Raw Food Not Egg Salad Recipe – The Renegade Health Show Episode #492

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Annmarie went out to film this show without me…

When she came back she put a tray in front of me with something that looked exactly like egg salad.

I said to her, “are you back on eggs?”

She laughed and said, “no, it’s a raw food not egg salad.”

I tried it. It was amazing.

Learn how to make it here…

Your question of the day: What is your favorite thing to do with coconuts?

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Here’s the raw food recipe:

Charlie’s Raw Food Not Egg Salad

Meat from 2 Fresh Coconuts
2 stalks of celery, chopped
3 stalks of scallions, chopped
3 TBSP Raw Vegan Mayonnaise, or Olive Oil and little bit of mustard. (Charlie would not give her amazing Raw Mayonnaise recipe away! You’ll have to beg her!)
1 tsp turmeric
Pinch of sea salt or to taste
Pinch of pepper or to taste

Put it all in a food processor and pulse a few times! Enjoy over a bend of greens 🙂

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. I have never had the courage to try a recipe with coconut. I don’t have a machete and am unwilling to risk my largest cleaver. Besides, at $2/coconut, this becomes expensive.
    But I love the vid. Keep up the good work AnnMarie. You are developing into a skilled TV personality.

  2. dave says:

    Is Annmarie Pergent?

  3. RW says:

    Great recipe! Thanks
    Coconuts are so versatile. I use them in smoothies, salads, desserts and sometimes just eat coconuts straight up.

  4. i try not to use them anymore because they are so high in fat. but coconut water or young coconuts are great.

  5. i used to be addicted to what we called “banana shakes”. which is just water, dried coconut, one or two bananas and a few dates. the taste was amazing.

    you can also make it without the coconut if you don’t want the high-fat content.

  6. John says:

    I put them in my shirt. Oh yes, and young coconuts make a wonderful raw vegan sashimi recipe.

  7. Kaylani says:

    I love to make smoothies with coconut water and meat, goji berries, maca, cacao, hemp seeds and bee pollen. Yummy. I also just love the coconut water by itself. I always get excited just cracking open the coconut in anticipation!!!!

  8. Jill says:

    I can’t believe how much that looks like egg salad! (I LOVE egg salad!) That sounds so yummy. @Huggermugger: those banana shakes sound awesome!

  9. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Annmarie,

    You are so enjoyable to watch, full of life and beautiful. Great show today! Kevin would be proud. Wow, that recipes sounds fantastic. I am not sure I’d be able to open a fresh coconut, nor am I sure sadly how fresh it would be. If I ever have them at my disposal, I’d love to try that recipe.



  10. Jill says:

    I forgot to add what a great job Annemarie did on the show today! 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    I grew up in Hawaii and so we’re surrounded by coconuts too! I actually have a question to put out there. When I was young, we had a tree I’m our yard and my grandmother (who is Japanese) use to put the coconut water on my hair after we open the coconut. (then she would let me eat it). I’ve never come across anyone who does that here or any shampoos that have the water it. Any ideas?

  12. Dave Tyler says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of coconut water…. I tend to use the water more than eat the actual coconut.

    1 handful of Goji berries soaked overnight in coconut water
    The juice of 1 lemon
    1 Tsp Blue Green Algae
    1/2 inch ginger

    Blend it all up and drink it down after a long run or a great workout.

  13. Dave Tyler says:

    @Lisa.. it’s alkalizing and full of minerals.. it’s what hair needs… I wish I learned that before mine fell out 🙂

  14. Brian says:

    I eat the meat and drink the water from mature coconuts standalone.

    I don’t agree that fats are bad. There are other factors that causes poor health. It’s true that fats are calorically dense but they seem to increase satiety and boost alertness as long as they are raw. Pumpkin seeds are good sources of zinc and sesame are rich in calcium. I can’t seem to find low fat sources of zinc.

    Persistent food and stimulant cravings, and lack of energy can be a sign of the lack of b vitamins and minerals. The main symptom of borderline B12 deficiency is usually fatigue.

    Saturated fats are not harmful, and in fact, they may be necessary.

    It would also be wasteful to discard the remaining jelly/meat from the coconut if people were to consume only the “water.”

  15. Mary says:

    Yeah, can anyone tell me where I might find coconuts in Indiana???

  16. Dale says:

    Does anyone know if coconut water needs refrigeration after it has been removed from the coconut? I would like to take some with me when I go backpacking for a couple of days.

  17. Shannon says:

    Gorgeous dress, Annmarie!

    This recipe looks absolutely delicious.


    EAT IT! NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!

  18. LI says:

    Your show was great today.
    Would love the mayo recipe!!

  19. Shannon says:


    look at the nutrition label on the fresh young coconuts, the white conical ones in the refrigerated section, that are what people use to make raw-food coconut recipes generally:

    only 1 or 2 grams of fat! so don’t worry about it!

    and it’s the GOoooooOOOOd fat!

  20. Chris & Sara says:

    MMmmm we love coconuts! They are sooo yummy and good for you.

    Our fav is Chocolate Ice Cream

    2-3 Coconuts meat
    2 tbs cacao powder
    Coco Water 1/2 – 1 cup
    Agave or other to sweet taste
    1/2 tsp. Vanilla powder

    Blend away and enjoy !! You will never need ice cream again!

    Another good is without the chocolate for a vanilla ice cream~


  21. RJ says:

    All the time I spent living in Florida…I never had a chance to take a machete’ to a coconut! I would always buy the inner (brown) nut at a market and pierce the “softer” eye so that we could suck out the lovely coconut water. We’d then take a hammer to the hard nut to get to the gold. The tastey meat,that is.

    My best coconut in the house now is a purse from the 1950’s. It’s made of a coconut shell that’s been perfectly cut in half and has a charming handpainted face on it,with a stretchy piece of elastic that clamps down on it’s nose so that the purse may close. I found it on ebay 5 years ago. Whoever made this charmer also lined the coconut in red fabric. The older purses are far more beautiful than current repros. Keep watching ebay for the best examples.

    PS…Ann, love your new top…so very, very KEY WEST 🙂 Keep having FUN exploring Key West!!
    Thanks for all you do.

  22. Stacy says:

    Great video! Love your dress Ann Marie…
    I love drinking the water in the afternoon for energy and freezing the meat to make raw ice creams in the future.

    Kevin…is there any way that you can move therenegadehealthshow “teal graphic bar” away from the bottom of the screen, or make it more transparent, or delete it when doing demos so we can see thru it and better see what is going on in the lower left of the screen? It was hard to see a lot of the demo today because the bar was blocking the area where she had her food processor, also when the guy was chopping open the coconut, couldn’t see a large part of how he did that because of the graphic and I’d love to see how he cut them open 🙂 Thanks for your help, I hope you don’t mind me asking 🙂

  23. RJ says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I agree with the above statement from Stacy. I always find myself standing up to peer over your watermark. Maybe you could just have the videographer take that into consideration next time or raise your watermark to the top of the screen in the future.

    Can’t wait for the next “coconut” show tomorrow!

    Be safe and enjoy each second in Key West…I will be living in a 20 degree below wind chill tomorrow…so I’m LOVING your show!

  24. Jackie says:

    I LOVE coconut! But they are toooooo expensive. Sorry.

  25. jackie says:

    Oh my gosh, Dave! Why did you ask if AnnMarie was pregnant? Because the wind was blowing under her top and poofed it out a little???
    The coconut eggs look great, but my question is what type of coconut should one use, since I don’t see any in the store that look like the ones they picked from the tree in Key West. The meat of the young Thai coconuts seem to be too soft….??

  26. Dawni says:

    Beautiful dress on you, AnnMarie…

    This show gave me wonderful ideas!!!!

    I love coconut water. An amazing fat source which good benefits. I do like adding coconut to blended drinks for a special treat. Open to exploring more with the softer coconut meats. I found a recipe book that uses the gel of young coconuts in a variety of ways. In time I hope to give them a try.


  27. Radames Delgado says:

    i like making recovery smoothies after workouts with the coconut water and love using the “meat” for puddings and creams. where can you order the cool sticker that you have on your laptop that says pestecides suck. i would love to get that sticker and others with similar/important messages!!!! awesome as usual!!!

  28. Kat says:

    Wow – YUM!!!! 😀 I’ve never thought about using the soft coco meat for egg – awesome.

    I love anything coconut…it’s hard to decide on a favorite way to eat it! I would have to say coconut ice cream.

    Awesome video today, Annmarie – you are getting to be a pro! 🙂

  29. Grace says:

    Coconuts ….. STRAIGHT UP!! I will usually buy a couple on a special occasion and then hack into the top, chug the water and spoon out the meat. My family looks at my wide-eyed while this is going on b/c I look like a junkie who can’t wait to get their fix.


  30. Veronika says:

    I like my young coconut straight up!

    It’s funny, I hadn’t bought coconuts in a few months, but I decided on it today, so I happened to be drinking it when I clicked on your video! I also ate an egg right before, which is a funny coincidence. Made me realize I could make an egg salad with the coconut in my hands instead.

    I love how you’re doing videos in a tropical area – more videos in Key West please!

  31. Juliet says:

    What a great show AnneMarie! Hope to see you do more. As for my favorite coconut recipe. I guess it’s natures best one.

    Many, Many years ago I was traveling in the Yucatan Region in Mexico and literally was in the jungle close to a beach. I was horribly ill with dysentery, and a Mayan Indian that worked at the camp climbed a coconut tree and cut one right in front of me and served it up right then and there. The coconut was so young, that it had a pudding like texture. I have yet to have one like this again.

    The Mayans use young coconut for the very purpose I needed it for, and indeed it cured my illness and kept me hydrated and electrolyte balanced. At the time I did not understand this. As I said before ; it was long ago.

    So. I guess thats my favorite coconut recipe.

    I recently bought and cracked a coconut in my kitchen. What a mess I made of it. I guess practice makes perfect?

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’ll give it a try soon.


  32. Alina says:

    Great dress AnnMarie. I have noticed it right away. Wonderful colour and shape.

  33. Luna says:

    Thank you for your encouragement and information. I am a NEW Raw Enthusiast. Which Juicer would you recommend so that I can have more greens (via juicing) in my day?

  34. Elana Schachter says:

    I recently made raw carrot/coconut soup, seasoned with garlic, turmeric, or a little curry. Yum!

  35. Angelique says:

    Jackie: when I want firmer meat, I usually get lucky buying the biggest young coconuts at the store. They tend to be older and on their way to being mature (not foolproof, but it helps).

    Grace: same here! Except I always have to buy them in 3’s since as soon my kids hear me cracking one open, they come running and want one too..

  36. Denise says:

    I do agree with the comment about the banner — not just on this particular episode, but most. Smaller, lower, and to the right (rather than left side) would make a difference.

    Great show! Big disappointment about the mayonnaise, as that one particular thing will “make or break” the results. I’ve made at least 8 different “raw mayo” recipes, and haven’t liked even one — so no point my putting it with this recipe — it’ll change it!

  37. Hi Anne-marie,

    it was a very nice video with a great receipe on coconuts. It is magical for me to see beautiful people in sunny florida in middle of the cold wet winter in France. By the way Charlie is very cute.. maybe I should ride my bike to sounth florida to visit her cafe. Is she coming from UK with her accent ?

    Dr. Jerome from France

  38. Betsy says:

    How to Open a Thai Young Coconut with a Knife
    by SteffySue on Youtube – great video to how to open a coconut.

  39. Lori says:

    I can usually find the young Thai coconuts in a Whole Foods wherever I happen to be living at the time (now AZ,last year South FL). My local Fry’s(Krogers)even carry them from time to time. I find that sometimes the meat is gel-like and sometimes it’s hard, which I too usually freeze for ice cream/puddings later. They really aren’t too hard to open, I just use my biggest knife,start shaving off the husk to expose some shell, “wop” all around the top until you hit that “sweet” spot that starts the cracking open then the rest is easy. I enjoy the water just by itself so much that I have a big stockpile of frozen meat, that egg salad sounds yummy! My favorite drink with coconut is to blend with pineapples – they just seem to go together.

  40. Dee says:

    I also noticed Annmarie’s dress, really lovely. Where did you get it?

    Any ideas for using the pulp left over from making nut milks? Thank you.

  41. john says:

    My favorite way to eating a coconut is to drink the juice first,then the fiber, either eating it as is or mixed in a variety of berries and dates. In viewing the finer detail of what Charlie was doing it is difficult to see all the details of the video due to the Renegade health banner obstructing the view.Other than that small complaint, I must say Ann Marie and Charlie you both did an EXCELLENT presentation both of you, as well as your assistants. Would like to have you do more videos with Charlie on a variety of recipes ,one comes to mind coconut lemon pie ? And the nutritional aspects of coconuts.Will be waiting for tomorrow video on where they grow in key west ann how they are harvested etc. Thank you again Ann Marie and your special guest Charlie.

  42. Stormie says:

    I grew up in Key West, so I didn’t know there was any way to eat them other than to crack them open on the sidewalk, drink the water and eat the meat inside. They were everywhere and you could never just eat a little, always had to be the whole thing! We used to eat the key limes right off the treas as well. Our parents were always after us because they stain clothing very badly. Isn’t it beautiful there?

  43. Leam says:

    I cannot get enough coconut water – Love it! Coconut macaroons are a favorite sweet treat.

  44. Wilhelmina says:

    Great job on the show. I would love the mayonaise recipe as I have not found a good one yet. Coconuts are $2.99 ea.in Canada and that is if you can find them.
    Also I would like recipes with the left over pulp from the nut milks its a big deal to me to have to through out the pulp. Please, Please recipe’s any one….

  45. Jenny says:

    I also noticed AnnMarie’s lovely dress/top right away. I WISH I had a body like AnnMarie. So lovely.

    I also agree about the banner/watermark. I get very frustrated watching the vids when I can;t see whats happening cause of the banner.

    When I first went raw last May I used to buy alot of the young thai coconuts at Whole foods for $1.99 each. Now they’re charging $2.99 ea. Way too expensive for me. Maybe the price will go down in the spring. So for now no cocnut for me. I love the clean fresh taste of the water and mainly use the meat in smoothies or to make icecream.

    I’m sorry to sound so naive, but I just don’t understand why Whole Foods have to charge so much for them. I Do see the Thai coconuts at the oriental market for cheaper, but the quality is so poor, and they are alway moldy. YUCK!

    BTW, its been VERY hard for me to stay Raw in the winter when its so cold, but I do the best I can.

  46. Lynn says:

    Fist off, Lisa, I just read atop beauty tips list from Tonya Zavasta, and using coconut water to condition your hair was one of them. She recommends massaging the water into your scalp, leaving on for 30 min., then wash and condition as usual.
    I too agree that it would be nice if the logo bar was moved, or done away with during demos. It does seem to cover up what is being show at times.
    I too absolutely LOVE your dress AM. You looked so nice, and you did a great job today. I rarely do anything with coconts-too expensive in PA–but I may try this recipe out. It looked really good.
    By the way, I love the facial oil and serum I just purchased from your line. I’m sure I’ll be using it for a long time!

  47. Rebecca says:

    Nice idea, but not economical for families. I rarely get to buy coconuts, $3.29 each.
    I make my own yummy mayo, but of course it has eggs in it 😉

  48. Rhonda D says:

    Great Video, can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

    I love coconuts just as God created them.

    Although, a mango, coconut, pinapple smoothie is the best:)

  49. Geri says:

    Ann-Marie you look lovely as always (not pregnant at all!) !
    I loved this recipe and I will try it as I live on Maui and we have coconut trees with coconuts always ready in our yard! When the kids were little, we used to make sure the kids all got the same amount of the milk and meat, cause it is soooo yummy!
    thanks ann-marie, another great video!!!!!
    aloha, Geri

  50. raymond says:

    all i know is,this is CRAZY.why not eggs? who says eggs are bad for you? eggs(dont laugh)could save your life,and i have the documents to back it up!! not only for protein,but for the cysteine(a heavy metal detoxer).there was a vietnamese prisoner(american) for 6 months and he ate nothing but eggs and drank water and when they released him and they did a physical on him he was in the best shape of his life!!

  51. Shelley says:

    I watched several ‘how to open a coconut’ youtube videos. Some are awful, some great. I first cut down the pointy top further..round and round to get down to the hard shell, then I use the ‘butt’ end of a cleaver, 2 or 3 whacks and it’s open. A round hole. I pour out the liquid into a canning jar or Vita-mix. I use an ice cream scoop that is sort of a ‘cupped hand’ shape. It is sharp and scrapes out the meat easily. Don’t forget to dry out the finished coconut and peelings, they make great fire starters. I go to an Oriental food store on the Friday when the truck comes and delivers the coconuts. A box of 9 is $12. It is always a toss of the coin…some have thin meat, some thick. They must be used/cut up/frozen within a few days. Sometimes they get lavender colored inside. I’ve read that they are bad then. But I’ve tasted it and it’s fine to me so I use it anyway. But then I know when I bought them. A whole pineapple (only $1.99 each in winter)2 coconuts and meat, vanilla, a few ice cubes or frozen coconut and Vita-mixer up!!!

  52. sandy says:

    I agree with Denise
    on the mayo, why give a recipe without giving the recipe, I was disappointed too. I still appreciated the idea and all the video help, we hope charlie will change her mind and give us the oppurtunity to taste the true beauty of this mouth watering recipe. thanks to all you healthy beautiful women who inspire us women to have this raw healthy lifestyle.

  53. Vee says:

    Thanks Betsy!! SteffySue’s Youtube video on opening a Young Thai Coconut was great! Plus, she also gives some good general information on the coconuts…didn’t know toxic chemicals are used to keep the outer shell from rotting and turning brown, and that’s why the coconuts are usually wrapped in plastic. Glad to know the chemicals don’t seep inside cause I can’t wait to try this recipe!!

  54. Genevieve says:

    That looked so good! I adore coconut anything but don’t have much access to it here in Canada.

    Please not the handful of parsley was not included in the recipe above.

  55. zyxomma says:

    Dale@16 — coconut water ferments rather quickly. The best way I’ve found for taking it on a hike is to freeze it in bottles, and bring the bottles along. The ice will keep it fresh until you drink it. Once it’s completely thawed, unless it’s in an insulated container, drink up!

    Dee@40 — once you’ve strained the nut milk, fridge or freeze the leftovers from several batches. Dehydrate at low temps till it’s quite dry. This is a great “flour” for live cakes, cookies, and pie crusts, either sweet or savory. Ground flax seed will help hold it together, but you’ll need a “wet” ingredient — e.g. soaked apricots for a sweet, fresh fennel and celery for a savory.

    My live mayonnaise substitute: As always, the first ingredient is love. Soak 1/4 c. Brazil nuts in alkaline water overnight, rinse, and strain. Blend nuts in Vitamix with juice of one lime, 1-2 T. extra virgin olive oil, 1 clove garlic, and a little salt until creamy. If not creamy enough, add the meat of a very young coconut (I keep some in the freezer for smoothies).

    Health and peace! Enjoy your n’egg salad!

  56. Fern Rancourt says:

    Recipe seems good but we don’t have these kind of coconuts in Canada. Can we substitute the coconut meat with coconut flakes?

    So many recipes come with ingredients from warm places (special fruits that are not available in Canada); so it would be good to mention by what they can be substituted -when it is possible!

  57. Gwen says:

    I love the young Thai Coconuts and am lucky that even though I live in Canada Super Store almost always has young coconuts available. The first time I tried to open a coconut by myself I chopped the end of my thumb open and had to go for stitches but since than I have become an expert at opening them and actually use the dull side of the knife to crack the top of the coconut off., pour the water out and scoop out the meat. I like to drink the water and make chocolate pudding with the meat.

  58. Angela says:

    Love the coconut webisodes! They are truly awesome and inspiring. I just recently bought 2 young cocos. Just had one today using Kevin’s method for opening with a knife. Well, I used a cleaver and didn’t have my usual panic with cutting my fingers off and it came apart perfectly. I made a pina colada smoothie with the water, the meat, pineapple, 1 kiwi that was begging to be used and 3 kale leaves. So fine! Yumm! So thank you immensely again!
    I also get my young cocos at the Asian market or at Jimbo’s here in San Diego. The Asian market is sometimes 30 cents cheaper, 1.69 vs 1.99 so it’s a bonus! And like everyone else, lovely dress Annmarie and I want to go visit Charlie at her restaurant! Never been to the Keys!

  59. maggie says:

    You missed parsley in the recipe! Buuuuuuu!

    Cheers! 🙂

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