Kelp Noodles with Creamy Mushroom Sauce – The Renegade Health Show Episode #472

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Today, we have a raw food recipe for kelp noodles with a creamy mushroom sauce…

Annmarie likes this as a main dish and I like it as a side. Either way it tastes great!

In this episode, I also have a story I want to share with you about a washcloth. Yep, sounds pretty lame, but I promise you it’s not.

Check it out…

Your question of the day: Do you want to see cooked food recipes on The Renegade Health Show?

Click here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave your comments now!

Click here to get Kelp Noodles today!

Here’s the recipe:

Raw Food Recipe for Kelp Noodles with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

1/4 cup sunflower seeds -soaked
1/2 cup mushrooms any type
1/2 stalk celery
1 tbsp olive oil
1-2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp tamari
1 tbsp chopped leeks
1/3 cup water as needed
pinch of black pepper
pinch of sea salt if needed

Put in a food processor, then serve over kelp noodles, chopped mushrooms and grated carrots.


Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Robin says:

    Hey Ya’ll,
    Yummy! Looks like something I can do and the kids will eat.
    Just keep up with the raw. I did the cooked thing for tooooo long.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Barbara says:

    I would love to see some healthy cooked vegan options on occasion.

  3. I’d love some cooked recipes, but I’d rather see them some other day in the week every now and then, and keep the Wednesdays raw. Or at least use recipes that can be prepared either cooked or raw.

  4. Kaylani says:

    No, I DO NOT want to see cooked recipes. I can get them anywhere. I watch the show because you are raw foodists and you provide information about that.

  5. Jasmine says:

    I only want to see raw food recipes.

  6. Jasmine says:

    I mean, I am only interested in raw food recipes, but I would still watch your show if you had a cooked food recipe.

  7. Maggie says:

    Would love to see some of your cooked food recipes! I prefer that the greater volume of recipes you demonstrate be raw since my goal is to increase the raw food in my diet, but definitely throw in some cooked food from time to time. Great question!

  8. taylor says:

    I would love to learn some cooked recipes. Mix it up a bit. Especially being winter, I tend to enjoy warm foods more often.

  9. Nigel says:

    Hay Kevin, Marie was right, your face does have a hint of Blue! you need to wash a little harder. lol. (Or maybe it’s the camera hue with the house lights).
    It would be good to get a full perspective of what cooked foods are good, or maybe more precisely an insight into items of cooked foods to limit to a degree. This would be especially helpful in the cold UK winters. Thanks you guys. N.

  10. Lorri says:

    I prefer the raw recipes. But if the cooked recipes are things the two of you really eat I wouldn’t mind. I would be curious to see what cooked foods meet your nutritional standards.

  11. Barbara says:

    I am always interested in new/different recipes and ways to combine ingredients. Once in awhile I would like to see a cooked food recipe as I am not totally raw and want to expand my options.
    Thanks for the down to earth shows you do.

  12. Karen says:

    I would like to see some healthy cooked recipes. Thanks.

  13. Pamedalah says:

    It’s YOUR show, so if you feel there is a healthy cooked recipe we should know about, then please share. For the most part, I know how to cook, so I enjoy discovering a raw recipe I can add to my repertoire!

    Keep the great shows coming!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Ineke says:

    Yesss!! Isn’t this about balance? Of course I would love to see some “responsibly” cooked recipes. You still can do raw food recipes but what about once a month or every other week a healthy cooked recipe? Great idea!!. I’m definitely trying this recipe. I don’t like kelp noodles “Italian” style but more with an Oriental style sauce. I have a terrific recipe that if you want I’m willing to share with you since we eat those noodles with the sea veggies that are sold by the same company. I look forward to your quinoa/millet recipes and your steamed greens

  15. Adriana says:

    You always surprise me…This is an interesting question of the day….
    I don’t believe that I would be interested in something like that, because I still have to learn new recipe and options to prepare the raw food so…
    I felt amazing during the time when I fallowed just a raw food diet for the past 6 months, but since I added cooked food (because of the cold season) I feel always tired and moody.

    I wish you and all your family and dear ones a very happy new year.

    PS Last night I’ve spend a lot of hours on different “raw” sites just to rekindle my desire to start again. The feeling of a clean body can’t be compared with anything else but pure energy like a shinning interior sun!! That’s how I feel when I eat the amazing raw food which provides my body pure energy…!! (I wish we would have more sun here in Toronto)

  16. Nita says:

    Raw only please.

  17. Connie says:

    Yes and no. lol. I need to collect simple raw food recipes that my family will eat…but knowing that they prefer to eat cooked foods, I collect those, too. Those, that is, that I think are at least healthier than what they are used to eating. So….if you can provide really healthy and simple cooked food recipes, go for it!

    Concerning potatoes…I know it seems dumb to show us how you cook potatoes; however, if you have neat little tricks that will make them seem special that would be cool. Like, I don’t know, how you doctor them up with garlic and peas or whatever.

    Concerning quinoa…I tried that once in a crockpot. It was extremely disappointing. I collected a few quinoa recipes because I heard it was so good, but quite frankly I am scared to try them. So pointers on how to prepare strange new things like quinoa would be good. For instance, I have heard that you need to rinse quinoa because there is something on it. When I rinsed the quinoa it was such a pain I skipped that step the next time; wish I hadn’t. Maybe you have a better way to rinse the stuff…show us.

    Stuff like that would make me really happy!

    Thanks a bunch!

  18. Shannon says:

    Yes, please do post some cooked food recipes. Great idea!

  19. Jen says:

    I love how simple your raw food recipes are! I’ve bought raw food recipe books before that were a little daunting, but you guys seem to keep the recipes simple and quick with easy ingredients.

    As far as raw recipes vs. cooked, I think it would be great to have a cooked recipe now and again, but I’d still like to see you focus on the raw recipes.

  20. Wanda says:

    I would love to see what cooked foods yall eat.

    These days, I’m not comfortable eating just anything in its raw state what with e-coli and other people touching stuff, so unless I can peel things, I prefer to cook them and only eat raw what I grow myself or what someone I know and trust grows.

  21. Kaylani says:

    One question about the kelp noodles: How long do they last after you open the package? Thanks for the great recipe.

  22. Wanda says:

    P.S. I’ve tried ‘raw’ recipes from other web sites and was not impressed – threw most of it away. The two raw recipes I tried from your show, I just love, have made more than once, made for others and given the recipes away, also. I have ingredients in my refridgerator now for one of your raw recipes. I’ll try more of them, also.

    But, yes, some cooked ones would be good, too, I bet.

  23. Carol says:

    I would love to see some healthy cooked food recipes. I love your show. You guys are great.

  24. Peg says:

    I would like to know your cooked food recipes. Here in the upper midwest it is gets so cold–right now it is going to be below zero every night for more than a week, so a cooked grainy food feels good.

    I was wondering how large the food processor is that AnnMarie used–how many cups. I have been looking forward to processor that is a little smaller than the one I use.

  25. Brenda says:

    Yes!! I’m into this for health and I do believe that cooked food can be healthy.

    And you never said you where 100 percent raw,but high raw.

    I would love to know what type cooked foods you do eat.


  26. carol says:

    you guys are unique. don’t do cooked foods, there are so many sites for cooked foods, we need the raw food recipes.
    ps, is kevin “blue?” cheer up. lol

  27. Angelique says:

    I’d rather that cooked not be in the regular rotation (been veg for many years and am comfortable with how to make healthy vegan fare). Maybe just a special show or two, demonstrating why you select the cooked items/recipes that you do. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  28. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the new recipe. Please just keep the recipes raw. Thank you. 🙂

  29. Rosa says:


  30. Ramona says:

    Here is some fun trivia.
    I usually quarter cut the kelp noodles before I rinse and soak them but then I read that one of the Chinese “Good Luck” foods is “Long Noodles,” keep them as long as possible for long life. I suppose that can be applied to the kelp noodles as well. Enjoy.

  31. marcla says:

    Raw only for me too… the only thing cooked in my diet is my rice…I LOVE MY RICE. I do sometimes LIGHTLY steam my broccoli and cabbage for a change. I love learning new recipes on copycats of cooked!!!!!
    The main thing Kevin and Annmarie, share with us what you two do, what you want to share with us. Everybody will never be happy at the same time.

  32. Sharon says:

    Considering your book is called High Raw and you also eat a bit of cooked food yourself, why not? You might lose some viewers but you will likely gain some new ones. I like to add lots of raw to a bit of cooked. Some cooked potatoes or yams mix very well with raw foods. 100% raw in summer is easy but not very satiating or natural in a winter climate.

  33. Vonda says:

    I would love it if you included some cooked food recipes, for those of us who eat both.

  34. Shaunna says:

    Love this recipe. I’ve only been raw for a month, and I’ve been keeping it simple and sticking to basic salads, smoothies, and mono-meals, but I think this recipe is going to be the first “gourmet” raw meal I’m going to make.

    As to your question… I vote to keep it raw. There are SO MANY cooked vegan and vegetarian resources out there on the web. Just as a vegan would hate to have to sift through all the carnivore recipes on a website, as a raw foodie, I’d prefer to have a source tailored to our lifestyle.

  35. Charlotte says:

    Yesss! this doesn’t have to be black or white! This about optimum health not about exclusively raw.. It would be nice to see some cooked food recipes for a change!
    I wonder why some people are so vehemently opposed to it…
    Good show!

  36. Adrienne says:

    I only want to see raw food recipes. If people want cooked vegan there are lots of resources for that already.
    I like that here i always fine raw options, so i dont watch it going ohhhhhh yummy pasta with mushroom sauce to find out it is a cooked recipe.

    Adrienne 🙂

  37. Suzanne says:

    I would love all know all of the recipes you enjoy.

  38. Dr. E says:

    I think that it would be interesting to see what you eat that is cooked. I am mostly raw and find that when I eat cooked it is quite different than the regular vegan fair. I also do not eat soy nor wheat. I did want to ask if the kelp noodles are organic and if not are they available from an organic supplier?


  39. Kelly says:

    Yes, I would love to see some cooked food recipes!!! =)

  40. Great recipe. Sure, throw in some cooked vegan recipes once in a while. Thank you for all you do. You are both such an inspiration.

  41. Julia says:

    Just out of curiosity, I’d be interested in knowing what you eat that is cooked, but, as others have said, there are loads of cooked food recipes available everywhere. Mostly, I think you should stick with raw food recipes. Love your show!

  42. Elizah says:

    I would LOVE to see some cooked recipes! All raw is great, but some people can’t do it! Some cooked vegan recipes once in a while would be fantastic!

  43. I’d love to see what you guys eat for cooked foods! I eat raw for breakfast and lunch and cooked for dinner. Learning some new healthy cooked food recipes to add to my menu would be great! PS Happy New Year Kevin, Annmarie & Johnny 5! Thank-you for continuing to bring us interesting health enhancing information and delivering it in a fun, entertaining way=)!

  44. Dawni says:

    Hi All:

    I don’t mind seeing some cooked recipes, however it would NOT provide as much value for me to see cooked food demos here.

    Keeping Wednesdays RAW, helps support my HIGH RAW choice.
    So my vote is to keep it RAW for now… Thanks for asking.

    What I think is cool to do, demo your raw choice along with an already prepared cooked meal. So we can see your raw/cooked combinations.

    If there is a cooked selection of true interest…let us speak out via posts and see how it all evolves.


  45. Shayla says:

    Maybe not dedicate a whole show to a cooked food recipe, but a show with a few cooked food *ideas* would be great. My entire family doesn’t all eat 100% all the time (although always vegan), and I’m always game for some simple Happy Medium ideas. I like to keep even cooked meals “high raw” so that we’re not swinging back and forth between raw and cooked. I tend to be an either/or sort of eater, and I’m really trying remedy that, so more meal ideas for incorporating raw foods into cooked meals would be awesome.

    Things such as a baked potato topped with a HUGE spinach salad, with a bit of olive oil and nama shoyu/braggs sprinkled on top, and maybe a bit of crushed red pepper. Or tabouli salad served over a green salad with a raw tahini/lemon dressing. Or…what?

    See? More ideas would be great!

  46. nick says:

    Most raw but a few cooked would be good especially foods that may have some added health benefit cooked such as tomato or possibly spinach

  47. Kosuke says:

    Me and my wife do come here to learn about going raw, but I do eat a lot of cooked food anyway, so
    it would be nice to know what basically raw people eat that is cooked.

    I have a question here.
    Vitamix(5200) in Japan costs like $800.
    I am wondering if I can get it more reasonable there in the States,
    and ask someone to send it to me.

    Thank you!!!

  48. Jenn says:

    I would be interested in seeing some simply cooked dishes as well, sometimes it isn’t all about being ‘raw’ but learning new flavor combinations to play with. Besides I have the feeling even cooked the recipes will be healthy, and I’m open to more ideas for quinoa or winter cooked soups.

    I know some want only raw, but I would like more things I can eat that are NOT seed and nut based so a wide variety in shows is good.

    Too funny on the wash cloth.I had the same thing happen when I opened a new pack of dish sponges and ran the thing through with water until it was clear before I used it! I didn’t feel like washing in smurf water 😉

  49. Jan says:

    Don’t ever use garlic alone on your skin, because it will give you a severe burn. Dilute it with an oil first,like half oil half garlic.

  50. Elaine says:

    Raw recipes mainly, but would like to know what are the best cooked foods, especially for winter.

  51. Carol says:

    I don’t know about seeing cooked food recipes,
    but I would like to see more of Jonny5, and raw food recipes for cats. How ’bout that?

  52. Jill says:

    I watch this mainly because I am interested in raw foods…but if you want to add cooked recipes once in a while that’s fine with me. *Note: I am not raw nor do I deem it really practical for me, its just so interesting to be able to have a peek into a different lifestyle that you two provide. 🙂

  53. anabel says:

    Although I prefer raw, I’m not a purest so as long as the dish is 90% raw it’s good with me. Maybe you could give both alternatives for eash recipe.

    Thanks 🙂

  54. Paul says:

    My aunt just turned 104 and she has been eating cooked food her entire life. We are not cavemen who haven’t yet discovered fire…. would love to see cooked recipes!

  55. I am curious as to what you do eat cooked and how you prepare it. However, so many of us are babies at raw. You are our teacher. Satisfy our curiosity once a month but keep us raw, please. We don’t have many other places to turn to for this information. Many thanks. I always look forward to your emails for information and entertainment.

    Siete come famiglia.

  56. Brianna says:

    I would love to see some cooked food recipes. Especially since you said you eat some cooked foods, Kevin. I’m definitely curious about what those dishes look like 😀

  57. Marina says:

    Wishing you both a HAPPY NEW YEAR..
    Yes.. I would love to see a few cooked recipes on occassion…
    Blessings, Marina

  58. Andrea says:

    Raw – for the same reason you mentioned. Lots of cooked food recipes at etc. You might show how to change some favorite cooked food recipes to raw or mostly raw (which I’m just assuming you’ve done, as we do).

  59. Sarah says:

    I think a few cooked recipes would be great!! But please keep the raw recipes coming… I think I am just more interested in how you prepare your cooked foods…. and what you choose to eat. Also, what percentage of your diet is cooked (volume or caloric percentage)?? THANKS FOR ALL YOU GUYS DO!!!!

  60. Layla says:

    Yes, please do some cooked recipes! I of course love the raw recipes, but it would be great for you to share some healthy cooked recipes as I am high raw, but enjoy cooked food as well (especially in cold weather). And as someone else mentioned, it’s all about balance. I was hoping you would do this one day!

    Thank you for your show!

  61. Estella says:

    Yes, I would love to see some cook recipes and I do appreciate very much the raw recipes too! You are great to watch. Thanks!!

  62. Mandy says:

    I would love to see a cooked recipe every now and then! I’ve been watching for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love your videos. I started researching raw food diets to address some health concerns a few weeks ago, found your book “High Raw” and loved it. I was originally aiming for around 50% raw, but after reading your book I decided to go for 75%. After a couple days I loved it so much I now eat probably between 80-95% raw! I’ve started a blog to document how my (and my family’s) health responds to this new lifestyle and I plan to have recipes up there. Even if I do eat mostly raw, I do eat a little food cooked so I plan to reflect that in my recipes. I agree with the simplicity involved in the cooked items though LOL, sweet potato…bake it, mash it, eat it :p. Anyway, thank you SO much for doing these videos, writing the book, and putting this information out there!

  63. d says:

    As I’m more of a raw n00b would prefer raw recipes. As others noted a lot of other places have cooked info.

  64. Debbie Grezik says:

    Hi kids,
    YES share some cooked food recipes,please. Thank you so much.
    Happy New Year !!!!!

  65. Juliet says:

    I have been watching your videos for almost two months now. Transitioning from vegan to raw. Your Videos have been very helpful and though I am not 100% raw, (not sure if I will be 100% raw) is yet to be seen.
    . It would be nice to see ‘Raw Foodist’ share some of their cooked recipes as well.


    Happy New Year…

  66. Monica says:

    Yes, will be nice to know how you do some cook grains like millet.

    Monica ;0)

  67. Satori says:

    I didn’t know you eat cooked food! I love your raw food recipe show, but I’m also very interested in what kind of cooked food people like you guys eat! They must be super good!

  68. RW says:

    Kevin most everyone is not a 100% raw foodie, so it would be good to have your perspectives of preparation methods for the type of cooked foods that you all would eat for good health. It would also be good to break the strict raw food dogma and show all the good healthy vegan food possibilities both cooked and raw. Thank You

  69. Satori says:

    So, I mean Yes for cooked food recipes!

  70. Mys says:

    I do not want to see cooked recipes on your site or videos. Cooked food is unfit for human consumption. Cooked food contains harmful molecules which were once healthy live food molecules. All Macronutrients are greatly denatured by heat. Cooked fats, even the fat within the food, not just fat by itself, heated over 96 degrees become oily oxidizing compounds now known to be carcinogenic. Heated fats in the bloodstream limit the ability of blood to carry oxygen. Cooking meat changes the structure of some of its protein, causing coagulation and cross-link of the molecules. Eating of these molecules has in studies been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Cooked meat contains heterocyclic amines, which cause cancer in lab animals and are so toxic to neurotransmitters and their receptors that brain disease results. These molecules are also 50% harder to digest and so you have undigested protein in your system, toxic. Cooked carbohydrates are also toxic. The World Health Organization has found, due to Swedish research, that starchy foods that have been cooked contain acrylamides, which are more dangerous than many cancer causing chemicals in food. Acrylamides are chemicals that have been found to result in genetic mutations leading to cancer in animal studies. The US Environmental Protection Agency considers acrylamides so dangerous that it has fixed the safe level of them in human compution to almost zero. This is what was behind the required labeling on potato chips in California. The potato chip and other food companyies went to lobbying about it and unfortunationatly big business won and the labels are now off. Finally, cooked carbohydrates contain glycotoxins, one of which is called advanced glycation end product. These make the body susceptible to cancer and molds, like Candida and other yeatst.

    Kevin, If you promote these or give them to people, cooked recipes, you are doing them more harm than good. Let somebody else commit the wrongness of doing this harm. You are helping people and do not deserve to do the spiritual harm to yourself of promoting the harm of consuming cooked food. Anyone can look up the words I have used in this post and find out about this for themself. Maybe you should also for the sake of your and Annemarie’s health and the health of your future children. Best Wishes, Mys

  71. Pat G. says:

    I’d like to see you prepare the non-vegatarian stuff you eat, too. Thanks…

  72. esther says:

    I’m open to seeing the whole picture of how you both eat. I’m sure you will keep it largely raw, so it’s fine with me!

  73. Kym Hutcheon says:

    That sauce looked great. That’s the kind of thing I can prepare for veggie-sceptic friends.

    And, yes, I’d definitely like to see some cooked recipes. Other people have said cooked recipes are available anywhere. This is true but I’m specifically interested to see what cooked foods you two eat and also if you have any new angles on the subject, eg, combining cooked and non-cooked foods, etc.

  74. Suzanne says:

    Please Please Please keep it RAW!! There are tons of books and shows on cooked foods. I’ve been vegetarian for 28 years and raw almost 6. That changed my life and health..radically. I really enjoy watching you prepare food and look forward to interesting recipes. Please stay RAW!

  75. Nancy Zare says:

    I came to your website because of your interest and dedication to raw foods. So I would prefer those recipes. However, I’m curious to learn how your balance your diet and lifestyle. It’s about health, not mindlessly following an arbitrary rule about raw food.

  76. Michael says:

    I would love you guys to share some cooked recipes on your show.
    Happy New Year

  77. Geri says:

    yes to the cooked food recipes! thanks

  78. Jackie says:

    I would prefer RAW only ! I think most people know how to cook something . There are a bizzilion recipes out there in cyber space on youtube .
    However, let say you cooked some potatoes or pasta noodles…then you could could demonstrate a few raw sauces for either one of the 2 food items . That way you would be satisfying both viewers of just raw….or just cooked…in a combo idea . Nah…I don’t like that ieda…just keep it RAW !!!…and let us know when the cooked shows are on, so we can veiw something else raw on another site . I do eat a bit of cooked food up here in the north…and most of us know how to do that ( I hope ) Test your audience , and do 1 show, and ask for comments on cooked .
    By the way have you ever grated or sprialized a raw sweet potato ? It is so sweet when it is raw and made fine . What a great tool ….(Spiral Slicer by Saladacco Spiralizer)and the dish of food is pretty too . Maybe you have already done a demo with this tool, and I missed it .
    Hope you keep the your show unique and RAW !
    Whatever…you are fun to watch…and remember cooking does lower the food value, except for tomatoes…they are actually more nutritious when cooked , as you already know .

  79. Sylvia says:

    Hi Kevin, I’d like a little talk about cooked food too. Up here in Canada it can get kinda cold and the kale looks deranged. I like to make flat bread and eat red lentil soup once in a while. What do you think?

  80. Tyra McMahon says:

    I love your raw recipes but would also welcome some cooked ones once in awhile.

  81. Dave Tyler says:

    I am all for healthy cooked food too… please!

  82. Hi KevAnn, Most definitely!! Most of the world isn’t raw and I like to encourage people to eat healthy but often times this isn’t raw. It’s too much of a stretch for some people especially in a small agricultural town in northern Canada. Cooked vegan foods provide a doorway to healthier eating and are a huge step for many people in Saskatchewan. I LOVE rawfood and rawfood recipes but would still welcome delicious healthy cooked food recipes for when I want some cooked food during the colder months.
    Thanks for the option 🙂

    Much love and support,

    Jordan Lidster

  83. Julie says:

    I’d like to know which cooked foods you eat but I’d like to see only raw recipes on the show. I can easily find vegan cooked food recipes; I love the simplicity of your raw recipes and can always use more.

  84. Cindy in Marin says:

    Yes Kev, please show some of the cooked recipes you enjoy. Been raw for awhile and would like to know what to dabble in besides plain steamed veggies and quinoa.

  85. Willemena says:

    Who cares about the myriad of other cooked food websites/recipes?I am curious as to how
    YOU GUYS approach the well-above 118 degree portion of your current culinary desires.I think it would ADD a very open and informative
    edge to your already generous and loving lifestyle-which we deeply appreciate.


  86. Elaina Harman says:

    Kevin and Ann Marie you both are so healthy and would appreciate seeing the balance of cooked food and raw that you guys practice. I dont think we will get cooties by seeing a balance of cooked (the way you prepare it) and raw.
    Thanks for all you both do for all of us out here.

  87. Nice says:

    I’d prefer that you guys stick to raw – maybe just mention the cooked foods you eat and talk about how you would prepare them for the people who are curious about it…
    I was a vegatarian chef for more than 15 years and have been mostly raw for 2 – so seen and done lots of cooked stuff…but now loving the raw exploration and your shows!
    Cheers and Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!!!!

  88. Jill says:

    Today is my birthday! 😀 The big 2-6 lol!

  89. Erica says:

    Hi guys! I agree with another comment, I would like to see some cooked recipes because I like eating warm foods when it’s cold out! I like seeing the raw recipes too, of course. =)

  90. Jo says:

    Please share your cooked food ideas! Thanks and Happy New Year to all!

  91. Shelley says:

    Blue face??? Could you be morphing into someone from Avatar??? Keep it raw!!

  92. Sean says:

    Raw, raw, raw!

    Thank you Kevin and Anne Marie for an incredible year of education and entertainment… Happy New Year!

  93. Jill says:

    LOL sorry to hog the board, but the washcloth thing was so funny! That definitely must have been a new one that hadn’t been washed so the dye was still super fresh. 🙂

  94. Erin says:

    The occasional cooked food recipe, ideally paired with raw foods would be great! Yes, there are many cooked vegan recipes out there, but I have found that many of them are not necessarily healthy (being too fatty or sugary or overcooked). I am interested in what you deem OK to cook and the healthy ways in which you do so. Hopefully, this would help me in planning and negotiating meals with my fiance who usually wants substantial hot food 15 minutes ago (sigh).
    Thank you both for all your insights.

  95. Jill says:

    Argh, I forgot to add that your sauce looks yummy! I HATE red sauce of all kinds on pasta so that would be a nice change up from alfredo for me.

  96. I am in a Northern area and in the winter it is hard to find a good variety of organic produce. Plus certain things are expensive in the winter Avocados are $2 and up now.
    Please show some cooked recipes also. Like many posts ago this has never been all about raw but achieving optimal health.
    I am high raw all winter and then when the weather breaks I will gear back up.

    Thanks for all the shows.

  97. Anne says:

    Cooked recipes from the perspective of raw WOULD be good. At least once, to discussing when cooking is worth doing and why.

  98. jodie says:

    Hell NO NO NO!. We can see those somewhere else, but most of us grew up eating cooked food, so know how to make that. We need to be taught how to prep Raw food and you are doing a great job of increasing my confidence in the kitchen with Raw food prep.

  99. rainbow says:

    well, i’ve been cooking and eating vegan for well over two decades, so i don’t really want or need cooked food recipes, and i really appreciate the raw info. but maybe as a compromise you could do what some previous folks suggested, have your cooked shows on different days, maybe the first friday of the month, or whatever. thanks for all you do share, and peace for ALL life!!!

  100. Kat says:

    The mushroom sauce looked YUMMY – thx for sharing the recipe! 🙂 Yes, cooked food demos would be good too, esp now in the winter.

  101. Rose Vasile says:

    The Mushroom sauce sounds yummy. I wouldn’t be interested in cooked food recipes, especially since I don’t have a stove 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  102. john says:

    great question!! variety is good.happy new year 🙂

  103. Radames Delgado says:

    AWESOME question!!!! and the recipe looks great as well! i would love to see some healthy cooked vegan recipes as well. i always wonder what you and ann-marie eat when you cook and this would be a great chance to show everyone. as you always say- it is not about being 100% raw, it is about doing what is going to get each person OPTIMAL health. i love your rawcipes as well because they are easy and quick; but am definitely interested in some good cooked vegan food as well, especially now in the winter.

  104. Christine says:

    Some cooked food recipes would be great; especially in the Winter Season…By the way, this recipe you made today looks great…

  105. Jacque says:

    Kevin and Ann Marie,

    Please share some of your cooked food recipes. I’m sure they are quite healthy if you two are preparing and eating them. I live in a northern climate, and things like warm soups seem to help me feel right in the winter time. I know that raw is best, but I can’t quite do 100% yet, especially in the winter time.
    Also, would you share with your viewing audience about what per cent of your diet is raw vs. cooked?



  106. Nick says:

    I don’t like my goose cooked, thanks.

  107. Becky says:

    yes please! Like other posts have mentioned: its about balance and it would be good to have some ideas/approaches especially to get through the cold months!
    Thanks sooo much!

  108. John says:


  109. Sita says:

    Love your shows, but some of them I skip when i know I can’t digest some ingredients of certain recipes (healing from ulc. colitis).
    So: people who don’t want the cooked ones they could skip them too, isn’t it?
    Love to see what cooked foods you eat once in a while and think that’s also interesting for people who are in transition to a 100% raw – like me.
    Happy New Year!!!

  110. Wabi Sabi says:

    In Okinawa they eat 70% cooked foods,30% raw,a lots of soy and see vegeables,they are no vegan,live the longest in the world, they are the most healthy and have endless energy.
    How can you explain this?
    Raw food will not garantee you anything.Do you know many faw foodiest who are centenarians?
    You have to adapt you diet to the weather too and in cold climate the best you can do is to add some cooked foods.
    More cooked please Kevein and ann Marie..
    Happy new Year from Sweden

  111. dianap says:

    Hello…How about a segment on which foods should not be eaten raw or a segment about the misconceptions of certain foods that are thought to only be consumed cooked. Then take it from there and introduce a cooked and raw version of a similar recipe…

  112. Tonya says:

    Yes cooked food recipes please. Happy New Year!

  113. Muriel says:

    YES, i would love to see what you two eat when you eat cooked food.
    I am half and half in the wintertime, sowould love to see cooked food vegan meals recipes.
    Happy and Peaceful New Year!

  114. Dorothy says:

    You are my source for raw food recipes! Please don’t add cooked recipes – I have a closet filled with cookbooks and don’t need anymore recipes. Even though I am slowly building up my library of Raw Food recipe books, there’s nothing like the recipes you provide on your show. They are easy to prepare and simple everyday food – I usually have the ingredients in my pantry too. So PLEASE KEEP IT RAW!!!!

    Here’s wishing you a happy, abundant new year!

  115. Denise says:

    Here’s another vote for having both cooked and raw food.

    Thanks for ur fantastic shows.


  116. Nancy says:

    Have you guys heard the buzz lately about eating raw mushrooms? Seems like some prominent people are saying we shouldn’t eat them raw.

  117. Chuck says:

    I vote ‘yes’ on some cooked food ideas – your recipes are fun to watch and typically look like they taste good.

  118. Kaye says:

    Hi Guys~ Yes! You should have a Cooked Food Tuesday or Cooked Food Monthly, or something, that way your viewers who are not interested in cooked food don’t need to watch on that day. I agree with others, most Raw foodists are not 100% raw, or don’t have all raw family members, like me, so it would be nice to see what foods are optimal in a cooked situation. I think that’s what makes you unique is your quest for Optimal Nutrition and sharing it with all of us is such a bonus. It shouldn’t need to be so strict! Also, since you eat some cooked foods, I for one would like to see which foods you choose and how you prepare them in an optimal way. I am all raw, aside from the fact that I may include some potatoes or lightly cooked veggies along with my raw dinner. Keep up the good work!!!

  119. Lena says:

    Please show some cooked stuff as well. Thanks

  120. Marilyn says:

    What can you use instead of mushrooms. I don’t eat mushrooms because they are a fungus, so would love to know what I could substitute for them.


  121. Kathryn says:

    Why not just share a list of the foods you eat cooked and stick with raw recipes. I’m not completely raw, but I do enjoy adding the recipes into my collection for when I can use them.

  122. Dee says:

    I vote for some cooked recipes. And thanks for asking. Happy New Year.

  123. Joan says:

    Sauce looks yummy! I prefer to see raw food recipes…but a show or two about cooking and seasoning brown rice, quinoa and/or legumes would be nice. Happy New Year!!!

  124. Dear Kevin and Annmarie –

    You know, the biggest question I get in my business (I’m a raw vegan chef and teacher and do a lot of nutritional consultation as well) is: what are the best choices for cooked vegan foods for those choosing to stay on a high raw diet? Some of the foods I advocate are baked sweet potatoes, miso soups, and cooked grains (millet, quinoa, etc.). I think showing how to work with these foods is brilliant. Also, showing how to best combine these foods with raw dishes would be helpful, too.

    There -are- a number of other avenues for learning how to cook these foods, but having -you two- do these types of shows and giving -your- feedback is unique and, I would argue, necessary. I feel the success of your show is rooted in the non-dogmatic approach you push when it comes to our health choices. Our food choices – and, hence, our health – are on a continuum; let’s not get too dogmatic here and push only the raw options.

    Thank you for your continued inspiration!

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  125. Laura says:

    Man that looks good and sooo simple. Excited to make it.

    Some cooked food recipes would be nice. I still eat cooked especially in the winter. And some good stuff I KNOW Anne Marie has got up her sleeve would be fun to see and try.

    But I agree with a few others who say to only do it now and then. Once a month seems good and keep Wednesday as the raw food recipe day.

    Thanks for asking.

    Laura G.

  126. Nan says:

    As a beginner, I am definitely interested in what foods you eat on a regular basis. My family likes hot foods and I would like to make healthy foods to keep them warm. Thanks!

  127. Jane Gudge says:

    PLEASE no
    i understand that a whole bunch of wussie folk are recanting – having made money from the raw food game they now want to widen their market during hard times

    even though you are not hundred percent raw vegans i do hope you dont go the same way

    the world is set up for cooked food, you would not enhance your standing, your knowledge base or widen your fan base

    you have done so well please dont take this route

  128. Richard says:

    Raw Mushroom sauce may be convenient to prepare, but raw button mushrooms are indigestible (like eating wood) and also have chemicals in them called hydrazines that may cause cancer.

    Why not try a recipe with Asian medicinal mushrooms instead? Some are quite delicious, and can be found dried in Chinese, Health and other stores.

  129. Annie D. says:

    Ohhh….. well I love your raw recipes… but I would love to see your cooked recipes, too!!

    Annie D.

  130. Sheilah Renaud says:

    I eat some cooked, so YES include some cooked along with raw!

  131. Lynn says:

    Skip the cooked foods.

  132. Chris says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie

    My wife Annamie and I have been married for a year and a half. Previously we had a long distance relationship during which time we discussed interests and needs. When she first visited me in BC from Calgary, Alberta, she was served green smoothies, salads with floral garnishes and other raw foods so that she could learn and experience more about the raw lifestyle.

    When we agreed to marry, we knew we would have a period of adjustment. Annamie’s culture is very much into cooked animal body parts ;^) and white rice. We haven’t yet resolved our culinary differences, so would appreciate your recipes and menus that would allow us to integrate our interests. In short we will appreciate anything that helps our health and relationship in 2010 and beyond.

    Happy New Year! Chris & Annamie, Ladysmith, BC, Canada

  133. Cherie says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I already know how to cook and would prefer to see easy raw shows. Thanks for all you do and God Bless you both.

  134. PE says:

    Cooked food? Why not? I’m easy, and all those cooold dwellers need a lift in the north. Maybe some foods that digest better cooked (potato) or give up more nutrients (carrot).
    Kevin, your blue adventure with washcloths and the gentle ministrations of major corps(es) with their produx leads to a suggestion: branch out to our environment from time to time, and suggest alternative stuff to put near as well as in our bodies. Debra Dadd does a lot of that, as does Environmental Working Group, but you could try your own approach.
    Maybe have raw speakers with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), which has at last become a respectable medical condition, not just ‘in your head.’
    Or how to deal with global warming before Tuvalu drowns (and much of BanglaDesh) and New Yorkers need hip waders. [Deniers, spare us.]
    Or even meals with ingredients that didn’t come from thousands of miles away, raw or cooked.
    2010 is long past the time to practice climate self-control, but while adapting to disasters, we can all begin to learn just how to share this Earth, in every way.

  135. Leslie says:

    I’d prefer you to keep it raw. There are tons of cooked sites, so anyone interested in that has plenty of resources. Thanks for all the great work and research. Love you guys!

  136. Susan says:

    The mushroom sauce looks really yummy! I also wanted to know how long the kelp noodles keep in the fridg. in water. I called Sea Tangle and never heard back from them.

    I am not completely raw and would be very interested in your cooked recipies – and I also like to watch them being made. I think maybe once/month or so would be nice. I hate to displace too many raw demos with cooked ones.

    Here’s something else I am VERY interested in – raw recipes for people with nut/seed allergies. My nephew is allergic to all nuts, seeds and legumes and he is interested in becoming more raw (got him hooked with kale chips). I would love to have some recipes for my sister to prepare for him.

    Thanks for all the great shows and Happy New Year!

  137. Dennis says:

    Please keep to raw food recipes! Thanks for your site as it is a tremendous help for me as I am new to the raw food life style. Keep doing what your are doing!!!

  138. Cathy says:

    You had a flash over the screen when you were talking about your blood work that mentioned you eat some cooked food. I would like an idea of what you are eating cooked. And yes, I would like to see some recipes for cooked (particularly steamed) foods. I may be 100% raw in the summer, but I like some steamed foods or hot soups in the winter.

  139. Esther says:

    If you put cooked food recipes — create a raw foods alternative at the same time. I am more interested in getting raw foods recipes since I am a newbie and want more options to stay as raw as possible.

  140. Rob says:

    I’d definitely love to see your cooked food recipes as well as raw.

  141. Rick says:

    No Cooked Food recipes please! Those are everywhere, we need more raw recipes. Thanks so much my friends.

  142. Vicki says:

    Maybe just tell us more about what types of cooked foods you eat and in what format. I think Raw recipes are better to show.

  143. Holly says:

    yes to the cooked recipes! Happy New Year!

  144. Anne Hunt says:

    I would like to see both cooked and raw recipes that you both feel are healthy choices. Not everyone is totally raw…and some that are now may not be later on….so.. it is always nice to have options. There are tons of raw food sites and books -but I find it much harder to find healthy cooked recipes. I would enjoy your thoughts on why you choose to cook the foods that you do. Thanks, Anne

  145. Nanci says:

    I would love more cooked vegan recipes. My family eats high raw, but I find that 100% raw is not always practical or affordable for us. Often for dinner, especially in winter, we mix raw veggies with cooked quinoa, lentils, or brown rice.

    I’m interested to know what types of cooked food you incorporate into your raw food diet, and which ones you avoid. I know lots of raw foodists believe that all cooked food should be avoided, but I’m not convinced that 100% raw is optimal for everybody, especially after reading Paul Pitchford’s book, Healing with Whole Foods.
    What do you think?

  146. Frieda says:

    Since one of the points of eating raw is to stop feeding the cancers within us, and to stop using up our enzymes, why is there any doubt as to whether to start including cooked foods again? It takes a long time to detox from the cooked foods so why regress? I heard that it takes three days to resume detoxing after consuming anything cooked. Those who are trying to be 100% raw may still be consuming cooked foods although unaware, such as the dried/dehydrated spices we purchase, which do not state at what temperatures they were dried; frozen vegetables that were probably blanched; and they say that once we freeze our fruits for smoothies, they are no longer raw. I vote for all raw recipes. We can get cooked recipes in every “cookbook.”

  147. Jan says:

    Some people are not at the level of eating all raw or 80% raw. My goal is to improve my family’s meals slowly. The last 4 months I have made meals starting with lower sugar and went to no sugar. Before that I worked 4 months of adding in raw foods. At this point in time we eat 40% to 60% raw and no sugar. I would love to see healthy cooked foods as well as healthy raw foods on the show.

    I realize there are cooked recipes available but even some of the so called healthy recipes out there are not all that healthy. The show has helped me to help myself and my family.

    I feel like many people are more advanced in their quest for healthy eating when compared to where I am and therefore seeing healthy cooked recipes comes across as elementry to some. On the flip side many of the ingredients are not known to me.

  148. Anita says:

    I think most of us already know how to cook, so probably not necessary to have an actual cooked food recipe show. But I am interested to know what you guys eat cooked, how often etc…
    Great show!

  149. Cindy (Sydney, Australia) says:

    I believe you guys area great influence on a lot of people and showing that you eat to have optimum health (by eating some cooked foods) shows us that it is okay to be an individual and not rely on dogma.
    I personally would love to see what you eat cooked and i am very interested in what you guys eat on a day to day basis. I am not a vegan, nor am i a raw foodist but I am experimenting with changes in my diet to gain optimal health so everything i learn from you i take in, sometimes try it, but i definitely learn something from it. All sorts of people watch your show and after all it is called The “Renegade” Health show not the “Raw food” show. Be a renegade and show us what you eat cooked. Love everything you both do. You are an inspiration and a guide to me. Thanks so much and have a fantastic New Year and Best wishes for a wonderful 2010.

  150. Ruth says:

    I prefer you do raw, because there are millions of cooked recipes available. We need raw inspiration. However, showing how to make a cooked recipe more healthy on occasion would be fine with me.

    For example, I save my organic peels, veggie ends–anything that’s not spoiling–and put them in the freezer till I have enough to simmer a batch of veggie broth. (I used to use a lot of ordinary bouillon cubes until I realized they have MSG.) So now, in the winter when I crave something warm or hot, I can make homemade soup, or drink the broth, and get some extra minerals that used to go to the compost pile.

    Thanks for all the great advice you give!

  151. Aleise says:

    Keep it raw please!! 🙂

  152. Stefanie B says:

    Yes, I’d like both cooked and raw. Thanks for letting us all give our input!

  153. Lee C says:

    Hi Guys! I love your daily shows and your simple Raw Recipes! By all means, share what cooked meals you do, however, let’s not taint the intention of the show, and that I believe is to increase the awareness of Raw Foods and the amazing benefits that are to be had from eating only raw!!
    I started off 95% raw over 6 1/2 years ago, and found over those first 6 months that I was craving cooked food more and more and more! I then decided to go 100% raw, and although the next 2 months were really hard for me with intense cravings (much easier after the 2 month mark!), I managed to keep 100%, by mostly being prepared well ahead with my meals, reminding myself that the uncomfortable symtoms I experienced were only detox symtoms, and most of all, constantly reminding myself of all the health benefits I would experience down the track if I kept at it!
    This has surely paid off for me! I’ve now been 100% raw for 6 years. My doctor is thrilled with my blood results, and amonst other things, I have the lowest cholesterol levels in his practice! I’m constantly being mistaken for at least 15 years younger than I am (pretty good for almost 60!). I would not be interested in your cooked recipes. I understand that it can be just like being an alcoholic, the body’s cells remember the cooked food, and if you tempt them with more cooked food, they’ll just want more and more, and offering cooked recipes will just help people to justify why they stay on cooked food, not really realizing why. I personally do not think that this is going to help people in the long run. So please, by all means share what you do, however, please keep the important focus and intention on raw food! I liked the comments that Mys on #70 had to say about why to stay away from cooked food.
    I wish you both, and all your viewers, a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
    Cheers, Lee, NZ

  154. Helena says:

    yes to some cooked food recipes, I have some quinoa and really need some tips on how to make it, as it did not turn out like it should have when I had tried to make it. In the wintertime I do like something warm to eat when I’m cold. Thanks for asking.

  155. kim says:

    l would love to be 100% raw but i’am not there yet. i do two raw meals and one cooked meal. so some cooked meals that you guys eat would be ok for me. happy new years.

  156. Ann Teas says:

    I would love to see some of your cooked food recipes! Thanks!!

  157. Lois Kubota says:

    Happy New Year. I would prefer that you keep it raw, but of course I would still watch regardless.

  158. Quinny says:

    ONLY RAW recipes please!!

  159. Sandy Jo says:

    Good Question indeed. After some thought, I’ve decided, I would like to see a “few” cooked recipes as I am still transitioning into the raw food world and am approx 70% raw. As long as these are what you eat. Maybe I will learn how to encorporate a healthier version. Those opposed are not forced to watch. It is well to have an open mind.

  160. No cooked food recipes please. I eat raw vegan and cooked vegan but it is easy to get cooked food recipes, I highly value your raw food recipes! Thank you!

  161. FeralKevin says:

    It is my opinion, a forager of wild mushrooms including Agaricus bisporus, no mushroom should be eaten raw. It is also the opinion mushroom forager’s opinion I know, and there is some scientific studies to back this up as well.

    But then again, I knew a guy that used to eat broken pieces of a lightbulb in order to win bets.

  162. MarieK says:

    Please do cook a little healthful food.

  163. Dr. Flora says:

    Please try to use raw recipes, Raw Food people. Olive oil and vinegar, soy sauce, etc. are not raw ingredients, and olive oil is not healthy, according to the heart specialist who is reversing heart disease using a plant based diet, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Please, you have an audience, so keep it raw/living. You presented this recipe for kelp noodles as raw, and it’s not. Anything like noodles that you put olive oil or citrus (which the latter decalcifies one) is not raw. Citrus literally ‘burns’ the surface of the food it is coming in contact with so that you can’t even dehydrate it properly. Try it and you’ll see. Even vinegar is just as acid. If you give up the combination of vinegar and olive oil, you and your audience will be healthier.

  164. Sandy says:

    Although I still eat more cooked food than I should, I’m trying to add more and more raw foods to my diet. Having been vegan for 18 years, and having so many other websites available for cooked vegan food, I’d prefer if you kept your recipes entirely, or at least primarily, raw. That’s what I personally need to learn. But I understand that everyone is somewhere different on the path, and for some people, knowing the healthiest of the cooked options may be very useful. So I will respect any decision you make, as long as the focus stays mostly on raw foods. Thanks for all that you share, and have a joyous and peaceful 2010.

  165. Marijane Backstrom says:

    Hi –

    Yes, please include your cooked food recipes. As well, what types of cooked foods you eat and the ratio of raw vs cooked that you eat. Thanks

    God Bless You


  166. Didiydi says:

    Definitely Yes! I also don’t know how to cook quinoa or millet and many raw foodists eat it now and then but never show us how..
    And thanks for this recipe, perfect timing, I just bought kelp noodles.

  167. Karen says:

    Hey Kevin,

    use AnneMarie’s coconut oil (which I bought!) to get the blue off.

    open over here to cooked or raw,

  168. Linda P says:

    How about keeping Wednesdays raw food recipes and throwing in a cooked food recipe in here and there on another day? I like habits: I like Wednesdays being raw recipe days…thanks

  169. Angelica says:

    We can find cooked food everywhere – so only raw here… Please 🙂

  170. Carol Lani Johnson says:

    Hmm. So many perspectives & ideas. After watching vegan family members live on bagels & so many carbs this week, I would love to offer them alternatives. I’m on the third day of a juicefeast, but my husband has beef stew in the crockpot. I might get ideas for him from your cooked recipes.
    Apparently it is the going back & forth that makes staying raw hard, so I plan to stay away from cooked this year to reset my system. Yet you all eat both fine (possibly because you are young & don’t have as strong cellular memories?) I am happy to learn about citrus breaking down kelp noodles. I used to be very extreme in whatever diet I was in to. Now I realize that I cannot sustain a lifestyle unless I like it, so lemon & tamari is fine (I use flax or hemp oil, but live olive oil is ok occasionally), tho I think I’ll substitute hemp seeds for raw mushrooms in that sauce! : )

  171. Gina says:

    Yes, I would like to see some cooked food episodes please.

  172. kate says:

    i would like to see your cooked food recipes on occasion

  173. claudia says:

    Happy New Year!

    I vote for “keeping it raw” ..there are SO many great vegan & healthy recipes out there… but raw is still fairly unrepresented in comparison.

    And, although I think balance is key, and nothing should be black & white- it serves the purpose of giving people direction. I for one have greatly benefited from you (and matt & angela)- for “putting it out there raw”.

    Love you guys!

  174. nicole says:

    I would love to see some cooked, as my family isn’t into raw or healthy foods! I spend more time lecturing and listening to whining at mealtimes than I do enjoying the time with my children. I need to find sneaky cooked recipes to get some nutrients in my family. Here’s a request: what about Amaranth? I’ve heard great things about it, but not sure what to do with it! Thanks!

  175. Veronika says:

    I think a cooked recipe once in a blue moon would be nice. Like once a month or every 3 weeks or something.

  176. Chris & Sara says:

    Hi Kev & Ann Marie!

    WOW! I am shocked at the response (the number of responses and the strong resistance)!!

    At first I was excited, like, Yeah! show us some good cooked stuff! (We eat mostly Raw – I dont do percentages- and our cooked food is pretty good and healthy, but I was excited for some new ideas…

    I like to call myself a “Flex-i-tarian” hee hee 🙂

    But after seeing the responses, it looks like the majority of your watchers look to you guys for Raw Food inspiration. Its a beautiful thing. Perhaps you could “keep it raw” on Wed and offer the cooked item as a suggestion, in the same show. Like you said, the cooked stuff is pretty easy, boil, mash, etc. So just throw it in there…

    Even though people do know how to cook, it could be nice to see the cooked, complimentary foods that you guys eat….

    We love you guys! I love your honesty and openness!

    Thanks a ton~

    Love and ALoha

    Sara & Chris

  177. Louisa says:

    Only raw recipes for me, thanks!!! After all cooked food is everywhere, and been there and accessible a life time for all of us.

    But if a lot of people are asking for ‘cooked’, then do ahead if means supporting the majority of peoplem or the dominant voice. I’ll just be selective and pop in and out, checking out the raw video when you do them. Thanks for asking though, that’s very considerate of you.

    Your Kelp mushroom sauce looks simple and delicious by the way, gonna try it real soon.
    Louisa UK

  178. zion says:

    Yes, I would love to see some cooked food recipes.

  179. Trudy Lane says:

    Yes I would be interested in your cooked recipes, I also eat a few cooked recipes, Thanks for an awesome show, Trudy

  180. Renee says:

    Cooked i know enough about already.

    However, I would be interested in hearing what you do eat cooked (you could maybe just post a list?), and for demos would rather you do RAW.
    Thanks for asking.

  181. Julie says:

    NO COOKED FOOD, PLEASE! We watch your show because we need information on raw foods. Reliable, no non-sense information on raw foods is hard to find. You offer valuable guidance in regards to raw food — keep that niche, do not spread yourself too thin. Do not become just another “health show”. We love your approach, you and your show are unique. Do not loose this uniqueness by trying to please everyone.


  182. td weels says:

    Yes please do some cooked food recipes also.A nice balance of both would be good especially what you guys eat and recommend.Thanks

  183. Sarah says:

    I would love a healthy mushroom soup recipe. One of my favourite soups is:

    1/2 onion sauted in a tiny bit of coconut oil.
    Then add 4 parsnips, 1 celery root, a couple bay leaves, and a pinch of nutmeg. Then fill pot with half water, half vegetable/chicken stock. Let cook for an hour or so and then puree.

    It’s got an aweome creamy flavour minus the dairy and fat.

    Love you to you all.
    Sarah xoxo

  184. Susie says:

    COOKED food recipes please

  185. Yvonne says:

    It’s raw for me. That is why I tuned in to you, anyway I have a whole bookcase of Cooked Food Recipe Books, searching for good raw recipes. Here I am getting them in abundance.


  186. DIANA says:

    I would like to know “what cooked” foods you do eat! Its so cold….we need some warm foods!

  187. Milissa says:

    I am a new vegan (in the last year) and am also new to your show (in the last week). I am interested in both cooked and raw. I am interested in learning how to make more raw meals so of course that part is great. However, also still being relatively new to veganism I am always still interested in hearing more!

    Thanks guys, looking forward to many more of your shows.

  188. linda says:

    yes and no. Yes if its vegan. would like to know what you do eat that is cooked. maybe that could be a topic. I really like the raw recipes tho…actually, I have lots of cooked, i like the raw.. guess I talked my answer out…no, I woudnt like to see cooked

  189. jackie says:

    I’d like the focus to remain on raw, but cooked every once in awhile is fine by me, especially in the winter when I want something warm.

  190. KellyB says:

    I’d love to see a few cooked recipes once in awhile. Not too often, but surely sometimes. you guys rock! Thanks so much for all you do.

  191. Kymbo says:


  192. Cason says:

    I am going home today and making this recipe. Looks SOOO good!!!

    I would love for you all to pepper in some cooked food recipes.


  193. Sueann says:

    I have just started, within the last year, a more raw food diet. I would probably do more raw food, but I need recipes. I followed more of a vegetarian diet before and those recipes are more readily available. Raw food recipes are not as available. I look to your site and daily information to be on raw food. So I would prefer raw food racipes only.

  194. Gwen Forbes says:

    I would love to see some cooked recipes.

  195. Amber Lea says:

    I would love some cooked foor recipes too. I like things that are simple, cheap and healthy! Not to mention tasty!

  196. Pamme says:

    FYI, according to Paul Stamet ( button mushrooms as well as portabellos contain agaritines which are carcinogenic. Stamets says you have to cook these mushrooms above (if I remember correctly) 415 degrees F to break down these compounds.

    So if you are looking for a white mushroom, you might want to check out oyster mushrooms which have superior taste. Still, I believe Stamets says you have to cook mushrooms to get the beneficial nutrients like Vitamin D. I haven’t eaten mushrooms since I want raw.

  197. gina says:

    Well I would add cooked if its something not so much in the main stream like Quinoa,spelt, buckwheat?

    I do have a good Quinoa recipe that I like.

    This mushroom sauce looks great I have to try it ..Thanks

  198. Eva says:

    I agree about the mushrooms not eaten raw as the medicinal benefits are not bio-available unless they are steamed or heated. White button mushroom are void of much nutrition anyway. Also raw mushrooms are slightly toxic to the system if you eat them on a regular basis it stresses out your liver. Ask any knowledgeable herbalist (Christopher Hobbs for example)
    As for the the cooked recipes…. why bother? People know how to steam grains and veggies but your whole show is about education of raw food so tell them the most nutritious available ways of staying healthy is living food or slightly steamed or boiled as in a potato, and beet greens (because they are also toxic raw. Going cooked appears that you are out of raw food ideas.
    Just my thoughts… Have a rawsome healthy new year!

  199. Alexis says:

    I love your show – thank you! I would prefer to see raw food recipes only. For example, this show was great because I had no idea soaking the kelp noodles in lemon juice/water would help soften them. Thanks for all that you do!

  200. Alicia Harris says:

    Hey you guys! I really love your shows! You guys are great! I learn sooooo much from your shows so, I would like for you to continue with just the raw foods. I know how to cook food. I just need help with the raw stuff. Thanks so much!!!

  201. gina says:

    Thanks This recipe is great! It’s light I put it on salad also!!!!
    And for my meat eating family I put it on grilled chicken…
    My son said it tasts a ittle like a ceasar dressing…
    It just taste great to me!!!
    havent had ceasr dressing in many yrs so I would’nt know.

  202. Danzsyco says:

    Wow 201 comments so far – hope you’ll get to them all :)Ok my vote is a show here and there on cooked foods… my reasoning …. So I am a mostly cooked foods transitioning into more raw foods person and share your philosophy about health – as far as not important to do 100% raw unless that is optimal health for you as an individual. Anyway I do know more raw foods in my diet would be helpful but I’m sure there are others out there that follow your show that are in my stage or just would like healthy cooked options to help transition. I’m sure anything you do cook is probably very healthy – you could always do say a quinoa and then raw main course or something like that… thanks love your show!

  203. Ben Fairbanks says:

    I think you should make categories: cooked & raw. Honestly I am mainly interested in raw & we are trying to not cook anything. The only things we cook is potatoes & black beans. We can’t seem to find any recipes for these. I have never seen potatoes uncooked in any recipe, have you? I think raw potatoes taste like dirt. I would however watch your cooked recipes shows as well, but you should keep your Wednesdays a raw food day. I do agree that adding your cooked recipes may help other people transition into all raw eventually. People should focus on only cooking what is necessary to preserve the vitamins & minerals as much as possible. We made an excellent chili the other day. The only thing cooked was the black beans & the potatoes. All the other vegetables were added after the chili cooled down & the sauce wasn’t cooked either. Maybe asking your viewers for other raw recipes could also help you with more videos.

  204. Lorraine says:

    I have wanted to eat more raw mushrooms, as I loved them cooked. I just tried this recipe and it is delicious! I had it over spiralled zucchini, because I had some to use up. I will try it next time with kelp noodles, as I do have some on hand. Thanks for the great recipes!

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