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Today is another Q and A day…

In this show, I answer your questions about raw tortilla chips, soy lecithin in raw food recipes, alternatives to the coconut in Annmarie’s ceviche, juice feasting while breastfeeding and more…

We’re headed for Sedona and can’t wait to spend a little time in the desert (kind of…) and the red rocks (definitely!)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Where are we in today’s video?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. David says:

    Hmmm, let’s see – you are heading East from LA to Phoenix, so probably on I10. The sun is at you back over your left shoulder which suggests you are facing NW a bit; and further suggests you are heading east on the south side of I10. I would guess you are at the I10 rest area just before White River. Behind you is Mt. San Jacinto. To your right is the Windfarm (‘those’ as you described them).

    Have a great trip to Sedona. Go on a Vortex Hike if you can.

  2. mike says:

    you could use Sunflower Lecithin

  3. Lolita, NP says:

    I would proceed with caution when removing fillings. If you are dealing with a serious illness you may not be able to tolerate the release of mercury when the fillings are removed. Chelation, intravenously may be warranted as well as orally. If you are very thin, very ill, this may not be wise until you get better. Many people who are ill don’t have the reserves necessary to deal with more toxicity, rapid detoxing and/or fasting.

  4. Jamie says:

    What do you think about nutritional yeast as an ingredient?

    Since vitamin C is the “fragile vitamin” that degrades with time and light exposure, do vitamin C supplements, even the best whole food varieties, truly have significant amounts of vitamin C in them?

  5. Bonnie says:

    Your in Albaqurque NM?!

  6. Mary Kay says:

    Wow David, I have no idea if you are correct, but you sure have me fooled if not! Are you a detective, or what? LOL

    Sunflower lecithin? Is it in granules like soy lecithin?

    How do you use either as an emulsifier? Like in what as an example?

    Mary Kay

  7. Dede says:

    the windfarm – – I remember those 🙂 – – David – you are good 🙂

  8. Rita says:

    I have been trying to keep my mouth shut about this. But, I have been doing raw for a number of years and have had somethings happen to me. I have a condition that causes the circulation in my hands and feet to be less than desirable. I had a problem with ulcers due to the lack of fish oil. To get the oil that is needed is very expensive if it is vagan. Fish oil seemed to do the job.

    Also, I found out that I get allergic to foods if I eat them too much. Large raw salads are not good daily for people with allergies. Also, juicing does the same thing. Sorry guys!

  9. Patty Foley says:

    I just watched a video with Matt Monarch. He has found a Sunflower Lecithin That works just like soy Lecithin.

  10. Joel says:

    I’m guessing Joshua tree park.

  11. lucinda says:

    soy lecithen helps firm up raw desserts similar to the way irish moss works. i use it to make raw “cream” based pies like key lime or chocolate cheeze cake. it works well to make a truffle butter filling for raw chocolate too. i would rather use irish moss but i dont have a high-power blender to handle it. HealthForce Nutritionlas has a non-gmo soy lecithen that i’ve been useing. but i do want to try sunflower lecithen as soon as im out of the soy. i originally just bought the lecithen for chefing, but it does have some health benifits. like the mineral choline. which is hard to fing outside of the animal kingdom, althought sunflower has this as well. as well as tocotrinals(spelling??)

  12. James says:

    Just slightly less of centre…..

  13. James says:

    left of centre that is

  14. Yasmine says:

    Thanks for answering my question (from where you come from).

    By the way, could you make a show on soaps and show types of soaps and Brawner’s soap. I couldn’t find any in Montreal (Canada).

    Thanks and have a nice week-end.

    And I don’t know where you are in nature right now…. Let’s say, somewhere in the U.S.

  15. Christy says:

    I don’t know where you are in the video but I’m so jealous that you’ll be in Sedona! I Love that place. (We used to live in Prescott.)While you’re in Sedona, check out Slide Rock. I’d love to see you do a show from there! Have Fun!

  16. Stefanie says:

    Hi Yasmine!

    A fellow Canadian here =)

    I purchase my Dr. Bronner’s soap at Planet Organic in Toronto. There isn’t one in Montreal, but I found an online drugstore (for Canadians) that sells it with free shipping. They have a much wider selection online! I personally love the peppermint soap =)

    The link:

    If the link doesn’t work, the actual website is:

    Hope this helps!

  17. Jane says:

    I’m with the first comment about where you are – but the hill behind you looks like it has burned. You are definitely next to a freeway!!

    Please guys, change your Eastern “green” eyes and brain to looking at the desert as an awesome place. I had to do that and now appreciate the desert as truly beautiful – which it is in it’s own barren kind of way. You’ll also like it more if it is alot cooler than the Vegas experience.

    Enjoy Sedona – a great place.

  18. Irlanda Borquez says:

    Hi Kevin, I really don’t know where you are. I was waiting for this show so I can tell you something I see today on the news. See I live in Mexico, just crossing Rio Bravo, so I think I’m the only raw vegan in this area (I’m one hour away from McAllen, Tx) and it’s really very sad to see what people eat here, bur what I saw today on the news was some “Feria Estatal de Texas” in Dallas with it’s famous fried food, and I was shock at the menu, they sell everything fried, from pork to lizard, and the new desserts where fried butter (yes, literaly, fried butter) and fried cheesecake, fried Icecream? and fried coke, so I hope someday all that won’t exist anymore, I love your show, I love what you and Annmarie are doing, keep up the good work. And I would like to know what protocol did you use to get rid of candida, because I think I have some issues, not that serious but really bothering sometimes and is really sad to know doctors consider candida infections can only be present in HIV pacients. Thank you.

  19. cc says:

    yes, sunflower lecithin..and Raw Food World just started selling an organic raw version

  20. Russ says:

    my guess, you are in Colorado Springs and that’s Cheyenne Mountain behind you

  21. Jackie Ryan says:

    I’m gonna say Sonoma county.

  22. Lee says:

    I think you are at an airport.

    What do you eat for protein? Your salads don’t sound like they would fill me up.

  23. DaveG says:

    Area 51???

  24. simon says:

    i’ve never been to america so i have no idea where you are 🙂 but i love the way you just pick a spot and sitthere and make a programme.

  25. crow says:

    Just outside Barstow, California.

  26. Shelley says:

    I go with David’s guess. Out of El Centro heading into Arizona, Yuma next. Love all the shows, wouldn’t miss them!

  27. laura says:


  28. Danae W. (British Columbia, Canada) says:

    I’d love for the postings from people contain their town or country. I think it would really be interesting to see how widespread this show has reached and It would also showcase how the quest for optimal health connects people internationally as well as locally.
    Love your work Kevin and Annmarie

  29. Nick says:

    Stay at Stage Stop just south of Sedona. It’s a great place to stop in a camper. Has two springs, and a cool/chill scene going on there, usually, for a desert. Yeah, Sedona is the dessert of the desert. I hope Stage Stop is as wonderful & open to stay at when i was there. Uh, 9 years ago.

    I woulda thought you were at, say, Riverside. I too thought it was the range that includes San Jacinto, and somewhere along I10, but not Joshua Tree Nat Mom

  30. scott says:

    great show your the best!

  31. Jenn says:

    Haha, my first thought was Southwest and in front of a fenced in area …Area 54 but then realized that was NM ad not AZ.

  32. Marijana says:

    First of all, I have to say that never, but never anyone pronounced my name like you did Kevin! LOL

    I know it must have been hard to say it right but lets say for future that you can pronounce my name like Marianna. I think that is the closest spelling I can do to pronouncing. Hope it helps.

    Thank you for answering me abut soy lecithin. I did some research on my own and it is a very processed thing that is made from leftovers when they process soy into soy oil. You can find from egg as well.

    I had to ask you because I do workshops on raw food in my country and appears that I’m the only one for now doing that. I do not eat lot of desserts but I have to make quite a few. The reason I was confused about lecithin is that it is classified as supplement because body metabolizes it into choline. Choline is component of every cell and it is very important as cell protector from oxygenation. But, again – any kind of lecithin is very, very processed. Any way, thank you for answer.

    Stay beautiful and happy 😉

  33. Didiydi says:

    I”ve learned from Donna Gates that choline is important and can be safely used from soy that is fermented- she has a product with fermented kind. The problem with normal soy lecithin is that it is not fermented, so bad for the thyroid, and also it’s always GM. I use it daily because I am lacking choline, and can’t find other sources (from sunflower seeds or eggs). It helps greatly with constipation.
    I make buckwheat porridge for breakfast (cooked or raw) with nutritional yeast flakes, soy lecithin and miso paste. Or I put tahini and lemon instead of yeast flakes.

  34. Jean says:

    I Don’t know either where you are. But I do have a question on water . What is your take on kangan water and the new one KYK water ionizers which says Ionized water is a powerful antioxidant.
    Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and turn it into an antioxidant with a NEGATIVE ORP (or charge), which retards the aging process. Put simply, a high or rising ORP causes oxidation of our cells and therefore aging. The negative ORP of ionized water literally retards the aging process by counteracting this rising ORP. Ionized water essentially renews us at a cellular level. For instance, real fresh squeezed orange juice has a negative ORP of -250. So does KYK Harmony water. Although we can only drink a few glasses of fresh orange juice in a day, we can drink as much ionized water as we wish to a day.
    They were trying to sell it at our health store today. What water do you drink? I personally like what David wolfe says about Deep wells its’s water that is the kind I dring. And Kevin please answer me as to why I havent gotten my Kev’s smoothie yet. I ordered when it first came out and I dont know any other way to get hold of you then on here thanks.

  35. Genevieve says:

    If you don’t know where you are, how should I know?

  36. PE says:

    (looks round) not here..oh, you’re way over there! (waves) hi! But over there is here, right? Funny how that happens… but that’s neither here nor there.
    People wanting to get in touch with Kevin or AnnMarie might try facebook too.
    The genetically modified soy lecithin is an ecological no-no, of course, and fermenting sounds better, though as said, much processed.
    Unless on the move, though, why not a general rule to work up food as much as needed to make it optimal, and buy as little as we can? Vote daily with dollars or euros for a world worth living in, and your ‘insignificant’ changes will change this world. As an ecosystem, I’ll thank you.

  37. valen says:

    Thanks for the info on soy lecithin. I was considering buying it, but it is proccesed and its not helping your body. Everytime I make raw chocolate I can not get the oil to emulsify with everything and lecithin would do the job.

    Val from

  38. Chris & Sara says:

    We have made that trip tooo many times not to recognize….

    On 1-10 Just west of Palm Springs is my best guess.

    I believe this is the route we drove to COME SEE YOU GUYS in California at Au Lac. 🙂

    Hooo Rahhh!!! We are soo glad we did, too!

    Have a blast in Sedona! Well email you some great spots…

    Love & Aloha~


  39. J says:

    Regarding “detox” symptoms:

    I’ll assume you mean detox symptoms when beginning a “health” program. (better foods, supplements, juicing, etc).

    Typical “detox” symptoms I hear about include headaches, flu-like symptoms (muscle and joint aches, increased fatigue, etc), “brain fog”, diarrhea/loose stools, skin rashes, etc.

    Commonly referred to as a “healing” crisis. I would suggest that you consider just a crisis!:)

    My perspective is that detox symptoms are often the body indicating too rapid of a release of “toxins” for the body to handle effectively. It’s like squeezing a wet sponge full of sewer water very fast and squeezing it all out at once—might smell a little worse!:) The body may act like a “sponge” to absorb toxic load and keep it out of “circulation”. If you are developing detox symptoms… honor your body and consider slowing down the process a little. Another aspect of this is that detox symptoms imply an overload of your “elimination” organs: kidneys, liver, and intestinal elimination (primarily). A rapid way to resolve or avoid detox symptoms completely is to make sure you provide strong support of the liver, kidneys, and intestinal systems (including what is known as “drainage” of those organs). Stored toxins is one explanation as to why some people who are “healthy” (really just asymptomatic) experience dramatic “detox” even with juice fasting…the juice fast MOBILIZES the toxins (squeezes the sponge) but the elimination organs are OVERWHELMED by the sudden “squeeze” and your body dutifully sets off the alarm bells through symptoms.

    See a qualified healthcare professional that you trust to guide you through all of this. The body’s first priority (even though we may not always recognize it) is to protect you. Your body may “speak” to you through how it makes you feel.

    Very Best of Health.

  40. Jasmine says:

    malibu creek state park, california?

  41. Thomas says:

    There is a database of choline content in foods at:
    You can download the pdf file.

    Other than meat products, egg yolks, soy and wheat germ are the foods with the most choline. But some is found in almost all foods.
    Check out the report.

    Cornucopia did an extensive report on soy and soy products, like soy lecithin. You can get the report as pdf files at:

    They found that the toxic petroleum-derived hexane was used to separate the lecithin from the soy bean.

  42. Elaine says:

    Seems like you are somewhere between Casino Morongo and Palm Springs off the I10. We live in Anthem, AZ off the 17Fwy., a great place to stop on the way to Sedona.

  43. Dawni says:

    Thanks you two…

    Another helpful show. I appreciate you answering my questions.

    Kevin and Annmarie — from 1982 until 1994, I would travel from San Diego to Sedona and stay for the month or April and October. This was before the traffic jams and tourism in the area. They are the two most weather friendly months to be in the Sedona and its surrounds for an ocean breeze girl.

    I hope you find October in Sedona magical.

    Listen, something I want to check out the next time I am in Sedona are the varied ‘superfood’ plants like Goji Berries that David Wolfe says grows along the river in the campgrounds of Sedona. Go figure! If you do a bit of foraging and find such abundance – do share!

    Have a superb week!


  44. Mary says:

    Kevin and others,
    Why Kevin, are you lost??? 🙂
    If you are going to recommend that someone remove fillings, regular dentists do not know how to do it safely. There are biological dentists and specific protocols for removing them “safely” so there won’t be more damage from that.
    Also, IV chelation (for post above) is also dangerous as it will pull lots of metals (and minerals) from the body. As the 1/2 life starts to decline, there will be redistribution, which could end up causing other issues. Chelating slowly would be safer with less side effects. My son has autism and we have been dealing with this for a while. Make sure you do your research before you get the fillings removed and decide what you want to use to chelate. Also, do not chelate with the fillings in your mouth. It will only take the mercury from the teeth.

  45. Andréa says:

    To answer someones question about soaps. Éminence Organic skin Care is a 100% vegan raw food product for the face and body. You can find in all across Canada and the USA. They also offer a line of biodynamic as well.

  46. Yes, pertaining to this blog, I’d be interested in a water episode too.

  47. Rose Goddess says:

    um… somewhere in New Mexico?

  48. Ed says:

    Hi, Annmarie and Kevin being new to alot, I have read that soy lecithin was the bodies natural solvent or soap in detox. The fence looking in the othere direction makes me think you rolled tape at a baseball field.All the best, don’t forget michigan cherries next harvest.

  49. Ellen says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I apologize for being off topic. I can’t help it! I just heard some of your singing and guitar playing from Wendy Dee’s web site. I like it! Can you just take one show to play your music for us. Your viewers would truly enjoy and appreciate seeing this additional creative talent. PLEASE!

  50. Ellen says:

    Whoops! In response to the comment above. It is Wendi Dee, (not Wendy). For all you veiwers out there, you can hear Kevin sing at

  51. Sheila says:

    In Sedona – make sure you eat at the Chocola Tree – the Best Raw Food and Kombucha. Enjoy the fall weather.

  52. Michelle says:


    Where is the Chocola Tree? I tried to google it but don’t see it online.

  53. Rebeka says:

    1. To find the newest veg place in Sedona…
    Chocolatree – also featuring yoga/meditation/relaxation on the menu.

    2. The windfarm? That place looks interesting in the evening. The first time I saw it was on the way home from a Carlos Castenada conference and it fit the mood well.

    3. When I was conpleting an Herbalist program I became interested in raw foods. I was also pregnant. I was able to use the wealth of information and alumni to discuss cleansing and pregnancy/breastfeeding. How it was explained to me was that deep cleansing would be passed along to the babe in the belly or through the breast. More mild forms of cleansing (transitioning to high raw, adding lots of greens, etc.) would be a step in the right direction. Thinking of it as a surface clean of a dirty room keeping all the deep toxins in their place until your body is just yours again rather than throwing open the windows and doors and stirring up all the gunk.

    4 Could you address developing teeth in raw vegan babes. Shazzie mentions raw goat cheese and eggs for vitamin K. I have witnessed weaker teeth and nails in raw vegan babes including my own who developed a cavity at 2.

    5 Kevin – Has anyone mentioned you look younger these days?

  54. Katie says:

    I recently went to my dentist (in Ridgefiled, CT) to discuss the removal of mercury fillings. He said to leave them in, because the composite material they use to replace the mercury with is more toxic than mercury: it causes cancer (according to recent studies). Also, he said to wait until the mecury fillings crack or break before removing them, because every time you remove a filling you loose more of your tooth. I am confused!!!

  55. Cindy says:

    Bozeman, MT has a great dentist who removes fillings in your teeth!!

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