Kev’s Morning Tulsi Green Smoothie – The Renegade Health Show Episode #420

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As you guys know, we are pretty transparent about what we’re eating…

In this episode, I’m going to share with you our most recent morning green smoothie. The tulsi is the secret ingredient that is great for regulating stress and mood.

If you drink coffee, you may want to give this powerhouse of a green smoothie a shot!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What is the weirdest smoothie ingredient you’ve added recently?

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Kev’s Morning Tulsi Green Smoothie

3 pears
1 apple
1 large head of romaine lettuce
1 handful spinach
1/2 yellow beet
3 celery stalks
16-20 oz filtered water
1 tsp Holy Basil (Tulsi)
1 Tbsp hemp seeds
1 Tbsp honey
1/2 tsp vanilla powder

Blend and Enjoy!

If you want to get Holy Basil (Tulsi), hemp seeds or vanilla powder, you can find them in our store…

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Rawmazing says:

    Great smoothie! I forgot about using golden beets. What a great idea!


  2. Nancy Zare says:

    My smoothies are ordinary but delicious. For the last few days, however, I’ve added chia seeds and hemp. I tend to alternate greens: spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, parsley are some of my favorites. As for fruit, banana, apple, pear, pineapple, and strawberries are standbys. I aim not too sweet.

  3. LuAnn Agustin says:

    Good afternoon Kevin, Annmarie and Jonny 5!
    I do add red or yellow beets occasionally to my smoothies as well as shred them (raw of course, on top of my salads). Love ’em. Always hated them cooked but since going raw I have found enjoyment in so many more foods than before. The weirdest tasting thing I added to my smoothies was plain old oranges. It made it extremely bitter. I love eating oranges so I just have them for snacks not in smoothies.

  4. Molly says:

    I put yellow beets in my smoothie. Also I get a box of organic veggies from a farm and alot of times there are things in it that I have no idea what they are so I just put them in my smoothie so nothing gets wasted. Usually cannot tell the difference.

  5. Jack (Jacque) Rusnak says:


    Thanks for you and your wife’s efforts in trying to educate and encourage your viewers to get on the right track regarding nutrition and lifestyles. The world needs more people like you two.
    When I first read and learned about juicing and eating, I read several times where it was not recommended to mix fruits with vegetables because the fruits break down quicker than the vegetables. I noticed that in your smoothies you mix fruits and vegetables. Would you please address that issue in your reply if possible?



  6. Joan says:

    I am still in the “learning” phase…so basically fruit, greens and water in my Green Smoothies – sometimes add Flax seed or hemp seed oil also.

    I typically do carrots, celery, beet and apple in fresh extracted juice (Champion Juicer) which I have done longer.

    Green Smoothies are definitely easier and quicker on work days!

    Thanks for all your good info – keep up the good work!

  7. I like adding powderd green matcha tea and fresh mint into my green smoothies. Johnny 5 you rock!


  8. Brent says:

    chilli for me:)
    Indian spices like cumin seeds for my housemate.

  9. Michelle says:

    Does it really get any weirder than kale in a smoothie? ; )

  10. Patricia Autry says:

    Thanks for the wonderful and informative informaiton on Holy Basil. Will definately use on my next green smoothie.

    The weirdest smoothie ingredient I have added lately would be some left over salad – tasted great.

  11. Pat from SF says:

    Last week, I made a large container of grrrrbrown smoothie with spinach, celery, carrot, romaine, cucumber, apple, banana, stevia, several strawberries, papaya, dash Himalayan salt, and it was simply AWWWWWWWWWWWFULLLLL! The other day, I put some of it in a double boiler to warm…ick. It kissed the drain pipes. The rest of the smoothie is sitting in my fridge fermenting….ewwwwww.

    I so want to make a green smoothie that is wonderfully green with very very little fruit (no banana) as my girlfriend, who’s the BEST raw food chef in San Francisco, made for me last week. It was exquisite! Everyone who’s raw from waaaay back knows Lucy!!!

  12. Mae says:

    Kale, apple, banana

  13. Lee says:

    I use coconut cream/butter. It really adds a good flavor and texture, along with mango- fresh or frozen. Of course dulse is good also.

  14. connie says:

    Wierdest thing I’ve tried was red cabbage and orange. NOT doing that again!

    Could I ask a question or two?

    1) What do you do with your plastic containers? I am saving up mine to do winter sowing–if you are discarding them, send them my way! 🙂

    2) Do you compost? I am, so….I could use your veggie and fruit residues… :):)

    3) I notice you always pour your stuff into or out of JARS rather than glasses. Care to explain? :):):)

    As always, thanks for the education and motivation!


  15. Joan says:

    Where do you find the Holy Basil? Is that related to regular Basil? Pardon my ignorance on these things….thanks!

  16. Dave Tyler says:

    I guess Shiitake is pretty weird.. also, cayenne and cinnamon (makes it taste like a fireball)

  17. Kimberly says:

    Smoothie looks great! I do NOT like beets though:) I was wondering if you have a good smoothie recipe for someone with candida. I LOVE smoothies for breakfast, but with no fruit or sweeteners, it gets a little tricky.

  18. Didiydi says:

    I had great fun watching this,thanks! If you can do it than anyone can, lol! true!
    That’s a great idea, I have red beet and didn’t think of adding it to a smoothie, I’ll try it out. I put chard today and it was good. When I started raw I was experimenting so I put raw leek-it was oh-my-god horrible. Never again.
    These days I just do vegetables so I put cucumber, celery, red pepper, and the rest I juice- fennel, kale, lettuce, bok choy, ginger and add to the smoothie. I still wonder if Donna Gates was right to say that green juices, since they come with no fiber, actually have acidifying effect on the blood, so I add them to smoothies with fiber, just in case…
    However, you said there was 700-800 calories, but it’s for both of you (quantity is too much for one person). Are you sure you are having enough calories, you look a bit skinny, did you loose some weight?

  19. Tom says:

    I like to add wheatgrass to my smoothie. I hate cleaning the juicer so I put the wheatgrass in the blender with a couple of ice cubes and a bit of water. Whiz it up then strain the juice thru a knee hi sock. Toss out the fiber.. its almost white.. and the juice is dark green. Rinse out the blender and put the juice back in. Then I add all the tradtional ingredients.. lemon, spinach, chia seed, and fruit. Its great.

  20. Genevieve says:

    That smoothie looks quite yummy. I haven’t yet found Holy basil though so may have to try and get some seeds and grow it next year. I do like a red beet in smoothies or juices, so yellow would be just as good or better and without the red colour.

    What do you feed Jonny5? Do you give him any greens like spirulina flakes or e3Live flakes? What about catnip? My cat loves catnip and I grow it and dry it for winter use.

  21. Genevieve says:

    P.S. — Did you wash that suff before throwing it into the Vita Mix??

  22. Raye Ann says:

    My friends and I are new to the green smoothies and we are all doing a 30 day green smoothie challenge. I am on day 21. I love green smoothies and am feeling better than ever.

    The two weirdest things I have put in my smoothies so far are carrots and avocados. I love the avocado, but will stick with the carrot juice. I am headed out to get more greens and such. I think I’ll pick up a few beets.

    Raye Ann

  23. Chris says:

    Weirdest thing has to be ……. garden weeds.. especially the kind that has those stickers all over it… so it has to be blended well to not get stuck in your throat.. Also, leaves off my trees in the yard. EVERYTHING green in the garden goes in my smoothie. . I’m sorry to see it come to the end of the growing season.

  24. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Kev,

    I don’t really think I’ve added anything strange in my smoothies. I can tell you my favorite smoothie though. I really enjoy spinach, pineapple, kiwi, almond milk, and some hemp seed.

    I have to admit eatting raw in the colder weather is a bit challenging for me. Any tips? A cold smoothie at 6am when it is very cold outside doesn’t scream appealing to me.


  25. Carachi says:

    Ah, now you just add some seaweed and some sprouts and you’r home! 😉

    (Sprouts are very filling and satisfying + adds some good protein.)

    Can’t think of a *strange* thing… “strange” according to who? Like if I put in a sock or something? 😉
    (That would be strange. Food is not strange.)

    Ok, so some times they don’t taste that great (like when using lots of beet greens and nothing else), but hey, it’s nutritions, right! 🙂

  26. Diana says:

    My smoothies are usually a base of cucumber, celery and parsley, and then whatever is coming out of the garden at the time. Pea greens made a great “soup”.

    I am now a huge fan of holy basil. Had great success growing it this year, it pretty much took care of itself. Hubby has a job that he is exposed to people from all over the U.S. for days, weeks on end in a classroom. He came down with what appeared to be the flu, vomiting, going at the other end, fever, body aches….. I gave him a mixture of slippery elm, holy basil and a little honey and WOW, his condition turned around in a day!!!!

    Keep up the great work, look forward to your show everyday.

    Question, Kevin, may I ask why you don’t wear your wedding band? I know I couldn’t wear mine when I was milking the goats all the time, anyway, just wondering 🙂

  27. Jo says:

    WOW! I am inspired by that smoothie! I tried escarole recently and it was good blended with banana, apple, pear and ginger. What is Holy Basil/Tulsi? Is it a type of Basil?

  28. Rosa says:

    Nothing ‘weird’ in my smoothies. Just want to share with you that the entire time I was watching your video, my dog -Miss ChaCha- was going berserk trying to find “that darned cat”. I was laughing through the entire episode

  29. Diana says:

    Wow! Great smoothie. Wish I had a vitamix!!
    I sometimes add Marine Phytoplankton. I get the pure organic powder at

    It is so extremely good for you – I add about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp (about 1-2 grams).
    Add this to your diet and you will not get sick!

  30. Well, the “weirdest” thing I’ve added to our smoothie lately, which, by the way, also rendered it undrinkable, was mustard greens! Eww! I don’t know what possessed me, but last week, I searched through the fridge and realized I had ten bunches of mustard greens left from our produce co-op. I don’t know why it didn’t connect that mustard greens are SPICY, but I promptly threw a whole bunch in the VitaMix with a couple apples and a banana. Oh my! That first gulp was a shock! I tried really hard to not waste it… I drank about half, but literally felt I was getting a “buzz” from the mustard greens! LOL So, I don’t recommend them in a smoothie… or at least in large quantities in a fruit-based smoothie. 🙂

  31. Carol says:

    Never saw a yellow beet. Is it nutritionally the same as the red?

    I have seen many raw food videos and I have to say that consistently nobody is washing their greens. I find caterpillars, worms, flies, bugs, you name it on my greens-I buy organic. Hey guys, vegens don’t eat meat! Ode to caterpillar doesn’t do it for me.

  32. Rosemarie says:

    Michelle, I just had a shake with kale it was my first one and it was wnderful with apples
    and pears and a slice of ginger.
    Kale, I just found is one of the most nutritious greens of all.
    Weird? I go out in my organic backyard and pick weeds, dandelion, plaintain and wild strawberries. This time of year you have to pick out the small tender leaves as the larger older ones are a bit bitter.

  33. Angela says:

    The smoothie sounds good! I wanted to ask you how you can tell when bee pollen is rancid? What are the signs of rancity? Thanks.

  34. Muriel says:

    I find it weird you don’t wash your greens.
    As far as something weird in my smoothies, lately i am adding hot peppers, they really perk up my smoothies, really give my morning a kick start. As far as the weirdest, kev, you really win the prize. haha

  35. sasha says:

    Bitter melon, guys, bitter melon. 🙂

  36. bryan says:

    we have recently put clover from our yard in our smoothie. It’s awesome! We also put jalapeno in our smoothies.

  37. Betty Jane says:

    Kombu. I ran out of kale so I broke a kombu leaf in half. It tasted good but was too tough. That evening I soaked the other half for use the next morning. Much better! I love kale in smoothies. Much better than steaming like I used to. Worst smoothie… orange, spinach, banana. Phtt.

  38. David says:

    Kev – I see you put in 4 figs and 1/2 a lemon but not on your ingredients list…

    Weird things in a smoothie: Brocoli sprout powder or Hemp/Maca/E3 live

  39. Angela says:

    I have put a carrot in my green smoothie, really good with an apple and banana. Out of every green smoothie the wierdest was a savory power smoothie with tomato, green onion, garlic, lettuce, bell pepper, presoaked chia(2 tb/2 cups water) and i cant remember what else. It tasted palatable, but tried not to look at it. Some spirulina to make the color better would have been a good idea or red beet. It made me feel good and satisied, which was important.

  40. Sarah Hauch says:

    You say that you need to eat a lot of calories but you seem not to eat a lot of fat. Why not?

  41. Guylaine says:

    Thanks for your smoothie recipe, sounds great! What’s the purpose of the yellow beet? I thought it was for color but the greens dominate. I like to add all kinds of weeds from my garden in my smoothies. I taste them first and if they tastes alright I’ll use them. Weeds are superfoods.

  42. Andrea says:

    Very similiar to my own.
    If on hand, I may add some daikon radish and occassionaly kombu.
    Often add some EV coconut oil and /or almonds but trying to cut back on the oils. Yum.
    Also wondering about the washing of those veggies and fruits?

  43. Suzanne says:

    The smoothie sounds wonderful but I have to say, I can’t afford to make one that has that many ingredients. That’s 2-3 smoothies for me.

  44. Dede says:

    Hey Kevin – – you look great!! You are both an awesome example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

    Thanks for graciously sharing your lives with us each and every day….something very, very few people would be willing to do….or could do so well.

    Hugs, Dede

  45. Kat says:

    Hi Kevin,

    It was great to finally meet you and Annmarie in Tulsa last night!! 😀 We call ourselves ‘Tulsans.’ A little historical tidbit: Tulsa was originally named Tulsey town, so it’s appropriate that Tulsi is the subject of your video today. 🙂

    What is really considered a ‘weird’ smoothie ingredient? I’ve put lots of things other people find weird but I don’t (all kinds of veggies, various weeds, spices, supplements, etc.)…as long as it’s edible.

    I also noticed you didn’t wash your produce. Seems like Victoria Boutenko said something in Green for Life about not washing greens, as the extra bugs & microbes are beneficial and may provide some B12. I do still rinse my produce though, a little…not to rinse off bugs and dirt, but I hate thinking about how many people may have handled my food after not washing their hands after – you know. Ick. 😛

    Happy travels, Kevin & Annmarie – hope you enjoyed ‘Tulsey town’ – thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  46. marie says:

    U agree with Carol. How could you eat your fruits and roman lettuce without washing them first?
    I prefer to use my juice extractor instead of the Vitamix, I put
    4 carrots
    4 celery stalks
    big bunch of parsley
    big bunch of spinach
    It give about 1 liter and it is like a blood transfusion.

    Thanks you so much for the great work you are doing and by helping so many people.

  47. I just made a pumpkin pie smoothie.

    hazelnut milk

    sprinkle the following to your taste


    chia seeds
    a pear

    water and steamed pumpkin ( don’t like raw pumpkin).

    chilled it and it taste like creamy pumpkin pie mix.

    Love you both, keep up the great work

  48. FeralKevin says:

    I put fresh stinging nettles and dried schizandra berry powder in my smoothie, and I think that’s crazy.

  49. Eileen says:

    Weirdest ingredient: LIVE ALOE plant!

    I cut a 1 to 2 inch piece off the live plant, peel it and throw the slimy little devil in there!

    Doesn’t affect the taste of the smoothie at all, but its a great cleanser.

    I didn’t know you could eat it till I found a green smoothie recipe in a Boutenko book (I think) that called for a peeled aloe leaf.

    Now I use it at least once a week. I’m slated for a big tumor surgery in December, and figure aloe in my green smoothies will REALLY help keep stress out of my abdomen while I’m healing. I plan to impress my doc.

    peace out 🙂

  50. Jesse says:

    loved you video! The weirdest thing I ever put in my smoothie is onion…Blehk! Never Again…NEVER!

  51. John says:

    The strangest thing I’ve thrown in lately is probably the greens from carrot tops! Most of my friends are used to throwing the greens away (if they buy full carrots and not packaged baby carrots), so seeing me blend up the greens in my smoothie is something wild for them!

    — John

  52. hyesun says:

    raw liver and raw egg!!!

  53. Nathalie says:

    Hi to the three amigo’s in the van 😉

    I personally do not wash my organic foods really ever.
    I love to enjoy them as they are, but we also never have stickers attached to our foods unless it is bought from a large company that is definitely not organic. I do live in Oz though, so there is a very likely-possibility that we do things a little differently.

    (P.s. I like not to waste water unless truly required, plus I try not to consume tap water as much as possible.)

    I found it interesting that it was assumed you do not wash them anyway. If you did, why would you include it on your vid, I imagine it would eat up too much time and since you have only a certain amount to share with us then….
    (Just my thoughts!)

    The weird and whacky in the blender… hmmm, nothing too out of the ordinary for the raw foodists in mind, but to most other people… it all aint too right is it! 😉

    To try and answer, ummm….. cayenne pepper I guess??


  54. Nathalie says:

    Hey my pictures don’t work here!

    My peace sign came with two peace sign pictures, not question marks, sorry!


  55. ginger root and red fresh chilis.
    It warms you in cold weather.
    love peace and joy.
    NO fruits only greens and some ocean grown sprouts.

  56. Bryan says:

    Recently I have started to add spice to my smoothies!

    Turmeric powder, Fennel powder, Corriander powder, Cumin powder, Fenugreek powder and raw garlic and ginger.

    It’s like a raw curry and great for the liver!
    Try it… : )

  57. george says:

    strangest thing…..vanilla ice cream!!!

  58. Carol says:

    I wonder if your beautiful cat might have been craving one of your smoothie ingredients, thus all the meowing and hopping up on the counter. Do you ever give your cat greens (and do you make raw cat food for your cat?)

    I love to drink Tulsi Tea–perhaps I’ll brew some and use it as a base liquid for my next smoothie.


  59. Tiff says:

    Where can I find Tulsi, what’s a good source for buying it? Thanks!

  60. Sophia says:

    The weirdest thing I put in a smoothie was dulse flakes since it gave it a weird texture. I love Tulsi tea and have been drinking it the past few days!!!

  61. karen says:

    pomegrant whole with outer skin peeled off

  62. anasha Sol says:

    in green smoothies i can only use leafy greens and fruits, if i use fat or veggies it does not digest well, also to bring fat and fruits together with a tendency to candida will expose you more to it, but if you have no problems with different combos, then enjoy it……

  63. Pat says:

    Great way to Amplify the Nutritional value..instead of adding water..Add your extra green juice You made to much of .than go crazy with adding your extras..

    For those with cancer or sugar issues…
    Green stevia powder / maybe spiked with some vanilla stevia(sweet Leaf) any formula I think is awsome replacing all fruit or use cucumber/red peppers for sweetners( Pure Acai is only fruit powder Ive seen no sugar)..also after blending add tablespoon or so of (mountain wild ) bee pollen(lower sugar)..for a great crunch and Booster. also loving the irish moss /chia thickners Hmmm blended to warm on a cold day..with plenty of ginger and red chili/or cayenne/cinnamon/ shitake mitiake.with massive amounts of chickweed @ greens ..
    The blend show cased today would be a sugar High like no other for my palet…WOW KEV!

  64. Sylvia says:

    Sow thistle all spring and early summer. It was a phenomenal producer in various places in the yard. High in omega 3’s.

    I put a whole piece of lemon or lime (leave on the skin) in my smoothies. It doesn’t seem bitter at all.


  65. natalya says:

    Victoria Boutenko doesn’t recommend mixing veggies and fruits in the smoothies. Beet is a veggie. This combination may cause gas and indigestion.

  66. Dawni says:

    Hmmm…Kim Chee into the smoothie…was a tasty experiment.

    I am still scratching my head over that Belly Fat program introduced by David Wolfe. Fats okay, sugars and processed foods out. It is a program of cooked foods!

    So looking at this smoothie based on that program’s nutritional slant – I am guessing Kevin’s Tulsi Green Smoothie would get a C minus or D plus as it limits fruits due to its sugar content.

    Things are getting a bit strange….

    Joan and others — you can purchase HOLY BASIL from the Renegade Health Food Store.


  67. Susan says:

    Hi J5 – you are such a star!

    Today, actually, I put pineapple guava ( in my smoothie plus pineapple, spinach and mint. It was pretty good!

    I have also put red beet in a green smoothie. It looked like a beautiful berry smoothie… but didn’t taste like it. The beet flavor was nice in the smoothie, though.

    I am still pretty new to this and trying to go raw. It was so much easier in the summer. Any advice for staying raw in the winter? Wonder if you will be using recipes with warming foods In the Kitchen!

  68. Susan says:

    On the topic of not washing produce. I have always felt that the quick rinse under the faucet that is usually employed for washing fresh produce wouldn’t really do much for whatever yuckies were left there from someone elses hands anyway. Seems to be all it will do is rinse away the possibly beneficial dirt. Anyone know?

    That said, I have had one Victoria-inspired dirty spinach smoothie and I did not enjoy it at all. I guess I’m not quite there yet, but I do not rinse my organic (usually local farm delivery) produce unless there is visible chunks of dirt. Hopefully I am still benefiting.

  69. Judy Cummings says:

    Put an avacado seed in the VitaMix first – turns to powder – then add the veggies and whatever else you want. Extra nutrition you’re not throwing out.

  70. Kym Hutcheon says:

    Just a quick comment on the fly here, so apologies if I missed a similar comment above, but try a red smoothie sometime: Beets, cabbage, raspberries, blackberries, tomatoes… if it’s red.

    Same concept as a green smoothie. Nature has so helpfully color-coded our fruit and vegetables for us.

  71. Kym Hutcheon says:

    Kevin: Just while we’re on it, what do you put in your post-run recovery smoothie? (I assume you do something after your run…) Annmarie: It looks like you strength train. Do you have a post-workout smoothie? Thanks for any insights.

  72. Liana says:

    I’ve used yellow beets a few times, but only in an all veggie/green based smoothie-soup — yum! 🙂 I’ve really been more into these savory green smoothie-soups lately, and LUV to add LOTS of garlic, ginger, shallots, various fresh herbs, and a tablespoon of miso (to a base of various greens, cucumber, zucchini, red bell pepper and a couple of sundried tomatoes) — yummeee!! 🙂

  73. Mike says:

    This question does not pertain to smoothies, but I don’t know when’s the appropraite time to ask. So I’m just going to ask now.
    Kev, I understand buying organic fruits and vegetables especially vegetables is to get the nutrients intact. But what about if you cook the vegetables. Like I stir-fried a lot, does it make any difference if I buy organic or not? Hope you and any of your subscribers can give me some insights. I’d really appreciate that. Thanks for all you’ve done. I am starting to eat more raw after listening to you and David Wolfe.

  74. rose says:

    i put raw herbs in my smoothies. the kind you would usually make tea from. they have a different effect raw.
    eg: valerian, st. john’s wort, camomile etc

  75. rose says:

    i put raw herbs in my smoothies. the kind you would usually make tea from. they have a different effect raw.
    eg: valerian, st. john’s wort, camomile etc
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  76. rui says:


  77. Grace says:

    I can’t say I’ve used strange ingredients but I did come up with a very weird flavour. I used frozen mango, ripe banana, kale, OJ and water…..for some reason it tasted like raw clams. VERY weird!!!

    Cheers from BC!

  78. kim says:

    was wondering about annmarie’s cleanser that she mentioned, the aloe something cleanser.
    are you selling this or no

  79. Leam says:

    As the outdoor temps turn cooler, I blend greens such as cabbage, spinach, swish chard and then gently warm to eat as a soup. I top this with sauerkraut. I’ve also been processing the last of the summer herbs -basil, cilantro, parsley- with handfuls of spinach and a little olive oil for a nutrient dense pesto. These are not drinking smoothies but both are made in the same way.

    May I ask an unrelated question? Have you ever had to contend with plantar fasciitis? I’ve tried different athletic shoes, shoe inserts, stretches, drinking tart cherry juice – all have had a small impact but I still have pain. I’d really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much! P.S. Maybe you could answer this on a Fitness Friday!

  80. Debbie says:

    The weirdest thing I’ve put in my smoothies lately is 1/2 avocado pit (for the enzymes).

  81. Nadia says:

    Hi Guys,
    I wouldn’t worry about washing my veggies if they were coming straight from the garden into my kitchen but I do wash the ones from the store. They have been handled by many many people and put on many trucks, crates etc. I swish them around in my sink with a bit of ACV or GSE… this also allows me to incorporate my own energy and love into the veggies as I play with them in the water before putting them in the blender. Today I am going to strain my smoothie through a nut milk bag for a smoother drink and then use the pulp to make a nice ‘cereal’ in the food processor. yum!

  82. Koa says:

    Fresh raw noni. In every morning smoothie.

  83. Chris & Sara says:

    We make all sorts of what people would call weird smoothies.

    They are chock full of greens, chlorella, chia seeds, hemp, etc.

    One thing we discovered recently that is not really weird as it is RARE, is Paninis. Prickly pear cactus fruit. OMG it is the best sweetner you will ever taste! 🙂 Blend, strain the seeds and then add tons of greens, banana, papaya, lime, chia, hemp, chlorrella. Little ice at the end for a chill.

    Sooo yummy and sooo good for you! I just crave it in the mornings.

    Thanks for the beet idea. Haven’t used in a smoothie, only juicer. Wonder if our blender can hang! LOL.

    Love and ALoha


  84. Chris & Sara says:

    Haha! Its Show #420.

    Couldnt help but laugh!

    I know some of you know what that means~ LOL.


  85. alice says:

    I grew up in Tulsa!!!
    I can’t believe there are raw peeps there, when I was younger there weren’t even any vegetarian restaurants.

    Anyway, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, (the founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement) used to call Tulsa, Tulsi. So it was cute to hear you play with that as well.

    The tulsi plant is also said to attract Mahalaxmi (the Hindu Goddess of fortune). Hindus often have a plant outside their front door so as to welcome abundance into their abodes, try it!

  86. Brian says:

    Mustard Greens lately, wow what a good spicy rush

  87. Ann Marie Huntington says:

    My smoothie this morning called, ‘Annie’s Blue-Cuke’ consisted of
    cucumber, red and green grapes, kale, blueberries, 2 pears, and 1/2 juice of lemon, Blend…..mmmmmmmmm

  88. dana premanandi says:

    dear kevin and annemarie,

    i love your show!
    this one was great! fun and personal! love how fast you made that gigantic smoothie. that’s my kinda smoothie!

    also… funny about blending those stickers up by accident… extra fiber, ha ha. done it. i guess that’s my weird smoothie ingredient.

    just a note about Tulsi… besides just having a little baby girl only 2 1/2 months ago, named Tulsi Kai…

    the Tulsi plant, holy basil, is no ordinary plant. She is a pure devotee of Krishna, a Goddess who bestows pure love of Krishna for those who take shelter of Her. She will protect your spiritual life and help you become devoted to God/dess. She is actually worshipped all over the world with sacred offerings along with Radha Krishna/Nitai Gauranga deities. Her leaves are offered directly to Krishna’s lotus feet and also to Radharani’s hands.
    Krishna is a name for God/dess, like Christ,Buddha,Jah,Jehovah,Great Spirit,etc. so, this is not some sectarian thing. i don’t want to sound all preachy or anything.

    Tulsi really is very special and unique!!! I thought you would like to be conscious of Her significance and why it’s important to offer Her to Krishna. She is very much in love with Krishna and She can help us become more conscious of our own love and soul in relation to the Supreme Soul, no matter how/who/what we yoga/connect with God/dess… (if you know what i mean. hee hee)

    i’ve been learning about Her from Srila Prabhupada, my spiritual master, and i notice that whenever i’m caring for a Tulsi/Tulasi tree and offering Her leaves to Krishna, my life is better. She is magic. here’s a helpful site about Tulsi if you’re interested…

    there is that other aspect about food… to practice preparing it and enjoying it as yoga… offering the food first with love to God/dess.

    here’s a quote from The Science of Self Realization, by Srila Prabhupada, a great book:

    “Mr. Faill: Is it necessary to follow certain eating habits to practice spiritual life?

    Srila Prabhupada: Yes, the whole process is meant to purify us, and eating is part of that purification. I think you have a saying, “You are what you eat,” and that’s a fact.

    Our bodily constitution and mental atmosphere are determined according to how and what we eat. Therefore the sastras [scriptures] recommend that to become Krishna conscious, you should eat remnants of food left by Krishna [Krishna-prasadam]. If a tuberculosis patient eats something and you eat the remnants, you will be infected with tuberculosis. Similarly, if you eat Krishna-prasadam [food offered with love to Krishna], then you will be infected with Krishna consciousness. Thus our process is that we don’t eat anything immediately. First we offer the food to Krishna, then we eat it. This helps us advance in Krishna consciousness.

    Mr. Faill: You are all vegetarians?

    Srila Prabhupada: Yes, because Krishna is a vegetarian. Krishna can eat anything because He is God, but in the Bhagavad-gita [9.26] He says, “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water, I will accept it.” He never says, “Give Me meat and wine.”

    Science of Self-Realization (p. 185)”

    anyways!!! i really love your show!!! i love that you enjoy sharing knowledge, health and fun with the world!
    THANK YOU for your daily devotion and inspiration!!!

    would love to meet you some day! you know my friends glen and lisa in CT.

    oops, sorry this is long.

    love always
    hare krishna
    dana premanandi

  89. Marijana says:

    If I got V. Boutenko right, she advises not to put too much different stuff in green smoothies. I keep mine’s fairly simple but like to add some green, live spices like melissa and such. But no protein, no extracts, I do not put even dried fruit. Just fresh fruit and sometimes vegetables. And tons of greens.

  90. * says:

    Are you not supposed to avoid this combination of starchy veg. such as beet with fruits?

    “Vegetables such as carrots, beets, broccoli, zucchini, daikon radish, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, pumpkin, squash, okra, peas, corn, green beans, and others do not combine well with fruit due to their high starch content.” (from a
    A chapter from Victoria’s newest book “Green Smoothie Revolution”).

  91. weirdest thing i’ve ever put in a smoothie…i guess you might call it weird…watermelon, with the rinds (white part, green cut off) and fresh mint. it was good!

    i dont usually mix veggies with my fruit though. If any fruit, oj or apples only. the only exception is i use romaine and celery with any fruit, and it digests fine!

    thanks always for a great show!


    Kev. and AnnMarie…I just love your show.

    I have a question please. I am almost brand new to being a raw foodie. I have seen something previously about Cilantro and it’s ability to remove certain metals from your body. Is this true?

    I make stained glass and use leading materials frequently…worried about the lead in my body over time.Can eating cilantro be beneficial? And, can you give me a couple of recipes for smoothies using cilantro?

    Thanks so much

  93. Johnny Five is sooooo cute with his addition to the show. I had to laugh ,what a guy ….Meow ! Was he asking for you to run the tap so he could drink ,since you were at the sink. Mine does that relentlessly . I finally had to break down and buy a kitty water fountain.

  94. Mmmmm….I love green smoothies! I keep trying to get myself a vitamix blender, but keep putting it off. I heard the KALE and apple smoothie is pretty good. I like bananas too. Thanks 🙂


  95. I thought I had the world’s most talkative cat! We should have a ‘meow-off’ between my Jukebox and your Johnny 5 and see who wins! Only Jukebox scats like he’s been scalded when I turn on my Blend-Tec! It’s the only thing that hushes him up and gets him out from under my feet. Funny Jonny 5 isn’t scared of the blender! He is too precious! 🙂

  96. Barbara Weith says:

    I guess the weirdest thing I put into one of my green smoothies once was a spatula! Totally spaced out and forgot to use the black plunger for the Vita Mix. I was horrified when my favorite machine ground to a moaning halt–but, after an embarrassing call to the Vita Mix company, was assured it had happened to many others and not to worry–spare parts were on the way! How humiliating!

  97. BeadleJean says:

    I add 1 medium parsnip. A hint of bitterness I like.

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