Raw Foods We’ve Cut From Our Diet (Or Scaled Back) in the Last Year – The Renegade Health Show Episode #390

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It’s amazing how our bodies adjust and adapt…

Annmarie and I were talking over the weekend about what raw foods we used to eat and what foods we eat now and just over the period of a year, it has transitioned quite considerably.

Today, we’ll go over some of our experiments and experiences.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What did you find wasn’t working in your diet?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. dirk diggler says:

    i don’t use agave much anymore either. good investigative work on that. kev….you look like you have to take a pee. looks like your’e in a safe place to just turn around and take care of biz…then back to the video.

  2. junglegirl says:

    AnnMarie, you look Gorgeous in this video!

    Great idea for an episode. Very useful perspective.

    I’ve let go of nut/seed pate’s. I was no longer able to chew them well enough to be able to digest them and was left feeling so heavy and miserable that they obviously had to go. They were great for transitioning though for the first few years.

  3. Shayla says:

    Within 2 weeks of taking 1-2 tbs of maca a day, I started developing a varicose vein in my calf. It was VERY sudden, never had any signs or symptoms of one before. I stopped taking it and three weeks later, the varicose vein is all but disappeared. It actually started improving within a few DAYS.

    I have no idea what the connection is, except perhaps the hormone balancing effect of maca (varicosities are often hormone related). Perhaps the maca was balancing me out and wasn’t finished yet, who knows?

    I’ve actually heard of this happening a couple of other times (I looked into it after it happened to me) so maybe it’s one of those freak effects that happen to a very small percentage of people who already have some type of hormone issue.

  4. diane West says:

    Wow !!!! so glad you are becoming intune with what is right for you. I to started out eating high fat raw and within about 3 years time started to not feel so good, in the next year or two I transitioned to lowfat raw, also cutout alot of the nuts and seed items, no more dehydrated food, no salt,because yeh that makes you retain water, and eat way more fruit and greens, And wa-la a new and improved me!!! way more energy and health, glad its happening for you as well.

  5. Nimeesha says:

    I had to take out cacao (crackao). My body told me a big NO!! Even a small amount messes me up. Also tamari, braggs amino, apple cider vinegar (makes my joints ache), agave, and less dehydrated foods including dried fruits.
    Thanks Annmarie and Kevin. Love your shows.

  6. David says:

    Hi Kev/Annmarie,
    Great show; timely for me …

    What was not working … fat, fat, fat. Trying to stay under the 10% mark ala 80/10/10 RV. Huge energy boost; challenge is keeping the calories up for my running training.

    Gave up Crackcao last fall when it had a similar effect as it had on you.

    Now also experimenting with Spirulina. Was putting it in smoothies, but I think it does not go well with fruit (banana). Not sure how else to work it in. Dr D does not recommend as I am sure you know.

    Thanks. Enjoy,

    PS. A reason why Cashews can be gassy is because they are a very high carb (sweet) nut. Alone difficult to digest; even more with anything else. Plus most Cashews are not really raw even if labeled as such.

  7. Heidy says:

    Ann Marie, you look so radiant today! I keep changing things around as well. I have sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds still from months ago, they just don’t appeal to me much anymore. Regardless of raw or not, just being more conscious is the key! Love your work!

    I am on the honey train though! Buzz Buzz!


  8. Eric J Shadd says:

    hey Guys, totally right on with the agave! Don’t like the stuff. Thanks for sharing what works for you. I guess this video begs the question what is working for you? What are your favorite health imparting foods?

    Best, Eric

  9. Excellent, keep up the good work!

  10. Brittni P. says:

    Raw honey? in kombucha? don’t you know Raw honey will KILL all the good and bad bacteria in the kombucha? the kombucha u are talking about that uses honey must be using heated honey.. cause with my experiance raw honey would not work.

  11. jes says:

    Thank you. I’m interested to see how your diet will change in the coming year. Especially the fat intake. 🙂 Cheers.

  12. lorrwill says:

    Peanuts. I used to have no problems up until about 3 years ago, now I can not even stand the smell of peanuts anymore. A few months ago I had a little bit well masked and mixed into something and it was nauseating. The message from my body is loud and clear on this one.

    Working on getting the gluten out. I am thinking this just makes me sluggish, tired and generally foggy-headed.

    On the wheat front: wheat grass is not my friend. Talk about nearly instant, blinding headache. I read it may be the mold from indoor grass but whatever the cause, I am not willing to go there again.

  13. Hethir says:

    It is funny how something you loved and gave you energy at one time can change down the road. For me the nut pates are out, dehydrated crackers and fruit, chocolaty things (if I have too much chocolate I get cold sores), only 1/2 an avocado max 1-3 times a week (they can get too heavy), coconut oil (hard for me to digest), wheatgrass (I get sick every time I drink wheatgrass. I can do all other greens just fine), nut milk went from daily to once or twice a month…

    Wow, I just realized how many “health foods” I do NOT eat.

  14. Mel says:

    I agree with you! Agave has NEVER agreed with me. It is nice that it doesn’t give you a blood sugar roller coaster ride but I don’t think it agrees with my digestive system at all. When I occasionally want something sweet, I like a little yacon syrup by Amazon Therapeutics only. Fruit is only occasional for me and usually just when the temperatures are too hot and I feel a little dehydrated of minerals. For me, I like hearing what is working and not working for others especially you two lovebirds but what is more paramount is having a great relationship with my body and being in tune with it, supporting it, and continuing to learn more about what does and doesn’t work for me. Have fun!

  15. Peg says:

    This is a great show tonight! Even in the raw food world there is some debate about different foods. After reading Doug Grahams book 80/10/10, I have cut way back on the nuts, seeds and dehydrated foods. I am so excited about my current raw food evolution–I have not totally eliminated the nuts and dehydrated foods, but they are no longer “front and center” as they were before.

    Just a note about wheatgrass juice. I drank it every day for about two and a half weeks, hoping that I would get used to the flavor. However, last week, I got some at the local juice shop and when I started to drink it, I gagged. I decided at that moment to take a break from the wheatgrass juice. That day, I googled Doug Graham and read that he does not agree with the superfoods of which wheatgrass is part of. So…I quit.

    Raw food has become a wonderful journey for me. I really appreciate the videos you, Kevin and Anne Marie are doing. I don’t know you personally, but I consider you friends.

  16. Nancy says:

    Has anyone had any reactions to MSM? Highly recommended by Juicefeasting.com but I have always been allergic to sulfur drugs and am having some issues (bloating, itching) trying to adjust to MSM.

  17. Katie says:

    Got rid of cashews and other nuts too b/c of gas and gas makes me grumpy…as well as the gluten, wheat, dried crackers etc…bloated and grumpy is no fun…my body likes to keep it simple 🙂
    This was a great show…Annmarie your hair is so healthy and beautiful!!

  18. I so agree with most of your “omit” list – I also eat very little fruit, and only maybe 2-3 times a week – I’m very sensitive to the sugar. Less so when the sugar (fruit sugar or honey) is accompanied by fat, as it slows the absorption of the sugar. I wanted to ask you about oatmeal – I’ve read that it must be cooked (not just soaked)- either in the oven (I’ve been adding it this way to my raw granola) or as oatmeal (we flake ours fresh from groats). Any comments about oats?

  19. Bonnie says:

    Kev- You look pretty antsy standing there. Good show, it makes me take a closer look at what’s not agreeing with me. Muscle aches, stiffness, etc.

  20. Linda Miller says:

    The thing that I realized was not working for me is the amount of fat that I was eating on a mostly raw vegan diet. I had heard Dr. McDougall and some other put down the oils, but it didn’t get through to me until I read Dr. Graham’s 80/10/10 Diet book. It was a big wake-up call for me. Now I rarely have dehydrated crackers or any other dehydrated items. I do have 1 – 3 tsp of flax seed oil with fresh squeezed lemon on my salads. But rarely use oils and if I do it is usually coconut oil. I rarely eat avocados or nuts or seeds. I also got rid of the raw chocolate which at one time I was eating daily in a trail mix with almonds and raisins. Once I eventually use up my bottle of agave nectar I will buy no more. Thanks for the show. And Ann Marie, I agree with others. You looked beautiful with your lovely hair down.

  21. Cheryl Lynn says:

    My daughter and I just bought our expensive Excalibur Dehydrators,too! Wah! Well, I love dehydrated food. I slice citrus thin, sprinkle with stevia and cinnamon and dehydrate till the rind is crispy and the inside is still soft-yummy! The pita patties and sweet cookie patties are helpful. What are you eating now?
    thanks for your show-yes, AnneMarie looks very beautiful-Marin must agree with her!
    Hope to see you guys sometime!
    Thanks for your show,

  22. RMyers says:

    Hi Guys,

    Enjoyable show!

    I believe that listening to your body is a vital component of a raw diet and a sustainable lifestyle. For the most part, I think the body wants abundant vegetables, a fair bit of fruit, and just a bit of seeds and nuts. All of these things together should provide us with most of the nutrition we need. I am not a big believer in exotic super foods, though chia and dulse are in my diet and I like them quite a bit.

    I also gave up gluten a while back and I use buckwheat as my main grain (pseudo-grain, really) when I want to make something like a breakfast cereal or the like. I eat almost no nuts, but use sunflower seed and pumpkin seeds a fair bit in my salads and wraps. By the way, raw nori rolls are an amazing wrap wrapper.

    I also think we need to constantly rotate our fruits and vegetables as our bodies will begin to complain if we eat the same foods too often. Also, rotation makes meals more interesting and balances our nutition better. Plus, there are so many great foods to eat on this raw journey, why get in a rut?

    At the end, it really comes down to finding what you enjoy and what works for you personally.

    Looking forward, as always, to the next episode.

  23. taylor says:

    we have taken most of the raw foods everyone raves about and eats out of our diet, goji, all raw packaged raw snacks etc….anything with agave…tai coconuts and water…we only eat fresh Hawaiian ones…cut out most nuts, avacaodos maybe one a week…oils etc////

    only use a small amount of goji in herbal teas,

    we find most of the raw food recipes a digestive challege….as well as most raw resturant menu items…

    simple is best…the fewer ingredents the better

    fresh local foods or wild foods and herbs is the way to go..

  24. Karen says:

    Thanks for addressing this topic – very interesting to hear your experiences and to read everybody’s comments. I have found that I have had to let go of a lot of the items you talked about: agave, chocolate, nuts (I still use seeds like flax and chia), tamari and nama shoyu (which has wheat in it), and dehydrated foods. The dehydrated crackers are not completely out of my diet yet – I still have some at home but won’t buy any more, and I LOVE them, especially Lydia’s Organics, so they’ll be hard for me to give up, but I’m addicted to them because they are salty/crunchy, and the way I eat them is no healthier than bingeing on corn chips or potato chips. I know I’ll feel better if I lower the fat content in my diet and increase the greens.

  25. Agave never used it. When I eliminated processed foods this was a no go from the beginning.
    What I have cut is the dehydrator been sitting since last time used Xmas 08.
    Nuts and seeds I don’t use much anymore.
    Sunflower seeds are about the only thing I really like anymore.
    Nuts just don’t buy them because I consume to much when they are around.
    Salt I did not use even before I went high raw.
    Annmarie looked fantastic today.

  26. Mel says:

    oh, i forgot to mention that also gluten and nightshades including tomatoes don’t agree with my digestive tract starting with making my throat itch

  27. Patty says:

    Great info. Thanks

  28. Anthony Michael says:

    Good point on the agave, I tried it, but wasn’t that impressed, not to mention its twice the price of any other syrup on the shelf, when in reality its not much difference from fructose based syrup.

    Nuts I will never cut from my diet, but they do need moderation, its not something I eat everyday.

    What I don’t get though, is on these lists I hear people with all these symptons of this and that eating certain foods, how come I don’t get this? I eat just about anything and I am fine with all foods under the sun, within reason of course, I don’t eat snakes, snails or weird stuff like monkey brains, and yes some people do in the orient. I saw a foodtv show where they were eating cobra heart and drinking the blood and they were perfectly fine with it, to me it was totally barbaric.

    I was taking this E3 Live that has alge and spirolina in it, I loved it, neutralized the acid in my stomach first thing in the morning, I never got a headache from it, weird how you did.

    Its true though the older I get the more raw pure foods I do want to eat, when I was younger I ate all kinds of shit crap food and didn’t think twice, not anymore.

  29. HY says:

    Interesting video. I know it can be embarrassing to admit that a person’s diet is not working because it seems healthy.

    There are many things that didn’t work well in my diet.
    Heavy consumption of peanuts, nuts, oils, and seeds: Dry skin, fatigue, desire to binge, lack of interest in exercise, low endurance, poor concentration, slowed reaction time, expensive

    Green juice: Lack of fiber, not satisfying, expensive

    Cacao(even a tsp of powder a day) : Insomnia, moodiness

    I recently bought the book Green Smoothie Revolution and I really agree with what she says. I was skeptical at first when she says not to add oils or seeds to smoothies because of the fat soluble vitamins. I feel more alert and satisfied after drinking the smoothies with fruits, greens, and water.

  30. Tara Burner says:

    likewise here, no agave, tamari used to make my hands & feet swell too. Have cut back a lot on avocado’s too.

  31. Rafael says:

    Great show.
    I used to get lots of gas and ever since I started tacking some soil base probiotic, mI barely have gas any more.
    I limit the amount of dehydrated foods I eat and easy on the salt. Whenever I eat foods containing lots of salt I wake up the next day with a dry mouth. Not fun.
    Meditation is a great tool for strss management. Since I began meditating in 1987, I have not had any more headaches.
    I also keep it simple on the nuts.

  32. kate says:

    Gluten makes me cough up mucus. I am still trying to figure out what gives me gas, but I think it may be the nuts, especially when combined with fruit. I am also trying to cut down considerably on the oils and other fats, and I have been using honey instead of agave the odd time I want to make something sweet. Great show!!

  33. Jesse says:

    Hey Kevin & Ann Marie …

    Love your shows …. Good business for you,
    Great service for us, as you really put thought and research into what topics and suggestions you bring to us ………. THANKS ………..

    You’ve made this GREAT list of the things you’ve TAKEN OUT of your diet … after 3 years raw, I can see we are on the same page …. However … I have a wonderful husband who is on his second go round with an attempt to be 100% Raw, and he can’t keep any weight !

    The two of you look … from all outside appearances, to be very balanced .. physically and otherwise … sooooooooo

    What do you eat ??

    I would love to see a food list, ala’ Angela Stokes for 1 or 2 weeks from BOTH of you, to give us an EXAMPLE of where this journey has taken you … and to see how your keeping the weight on without much nuts, seeds, fats, etc…

    I can eat that way just fine …. but my husband turns into a “twigg” … doesn’t feel good or look good …

    I know, I know … everybody’s different …
    but I would love to see what you do eat for a few weeks … everything … would be great for us ….

    Bet alot of other folks would like to see that too ?? Right guys ??? …. (smile)

    Thanks Gianni’s !

    ~ Jesse
    Atlanta, GA

  34. Sharon says:

    Our bodies are always changing so what we need one day is different the next, or the next week, or next month or even in a few years.

    I’m not big on cashews either. Love the taste when they’re cooked in a stirfry but I don’t eat that anymore either.

    I eat a bit of chocolate that I make with cacoa, coconut oil and agave. When I say a bit I really mean a bit! Like tiny chips in blended frozen fruit “ice cream”.

    Regarding the spirulina, it attracts heavy metals. I’m guessing that yours was not clean. With all the chemtrails dumping barium and who knows what else, there’s a chance that it may have been polluted. Spirulina is usually one of the most basic healthy foods. You could live on it alone for quite a long period of time. I believe that spirulina should be fermented. It is one of the least allergenic foods on the planets.

    Here’s an example: mangoes tested with skin on are allergens (for me) but when peeled, they’re not. The toxins are mainly under and in the skin. Organic mangoes are a rarity around here!

    When I look into the family food cupboard, I cringe to think I used to eat all that stuff! People used to think I was a health nut because I ate so many vegetables and ate weird stuff like beans and chickpeas! I don’t discuss diet much with my friends now unless they ask.

    Kevin, my kombucha book is very clear that you cannot make it with honey. Sugar is sterile which is why it’s used. I’m talking about homemade. I’ve never tried the bottled stuff. I don’t see how it would be possible when there are pasteurization laws that it could be even remotely useful to the human body. Probably better than pop though.

    The longer I eat high raw, the more things that go out of the diet.

    Great show; great topic!

  35. Esther says:

    About the Wheatgrass – If it is grown indoors look out for the mold.

    My father grew the stuff for years (indoors) and made us drink it yuk! A lot of people would feel sick right after drinking it – and be told that it was because the wheatgrass was causing a healing crisis. What we think was happening is that they were having a reaction to the mold on the grass.

    My father starting growing it outside planting it in the fall. Our snowy winters in Ontario would kill the mold and then he would harvest it in May and juice it and freeze it. This juice is amazing. I drink it every morning and it goes down smooth because it is sweet & pleasant. If I go without it for awhile I really notice a drop in my energy.

    This product is available in the freezer section of health food stores – Evergreen Juices.

  36. Dede says:

    Hi guys – great show – what a beautiful landscape behind you!!

    I’ve recently stopped eating some fruits – especially pinapple, mangos, watermelon… I finally identified that if I ate any of them in a smoothie – within the hour I was so short tempered that I couldn’t even tolerate being around myself!!..I joke now – – but – IT WAS BAD!!! and my gums and teeth began to ache all day long. I read that they are all three high on the glycemic index, so I don’t know if thats the reason – but regardless – they don’t work for me.

    Its back to vegetables :-)…and very limited fruits for me.

    Nuts and seeds are down to only a few a day also – – they tasted sooo good at first – but I guess I got my fill of them.

    Threw the agave out when it leaked all over everything 🙂 – never replaced it.

    You both look terrific – hugs, Dede

  37. Shannon says:

    I don’t do agave anymore either and rarely eat nuts. I also don’t do salt in food but sometimes I do crave something salty and then i will eat something with salt. I try to avoid grains but i eat them if I crave them. Mostly I just try to eat as much whole foods (ie, fruits, veg) as possible and I don’t do supplements either. I find the things that upset my stomach are things that have been made elsewhere, not in my own kitchen, with additives or preservatives or too much sodium. that’s a lot of stuff…. hahaha. i have also cut way down on oils in preparing food since those are also processed and refined. Better to use avocado or something.

  38. RS says:

    I started raw in June after a juice fast. Been wanting to do it forever, never had the time to do the r & d. I’ve been wheat/gluten free for 4 years or so, so that was no prob. I dumped agave after reading that it is not raw. Stopped Braggs anything a while ago; the liquid aminos is EVIL stuff – NOT raw. I was drinking a pot of coffee a day for a long time – totally gave it up. I was doing well without any caffeine for a while but lately I’ve been struggling with a Starbucks Chai addiction 🙁 I’ve gone back and forth with sushi, and I’m kind of over it. I’m already sick of the dehydrator too – it just seems silly to basically process raw foods. All cooked foods make me feel bad… Brain fog, aches, severe gut bloat, vascular issues, menstrual irregularities (fibromyalgia) etc. When I’m as close to 100% raw as I can get, I feel great. It’s as simple as that 🙂

  39. Amiee says:

    Sad to say that kale gives me a massive headache every time I eat even a little bit. Tonight I made a green juice with kale, just to see if the headache thing still happens and within moments of the first sip I felt it starting. Avocados and coconut don’t sit well with me either. I’m moving on and enjoying the foods that make me feel great. After years of being sick I’m excited to be able to listen to my body and give it what it needs to thrive.
    Thanks for the info you shared about cashews…that explains a LOT!!!

  40. Pat says:

    Shayla, You were taking 1-2 tbs of maca…yikes! New rawfooder have a tendency to over do things that turn them on, at least I did. They were cashews, dehydrated crackers, and processed rawfood. I also dumped agave; it felt like corn syrup. I eat cacao once in awhile. I have a 1 lb. bag in my office that’s half full; it’s 6 years old! Over do anything, even water, and you’ll get real uncomfortable.

    Kev and Annmarie, did you give up meat?

  41. What about agave that is raw, is that also processed?

  42. Beth says:

    I went Gluten Free around the same time that I started transitioning to raw foods (last summer). I’m still transitioning, and have found that the raw deserts (gourmet) aren’t as important anymore.
    Luckily I spent my money on a new blender (BlendTec) and not a dehydrator. Didn’t see the appeal in the dehydrated foods.

    My husband was disappointed that Johnny5 didn’t make an appearance. I guess he had Labour Day off? 😉

  43. Rene says:

    After listening to Dr. Graham at the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat in OR, I’ve started eating more low fat – more fresh fruit, less nuts/avocados/olives, and more fruit. Did I mention I’m eating fruit? Yeah, more fruit.
    Lots of dark greens, of course, in smoothies and in salads. Lighter dressings… and some fruit.
    I feel a bit better already! And I can see my skin is getting a little better looking already!
    Speaking of skin…
    Annmarie, did I mention at the Retreat just how incredible YOUR skin is? You are one of the glowy good health advertisement people! 🙂

  44. Charlotte says:

    I’ve cut out gluten/wheat products as they make me bloated, gassy, and give me stamch aches… I havn’t had milk in years as I’m allergic. I do eat good quality european cheeses though:) and i eat goat milk yogurt and that type of stuff. I’m not purposely cutting out nuts but i don’t eat them hardly anymore… i used to eat a lot and then I got sick of them. besides that i eat things in moderation and if I do eat something really rich and delicious I enjoy it and i don’t stress about it.
    good show!

  45. Ted says:

    After reading all these comments I feel the need to throw out the bottle of agave nectar I just bought @ the farmers market!
    I stopped eating all animal products (besides honey) and I’ve never felt better!

    I also stopped taking multivitamins and have begun cutting back on the amount of soy I consume…

    I haven’t heard anything about the 80/10/10 until now and will def be doing my research on that. 10% protein seems like nowhere near enough for a triathlete like myself though!

  46. kathy wenninger says:

    Question/comment…you spoke about fat and that you are or have eliminated much of it?! How much should one eat on a daily basis such as avacadoes ,coconut oil etc?

    Thank you for your help and looking for weight loss help?!

    look forward to hearing back


  47. Zen Dood says:

    thanks for the good show today.. Kevin, yesterday I was driving home on the bridge, had to make pp sooo bad.. I was doing the same dance in my car!!

  48. Henrik Petersson says:

    I try to be careful with cacao. It can knock me out completely and give me a terrible headache.
    Pineapple will make my mouth sore and swollen so I usually avoid it. But I make smoothies and juices out of it every now and then because I like the taste so much.

  49. anabel says:

    Recently have realized I need to change something in my diet because it seems I’m aging in appearance faster than I should be. The first 1 1/2 years on raw food, my appearance improved, however after that it’s been down hill.

    Although energy level feels fine, I’m all ears for what works with regards to looking younger. 🙂

    Thanks Kevin for mentioning your experience with spirulina, I’ll watch out for any reaction now.

  50. Gudni says:

    Daily agave gave me gout. To be fair I was exercising a lot and therefore a lactic acid was floating around and it could have played a part. Any regular salt intake gives me pain. Tamari a major irritant for the intestine. Protein powder with stevia gave me a mucus feeling in the back of my throat as well molasses (not raw of course). Apples just doesn´t do it for me. They create a false hunger.

  51. Mindy says:

    I recently have been doing a lot of experimenting due to results from a food allergy test. I have a possible 13 food sensitivities. I’ve cut them out of my diet, and will be adding a few of them back to see which ones I am truly sensitive to. Recently I have realized that on days I have a lot of fats, I feel sluggish and my digestion is not so good. Honey makes my heart race.

  52. sarah coffey says:

    What about if you soak your nuts before eating them? Like cashews? I am not suppose to have nuts, because I have chron’s disease, but I still eat nuts, I just have to soak them overnight, and then grind them up. But, I read in one of my raw books, that they suggest to soak aall nuts and seeds before eating them, and in doing this I think that it might reduce the chance of gas? Thats a bummer about spirulina! I just started to use it in my diet! I wonder why it would give you headaches? I guess the best thing to stick with is if its basic real foods, like fruits, veggies, and such…anything eles is questionable, if you are suppose to have it, like agave…I know it s raw, but what process does it go through? Just thought that I would share a few of my thoughts! ( :~
    ~ Sarah

  53. Dan says:

    I had the same experience with spirolina: severe headache. It was very puzzling, but I finally make the connection just like you did. Chlorella does the same thing.

  54. Georgia says:

    I agree that store bought Kombucha drinks are full of sugar.. however to the best of my knowledge, you can’t make kombucha with honey as it is so effective as an antibacterial agent that it prevents proper fermentation.

    I make my kombucha with rapadura sugar or coconut sugar and it works really well. The end product is fermented for longer than store bought kombucha and so it is more sour than sweet.

    ps TED check out Tim Van Orden, an athlete who is going about disproving all the tired old established theories out there. 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae-dlHOmwk4

  55. Jann says:

    Even from the beginning, I could NOT do much of the dehydrated foods. I LOVE honey and dates to sweeten and don’t use agave, never have.

    I had to cut way down on the amount of nuts I was eating also. Other than that, I guess I try to drink more water also. I pretty much can eat whatever I like, as long as it isn’t dehydrated!! Plugs me up!! yikes!


  56. Liliane says:

    I’ve cut back on the agave nectar and plan to discontinue it once the bottle’s empty. I have given up more cooked food. I seem to have gone up and down with that the last 4 years. At this time it’s mostly cooked quinoa at breakfast, so at least it’s healthy. I gave up Bragg’s amino acids and rarely use nama shoyu or tamari. Also less nuts for the most part & less dehydrated foods.

    You too both look like the picture of health. 🙂

  57. Lynn says:

    Of course my cupboard is full of many of the things you are eliminating and I too will dwindle them down. They are transitional and when someone is first exploring raw foods and going to potlucks all the “super” foods abound. The KISS principle rules.

  58. Suzen says:

    Food provides information. I find that understanding why I eat a certain food is great motivation. For instance, low magnesium will spark a chocolate craving; Omega 3 is desirable for good brain function and staying-off of alzheimers; Estrogen rich foods provoke cancer so no-no for soy and flaxseeds; Himalayan salt is better than sea salt because of pollution in the sea.

  59. Irene says:

    I found that if I take out most carb on my diet, I tend to loose weight too fast.

  60. Suzen says:

    Oh, I also saw a very interesting food show featuring Chef Barbara Lynch. She dehydrated summer bounty, squashes, peppers, etc. Then stored them for vitamin rich soups during the winter. She only heated them mildly to rehydrate them. She also made powders with dried bell peppers and parsley, etc., to add as garnish. Looked amazing. The host joked that you could have drying parties in the summer and soup parties in the winter.

  61. jackie says:

    First off, Dirk (#1) had me laughing about his pee reference.
    Shayla, freaky you mentioned the varicose vein. I’ve been taking maca, and just 2 days ago suddenly noticed a big blue zig-zag vein in front of my shin that appeared overnight! No maca for 2 days and it’s totally gone. Never made the connection till I read your comment.
    And Sarah, I’m still fairly new to the high raw diet but my understanding is that soaking nuts removes the enzyme inhibitor which is around the nuts, so we can digest them better.
    After a few months of debating, I just ordered a dehydrator (ahhhh!), so I hope I’m able to get my money’s worth from using it. I do love crackers and crunchy things, so maybe it’ll work out for me.

  62. karen says:

    Kev my daughter asked why you are so fidgety in the video?
    Ann Marie you are a raw food model.
    We think your next show should be on what you both ate that day…

    Agave yuk! Agave ruined and dominated any recipie I made. I have an assortment of raw honey or dates but rarely use them…
    Green Smoothies with pure water 2-3 times a day! We crave them.

    Somebody give Victoria Boutenko a RAW FOOD OSCAR! Green Smoothie Revolution should be on the NY Best Sellars list!

  63. Hippychick says:

    Fruit!!! After about 5 months high raw, I had to cut down severely as I was not sleeping at night and had no energy in the day. Too cleansing according to Ehret. So I have been adding more healthy fat and cooked beans. It is temporary until I release the remaining weight and then I hope I can increase the fruit which I fell in love with. Thanks for always being willing to tell your truth. Peace.

  64. Hi Guys

    Wish we could have been there with you today but we were in the kitchen…funny we were just talking about the same thing as we gathered our clients order together…almost every week we have to give away the remainder of her recipes because we dont eat too many pates, crackers and the like (the day you visited we had the because we had catered the party the night before)…

    We are still doing grawnola though I have less, Cemaaj needs the calories and fat…same with nut mylks…then we eat alot of green salads with seaweed and of course 2-3 qts of green juice a day…

    The cleaner we become the more aware we are of the effect of certain food groups. i remember a time when I thought feeling crap was normal, now my stomach (for the most part if I am not doing naughty!) is quiet…

    great show, hope it gets people to think about how they feel after eating…hope to get together later in the week.

    And yes, AnnMarie you are the vision of beauty that comes from living a clean and happy life, and yes Kev you look great too (tho I have to agree you like you were doing the pee pee dance)

    Back to the kitchen to make brownies and cherry choc chip ice cream for our client!
    Have a RAWsome evening
    Shivie and Cemaaj

  65. Diana says:

    I am a vegan (sometimes raw vegan) and I find I cannot digest easily most nuts/seeds, oils, wheat/gluten food items, or anything too complex in ingredients. I have also stopped buying agave nectar and have found honey to be a great alternative 🙂

    I also have issues digesting most beans. Green beans, yellow beans and peas are the legumes I have no issues with. If I eat any other kind of bean I eat them in very small portions.

    Thank you for all of the great information!

  66. Maria says:

    All nuts, seeds and grains contain phytates.
    They are enzyme inhibiters. Soaking these food over night in a acid medium [sea salt or whey] helps remove the pytates, it starts the fermentation process and they become pre-digested which in turn make them easier to digest. Most people know about soaking beans, but somehow the information about the inhibiting enzymers in nuts, seeds and grains has not been pulicized.

    Try it and you’ll most assuredly tell the difference.

    Dr. Weston A Price studied the eating havits of indigenous cultures and his research shows that humans need good raw fats like avacados, raw eggs, raw butter, raw cream, coconut oil and raw cheese. Dispell the low fat myth! Our bodies need lubrication and the nutrients in good fats . It is the traditional fats that are the good for our health and the modern processed vegetable oils which are not healthy for human consumption. And, of course, organic is must.

    Break the myths about fats in your diet:

  67. Great show today with valuable information.
    I have also cut down on using Agave … and eating as many nuts/ nut milks from a year ago.. Baby steps is KEY.. but it is great to see how we are all releasing certain things as time progresses.. Be well

  68. Nicole says:

    What brand of kombucha did you just discover that you like?

  69. Michael T. says:

    Interesting show, thanks for sharing your experiments.

    I haven’t eliminated any foods from my diet recently. I enjoy the variety, even occasional “bad” things, such as agave, tamari, cacao, etc.

    I am not seeking to create the “perfect” diet for myself. I am seeking to enjoy life as much as possible. I have good energy from eating a wide variety of foods.

    Also, I work really hard doing farm work, so I eat a fairly high fat diet (30 to 40 percent) and burn the fat off every day. My weight has been stable despite eating a fairly high fat diet.

    I live in an area where avocados and macadamia nuts literally fall to the ground, and it seems silly to let them all rot there.

    Kevin, I’ve never had a headache from eating spirulina, and it’s hard to understand why that could be happening to you. Are you fully hydrated before eating the spirulina? Green powders can pull a lot of water out of your body, so make sure you drink plenty of water ahead of time.

    Regarding salt and swollen hands, it is really a matter of what your body is used to. I eat full-spectrum trace mineral salt every day, and my hands do not swell up. My body is used to salt intake and I drink plenty of water, so it is not a problem. If you avoid salt completely for a many days and then have a salty meal, your body may hoard the salt and you’ll swell up. By eating salt regularly, the body easily lets go of the excess, and there is no problem.

    I believe that humans evolved by living near the oceans and learning to eat more food, both plant and animal, from the sea. That’s how we evolved from apes. learned to walk upright, lost most of our hair, developed fat under the skin, etc. So, our bodies are built to eat salty foods, and are adapted to daily salt intake.

    If you avoid salt, then the body will crave it, and when you finally eat soy sauce or other salty food, the body will hold onto it, which causes temporary swelling.

    Also, if you avoid all forms of salt, your body can suffer from hyponatremia, which is a dangerously low sodium level in the blood. This can cause problems with muscle and heart function, and can be a life-threatening condition.

    I urge everyone to eat a moderate amount of full-spectrum trace mineral salt on a regular basis. Not too much, but not too little, either. Along with adequate amounts of water.

    Michael T.

  70. greg says:

    Whats up? Why do you guys feel you need to cut your fats down so much? I can understand the need to keep the nuts and heavier fats to the minimum, but overall I got the impression that guys have some fear about fat consumption. Maybe that is due to talking to so many different people and hearing so many different opinions and ‘takes’ on what is healthy?

  71. Chris says:

    Cacao. I started adding raw cacao to my smoothies and had an outbreak of canker sores. I lived with it for about a month before connecting the dots that cacao was the only real big change I made. Stopped using it and it took about a week for the canker sores to completely go away, it’s been about a month now and no new ones. I’ve also cut down on the amount of nuts.

  72. Louise says:

    Great show Kevin and AnnMarie:

    I learned about Cacao at the same time you did Kevin, where my kidneys just pooped out… I have learned about Dr. Doug threw your website and will investigate but want to share something with you. Fats are very important and you cannot make cholesterol without fat which makes up your hormones. It is a fine balance but you do need them. I have been using nuts but agree with you about the gluten, even kamut makes me retain water.
    I agree with the other readers too,would love to know what you eat on a daily basis.
    Look forward to your response.


  73. Melina says:

    I would guess that your sensitivity to tamari is probably more likely caused by the wheat and soy in it, not as much the sodium…

  74. Christine says:

    I love you guys..such a sweet couple…Anyways, I am amazed that you are taking such a bold stand…Praise God…You really should read a book called COUNSELS ON DIETS AND FOODS…You can even read it online…It was written in the late 1800’s by a woman who was way ahead of her time regarding Health…In her book it mentions eating very little nuts, no grease, some Olive Oil, no refined sugars, no chocolate(eat carob instead), no vinegar (they are now saying that vinegar leeches calcium out of the body)…Eat Fruit,some Nuts, Vegetables(at another meal) and grains…Grains are so important and I notice most Raw Foodists don’t eat many grains…they focus on the nuts which is not good…

  75. Courtney says:

    Flax crackers~
    I was making my own (did soak the flax first) and enjoying them with pestos, guacs or raw seed cheese, but I usually felt very thirsty after eating them and would get a bit of a sore belly. Also, quite time consuming…

    Question: when you say you rarely make nut milks anymore- do you also mean you are not making/drinking much “seed” milk either?

    SO thankful for what you both are doing! Much appreciation and respect~

  76. Amanda says:

    Okay, Now that we have eliminated even More of a somewhat already LIMITED RAW DIET selection of foods… WHAT ELSE IS LEFT TO EAT??? Talk about down sizing an already limited choice of eating!!! No Fat( nuts,avocados, etc), No Soy, Gluten Free, Eliminate most Super Foods(Spirulina, Chlorella, Cacao, etc), banish Dehydrated Foods, ….Don’t forget Honey & Fruit is just as bad as sugar w/ what it does to the glycemic blood sugar levels.. ur better off w/ Stevia or Xylitol.. which doesn’t raise blood sugar levels…So whats left to EAT??? Just Veges, twigs & herbs??? Oiiiiiiii …

    Its already confusing & difficult enough in TRYING to maintaining a well balanced nutritious diet & making sure we are digesting easily, receiving the correct amounts of nutrients & not becoming deficient in necessary minerals….

    Gee.. lets add more fuel to the already majority of food & health phobic raw foodists out there!! lol ( Me included)


    What is there LEFT TO EAT??? Should we just live on Vege smoothies & salads all day, every day???? Lets talk about what we SHOULD BE EATING…What foods are low “reactionary” & easily digestable?? What is everyones daily specific consumption of “healthy” raw foods? What should our Healthy Raw Food Diet be everyday… without getting bored with the already Limited Raw Food selection??


  77. I too have found over the last year and a half I eliminated similar food. However, I am not 100% raw and still working on letting go of chocolate and chips. But, mostly raw and when I first started out I ate tons of nuts. Actually, when I went vegetarian I started the high nut thing. I have slowly gravitated to a more water base/nutrient dense/low fat way of eating except for my ?slips?. I am now diffently VEGAN after having some frozen yogurt and felt mucus’y. I’m probably sharing more then you have time to read.

    Thank you for your shows. You are so Authentic and Real!

    I really Appreciate that.


  78. Gina says:

    Gave up corn, tomatoes and lentils long ago. Also wheat except sprouted. Recently have reduced our intake of almonds and walnuts (we don’t eat other kinds except for brazil nuts for my husband). I’ve never been able to do green drinks particularly wheat grass. Makes me nauseous. We always have fresh fruit first thing in the day after water and 30 t0 60 minutes later a little grain. The fewer things in a meal the better.

  79. Mamabird says:

    I can’t keep nuts and dates together. I’ve gained weight gorging on them. I no longer put agave or dates in my smoothies. I like to use really ripe bananas in them.

    Also…I hate to say, but vicoden and coffee don’t work in a raw food diet. So…I’m now doing wheat grass and ginger shots.

  80. Kam says:

    I gotta share this one as well:).
    Before I started with raw diet I was diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency, my legs, calfs was swollen all the time, huge and aching I did exercise, kept my legs up whenever I could, took pills, I had to wear pantie-stockings(hope its the right word for it), all of it with just little relief. I am 30 so what I was tninking was what it would be like in 10 years or 20, since I am experiencing this at this age?…But since I have started with raw diet, all of sudden, in fact over night, all of these symptoms were gone. My calfs are slim now, I didn’t even know I got such nice legs;) they were swollen since my childhood so I though they are just fatty, to be honest :). Anyway, now I am on raw diet and I did few experience what foods suits me and what not to find out that this massive swelling comes from gluten, first I though its starch, but after more tests I can clearly accuse gluten.

  81. Greetings, friends! Kev & Ann Marie — it’s so delightful to watch you two slowly gravitate in the direction of 80/10/10. Whether that is intentional or not, your bodies are guiding you there quite nicely … congratulations!

    I have a few thoughts in response to some of the posts above:

    1. DAVID is correct — cashews are high (at least for nuts) in carbs, weighing in at 23% carbs. In fact, at 66% fat, they are (surprisingly) the lowest in fat of the 12 common nuts shown on my 80/10/10 Success Guide. Most nuts are 75 to 85% fat.

    2. LOU — I assure you, people who eat ALL of their calories form whole fruits and vegetables run no risk on not getting enought fat. All fruits and vegetables contain a small amount of fat, and it is plenty. The 80/10/10 Diet explains all of this in detail. The only fat we actually NEED to consume is the omega-3 family (okay, omega-6 as well, but nobody is in danger of not getting enough of that). Jeff Novick, former nutrition director at Pritikin and now on Dr. McDougall’s staff, says we need only about a half dozen DROPS of omega-3 per day, easily supplied by our greens and other raw foods. The amount we require is shockingly small!

    3. HIPPYCHICK — Read The 80/10/10 Diet, and you will very likely see what was causing your fruit challenges, so you can get back to enjoying all the fruit you care for, easily and healthfully!

    4. MICHAEL T. — Hyponatremia, really? Our bodies require SODIUM … NOT salt! There’s a huge difference. Celery and other greens contain plenty of the sodium we need. We require not a grain of sodium chloride, and consumiing it disrupts, as Dr. Graham describes it “the metabolic symphony.”

    5. KATHY — You ask how much fat to eat on a daily basis. The answer is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% of your calories. Some would say a bit more, perhaps 15 or 20%, but there is TONS of science (McDougall, Campbell, Esselstyn, etc. etc.) that says 10% fat is not only healthy but PLENTY. Depending on how many calories you consume each day (based on your size, age, activity level, etc.), this will come out to maybe 1/3 to 1 avocado a day (IF no other fatty foods are eaten). Or 1/2 to 1 ounce of nuts or seeds (again IF no other fatty foods are eaten). My 80/10/10 Success Guide lays this all out in detail. Check out http://www.GreenSongPress for lots of great information about this topic.

    6. TED — If you think triathletes and ultramarathoners and other world-class athletes can’t thrive on 10% protein, I CHALLENGE you to check out The 80/10/10 Diet. But first read a couple of fabulous interviews on Dr. Graham’s website:

    1. 80/10/10 Allstar Michael Arnstein — Ultramarathoner and Triathlete: http://foodnsport.com/blog/articles/801010-Allstar-Michael-Arnstein.html.

    Check out this quote by Arnstein: “These are not incremental improvements. These are incredible changes in a runner who most would argue is past his prime. I am now in my mid 30s and running faster than I ever have in my life, and I continue to run faster and faster the longer I eat this way.”

    2. 80/10/10 Allstar Kathleen Leonard — Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete, Endurance Athlete: http://foodnsport.com/blog/articles/801010-Allstar-Kathleen-Leonard.html

    It’s absolutely predictable — EVERY elite athlete will CRASH through all of their previous personal best records if they follow the 80/10/10 plan.

    Whew! I guess I’m pretty passionate about this topic!

    Anyway, Kev & Ann, you two are sooooooo fun! Keep up the great work, and I hope we get to hang out while you’re here in Marin! Write me at lauriem@vibrantliving.org

    Laurie Masters,
    freelance editor and researcher for The 80/10/10 Diet

  82. Frances says:

    alternative to nut milks: I use a ripe banana and a little water – similar creamy base, no need for much sweetner. I tried it with some cacao, maca and honey before a night of dancing (chocolate milk). Danced for 4 hours straight, closed down the club and stayed up ’till 7AM (oops). But it worked. I had tons of energy, felt sexy and VERY happy. I rarely eat cacao, but that was fun..

    Ya, I can’t digest nuts well (cashews!!). And I barely use my dehydrator… wasn’t worth buying.. 🙁
    Thanks for this. It’s neat to see how other raw fooders are progressing and experimenting

  83. Kasandra says:

    Moderation in all things! I know i tend to overdo nuts ( soaked of course)
    too much oil , makes me feel nauseous right now. But i hve been eari g alot of nuts lately!!!
    Love green smoothies simple always feels best .
    Love sashimi sometimes…
    i agree on the dehidrator thing to much is dehidrating! Moderation moderation
    did i say Moderation?!
    Spirilina lsbetter on salads i find!
    Wheat grass has a drying effect on the nervous system according to an Ayurvedic Doctor i once saw. he said it is very unbalancing for Vata. He suggested licorice. I usd Anise and kale and ginger mix well with it
    and help balance out its drying effect when I fasted with it ,this is the combo that worked for me! Mixed with spring water and sipped throughout the day for a cleanse.
    Absolutely Love your show !!!!
    U Da Bomb!!!!!!
    Keep it Up!

  84. Vix says:

    It seems I’m one of the lucky people that can tolerate most raw foods. Cooked foods very quickly make me bloated and constipated (flour products, like bread), bung up my sinuses (dairy), and make my skin break out (cooked oils). Plain cooked veggies actually aren’t a problem for me (except potatoes) but it’s less hassle just to have them raw. In general, I prefer to keep my diet simple.

    When I tried going very low fat (according to 811), I would end up binging on fruit in the evening, which reminded me of the food issues I used to have before going high raw. My skin also got very dry, which isn’t a problem that I ever had before. I stuck it out for a month before giving up. When I added fats back, I found I could eat normally and the binging stopped, so my meals fit nicely into my life and I no longer need to obsess about what I’m eating.

    My diet still consists mostly of salads and fruits because they’re simple to prepare. I have experienced no problems with the moderate amount of fats and fruits (or even salty things, like olives or tamari) I consume along with my salads. I never really got into the gourmet stuff because it was too time-consuming and complicated. I also found trying to add supplements made my diet too fussy, which just isn’t me.

    I find that most raw foodists can get so pedantic about what they eat and when they drink what… Luckily, none of the “rules” seem to affect me much at all. I tried them all (food combining, not drinking during meals, low fat etc) for a month at a time, as Steve Pavlina suggests, and found no change worth getting excited about. The big difference came when I cut out cooked foods, but otherwise it’s all been much the same.

    I also never had any problems with other things mentioned here (like cacao or spirulina) either, and it’s actually news to me that others can’t eat it for whatever reason. Oh well, lucky me 🙂

  85. Brent says:

    Hi, what doesnt work for me is 100% raw:( when you get the concentration camp look its hard to argue to everyone that im healthy. I try not to eat to many sprouts, find i get alot of gas and they are hard to digest.
    Anyway, love your show, lots of great information..are you two trying to achieve 100% raw? If you succeed in this I wil buy your book!:))

  86. Brent says:

    Hi, what doesnt work for me is 100% raw:( when you get the concentration camp look its hard to argue to everyone that im healthy. I try not to eat to many sprouts, find i get alot of gas and they are hard to digest.
    Anyway, love your show, lots of great information..are you two trying to achieve 100% raw? If you succeed in this I wil buy your book!:))
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  87. S. says:

    I’m only practicing being raw for 3 months now and been through many changes in this life style.
    I reduced the amount of greens I used to consume also as juices before I discovered the green smoothies because my teeth hurt painfully and then also my knees. When I added fats it seemed better but still more research is needed.
    Today, the only pains I feel from time to time are in my knees. Maybe now would be a good time to ask in what foods one can find msm and glucosamine, not interested in taking any supplements.
    I did cut on raw buckwheat groats, quinoa and other grains since after soaking them overnight, rinsing many times, and eating them w/out dehydration, I had lots of mucus and lots of sneezings. Is it possible to rinse them in salted water in order to get rid of the slime? Would that cause an increase in sodium?
    My main criteria for my consumptions is that I don’t hear my stomach, all is quiet and relaxed.
    I do drink cacao shake with cinnamon, figs and ice; honey, few drops and only now with my yogurt but all the other consumptions that you’ve mentioned in this video had never crossed my doorstep.

  88. kris says:

    annmarie what kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? I was going to guess you were in marin then you said it. I dont like to eat many nuts either.

  89. Hi Annmarie and Kevin! Love your show. Hope you do an episode soon on what you are eating now. Are there still some things out there that you can eat? Hope so! You are both an inspiration, so keep up the good work!

  90. nirvana says:

    hey guys, congratulations for your show !

    i have a question …
    if y dont eat nuts or nut milk anymore what kind of fat do y eat ?

  91. Joanna says:

    I agree with Maria about nuts, seeds and other fats. I just attended a class with Lou Corona who was a living testimony for reversing the aging process. He teaches the importance of soaking nuts, seeds(culturing them) adding a probiotic blend to make a nut
    yogurt that can be added to dressings, smoothies, pates etc. He indorses the use of enzymes, probiotics even with raw foods. Enzymes are the “labor force” behind every chemical reaction in our body and years of eating cooked food creates a deficit that needs rebuilding. My gut is telling me that by eating pre-digested nuts and seeds that are rich in probiotics can only support the rich nutritional value of vegetables and fruit. google Lou and read for yourself. Joanna Asheville, NC

  92. Rafael Morales Jr says:

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie
    now Iam more confuse than ever.
    just when I tought that I haded all figure out.

  93. Grace says:

    I stopped ingesting thoughts like “This food is bad and this food is good.” These kinds of thoughts made me irritable, bloated and so unhappy. I also stopped listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry who each had their own views about what is ideal and what is not ideal. That has been a huge triumph for me.

    I tried cacao a few times, goji berries, acai, sometimes agave but they were never staples in my diet. I just never gravitated towards them. I kept hearing David Wolfe’s voice in my head about how great some of these foods are and after a while, the whole thing just became a huge turn off. I hear the praises of Maca and MSM as well but instinctively, at least for me, the idea of making so many powdered foods and supplements part of my diet just doesn’t feel right for me. In other words, I don’t feel like my body is being deprived in any way by not incorporating them into my diet. I do enjoy encapsulated spirulina or chlorella from time to time. I love algae! Does it really matter what Dr.Doug Graham thinks when YOU feel you’re doing your body good and have the results to show it? To each their own!! May we all find our bliss in our own way on our own terms.

    Nuts aren’t a big thing either and never were because I simply don’t crave them. Nonetheless, I think Maria is definitely right. We need to dispel the low fat myth. I’ve done my research and we simply can’t ignore the works of Dr.Weston Price.

    I’ve cut down on fruit and eat them only when I crave them, and not because I feel I ‘should’ be eating them. . .

    Greens and veggies with some whole grains and beans are my main foods. Condiments include olive oil and celtic sea salt and sometimes tamari with lemon on salads. I also use herbs like basil/oregano/thyme as well as some spices like ginger/tumeric/cayenne.

    As always, thanks for all the great work Kevin and AnnMarie!

  94. Tiff says:

    Thanks for the video. Just like with low carb diets, I don’t understand the reasoning behind low fat diets. Unless there’s something more I don’t know about, I don’t get limiting fats from the sources you mentioned.

  95. Henrik Petersson says:

    Tiff: Me neither. I understand if someone wants to limit the fats if it makes them feel bad, but it seems to me that many people are afraid of fats because of all the low fat propaganda that’s been spread out the past few decades.
    And the low carb diet is simply the result of people finding out that they had been lied to, so now they think that carbs are the new evil.

    I don’t believe in the idea of the ideal macro nutrient levels. It seems to me that it’s very individual what works best, and it also seems to change with the seasons.

  96. Great show, a great reminder that we are always evolving our diet whether we realize it or not. I am already gluten free (5 years now) and even though I am RAW for only 3 months I have seen an evolution in the last 30 days. I no longer feel addicted to chocolate and can easily pass it by, have reduced my nut milk intake by 2/3 and completely reduced to barely using Tamari (Braggs Amino Acids for me because they are GF).

    Also, I too have migraines from spiralina. However, when I use SuperGreens in my smoothie (which has spiralina in it as well as a many other superfoods) it doesn’t bother me as long as I don’t over due and only have one smoothie a day with it.

  97. Doug says:

    Great info guys. Ann-marie, you MUST be doing something great recently, can see your toned arms bulging in the sun. You are looking HOT girl. What have you added lately? Also good to hear you more on the videos. Happy Labor Day all.

  98. Hi kevin and anne marie,
    great show as always!
    As regards the spirulina-i’ve procured off
    the internet the Body Electronics videos
    which feature Dr john whitman-ray .In it
    he claims spirulina is heated to 160oC.
    These videos are at least 10 years old
    so i don’t know if this is old news and new brands are not heated or whether it has anything to do with the reaction Kevin is experiencing.
    all the best

  99. Barbara says:

    Hello Kevin and Annmarie,

    I have given up Aguave last year and started using a sweetner called LAKNTO,which I order from a company called Body Ecolcogy. It is not as sweet as aguave, but it got me totally not wanting any sweetners at all.

  100. Courtney says:

    What doesn’t work for me is being uneducated and having little to no support or not knowing anyone else who eat raw or veagan.

    I think that due to the fact that I am still very new to this (only abou three weeks) I am still very uneducated. For instance. The first week I only ate raw veggies, fruits and quinoa. I didn’t know better. last week I incorporated a few more things but b/c I am still unaware of how much is good or how much my body needs, I almost fainted at a party due to lacking iron. I took a table spoon of molases and voila. But i think being a researcher and finding out what you need if you are going to eat mainly organic raw foods (as far as suppliments and/or foods go) Is key to staying healthy…..

  101. Sarah Hauch says:

    When I went raw I did mostly fruits and veggies with some nuts. When I would experiment with the foods you mentioned today in your show I would get bloated, have gas, and feel lousy.

    One thing you didn’t mention that does not work for me AT ALL is nutritional yeast. Also, eggplants, tomatoes, and too many mangoes.

    Love ya,

  102. Michele says:

    I am so glad to hear your comments about taking what doesn’t work for you out of diet.
    I was wondering if “all raw foods per se” were okay and now I know. I have been experiencing a neck, ithcing, rash and really have no idea what it’s from as I eat mainly what I have been for about a year, the only thing I could think of was “tomatoes” as I’d been eating a lot of fresh ones or maybe I’m missing something I need. here is my what I usually eat, maybe you will have some suggestions for me:
    veggie smoothie in a.m.
    celery, apple, beet, carrot, zuchinini,flax, and sometimes asparagus.
    salad for lunch with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, avacado, cukes, brocelli, sea vegatable (usually agame),
    2-3 p.m.
    green smoothies,
    spinach, kale, frozen smoothie fruits, apple,
    bananas, coconut water or mango juice.
    and for snacks, almonds or other nuts.
    will appreciate any help.
    thanks, (Mickey) Michele Ivers

  103. Wonda says:

    Annmarie does look radient! I have cut out agave and really cut back on the nuts and seeds. However I do love tahini… Like Annmarie I’ll have a little manna bread on occassion, but I think its not the best 4 me. Never had cacoa….chocolate has caffeine, that was enough to stare me clear of it. Apple Cider Vinegar thins the blood and I rarely eat dehydrated foods anymore either… I agree definitely too much fat.

  104. Eric says:

    One thing I’m done with is legume sprouts – they taste awful and are hard to digest, anyway. My wife and I don’t really eat nuts very often, either, because of allergies, rawness in question, and heaviness. One can also think in terms of adding in, though, and things we’re adding to our diet every day are what makes our health quest exciting.

    I just started a kombucha culture with sugar yesterday – I’m told that eventually all the sugar gets consumed, perhaps we’ll try the next batch with honey. I’m worried about the tea medium – rooibos (which I use) and tea both contain natural fluoride. Is there a difference between natural fluoride and industrial sodium fluoride in terms of effects on the body? I know many other foods contain it, too.

  105. raymond says:

    hello kevin and ann marie,its folks like you,that let people like me(new to eating healthy)know how to get started on a healthy life.and i thank you both for your wisdom.

  106. mary harris says:

    Kevin and Annemarie, Thank you for your show. It keeps us all informed very well.I really appreciate that very much. thanks again mary

  107. Erika Matt says:

    I still eat cashews because they are about the only nuts you can still buy raw. I just learned that pistachios now have to be pasteurized. Raw almonds are no longer available unless they have been imported. Walnuts are usually rancid. Macademia nuts are pretty expensive.

  108. Sara Rice says:

    Hi Kevin and Ann Marie-

    I found your take on what works and what has not worked on your raw food journey very helpful. A couple remarks on your information and then I will share what has not worked for me.

    1. Cutting out Fats/Oils/Nuts/Seeds- I see how this makes complete sense. Too much is never good- however, what I’d like to know is how come the recipes from leaders in the movement besides green smoothies and 80/10/10 do not reflect this? I would love to get Ann Marie’s suggestion for what to use as dressing instead of nut/oil based for salad.

    2. With regards to spirulina/kombucha – I remember sitting in a talk with Donna P. (colon hydrotherapist here in nyc) and she mentioned that to be careful about these two as they’re a feeding ground for yeast and bacteria- she referenced- one of the raw food guru’s. Also I know it is possible to make kombucha without sweetner- because the raw food restaurant I worked at last year did make it that way- however- it ferments very quickly.

    Now, as for me and what I have found to work or not work:

    1. I’m 100% with you on agave- I never used it myself only eating out- and here in nyc every raw restaurant uses it so its a bit hard to avoid. I do my best to avoid it- preferring raw honey or the green leaf stevia powder- not the white processed version. Even honey I have tried to cut back on.

    2. Chia Seeds- I have not eliminated them but I dont use them often simple because I get constipated every time I use them in a recipe.

    3. MSM- bloats and or causes me to retain water.

    4. Nuts/seeds/fat- The minute I have too much my gallbladder starts experiencing pain.

    5. Definitely- all gluten- even before raw- I will break out, get dizzy, etc- so nama shoyu,oats,kamut- out.

    6. Dehydrated food- I love the crackers and what not- but find it hard to catch up on the lost water content.

    7. Cashews- I never used them myself- I prefer macadamia in recipes. If I’m on the go and craving ice cream- I will have the raw ice cream- but know I will have diarrhea the next day.

  109. Koa says:

    Kevin, I thought YOU looked good today. In your videos you often have your head tilted way back and your throat sticking out (not good for the back of your neck), partly due to the camera angle. But today your forehead was more forward and you looked a lot more balanced. You two looked like you had just had a romp in the meadow (hence Annmarie’s much touted beauty) and you were ready for more.

  110. Katya says:

    OK, I get it about being simpler. For me, if I didn’t have those “analogs” of the SAD diet, I wouldn’t know where to begin – dehydrated crackers for bread, cashew creamcheese, etc. So, in an ideal world – could you give us what you would eat for 3 weeks straight that would be interesting, void of fruits, dehydrated stuff, and nut mylks? Would you open coconuts every morning to make a base of liquid for your green smoothies? I want to get to an even higher notch on the raw foods diet, but can’t imagine living without the above to make it interesting! I need enough calcium, I thought I was getting from almond milk for osteoporosis.

  111. Alex says:

    Hey, thanks for this, I feel much less like an over-sensitive food intolerant person now!! I avoid gluten and wheat alsoas this makes me tired and moody! When I eat dehydrated crackers, well the ones with onions in, I get a dry, red rash on my forehead. I cannot take bee pollen at all as this has the same effect, although this is with the dried version.
    All the best.

  112. Tyra McMahon says:

    whew! All i can say is that I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the comments and now do not feel alone. This has been an awesome show. Thanks!!!

  113. raymond says:

    i used to be gassy when i ate my raw nuts and seeds(chia and flax and sunflower)until i mixed them with rasins,so my mix consisted of walnuts pecans and raw soy nuts.and i put in a teaspoon of chia and flax and 2 teaspoons of sunflower seeds ,and then i would put in a handful of rasins.i guess you could call it my version of trail mix .anyhow no more gas lol.another thing i did that i think helped me from being gassy was i chewed my food more slowly.i hope this helps someone.ok now this is for the people who or have been hyperactive or been diagnoised a.d.d or a.d.h.d(or whatever it is)there hole life.you may have a magnesuim deficiency.in my case it was to much sugar,waaay to much.and to make a long story short its messed my hole life up and im just starting to realize this and im dealing withit the best way i can.in my opinion it caused more than that,but at least i know my problem and from what i researched(past year)my next step is detoxing my body.they say 80% is magnesium def.my point is if youve ate sugar(and that pertains to pop,cerals or anything to do with sugar)trust me when i say sugar is the most addicting substance out there and it ruined my life.but as soon as i can detox my body and stay away from sugar i will get better.

  114. Bette says:

    At the risk of one more person commenting on how you look…hahaha.. I will.

    Yes you look radiant. Sunshine helps immensly.

    Kevin, I dunno man. Ever since I have watched your shows (for a very long time)….you just cant hold still. This one was particularly noticable. Watch it yourself and see.

    Its detracts from your message a bit. Is it high energy foods that keep you moving contnually?

  115. raymond says:


    because of the competing nature of calcium and magnesium.excessive calcium intake from foods or supplements can lead to a magnesium deficiency. the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are identical with many of the symptoms of THYROID disease, especially hyperthyroidism.people of asian desent who get hyperthyroidism often become completly rigid and may be found lying in the streets this way.the condition is called hypokalemic periodic paralysis and is highly associated with hyperthyroidisum. its possible that the origin of the disese is not from low potassium(hypokalemia)but from low MAGNESIUM,WHICH WE KNOW IS A FACTOR IN HYPERTHYROIDISUM.

  116. raymond says:


  117. Pam says:

    I agree with dehydrated foods. I love them, but they weigh me down.

    I haven’t watched a show in quite a while. The first thing I noticed, as others have commented, Annmarie is positively glowing and looks gorgeous!

  118. Kimber says:

    Kevin and Ann Marie,

    i was wondering, you never gave the name of the Kombucha that you found that you preferred if you were going to buy some. GT’s seems good to me, they don’t talk too much about sugars and the alcohol is trace. But, I haven’t contacted them about it either. I love Multi-Green, but no I’m wondering. Please let us know!


  119. Sandy Jo says:

    Thanks Annemarie & Kevin for your honesty. I am really new and just learning how to transition to the raw food life style. I saw a video last light from a person who was a Raw Foodist for 15 or more years. I can’t remember his name or how I got to the link since I have been doing so much research on Raw Living. (Kevin, I guess you can tell what my personality type is.) He made a lot of sense by saying what works for us now may not work for us in 1 yr or 5 yrs. Our bodies continue to evolve and our needs change as we continue our journey eating raw. Our body, if we have learned to listen to it, as we should have, will keep us on a path of cleansing. Now you might be able to eat an orange with no problems but one or three years later you might not be able to eat an orange because of the sugar content.

    I reacted at first with a sigh about the dehydrated foods because I just ordered a dehydrator yesterday. Then, I realized, that is ok for me for now in my transition. Right now, I need to be able to eat kale chips or flax crackers. I will listen to my body and when the time comes to make the shift to stop eating them I will. But for now, it is ok for me. I don’t feel bad about it anymore.

    I stay away from gluton or wheat products the best I can. My knees ache terribly when I eat gluton. I also try to eat mostly berries for fruit due to the lower glycemic level. I have been using 1/2 banana in my smoothy and I think that may be giving me a headache. I am still experimenting with bananas. I don’t need to worry about eating too many nuts because I can’t afford to buy very many of them.

    The information available out on the internet is incredible and almost confusing about raw food living. Everyone certainly has an oppinion. I’m really enjoying some of the YouTube videos though. Baby steps.

    Thanks Kevin, you have provided wonderful guidelines as well as Rene Oswald.

    One message for Amanda. I feel your pain but try not to get too frustrated. Take it slow and start adding things before taking away things. As Kevin would advise. Start with breakfast. There is no race and there is no finish line. We just keep evolving.


  120. Kelly says:

    Kev and Anne Marie,
    Since this is alllll about food~ please please share with us what you both eat during a typical day. Also, how much exercise do you both do? As an athlete myself, I need quite a few calories and want to get the most beneficial foods for that. Thanks!

  121. Sandy Jo says:

    Raymond, I was told by my Doctor, if you have floaters, it’s because there is too much fat in your diet, hence in your stool. Hey, I’m no doctor but that is what she said.

  122. Jenny says:

    I have to agree with everyone; AnnMarie, you are radiant!!!! Why can’t MY hair be thick and lustrious? Why can’t my body and muscles be so defined like yours, and finally, why can’t I be 25 years YOUNGER!!!!!

    Well after being 100% Raw for 3 months with some cheats :(( oops, friends, and loosing 35lbs., the only thing I have given up is Avacados. I used to love them, but last time I got such terrible heartburn,and gallbladder pain, that I said “never again”.

    I eat mostly salads, alot of fruit. I put flaxseed oil in my green smoothie, and use alittle cold pressed EVOO in my salad dressings. Sometimes will use some soaked cashews/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/or pine nuts in my salad dressing. I will use nuts in my rare dessets, which a very long time in the freezer.

    I use Spirulina in my morning smoothie along with cacao,maca,hemp protein powder,bee pollen, agave, goji berries, frozen banana, almond milk and filtered water, and 30 drops of Pau de arco. Its a process but I love it!

    I don’t eat any grains, or beans. I LOVE my dehydrator. So far I only make my Kale chips, Sunburgers, and pitas in it. I use vegetable pulp from juicing (which I do only for the burgers and pita)and ground pumpkin seeds and flax meal. Using the dehydrator IS alot of work for me but I make a lot of the item each time so I don’t have to use it that often.

    My Vita-mix is coming this week! Can’t wait. I’ll be going back to putting Kale in my smoothie when it comes. I think my energy level went down abit when I stopped.

    Also just two other things. FOR ME: Maca has been a God sent. I noticed that when I ran out for three days, I began having HOT Flashes, and was getting sluggish, and slightly depressed. I went thru surgical menapause 6 years ago, but never took or needed hormones. Maca has been a wonder for me personally.

    The only thing I wonder about. I’m getting little patches of dry skin on my fingers, and am wondering if its from the Cacao. No acne, no oily skin just the dry patches. Anyone know if Cacoa is the culprit???

    AND…..Kevin wasn’t doing the Pee Pee dance, I think he’s very Type A personality and couldn’t contain his eagerness to get out in the wondeful sunshine and enjoy nature and his wonderful, devoted AnnMarie!!!

  123. Marissa says:

    whelp, I spent the weekend in the hospital from e.coli from raw spinach. so that’s out for me..possibly I will cook it in the future, but for now, my appetite is gone for that one 😉

  124. Connie says:

    Nancy, I bought some MSM capsules last year to deal with some arthritis developing in my shoulder. After two or three weeks I quit that because it made me feel foggy headed. I read that was one of the possible side effects some people have. I have been thinking lately that I might try again–just to use up the bottle, since it is SUPPOSED to be good for you and I DID pay $$$.

    I found that purple pectin is awesome for dealing with arthritis (see article in the Health = Wealth section of my website). At first I could really feel it if I missed a day, but lately I haven’t been taking it very often and my shoulder is feeling very good anyway. I guess it did it’s job–and I know I can always go back to it when necessary.


  125. Dianne says:

    Great video!

    And another vote for you two posting your food. 🙂

  126. andrew says:


    I think “They/elite” are doing something to it – its got a funny energy – sounds funny but if youre energy sensitive maybe you noticed???

  127. Carachi says:

    All these comments about Kombucha is puzzling…
    Why on earch would you not use honey for Kombucha?
    Honey ferments willingly – you can even ferment the honey itself! I have made (wild fermented) wine with just honey as sweetener/yeast. (It came out 12% and great tasting.)
    You make sour dough with honey – so what’s with Kombucha??

    Also I start to wonder… Many state they only eat fruit once a week or so. On a low fat diet, with very little dehydrated stuff – then what do you eat??

    And about your appearance – I go with the “roll in the hay-theory”. ;-D

  128. Angela says:

    Hi Guys,
    I can’t do the kind of smoothie where there is hardly any water and mostly all juicy fruits for the liquid. I have to always add my chopped fruit, greens with plenty of water-to where the food stops in the vitamix. If I take a juicy melon and blend it down to liquid, then add greens or whatever, it is too high in sugars, it makes my stomach feel a little queasy. I love my good fats food items. Lately I have been really enjoying flax seed, chia in smoothies, and nuts. Love it. Cocoa, i do limit. Kombucha makes me feel a little relaxed like I drank a little alcohol too. You guys are so cute together!!
    Take care.

  129. Cindy in Marin says:

    Great show today! And Annmarie you do look beautiful, I was trying to recognize the background where you were. And Kevin I love the wild hair! If we can still meet up at CG e mail me at crkirsch@comcast.net while you are here.

    Dehydrated foods made me so thirsty I had to give most of it up. Plus I only have agave, noma shoyu, nut burgers or pates when I eat out at raw food restaurants or potlucks. Spinach in my green smoothies turns my skin orange. Too many dates make me sluggish and I prefer stevia now as a sweetner. Oh, and when I cut the stems away from salad greens (like kale) it is way easier to digest. I collect them and use in the juicer.

    After 2 years of this my diet has become much simpler as I have not had to go by recipes for the transition.

  130. Debra says:

    I just started raw and to be honest, nuts, cacao and fun stuff is the only incentive to stay on it! But I got right away that all those nut based ‘faux cooked foods’ were not gonna work for me. Too many nuts make me queasy. Blech. Just getting a Vita-Mix is a huge shift away from microwaved Trader Joe’s frozen foods (which at one time were a big improvement over my previous diet of cruddy TV dinners from the grocery).

    Sometimes the thought of raw food makes me nauseous so I make steamed veggies, tofu etc.

    The whole point is to identify healthy food desires from one’s body vs. addictive cravings and not get too caught up in what XYZ raw food guru says or try to attain some sort of hip label out of an ego need. If we think that labeling ourselves 100% raw and having a huge list of foods we don’t eat somehow makes us superior we need to check our motives. It’s all about what works for the individual. I think Kevin/AnneMarie are sharing things that they no longer feel a need to eat, not necessarily telling people they should eliminate those items.

    A pet peeve of mine…80/10/10 seems to help many but arguing that people were designed to be raw vegans or frugivores makes absolutely no sense. The reality is that many parts of the world have a cold winter, during which time fresh fruits and veggies are not available. Fresh imported produce 365 days a week is a very recent phenomenon – a benefit of the same modern technology that brought us pesticides, overuse of fossil fuels and other not so great malaises. If we don’t acknowlege this we risk becoming hypocritical elitist waxing poetic about a non-existent golden age, past or future.

  131. Debra says:

    Anne Marie – you and Angela Stokes should be raw cover girls. Y’all are looking good.

    I was in the health food store yesterday and I couldn’t believe all the people who looked well..not really all that healthy…but I saw one lady at the grocery who looked absolutely radiant. She had grey hair but her skin was amazing. She said she is a vegetarian and does a lot of juicing.

  132. Torey Taylor says:

    Great show, great comments. I too get confused over the fat thing. If I don’t eat a few avacados and nuts I get so thin that I look sickly. I too would love to hear what you guys do eat. It is hard to have family members get excited about nothing but veggies so I would love some ideas.

    Thanks so much

  133. Sherry says:

    Never did agave.Using honey but not daily.

    Eat pure raw. No gluten. No problems with cacao.

    I meditate 2 to 3 hours daily.

  134. James says:

    I am too interested in a weekly (or two)sample of what you guys eat regularly.
    Love your site.

    thanks much

  135. Chel says:

    groovy show.
    i’ve cut out everything that isn’t ripe organic fruit and green leaves…

    the rest (no matter what it’s nutritional makeup is) is not human food, in my opinion 🙂

  136. tessa nisbet says:

    wow a lot of input today! – some years ago i was using pure spirulina i had bought in bulk and loving it – i reordered and for some reason never felt it was doing what it had been and didn’t feel good even – we discovered with muscle testing it was tainted with heavy metals – my naturopathic dr. told me not to even give it to the chickens or compost!
    i am quite new to a complete vegan diet and still having plenty ups and downs things that one day make me feel energised next day i have no energy puzzling….! i have found by sprouting grains and blending them up to a very liquid cream i love the taste and feel good….but i can’t mix it with a whole lot of other foods…the simpler the better i can enjoy – i get into trouble when i mix too many things in a salad bowl….they get way too big! and finally getting to feel ok with just a green drink or just a salad for a complete meal….

  137. Henrik Petersson says:

    Debra: In Doug Grahams defense, I have to say that he certainly doesn’t ignore the fact that people has to adjust their diet based on what is available in their environment. He is describing what he believes if our species specific diet, in other words the ideal diet for us.
    If 80/10/10 is what we were designed to thrive on then it could make sense to try to recreate that now that we who live in colder climates have that possibility.

    I personally don’t think that 80/10/10 is the key to health and performance for everyone, in fact far from everyone. It does seem to suit a lot of athletic people though.
    From my experience many people seem to do a lot better when they up the fat in their diet. Why that is I don’t know.

  138. Chris says:

    Hi, I am new to this…can you please explain the 80/10/10

  139. wendy green says:

    k and a,
    i eat FRESH fruit and veggies, lettuce, some seaweed, some algae. occasional dried fruit and nuts. anything else either gives me gas, makes me sleepy, cranky, headache OR i will get immediate pimples. it’s easy to be so simple here in the jungle…no health food stores or raw food restaurants to sway me. i LOVE that. you two are sooo wonderful! please come visit us again!!! mangosteens are rocking it right now!

  140. sunshi says:

    Pineapple, watermelon, mangoes I had to give up I was consuming too much fruit and causing lots of gas. I think I was feeding candida. Since being on a raw food diet I feel I have lost muscle mass so what is a person to do. I’m considering adding in a hemp based, protein powder which is vegan totally. I love nuts but my body doesn’t except sunflower & pumpkin. Love these comments!

  141. Louann says:

    Funny you mention it…..I have been doing pretty much the same as you, most or all of your the items you mentioned, except the spirulina.
    And I’ll challenge that one too because I have been using it for a month or so on a regular basis and have been having some headaches, which I have very seldom, maybe not even once a YEAR. I will drop it from my green smoothie for a week or so, then use it again and will “see the proof of the pudding”, so to speak.
    Thanks for giving me a “tip” and for all the great work, service and information you give us, free and generously.

  142. Henrik Petersson says:

    Chris: It’s simply the macronutrient ratio that some people think is the ideal for humans. It’s 80% carbs, 10% fat and 10% protein.
    With raw foods this basically means eating lots and lots of sweet fruits.

  143. Elena says:

    I appreciate the two of you sharing where you are in your raw food journey in terms of foods that no longer work for you very much.
    Like many who watch to your wonderful shows, I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to share what you two eat in the course of a week. I would love to know what a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner look like. Or if you even eat 3 times a day, or not.
    This would be of great help to see what you find works for you at this point. Thanks for considering this request, in advance, dear ones.
    Of course, what works for you may not work for us all, but I for one would love to experiment with a cleaner raw foods diet.
    I don’t have a juicer, so juicing would be hard for me at this point to try.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful information and energy.
    PS You both are beautiful and filled with life!

  144. Tami says:

    What a show! You are doing such a great thing for all the people who are interested in changing their nutrition and don’t know how to go through the transition era. Your ‘trial’ in nutrition give ‘permission’ to trial and mistake.
    Well, today it happened here! My son told me to ‘go ask Kevin Gianni if his sweat does not smell bad’.
    So, knowing that fat makes people smell bad, baking soda (spread in the arm pits) take care of dome of it, what else can be done on very hot and humid weather?
    And please help – what can be a substitute for bread?
    Ann-Marie, how do you take care of your hair? It looks so healthy and beautiful!
    Happy new year to you all – in 10 days the Jewish new year starts.

  145. Robin says:

    Great show and also enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

    Another vote to please do a show about what you normally eat over 1-3 weeks.

    It was nice reading above that I wasn’t alone in having some issue with eating watermelon, pineapple, and coconut. The high sugar fruits seem to give me that false hunger that someone else described, and the coconut makes me feel sluggish.

    I very rarely eat raw almonds now. They were good in the beginning for transition, but it was also hard not to eat a lot of them. Found I felt too sluggish. Don’t miss them.

    All I currently eat are green smoothies with lacino kale and fruit, and garden salads lightly sprinkled with sunflower seeds and flax oil based dressing.

    I eat this way simply because I don’t have time with work, household management, and child rearing duties (e.g. homework, chauffering, & entertainment). Got suckered into the book “Raw Food for Busy People” in the very beginning of going raw. Invested in a dehydrator as the author said “you can’t live without.” Boy, that was bad advice. The thing is a pain and time-consuming to clean, not to mention that it takes forever to dehydrate anything when you live in a humid climate.

    In the winter months, I don’t really look forward to my smoothies because they make me feel even colder than I already am. When I drink them in the winter, the blood drains out of my finger tips and they turn blue. What I do to try to combat the problem is drink hot herbal tea first, wait at least 20 minutes, and try to use room temperature water and fruit in the smoothie. If you have any other ideas/alternatives, would appreciate it.

    Thanks again for another great show.

  146. Doron says:

    Grace, I could not agree more. Thank You.

    Would love to see an episode of “what we eat every day”

    Except for greens and little fruit is there anything else?

    I vote for being a Flexeterian.

    Life is so much easier when i know whats good for me but do not make a big deal of hat i eat. I keep a healthy mind by enjoying what i eat, and being less picky when i am with friends. The “love” nutrition is at least as important.

    Thank You Annmarie and Kevin!

  147. Cindy says:

    MSM and sulfa drug allergies are a NO NO 🙂

  148. steven amey says:


    Here is where we are all headed with raw food nutrition. And here also, is why there is so much conflict among DR.’s etc in the raw food community, and this is important.

    Foods for Man are many. What should we be eating?

    We must look to nature and the natural world which we have disconnected from.
    Plants growing in any of the Earth’s regions are adapted to the conditions of the environment in which they grow. All wild animals eat these foods, with-out thought or plan. They know what their bodies need and they get it from the local foods that are adapted to their region.

    The animals are made of the same stuff as their environment. So, they as well can adapt to the changes in the environmental conditions. It’s a complete loop.

    How many sick squirrels have you seen in your life? Now, compare this to how many sick people you see in the city on a daily basis.

    Humans and human domesticated pets/animals and livestock etc, are the only animals that are eating foods that are not native to the environment in which they are living. They are in turn, not made of the same stuff as the land they are living on and around. This weakens their adaptability to their local environmental conditions.

    Only Man is living in a climate where he can have a harshly cold winter and at the same time eat a banana shipped in from a tropical region.

    There are two things wrong with this; 1. The Man’s food does not have the information of his environment. This literally makes his energies scattered. 2. He is eating out of season. All foods in balance with the natural order and their local environment ripen at a specific time. These are the times when these foods are best for Man. Our own natural human rhythms are out of sync and out of balance with our natural living environment.

    For example; If you have winters with snow, you would eat things that store well for winters, like locally grown root vegetables, honey, nuts, dried fruits, dried greens and herbs, cabbages, squash etc. Why would you need to eat dry nuts in summer or oranges in winter out of season? Why eat anything out of season or out of region?

    Your body composition just does not require oranges form Florida if you live in Maine.

    Next: We are also the only species that does food combining and then we have our big food orgies, that we call our set daily meal times. Animals in Nature do not sit down for breakfast lunch and dinner at the same society appointed times each day. Only Man eats this way, and he suffers for it.

    You should be eating only when your own body signals for you to eat.

    Combining too many foods sends confusing signals to our bodies and it can’t process or make the best use of the information contained in the food properly. This is what has led us to blending foods for healing purposes. The food is more bio available to our systems. But even juicing and blending is still not the highest. This juicing and blending is only transitional for us. So, make use of it. It IS helpful. But it is not the goal in itself.

    What is the highest? I’ll get to that at the end.

    The way we are living today is out of harmony and although there are cleansing and nutrient, mineral enriching “super-foods” out there that can help us heal. It ultimately isn’t the highest. These foods are only transitional foods and aids to those living in the polluted cities and worst areas. Where it turns out we must begin heading is back to locally grown and consumed everything!

    The ultimate absolute highest is growing our own foods supplies locally using organic and permacultural methods. This is the way to not only eat and get what we need from foods, but also this is how to re-mineralize the soil.

    Your own body is the ultimate authority on your own health, and your own body is the BEST physician.

    How is this so?

    By giving your own body the chance to distinguish for itself, what it needs.

    Here is a simple 4 day experiment you can do even if you live in a flat/apt in the city.

    Find a wide variety of all the available in season local, at least 200 to 300 grams of each different food stuffs. Also get some local Bee pollen and some local honey. If you can, get some local herbs, if you can’t don’t let it stop you. There is still high value in this experiment.

    Then get the closest and best quality spring water you have available, even if it comes from the store. It should say on its label that it is from a protected spring and is bottled at the source.

    Then upon waking the next day have only the spring water.

    At lunch time you blend a red beet (local if possible). And combine it with some spring water. Then consume this beet juice. This is best begun on the weekend. Because, I assure you, you will undergo a intensive internal and bowel cleansing, and you will not feel like doing much this day. The rest of this day is a fast on the spring water. Drink this spring water whenever you wish this whole day.

    The next morning (2nd day) upon rising and feeling hunger lay out on a table a sampling of all the locally available produce and herbs and greens etc on the table. (If there is anything that will wilt or spoil submerge it in the spring water in a dish or bowl.)

    Sit down in front of the selection of food and choose something to your liking. Lick it, and sniff it. Then take a bite of it.

    Throughout the day whenever you are hungry you can do the same find something from your selection and eat it. If you are still hungry eat more. Anything you don’t touch or didn’t want to eat much of on the first day doesn’t need to be laid out again on the table the next and you don’t need to worry about buying it again for awhile.

    You can do this experiment for the next 3 days, and in time you will feel yourself drawn to some foods again and again and others, you will maybe not want more than a bite or two of.

    You can do this experiment as often as you like always using whatever is in season at the time. This experiment will get the doctor of your own body functioning properly and in time you will just KNOW what your body desires for its proper nutrition.

    This experiment can even be done at work, just keep a variety of different food stuffs with you each day and sample them until you begin to see which foods call you back. You can try different foods on different days until you have tried everything.

    This is the best way for you to know, at what given moment, your body requires.

    In the winter for example a family would have a table with portions of herbs, root veggies, nuts, some cabbage leaves and honey etc, laid out and as each person goes through their day, whenever they felt hungry, they would just go over to the table grab what their body tells them and go on with their day. And just repeat this every-day.

    That’s it!

  149. Lydia Rose says:

    Hello :0)

    ~~ I’ve Actually Been Very Sensitive To Onions Over The Past Few Years!
    ………..They Just Leave This Taste In my Mouth That I Really don’t Like……..

    ~~ Also, I Agree About The Wheat/Gluten Thing!


    Beautiful Love from Lydia Xx x

    Ps! ~~ Not Sure About The Chocolate Though!

  150. Mary says:

    Gosh, it’s great to see so many people listening to your bodies and respecting what they say to you. We’ve been on and off (mostly on) raw for 7 yrs. and enjoy almost everything, a little. Moderation in all things, we say. Don’t dehydrate much anymore, and make smoothies with dates and water rather than nutmilk and agave or honey. Growing our own food makes the difference – our salads are glorious just as they are, we do like Avocados and they are locally grown in So. California, which makes a difference. Fresh veggies and fruit additional from local farmer’s markets make life very Happy!! My salsa is extraordinary-homegrown everything, except for the Himalayan salt!. 🙂

  151. Mary says:

    I’m glad you’re evolving into a thinking individual, rather than parroting the latest foodie craze, raw or not. Each person is wonderfully, beautifully made. I think it’s up to every thinking person to find ways to preserve and compliment what was created so perfectly.

    I eat avocados because I love the taste, the texture, the versatility and the vitamins and minerals they contain. I eat soaked nuts and seeds for similar reasons and because crunchy food is fun. And raw cacao continues to be a staple–not a daily one–in my arsenal of goodies that are good for me (even lowering cholesterol). I certainly could not tolerate eating the same thing day after day after day without adding new foods and changing the structure of meals on occasion. That would be borrrring!

  152. Marijana says:

    Well, guys, great show.

    I took some time and look comments that people were leaving here.

    I must say that for a quite time I have a feeling that abundance you have in USA is like a curse! Some of the thing you have there, I can’t even order in my country and it lead me to healthier diet.

    I never used agave, cacao is fairly expensive so I use it with great moderation. That goes for maca, spirulina and other things I order from foreign web shops. I do not have access to pecans and much of nuts that are native to you so I think I do not over do nuts because it is boring to eat just one kind of nuts all the time (ok, it is not just one but I think you can see my point).

    Bottom line is that it is great that you are in tune with your body and everybody should pay attention to signal that body gives hi/her. But, life and well-being is much more than just diet. Let’s not forget that.

  153. Marijana says:

    Oh, just one more thing: yesterday I made some soup from Any Phyo’s cookbook and I must say that people in USA use way to much oil and heavy stuff in their meals. My whole family said that it was to greasy and I used 1/4 of recommended quantity.

    It wasn’t my intention to bash Any. I love her work. But I have other cookbooks and they are all full of meals with to much oils in it. You should pay intention to it.

  154. Ann Marie says:

    I have never and will never eat anything containing soy. I grew up on a farm in Nebraska and we grew soybeans. They sit in bins and rot and mold before they are processed. And about the person who got ill drinking wheatgrass, I would never live without it. First of all you should never, never drink wheatgrass, never!. You sip it very slowly. Have you ever seen an animal eat grass and then throw up? Instinctively they know they need to purge a toxin out of their body. I think people need to totally research anything before consuming it to know all the facts and ins and outs and side effects. Just my opinion

  155. linda says:

    I agree with Steven Amey on the need to restore our instincts. In my family, we have been practicing a method of intuitive eating similar to what he has outlined for quite a while now for all our meals. It is not all about the food. It will change your life. I find this disconnect from our natural instinct to be the greatest dysfunction of most people I talk with.

  156. Andi says:

    I wonder why you are taking supplements when you eat/drink/excercise so well?

    Also, do you answer these questions? I don’t see any replies and many of the commenters have very good questions…

    Also, thanks for bringing healthy eating to the forefront. I can’t believe the number of people who hork down fast food 2-3 times per DAY and never think about it!

  157. christine says:

    i want to eat a low-fat low-sugar diet but i dont know what i’d eat!! i am breastfeeding a 2 yr old.

    what to eat except for avos, cucumbers, red pepper, zucchini? and leafy greens of course – but they arent so high in calories. and i need calories.

    i’d really love to know.


  158. Lola says:

    Great info guys! Love how your bodies are evolving into a cleaner and less processed foods prefrence. AnaMarie looks hot! Love those toned arms and shiny long hair and Kevin, love those golden locks and shining countenance and your sincerity. Love the background, prefer this much more than any other, can you film in more outdoor spaces like this? Also, would like to see you both more while working out, walking hiking etc. To demonstrate how raw food can elevate you to move/excercise.
    Eat Raw and Prosper!

  159. MS says:

    Great post with interesting comments.

    I think it’s important to listen to your own body. What works for you now may not work for you a year from now, and visa versa. Our bodies change along with everything in nature. Try out different things and find what works for you.
    (That was a main point in this video! 😉

    I’ve had to eliminate tomatoes and many citrus fruits. Too high in acid for me, and my stomach protested.

    As for the earlier comments/questions about MSM. Try drinking aloe vera juice. The pains in my joints have decreased a lot since I’ve been drinking it, and it seems to coat my stomach as well. Very soothing. But this is how it works for me, and you may have a different experience.

  160. Moira says:

    I really appreciate getting to hear everyone’s take on what is good to eat. I am very new and just starting to eat raw, not even half way there yet and looking to you all for inspiration. Please explain how to use cacao butter. I put it in a smoothie and it was so strong it made me sick. Please Kevin and Ann Marie, talk about what you are eating on a regular basis so we can get an idea of what good things we can feed ourselves! I am cutting out sugar, alcohol, meats, processed foods, coffee, and trying to incorporate raw foods into my diet. I still have cravings but hope to overcome them with good eating. Thanks so much for all your help!

  161. Destiny says:

    I don’t know about food I’ve cut from my diet but I have cut scam artist from my life. You know the ones that offer book deals and then never send you a book… like the rita marie breakfast book that I ordered and never got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Sir Woofy says:

    Hi Kevin, AnnMarie & fellow Renegades,

    At the Santa Rosa Raw Health Expo, I purchased
    a big bag of sea weed, but deep down I worried
    maybe it had too much salt. I considered soaking
    it and letting it dry again, but didn’t.
    Within 10 days I began a lot of aches and pains
    in my hips, knees, legs and feet. Now maybe it
    was not the salt, but as an experiment I put the
    sea weed aside. It’s been almost a month, but
    if I am right, I still haven’t detoxed. What
    do you two think, should we avoid sea weed? Violet

  163. chuck says:

    Very interesting. I liked hearing what and the reasons. Could you do a reverse show and give a quick view of what does compose the diet now?

  164. Quinny says:

    Fermented food with raw apple cider vinegar… I know it sounds odd, but every time I eat that or eating raw apple cider vinegar as salad dressing, I get stomachache. The stomachache then turns into a back pain, just around the middle section of my back though… weird, but this is what it is.

    Also, eating fruits with seeds gives me gas, but eating fruits alone is totally fine. So, I’m sticking to the food combining rules.

  165. alice says:

    chocolate, it makes me buzz like a drug addict!

  166. karla S. says:

    BOth of you look and are awesome! Sat Nam! Wahe Guru !

    Some of the foods that I’ve experienced a sensitivity WHEN used in LARGE quantities (such as in Raw Restaurant foods) include: Nama Shoyu and over dehydrated “food” with too many nuts.

    Foods that I avoid b/c my body doesn’t like right now are mushrooms and also wheat grass just the smell of it makes me neauseaus.

    Foods I consume in moderation otherwise I get a tummyache: pumpkin and sun flower seeds and others that I do without: all type of gluten containing grains.

    Foods that I need to consume consciously and not over do include fruit..I find they can produce an uncomfortable amt. of mucus in my body.

    Somethings I find very soothing include: warm teas espe. Yogi Tea: Chai, fresh pressed juices,positive thinking, enjoying my food, breathing before and while eating, blessing my food,& exercising.

    Something I need to change: watching too many raw food videos on youtube or creating a habit of visiting too many raw food blogs or forums.

    Foods that I love greens,fruit, greenbeans, veggies,cashew cheese,chlorella,avocados, and flax crakers or onion bread.

  167. Beth says:

    Thanks, your video and these posts were interesting to read. I read 80/10/10 and tried 811 but found it triggers my ed personality of bingeing and starving. I under ate as the goal of eating that much fruit was unattainable for me. Also while I do exercise, I am not an athlete and do not burn large amounts of calories.

    Now I am eating a varied raw low fat vegan diet. I do eat a lot of fruit and salads, as well as raw hummus and limited avocado. I cannot keep certain nuts around and I have cut out cashews. They are just too addictive for me. I also don’t do well with raw onions or large amounts of raw kale. I was planning to get a dehydrator just to make some treats now and then to keep me from going back to cooked food. I guess I am still in the transitioning phase. I realize we can evolve as we go.

    Thanks again for sharing.

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