Agave Re-Revisited – More On Raw Agave, High Fructose Corn Syrup and How Fructose Affects the Liver – The Renegade Health Show Episode #374

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Lots of questions about agave nectar from yesterday’s show…

So today, we interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for this important update. LOL! πŸ™‚

In this episode, I address the effect of fructose on the liver, whether raw agave is any better then cooked, why Madhava no longer carries raw agave nectar, where honey and yacon syrup fall on the sugar scale, and high fructose corn syrup.

This may be controversial.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What freedoms are you grateful for? (Or, of course, your comments on today’s show!)

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living β€” he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols β€” including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more β€” to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog β€” which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Turil says:

    Also, “raw” agave isn’t raw. It’s cooked, just at a higher pressure, so that they don’t have to heat it as much. You know, the way water boils at different temperatures depending on the atmospheric pressure? It’s the same thing. Agave is definitely boiled, because if it wasn’t boiled, it would become tequila… πŸ™‚

  2. Brendon says:

    I don’t know if this makes me “weird” but I don’t really like sweet things; I prefer bitter. Sure I’ll eat fruit everyday just for the nutritional content in some of then but beyond that, I could easily live without sweet tastes.
    It’s bitter foods; REALLY bitter greens and what not that I prefer to eat all day long and that I’ve got cut down my intake off. I’ve actually never tried agave just because I feel no attraction to sweet food.
    What am I grateful for? I’m grateful that I have such a wide variety of foods available to me when so many people in the world are starving.

  3. Rene Oswald says:

    Great info Kevin. You are right about maple syrup. I witnessed the production of maple syrup when I lived close to Vermont. The sap is thin like water and is not sweet. The boiling of maple sap is what makes maple syrup sweet and thick, therefore making it an extremely concentrated, lifeless sweetner.

    I agree, the addiction factor is significant. The biggest challenge of making a dietary change. Like Margaret Mead said, “It’s easier to change a man’s religion than his diet.”

    We included a chart of the progression of “worst to best” sweeteners in our book, with fresh fruit being the best. I think most people will agree that is the ideal. However, like you said, it’s important that everyone do what feels right to them. I think it’s more important to not feel any deprivation on this path. When people feel like they are being denied something, it’s human nature to give up.

    Hope you and Annmarie have an amazing weekend!

  4. This goes along with your work…the most gratifying part of my life is to see the faces of people I’m speaking with regarding personal health, and making lifestyle changes, and they GET IT, and they “thank you”, and they check out your information.
    Freedom to share correct information is truly the best gift.

  5. Bobby says:

    I feel our most precious freedom is health freedom. It is part of the “life” in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Some of it has been taken away, as we are not allowed to know what is GMO at the market. Not allowed to discuss cancer remedies in a public forum. We must all make sure we do not lose the rest of it. Those who would take it away are very powerful.

  6. Nathalie says:

    Thanks for clearing this all up!
    From your last post on Agave, I wasn’t convinced with your details on Agave being so effective to our Liver, but in this post you have clearly defined a lot more and I can understand your message.

    I’m grateful for self-pride and believing in myself, yet also having the freedom to be open enough to listen and possibly adapt to new knowledge that I find each day!
    Thanks Kev and AM

  7. Melissa says:

    It would be really nice if you could post the links to your research whenever you explain something for which you cite research. You can easily do this in your typed intros to the videos.

  8. giselle cioraru says:

    ever since I changed my diet & became 90% raw I don’t crave any sweet. Patric pateaude says if u crave something that means u r not getting enough calaries. It’s true. If I crave something then I eat a mango & then I’m good. He also says that when ur body gets all the vitamins & nutrients that it needs u don’t crave anything. It works 4 me.

  9. Myriam says:

    I’m grateful for the right to choose what i think is good for me, for liberty of thoughts, absence of war or starvation. We should be happy to have so much food and water every day.
    I don’t worry so much about sugar. I was a sugar addict, but by not buying already made dessert or other junk food i lowered my intake of it. I noticed that my cravings were less present. Now the need for sweets has not dissapeared but i know better than to run for a chocolate bar, just by asking myself why i want it. I realised it was more emotionnal than physical. I will still use agave once in a will just because i like it and it won’t drive me crazy, but i do prefer the taste of fresh fruits. Thanks.

  10. Delaney says:

    I’m grateful for my freedom from compulsive eating. Can you address sea veggies and kelp noodles? I’m eating mostly 811 but want to add both of these.

    This show was very helpful. Thank you.

  11. stacey ledovsky says:

    i am grateful to be able to speak my opinion & to disagree with others out loud. it’s wonderful to have forums such as this one where all opinions are accepted & can be evaluated by all. there are so many places in the world where people cannot do this.
    i am trying to eat less sugar but i do love lots of fruit in my smoothies!!

  12. Peg says:

    I can see that the only good source of fructose is the fresh fruit. Agave syrup tastes really good, but I have no problem giving it up.

    I am grateful that I live in these times that the knowledge of raw food is spreading. The first I heard of it was about 25 years ago with TC Fry and Natural Hygiene. The recipes are so much better now!

  13. Roberta McMillian says:

    I am grateful to you and Annmarie for your time and energy to bring better health to the world. Thank you!

  14. Mara Mor says:

    Do you know if the enzymes are still intact in the raw agave nectar?

  15. Dawni says:

    Hi Kevin:

    This was excellent. I had just purchased my first bottle of Agave last weekend at our local Whole Foods Market after looking at it for years. I don’t use much sugar. It was a nice taste experience. Happy to learn about its true value early in the game.

    It’s great to hear you are planning for a change of pace for the weekend. You are prolific while at work-play. A change of rhythm creates space for integration and true inspiration. So I look forward to what your downtime will bring into next week’s programs.

    Finding all of you added a nice set of frequencies in my day to day life. And for that I am truly grateful.

    Loving it!


  16. Nina Boneta says:

    Honey is way worse than agave. It is such a strong sugar, not meant for the human body. I question whether honey really is healthy. The health industry seemed to do a great job at marketing it to the health conscious, along with agave and stevia. Coming from a family of diabetics, and someone who’s dealt with candida, honey messed with my body more than any other “natural” sweetener. There is a Vegan doctor in California by the name of Dr. Klapper who’s talked about the incompatibility of honey in humans. To this day I try to avoid sweeteners all together, I just don’t trust the health industry these days with their “healthy alternatives.”

  17. Linda Miller says:

    I am so grateful for free speech (political, religious, and other) whether I agree with others’ speech or not. We are in trouble if we lose it.

  18. kerry says:

    thanks for the great information … now i can make an informed decision regarding agave. keep up the great work! : )
    p.s. i’m really looking forward to meeting you & ann marie at the raw spirit retreat in molalla, oregon later this month.

  19. Geri says:

    I am grateful mostly for the freedom of religion! I have a relationship with Jesus and He is my salvation!

  20. Jack says:

    I’d like to know more about mixing fruit with other foods and whether that affects how the fruit is digested, because that idea sometimes makes me think of sweetening a smoothie that contains nuts and seeds ect., with agave. I remember Kevin mentioning how maybe that issue of combing fruit with other stuff is not so crucial to someone on a raw diet.
    Another thing I’d love to hear about is the plants that Macrobiotics consider not-so-good because they are nightshades like tomatoes,red and green peppers, paprika, eggplants, and whether there is a different take from a live foodist perspective. I do see tomatoes used a lot and they are nutritious.
    I’m grateful for life!

  21. Edgar says:

    I am thankful for the freedom of eating whatever it is I want. That’s a big reason as to why I run 25-30 miles a week….so I can eat! I love food…raw food….and lots of it!

    Thank you for the insight on agave. Though my girlfriend and I don’t use it much (only when we make bliss balls), I’m always trying to learn more from you and others about nutrition. Frutose is something I’ve never research but sure will now.

  22. Gudni says:

    I rather share my experience about sweeteners. I bought for the first time a product that had Stevia in it. Right away after I started to use it, then I experienced a slimy feeling on the back of my throat. I went to a MD who is a professor many years ago who was researching the candida issue. He said that slime on the back of the throat was one of the possible indication for candida. I also started to experience this when I get myself a spoon of molasses. I was disappointed but what to do.

    I think Graham might be right about eating lots of fruit. What I have experienced with eating lots of fruit is that some cravings got less hold of me than before. So maybe humans are supposed to eat lots of sweet food. A natural instinct. As well I think lots of depression symptoms might go away by eating lots of fruit since the brain needs lots of glucose and some people might not be capable to process glucose out of fat, protein and other heavy substance and therefore they do not get enough glucose and turn towards sweeteners for short term relief. It is the same with drinking alcohol. If you eat heavy food then the liver gets stagnated and when the liver gets stagnated then you turn to alcohol to relieve it. At least it is part of the problem.

  23. I am grateful for this show! Thank you Kevin and Anne Marie!

    As always you make us think about our choices. Because, in the end it is our choice but claiming ignorance is no excuse for those of us that watch your show religiously! πŸ™‚

    PS: I still want to hear about your views on kombucha πŸ™‚

  24. Ahntara says:


    Your right, I’m an addict. I admit it! I love my delicious agave.

    Great show. Thanks for adding another one on this important topic. I’m grateful that we have access to so much information, even when it’s conflicting and confusing.

  25. Leslie says:

    You are absolutely right about our addictive natures, it is even part of primitive survival that goes overboard! Even before raw foods if you reduce your intake of sweets your body craves it less. When pregnant the craving of sweets indicates a protein deficiency. Don’t be alarmed, with raw food conventional rules do go out the window and things work differently. The sweet craving was to lead us to fruit, which may or may not have been abundant and seasonal, and also kept us hydrated. Like most animals we spent all day foraging! Raw food now is nutrient dense and saves much time.
    Before raw diet I preferred maple to honey because of wax. But cooking wasn’t at issue.
    Honey still has minerals and enzymes, but maple is rumored to also. I know when I eat raw desserts I don’t crave more. If you have diabetes you have specific differences as we all do, so again it is research and listen to your body. Wish we knew more~ in time!
    Stevia was warned against in Nutrition classes a few years ago. In light of the countries who use it, unwarrantedly: I believe it was the FDAs caution(=$). I agree it tastes like an artificial sweetener and must have a certain way of use; I want to try the green.
    Kevin I would not “switch”, even for you, but first do the research and consider the information. I am grateful for this show and everybody contributing!

  26. Tandi says:

    When I first went raw I saw so many benefits but then I started making tons of raw desserts and using agave in everything from my salad dressings to desserts and I started having a relapse in my health problems.

    I had PCOS and had started having improvements until I began using a lot of agave and then my PCOS problems got a lot worse until I quit using it. I do not believe it is healthy in any way. Thank you for getting this information out to people.

  27. Brynda Bechtold says:

    I took a class on “Sweeteners” at our local community college and learned the truth about agave. I think it’s time you checked out medicinal sugars and the research going on with them. Trehelose is one that I use as well as xylitol which I know some will have negative reports on, but I brush my teeth with it as well. J.C.Spencer in Houston is doing the trehelose research. It’s a polysaccharide sugar. I take the polysaccharide formula “Ambrotose” with mannose, xylose,fucose, n-acetyl glucosamine, n-acetyl galactosamine, sialic acid, etc. This is being researched all over the world as it affects the cell surface and immune system communication. I know you can eat the mushrooms, seaweeds, etc.(I do that, too), but you really don’t know how much or what formula you are getting that way. There’s 20 years of research behind the Ambrotose…but then there’s the censoring about diseases, so little is said these days.

  28. Morri says:

    how about raw sugar cane juice?

  29. Jamie says:

    How do the fructose levels of Lucuma and Maca compare?

  30. Leslee says:

    I’m not addicted to any of these sugars. I use stevia and most of the time nothing or just fruit. I make this raw fudge that calls for honey, agave, coconut oil and raw cocao. What do you suggest i use instead of the honey and agave to make this raw fudge? Do you have a great recipe for raw fudge that doesn’t use these two ingredients? I want to continue eating my raw fudge but would feel a whole lot better without the honey & agave.

  31. Sharon says:

    If anyone is interested in true food addictions I would suggest reading Potatoes Not Prozac and The Diet Cure and/or The Mood Cure.

    Addictions occur when we’re missing certain amino acids. If you have excessive sweet cravings (not to be confused with really liking sweet taste) you are likely deficient in GABA and/or L-Glutamine.

    Stress, junk food, chemicals, injuries, etc can all contribute to low amino acid levels. Some people need to supplement for a while until they’re stable. This may take a few months although the initial effects can be often be felt within a few minutes.

    Apparently amino acids are derived from plant sources according to a doctor I posed this question too.

    Our tongues are designed for different flavors and we start out our human lives with sweet breast milk so from birth on we like sweet flavor. Ideally a child should be fed a lot of fruit. Of course they should be born naturally and get all the bacteria they need from their Mom too but all too often invasive procedures disturb this and what happens? Candida. In babies thrush is quite common. Anyway, I’m not going to write a book on the blog now.

    Considering most people are not drinking agave from the bottle but using it with raw foods which are high in fiber I really don’t think that there will be any damage done to the body. Corn syrup is typically paired with white flour and artificially hardened fat so of course that’s going to be bad for a person! I think agave makes a nice transition sweetener and as a person gets used to the taste of other foods less and less will be used anyway.

    I have a long history of liver damage and several types of testing have not shown any damage at all after using agave. That’s just me though. We’re all individual. A person who is full of toxins and not absorbing minerals or has no proper bacteria may not fare as well but I don’t think scaring people away from agave is really a great solution for getting people interested in a raw food diet. They are already starting out with missing their bread, cereal, meat, dairy, cheese, etc. If they think they can’t use any sweetener, that might be the final straw.

    I’m not against Xylitol either. It’s been proven to be anti-fungal and antibacterial even though it is processed. It not really that sweet though and larger quantities will cause diarrhea but for a small sweet treat it can be ideal (or for someone who’s constipated!).

    I’m happy for our freedom to enjoy internet and I really hope it lasts in its current form. Also freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of being able to dress how we like and not be dictated about that by the government.

  32. Debra says:

    THANKS for the follow up Kevin! I am grateful for the FREEDOM to receive this information, and to be able to benefit from this lively discussion!

  33. Rachel says:

    Damn! I like agave! I use it sparingly, but i prefer raw honey. Haven’t tried stevia yet.

  34. Mary says:

    You’ve done a great service by letting your fans know about the high fructose content of agave nectar. I knew there had been murmurings about it, but until now, know one had really spelled it out for us. Thank you again.

    And….OK. I’ll say it. I love sweets. A lot. I just made a luscious cacao pudding that called for a 1/4 cup of the infamous devil nectar and a couple of tablespoons of cane juice. Well, I had no cane juice and haven’t seen it on shelves (sounds like watered down C&H sugar to me), so I added a bit more agave. Yes, I did it. And it is scrumptious!!!!

    I’ve decided after hearing your research that as soon as I finish off the bottle of “raw” blue agave nectar in my possession (I can’t just throw it out), I’ll quit. I can quit anytime, you know. You believe me, don’t you?

  35. Mary says:

    ‘Scuse the misspelling of “no one.” I know it’s wrong in my post.

  36. texmex says:

    Yes sugar is sugar and it is not good for you in the processed way, eat fruits and be happy.

    Eh what about the same de-mything about raw chocolate? your talk about addictions reminded me of that other raw phenomen!

  37. Carrie says:

    What about honey? Is raw honey the best source of sweeter if your going to use one?

  38. Kathy says:

    Praise God that we have the choice to choose what we eat and do!

  39. junglegirl says:

    It always seems to come to whole foods being what’s best for us. Any deviation from that in moderation is probably an educational experience for our bodies and will likely eventually bring us right back to a natural preference for – whole foods.

    That’s what happened to me anyway. I am totally finished with the superb raw cheesecake our local place makes, because I can totally feel the agave and it doesn’t feel good. I think increasing the fresh fruit in my diet and dealing with the cleansing reactions that brings has been really working to automatically adjust my taste buds! I’m grateful for the wisdom of my body and that I am able to hear and act on what it needs with perfect clarity.

  40. Ruth Shivani says:

    Thankyou for this, I had been told that agave was high glycemic? and that yacon was the least high glycemic in that genera of sweetners, I guess stevia might be cool and or xylotal (not sure on spelling of that!) πŸ™‚
    AT present I am grateful for all things in my life and I would feel especially grateful if they didnt make this vaccine mandatory. Any thoughts on this guys. much hype talk – I am not plugged into media, but have had the web hype on it. You are travelling around, how are you meeting the issue, as its showing up in conversation around you. I am in UK. And have heard its a heavier issue in states. HAve you read Garbrile Cousens Action letter on Vaccine, could that be up for discussion.

  41. Mike says:

    Kevin, love your show and your knowledge of eating healthy. I am glad you finally define that agave is not the best sweetener to use for consumption. There is a low glycemic sweetener that I use. It taste just like sugar. It’s kid friendly, and diebetic friendly. Anyone that are interested in this product, please write me via email

  42. Christine says:

    Thanks Kevin as well as Annemarie for in information and dedication. God bless you both.
    I do not use agave nectar and do not intend to. I prefer the sweetness from fruits. In my opinion, if one wants to get rid of sugar, it doen’t make sense to replace it with another sweetener. I do sometimes use dates to sweeten some smoothies made with not very ripe fruits.
    As for freedom, I’m grateful to be able to choose my religion, my food etc., without infringing the rights of others.

  43. Tina says:

    I was addicted!
    Since i quite using I feel Better,Liking flavor Stevia(English Tofffee)
    Use even fruit sparingly!
    Brian Clements says the same thing just like corn syrup!


  44. Kelly Ann says:


    Thanks for your honest discussion about addictions. Great show today. What about Xylitol for sweetener?


  45. Jeff says:

    I think most people are way too hung up on sweets and sugar. We live in a society that promotes anything sweet as a reward. I had my share of sweets in the past but was never fond of them because they always made me tired later on after eating them. I did an experiment and did not have any sugar processed or natural for 3 months. After that time period I have no cravings for sugar or anything sweet at all. However…I haven’t got past the smell of sweets making me crave a bite. Hear is the good part. I was at someone’s house that is flooded with sweets I actually broke down and tried a cookie and from not consumung any sugar for a years I had a real bad experience. I felt my heatrate increase and my breathing was unstable and I started to perspire and felt sick. That means that my body was rejecting the sugar like the poison that it is. That confirmed that sugar or any form of it that is processed is just plain bad for you. I don’t get that reaction from fruit but I keep fruit consumption to a minimum.

  46. Andrew says:

    Hi Kevin… love your show, thank you so much.

    This may be off topic, but it is a similar situation in some ways to the agave one… I have heard rumblings that soy milk is not that great for you. I have been drinking it for years as a healthy alternative to milk. Soy milk on granola is the staple of a quick weekday breakfast. Should I be staying away from soy milk, and other soy products?



  47. How about the natural sugars, like organic sucanat (dried cane sugar) and the sugar alcohols, like xylitol & erythritol… where do these fall in your scale?

    Also, can you tell us “where” you get your information??

    Enjoying how you bring up these hot topics on your show!! πŸ™‚

  48. Rhonda Olson says:


    Thanks for the good information regarding sugars. Fortunately, I’m on the right track in that department.

    You mentioned addictions. What about the craving/addiction to salt? I’ve significantly reduced my use of Celtic Sea Salt, but find that I crave salt and chips? A nutritionist told me that was a sign of adrenal exhaustion, but what do I do about it?

    Do you believe that we shouldn’t use any overt salt? I’ve increased celery and tomato which has decreased the cravings, but wonder if there is more I can do.

    Thanks. I appreciate your show.

  49. Pam Dummitt says:

    THANK YOU for sharing this information. Especially, thanks for your candor.
    I needed this info and I never would have gone there myself. Knowledge is power!

  50. Marie Bulfinch says:

    I do crave fruit. I love it. I stay away from desert recepies, even raw, because they call for so much agave, and it is just so strong to me. I can’t handle it.
    I was a junk food junkie years ago, so I understand the addiction.
    I am grateful for LIFE and the maker of life and all his beauty. You can see it manifested in the creation.


  51. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this show!!!!
    I think this is my first time commenting, so hi!
    I love that you addressed the emotional side of this, because i saw in myself i wanted to defend agave, and im not even *that* attached!

    I love your guy’s show! You guys are funny and infomational…my family have even become interested and they dont always seem to care about health/health foods!

  52. Annette says:

    I am extremely happy about our freedom to worship God openly in our churches and in our homes and read and own the Bible! Thank you for your wonderful show. So much good info. I really appreciate the way you guys think through and process information.

  53. Sir Woofy says:

    Agave was too good to be true, thanks for the expose. Indeed, if you and I were to farm the plants for agave, and harvest the crop β€” there’s no way we could get it clear looking and sterile enough to go into bottles β€” without cooking it. We are aiming for health, not for damaging our livers and kidneys β€” so the freedom to choose is ours. Thank you Kevin and Annmarie for choosing to do what you do. I saw you both in SR in July and feel privileged to hear you both.

  54. PE says:

    Well done again, Kevin. On US freedoms Mark Twain said it best, in 1897: “It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either”
    Your remarks on addiction apply in spades here, as well as among smokers. One person researched PubMed and got a reference on maguey sap (not agave nectar) used externally, and another which was *read* as saying agave nectar had antioxidant value. Trouble was, the paper said it and HFcornsyrup had *minimal* antioxidant value– as you’d expect from the processing– <.01mmol/100g, or as close to zero as makes no difference. But it was *read* as praise for the sweetener.
    Addictions do that to the brain.

  55. Veronika says:

    Texmex: You can learn about Kevin’s cacao experience in one of his videos:

    Hope that helps!

  56. David says:


    Thanks for your research and your continuing spirit of getting to the bottom of things and sharing your findings. It is appreciated and inspirational. Your recent episode in which AM discussed the things she learned on her retreat was great. She had great points, but it also reminded me just how much beauty comes out when people are balanced, kind and healthy.

    What am I thankful for? Intellectual freedom is a biggie. I love the freedom to learn things and to grow and speak freely and exchange ideas with others. I like being able to live my life without religion or other forms of dogma being forced down my throat!

    Perhaps in the spirit you show us all, I have always liked doing my own thinking and getting to the bottom of things. I know some readers might not like this comment, but in every area I have sought understanding organized religion just stood in the way. I am an environmental scientist, and the real truth of the universe and how the earth works and got here, as revealed by science, is endlessly fascinating and awe inspiring.

    So religious people can be happy that they are free to pursue their own religion in their own homes, but I am happy that I am not bogged down by it. I fear that they are closing their eyes with it. I also cherish the times in society when people can openly learn about themselves, nature, and science, again, (sorry to hammer away at a point) when religion and other dogma is not put in the way.

    I also love having some access to fresh air and open space!

  57. Thomas says:

    On the subject of what’s GMO and what’s not, you can always tell by the label, the same one the checkout stand uses to tell the price. If it has a 4-digit number and begins with a 4, it is grown with pesticides and herbicides. If it has a 4 digit number and begins with a 5, it is GMO. If it has a 5-digit number and begins with a 9, it is organic. Its good to always check the label-stickers on individual items and the label-bands on greens. Sometimes things get put in the wrong bins.

  58. Julie says:

    I’m wondering about Kombucha too – and if the store bought ones are good or not. I enjoy the Synergy drinks on occasion (and would more if they weren’t $3.69 a piece!).

    I am grateful for the freedom to decide what vaccination shots do or DO NOT go into my body, or my children’s bodies. I hope that freedom never is taken away.

  59. Brynda Bechtold says:

    Thomas, thanks so much for this info! I knew about the number nine, but not the others. Can these numbers also be read on bar codes that are on packaged foods?

  60. Avi Saha says:

    I totally disagree with this, you rank the sweeteners on their level of processing, which is not representing the whole picture. Agave is wayyy better than prcessed white sugar, which is just two chemicals, Agave is more than a few chemicals, there are way mroe intricate bonds in there, and trace minerals present, same with honey (boron chrysin). And Yacon is a prebiotic!!! and it’s the lowest in sugar than any sweetener!, except for stevia. I agree that sugar is addicting however, sometimes I get addicted to honey and just add it to my foods, but it doesn’t matter… exercising is important in allowing the body to uptake glucose.

    And something i don’t understand, yes fructose and fatty liver disease are obviously lilnked, but the question is, is it excess comsuption or consumption in general. I thought it was that comsuming more fructose than your body can store int he liver glycogen caused the triglycerides to form.
    And i’m thankful for my liberty for sure. And the bright authors of the constitution

  61. sheryl miller says:


    I use every processed food in moderation and encourage more raw and fresh.

    I am grateful for being on my journey!
    Being able to choose!
    Being able to stay home with my children!

    Being able to research about my and my family’s health!

    Plus having access to many, wonderful websites with information like the Renegade Health Show!

    thanks Kevin and Annemarie for being you!
    sheryl miller

  62. Nurse Lolita says:

    Thanks for the information. This has been a valuable discussion. Most people forget that the glycemic index only measures glucose. Blood sugar testing only measures glucose. We don’t measure fructose in food or blood on a regular basis.

    As a nurse practitioner and someone who is considering increasing my intake of raw food I find it interesting that the main draw by many raw foodists is that you can have desserts. Several cookbook authors are quite excited about that. The desserts are loaded with natural sugar that may not be beneficial to those who have difficulty metabolizing sugar.

    Sometimes we just need to encourage people to let go of their addictions. I tell my patients (I usually have to do this with gluten and dairy foods) that if you are having a hard time letting go of a particular food/food group it is probably the one causing you the most harm (symptoms).

    Many people who go gluten free end up overweight because they consistently indulge in high carb foods that are processed and gluten free. I encourage them to mourn those foods and move on. Just because it is ‘raw’, gluten or dairy free doesn’t make it good for you.

  63. Ariel says:

    So grateful for the freedom to eat how i please and share information with others-
    I had the opportunity to work at a teen environmental camp here in hood canal, washington and met really bright and engaged kids. All I had to do was stay nonchalant and polite about my diet/lifestyle and they started to want to know more about raw foods.

    They even liked my flaxbread!

  64. Thank you Kevin for this info it is actually another confirmation for me because a good friend of mine Curtis Duncan, just posted a video about it on my site. Although I definitely had an attachment to Agave because of taste and convenience, I will definitely going back to using soaked dates and its soak juice as my main sweetener in my recipes, it still gives me the flavors that I am after, so thanks again for the info!

  65. Elaine says:

    Thankful for all the blessings and gifts I’ve been given, especially the breath of life today. Thankful for this beautiful planet we live on and the plants that provide our food and medicine. Thankful for family, friends and freedom. Thankful, too, for you and Annmarie and the information you provide for my consideration.
    Great show!! Excellent topics! Thank you!!

  66. Brent says:

    thanks for the info Kev, although the sugar in my diet is already low I now know to be carefull with the use of syrups like agave..recently I just experimented with the 80/10/10 diet and although I was on it only 3 weeks, I soon started to experience the negative symptoms that everyone had spoken about. So now im back to veg. complex carbs and now im trying lots of sprouts, also starting with sunwarrior protein. All the best Kev.

  67. Lana says:

    It is only reasonable to think that agave would not be great in large amounts or too often. What surprises me is how many people will point to xylitol as an alternative. From the time it was first introduced if I even smell it I get a headache and if it is in something and I was not told I will immediately have symptoms exactly like I had just used sacharine or aspartame.
    I am thankful for the freedom to find what I feel is the truth and practice it. Also to encourage others without feeling the need to influence or control.
    I am always grateful to Kevin and Annmarie for their fine example in living in a positive way and influencing by example.

  68. Amelina says:

    THANK YOU KEVIN for pointing out that FRUIT as a WHOLE FOOD is much, much different from FRUCTOSE as an ISOLATED SUGAR.

    World of difference.

    I’d love as well to have it pointed out that fruit is not the demon food it is often made out to be – in fact, I would love to see evidence or research demonstrating that fruit consumed as part of a whole foods diet contributes to ANY of the problems that isolated fructose is blamed for.

    Additionally, as someone pointed out, does combining agave with other foods (that contain fiber, nutrients, etc.) not affect agave’s effect on the human body?

    I have no addiction to agave as I’ve never had the stuff before, and quite frankly I think it’s crap if it’s even half as processed as I’ve heard. I’ve been eating whole foods only for years, honey being the sweetener of choice, and that is used seldomly. When I need a sweet fix, I reach for an apple, or a banana, or a pear. Whole foods!

  69. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for presenting truth to us about what we put in and on our bodies. I to like the idea of presenting the truth and letting others decide what they want to do with it. Not preaching/demanding it.
    The freedom I am grateful for is the availability to learn about our health and nutritition in a much faster way, as in the internet. We only need to google our interest and the answer, hopefully the right one, is there at our fingertips.
    I do have a question. This has been answered I am sure and I probably missed it. Fructose sugar. The granulated variety. I have been trying to get my friend to stop using it and she insists it is the best for her husband. She bakes alot and hasn’t found anything to replace it. I don’t bake as I eat 85% raw. What would be a suggestion to give her? Do you have a website I can send her too? She did ask me about date sugar but that is so expensive here.

  70. Casey says:

    Great information here, Kev! It freaks me out all the parents who are feeding their children HFCS. I work as a bartender (for only 2 more weeks!!), and people are ordering their kids soda with grenadine. I checked out the ingredients on that red syrup and it’s HFCS and sugar. Double bad. Mixed with soda, and your body is allll confused.

    Keep the great info coming!

  71. Shaya says:

    How about soaked dates? When blended, it seems that they could be used in recipes. However, I am wondering where they would be on the fructose scale.

  72. Corey says:

    What about xylitol?

  73. GoRawMe says:

    I’m back from my great weekend (sun-time on Fire Island) and settled down to view your Friday video. Great extension on sweeteners … thanks!

    I am grateful for …. GOOGLE! With my pal Google by my side I can express the freedom of access and exposure to information … which allows me to educate myself … rather than depend on what is force fed to me through the ‘powers that be behind the scenes’ who want me to be hungry, addicted and sick.

    Access = Bliss = A big heap of Gratitude πŸ™‚

  74. Thomas says:

    To answer your question concerning bar codes, Yes. The bar codes on packaged foods contain whatever information the producer wishes to include. If it is organic, where it is from, etc. In Japan they can read these with their cell phones while shopping. Perhaps we’ll get such a system too.

  75. sherry says:

    Personal freedoms I like are the First Amendment what’s left of it.
    I also like the right to be able to go anywhere I like throughout the US and the world.
    On sugars I have a major sugar addiction and going raw has really tested it.
    The only thing that I am eating that’s sweet are baby carrot sticks.
    I have decided to get off all the sweets until my addiction is over even though
    David Wolfe says we need them. I’ll start getting into honey and other things he’s suggested
    when my addiction is over that also goes for dried fruit that stuff has got a lot a natural sugar in it.
    It really kills me when I go to the store all the sugar products that are around the register area.
    And throughout the store. And the “ice cream truck jingles”! I just want to run out there and get an ice cream!
    But I’ve gone raw and sugar is out. And what you said about defending your addiction’s is true.

  76. “All of our ‘workly duties’. I love it. You crack me up!


  77. Beth says:

    Excellent show.
    Yes, sugar is an addiction just like alcohol. Some studies have shown that the body treats them (sugar and alcohol) the same way.
    I have recently realised that I am a sugar-holic and am taking steps to fix that.

    I love the freedom of thought
    I love the freedom of opinion
    I love the freedom of expression
    I love the freedom to eat what we want (yes, even junk food)
    I love the freedom to practice religion (or not practice any religion as it were)
    I love the freedom to love

    Reading back through all that, I guess I really love the freedom of choice.

  78. AnnaBoBlueberry says:

    Kev, as always very straightforward and insightful. This post combined with the cruciferous veggies post are essential for those looking at eating raw foods.

  79. Autria says:

    I was just wondering where you get your stevia powder from?

  80. Wendi Dee says:

    We have it on our blog to-do list for Thursday to discuss the agave controversy. πŸ˜›

    We’ve been without agave for a few months, because the co-op was out of raw Madhava (now I know why). So, we’ve been substituting dates in sweeter dishes. But, I’m going to ask the doctor to maybe check my liver function when I get some bloodwork done this week (since we ate a lot of agave during our first few years raw).

    Thanks for all your research and sharing, Kevin!

    Lots of love to you,


  81. Shannon says:

    I agree with you about agave and all concentrated/ processed sugars. That being said, I do like a little honey in my tea from time to time in the winter! So I have my attachment too! haha.

    Food addiction is a tricky thing. i believe that some people get endorphin release from various flavors which makes them very addictive, as they are then associated with the feel-good feelings. For some people it’s savory, umami flavors, for some it’s sugars.

    i do not have a lot of freedom in my life right now other than a limited freedom of speech and the freedom to eat what I please, so i am grateful for those 2 things.

    speaking of additions, Kevin, I would like to hear more about what you mentioned about your past with alcohol and where you are now with that. If it’s not too personal, this would be a valuable topic for many to benefit from.

  82. Mike Henderson says:

    Hi Kevin,ann marie and support team,
    I am using agave in my bread recipe but that’s all.(i’m not 100% raw yet!!)
    I was watching dr robert cassar of the
    Earth Ship project who is a trained toxicologist and he was promoting raw agave
    nectar to his audience with the yoga swing in the back ground in this series of videos on
    youtube-anyway perhaps you can get a chance to
    meet up with him as he is very interesting character and is a living example of body
    regeneration and spiritual aspects also.
    Anyway maybe he has his own brand of agave which is raw and not heated.

  83. Marie says:

    Hi Kev! Great info as usual! I’m greatful for still living in a country where I can go to church and read my bible freely. My husband is active duty military, so thanks for such a great question!

  84. Peter says:

    I am a raw rood fruitarian. I was doing some research for a friend,on Raw Agave, [which I personally do NOT use], and came upon your website.

    May I recommend this: Make your own fruit syrup sweetener. Soak dried dates, raisins, mangoes, etc. in a bowl of water for a few days. Keep it cool. Refrigeration is best. The fruit will absorb most of the water. Adjust the amount of liquid as required. Eventually there will be a thick syrup left when no more water can be absorbed, similar to the process of caramelization. This is raw fruit syrup. Use all you wish!

    In addition, the fruit itself may now be turned into raw fruit paste. Do this by blending or crushing the soaked fruit into a fine paste. You may now add more of the liquid or fresh water to the mixture to thin it out as you wish. This paste has many, many uses. Your individual creativity is your only limitation. You may wish to use this paste as a sweetener as well.

    There is simply no need to ever use Agave for anything.

    If you are not a Vegan, do not underestimate the benefits of Raw Honey, arguably the most important food at the table. Without bees, life as we know it would be forever changed.

    Thank you so much for your insight,

  85. Carol Lani Johnson says:

    I live in western NC & have stevia growing in my garden. It has come back every year, & I add it fresh & dried to smoothies & desserts…great sweetener from a green leaf!!!! When I heard about agave, I bought date sugar (couldn’t find organic at my local store) & saved the agave for get-together desserts. Regarding honey, be sure you buy honey from beekeepers who feed honey back to their bees (some give bees sugar water). Buying honey from bees who are well-nourished is important! I hear that beekeeping regulations are kinder in New Zealand. In the US, some industrial beekeepers stress the bees out by taking them all over the country & making them work all the time!!! And then they can’t figure out why hives are collapsing! (which doesn’t happen in New Zealand).

  86. may says:

    Why do you health gurus focus on REAL ISSUES relating to the public health like Chemtrails and forced vaccines?

    You waste time arguing on stupid shit while the NEW WORLD ORDER build a fascist state around us!!!

  87. Joy says:

    I am grateful for KNOWING that I have more power as a human being than I ever thought I had before– much of it is due to the fact that I have the opportunity to research information and hear other people’s point of view, and I am grateful for the internet, even though it misinforms us as well.

    After reading the comments, I do want to point out that I am also extremely unhappy with the idea of FORCED vaccines. I do not think parents should be forced to vaccinate their children in order to allow them to attend public schools. Home schooling (and maybe private schooling) seems to be the only option to avoid this. I also think that the photo enforced traffic lights are an extreme invasion of our rights as well, no matter how much “income” they generate for respective city governments and no matter what BS excuses they make about safety– it is all about money and profit.

    In reference to comment 86, I have to say that this whole internet-based spreading of this idea of a “new world order” is being used to once again make people think that they are less powerful than they truly are–it is just causing more FEAR. By the way, the man who coined that phrase (Bush Sr.) is so old and weak looking. He came into a jumba juice when I was there, and when I saw him, it became very hard to believe that this man and his buddies were out to sabotage life as we know it in order attain world domination for a secret society. I doubt they would be smart enough to pull it off, and even if they were, there are way more of us that there are of them, so if we actually use our brains and utilize the rights that we do have, then we should be able to keep anything so terrifying from ever happening to begin with.

    Money makes the world go round. The reason why we are surrounded by unhealthy foods is because of money and profit. Profit is more important to the decision makers than power. Anyway, we all already have the power to chose things on a daily basis– we just need to know how to use it. Since money is so important, as a consumer, you have a lot of power because every time you buy something, it is like you are voting for it to stay on the shelf. Every time you chose not to buy something, you hindering the companies that make those product from profiting off of them, which eventually will lead to them being forced to create healthier alternatives.

    I just stared eating agave and I feel addicted to it– after I eat it, I feel hyper, so I will be cutting back. I am not sure if I agree with the idea of eating only raw foods– especially since I think whole grain is a very important component to my diet (maybe it depends on each person) … but thanks for the heads up on possible negative effects of the long term consumption of agave. In fact, maybe that is the reason why I am typing so dang fast right now.

  88. marja says:

    Some time ago somebody posted an article on organic beekeeping and how raw honey was taken and the bees are treated. I lost the link and could not find anything on searching raw honey.
    Can you help me to find it, in which show it was?

    Thank you very much.

  89. Heather says:

    I totally agree with you. Someone needs to tell Dr. Oz….. a lot of damage is being done when it comes to Agave. What is the verdict on Coconut Sap Sweetener which has a high percentage of sucrose and very little fructose?

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