How Do I Get My Husband to Eat More Raw Foods – The Renegade Health Show Episode #489

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It’s an age old question…

You can also replace “husband” with wife, friend, grandma, dog, or any other person you think could benefit from a health makeover.

Today, I give you a little secret into the male psyche that may help you get him eating greens, greens and more greens! 🙂

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What have you done to help your friends, spouse, or family members eat more healthy?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Smoothies are great…I hide the greens by adding fruit, frozen bananas, berries.

  2. Dave Tyler says:

    You gotta love the power of green smoothies… everyone love’s em.. and they just drink down the veggies!

  3. Karen says:

    I get friends and family to eat more healthfully by making foods I know they will enjoy without animal products or a lot of fat. It doesn’t change their own cooking habits right away, but it does open their eyes to the possibilities.

  4. Adrienne says:

    My family hates to cook/prepare foods and grocery shop, so as long as i make foods that taste great and make sure there is enough of them made, they will eat what is there. I just always make sure i have huge quantities of filling foods around that is premade so they can through stuff together and have a feast if they want whenever they want (smoothie stuff, greens, nuts, raw chocolate bars, raw vegan salad “meats, nori fillings, desserts, salsa/guacamole and flax chips, etc).
    If it is there, easy, and taste good, they will eat and be happy about it.

  5. Lynn says:

    I host raw potlucks!

  6. When I have friends or family over.
    I always have something made like fresh juice or raw food or vegan dish made. Also I answer question when asked and do not push the idea on folks. Another thing I do is leave copies of VegNews and Vegetarian times laying around.
    Even my coworkers are taking a interest in my lifestyle now.
    The best thing I have done is transform myself and improved my health dramatically in the past 2 years. This intrigues people the most.

  7. Amy says:

    Well, this past fall I read the books The China Study and Healthy at 100. I had been on a raw food diet many years ago, but getting married and having kids made it really difficult to keep eating right. But after reading those books, I decided enough was enough. I stopped buying meat (although my husband still brings it home occasionally) and greatly reduced the dairy products that my family was consuming. I got almond milk to use in cooking and started mixing it with milk in my kids cereals, increasing the almond milk bit by bit til now they will eat it with just almond milk. I also started making green smoothies in December – loving them! The whole family will drink them.

    Unfortunately, meal time is still a struggle with my kids to get them to eat vegan fare. I pretty much called “uncle” yesterday when they both went gaga over a turkey and cheese sandwich that their dad made and shared with them. (kids are ages 3 and 5, btw) I’ve decided that I will continue to share with them the reasons I choose to eat what I eat, but will start making them non vegan foods that they will eat. They haven’t been eating much and I don’t think that is good for them either.

  8. Joan says:

    I “hide” veggies in muffins/bread items that I bake…also green smoothies – but he can see they are green LOL!!! but if enough fruit he will drink…gradually finding more and more raw veggies that he will eat before moving on to the rice and beans…at least mostly vegan, so making progress.

  9. May Blom says:

    Yes,I agree. Smoothies work! Make sure you start off with them fairly sweet (more fruit). Let the person have a taste and tell you what they think and then adapt from there.

  10. Andrew says:

    Great show Kevin.

    I’ve helped both my parents lose weight and feel healthier. Both are nearly vegetarians. My mum still eats fish, but no other meat or dairy and has done for about a year. My dad’s health journey stated about 4 months ago. After he seen the results my mum & I was getting. He still very occasionally eats meat & dairy. He’s done really well. He was nearly 13 Stone and he’s only 5ft 3. He’s now 11 stone. He used to eat a lot of frozen micro waved pizza, bread, pasta & packet cereals. We don’t even have the microwave any more. He eats spelt bread instead of regular bread. My mum makes them both a raw oat meal breakfast out of The Raw Revolution book. They like cooked quinoa!

    Wow! Writing this has made me realise how well he’s done.

    Next step is to get him to eat more greens & less sugar & fat.

  11. Nancy Zare says:

    Regarding gout, I totally agree about creating an alkaline diet. Most of us are way too acidic. Extra weight is a strong indication that your body is removing acid waste by storing it as fat. A quick way to become more alkaline is to drink alkaline water, at least half one’s body weight in water. Yes, alkaline foods such as green veggies are terrific. But this is a slow way to alkalize the body. Water is much faster. Look into ionized, alkaline water.

    I’ve done countless things to encourage friends and family to include more living foods into their diets. An easy way is to prepare the meal myself and invite them to eat! I’ve given people gifts of raw food items (especially desserts). As others mentioned, you can “hide” greens in some of these dishes. I’ve also loaned and given away various books on the topic, as well as DVDs. Just some of my actions.

  12. M.L says:

    My friend wanted to know how to cook. She said she didn’t know how to cook at all but that she wanted to cook healthy food. (she’s 19).
    I invited her home to my place and we made some raw food. I did not tell her about raw food and what it is at all, we just made the food. At the end of the day she said “This is not hard! You just put everything into the food processor!”

    Now she’s buying the raw food cook book that we were using… 😀 I am not going to push the raw food concept on her. She’ll discover on her own.

  13. i’d say let them notice on their own that you slowed down the aging process. only give them subtle hints, they’ll get curious and start asking questions…

  14. Karen Duffy says:

    I have been increasing my percentage of raw foods and lately have left all the white/processed stuff behind. My husband noticed the changes in me and has decided to go without meat at least for the time being. Unfortunately, his idea of a good salad is iceberg lettuce. I have to really talk up romaine to get him to eat it. The only other green veg he really likes are celery and green peppers. So he’s pretty much eating a regular vegetarian diet with milk cheese potatoes, white rice etc. (he’s allergic to eggs) I am thankful for this one step in the right direction and hope to keep learning more to keep us both on track. Thank you for all your upbeat shows and timely info.

  15. Ahntara says:

    Green smoothies for breakfast are the bomb! So quick, so easy, so healthy and they taste good too.

    The main thing I do is share information. It’s easy to drop hints about avoiding the microwave, proper food combining, etc. I also offer food that is acceptable to me for them to taste.

  16. Kristen says:

    Kevin, I have been interested in finding sources for ordering organic coconuts. Since you mentioned Florida coconuts I thought I’d send you this link:

    Raw Guru has also gotten into the business for Florida, Hawaiian and Thai organic coconuts

    And you have given us the link to GeneFit Nutrition in the past for Thai coconuts.

    I was also curious about the boxed non-organic coconut waters and this was the response I got from ONE – Just FYI

    “Thank you for writing to us and for your interest in ONE. We are NOT organic – while we do NOT use pesticides, we DO use organic fertilizer on our coconut water plantations. ONE Coconut Water goes straight from the young green coconuts on the tree into the Tetra Pak, never touching light or air until you open the seal. They are never dipped. We only use fresh coconuts.”

    In terms of integrating foods at home, I try to connect the family to where their food comes from. We try to get to the farmers market every weekend and I let my daughter pick out whatever she wants – raw honey is a favorite. We have gone out to the horrible dairy farm where the cows are standing in mounds of muck trying to grab pieces of grass on the other side of the fence. Seeing where your food comes from is a powerful motivator for making healthier choices. Feeding kids is tough but I try to add (instead of subtract) so I mix chia seeds in her sprouted grain cereal, spirulina and flax seeds into her pancakes, mix some raw cows milk from our local farm into the nut milks, add goji berries, and use raw goat cheese instead of cow products for cheese sandwiches on sprouted grain breads.

  17. millie says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ve try to tell my friends and family on how important it is to eat healthy.

    I have told them how process food is not healthy.

    I have told them what I do and all I get is all kind of excuses on how expensive and how hard and than they just laugh at me so I have STOP telling them what I do.

    When my family and friend see me and tell me how great I look and whats my secret I tell them I was the lucky one who got all the good genes.

    I juice every morning, I work out in the gym everyday, sometimes hard, sometimes very lite, but everyday, it just starts my day. I do smoothies, warm soups, steam veggies, and right now I’m eating lots of oranges.

    If the sun is out so am I, if its raining a books store(love them)I read everything (oh n I got hit on most of the time in the book store lol), I never watch TV it is such a waste of time and for me my time is way to valuable to waste.

    I love u guys so much

    I feel like I’m not alone. Since I’m alone in this journey when it comes to my family and friend it’s ok because it’s an honor to respect myself and to love myself and not to many people can say that about themselves. Plus I feel great with this great routine of mine.

    Anyway love you guys so much

    Millie from CT

    P.S. Annmarie love, love, love your coconut body & face oil. 🙂

    ps love love love your COCONUT BODY & FACE OIL

  18. Dianne says:


    “If it’s not on the shelf, it’s not in his mouth”

    I love it!

    Thanks for such a great tip Kevin.

    🙂 Dianne

  19. junglegirl says:

    There are many varieties of coconuts that come in two colors, green or gold, so being gold doesn’t indicate ripeness. And there are both ‘good’ varieties and just average ones within both colors, though even an average coco that’s fresh is better by far than husked Thai nuts!

    Coco’s are ready to drink as soon as they have water in them, and therefore larger ones that are still young are better because they have more water : ) It’s that simple. Eventually you’ll know just by looking how to gauge how old the meat is inside, (spoon meat, thicker for pasta, rubbery for cream or in smoothies or hard meat for chips or oil or grating), so just go ahead and choose those that look like the fattest nuts that are still young, ie; no dried, weathered spots.

    It’s also pretty dangerous work, so be VERY careful. Beginners should harvest nuts by bringing a super sharp pair of hand held pruning snips up with you and cutting each nut free of it’s stem one by one. Another way is to grab one nut at a time by the base and twist it until the stem breaks and it falls free. Good luck and enjoy!

  20. Christie says:

    Hey! Love to the show! I was wondering your opinion on Chyavanprash?

  21. Erik says:

    Dude, you HAVE to stop in Big Pine Key on your way north through the keys to see the Key Deer, they are awesome.

    I got my special lady to eat more greens (she hates them, I love them) in smoothies.

  22. Lila says:

    I have made just about every recipe that I’ve come across–my husband tries every thing I make (as long as there are no peppers)!! I’m getting really good about disguising them!!! I make different things almost daily and pass out lots of samples, which everyone loves-the challenge is convincing them how easy it is to make it themselves. I have all the tools and even make and ship all kinds of raw foods to my son(who got me started on raw foods)who is in college in Oregon!! I’d love to have my own store–someday maybe!!!!!!
    Love your show, thanks for sharing so much!!

  23. Bonsoir Kevin,

    You are lucky to be in hot weather as we stay in deep in winter in Europe or in North Amerika. Seeing Palmtree bring me the hot weather through your show.
    Well I helped my 75 year US old cycling coach to become vegetarian by giving for his 75 birthday the book of Neal D. Barnard, M.D., Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes. It is easy to understand and Dr. Barnard is a medical doctor, which is more accepted from older generation.
    After 6 months he lost 20 pounds and look much healthier and younger as before. However he joked with me that he is just a vegetarian, not a vegan. That’s okay if he can keep 10 years more to life.

    Dr. Jerome, France.

  24. Kristen says:

    So I called that company in Florida to talk about shipping their coconuts because paying $20 in coconuts but $50 in shipping seems daunting. They said that if you are a member of a food co-op, put a group of folks together or tack onto your raw food restaurant and order 300 coconuts for example, they get shipped by truck not UPS and the price drops continues to drop under $4 coconut depending on the volume. Also, it doesn’t have to be all coconuts – you can throw in bandannas, etc. If you want coconuts with lots of water (green ones) from the time of picking – they are good for 2-3 weeks. The brown ones with lots of meat, less water are good for up to 2 months.

  25. Beth Wiles says:

    Green smoothies!

    Fortunately, my husband was a willing participant in the Green Smoothie Challenge that I took back in early October, but he’s still had a difficult time eating high raw. Sometimes he will go out to run some errands just so he can get a ‘snack’, but that’s okay. I don’t give him any grief over that. I realize that we are all at a different place with our raw food diet.

    I fix green smoothie for my myself and my husband every day, and we drink two 16-oz glasses per day, and I know he really loves them. What I love is that they are alkalizing for the body – great way to supplement the nutrition of our family members who are S.A.D. eaters who would not get their greens otherwise.

    Just last night my oldest son said he would have a green smoothie for breakfast in the morning – this was the first time he ever indicated any desire to have one! He has seen me drink mine every day for months now, just watching. He requested that the smoothie be icy, so in addition to the frozen fruit that I put in, I added several ice cubes. He drank the whole thing!

    My youngest son has been drinking a green smoothie now and then for several weeks now, but my daughter still has not asked for one. I do believe that eventually she will ask for one, too… in time.

    I really enjoy watching your show!
    Take care,


  26. mindy aka ageless raw beauty says:

    hi kevin and annemarie
    the southern most point in the united states is actually on the big island of hawaii (which is actually part of the the united states)
    i will be in west palm beach area feb 9 – 23 and contacted lisa miller by email, but haven’t heard from her, as yet…would like to set up some events and also hang out with both of you
    many blessings
    have had lots of rain in san diego since monday

  27. tina says:

    Hi Keven
    What show talks about how you know if you have candida.

  28. Page says:

    Luckily, my husband loves leafy greens plus he’ll eat anything I put in front of him!

  29. Jo says:

    I have a very good friend who is now making green smoothie and she in turn is getting her family to drink them! I just tell people that eating more green foods are the healthy way to go and start getting rid of animal products. KEvin, I do have a question. I have read conflicting info on the web regarding Maca and blood pressure. Is it good at lowering high blood pressure or does it make it worst? David Wolfe’s book, “Superfoods” does not talk about it.Any info from folks on this blog would be appreciated! Thanks!

  30. bitt says:

    working on my family members. i have given them some recipe books that they like. i feed them healthy stuff when i am around them but i wish i could get (especially my dad who is prediabetic) on a green juice. I think i might try the ormus green powder on him. he might like the peppermint. worth a try!

  31. Ladan says:

    Glad the incoming emails are up and running! need my daily dose of greens and your show..i’d have to agree that smoothies rock as far as getting spouse/family to eat more greens..just make sure that you know what that persons favorite fruit is and use guy hates bananas but loves berries so we buy a variety of is a part of health so be creative..try serving the smoothi in a martini glass! cheers!

  32. Tommi says:

    What I do to help people eat more healthy is during spring, summer & fall, the kids of the neighborhood come around for green smoothies mostly and sometimes I make just fruit smoothies. They help me make them and it is a lot of fun. Thanks for all your shows, just love your energy and all your information from both of you.

  33. Nicole says:

    Kevin, I thought your advice about getting guys in particular to eat more greens/raw was good. I kind of snickered to myself though, thinking how getting my boyfriend into raw food would be easy if I just acted like raw food was a turn on…or paid three of his friends to say how much *they* love green smoothies and salad;-)

    Seriously though, I have offered smoothies to him and close friends if I happen to be making them, but that’s about it.

    So glad your blog problems are getting sorted out!

    Question: is it effective to brush one’s teeth with coconut oil? I’ve heard this, and tried it yesterday (it was a delicious expereince:-) but wonder if there is any scientic backing to the practice.

  34. Cindy in Marin says:

    This question is near and dear to my heart since I am the only raw foodie in the house. I have cut up veggies ready for my kids on a decorative platter every day when they come home or if they are in front of the TV (as they will mindlessly eat anything in front of them so it might as well be cucumber and tomatoes). I also make their lunches for school and include favorite fruits or veggies. They would eat mango every day for breakfast if I served that. Unfortunately they don’t like green smoothies but will tolerate fruit smoothies (blueberries hide the green). Husband is a very tough sell so I but organic meat for him and make salads he likes.

    I stopped buying milk and don’t let a lot of junk in the house. It’s a really fine line because the kids will get it at their friends’ homes so I have to have some treats or they will sneak around.

    Glad you are back up again. Love your show.

  35. Katrina says:

    Kevin – I like the fact that you stay open to options and the philosophy of “Let food be thy medicine”, not dogma be thy trap.

    My parents have been great about taking many of my suggestions which has led to them cutting way back on meat, eating more veggies and drinking green smoothies every morning. One benefit for me, other than their health, is that I get to use their Vita Mix. 🙂

  36. Sue says:

    I’ve got my daughter drinking green smoothies every day and even the dog likes a bit of green smoothie too. I’m working on my husband – taking the scientific approach by arguing the case for turning fully vegan, using the research from T Colin Campbell’s book The China Study. I’m reading this now and it has absolutely blown me away, the evidence in favour of a vegan diet is overwhelming. I’m just starting out on this and I’m finding dairy is the hardest thing to quit (I adore milk and cheese) at least I’ve switched to goats milk and cheese, which is a start.

  37. Dawni says:

    Such a wise group here.

    In my life, being the shining example is the mode I prefer. There is more involved than what we are eating.

    Earlier in my life, I did convince others to take on raw. They could not get past their own detox symptoms.

    I learned that detox can really frighten people and brings up a lot of resistance. Our toxic bodies scream and strive toward equilibrium.

    So the transition is riddled with a body that seeks to maintain its equilibrium within a toxic body. In my cleansing process I could feel the parasites screaming for me to eat cookies. It is tricky. I experienced all of these things myself.

    If we discuss a topic that is pressing for a friend, I do send links to on point videos from the Renegade Health Show. And am big on sharing documentaries that give an overview of our social challenges related to industrial food production.


  38. Christina says:

    Um, My husband would get fast food if I didn’t cook for him. He is starting to eat more cooked veggies, but it is either I cook or he goes and buys fast food, which the kids will eat also. BUT, I am so new to raw that I think as I continue to eat raw, the rest of them will slowly follow.

  39. Elaine says:

    Being a good example without making others feel that I am judging them is what works best for me. I like to read and loan a lot of books out also, family tends to believe others more than a family member.

  40. Radames Delgado says:

    After a while, just talking to them about it got tiring, as they always seemed doubtful that it could “tasty” So, i finally just started preparing it for them during dinner get togethers or parties. Be it cooked or raw. raw desserts are always a hit though. two quick questions: 1) about adding 2 heads of greens to your daily consumption; are they juiced, made into a smoothie, or in a salad, or any of these combinations??? 2) have you or AnnMarie read the book Anastasia, from the ringing cedars series, and if so, what do you think about it? Great to have the blog working again!!! missed reading everyones comments.

  41. Jane says:

    I have been drinking green smoothies for a year and now this year my son (22)-usually a big meat dairy eater- is making 2 litres for breakfast and to drink for the day! I gave him my copy of Green For Life-he likes facts and reading scientific research and this has helped him to justify why green smoothies are great. He now doesn’t drink any milk and no longer has all the life long mucus/throat/congestion problems he used to have. He had to discover this on his own-I have been trying for years to get him to stop having milk-but as his breakfast was always cereal and milk he wouldn’t change so it was hard. As he doesn’t live with me this change came completely on his own (after tasting GS I made him) with my support and help! We compare recipes daily and he is telling all his friends about green smoothies!

  42. Kevin –

    To answer your question of the day: I teach raw foods classes in Maine! I also host monthly raw potlucks! And most importantly, I’m excited about my food! <<exclamation points reiterate my excitement ; )

    Two comments:

    1. I tooootally agree with you on the "what you keep in your house is what's going to be eaten by [fill in person here]. I took about a year to transition to a high raw diet, gradually adding in more cool raw products and not buying the old stuff. By the end of the year, I had a kitchen make-over! Much more realistic for me (and, later, my family) to do it this way. What was interesting is that my kid (11 at the time) would come to me asking what to eat and I used to say, "Anything in the house! Eat anything you want!" The prospect of this was exciting; I'd always been so strict about regulating her food before this. Over time, she started making up these crazy combinations of food and now makes up gorgeous recipes all the time! It ended up being totally fun!

    2. Re: raw dairy… We incorporate some raw dairy occasionally and searched around for a good source. To my surprise, I found several organic, raw dairies in my area! This site is a great one for those looking for resources: But, yes, I recommend visiting the dairy first before buying to make sure it's got a good vibe. And ask lots of questions!

    Take good care…
    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  43. Amber says:

    I am totally new on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I just recently started listening to a vegetarian/ nutrition buff friends pleas with me to explore healthy living and eating. I am about two months into this journey and at every turn I learn something new and exciting that I can’t wait to share with my friends and family! I talk about my successes and failures so far with anyone who will listen, I invite them over to try the new stuff I am eating and I share all of my reading materials with them. It’s incredible how open to it they all are. Even some of my most stoic friends are starting to ask me health questions that we then research together. I tell everyone to start small with something they can do today and then to move onward and upward at a pace they feel is comfortable.

  44. Josh says:

    A couple nights ago I brought my vitamix to my friends place and had hime try a green smoothie. His first words were “thats different.” 🙂 he had one glass and I had the rest of the jug. lol.
    But I did share a lot of good information with him and recommended some websites.

  45. Rule #1, do not nag or make the friend feel intimidated or inadequate for not being raw.
    2. Make it EASIER to eat the vegan than the meat/dairy. That means prepare food ahead of time so when hubby goes looking for food, he will find enticing selections.
    3. Simply serve it without comment.
    4. I just began hosting Raw Vegan Discovery Dinners. Each couple must bring 2 dishes, both must be vegan, one must be raw. (it’s winter) It was a hit and everyone asked to do it monthly. For ideas, google “recipe for raw ___” and see what pops up. I won the prize for most unusual for raw butternut squash & coconut soup. It gets people thinking and searching and discovering. The food is delich, and the conversation was NOT about sickness.

  46. Jan says:

    I use my vita mixer to add greens into liquids that I use in recipes. Many soups and vegan chili it is easy to hide extra greens in.
    I do not force them to eat things they do not want. I try new healthy recipes 2 times a week but always have something that I know they will like and eat such as a salad with lots of nuts.
    THE BEST IDEA I HAVE was to have my teenage son cook one meal a week. He has tried new recipes not always healthy ones but noe he knows what is involved in getting dinner made. He tries new things and appreciates the foods I make and tends to not complain about my cooking.

  47. Tammie says:

    It’s real hard to get my guy’s to eat raw when everything seam to be green or gray in color (not very apealing). Got any suggestions on making the food look more appitizing.

  48. jane says:

    Please do a video about either Hemp Oil, Apricot Kernels or Colloidal silver.
    I have heard they are all anti-cancer.
    Would you advise having them everyday as a preventative or for ill people?


  49. My 2.5yr old loves to help make juice in our green star. even though his juice is mostly fruit I still add some greens.. His favorite afternoon snack is a smoothie of almond milk, squash and raw cocoa with a touch of stevia. i’m in hopes that a dehydrator will help because he still wants finger foods and will eat just about that resenbles a cracker or chip.. any tips for small ones would be appreciated..

  50. Beverley says:

    We start each day with a green smoothie, I pour out half for myself, then add frozen blueberries to the rest and it makes a green smoothie that is “purple”.. for my husband and he doesn’t know it contains greens !!…Sometimes I add some stevia
    if it isn’t sweet enough. I am trying to get him to eat more salads …..fortunately he likes romaine lettuce, so I have gotten him off the iceberg… step at a time……trying to use almond milk in place of milk but he isn’t too keen on that one yet.
    Really enjoy the shows….my fix for the day.

  51. Esoteric Engineer says:

    Animal milk is not a food and not a medicine for humans, especially those past infancy. There are no circumstances under which it should be consumed, including Candida.

    Cooked food is not the answer either. Buckwheat and millet are complex carbs which I have read are suitable for an anti-Candida diet. They should be soaked before eaten, and better yet sprouted.

    I have just listened to a David Wolfe interview with a mushroom expert. According to this expert there are certain mushrooms which can destroy the Candida.

    Follow the link to the interview page:

  52. This is such a huge issue. I’ve just written an e-book about this very topic!

  53. Sue says:

    It’s like you said–I don’t buy processed or junk foods. Over time my husband has developed an appreciation of healthier foods. I do the shopping and cooking and unless he wants to buy his own and cook it himself, he’s stuck with my healthier choices.

  54. joan gerber says:

    i started juicing 6 years ago and after i had been doing it a few years, my mom produced a juicer that had been my grandmother’s – surprise! – and started juicing as well. now, both of my sisters who live with her drink fresh regularly and like it. i started going raw about six months ago and on one visit, spent all my time in the kitchen making treats for them. they loved all of it, and i expect that as i go along, they will follow my lead and eat more raw fruits and veggies.

    i am sharing things i learn with them and they are interested in all of it. since i started going raw, the three of them are already eating less junk food and animal products. i recently did a 3-month juice feast and they are amazed at the changes to my health and my body. i really think they will continue to make healthy changes as time goes by.

  55. debbie says:

    hi enjoy Key west. i grew up there (now in miami fl) while your are there check out help yourself restaurant.
    it located at 829 fleming street great vegan/raw foods.

  56. Carrie says:

    I am inviting friends over for ELIE dinners, lunches, and parties. ELIE stands for Eat Like I Eat. They have to eat what I eat in my house. They are ok with this & they like the food!

  57. Chris & Sara says:

    If you are a shining example of happy, healthy life, people will ask!

    What we do is invite people over for dinner, and serve a BOMB delicious veggie meal. I dont mention what we will eat or anything like that. Just serve it and usually the meat eaters notice right away, “Oh, so theres no meat in here?” I say, “Oh yeah…. there isnt.? (Like I didnt notice 🙂 But this dish is sooooo good, I had to make it for you.”

    By the end of it, they are sooo amazed at how good it tates, and more importantly, how full they are. Most of them think that there is NO WAY veggies can fill them up. And that it tasted good and good for you. Many people think that if its healthy it will taste gross. They are usually so surprised and start asking the questions. Usually my meals will have ingredients they never heard of, so it perks their interest. Or it is a dish usually made with meat, but I omit and make it even better. Before I know it, the same friends are calling me asking for the recipe or where to get a certain ingredient and how to use it! 🙂 Or asking for new recipes!!! I am shocked! 🙂 And elated!

    I am very surprised at how many friends of ours have made HUGE changes and we dont even really try.

    We had my parents out for 10 days and they just ate what we eat, plus we took them on some active adventures. They each lost 5lbs with out even thinking about it. (Over the holidays, too!) They loved the food. Since going home they now make most of their meals without meat, or the main dish is veggie, and a small side of meat. (Hey its progress!) They both feel so much better and are having fun experimenting in the kitchen! Plus, both are losing weight every week! It is sooo exciting to watch!

    So dont preach or try to strong arm anyone, it wont work. It actually pushes people away. Just be open minded and let that person come to their own realizations. Allow them to be where they are and possibly show them some easy ways to upgrade from where they are. And most of all, show them love. No matter where they are on their path.

    Love you guys! Thanks again for a great show!

    Chris & Sara

  58. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    Hey, since you’re in FL why don’t you give Paul Nison a call about the coconuts? I’m sure since he lives there he knows all about them.

    As far as helping someone eat healthier I guess I have helped a few people. I do have a few friends that have come to me asking for advice simply because they know I try to do my research.

    I think the person who has made the most prgress is my best friend in California. I am so proud of her. She is a mother of five, and while it isn’t easy she does the best that can for healthy living.

    She bought a Vitamix, and eats as much raw food as possible. She lives in a great state for fresh produce year round, so she has that advantage where as I live in NC. It is a bit more difficult to get fresh, local, raw foods, especially in this weather.

    Well, thanks again Kevin for being real, and being committed not to being “vegan,” but to genuinely helping others.

  59. Melissa says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I’m the cook in the house, so whatever I make he eats (and loves it). I offer to cook meat for him and don’t restrict him in this way. Yet, he doesn’t want any when I shop which is pretty wicked. He also has more interest in raw and vegan eats since I began blogging about it, he loves to put in his two cents about topics. He even wants more of my green smoothies! One thing that really resonated with him was when we watched Big River Man. This is a movie about a man who swims the Amazon. During the film they talked about how the Amazon is being burned for raising cattle and they showed the devastation. I’ve told him about it before but when it comes from someon elses mouth it hits them more, at least some of the time.

    Thanks for the great post and love the blog

  60. C. Ben Jones says:

    The green ones are the best. Climb up there and twist one off. The milk or water will be clear and taste the best. The bigger the green nut the more to be drunk. Green is always best. I hope you have a Brazil knife with you.
    C. Ben Jones
    Hey stop at the green wave resturaunt on your way out of the state. It is in the Ft.Lauderdale areA. GEENWAVECAFE.ORG
    954-581-8377 gORMET rAW fOOD by Chef Lisa who graduated from Chef Cheri’s school out in Calf. Her husband is a prostate cancer servivor due to raw food, 6 years and healthy like a bull, no bull!

  61. Laura says:

    I make and take healthy dishes for family events and parties.

    I also share my smoothies with the guy I live with.:)


  62. crow says:

    I have gout and would never for the life of me follow that doctors diet. A great book called “Eating Away Arthristis” has a couple of chapters on gout. The first thing you want to do is stop eating proceeded and refined foods like white bread. Don’t drink coffee or soda. A raw food diet has worked well for me.

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