Is it Safe to Switch to Raw Foods While Breastfeeding? – The Renegade Health Show Epsiode #408

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Fairly controversial topic from what my research shows…

Could switching to raw foods while breastfeeding cause an unnecessary release of “toxins” in to the breastmilk? Would it be more harmful to continue on the diet you’re eating already? Do vegetarians have less toxins in their breast milk?

I’ve dug through a good deal of studies and have found out some interesting information contrary to the popular beliefs on this topic.

Today I address all this! (And please before you go off an do any of this, please see your MD or health practitioner, because some cases may require specific medical treatment, care or advice.)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What juicer do you use?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Sheryl says:

    That information sounds great. When I was pregnant with my son I made my transformation to vegetarian in my fourth month of pregnancy – I went thru major detox for around 3 weeks – and did not take any medicines just drank lots of water (gallons a day) and it did not effect my child. He was born healthy 8 1/2lbs of veggies. I looked better than I ever looked in my Life – I just glowed. I do know that onions, garlic or spicy food does effect the breat milk – my son let me know his way. It spoils the milk. The doctor told me at that time that they can taste the onions, garlic etc in the milk. Have A Blessed Day!!!!

  2. Sheryl says:

    I have a second comment – realize that if a baby is kicking hard and moving alot in the womb – usually this means the mother has eaten something or destructive sounds that does not agree with the baby – a happy baby in the womb will always move gracefully and not cause pain to the mother and will not kick.

  3. Sheryl says:

    My last comment – realize when a mother is pregnant what ever she eats – the baby eats and the baby will crave those foods once it is born. A mother who has eaten flesh foods – when the baby is born – the flesh foods have been remove from it diet and it will detox. This is what most doctors call colic. It is just because the flesh foods have been removed from its diet. Then the child becomes a vegetarian for a certain length of time until the parent starts to feed it flesh foods around a year old – then the child begins to get sick again – because the flesh foods lower the vibratory action of the child.

  4. Tiff says:

    Awesome show today, thanks for the topic. I’ve recently lost 25 pounds (since June) to get back to my previously athletic weight (I was already 25 pounds overweight for a while before I got pregnant in 2006). Still breastfeeding a 2 year old, now almost 3 year old. Will continue to breastfeed for another year or 2. I hadn’t thought too much about the toxins since I wasn’t doing a “detox” but that’s good to know that in losing all the weight it didn’t come out in the milk! I lost the weight just by cutting out sugar. I’m not raw but trying to incorporate at least one meal a day. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Elicia says:

    Funny, I have never even thought of those first questions you ask in the writing above…

    I’ve always been under the assumption that breastmilk is incredibly filtered and is basically as pure as it can get. Milk production is serious business and your body knows what it has to do. Like Victoria’s book 12 Steps to Raw Foods says, our bodies are made perfect. How would it make any sense then, that if your body was detoxing, to release these toxins into your breastmilk? That would be a silly thing for your body to do.

    I’m in the process of becoming raw (its difficult in my circumstance, but I’m getting there), and I certainly wish I knew now what I knew a few years ago. I ate basically nothing but Subway when I was pregnant because it was the only thing I could keep down, then afterwards is was a ton of Wendys. Fruits, greens, what the heck are those!?

    My daughter just turned 2 and she’s still sugar crazy but its getting better, she’s really liking her fruit, and will even sometimes have some of my morning green smoothie!

    Juicer- I wish I had one! When I finally gets funds, I’ll get one of those Kevin!

  6. Frances says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I just bought a Greenstar juicer and I am both excited and intimated by it!
    I have a question that I would LOVE for you to address on your show:
    Hair loss. I would like to know about protocols regarding treating thinning hair and whether someone who is already largely balding can grow hair back. I’ve heard about ormes (sp?), but what is it exactly? When I looked it up, I got all kinds of non-specific, heebie-jeebie stuff. Where do people get it? Does it actually work? What else do people do?

    Thanks Kevin!

  7. Elicia says:

    Oops I totally worded that wrong- I wish I knew THEN what I know NOW!

  8. Frances says:

    PS – I must stress that breast milk is the absolute BEST thing you can feed your baby! My aunt has worked in the breast milk “industry” for decades and is on top of the latest research, etc. It’s practically child abuse to NOT feed your baby breast milk. Here in BC, Canada, there is a breast milk bank for women who have milk production trouble, are on extreme medications, on drugs, or who have diseases that may infect the milk. It is imperative to feed babies breast milk in order for them to have healthy bodies, brains, emotions, etc. You can’t improve on nature. Boo Nestle and other baby formula companies. Even in developing nations, we need to feed the mother, so she can feed her babies, not give her tins of formula that she might be forced to sell to support her family. Breast feeding is vital to the woman’s body and baby’s body, post birth, and is part of the bonding between mother and child – something that is hard to do in our world!

  9. I use a Kenmore Juicer a Freecycler gave me about a year ago. Also have a Champion which I do not use anymore just cumbersome to clean.
    My travel juicer is a Juiceman Junior I found at a Salvation Army in NJ for $4 works fantastically.
    Juicing almost everyday and the Greenstar has been on my wishlist for some time now.
    Thanks for doing the research and I am a big fan of John Robbins.

  10. Monika from LA :) says:

    I love it both: the kefir is great, I buy the big bottle. The juicer I use is: green star juicer yeeee Love It. Is is hard to clean on the beginning but I got use to. The quality of the juice is much better that the juicers that contracts the juice by speed. Thank you for the great show… let me know if you want to stop by house 🙂

  11. crow says:

    I have a Juiceman II juicer that my brother gave me. He has a Jack Alane juicers.

  12. Deborah says:

    I really do not juice anymore. I do blend every day in my Vita Mix.

  13. dirk says:

    Joseph M #9,
    hey bud, congrats on your new juicer from freecycle. i recently heard of that yahoo group, and think it’s one of the best ideas yet! since you have a new juicer from a freecycler…how about freecycling your champion over to me 🙂 i’ll get the shipping of course. get in touch.

  14. Judy says:

    I have used an old acme juicer for the last 35 yr. and it still runs and works great for apples,carrots,celery,ginger and any hard fruit or vegetable but it does not juice any leafy green or wheat grass. I purchased an Omega a few months ago and it seems to juice everything including wheat grass. I love it.
    It was great to hear the information on breastmilk , toxins and the safety of going raw while breastfeeding since I am a lactation consultant. Thanks for all the information.

  15. Tiff says:

    Frances–I definitely boycott Nestle too, although at this point I guess there’s not much (anything?) they make that I would potentially buy anyway.

  16. Genevieve says:

    If I am just juicing carrots and apples, I’ll use my 25-year-old Braun juicer which still works great. If I’m doing greens, then I use my 9-year-old GREEN LIFE twin gear juicer, similar to the Green Star you have there, only an older model. It works beautifully and is easy to clean. I use it about twice a week and make enough for 3 days at a time, keeping the extra in a brown bottle in the fridge. If there is an airspace at the top, I add spring water.

    Interesting topic: breastfeeding. I got toxaemia when pregnant and labour had to be induced. Interesting what Sheryl wrote about meat causing colic in infants. I could not eat meat when pregnant, although I was not vegetarian — just couldn’t tolerate the smell of it. Yet my daughter had colic for several months. I never was one to drink milk and yet the doctor told me I had to drink a quart of milk a day, which I forced myself to do. Since having my daughter, I became lactose intolerant. She, too, has lactose sensitivity.

  17. Joyce says:

    I use a Breville juicer. Noisy but fast, efficient and easy to clean. Picked it up from Craig’s list, like new in the box for $50.
    It replaced a $5 Juiceman Jr…from a Thrift store. I passed the old one on to someone else.

  18. Maia says:

    Hi Kevin and Annemarie – Congrats on your new juicer. I just love my Greenstar and I know you will too. (Much superior to my old Champion) I usually make a quart or two so I can juice every other day.

    And thanks for the free shipping offer! I just placed an order for things I’ve been wanting. Great incentive to finally check them out.

    Love you both (& J5 too), Maia

  19. ROB says:

    What a great moment of synchronicity. My new Green Star Elite 5000 just arrived as I was watching the show. Yes, it was a big splurge but it’s a great deal from with the 12% Inner Circle discount and Free Shipping. I haven’t used it yet but I have used the older Green Star model and it’s awesome. I’m very excited to see the improvements they’ve made. I had been using the Omega 8006 single auger juicer but after only four months the juicing screen cracked so I’m going to return it. I trust the Green Star will last longer than that.

  20. Sarah says:

    Awesome show! I would love to hear all you know about breastfeeding. I am just about to finish nursing school for the purpose of becoming a lactation consultant. I am so saddened when I am at work and over half of the women are feeding their babies formula… and many others are supplementing! How did we come to this!?! Good Marketing, I guess… Kevin~ I would like to know what sites you use to research…. where do you find your information. I would love to read those entire articles. 🙂
    Also curious what you guys think about H1N1 and the upcoming vaccine.
    Thanks for all you do! 🙂

  21. Frances Johns says:

    I use my Champion Juicer which I bought in 1982 and still performs like a real workhorse.

  22. Sarah says:

    One more comment: I know when I was breastfeeding I was eating a little bit of meat (mostly organic) and did so for one year. When I tried to introduce meat to my daughter she refused it every time. I have never done dairy with her because I am sensitive to it. She is now 3 and a half and to this day she will only eat fish and occasionally chicken. Her body wants her to be vegetarian… which is fine by me. I do occasionally worry about her getting enough iron and protein though…

  23. I think you are talking about me 🙂 I have a 3 months old and we developed thrush after he was born. This is when I discovered the raw food world. I went through detox as I went raw but I had to b/c nothing else was working to get rid of the thrush. Now its gone and I found it was too hard for me to be 100% raw with a meat eating husband and as much as I needed to eat. I couldn’t get enough “enjoyable” calories to keep up my milk supply. So I now eat 1 cooked meal a day(rice, quinoa, yams). Funny thing is I felt an urge to buy chlorella as I was learning the new foods and so I guess I unknowingly protected my baby from toxins. The only habit I can’t get rid of is my decaf black tea in the morning. I am counting on you to inform me if you know something horrible about drinking this while breastfeeding. I couldn’t find any info that bothered me too much.
    TWO IMPORTANT Nutrients for growing brains not in Raw food diet: choline & Methionine. Choline can be found in Lecithin. I don’t know where to find significant amounts of methionine in raw foods. Anyone know?

  24. Elaine says:

    I rarely use my Jack LaLane juicer any more, since I got a Vitamix.

  25. Stacey says:

    Hi! Great show, spoke directly to me on the breastfeeding / . I’m so excited that I just happened to buy some chlorella today on your website – hooray for good deals and free shipping! So its great to know this extra way chlorella can help!
    I’d love to get some more info, especially about getting enough calories, I find that I’m just a bottomless pit, maybe I can work with you on this. (it was the same with my first child so I just assumed its normal)
    Also, I’d like to hear about yeast cleansing while breastfeeding. I have a crazy rash that may be yeast related? I had a live blood analysis that gave some insight. Do you think enzymes are the way to go for yeast cleansing while breastfeeding, since herbs can be so strong and some are contraindicated while breastfeeding?
    Can’t wait to hear more! (

  26. cheryl says:

    I boycott Tribest Corp. I purchased a SoloStar II from them and it was a piece of crap, frankly. After many conversations with them and returning the faulty screen 4 different times, I finally packed the whole machine up and returned it, demanding my money back. Tribest has never refunded my money!!!

    I went and bought a Breville (sp?) juicer and it works great. Easy to clean too! I juice nearly everyday. Yum Yum.


  27. Victoria says:

    I recently purchased a $7 Hamilton Beach juicer from the thrift store. Then even more recently I purchased a Champion Juicer for $65 from CraigsList. The Champion is my favorite. I use it to juice the tough green stuff and then add the juice to smoothies made in the Vitamix where the fiber/pulp is not removed from the fruits. My five kids and husband are not always a fan of my green smoothies. We go through a ton of produce to feed seven people on a mostly raw diet. Too much change too fast is not effective in this house. I have to slowly increase the raw in their diet. We are a wholly healthy homeschooling family. Thanks for the information on breastfeeding.

  28. kate says:

    I decided I did not need a juicer. Just blend in the Vitamix and strain through a nylon stocking. Cheap and works great! (and takes up less counter space).

  29. brian says:

    I used to juice with the vitamix but now I drink green smoothies similar to the ones in “Green Smoothie Revolution.”

    My question is if I drink smoothies containing 3 cups of greens daily, would I still need chlorella to minimize my mercury levels?

    I have a lot of mercury fillings.

  30. jackie says:

    I have a Champion juicer I received many years ago as a gift, and it still works fine. The Greenstar sounds great, but no money for it…will continue using the Champion unless I win the lottery.

  31. Nick Johnson says:

    I bought a omega juicer 8005 juicer a couple of months ago and I have been very impressed. It is very easy to clean and has done a great job with everything from beets to chard.

  32. Kathryn says:

    I have a GreenLife twin gear same as the Green Star they just changed the name. I purchased it 12 years ago and it is still going strong. I love it because it never heats the juice like the Champion juicer I had before this one and also you can juice wheat grass with it!! Easy to clean and you can put the juice in glass containers in the fridge and drink on it for 3 days if you want. I highly recommend this FABULOUS JUICER!!! Makes nut butters and other stuff too!!

    Thank you for the breast feeding info!! 🙂

  33. helllooooo from new zealand…great show..all in favour of being pro breastfeeding..i am still feeding my 3 year old and have no plans to stop until she says…
    loved elicia and frances’ comments…

    i am 100% raw and have done the transition while still brestfeeding..i didnt even think about the toxins to be honest as i believe that the human body is very smart and to have toxins in breastmilk just doenst make sence..i have been vege/vegan for 20 years so definately had no previous toxins in my body however…

    so great great going on the show…

    oh and my juicer which i use x2 a day is absolutely crap..its a breville..came to me 2nd hand and worked great at first but my heavy duty usage means that now the pulp comes out really wet…however we march on!!!!

    keep spreading the word guys…
    loads of love and blessings to you all from almost summer/spring weather here down in kiwi land…come visit!!

  34. oh i meant no meat toxins in my body….i am sure there are others!!!

    and i also wanted to say that the chollera tablets which i take daily have a DONT CONSUME WHILE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING meesage here in nz…

    not very proactive as i too believe that this can come to no harm only benefit!!

  35. Kim says:

    Good info!! my doctor is big on organic especially during pregnancy and breast feeding and adamant about it being organic if some one is not a vegetarian.

    Omega 8005

  36. Antonina says:

    We do not have a juicer yet. We make smoothies whenever pssible. Good info on breastfeeding. Our 3rd daughter is turning two next week & still desires to nurse. I will continue until she weans herself. Interested in Victoria’s comment & their life style since she is a homeschooler. I am just beginning homeschool with our oldest who just turned 5. Any pointers.
    Thank you Kevin & Annmarie for all the good information!

  37. Diane says:

    Love your show – my juicer is Omega.

  38. Mary Kay says:

    I have two juicers: A Samson and an older Jack LaLanne. I thought long and hard before buying the Samson and researched the heck out of it. Seems to me, you get more bang for your buck with the Samson than the Green Star, which was what I considered. It cleans easier too. (Google Samson Green Star comparison chart)I gathered some friends together and even met someone in a health food store, and was able to purchase seven of them wholesale for $179 each. It juices wheatgrass and greens amazingly well. AND my 6 y.o. twins can put it together and juice stuff themselves. I make them apple-grass juice: apples, carrots wheatgrass and greens, which they gulp down.

    The Jack LaLanne is really best for doing bulk juicing with apples and carrots. You could put two or three uncut carrots at once, and could put in a whole small apple if so inclined. But it wastes a lot when doing greens, and centrifugal juicers like this just cannot do greens well.

    Oh, I forgot, I have three juicers! I also have a stainless steel manual wheatgrass one. It works great, but of course, because you have to handcrank, is a little bit more tedious. I bought this to hand down to my kids (seriously!) in the event there is some horrible disaster, no electricity etc. They could go out and juice grass if needs be.

    Re the breastfeeding and vegetarian milk not having the toxins of meat-fed milk. There is one variable not mentioned: The source of the meat. Grass fed beef and others, organically raised etc/without hormones etc may not produce such results.

    When I had twins at the age of 47, I could not keep up with their milk. A vegan friend donated some milk. Her milk was like water compared to mine (an occasional meat eater/raw milk drinker). Mine was creamy and had thick cream float to the top if I stored it. This happened more than once, and we thought it was because I had more hindmilk, so she tried with hindmilk too, but was the same.

    Mary Kay

  39. Mary Kay says:

    Sorry for my long-winded previous post, but must add more…Re: manual stainless steel juicers. I forgot to mention, I got mine from on sale for like $70 – $80. I have a feeling though the Hurricane is slightly better/easier to take apart. I’m sure it doesn’t juice any better though, and they’re usually $105 – $130.

  40. Gabrielle says:

    Seriously, I feel very frustrated when people get on the ‘toxins’ bandwagon. The idea that your body is brimming with toxins and that your body can’t handle is really rubbish.

    Stick with me before you make up your mind or find yourself reacting to my comment. In life it really pays to be curious. Please note also that I only arrived at the following by REALLY looking into this. So here goes:

    If we were full of toxins we would either be VERY SICK or we would simply not be living. We would certainly not be able to sustain health.

    ‘Detoxing’ is a marketing ploy and has been disproven. Please go and Google something like myth detoxification. There are REAL SCIENTIFIC studies that prove that the claims that so-called detox products make are all wrong, spurious, erroneous etc.

    Now some of you will say “But I lost weight on my detox”.

    A so-called detox diet is one where people for a limited amount of time stop eating animal flesh, they generally go vegan, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink juices and yes, some take vitamins, herbs and other concoctions designed to PROMOTE HEALTH.

    Is it really a surprise that you feel better when you eat well? That you feel light? That your digestion improves? That your skin may improve?

    There are spurious claims that if you take this or that concoction of herbs and psyllium husks that your pooh will look a certain way and they are the toxins coming out.

    This happens when you take psyllium husks – period.

    There are claims that if you pop your feet in a particular footbath through which is passed an electric current (mild) and that causes your toxins to come out through your feet creating a brown scum, bubbles etc.

    There are claims that this particular herb removes heavy metals or some other toxin from the body. Scientists have NOT found that these products actually do extract ‘toxins’ from your body.

    There are claims that sweating will remove toxins. Sweating removes minerals and ions and less than 0.1% toxins (can’t remember the ‘exact’ number).

    The truth is that your body has means to detoxify (but I use that term in the real sense not in the marketing sense). Your liver, your kidneys and your intestines when they work well get rid of whatever it is that you have to get rid of. And they will work when you look after yourself and eat correctly and get enough sleep. Yes sleep. You need rest to regenerate and work properly. The other thing you must be able to do is breathe, properly and fully. That in itself (and it is harder to do than you think) is a great way to cleanse the body through the breath.

    Most claims about detoxing have been proven to be meaningless. But guess what, detoxing is BIG BUSINESS.

    On the contrary big health companies don’t sell zip if they marketed fresh fruit and vegetables. Think about it. Who stands to gain? There is a particularly interesting article that you can read about someone who asked an owner of a popular detox product to substantiate her claims. She is a doctor. Within an hour of this radio interview (all verifiable by the way) the erroneous claims disappeared from her website.

    So why am I writing this? Because…

    A. I would hate to think that there are people out there thinking that they are in ANY way doing something bad breastfeeding their babies. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing to do for your child and it is safe and healthy.

    I have a friend who was pregnant and had to have her baby before starting chemotherapy. SHE was not allowed to breastfeed because with chemotherapy there WOULD be REAL toxins in her breastmilk. She gave birth and went directly onto have chemo. And yes, thankfully she is well now.

    If you live a reasonably healthy lifestyle and eat plenty of vegies and fruit and wholefoods as this website recommends then you are fine.

    It is VERY BAD to have a belief that the stuff you take into your body is toxic. Do you think it is at all empowering to believe that you could liken yourself to a bag filled with pus or teeming with damaging microorganisms and toxins and inches away from the end of your life if you don’t take ‘x’ product?

    B. Kevin and Annmarie. The other day you implored us to take action when few people clicked on the link re food choices and Tufts. You said if you want to change stuff, take action. I believe that too.

    Kevin as someone who helps people to forge better healthier lives with their own choices, I challenge you to do worthwhile research into the myth of detoxification. Explore and be curious about the studies and the claims.

    Ask yourself why people feel better on a detox? I believe you’ll find that it’s because they, even for 7 days or a month or whatever period of time, are taking charge and NOT eating the crap that they normally do.

    They feel different on a ‘detox’ diet because afterward, because they compare how they feel. They generally have NOT instituted long term change and they lapse back into their old habits, and it usually takes them a short while because they didn’t do what you yourself suggest and that is “add choice”.

    Ask yourself why people have to periodically go on their detox diet. It’s because they didn’t create good habits that could last. (And I am NOT saying that one shouldn’t have a juice fast or enjoy stuff like that from time to time. That is not related this subject).

    As long as people see a “detox” diet as quick fix to their health, there are not going to be the changes that we want to see.

    OK, I’m off my soapbox. I really like people to be empowered. Examine your own beliefs. Check out what you are choosing to believe based on spurious marketing claims. Eat well, be happy, believe you are enough.


    PS I took the time to do this because I like a lot of what you do. If I can help someone feel more empowered about their choices and their beliefs then I feel good about that! So Kevin, are you up for the challenge?

  41. Dawni says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I just listened to the Inner Circle call from earlier today. Sorry I missed it.

    I remember one of the bonus interviews when I joined talked about the various toxins found in breastmilk and in the umbilical cord blood of infants. It was frightening number of environmental toxins. The MD said breastmilk has become of the most unsafe foods. It may have been in the interview of Dr. Hyman??

    He may have more info on this question.

    I have seen the shows pulling in Raw Consultants of late; Alyssa Cohen has made the rounds so I am delighted you’ve been tapped to provide expert info. Yea!


  42. Ineke says:

    I have been using the Champion juicer for 9 years now and I have always been happy with it. However, we will be switching to the Green power. My husband has just completed the 3 week Hippocrates Life change program and is thrilled with it. For him the program was not hard but he also told me that if you are just coming off the SAD it can be boot camp. They do recommend a twin gear juicer. Also, with the green power (and I also think the green star) you can juice wheat grass which is part of the Hippocrates protocol and we would like to continue with this. In the next while we will be juicing A LOT!!!

    From my own experience I only can say that when you are breastfeeding it is very important that you keep track of your caloric intake. I lost a lot of my baby weight in a very short time and looking back I think that I may be was not consuming enough calories. We eat a lot of vegetarian food and now (since Hippocrates) especially with an emphasis on living foods. However, in my case it was a good thing at the time to incorporate a bit more animal protein which made me feel “stronger” and eventually I gained back more weight.

  43. Dawn says:

    Thanks for this show! It was very helpful. Do you know how much chlorella is recommended for a nursing mother?

  44. Amy says:

    I use an Omega 8003 juicer or the Vita-Mix.

    P.S. You are not alone… I also enjoy taking liberties with the English language by adding “-ly” or “-ily” to make new adverbs! 🙂

  45. Rainbow says:

    Greenstar, but I don’t like it all that much. Prefer my Champion. Greenstar just too much work, and it takes too long. But I love it for Greens, of course!

  46. Ellen says:

    After doing much research I purchased a Breville Compact Juicer. I absolutely love the design and the power of it. It’s cost was $99.99. That juicer has changed my life! I would highly recommend it to everyone, especially if you have limited space. Juicing really works miracles for your health, weight and emotional outlook.

    The first juicer I bought died after 3 months. The Breville is still working wonderfully after 7 months so far.

  47. Elaine says:

    From studies, all green food chelate and neutralise most heavy metals and toxins..

  48. Annette Kleinfeld says:

    Is it known if chlorella use reduces toxins by sponging them out of the body?

  49. Christine says:

    Thank you for addressing this issue!! I began raw foods again just this past January while breastfeeding my son then 21 mos old. It was great, no complaints, only suggestion is to start slow and go at your own pace simply for the caloric adjustment. I began with lots of nutmilks and still did eat steamed veggies for bulk as well as cooked pre-sprouted grains.

    In regards to juicing and breastfeeding, I still love to start my day that way but a green juice will hardly hold me over lunch. Just a note since I was following another raw show and aspiring to exist on mostly green juice and felt hungry.

    MY QUESTION: JUICE FEASTING while breastfeeding (toddler not infant) I’ve read all the warnings… They all say no but what if caloric needs were met or exceeded with chlorella suplementation?

    Re: juicers, we do have the same exact juicer (Green Star) I love it, I also use it for low-temp grinding of sprouted grains for bread. I saw Brian Clement of Hippocrates speak & he said if you want to have the best juice avoidthe vitamix since the high speed oxidizes the juice. He also said drink juice asap.

  50. Christine says:

    P.s green star comment: WASH it ASAP or else it’s a pain and you won’t want to juice as much. clean it in first few minutes and it takes a rinse. And we use a toothbrush for the filter/ much better than the provided brush.

  51. Patty Foley says:

    HI Kevin, I use the GreenPower Juicer, This is the first version of GreenStar. I bought this Juicer in 1994 and use it every day 16 years later it is still going strong. I have tried other juicers but the now GreenStar is the only one I will use. Tho only downside I found was the foam you get while juicing Wheatgrass. If I add a couple of carrots it will stop the foam. Some people spray the gears with Olive oil. I would rather not use oil.

  52. Marijana says:

    Great vid, Kevin!

    I have question about something that is not related with this video and I hope you can give me your opinion.

    What do you think about using soy lecithin in raw food recipes? I found out quite few of recipes that are calling for soy lecithin and I do not know whether to use it or not.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS. I still use my Blendtec to get juices + juice bags

  53. amina says:

    your shows are very good and helpful! Thank you so much. I’m not raw foodist but interested in healthy living /foods etc…

    Anyway i breastfed my child 1,5 yrs and the other 2,1 years. I also think breastfeeding ist the most convinient, easiest, healthiest, the best way to give your baby the food (s)he needs for the firsts months.

    Only thought to say that maybe the society isn’t so supportive for the families,e.g. here in Finland you can stay at home with your child up to 3 yrs (maternity leave), so in that way, it’s also easy to breast feed your child longer than few months if a women needs to go to work.
    So I’d say it’s made possible but of course we all make our choices (obliged or not)

  54. Joan says:

    I use my Champion (found at a flea market for $50 years ago and still working well) for fresh extracted juices and my Osterizer or VitaMix for green smoothies – both work well!

  55. Michelle Raczkowski says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie-

    Thanks for this show. I had a baby girl, Juniper, in August. I am a veteran breastfeeder, and have been eating high raw for five years. I am interested in the studies that you mention in this show. Can you please post the citations or links? That would be excellent!

    Also, I would like to mention that my midwife suggested incorporating quinoa into my post natal diet. It has helped me to produce an abundance of rich milk!

    Thanks again,


  56. Karen says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I think the word you were searching for was commences: to start or begin.
    Consumates is the opposite: To bring to completion or fruition; conclude.
    Good info in the show even though I’m long past breastfeeding.


  57. Arnold says:

    it’s so important for mothers to have B12. The first Child might go welll due to vitamin reservoirs in the body, but the 2nd child is in real danger. Veganism is wrong. For the Health of the Children the Mothers need to have animal products like eggs and Joghurt. Even Gorillas and Rabbits eat their own poo for the bacteria and the B12 in there! Don’t get me wrong I’m a vegetarian myself. But I think veganism is sick an wrong. Milk(raw not pasteurized) and eggs were given for the health of humans and eating them doesn’t mistreat animals if they are organic 🙂

  58. Beth says:

    Another informative show!

    I don’t have a juicer, although I do make Green Smoothies daily in my BlendTech blender. It has a Juicer cycle, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  59. Jackie Ryan says:

    I use a Champion juicer and have been happy with it. I need to take one to Mexico to keep at our casita there. I’m wondering if anyone has used a breville and if they are happy with it. I don’t want to spend so much to leave it down there.

  60. Sharon says:

    Great information! I was just wondering about breastfeeding and detox/losing weight, etc. as I am breastfeeding my second child. I LOVE the fact that you recommended Chlorella as I bought some yesterday! I have low iron right now from a hard birth (lots of bleeding) and I got the chlorella to help… and now you tell me it helps eliminate toxins. Awesome!
    Thanks for all you both do!!!
    PS-I Vitamix everyday – green drinks. I Don’t own a juicer.

  61. Susie says:

    The secret mission CULMINATES?

  62. I have a Breville, purchased from the raw food world. One of my favorite juices is as follows. Large bunch of grapes, one apple, one quarter lemon including the rind. Even my grown sons like it.They are still on the sad diet for the most part. Actually the younger one did finally give up eating meat this past year, so there is hope.

    Happy week-end everyone.

  63. Barbara says:

    I have a Norwalk Juicer – it’s the best juicer on the market today because of the hydraulic press feature. It is a bit pricey however it will last a lifetime. There is far less oxidation and you get so much more nutritional content out of whatever you’re juicing. It also saves money in the long run because it extracts everything from whatever vegetable or fruit you’re using. I can get an 8 oz. glass of juice using just 3 carrots. I can put in an entire pineapple or pomegranate with the skin and get a pitcher of juice in less then one minute. It also makes baby foods, nut butters, and slices and dices a variety of different types of foods. I use it everyday cannot imagine life without it. For my smoothies I use a VitaMix.

  64. Elicia says:

    Gabrielle- I loved your post, and yes I read the whole thing =). I’m also a bit skeptical about this whole “detoxing” thing. Yes I agree it happens to some extent, but probably not to the extent that some people are marketing it to be, nor do we need all these silly fancy products to do it for us. I like in the Skinny Bitch book how they say your body is doing its own detox at night, and when you eat a really heavy breakfast first thing in the morning it interrupts it, hence you should only eat a very light breakfast, or just some lemon water or a single piece of fruit at least a half hour before anything else. (I read the book a while ago, so I don’t know how much of that I might have said differently!) We just need to trust our bodies and give it the best it deserves, whole fresh foods!

  65. Mary Artemis says:

    VITAMIX – for most stuff
    GREENSTAR – when I don’t just get “take out”, by the shot, which is easier
    JACK LALANE – as last resort

  66. Rhonda says:

    Hey Kevin and Annmarie,

    I have had the Green Life juicer for about 10 years. It works great, I will be honest with you though, cleaning it after juicing is a bit time consuming. It must be done so I just think about how healthy the drink I made from it and hum along. It’s a great way to juice your veggies as it tastes a lot smoother than putting all the veggies in the Vitamix.

    So enjoy your new juicer.

    Have fun in Sedona. It is one of our get away’s in the winter.

    Have a good trip.


  67. Sabrina says:

    Being a lactation consultant, I was eager to hear what you had to say. I agree with all you did say and highly recommend using chorella. Some others posted about particular foods and breastmilk. It is true that breastmilk will take on (slightly) the taste of the foods mom is consuming, however moms all over the world with all sorts of diets breastfeed their babies so there is no reason to exclude spicy foods, garlic or other popular myths of brocolli unless mom has issues with that particular food.
    Green smoothies for little ones is a great way for them to get protein through greens and adding some blackstrap molassas will add some extra iron. Blackstrap molassas also helps curb cravings for mom.
    Once baby moves on to solids, avocado is a great first food and has lots of benefits unlike rice cereal which was origionally intended for formula fed babies.
    Breastmilk is the food babies were meant to have until they are ready for solid foods, not by a calendar age but by watching their signs of readiness for those solid foods and until at least a year old, solids are just for exploration as children for the first year of life should always be fed breastmilk first.

  68. lisa says:

    Thanks for addressing breastfeeding. This is where our foundation begins! Any information on wheatgrass and breastfeeding/pregnancy?
    So grateful for your show and all I am learning.

  69. Mae says:


  70. Dianne says:

    Omega juicer, 8000 series (stainless steel).

    I LOVE it! Soooo easy to clean. It was highly recommended by Natasha Kyssa ( who has used hers for years, making raw desserts for a local restaurant.

  71. Rose Goddess says:

    Green Star Juicer all the way baby!!!

  72. Joi says:

    So timely, I was just researching juicers today and listed the Green Star Elite 5000 as a good possibility. I came across
    information that suggested that twin gear juicer turn at slower speeds resulting in even less oxidation from foam and less
    destruction of nutrients from heat. The low speeds also decrease the aeration and oxidation of the juice, meaning you can
    refrigerate and store your juice for a few days. However, 86 rpm is suggested as the most ideal speed. The GSE 5000 is 110 rpm. So, what is your experienced advice about the RPMs? Also, I was considering an emulsifier by Health Master. Does anyone have any advice about this compared to a twin
    gear juicer? I know there is no pulp left over, so everything is consumed. But, does this make the nutrients, minerals, enzymes, etc. in the juice more dense? Should I drink less amounts? Should I be cautious about overdoing because of the possibility of higher concentrations? This the first time I have submitted a comment with questions so I hope you will respond to me by email or let me know where to find the answers.

  73. Joi says:

    Sorry about the wordy comment and questions. I tried to change it but don’t know how. Sorry, I hope it still gets posted and answered. I really would appreciate your advice!!!

  74. MARY THOMAS says:

    Totally disagree with Gabrielle re detox. She has obviously never been through one! Try going on the Grape Cure for 28 days on just grapes and water…or try switching to a 100% raw vegan diet and then speak from experience. Detox is absolutely real, of course people who have never been through one are not going to have a clue, like having a baby…what do the doctors know? Nothing! That’s why their patients are all so sick.

  75. Renee' says:

    I have learnt a lot from your videos about better nutrition. I have kept a chemical free (additives, etc.), organic lifestyle, not raw, for many years and now enjoy more smoothies and raw food with your recipe ideas. I breastfed many years ago now. I realised while listening to this video that the fatigue I felt after almost a year of breastfeeding with one of my children was probably because my diet was less raw and I was hungry for nutrients. The toxins in the air are too many, you are so right. I believe that it is important to consider the importance of your video in relation to reducing the total toxins, in the air, breastmilk, etc. Some generations may not have experienced the same impact of chemical usage as others and individual differences do exist in the clearing of these toxins. A healthy diet is good, but also general environment. Even this is not always enough. Breathing and sleep are great advice.

  76. Dianna says:

    i had breastfeed on my daughter almost 2 months.
    is it safe for her if im drinking juice mixed
    vege every day?

  77. cassie says:

    Thank you for the info. I had heard from several awesome pediatricians that losing weight during pregnancy and breastfeeding would NOT dump excess toxins in the body and that was very old literature. They said just taking a stroll by a busy intersection would give your child more toxins. So i am pleased you are able to relay the message to others. These pediatricians also told me there is NO reason what so ever to give a child under the age of 5, meat or dairy. Especially if they are still breastfeeding. They all recommended raw fruits and veggies and rice “IF” we wanted. They said fruits and veggies are perfect foods for humans, thats why we all start out eating them. It’s too bad today people are brainwashed into giving babies weird stuff like yogurt melts or those toddler TV dinners that you buy in the baby isle.

    There was a person that posted about garlic and onions making your breast milk bad. That isnt true at all. Breast Milk CANNOT spoil. You baby just doesnt like the taste of garlic or onions. If you eat it alot in your pregnancy, your baby probably wont mind while breastfeeding. There are cultures all over the world that eat lots of spices and peppers and garlic all the time. And i seriously doubt their babies starved. I know eating too many onions can give your baby gas, which can lead to diarrhea. But thats if your eating alot of it or you and your baby have a mild allergy to it.

  78. Brooke Ellsworth says:

    How many calories do I need total to lose weight while breastfeeding? I know 200-500 more than normal.. But how many calories total? My weight is stagnant at 164 and I used to weigh 123 before I got pregnant (my baby is 6 mod no!w) and I need to know! Thanks-Brooke.

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