you think because you didn’t eat 2 lbs of greens a day is why your health is suffering after a few months or years? I think it’s time to really start looking for some serious answers to these questions. I have left out so many more arguments here that this case is SO hard to ignore for someone with an open, but always questioning mind. I can’t ignore it any longer.

    One last thing, I would also like to comment on the looks of the leaders of the raw food movement, especially those who claim to have been for 20-30+ years. Do they look marvelous and look much younger than their cooked food, meat eating friends? No. They are aging like everyone else and some would argue more so. If this diet is actually as good as people claim it is, then why do the leaders look like everyone else? There’s also meat eating, wine drinking, cooked food eaters who look AMAZING at 40, 50 60, 70 and look much younger than they are. If all of these foods as so bad, how can it be so? Vegan and raw food diet are proven to be marvelous detox diets, and for a few years they work very well. But as the history has already shown, deficiencies are much more harmful than the toxicity of a little animal product. I WANT to believe humans should be able to eat their foods raw, not eat animal products and thrive. Could it be that because we have been eating animal products for almost the length of our time on earth that something has happened along the way of our evolution that is preventing the majority of its followers from thriving into longevity? Or is there something else, an X factor that’s primarily responsible for our health?

    I believe there’s an X factor that is SO MUCH MORE powerful than diet that is being totally left out of the picture here when we talk about health and longevity. It’s not the food any more than it’s your genes. If it was, how are so many people living healthy, vibrant lives eating cooked foods and animal products? Granted many people are suffering too but outside of modern processed foods, EVERYTHING comes up contradictory. The ONLY thing people can agree on is that chemicals are harmful and that’s IT! What’s up for debate is high fat, low fat, animal products, Vegan, raw, macrobiotic, lots of fruit, no fruit, lots of veggies, very few, starch based, no starch, high raw, low raw, grain based, no grains, deficiencies, great health, no milk, raw milk, garlic good, garlic bad, ….ALL backed by real science and thousands of case studies right? HAHAHA! Confused yet? I was too, until I stopped listening to them all and started listening to my own mind. And this is what it told me. That all of this info is a good thing because with the amount of contradictory info out there all backed by science, it tells us something very important. That there is a very important and powerful X factor here involved in our health and it is quite obvious that it is much more powerful than diet. How else can there be the volume of contradictory scientifically, case study backed information on diet and nutrition? Simple. There is something else much more powerful than food and diet that is controlling our health. All of this research has really led us back to square one, back to us; Our spirit, our mind, our attitude. Factor X?

    Thanks for reading,

    Much love and support,
    Jordan Lidster

    More info:
    The Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Braden
    Louise Hay – heal your body

  53. Shweta says:

    Eye Opening…!!!!!!

  54. Avi says:

    I’m confused because I thought Dr. Clement was advocating a 90% carbohydrate diet for optimal longevity and how he is placing a huge emphasis on protein? I still always wonder what he thinks about fats, and cholesterol?

  55. God (and family), spirulina, kale

  56. Elaine says:

    1. Raw chocolate (unfortunately I have to have this every day, maybe I can get off of it after menopause!)
    2. Greens (all)
    3. Fruits (all)

  57. Becky says:

    I really don’t understand how people can say not to eat any fruit at all, ever. No one can deny that berries are superfoods and cancer fighting and contain amazing antioxidants, vitamins, etc.. Maybe it’s the type of fruit and the amount that matters. Consuming 30 dates a day, sure, it’s a problem. Nature has provided us with all these amazing, delicous, nutrient and antioxidant filled fruits. I am not a big fruit eater and tend to lean more towards veggies, but enjoy berries, apples, pomegranates, and bananas on a regular basis. If I had cancer I would definitely include a lot of various berries in my diet.

  58. Ginny Fisher says:

    Sprouts, seeds (sunflower and pumpkin, mostly), and green leafy things.

  59. john says:

    My foot note to #30.I must admire Dr. Norman Waker he lived way past 100 years .I hear 118/121 ? Also his wife too well past 100 years of Age.(now dead) Dr. Walker a CHRISTIAN has written numerous books based on the BIBLE and GOD’S HOLY word .A man of extra extraordinary talent and numerous academic achievements in his life.A man who studies whole foods and it’s compositions a man well versed on the humane body ,and colonics,etc. Matt Monarch was influenced greatly by this remarkable honest manDr. Norman Walker who is a truth seeker ,for the benefit humanity. NO ONE THAT I KNOW HAS EARNED BRAGGING RIGHTS AS MUCH AS BOTH DR.NORMAN WALKER AND HIS WIFE. I find his writings on what to eat FALL in line with scripture ,especially in the book of GENESIS where GOD ALMIGHTY TELLS Adam in no uncertain terms what he can and can not eat. as well as Eve. For that dispensation of time which WAS God’s PERFECT PLAN for Adam/Eve on planet earth in which God created ALL THINGS for HIS GLORY .God purpose was so man /woman worship and give HIM the GLORY ,why???,–because HE is —GOD ALMIGHTY –and it pleases Him for HE IS SOVEREIGN in ALL HE DOES.

  60. Candace says:

    For me what Brian is saying about sugar is very true. I am trying to lose a lot of weight and am trying juicing and smoothies, but am having challenges sticking strictly to green juices as I cannot do a lot of sugar. I am insulin resistant as I have abused sugar for far to many years. Any suggestions on recipes/books for green juicing/smoothies that don’t use a lot of sugar yet taste great? Even raw honey triggers me. Some have said use lemons, but until I get my stomach/intestines back to health, to much lemon causes pain. Any help/ suggestions / research direction would be helpful and greatly appreciated!!!

  61. Daphne says:

    Hi there!

    I’ve been making green smoothies for about a month and I have no idea how much of the smoothie to drink at one time. I seem to make too much and am able to drink about 2 glasses for breakfast before wondering what to do with the rest which still takes up half a carafe. Can I save the smoothie in my fridge for later or do I have to drink the whole Vitamix full in a short amount of time to retain the vitamins?

    I hope you don’t say to drink the whole thing! Those Vitamix containers are HUGE! GAH!

  62. PE says:

    So we’re given cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), algae, and sprouts as the top 3. Some here add green leaves, a fair 4th.
    But amounts! Spirulina’s dose is 3 grams or 1 teaspoon, not more than 1½t or the B12 (some of it maybe analogs, not good for us) is too high for ignorant safety [Aphanizomenon is a bit over 1g, Chlorella 7.5g]; for dry algae the iodine limit ranges from .2 to 2.7g except dulse 5.6g and nori/laver 5g (all very near the limit for lead); cocoa has its J curve optimum near 6g. Leaves and sprouts can be more generous though parsley tops at 6.6g or as many sprigs for flavones and Perilla lvs 38.9g for manganese.
    On to protein, leaving aside amino acid ratios. The best studies suggest an optimum range of .9 to 1.2g/kg normal weight. The WHO standard has been (is it still?) .8g/kg
    I doubt Brian Clement would want over 1.2g/kg unless he’s aware of reliable studies I haven’t seen, or clinical observation led him to accept higher levels, maybe because his clients have poor absorption. That’s where the aminos and their ratios come in, too.
    Sugars: if you add no concentrated sugars (my rule of thumb limit is 8.4g, 2t dry), natural sugars can total maybe 50g in a 2000kcal diet. Fructose, including half the sucrose complex, 16g in any food or 25-40g in 2000kcal. Most sugar alcohols (-itols) 10g, esp. xylitol, which raises blood sugar; and sorbitol 5g. Applied to fruit, see if that allows enough munching, and get more info on its alleged aging tendency and how much has a noticeable effect.
    But until I hear otherwise, BC’s a good candidate for a mini-series discussion: seems cool, reliable, no visible crazes. Like you two and Victoria Boutenko, and too few others.

  63. michelle says:

    What cooked foods do you eat daily?

  64. john says:

    Do you eat grains(cooked)? Is it ok to eat grains everyday?


  65. Barbara says:

    Isn’t the sugar problem only a problem when more than 10% of you your calories come from fat?

    …because that is when sugar can build up in your blood.

  66. andy says:

    If you shouldn’t eat fruit and should focus on sprouts, algae, and vegetables how can you get enough calories? You would be eating all day long. Not efficient at all even if it is health promoting. I still feel that we need things like sweet potatoes, legumes, fruits in order to get enough calories and not be eating all day long like our ancestors did. There are studies suggesting our brain evolved to its size through eating tubers. Everyone, please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

  67. Carol Lani Johnson says:

    As my attention is called to the importance of greens I am feeling it more & more when I don’t include enough of them. What I take away from Brian Clement is DAILY sprouts (love sunflower greens esp.), chlorella/algae & seaweed. I sprinkle dulse or kelp granules, soak wakame, &/or eat dulse every day. This is really easy to include. I feel wonderful about shifting from sugar & agave to dates & fruit…at least there is fiber. Good points above that if you eat fruit better stay active. And when I have a treat I feel like I am loving myself to have whole fruit or dessert sweetened with fruit. Healthier than my relatives who all lived into their nineties! I have to focus on what I love, & right now that includes fruit! Would love to eat at Hippocrates & see how they eat without fruit!

  68. Barbara says:

    It’s interesting that this man & his institute deal (mostly) with curing cancer – and he has a good cure rate – and he advocates high protein and no fruits. Then there is The Gerson Institute and they deal with cancer – and they have a good track record of curing people – and yet they allow most fruits and forbid protein! It gets quite confusing. I suppose you just have to learn to trust your own instincts and your own body signals. Looking forward to the second half of this interview.

  69. #59, This is another example of the mis-information floating around the prohealth movement today. Although many people love to believe that he lived to 100, 105, 110, 118, he IN FACT lived to 99. Here is his grave stone to prove it.

    Wikipedia also has a number of other sources for proving his birth and death, January 4, 1886—June 6, 1985.

  70. Alberta says:

    Kudo’s to Jordan(Reply #62)GREAT Points !

    I think it’s quite early in the game,with
    pioneers,such as David Wolfe,Daniel Vitalis,
    Doug Graham etc.Let’s see how they hold-up
    in the “Fountain of Youth Dep’t.”
    However,the X Factor thing is very intriguing !Thanks to Jordan for your keen insight and thoughtful contribution !

  71. Catherine says:

    Candace, you might have to give up on the “great taste” until you get things back in balance. As Kevin says, he can’t get Anne Marie to drink some of his smoothie’s because they aren’t sweet enough. I have been able to change my taste by getting used to eating and drinking things without sweet or salt. Now, even green smoothies taste good to me. Do yoga, connect with your body, and eat for the nutrition more than the taste, at least until you get well. It’s not easy, so I wish you the best!

  72. Catherine says:

    I’m reminding myself lately to not get so obsessed with eating the right things that I forget to live my life. As Dr. Candice Pert says “we need to eat well, move well, and think well. I also add, breathe well, love well, and play well. My three things, yoga, good food, and good thoughts. OK, 3 more: connect with self, others, and nature. Have fun everyone and go out and play!!!

  73. john says:

    #69 Thank you for the concrete evidence.

  74. Barbara says:

    It amazes me how many people here have rejected what Dr. Clement says. He’s not talking off the top of his head- what he says is the result of many years of research with thousands of people. Granted, even the best scientific research may later be updated, but for those of us who are not scientists doing primary research, we have to decide who or what we want to follow based on faith. It’s important to remember that we don’t actually know anything ourselves beyond any anecdotal info we’ve come across by experimenting on our own bodies- which certainly has some validity- but to dismiss a scientist outright because what he says doesn’t fit into your personal paradigm is very foolish. Ultimately you need to follow what you believe, but do it from an informed and educated standpoint.

  75. Candace says:

    Thank you for the encouragement Catherine! 🙂

  76. JPaul says:

    What about Sucanat, which is evaporated cane juice with all its minerals/ vitamins intact. It supposedly is a live food, and well balanced since all the minerals and vitamins balance with the inherent sugar.
    I bet people can tolerate it more than honey.
    Stevia is another excellent sweetner that does not mess with the body since it is an herb.
    Steamed wild caught salmon seems like a great substitiute for warm blooded meats if people actually need condensed proteins.

  77. jackie says:

    Kevin, I have a coconut question. If the meat of a young coconut is a little pinkish, you said not to eat it. But what about the milk? It looks and smells the same as a coconut with white meat, so is it OK to drink it? I hate to waste the whole coconut and throw it out after all my hard work getting it open! Please answer this soon. 🙂

  78. Alberta says:

    Barbara(comment#74)In all due respect,I think
    you have missed the point COMPLETELY,of what
    people are trying to articulate.For an example,have you ever heard of THE GERSON INSTITUTE and their phenomenal success in curing serious degenerative diseases like Cancer,Diabetes etc.-for well over 60years?
    There are MANY other credible ,SCIENTIFICALLY-
    BASED modalities in other very well-known and respected American “disease-clinics”-with bona-fide proven track records of ridding the body of toxins,in one form or another.
    Gerson believes in a diametrically different
    protocol than Clement at Hippocrates.Gerson uses lots of sweet fruits and veggies,which according to Mr.Clement,would ultimately bring the patient much closer,much faster to the Promised Land -because of accelerated tumor growth.By the way,I just interviewed a Gerson cancer-survivor on Feb.15,2010,who was sucessfully treated over 30 years ago for a “6 months to live cancer-diagnosis.” She was telling me that warm veggie soup was even part of her therapy .Look,this is just one example of the
    confusion that is created when one of these
    health guru’s LAY DOWN THE LAW !
    Thank God that the fans of The Renegade Health Show don’t necessarilly just accept the propaganda,the truth,the words of wisdom
    or so called scientific evidence of ANYBODY !!

    There are way too many variables and Let’s never forget those immortal words of the sages-

  79. Don says:

    As a biologist I wanna set some stuff straight here. I agree with Clements on 2 points. 1 is that you can get all the sugar you need from lettuce, or any other food for that matter. 2nd when you blend food it is oxidized, there is tons of research to prove this. Basically the blender takes the place of our body and removes H+ from the carbon molecules, leaving CO2 and other waste products. But, Clement does not understand fruit. Fruit like any other food is made up of exactly what we need a lot of which is glucose, or other sugars easily broken down to glucose. The most important part of health is maintaining healthy bacteria in your body, if you can do this then there is really nothing else you need. E. coli can produce any organic compound from glucose and the minerals required by most bacteria and our body as well are usually abundant in fruit as well as the air we breathe. Seaweed contains mercury, so I don’t recommend it and sprouts are an unnatural food source and I’m sure in the near future there will be studies that focus on this. The best food for anyone is whats available in their immediate natural environment. If you wanna be weak and have to do enemas all the time listen to Clement. If you wanna be healthy then listen to someone who actually is healthy like Dr. Doug Graham. Clement needs to produce some of this research he talks about, his knowledge of biology is very weak.

  80. Willemina says:

    Jackie – I am an expert on Young Thai Coconuts!I’ve opened hundreds of them !
    You, generally speaking,have nothing to worry
    about,if it is a little bit “pinkish”. Common
    sense tells you that if it smells “off” or tastes funky,toss it right into the compost.
    In my experience,(and this just happened to me yesterday,)if the inside is more of a purpleish color(as opposed to Pink)it definately has a charicteristic bad smell.So,once again,it’s back to your senses
    dictating.I consume pink ones all the time !

    P.S. When you are buying them,make sure the
    bottom of the husk is nice and firm,just like the sides and top.The mushy bottom test is the
    only test that pretty much guarantees a decent
    fresh YTC.


  81. Eva says:

    Very excited to see more of Brian. I really enjoyed him in person last summer at Fort Bragg,CA . Very grounded, sincere, and dedicated with a heavy dose of passion for research. I am stoked with the idea of having more interviews with him. My three must haves are greens, greens, and sea veggies. I am grateful for the sugar wake up call as I notice that I need to ferment the coconut water into kifer before I can consume it or it is WAY too sweet.

  82. nick says:

    OK…the steps to change — positive change — back to, or even into real health: how to give up, resolve maybe our most basic, first substance addiction. If there’s any truth to the “gateway theory” of addiction it is that to sugar, that other white powder–but too, in all its forms. Brian Clements just recounts research corroborated in the raw community by Gabriel Cousens in his Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine polemic, is how I see/read that book. Saying we should never eat mushrooms or fermented products is plainly demented. Yes I believe a stepped diet, temporarily stopping consumption of all fruit, except i think lemons, ferments & fungi so to shut off the “composting button” & fermentation process degenerating the body–that is a good idea. But there’s too much info on the astounding health benefits & nutritional qualities of mushrooms. Then fermentation creates nutrients (certainly more bioavailable vitamins than the pharm industry comes up with), probiotics, increases digestability & I’ sure the positive attributes dont stop there. So then once we stop internal connposting, fernenting I really dont think sauerkraut & chantrelles etc would lend to retriggering those degenerative processes. Still, what I was asking is how now to develop the requisite resolve to kick–?

  83. Health says:

    Thanks you so much for a thoughtful interview. It is common that, too much of sugar, harms our body. If we include lots of antioxidants in our diet, many chronic diseases can be avoided.Love your blog.

  84. Arrishannah says:

    I am a bit fed up of fruity green smoothies and with Brian’s interview, I’ll try my best to eat less fruits.
    I’ll do like the Japanese people, have a kind of broth (enzyme friendly temperature) for breakfast. With salty and blue seaweeds, miso,veggies, ginger, cayenne,etc.

  85. #76, Dr. Doug Graham is RIGHT. Everyone else is WRONG. Another 811er, big surprise…

  86. Jasmine says:

    The three most important things to me are: ripe fruit, my vitamineral green-earth/maca shake in the morning, and trying to get at least a little exercise every day. I’m not doing as well on that last one, but I’m working on it.

  87. patricia says:

    Thank you that was excellent information, the three foods that i feel is important is keffir young green coconuts, fermented foods,blue green algae and seaweed. OK may be 4 we use these for our child with Autism and found them to be key components in his turn around. We are not raw vegetarians but we consume 80% raw veg and are slowly changing more and more closer to this way of living the healthier we get. It has been hard at first but the proof is in how good we are feeling and healthier we are getting just on these excellent beneficial foods,we have introduced these foods to 10 other people and it is spreading by word of mouth.

    Thank you again

  88. Yama says:

    Thank you so much, Brian & Kevin. I am going out now to buy blue-green algae to add into my daily 8 glasses of drinking water. I will also add sunflower sprout to my daily one kg vegetables meal. Watch my progress in my youtube. Wow! I am so excited now.

  89. Sally says:

    I assume most here have listened to so much, and it’s pretty clear that the obsession with “food”, and in particular Raw vegan..has (for me at this point)actually added to the eating disorders, and in SO many cases caused alot of problems. When in doubt, use high quality cleanse (but don’t overdo)and most importantly…DON”T OVEREAT!!! WE all know, clean and organic is better..But PLEASE, SPROUTS??? and the ALgaes..As another poster stated..Not enough calories..and where would we find sprouts and algaes in Nature in the quantities they well as greens.. I as well buy the phylosophy of vegetarianism..and think if we are omnivores, we need VERY little..but many of the die hards (Paul Nison, Dr. Bass, Boutenko)have either gone off veganism or (Boutenko’s) are eating some cooked food.. The history does show we are hard wired to go without food (times of drought/famine/pestilence..and long winter..ran out of food) and THAT makes sense to me.. Stop eating..But oh no God forbid.. this idea that we need to be ingesting all these super foods (drugs), and macro nutrients is really over the top.. I did much better before the obessing.. Could go on, but time to quit..Lighen up/eat less and fast on occasion is what works best for me… And enjoy what you ingest. PS the 113 yr old man,who was recently highlighted claims a few years back (in his late 80″s I think) he cut down from 3 to 2 meals a day..eats toast and eggs late morning..and the rest of the day but not after late afternoon eats fruits.. He says he thinks not overeating makes a bit difference..BUT HE EATS TOAST AND PANCAKES WITH HIS EGGS!!!

  90. Jackie says:

    Is the research carried out at the Hippocrates Institute published in a peer reviewed journal?

  91. Angela says:

    I don’t know my 3 healthy things as I’m new to this whole lifestyle. I think greens are important so that would be my number 1.
    I do have a question about the algae. I am allergic to shellfish (shrimp, squid, octopus) and also severely allergic to CT scan contrast dye. 1st with the dye then later shellfish. So I’m wondering, I can’t find any good research on this, can you take the algae if you are allergic to these things?
    Thanks for your help and thanks for making us think!

  92. mark e says:

    All I could think of from the first moment I saw the picture of Clement in this interview was, “Wow, this guy looks sketchy. He has ‘sketchy salesman’ written all over him.” Maybe he’s totally legit but I was inclined to distrust him from the start. I’m with #1 and #43!

  93. Jen says:

    Interesting info.
    Although i feel that a varied diet of plant based food are important, we must also remember it depends on the individual needs (not wants).
    I know for me alot of fruit sends me wild. So its down to a bit of fruit skip the honey. A bit of honey skip the fruit. Sprouts are just so fun and awesome to add into your diet.
    1) Sprouts
    2) Any vege
    3) fruit (which i only consume mid morning so it doesn’t mess with my sleep)
    We must keep an open mind with all information but to prevent confusion get blood tests and slowly learn to see which foods work for you and when.
    Remember i body changes in time just like food. So its a never ending learning (fun)process.

  94. Daphne says:

    In spite of the fact that he looks like Patrick Bateman, what he said about fruit is backed up by another video on the subject:

    Sugar: The Bitter Truth

    “Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin.”

    He pretty much says that ALL sugar is processed by the body in the exact same way alcohol is processed – which is why we get withdrawal symptoms (and so many other problems) from sugar.

    I don’t like fruits much and I only use them to sweeten my green smoothies. I figure I’ll get to a point where I won’t need them so much once I get the hang of high-raw eating.

    The three most important foods for my health are:


  95. Sarah says:

    I think Jordan Lidster’s comments deserve attention. We need to look at all parts of the health picture, with an unbiased approach. I would be interested in what you have to add to this. Are there any raw vegan centenarians? And if so, I would also be interested in knowing if the blood type diet has anything to do with that… I do think that listening to your own body is one of the best things one can do to optimize their personal diet… we are all so very different! Thanks for a great show!

  96. Don says:

    Sleep, Water, Glucose in that order

  97. Carolyn says:

    Exercise (or sexercise!)

    This obsession about food and eating and when to eat and what to eat and what not to eat has been given a new diagnostic code in the DSM. Its called Orthorexia. And I’d be surprised if 80% of us didn’t have this.

  98. Jacquie says:

    What a great interview! I can’t wait for the 2nd half. My top three important foods would be leafy greens, my SunWarrior Ormus Super Greens and my green juice. I do eat a little fruit, but it is always only a small part of a smoothie or juice. I no longer eat it whole (except for an occasional grapefruit during the winter). I know you didn’t ask for a goal, Kevin, but my next goal is to start sprouting my own sprouts. It will be a reality by the end of March 2010! 🙂 Blessings!

  99. Joan says:

    Another good interview – thanks, Kevin for sharing a variety of programs/beliefs/ideas – God gave us each a brain to make decisions that are of the most benefit to us – although we don’t make the best decisions always, we have that choice! From what I have learned greens would be #1 – preferably fresh but second choice would be a green powder. Unlimited veggies would be #2 and fruit, nuts and seeds as #3. I prefer to have my fruit first thing in the morning – it requires the least digestion – then green smoothie – lunch is a nice green salad and more veggies in the evening. The information is only confusing if we allow it to be – I don’t agree with anybody 100%. I pick and choose the best information from each to come up with what works best for me. Whether or not there are scientific studies doesn’t particular impress me either. They can be tainted by the researcher, funding or the particular product(s) being studied. Make wise choices and use common sense!

  100. gina says:

    I realy love listening to him everything he says makes perfect sense to me.
    I am vegan I have never fermented yet I only eat Eden sauerkraut once in a while.
    Well I am having a hard time sprouting certain things. I can sprout quinoa but for some reason I cannot sprout oats I have tried many times but I just end up with smelly oats..staritng to mold.
    Also some people consider soaking – sprouting?
    Which sprouts is he talking about, quinoa, oat, seeds, nuts??? How far does the sprouting process go?

  101. Ben Brown says:

    How do we reconcile Dr. Clement’s claim regarding sugar with The Grape Cure (see below)? Could it be that the sugar per se is not so bad, but combining with other foods is a problem? I’m a big believer in Herbert Shelton, and his emphasis on food combining. There seems to be some magic to mono-diets.


    “The Grape Cure

    In the present desperate need of the world, I am offering this book as my contribution toward the solution of the Cancer problem. It is founded on personal experience and is put forward more as a prevention of Cancer than as a cure…”

  102. Yikes! After the heart attacks I read Dr Max Gerson and then Dr Esselstyn and then went to a naturopath Brenda Gill.
    we have been vegetarian for over three years and vegan since middle of Dec. We do use our VitaMix to make our green smoothy for breakfast but only blend for under 30 secs and drink right away. we do use hamp protien powder in it, no salt of any kind. we also grow wheat and grind grass every morning for about 2 oz each depending on how long the grass is. LOL We do not eat much fruit except organic apples gleaned in the summer and stored in our cold room. Pretty soon we will have to buy. I only used seaweed in beans which of course were cooked. Should I be soaking the dried stuff and putting it in our green smoothie too?
    In summer we have a wonderful organic green garden, curly kale collards, swiss chard tomatiloes, asparagus, garlic etc ,but we have cold winters up in Canada (West Kootenays) and I have been dehydrating all these greens for winter because we cannot afford so much from the organic health food store. Just on a very small pension. too many conflicks for me AAUUUUUG! Joni

  103. Veronika says:

    Regarding Jordan Lidster’s comment:

    My understanding is that the X-Factor is sometimes mentioned to be genetics – hence, most centenarians have kids who live long, even if their diets were different. But there are still some common threads related to food. See this section in wikipedia:

    Another common thread is low-stress lifestyle, physical activity, a sense of purpose or care-giving, and sometimes spirituality. And I still think diet plays a big part, especially when it affects our mood. =)

    But yes, I’m just as confused as you are regarding the specific diets since there is contradictory research out there. I agree with you about trusting your own body and intuition. And as Kevin would say, blood test are useful!

  104. RIch G says:

    Wow, I am just starting a 5 day green smoothie clense and I could not disagree more with his statements on fruit. I even disagree with the sprouts issue. I think sprouts are not good for you at all. I blend every day for breakfast and lunch and most of the food is fruits. It is a complex sugar in fruit and a simple sugar in other sweet things. The complex fruits are good for you and do not fuel cancer. What a bunch of bunk. Yes, people go to Hypocrites sick and get better but those are folks on the standard american diet, not eating 80/10/10. I prefer Dr Grahmn and also the strong studies supporting a diet of living whole foods like fruit and veggies as shown to be effective in the China Study. The CS was the largest study on nutrition ever completed and it showed that fruits and veggies was the way to go. Yes you need a great blender, which I have, so I can blend in as little time as possible. But good blending gets all the nutrients right into your blood stream and your cells of your body. I would take Brian’s comments with a grain of dulse!!!

  105. Jill says:

    Thanks for this interview Kevin, it was very informative.

  106. Jamie says:

    1. wild edible greens
    2. macro and micro algae
    3. tonic herbal teas


  107. Cherie says:

    Green smoothie for breakfast, E3live and salads.

  108. Fiona says:

    It was funny… just as he mentioned the word “dates” I was stuffing one into my mouth!

    I, too, think fruit is good for you (many of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom eat a primarily frugivorous diet).

    However, I think he’s coming from the perspective of a Doctor who sees very unwell patients entering his care, patients who have probably been living on a SAD for many years. Given that they’re already toxic and unwell with cancers and the like, it’s not a stretch to imagine that for THEM too much sugar from fruits could be a bad thing.

    However, for a person who consumes a lot of fresh fruit and veg, no processed foods etc. and whose body is fairly empty of toxins, I don’t see that eating fruit will contribute to cancer. I would imagine cancer would have a harder time getting a foothold in such a healthy body in the first place!

    So, if I were ever very unwell, I’d probably take his recommendations to heart. In the meantime, I’ll keep eating fruit!

    I was also interested in the post (can’t remember the number) where the poster asked where all the 100+ year old vegans/vegetarians are. I’d like to know too 😉 While the reading I’ve been doing seems to indicate that raw vegan is the way to go, it’s interesting when it’s pointed out that many strict vegans later go back to consuming some animal products! So, yeah, I’d like to find out about a few more vegans who have lived on the diet for 30+ years.

    Since I’ve started on the road to raw vegan (I’m not 100% yet), I’ve noticed more and more “sick” looking people around me. The raw vegans I see all look so healthy and radiant! The number of other people who look healthy… well… there just aren’t that many around!

    So, it’s hard to reconcile the information that all the people who live to 100 or more eat cooked foods, meat, dairy etc. etc. (although I don’t believe they eat HEAPS of such foods, because I haven’t seen any morbidly obese centenarians either!) I rather thank most of them would be fairly moderate eaters who, even if they do eat meats/dairy etc. still don’t consume a lot of processed rubbish or junk food.

  109. joel says:

    Who is Dr Clement from Hippocrates? Where did he come from? Where was he born? How old is he? What did he do before he came to Hippocrates 25 years ago?

  110. patrice says:

    I believe where our bodies as individuals are in the process and where they are coming from is important in how to treat it and for how long. I began a juice/detox diet in September, followed by all raw foods for 2 weeks, followed by 85-100% raw foods the past 5 months and presently. Prior to this I was an omnivore. I am sick and have many health issues. I had my gall bladder removed several years ago.
    Right now, when I look at meat, it makes me feel nauseated. I was cold during the winter and my naturopath will allow me a small amount of cooked organic meats but I don’t want them and did not try them, yet. He will also allow me cooked organic vegetables, soups, etc. He believes they should be made a chemical free as possible and not to overeat. I do have baked potatoes, organic vegee soups such as butternut squash, sweet potato, etc. I also have flaxseed crackers and water crackers sometimes, along with salads, fruit, nuts, and seeds. I am allergic to soy, so not that. My naturopath believes that I should drink distilled or purified water, rest and do “bathroom detox” weekly for now. I also take herbs to rebuild along with getting 20-30 minutes sunshine a day and eventually some walking. I have some stretches that I do. The future will be dictated basically by my body and is and can be flexible. My level of energy and well being along with tests done at my standard doctor’s offices “will tell the tale.” I am hypoglycemic and cannot go too low on sugar because then I cannot seem to function. I cannot go to high on sugar or eat an upsized meal without running out of energy and losing focus. There are some things I cannot eat much of because they lower blood pressure and I have low blood pressure, also. I am still looking for that balance for now, a balance to take me to the future and a balance for the future. In the meantime, I will continue to learn and test, and rest. I pray always and believe that God will supply new answers. It is frustrating not to be able to go directly to a solution and have it work all the way , all of the time. I do pray that all of us will find the right solutions for our bodies and that any operator error on any of our parts will become clear to us and that we will be able to correct them and move forward.
    Thanks for a great site and a chance to hear of different methods and theories. Each of them, for somebody is probably gold.

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