Are Superfoods Really Necessary to Be Healthy – The Renegade Health Show Episode #353

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Today, I’m going to talk about what superfoods mean to me and why there may be some misunderstanding as to what they really are…

I’m also going to show you some experiments we have brewing in the RV for future episodes!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What does “superfood” mean to you?

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BTW: Here’s where you can check out the Marine Phytoplankton that I was talking about! Click here!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Linda Miller says:

    I assumed that when a person refers to a superfood, it must mean that it is jam-packed with nutrients and has an awesome impact on the body. I am picking nettle ;eaves from my property and eating them or put in my green smoothie or with some carrot juice. I consider them a superfood.

  2. Lisa says:

    HEALING. I heals the body from the inside out! LOVE IT!

  3. ann gleason says:

    Love you guys!
    You don’t shop at Walmart, do you? I wonder if getting your water there supports them?

    Favorite superfood……
    Gold Rush!!

    Annie Acai

  4. Susan Bessette says:

    I cannot believe that I am willing to change my habits from listening to your show as my good morning start to the day, to the evening just so I can be among the first to comment.
    I do enjoy your productions!!
    Superfoods to me means spirulina, either straight (YUCK) or in a green blend (tolerable).
    For years (decades) once I got the annual flu, it repeated again and again. Each year I was sick half of flu season. Since taking spirulina, I have not been sick in 15 years. THAT is a super food.
    Thanks for all you do.

  5. Jalil says:

    Superfood to me is a food that has more nutrients than others similar to it.

    Goji berries, flax, chia seeds, hemp seeds, marine phytoplankton, Honey, Spirulina, Chlorella

  6. Doug says:

    My favorite superfood is an Agaricus Blazei mushroom hybrid extract: Agarigold with H1X1
    It is an immune modulator.

  7. Page says:

    Blueberries are my favorite superfood. I eat them by the handful when their fresh!

  8. Page says:

    I meant to write “they are”

  9. virginia says:

    For me is Kale, when I drink it in my juice, is pure fuel.
    Also Maca gets read of my PMS and cravings related to hormones, green powder in my water every mornings.

  10. virginia says:

    Sorry, for the typos I’m writting while my daughter is nursing, LOL 🙂

  11. Guylaine says:

    So good to see you Annemarie and Kevin traveling all over America and meeting great people. I used to do that for a while with my family, when the kids were young, traveling in a Chevy Van and visiting raw foodists all over United States such as Victoras Kulvinskas, Chet Day, Frieda Ireland.
    As for superfoods, I seem to be old school here and stick to Kale as my best superfoods along with wild blueberries, and sprouted buckwheat as my staple saviour. As a chocolover do enjoy some raw cacao sometimes however find it stimulating.

  12. Louise Laporte says:

    What a super food is to me……a super food is a natural or a naturally derived preparation that performs a cleansing or a supportive action in the body. These foods are to be used therapeutically but not addictively.
    Oh, by the way Kevin, I like your choice of cover for your juice book, and I experienced the same thing you did with raw cacao at the same time as you did but it only took me 2 months to figure it out. I was eating a raw bag of cacao once a week sometimes 2 bags a week and the kidneys started barking at me.

    Great job on the website and isn’t Donna Gates a god send.


  13. Suebee says:

    PLEASE kevin, do not do shows without AnnMarie– its not that you arent great, its that with her you are even better! Seriously, the chemistry between you two makes me want to watch, even if I dont really care about the topic….

    Superfoods to me are the power-packed foods I eat that I believe are responsible for why people think I look about ten years younger than I am. They are easily assimilated and super-concentrated with antioxidants that fight all kinds of free radicals in my body. So the youth people see on the outside is really the health going on on the inside

    I am convinced that two of my favorite superfoods, green powder blends (all types of greens, herbs, probiotics, etc. like Green Vibrance or when I want to splurge, Sun Is Shining), and goji berries have kept me healthy in spite of other not so healthy habits over the years.

    And I totally agree with you, its subjective and personal and really almost everything you eat on a high raw diet can be considered a superfood.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  14. Michele D. says:

    I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for making them available to all…!

    I guess my favorite superfoods are raw cacao beans or nibs (that I crush in a granite mortar and pestle or with my teeth), goji berries, spirulina, bluegreen algae, bee pollen and Kale.

    I had not thought of Kale as a superfood before watching this video, but I have seen how hardy it is when it grows and I have a special love for it. I BLEND it into my vegetable juices (that is, I do not “juice” the kale but blend it in after the rest has been juiced so that I can also get all the fiber — plus I don’t have a greens juicer, ha!)

  15. marcla says:

    Superfoods for me- SPINACH!!!! (Yay!) Goji berries! Cacao! Chia! Turmeric!

  16. jules says:

    To me superfoods are foods that are densely packed with nutrients. I take Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus, great stuff. (I put my email address in the field that said ‘mail’, hope that was right)

  17. Sue Rushford says:

    When you compare the full nutrient spectrum of all foods, if you take those in the upper eschelon – call it roughly the top 20% (your call) – that are the most nutrient-rich – those are your superfoods. You could conceivably live off of them longer, in a food scarcity situation, than you could a non-superfood. If a food is one of the few phenomenal scourses of a particular nutrient, it gets bonus points towards superfood-dom.

    Superfoods may be local or grown half way across the world; they may be affordable or pricey.

    They are only necessary if you not eating a perfectly balanced and complete diet, which means they’re imparative, cause very few of us have a perfect diet.

    And I don’t think it’s fair to generalize and hate on superfoods as exotic (carbon footprint), unnecessary, and expensive because many of them are local (kale), quite important (algaes), and affordable (cherries). The cost basis of Marine Phytoplankton, for example, equalizes or better when you factor in that you don’t need to eat as much, calorie-wise because you are getting more “bang for your buck,” as the well-known raw foods guru, David Wolfe, says.

    I will admit, I’m still on Chapter 1 of both Superfoods and High Raw – both at the top of my reading pile.

    Superfoods are an integral part of my ‘high raw’ diet, and I honestly don’t think I would be accomplishing as much and feeling as great as I do with as much energy as I have and on as little sleep as I require, without them.

    Eat your superfoods!

  18. KIm says:

    I enjoy so much watching your show each evening before bed. Although I am not a raw foodist, superfoods to me are mostly berries and raw vegetables. My new “cereal” is Lydia’s grainless cereals – absolutely the best I have ever had in the morning. One tidbit I want to mention, for me when I have introduced super green powders, raw nuts, and any type of concentrated powders, my fingernails begin to split and lose their strength. Can anyone tell me if this is a cleansing or are these foods to concentrated for my body type? Anyway, I love all the new ideas for a healthy body.

  19. Stephaine says:

    To me a superfood is something that is easily available, easy to eat, and travels well. I can throw some bananas and raw almond that have been soaked and dehydrated to keep them crunchy in my purse and not have to worry about finding something to eat.

  20. Anthony Michael says:

    Superfood = any “nutrient dense” food that offers a complexity in layers of nutrition, that goes above and beyond a one dimension food such as a starchy food such as potatos (not much nutrition in a potato) besides the minimal vitamin C in the skin and potassium and starch.. that is NOT a superfood… compare that to say a carrot and wow a carrot is packed with nutrients your body needs and craves.. a potato you can live without and survive and thrive just fine.. a carrot though you need.

    Examples of superfoods: dates, figs, goji berries, any raw wild berries: blackberries, low bush blueberries, mulberries, raspberries, mango (a very overlooked superfood packed with nutrition I have to have in my green smoothy everyday), any green leafy food… raw cacoa hand blended in a magic bullet blender bound with dark buckwheat honey (wow now thats a superfood).. almonds, brazil nuts, blue green algae spirolina supplements, raw milk kefir.. ALL fantastic superfoods.

  21. Patrick says:

    Great show, here’s some others not mentioned, that are very beneficial for me..:=)
    E3Live,Bee pollen,aloe vera, sunflower greens, pea greens,buckwheat greens,mustard greens.and of course last but not least in my aresenal of potent superfoods is my homegrown daily wheatgrass shots.amped up with sea salt water and or maxicrop seaweed for watering .!!!!
    Micro/tray farming rock:=)And yes u can grow ur superfoods, Save Big$$$$

  22. I echo what Sue Rushford says above. Well put Sue!
    When we’re being faced with “SUPER BUGS” aka “Swine Flu” and others coming down the pipe we must arm ourselves with the most powerful immune boosting foods on the planet.. Those tend to be SUPERFOODS.. The antidote to SUPER-BUGS is SUPERFOODS!!! I’ll take that over vacinations ANY DAY….
    Great show btw… xo

  23. gary says:

    there is no such thing as a superfood.
    the concept is absurd and displays a lack of understanding of nutrition.

  24. Rene Oswald says:

    You are so right Kevin!! The best superfoods are in our backyard! We love oxeye daisy, flax greens, sweet potatoe greens, aloe vera, onion greens, garlic greens, mulberries, barbados cherries, passion fruit, papaya, mangoes, pineapple, sunflower greens, pea greens, tangerines, bananas, hibiscus flowers, cocoa plums, mung bean greens, sunchokes, jungle peanuts, and maringa greens.

    Check out the #44 video for a slide show of our backyard jungle at and then come visit! Remember we have that RV Hookup on the side of the house and we’ll leave the light on for you!

  25. Nick says:

    Thank you Kevin for clarifying the superfood hype. Nature (where u live)and your own body determines what is a superfood. If it is growing wild locally it is more likely to be a superfood!!!!!

  26. Nimeesha says:

    Kefir starter grains are not vegan.

  27. Deanna says:

    I like your definition of superfoods. Tops on my list are all the green variety of superfoods such as Spirulina, Chlorella etc and the juiced grasses such as wheat grass juice etc. Also tops on my list would be cultured foods (coconut keifer) and others.

  28. Johno says:

    tree ripened organic fruit and young tender greens.

  29. diana from sydney says:

    blueberries are my suoerfood of choice!!

  30. Kim says:

    Being so “Potent”, to me the superfoods is not something I would have everyday, only a few times a week. I like to put them in my smoothies or water.

    I’ve been making coconut kefir and it is really good, my 4 year old(he’s the reason I started making it) loves it. I also make the coconut yogurt.

  31. Mike says:

    Superfoods are freshly picked foods from nature, right now in PA wild berries are growing everywhere and they are definitely a superfood. Wild greens also are one of the best foods ever. I wish there was more information as to how to use them.

    PS. Papaya has superhero good tasting powers so it must be a superfood.

  32. Funny Raw Monkey says:

    Bananas are the true Super Food because they make me feel like a Superhero.

    Funny Raw Monkey

  33. Ryan says:

    superfoods to me are foods that posses and or may contain abundant nutrients, healing qualities and induce health and a sense of well being…lately ive been on amla berries, maca, longan berry fruit, goji berries,incan berries, cordyceps, reishi, chia seeds…but I normally eat a myriad of superfoods and herbs

    Also your coconut milk yogurt looked good…would u object to maybe giving a recipe or steps on how to make some…have you heard of or tried turtle mountain coconut milk yogurt

  34. dirk diggler says:

    hangin out in a coffee shop in amsterdam….”be a lot cooler if you did, man.” in order to live in harmony with nature your foods do need to come from your region. it’s ok to nibble on some goji’s from time to time, but in my humble opinion, not to live on them. best superfood for me is a homegrown watermelon….yum!

  35. zyxomma says:

    I don’t have ONE favorite, but many: all berries, especially wild blueberries and wild strawberries, Inner Light Super Greens (which I’ve lived on for a week w/o any other food & felt great), wild greens like purslane, dandelion, and nettle, both green and ripe papaya, red maca (maca in my smoothies may be why menopause has been absolutely symptom-free for me), cacao, especially the kilo I bought at a greenmarket in St. Vincent, mesquite pod meal, avocado, soaked unpasteurized almonds, young coconut, watermelon radish (it’s SO beautiful, and radish is a staple in my salad, because I had a tonsillectomy as a child and the tonsils signal the stomach there’s food coming, so the stomach loads up on digestive enzymes — without tonsils, one should either eat radish before protein — yes, that includes nuts — or take digestive enzyme supplements), all types of sea vegetables, green juice (my current fave is cucumber, celery, ginger, and kale, with bitter melon thrown in when I can find it). I’m very lucky nutritionally because I happen to love what’s good for me! I know many people relate to good nutrition as a chore or a bore; for me it’s a delight. I love preparing live food as much as I love consuming it. I wish everyone health and peace.

  36. brian says:

    I think superfood is something that makes you healthy, satisfied, and gives a lot of energy. It depends on when I eat it and if it was a balanced meal. They must be something that you are not sensitive to.

    My examples of superfoods are green vegetable juice, green sprouts, chlorella, spirulina, flaxseeds, dulse, maca, krill oil, purple defence(grape seed extract), berries, hemp, raw free range eggs, free range chicken, quinoa, amaranth, soaked nuts and seeds, and beans.

    I think my favorite superfood is juice of swiss chard and dandelion leaves. Although I find the first one a little unpalatable.

    How often should I drink green juice and how much should I drink?
    Dr. Mercola said that you should juice no more than once a day and most people do best in the morning.

    I used to drink a green fruit smoothie and my energy levels and concentration are poor within an hour probably because I don’t do well on sugar in the morning. Now I am experimenting with a low GI breakfast like green juice with spirulina and more emphasis on protein and fats as the energy source which seemed to give me sustained energy when I used raw eggs. Maybe I should have the smoothie later in the day.

  37. sharon in Sugar Land says:

    Hmmm, superfoods? I prefer my superfoods to be in their original state, not powdered or a liquid in a jar.

    You’ve all heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the dr. away.”

  38. michelebteva says:

    The word superfood today is being used as a marketing term to sell sell sell – and it works- we just have to remember what the true meaning of the word means. To ma a superfood is a food that is ‘super’ packed with mineral/vitamin/enzymes. Not necessarily something that you buy in a health shop or online.It’s anything from papaya to blue green algae. My green shakes in the morning are a superfood as it gives me real energy from morning to night as it does to many of my client who come to my clinic.
    Michele Shohatovitz
    Bteva Clinic

  39. Miriam Atzil says:

    Dear Kevin. I enjoy watching your short educational show, because I am teaching my clients to be healthy with very simple way.
    Thanks a lot and keep well. Regards Miriam

  40. Janet says:

    A superfood to me means anything that can increase my health for the better by more than 30%. I don’t care whether it comes in a bottle or a raw food, etc. When it works it works. To me fresh rose hips are a superfood and I notice a big difference in my alertness and eyes when I make a tea from fresh rose hips. Rose oils are said to be super high vibrationally so I figured rose hips would be pretty high too. I just love them. They are my “chocolate”.

  41. Dr. Ariel says:

    Great Vlog!!!
    Just a heads up..I think you are drinking out of #7 Polycarbonate plastic that is holding your reverse osmosis water? If Polycarb…the whole BPA thing…Also osmosis…This water is unstructured and tends to be much more absorptive of the surrounding plastic…Spring water = best bet…many people harvesting water themselves from local springs when possible.

  42. Vanessa says:


    I think every food that is healthy and good for the digestion of the body is a superfood. Because each food has it’s own purpose. We can’t leave out any foods.
    Also, some foods are more packed with nutritents and better to eat with some other foods with them. We can’t single out any one food because it’s not the best out all of them.

    One more thing, if someone needs a mineral or vitamin in one food has a supplement than I think thats a superfood for the person who needs. I guess what I’m saying is every person needs differents foods to help them function better.

    Also, I can’t even thank you enough for all your shows. They are a real gem for me!!! You guys togethor are awesome!!! I really do admire your knowledge and and excitment about health and fitness. You guys are a awesome example!!!!

    Atlanta, Georgia

  43. Jess says:

    Oh! I have only watched one episode of your show and I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you SO MUCH for clearing up the superfood cliche. I am going crazy listening to people use these catch phrases, “Licopene,” “antioxidant,” “cultured,” “bioflavinoids”! Superfoods are foods that have an abundant amount of a certain nutrient that is generally lacking in the rainbox spectrum of our food palate. For instance, sure goji berries have tons of antioxidants but so do all of our colorful veggies- and color IS key with antioxidants! But goji berries are also a complete protein. Or just like sea vegetables are packed full of vitamins and minerals (sea vegeatbles are the best nutrtion supplement- ditch the vitamins and eat your nori, dulse, wakame). Ok, nutritional yeast is the only vegan form of vitamin b12 that I know of- so that is a superfood. flax, chia, hemp for the omega 3’s. Do I have to go on the whole fermenting kick? I think fermented food is more alive than ANY uncooked vegetable, to me that is the most literal version of eating living foods. Not just one glass of kombucha here and a side of kraut there. Ferment anything you can get your hands on and that is LIVING foods! Am I preaching? I am so passionate about this. I made coconut kefir also, but I thought it had to ferment for 36 hours. coconut kefir got me off coffee in the morning, it’s powerful stuff, especially when you are using freshly hucked young coconuts. I am SO OVER the canned stuff after hucking 15 coconuts JUST for the water. I think coconut water might be the real fountain of youth. If coconut water is a “superfood” it’s because it’s one of nature’s most perfectly balanced electrolyte (isotonic). Thanks for sharing, you guess are great!

  44. Abby says:

    Just love the stuff you all are putting out! I really liked that you spoke about supper foods and let us know that we don’t always need to buy all that expensive stuff.

    I think the supper foods that are packaged are great but not everyone can afford them all the time.

    The body ecology lady was very interesting and I was so happily surprised when you had her on your show.

    You two keep cranking such great stuff. sometimes I can’t even stay up with it. Just lovin it though.

  45. Nicole says:

    Thank you for reminding us that superfoods don’t have to be limited to “exotic” foods you order from some company…which I know I can get sucked into thinking:-) I have to remind myself that everyday things like broccoli are superfoods: things that offer extra vitamins or minerals or nutrients.

    Some people scoff at superfoods and others jam-pack their day with them. I’m still trying out different superfoods to see how they affect me. I’m still undecided about MSM, Vitamineral Green, and goji berries. I suppose I have to go off them for a while to see if I feel any different than on them.

    I guess one of the problems for me is I expect A LOT from a superfood—I mean, you should feel super on them, no? However, maybe some of their effects aren’t as noticeable on the outide; maybe they don’t make your hair shinier or make you dance with energy or clear up your skin right away. Maybe they keep you looking younger or gently help keep you regular. I guess I have to be more aware of subtleties, and more patient.

    I can’t wait to see more about making kefirs, and maybe I’ll try making sauerkrauts again.

  46. bandedbonnie says:

    Fresh mango, and kefir are my ultimate superfoods, they make my cheeks flush and give energy. When you say “super food”, it does not carry the correct meaning in my world, as I prefer simple, real food. Also I like rye tak with raw butter, cucumber and a dash of ground pink Hymalayan rock salt.

  47. Meri says:

    To me, a superfood is a food that’s got a really high nutrient density such as spirulina, chlorella, cacao, goji berries etc. I guess it’s a spectrum too, as I can see how you could legitimately call kale or blueberries superfoods.

    I think superfoods are a vital necessity for almost everyone, as they are generally high in minerals so they will help compensate for the minerally depleted foods most of us are eating. Ideally we’d have John Kohler’s or David Wolfe’s gardens to pick our food out of but for most of us that’s not the case!

    The coconut yoghurt and kefir looks awesome!

  48. Carachi says:

    The term “superfood” is silly and should be trashed! ALL food is SUPER some way or another.
    I think it is so prejudistic to classify things like that.
    Something can be “super” for one, but meaningless for another. Kelp is “super” if you are low on iodine/thyroid, but a real poison if you’r high on those. Cacao is “super” if you want a quick bost of love energy, but trashes your adrenals. How “super” is that?
    Why can’t all foods just be foods? Some are better for you, dependning on where you’r at.
    I just dislike the discriminating value of “superfoods”!
    Skip that stupid term, and talk about what is what instead!

  49. Marijana says:

    To me superfood is something I like to eat and makes me feel great. At this time of year that is blueberries, apples, all kind of green leaf veggies, honey….

    You can start fermentation process using a tiny bit of white miso as well. Or you can add some honey and let it ferment. It won’t be so fast as with starter culture, but you can start your next batch with some of previous so you speed up process.

    I noticed that you take your honey with metal spoon. Please, don’t do that. That takes away nutritional value from honey you consume. It is ideal to use wooden spoon.

    Make a nice day

  50. Superfoods to us range from the simple apple a day to the Marine Phytoplankton you mentioned on the show and anything inbetween that will keep us out of the doctor’s office.
    A slice of apple with a spread of nut butter as a snack.
    The Marine Phytoplankton is keeping my cholesterol in check, so no drugs with nasty side effects. I take 3 drops a day in with a 1/2 ounce of Gold Rush which helps keep the pain away on my artritic hands.
    Thanks for all your shows Kevin & Annmarie and all the priceless information.

  51. Aj says:

    Whole, ripe, fresh, organic FRUIT & GREENS are my superfoods!!!! 🙂

  52. amanda says:

    Edible weeds – in the garden at the moment we’ve got nettles, lambs quarters, dandelions, and plantain growing as only weeds do! I like to juice or blend the less tasty ones, but I’ve just discovered lambs quarters and its really tasty.

    Also berries – We’ve had lots of raspberries and the blackberries will hopefully be ripe soon if the sun comes back!

    Also love Kale, wheatgrass juice, sunflower greens, clover sprouts, and sprouted mung beans.

    Hungry now – Time for a bit of foraging and a green smoothie!

    Just ordered some chia seeds to experiment with too.

    Amanda x

  53. Kris says:

    I also do not like the term superfood. To me, a superfood is one with a marketing plan and an inflated price tag. Ten years ago goji berries were called Chinese Wolfberries at Chinese herbal medicine suppliers and they were very affordable; now they are Himalayan Goji Berries and $18 a pound. Raisins have probably as many antioxidants…Now, I enjoy eating goji berries as much as the next girl, but I don’t want to get caught in feeling I need to spend lots of money on such foods to the exclusion all the lovely fresh fruits and veggies available.

  54. Jean says:

    Hi Kevin, I don’t useually write anything because I think you never see it. But I am gonna try again. I make as one of my super foods Beet Kvass. It is really tasty and gives me lots of energy. I haven’t herd you talk about it so thought I would share. You do a great show and I agree you should keep Annmarie in along with you.

  55. Eva says:

    Hi Kevin and AnnMarie, loved the Donna Gates interview, been checking out her website for the past 2 months, tons of info, got her name through Genesis, I did a consultation with them and they suggested I follow her diet, so far seen lots of benefits, but am experiencing cramps in my legs at night, so much to learn, one step at a time, my question, can we use packaged coconut water to make kefir, as we don’t have any coconut in my town, up north, n.b. canada, thanks for all you info Eva

  56. Lori says:

    Since we’re on the subject of superfoods, which would you offer (and how) to someone(typical SAD diet) recently hospitalized and now threatened with cancer? What would you suggest – maybe a handful of a few truly powerful and healing – if that person were willing to try supplimenting their current diet?

  57. Diane Baldwin says:

    Just wanted to let you know that there is a great public artesian well in Lynnwood, not far from where you are. It’s on 164th SW.
    Here is the link:
    The water is yummy!

  58. my favorite superfood is kale. whether it is from the local co-op or out of my garden the years i grow it. i love it in juice, green smoothies – but my favorite – KALE SALAD! sprinkle a little ACV or some lemon juice and some braggs, then a squirt of flax oil and it is the best pick me up ever. kale is amazing. 🙂 xo

  59. Mary says:

    I love lots of different veggies and fruits. I haven’t tried any of the real super foods everyone is talking about.
    I have questions about coconut keifer. I have made it and it works great! The coconut kills the bad bacteria and you are also replacing the good bacteria at the same time. However, I don’t like the sour taste. I don’t know if I am letting it sit too long and how to tell when it is done. I can drink a little in a smoothie.
    Sounds like i have to try maca for girl issues. Why would it work? Does it have lots of magnesium because I know when I supplement it really helps. I hate supplements!

  60. Karen Jackson says:

    I take some superfood powders, but Mike Adams says the further you get away from nature, the less nutrients are available to the body. I would love to find out about making your coconut stuff. Thanks, Kevin and Annmarie.

  61. jalil says:

    All you have to do is swallow spirulina tablets. You don’t have to chew them or anything.

    Just wondering why you said they didn’t taste good.

  62. Irene says:

    Anything is its original state, unprocessed & fresh is superfood to me.

  63. Nadia says:

    Can you use a probiotic capsule as a starter for kefir. Just open up a probiotic capsule and sprinkle the powder into the coconut water or shredded cabbage. Would that work?

    I think this would be an amazing superfood!

  64. Chris & Sara says:


    I think that many people are looking for a quick fix. And the term “superfood” is tempting to believe that it is the one missing miracle that you need. However, there is no one quick fix. How about trying a “SUPER LIFESTYLE” where you eat nutritious food all the time. Its ALL super.

    I think “Super Food” is a very marketable term. And Im sure there are more nutrient dense foods than others. It seems to me that anything that is growing from the earth has everything that it needs and that we would need to digest it.

    Science and technology has brought us some amazing nutritional information from different cultures around the world that can benefit us. I like the idea of bringing it all together for optimal health.

    Thanks Kev and AM for not making this like a religion with strict rules and guidelines. We love the simplicity. Once you are given the information, it all seems like common sense.

  65. Kaloa says:

    Any food I can walk out my back door and eat directly out of my little garden is a superfood to me!

  66. Alétheia says:

    Super foods to me are foods that are not chemically altered. that are naturally bearing the nutrients that are intended to be inside the meat, membrane and seed of the raw living food!
    yay for super food!…super food is also food that we grow ourselves, it is the whole super experience you get from growing the food yourself that makes it super!
    peace and love,

  67. Erin says:

    I agree that a superfood is a food that is full of wonderful stuff. Not necessarily some rare dried and powdered fruit (which can be superfood too!)

    I listened to the call with Donna Gates. What do you think about digesting raw leafy greens? Is there anyway to tell for sure if they are digestable in raw form or not?

  68. Myriam says:

    Hi you two, love your show, i find it funny and inspiring, keep it up! For me superfoods has to be higher in nutrients, taste great and be affordable. If it’s full of vitamins but taste bad i just won’t have it. Food is supposed to be good, not medicine.
    My superfoods are goji berry, chia, cranberry and all berries in summer. I would rather have tons of fresh fruits and veggies any time over marketed superfoods. By the way, for all those that live in the south, it’s quite easy to think that every superfood can grow in your back yard, but up north we face another reality!

  69. I like how David Wolfe explains it…like chess: some foods are like a pawn, a typical food that has one or two benefits. A bishop or a rook, would be a food that has more benefits. And a superfood would be the Queen which can do it all!

  70. Frances says:

    As a raw foodist all the foods I eat are SUPER, especially when compared to the standard American diet. I reserve the term Superfood for special items that I can’t find at a grocery store, farmer’s market or a standard health food store. Superfoods are the foods and food supplements I buy from a raw vegan supplier.

    My favorite Superfood is “Vitamineral Green”. This formula created by Jameth Sheridan is also available under the labels “Sun is Shining” and “Alissa Cohen’s Green Food Powder”. (The only difference between these formulas appears to be the price.) I also supplement with other powdered Superfoods including spirulina, chlorella, kelp, maca, lucuma, mesquite, and occasionally cacao. Other Superfoods you can find in my kitchen are raw honey and bee pollen, aloe vera, hempseeds, truly raw California almonds, young coconuts, coconut oil, Bariani olive oil, and yacon syrup. My diet includes 3-4 of these Superfoods every day, but Vitamineral Green is the only one I use on a daily basis.

    I’m so very sorry I will not be able to attend the Raw Spirit NW Festival where you are speaking today. Raw Vegan Source, the location of the festival, is my local Superfood store. I feel so fortunate to have a raw store close by and would give anything to be there today, but it is not going to happen. Please do a show from (or about) the festival so I can see what I missed.

    Stay cool!

  71. Pamme says:

    Whole foods are superfoods!
    And I would listen to Dr. Ariel about drinking reverse osmosis water out of a plastic bottle… scarey!

  72. anastasia says:

    let me see superfoods like cacao oranges flax(u see where i live we dont have stuff like kale and maca )and everything that we grow ourselves like lettuce …

  73. Chel says:

    ripe raw local fruits and greens=superfoods.
    powders/droppers/dried whatever=dead lifeless scam

    it’s so much simpler than the “raw food movement” tries to make it…of course, if peeps didn’t fall for the magic powder cure, the gurus wouldn’t make moolah.

    the real superfoods grow up all around us…free lunch!!!!!!

  74. Diane says:

    I chew 3 chorella tabs in the morning.. Then I take a little left over smoothie & water it way down so that I drink at least 16 oz water. I do that in the morning … I’m not washing away all the goodness from my chorella, am I?

  75. Cheryl Holt says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie!

    To me Super foods are those with more bang for your buck. Any food that has high nutritional value with high amounts of antioxidants, healing energy, immune enhancing &/or modulating, that can be easily absorbed/digested by the body is a SUPER FOOD!

    It’s a toss up to my favorite uhmmmmm….
    Marine Phytoplankton, Chaga mushroom, and Young Thai Coconuts : )

    Love, Light, & Peace,
    Cheryl Holt

  76. jane says:

    a long term raw foodist and health nut i havetasted and tested many of the in superfoods over the past three decades, loads of anti aging supplements lotions n potions and i can assure you that the best super food in the world any time any is … a smile, the very best food in the world will not be optimal if you do not works on a positive happy outlook

  77. Jay says:

    What vitamins and foods are best for poeple with M.S.??

  78. Jordan Lidster says:

    I consider any food that I’ve grown in my own organic garden a super food. I haven’t done any nutritional composition testing yet but I’m sure as sure can be that the veggies growing in my garden are far more nutritious than the veggies you could buy in the store. Plus the fact that I’m usually eating them within 5-10 minutes of being picked. It doesn’t get much fresher than that 🙂

  79. Butch says:

    no superfoods are not necessary. To me they mean powdered dead supplements.

  80. Irondoll says:

    Spirulina and sweet juice together never appealed to me, however, spirulina and blended tomatoes did! It’s so complementary.

  81. Irondoll says:

    I got a big water container like yours for free from craiglist…in glass! How the heck do I steralize it, so I can use it for water????

  82. Genevieve says:

    At this time of year, anything from my backyard organic garden, fruit trees and berry bushes are definitely superfoods to me. Also fresh wild blueberries which are free for the picking here in Canada, and dulse from the east coast. Honey products from a local organic honey producer.Flax and other seeds. Since watching your show and being on the mailing list of a couple other health sites, I’ve learned about hemp seed, chia seed, maca and have added them to my diet with impressive results: lowered blood pressure.

    Please keep up the good work. I enjoy your show whether you are by yourselves or together. You both have lots to offer. Don’t be swayed by people’s negative comments. You can’t please everyone all the time — only some of the people some of the time. Just be yourselves and if people don’t like you, they can “change the channel.”

    All the best.

  83. hope i did this right. 1st, bac 2 leg cramps, i mean the twisty looks deformed “charlie horses”. I am suppose to take calcium along with fosamax for osteoporis,but when i take calcium (pre-fosomax days) i get leg cramps. why would i get those when calcium is suppose to help get rid of them? also, have U heard of raw apple cider vinegar and its benefits? what do you know about it?

  84. sheryl miller says:

    hello thanks you are a great team,

    Superfoods for me are anything that is fresh (just picked look) raw and makes feel clean and alive after I have eaten it or drunk it!

    sheryl miler

  85. Francesco says:

    Whatever heals and rejuvinate the body
    Best superfood: your mind and your believes (and relaxation)
    Other great superfoods: the greens (& weeds) from my garden: clover, dandelion, aloe, nettles…

  86. I thought “Superfoods” was an empirical question. it has to do with off-the-chart nutrient-dense foods. It’s a matter of degree. Like David Wolfe says, why are you interested in the 453rd top food, when you can just take the top three? If you say “its all good” then there is no more calibration. i think this leveling tendency is not good. I love the simplicity of D Wolfe–just take the top ten and forget the rest: it simplifies life and when you’re way out in the wilderness, without a garden, all you gotta do is buy your super-powders, oils and herbs from the internet.

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