Does Blending Food Destroy Nutrients – The Renegade Health Show Episode #350

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This is a question we get all the time…

Does blending food destroy nutrients AND how much does it matter if it does?

Today, I’ll answer that one as well more about food combining, if green papayas are better than ripe ones, what makes a green smoothie “green”, and more.

I also have a surprise introduction for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What percentage of fat do you think you eat on a regular basis?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didnโ€™t change the way he was living โ€” he might go down that same path. Since then, heโ€™s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, heโ€™s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols โ€” including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more โ€” to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog โ€” which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Down with the CALM intro. Love your energy, keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚ No idea what percentage of fat I eat daily, maybe 20% on average.

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    I’m with Barbara – keep up the energetic introductions, please!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Since I have great difficulties keeping healthy weight on, I eat more fats (all heathy sources, of course) – I think my percentage is about 40-50%.

  3. GolferPaul says:

    I didn’t even know who you were anymore…

    Keep real Kevin…pleeeeeze!

  4. DELANEY says:

    7-8% on average? No overt fats at all: 80/10/10. I have never felt good after fats so 811 suits me perfectly.

  5. Kim says:

    the calm Kevin….scratch it, I almost unsubscribed. My fat intake changes, because I am not yet a vegetarian I may have fat once a twice a month as far as non raw goes, but I eat a lot avocados. Being 80% raw the 20% left over……probably all fat.

  6. Amy G says:

    I think I eat about 30% fat.

  7. Bob Hedges says:

    Great information Kevin. You are right, this oxidation thing is blown out of proportion. I use the Blendtec blender because the blade / container design blends food quicker with less oxidation. You can see my video comparisons of blenders on

  8. Karla says:

    OK, the calm website was a cruel joke… I always turn my sound down to be ready for you… then I couldn’t hear you so I turned it up and then “the real Kevin” came back… Just pick ONE and stick to it! I’m use to the ‘real you’… so I vote for the energetic Kevin.

    I calculated my fat when I read 80/10/10 and found that some days are high (about 40) and then some are as low as 12. I don’t think I’ve ever made it to Doug’s 10 percent… But I feel better when about 20%. I LIKE fat!

  9. Joseph says:

    Not sure most of the time I am around 10 percent. Then I have a day or 2 a week I splurge and might go as high as 40%.
    I do not worry about the oxidation or any of the other hype to juicing.
    Sometimes when I know I am on the road all day like 14-16 hours I will make all my juice the night before.
    Then it lasts me till I get home the next day.
    Never got sick from it yet.
    My vote is for High Energy Kevin

  10. I don’t add fat, but I know there is fat in lettuce for example. For example, today’s smoothie was one apple, a big slice of watermelon (including the rind, a cup of boysenberries, one pound of frozen collard greens, and one pound of frozen wild blueberries (this fills the entire 64 oz vitamix, and, yes, I have caught my professional VitaPrep (3 hp) on fire twice and had to send it in for repairs). My other meal was a corn, asparagus, carrot mix cooked (no fat added), and some potato hash browns using a big Foreman Grill with no fat added (makes really crispy hash browns); for dinner I will have a salad with the dressing made in the VitaMix using one tomato, and one grapefruit, and some vinegar.

  11. Tirra says:

    Hi Everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    I went to a retreat with Victoria Boutenko in May & she mentioned that the whole blending/oxidization was driving her really nuts as she was getting quite a bit of flack about it.

    Being the researcher that she is she did some experimenting herself & then also went to a chemistry professor at Oregon State University to do some “official” testing. Here’s a link to the details of this: It’s directed toward the blending vs. juicing but you’ll get the drift.

    The bottom line is exactly what Kevin says – DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!! If you’re getting in fruits & veggies that’s awesome!!!! Get them in however you can!!!!!!!!

    Have an awesome night!!!!

    T. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS – Re: fats intake – probably less that 5% a day – I feel pretty yucky on the raw treat & heavy nuts & fats type stuff – I like it nice & light ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. chi_chick says:

    Check out for organic coconuts

  13. Kelly says:

    I would honestly say I eat at least 40% fat!
    (in the form of avocados/raw coconut/raw nuts/raw extra virgin olive oil)

    It is high, but it seems to work for me. I am a fitness instructor and at 5’3″ inches and 110 lbs. I am afraid I would be starving if I tried to cut my fat! Mostly in the form of avocados/raw coconut/raw nuts/raw extra virgin olive oil..

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  14. stacey ledovsky says:

    your intro was lol today! thanks!! i don’t stress about the ammount of fat in my diet. just drink my smoothie every morning & right now eat lots of fresh berries from the garden. with plenty of high-quality greens, legumes, nuts, & seeds there isn’t room for much else. the higher quality food you eat, the less hungry you are b/c your nutritional needs are being met.

  15. Tara Burner says:

    the calm intro was so not ‘you’ ๐Ÿ™‚
    love your energy…
    hmmmm % of fat…some days…none, others maybe 10%
    and I’m going to ‘miss’ you guys, I’m hitting the road at 4 a.m. heading for WI & PA with limited access ๐Ÿ™

  16. hey, thanks for all your great work! Victoria Boutenko did some research lately where she blended potatoes and juiced another batch. She expected the blended mix to oxidize faster but it didn’t. She seems to think that the blending liberated more anti-oxidants from the cells so in fact they are more available than in a single or twin gear juicer – so blend away! cool eh?

  17. Peg says:

    Oh, Kevin, please keep up the energy! When you first started this video, I was like “Nooooooooo!”

    I have no idea what percentage of fat I eat.

  18. Mia Dalene says:

    Avocado is one of those foods that is neutral. That goes along with whatever is being digested… this, according to an early Hippocrates Health Institute food combination chart.

  19. Steve says:

    Kevin calm is not you! % of fat unknown, do avocado, flax or hemp oil everyday, chia and flax seed and and hand full of mixed nuts daily and feel great. Not really so worried about % of things as how I feel, which is great.

    Thanks to you and others in the Raw World, I have lost 40lbs and now weight about what I did in high school. Wife has lost 25lbs and is feeling better on Dr. Fred Bisci’s Therapeutic Enzyme Blend and some guidelines from Paul Nison’s book is way down on her medication for U Coitus and seldom has had a flair up as long as we at our own food.

    I am 53 and starting some Yoga and ordered an Omgym and can’t wait to get it. Feel like I am 30, no aches or pains less I cause them.

    I do Have a question about MMS, have you looked in to it?

    Thanks again to both of you and to all that are changing the World with facts about the right ways to eat and live.

  20. nomi says:

    sooooo bottom line on a blender…if you think about it…isn’t what a blender does…what your TEETH do? We have our own personal blender it’s our CHOPPERS. sOOOOOO if we BLEND in a blender we are getting more, faster…more efficiently than the ol’ choppers but a similar concept…so don’t worry…be happy…it’s all good…

  21. Mia Dalene says:

    I just eat. I’m an eater. And- it has to taste good. Salads, chi’Zcake, raw chocolate sauce, best ever pizza, more salads, RawVioli’s, alfredo sauce, pesto, definately Defiant! my yummy chocolate chi’zCake like creation. Year 3 of raw and still lovin the Gourmet. I thought the salads lifestyle was supposed to kick in!

    Love your enthusiasm! Your vibrant YOU is who I enjoy the most. And I would watch even if you decide to calm it down…. I might sleep more, but I would watch!

  22. Marie says:

    Would you and Annmarie please help me out with some ideas for my family? I just went raw vegan about 3 weeks ago. What can I do to put more “raw” food into my non-raw family, especially my kids.

    My 8 year old son is more difficult, his whole diet is acidic. Sadly, he’s not that into smoothies ๐Ÿ™ His teeth are suffering because of it as well.

    He looks like he’s 40 and has been smoking and drinking coffee all day long. I just learned all of this stuff about raw foods, and alkaline vs. acidic foods.


  23. Joyce Fisher says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie
    I have only just started watching your show after receiving a promo from Jessica Ortner about your book. I live in Australia so a lot of the ingredients you mention are strange to me. Or is it just that I am new to healthy eating? I love your energy and your lay back way of presenting your show. I am sending your website information to all of my friends. I had no idea that smoothies were so important so I might have to invest in a blender and start smoothie-ing.
    Keep doing what you are doing, it is great.

  24. Sara says:

    We’re probably at 20-30%, but we don’t stress too much about it. We did 80/10/10 for awhile and I got a little too freaky ๐Ÿ™‚ I like a little fat. I don’t like nut heavy dishes too much, but avocado is my friend. And like everyone else, I like “crazy Kevin” better than sedated Kevin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Brenon says:

    I eat a pretty high percentage of fats because of very low weight and that much fat can leave me lethargic. But recently read Victoria B’s book “Green for Life” and am mostly eating green smoothies. I find less craving for fats and salt and haven’t lost any weight so far. I watch your videos because of your high energy. Calm, I probably wouldn’t.

  26. Peg says:

    Marie–just sneak in as much as you can the alkaline foods. Don’t tell your son what he is eating. The best advice my mother-in-law told me was to just put the food in front of him and don’t say anything. I have to admit that it worked. Took time, though–don’t give up.

  27. Vita says:

    Not sure how much fat..maybe 10% from nuts and seeds, and flax.
    C’mon, Keven,tell us about your salads, and salad dressings too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Peg says:

    Marie–I just want to add one thing. When my son was young it just didn’t work to explain to him that the food was good for him. Now, he is almost 22 and asking for salads, fruit and other vegetables. There are some young kids that are more into it, but I did not give birth to any of them, so you just have to give them what they need. I know how hard this is for you–I am still cooking three meals a day for my family, but, bit by bit, they are coming around.

  29. suebee says:

    No question– high energy Kevin! The “calm” version was robotic….no good…I like the high intensity, high raw…

    Honestly, I eat a alot of raw fat. My staples are veggies, greens but in the morning I eat a dried fruit/nut (soaked overnight with vanilla and cinnamon and coconut flakes– amazing!) porridge that is probably high in fat.
    Then for other meals I eat pesto made with pine nuts and basil and olive oil on kelp noodles, or Ill make this cashew ginger spread to put in nori rolls, and I eat at least 1-1 1/2 avocados a day. For snacks, yup, more fat– but Ive really cut down because I was eating just spoonfuls of raw coconut cream and almond butter slathered on bananas and dates and figs and in raspberries. So now I just have about a TBS or two. Ive also cut down my cacao/agave treats to once or twice a week.
    So Im still eating quite a bit, and much of it is from fat, but I mostly try to listen to my body since its only been about 7 wks mostly raw and Im still transitioning.
    I think the higher fat makes me not crave ANYTHING– so to me that’s worth it. And somehow, Im still losing weight so unless my cholesterol goes up, Im gonna keep with this for now.
    Still have to work on how to do smoothies without throwing literally everything I have in there…

    LOVE your show– I find myself waiting for it and missing it over the weekend (i guess that’s kinda lame, huh?)

  30. Janie says:


    I am new to raw foods and to your show. However, I have to tell you that you and your wife, and this show is a huge reason I am going raw! I agree with the others…calm is not you. You and your wife are so energetic and inspiring.

    My question is, Do you have any information that for someone like me that is new to raw diet? Pointers for making the switch.

    I need to be successful. I am a 43 yr. old mom with 3 boys 15, 17, and age 20, and my husband. My husband is wanting to switch to raw, not my kids as of yet…how can a family switch successfully?

  31. catherine says:

    I am not sure about the fat intake every day. Morning I was faithful with a green smoothie 1frozen package of spinach 1 banana 5 dates some kind of citric fruit 1 pear blended together. rest of the day kind of busy but sticking to fruit maybe mashed potatoes eating out with coleslaw and steamed vegs. no health veg places to eat where I live. People reject it here where I live. sometimes an avocado not too a good menu plan do I have.

  32. catherine says:

    oh forgot to say I add in 1/3 c flax seed meal in above smoothie. when available. have not lost any weight that I can see. Eating like this last 6 months.

  33. Dewey says:

    I’ve read that All Hawaiian Papaya has been cross-contaminated with GMO papaya they were growing/testing on the islands… Even the Seeds that were being kept at the University of Hawaii has somehow been contaminated…
    I’ve read that those Slow Juicers are better as far as oxidation goes…

  34. Chel says:

    the calm intro was pretty funny-looked like you were about to crack any moment!

    i eat 90/5/5-no overts at all. i feel sooo good! i feel the way that i hoped i would feel by just eating raw (gourmet raw-complex recipes using lots of nuts and avo/oils)

    i always thought that gourmet raw was fine as long as i got enough greens and fresh stuff in but none of that matters if you’re clogging up your system with plant fats. i had candida (even though i ate a very low amount of fruit and took expensive enzymes plus lots of fermented stuff) and eventually developed a bladder infection type of a thing! all this on raw! i was so mad because i felt like i was doing everything “right”- i’d been 100% raw for 2 years! finally i learned about how fat (even raw plant fat) affects my bod. i cut out avos and nuts/seeds/oils completely and everything has cleared up. i feel and look healthy now-it’s no longer a struggle. plus, it makes sense to me because if i was ot in the wild and hungry i would most definitely be attracted the the bright sweet smelling fruits!

    also, just as a side note-i’ve never read 80/10/10 by doug graham, although i will soon. my diet is the product of self exploration only ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. tinas says:

    Hey Kev,

    I don’t see you as hype or other I just see you.

    I agree, please tell us about the simple way you eat. Because to tell the truth all the new names of ingredients and the $ adding up. I am a single mum and organic is very expensive.

    KEVIN PLEASE TELL US WHAT A WEEK OF EATING LOOKS LIKE FOR YOU I know its a simple question, But how many juices a day how many salads what do you snack on if not making a full meal. I just want to understand how do we fit in every thing a body needs for one day.

    All this raw, organic, cacao, superfood etc. need some help
    My 10 yo boy loves good food


  36. natalya says:

    That’s O.K., Kevin, be loud as it is natural to you to be, I used to it already. Just keep being yourself.
    About daily fat intake I can not say much: every day is very different, but I do not eat 3 avocados a day for sure, but may be 1 or less and some of the oil for the salad. We eat raw cakes, but not everyday.

  37. Liana says:

    Soo strange to hear you talk like that, Kevin …Esp. after meeting you at Rawunion and seeing how vibrant you really are in person! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d probably still listen to you either way, but please just be yourself and keep up the great work — you and Annemarie are awesome just as you are! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amount of fat per day varies from about 20 to 40 percent, from all raw sources (1/2 large to 1 small avo a day, sundried olives, small amounts of nuts & seeds, and vary small amounts of oils — hemp, olive and coconut).

  38. Michael & Tracy says:

    I don’t think salads are boring, bring it on…

  39. Michael & Tracy says:

    Fat intake not sure. My guess would be 10 to 15% we don’t have digestive problems or weight problems and we feel great.

  40. mike says:

    how are you supposed to absorb the fat soluble vitamins in a smoothie with no fat? can your body use fat from other meals or do you need to eat fat with it. right now im kind of torn between going vegan or following weston price and his suggestions. the weston price route seems to be backed up with more evidence. nutrition and physical degeneration is pretty convincing with the photos and evidence right in front of you. so far i have not found very much science supporting veganism.

  41. chris says:

    Love your explanation on blenders and oxidation and not nit-picking.

    I totally agree with you… so sick and tired of everyone categorizing everything… 100% raw, 83%raw, bla, bla, bla…

    just eliminate the bad stuff from what you eat… eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, juice when you can, drink a lot of fresh water… and move your body. who cares what % you are or aren’t.

  42. del says:

    Thanks for clearing that question about oxidizing. I was just talking about that a few mimutes ago with Tri about oxidation and boom here you are telling the same thing. Love how you articulated it. Well done brother.

    As for the amount of fats. Not sure. Most of the fats I have in the evening meal. Salad with raw nuts about a hand full (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds and 1/2 an avocadoes) no salad dressing. More than that doesn’t seem to do well. I could problem go with less than that.

  43. Jalil says:

    I think people are too worried about fat. If you are a raw vegan, I don’t think you have to worry about it TOO much.

    As long as you eat in balance, you are fine.

    Most of the Fat is bad talk, comes from nutrition studies on meat. Instead of saying that meat is bad, they said fat is bad.

    Plant based fats are good for you. Don’t eat 5 avocados a day and you will be fine.

  44. Lee says:

    I thought you were sick, Kevin!!

    I LOVE Mache, which I pronounce ma chay. It’s a good thing you showed it or I would not have connected with what you were talking about.

    Mash sounds like it ought to be a potato.

    I think the only people who need to be concerned about oxidation from things that go round and round are people who are dying of cancer. Every improvement they can make makes sense.

    For healthy people, it’s not that big a deal. Everything is already oxidizing, but eating a green smoothie within 15 minutes preserves the nutrients more.

    Please do a close up of chickweed so I can recognize it in my garden.

  45. Bill and Margaret says:

    We gues 15% fat. And we love your sense of humor.

  46. Audrey says:

    Kevin…I almost thought something was wrong, but you had me laughing with your “calm” intro. love your more energetic introductions better!! The smoothie book is great!! How about doing a book for traveling while raw??
    just a thought!

  47. Carol Lani Johnson says:

    When I was macrobiotic for twelve years, 2 decades ago, in my thirties, I was very careful about not using electical vibrations in my food. However, I also was tightly wound and not nearly as healthy or glowing as I am now!!! I recently ran into a macro friend who commented on how healthy I looked! I now know that the attitude I have about what I eat and loving what I eat (see Abraham-Hicks books and The Only Diet There Is)makes all the difference. It is easy to love eating fresh raw food!!!! Also ease in preparation gives me joy, which = good health for me. Bless that Blendtec!!!! AND I have a food processor again! Sometimes fat = joy (just don’t eat it if you think it is bad for you). The French eat more fat, but less food, taking longer to savor, and are healthier and more fit. Read this month’s Ode magazine about how good for us fat is after all & celebrate balance!

  48. Irene says:

    Do you juice? What brand juicer do you use?

  49. lisa villary says:

    You don’t have to be that calm, but some times when you say GOOD AFTERNOON, you peirce my ears drums. I am sure you could say hello at like a level 8 rather then a level 23.

  50. Ladan says:

    Come down and visit Vancouver! You guys are so close and i know you’ll love it here.

  51. Linda Miller says:

    I hope I’m not taking in anymore fat thatn 20% but have never calculated. But I avoid all oils excep maybe 1 tsp – 1 tbsp of flax seed oil on my salad. Just occasionally I might consume some coconut oil. I’m not big on nuts either. Thanks to 8/1/1 I’m much better about fat intake. I’ve had fungal issues and dr. Graham helped me understand about fat/sugar in the blood.

  52. Irina says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Your calm intro was so somber, you scared me! I like the real energetic Kevin, don’t change a thing!
    I guess it is 20-30% fats, and they are beneficial fats, so I have no regrets. I trust my body to tell me how much fat to consume – some days I need more, some days I can go without.

  53. michelebteva says:

    Your energetic introductions has sort of become your trademark – keep it – be you!

  54. Nicole says:

    My fat intake is probably higher than I think it is. Somedays if I have tahini or an avocado it’s probably 40%, but somedays I don’t add any fats so I figure it balances out.

    Great smoothie questions, btw!

  55. Marie Bulfinch says:

    In the winter I need more fat and eat about a third of my food as fat. In the summer I don’t crave so much fat and do a lot more green juices and smoothies and fruit with some seeds, maybe 15 percent fat. We live in the hot south. Texas. Lots of watermelon. Love it.

  56. Jennifer says:

    I think you could find a happy medium between the “calm” and the “hyper” intro. LOL

  57. IGNORE MY PREVIOUS COMMENT – I hit send before checking.

    You are so much better with high energy Kevin.The calm is not as effective at getting your enthusiastic message across.

    Green papaya salad is a Thai dish thatโ€™s delicious. Find a recipe in any Thai book and adapt it to raw.

    How much fat? It varies from day to day. My guess is 20% or so on average. My usual is one of the following: some fat on a salad or in a soup or salad dressing: 1/2 – 1 avocado or a handful of seeds or nuts. On treat days, like raw potluck days, I eat much higher amounts of fat, when I indulge in raw desserts.

    I love your practical approach to everything. It so resonates with the work Iโ€™ve been doing for the past 2 decades. Ideal is great, but your real approach is what I find makes it practical.

    Thanks for your dedication to changing the health of the world.

    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

  58. Emily says:

    Kevin when you started your intro today I thought, “Oh no is this what going raw does to a person?” Stepford Kevin was scary to watch… L.O.L.

    I like the real Kevin, enthusiastic and inspirational!! You brighten my day and keep me inspired to continue my transition to raw.

    I really don’t know what my fat intake is, I generally try to stay away from dairy but do eat it once in a while. I take flax seed oil, wild salmon oil, eat nuts and prepare food with extra virgin olive oil every day.

    Thank you for all the great info and caring about humanity!

  59. Frances says:

    according to Boutenko, the food combining is less important in a green smoothie as the greens help to digest the fruits (and avocado)

  60. Gail says:

    It has been a challenge for me to convert and change. Yet I make my own statement in a back door sort of way because I have to fight my hubby whom is a cooked and over cooked kind of guy.

    It’s garden season here in the midwest and I surf and find recipes… be them juice, smoothies, puddings, salads, deserts…….

    I’ve gathered several ingredients of the Raw Food World… and I will say it is not easy and it does cost more than conventional run of the mill grocery store food.

    Yet, I find the cost of the investment outweighs the cost of health not to mention the savings of the junk food cravings that never fill you up.

    I have not gone to main dishes yet cause trying to break the mind set and stomach of meat, cheese and dairy loving hubby… a strong minded old school kind of guy whom cares not to care what food is really about

    I only pray that one day he will come around and appreciate the taste bud changes (we know what the taste bud changes are about) of real food vs franken food and the detox and other health benefits that goes with real food.

    With that, lest us not turn a blind eye to the food control bills like H.R. 759, H.R. 875, H.R. 2749 or Water bills.. S. 787, H.R. 2998

    For the above bills facing us will have impacts on our dinner tables regardless if we eat SAD or if we eat RAW. We cannot keep a blind eye or closed eye to what is happening in Washington.

    I’ve always been a simple kind of gal, born and raised in a small Iowa farmm town. Had our own garden for the season.

    Heck I remember being a little girl where we went out to a dairy farm twice a week to get milk….. raw milk…… dipped straight out of the milk vault and sometimes the milk farm was milking cows when we went there.

    Being a little girl… those BIG COWS were real intimidating and scary for they were soooo much bigger than my little body!

    It is a remberance…. it was something like 20 or 25 cents a gallon. Us kids had fights over who got to drop in the coins into the jar at the dairy to pay for the couple gallons of milk scooped out of the milk vat.

    I remember, around 1969 or so….. Mom switched to the homoginized store bought milk based upon the TV commercials.

    I remember making our own butter from the cream of the cows…… but one day… the new heart healthier syntheic margarine came along…… and via the commercials…. even back in the late 60’s early 70’s….. my Mom fell for the stuff line hook and sinker.

    Needless to say…. she battled 3 rounds of cancer in her lifetime and was swept into her grave via her own ignorance and the food choices she made.

    Even great fresh garden veggies had to be cooked til the nutrition was killed. Soggy, dead veggies, no flavor.. from a small town in Iowa that is the food belt State of the U.S.

    To give an example…. I am always willing to learn and apply… I love to cook and I appreciate live food vs soggy dead, over cooked food…. I know how to read recipes… I have also learned how to cut through the crap ingredients and find recipes that contain good wholesome ingredients. In fact, it is a struggle…. the change over of not only ingredients for the SAD recipes, transitioning over to whole, organic and raw ingredients…. the cost, the investment of a juicer, good blender.. the change over does require an investment over time.

    It seems overwhelming.

    Once the investment of equipment is accomplished which allows you to utilize that investment of a new founded way of food intake.. along with the transformation of the investment of time to learn the new live food ingredients and searching what this that or the other ingredient is…..

    It does pay off….. after all, we are moving
    away from the soggy cooked food taste buds… and transitioning our taste bud over to real food that is uncooked, crisp, blended, easier to digest and the whole ball of whole food.

    Hope all of this makes sense… because it takes one alot of effort to appreciate uncooked food which we were meant to eat to begin with… vs cooked, over cooked, soggy, flavorless food.

    Again, the taste bud adjustment is what one has to overcome to marry in raw vs processed or overcooked, soggy and dead food. And sometimes I don’t think it is so much the dead over cooked food as I think it is the lazy mouth that cares not to know how to chew on a fresh carrot from the garden.

    It’s an adventure and a return to nature.

    Only difference is…. get rid of the microwave and get rid of the stove way of cooking. It takes effort along with disipline to make it all happen.


  61. Suzanne says:

    Definitely “Crazy Kevin.” “Calm Kevin” seemed so sad … so not you.

  62. brian says:

    It’s hard to say because I don’t calculate the nutrients from what I eat. When I lack vegetables, I often eat a lot of fat mostly in the form of nuts, seeds, and peanuts. I eat them even though they are not satisfying.

  63. Jennifer says:

    I do best on a low-fat eating plan. I’ve had candida and fungal issues for over 20 years. I tried no-sugar and not only did it not go away but, I felt dehydrated all the time. Since, learning more about low-fat raw and experimenting with that, I feel so much better. My fat intake has never been down to 10% and that just seems/feels to low but, 20-30% seems best with me.

  64. Jennifer says:

    I do best on a low-fat eating plan. I’ve had candida and fungal issues for over 20 years. I tried no-sugar and not only did it not go away but, I felt dehydrated all the time. Since, learning more about low-fat raw and experimenting with that, I feel so much better. My fat intake has never been down to 10% and that just seems/feels to low but, 20-30% seems best with me.
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  65. I started following you on twitter a few weeks ago and read some of your updates there, but this was the first time I saw one of your video’s. I have to say I liked it, I agreed with a lot of what you just said. Oh, and as far as your opening, don’t change it! Being authentic is everything, just stay who you are, I liked watching it. You remind me of Ben Stiller a little bit in a way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As far as fats go, I read an interesting article on Ode magazine the other day that I just wanted to share here:

    I’m really interested how you feel about what’s being discussed in that article, hope you can talk about it some in your next show.

  66. Rafael De LaTorre says:

    wow too much maybe like 35% im not a raw foodist eventhough thats really in my heart to be one day, sooon . . too much social pressure .. i need to meet some raw foodies !!

  67. Didiydi says:

    That was really funny, lol. As you can see, we can never really “make” happy someone else, unless they do it for themselves. Dealing with many people we can never please EVERYONE, so just be your lovely self.
    I loved how you appreciate your audience, and it’s so true, I learn a lot from the comments. Funny how today I was realizing a lot about appreciating myself and others, and there you were… If I had any doubts that we are all connected you’ve dispelled them:-).

    Organic coconut in the UK is Dr Martin’s.

    Blending maybe oxidizes, but also breaks more vegetables cell walls than we would do by chewing so it balances itself out, right? I still feel if I eat blended immediately I would eat less greens than I would in a salad, which proves to me there are more nutrients available blended.

    I am still transitioning to raw, it’s been 6 months. I found that high fat helped me along the way, especially when I was leaving the gluten world. Now I see the more I progress into raw, the less fat I need. I use a lot less oil on salads, and nut butters seem pretty heavy.

  68. Thank you very much for your information !

  69. Lisa Marie says:

    Re: fat intake… My 12yo daughter and I are both raw foodists and both LOVE fats, but only certain kinds of fats. We both noticed that lots of nuts aren’t good for our digestion, but that avocados, coconut oil, and tahini are fine. We’ve also noticed that the gourmet raw food (which always seems full of nuts and seeds) is o.k. every once in a while. But all the time? Ugh. Just shreds our stomach and we end up with lots of gas. Also, if we don’t get enough fats, we get crazy hungry. So, I would say that we do 20-25% fats and that we spread them out over the day to make sure that we’re not too hungry.

    P.S. Kevin, stay authentic! I love you more that way! ; )

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  70. pat says:

    After reading through the comments I think that people would be suprised and maybe shocked to learn exactly what % of fat they really take in. I know I was – totally shocked!!I recently read Carlene Jones fat loss journal ( she lost 130+ pounds on a raw food diet and her journal is an incredible inspiration to anyone with substantial weight to lose. Through her writings I learned about, it’s free to join and you can enter your food for the day in a very accurate fashion, especially if you have a kitchen scale and recalculate the food measure to grams or ounces. The program will keep running totals for you of calories, gms of fiber and macronutrients, it will give you a pie chart of % of macronutrients and both a list of and a bar graph of vitamin and mineral intake, along with lots of other useful info if you explore the website further. Now I’m not 100% raw or vegan or even vegetarian, my diet varies from 75% to 95% in those categories on any given day. Although I’m an American, I’ve lived overseas for many years in a country best described as “third world but rapidly developing”. We don’t have health food stores, superfoods, or even decent vitamin/mineral supplements. Can’t get probiotics or decent B12 supplements, so for the past 2 years I’ve kept kefir grains, gives me a smooth, creamy, yogurt type drink full of healthy bacteria, B12 and folic acid. (One of the questions Kevin answered today mentioned Dom’s Kefir web site, google it for the best kefir info available) Since I don’t eat a lot of animal based foods I like to keep a source of B12 in my diet. The first day I recorded in fitday included l T flax seed added to 1 C kefir, 1 T olive oil on a salad topped with some raw walnuts, a few raw almonds with a fruit as a snack and about 3oz of white cheese made from raw goats milk, the rest of the enteries were raw fruits and veg. My % of calories from fat? over 50% !!! Whoa! On following days I reduced that to 38% and then finally to about 17% on a daily basis by keeping only 1/2 C of kefir and either 1 T of flax or olive oil, nuts – save them for special occasions!
    So then – who’s brave enough to try out fit day and learn the truth about fat % in our daily diets? Do wish Kevin would post comments from folks who calculated their % fat, how do the real numbers compare to our own estimates?

  71. Meri says:

    The calm intro didn’t suit you Kevin! I prefer the usual energetic intro. Anyway, Annmarie’s a fairly calm person so that balances out your high energy levels ๐Ÿ™‚

    Isn’t the nature of both mechanical and chemical digestion oxidative anyway? I’m sticking to smoothies as I think it’s a great way to compensate for less than optimal digestion.
    The percentage of fat in my diet…errr, no idea! I should try to take notes and figure it out.

  72. debra says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I love your quick wit and intelligence! And I’m definitely not smarter than you, just old enough to be your mother. Watching you and Ann Marie discover the world of alternative health and live foods reminds me of my own journey and has revitalized my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Though I’ve been a vegan for over 30 years, you have inspired a new sense of wonder and awareness about the choices I make.


    P.S. Try green papaya salad sometime. It’s a yummy Thai inspired dish.

  73. Muriel says:

    Kevin, you seem so controlled and not yourself, please get back to yourself and transfer your amazing energy to the rest of us.
    With regard to fat intake, i would probably guess 30 to 40% fat intake in the form of avocados, hemp oil, good organic olive oil, organic almond butter, hazelnut butter and tahini butter (lots of hummus) Also have organic virgin coconut oil (2 tbsp. daily.
    I am 5’6″, 120 lbs. feeling healthy and a optimal cholesterol according to my doctor.

  74. Molly says:

    Hi Kevin! It’s Montreal,Canada is greeting you!
    I have been following your shows for some time already, and I am so fond of your amazing work, generosity and energy level.
    Do you ever get tired and talk like you just did…? Better get that good night sleep and be your dynamic-self.

    As for fat…I never measure it, I just eat those “fatty” nuts and seeds till I am full – my body usually tells me when to stop, and I prefer them with lots of greens! And I just love a generous amount of olive, grape seed and coconut oils in my salads! If I overdo it, then the next day it’s just a smoothie for me to drink – nothing else, taking it easy.

    What I usually do with all my nuts, seeds, and aromatic seeds (fennel, caraway, cumin, mustard etc.)is grinding them in my coffee grinder, and all hard root vegetables (carrots, turnips, broccoli, squash etc.)and wild plants (I eat lots of those – love foraging!)is passing them through my food processor and adding them to my salad just seconds before eating. Someone here said it well, that it saves our teeth and ensures complete breakdown of fibers for better absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Of course, the golden rule of chewing your food well remains in force – and it’s much more pleasurable to chew your food, when it’s been so “smoothed out” for you – you do not feel that much roughage on the raw food diet.

    I have one question for you, guys: Varicose veins! Are they permanent there to stay once appeared, or there is a hope that body can revert the “ugly-looking” condition with consistent natural life-style or treatments?
    Would something like hypnosis help? The power of your subconscious mind? Or it’s a strictly “physical” and requires medical intervention – drugs or alternative medical treatments?
    I am really eager to receive an answer soon! And if anybody here knows something important about varicose veins, please post the information. Thanks!

  75. Pedro Soto says:

    First time I see you on video. Great energy, and I honor you for investing your life in getting out the message of living foods. My wife and I are also dedicated to that via the Hippocrates Health Institute and Brian Clement’s work.

    Your comment about Brian Clement and his claim of the oxidation of fruits and vegetables when blended was fair. While it is true that oxidation occurs, if blending helps a person ingest more fruit and vegetables than lifeless food, then they should not worry about it.

    That said, Brian comes from a different experience and with different goals. I believe you can agree that in all fields of endeavor there are levels of mastery and perfection.

    Brian Clement’s findings are all based on over 30 years of working with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world and seeing what works and what doesn’t from amongst a very statistically valid pool of subjects.

    That’s why when he says that oxidation occurs when blending, it may matter to those seeking to attain high levels of health or those that are dealing with a major illness.

    The other thing I wanted to comment about is your discussion of fruit. I would recommend that you research it some more for your own understanding. My wife and I love fruit and it was a bit hard to accept that the sugar content in the fruits contributes to hypoglycemia (which is the precursor to diabetes) in a very large part of our population, and a nutrient of cancer cells.

    Sugar fells really good no matter in what form it comes. And it may be unpopular, and bad for business, to fully disclose its noxious effects on health but for the sake of integrity you should when you discuss fruit consumption.

    Thanks for letting me post. Keep up the great work!

  76. Yo, Kevin…dude you freaked us out with that intro hahaha!

    Question: have you had experience with MMS? We heard Matt Monarch talk about it and wondered your take on it. Have yet to try it, but referred a friend with the big C…thinking hey, worth a try! Still wanted your feedback. Thanks!

    Love you guys,
    Annette and Avery

  77. Kevin,

    Great Show as always, and you had me worried at the beginning with the dramatic intro. Keep up the energy, its you!

    I am so glad you clarified so many things today, thanks. I was also concerned and wondering how to keep up with a good meal plan with so many concentrated recipes. I am now having smaller amounts of fat, if I eat avocado I don’t include nuts and vice versa and it seems to be working for my digestion. I have also started to include a lot more fruit and less grains.

    My fat intake has gone down to around 25% some times less and I feel great. I also noticed that by lowering the amount of spices it makes a big difference in digestion.

    Keep it up!!!

  78. Angela says:

    Stay upbeat Kevin!! Yay! I eat a lot of fat, fat mostly from nuts, a little coconut butter, and oils daily. Avocados and coconuts are a treat for me so not every day I get to eat those. Luckily for me, fruit and nuts go great together and have not given me any digestive complaints.

  79. Kristi says:

    Check out if you want to know what intake of fat you have. It is fairly accurate when you chart everything you have eaten in a day.

    As for me, i’ve tried to drop to 10% and it worked fairly well while i was doing the anti-candida thing. Then after a month i switched to fruit in the morning (only) then a green smoothie mid-morning, then a HUGE green salad (no fat) for lunch, then in the pm i’d have flax-seeds and a big TBSP of coconut oil (which totally worked great on the candida) and salad with nuts/seeds in the evening. I found that high fruit/low fat doesn’t satisfy me. I probably sit around 20-25% and i like it that way. Cococnut oil does wonders for my skin, rashes, my babies diaper area, and it works with EFA, like those found in flax seeds to help absorb them better in the body. So, i will continue to eat my fats.

    I like the upbeat Kevin!

  80. Kristi says:


    I put my whole family on raw when i went raw. My 2 year old eats everything we eat. The KEY is to NOT offer the acidic foods. Do not buy them anymore, throw out the stuff inthe cupboard and when you serve a meal, what is on the table is what is up for grabs. If your child won’t eat, he can leave it in the fridge and it will wait for him to eat it later. My 2 year old eats salads, cucumber, celery, green smoothies. If that is what is available and they are hungry they will give in. Eventually they start to crave healthy foods. You can email me if you like… i have some easy foods to throw together for the kids. Plus for my 2 year old we aren’t more than 75-85% raw. We give her homemade chickpea hummus, beans, rice, cooked quinoa and cooked vegan foods sometimes.

  81. Chris & Sara says:

    It looks like we all look forward to that JOLT of energy you give us every day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    About the juicing/blending, we asked the same question, just wanted to hear your opinion. I just heard an interview with Gabriel Cousins talking about oxidation. I agree with your thoughts. Any way to get more greens in!

    I have had more greens in the last few years, than my whole life combined!!!! No joke! (Chris)

    It seems like you will always have people trying to “debunk” what they hear or see. Even if it makes sense.

    Its funny how you get people sweating over the details, but the same people have eaten a SAD diet for the past 25 years and never even thought about anything regarding their food/nutrition. Now all the sudden they worry about how much oxygen touches their food!

    As for the fat, we dont really count anything, but listen to our bodies. We eat fat freely. Love nuts, seeds, avos etc.

    Our problem has been the oils. The interview with Mrs Gerson regarding the cancer and the oils really helped us to take a look at our cooked oil intake. Thanks a ton for this info!! We no longer heat any oils. And in fact are eliminating all oils except for flax and hemp.

    **For anyone not signed up for the Inner Circle, where there are hours and hours of interviews and VALUABLE information. There is soooo much information, we cannot even keep up ! It is the best $10 / month we have ever paid for anything~!!!! Thanks Kevin and AM for all of your life saving energy!!!!

  82. Sharon says:

    ROFL!!!! That introduction actually shocked me! Be yourself please!

    Fat? Probably around 30% in calories. I don’t really pay that much attention. I just eat whatever I feel like. I don’t do well on nuts but I like hemp and coconut oil and chia and avocado. Our brains really need essential fatty acids to function properly.

    My friend has a SCIO and virtually everyone she’s tested is very deficient in fats. This can lead to ADD and other nerve and brain problems.

  83. Christa says:

    Hey Kevin and Annemarie, I didn’t realize that you were in Seattle, I live in Seattle, I would like to know what events that you are going to be involved in while you are here. It would be such an honor to meet you in person, so if you could let me know where you will be, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  84. Jasmine says:

    When I first heard your intro I thought maybe you were not feeling well or maybe you were in the depths of despair. Then I heard your voice change and I realized you were responding to some ding dongs request for you to tone it down. I did not like it one bit… Your energy is exciting and contaigous and is one of the many reasons I watch you.

  85. Carachi says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks for answering my question, and yes, it is an interesting subject! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I agree the person saying most people would propably be chocked on realizing how much fat they really eat!
    I thouth I ate quite moderate amounts of fat – like 10-20%. Just a little nuts, al little coconut and an avodaco here and thereโ€ฆ (no oils!).
    Then I found CRON-o-meter, an app where you calulate your intake โ€“ and found I ate something like 70% fat on average!! :-ยง
    Very nice ot see and calculate your actual intake, with vitamines and all (for what it’s worth).
    Now my aim is 30% fat, but I tend to go to 40%, and then I am RELLY restrictive (I think)! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I would too, like someone suggested, like to see your weekly menu, just to get an idea of your regular food intake. It would be a great help for anybody trying to figure out what this rawfood thing really is. I think. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, how much greens, dry stuff, fruit etc. is “normal”.
    Sometimes I get an impression rawfooders eat very little (a box of sallad and a jar of Kimchi does not sound that much?), and then breaks loose on “a snack” of some cups of nuts in a coconut smothie thing – and I get really confuesed on the levels of food consumed hereโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜•

    Thanks for a great show – always educational! ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Evelin Ledebuhr says:

    You can get green coconuts in the U.S. Check out or call 1-954-297-6677 He sends charges for a dozen but adds extras in case they are not all like the jelly coconuts. It’s pricey because of the weight of the coconuts. If you are near to his coconut grove, you can buy the coconuts for $1.50 each.

  87. Amanda says:


  88. Melina says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I did not read through all the comments so if someone already mentioned this sorry for the repeat. My comment is in regards to Brian Clements view on blending. I have been to Hippocrates and been to a lot of his lectures. What I have heard him say is that juicing does not oxidize the vegetables (of course you have to use the right kind of juicer- twin gear or single gear). And yes, if you let the juice sit out for awhile than it will oxidize. He does say that blending oxidizes the food more so he just points out that you should not eat predominately blended food. He does not recommend not eating any blended food. My experience of him was not that he trying to encourage a fear of blended food. They serve a yummy blended green soup at Hippocrates Health Institute and they make a lot of their side dishes and drinks in the blender (like hummus,nut milk,sauces, etc.) I think his point is to make sure we remember to eat our salads too with sprouts that is!

  89. Ricki, Chandler, AZ says:

    I have 1/2 of a very small or 1/4 of a large avocado each day in my green smoothie, and I use 1 T of organic flax seed oil or 1T of organic Extra Virgin Olive oil on my salad midday. Sometimes, I have a few seeds or nuts on my salad. I don’t know what percentage that is, but it is definitely in my diet each day.

    Thanks for all the good info you share!

    Hi, to AnneMarie!

    Chandler, AZ

  90. Paul says:

    I like the excited voice. If I wanted to be bored, I would listen to the evening network news and eat a SAD dinner. Thanks for all your programs, they are great and I have enjoyed and learned a lot.

  91. LENORA says:

    Hi Kevin,

    You scared me with the “CALM” intro! first thought, “what did he eat that slowed him down????” sure don’t want any of that!
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee be yourself, I love your energy?

  92. Melanie says:

    No, no, no! I so NEED that energetic Kevin introduction – it does wonders for my mood and puts a big Cheshire cat grin across my face. That explosive intro makes me sit up and pay attention! Whoever it was that criticized you… well, they just need to realize how many people they’ve upset! I SO appreciate you both and all the encouragement you give us!

    Melanie ;o)

  93. Mike says:

    Great Question! I have seen how my girlfriend eats 80-10-10 and with no fats just fruit and veggies in the day she gets at about 8%. She uses fit day to calculate that stuff. I switched from SAD to organic SAD to vegatarian to vegan to high fat raw vegan and now as i get cleaner on the inside i notice i feel best with more of just fruits and veggies. I like enthusiasm Kevin, Keep it up.


  94. Cherry Tye says:

    You are so funny. Whatever someone is, I want it to flow freely or it is easily detected as fake. You are very real and that is what I enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you are calm or spunky as long as it is you.

    Since it is obvious you have very strong “spunky” tendencies then let it flow as usual. I think most of us love it. For those that don’t……they are free to change the channel ๐Ÿ™‚


  95. mary kay says:

    Oh, maybe 20 or 30 comments ago, there was someone named Michael or Mike who was trying to decide between Weston Price and raw vegan….LOL, I’m kind of somewhere in “Weston Price Meets Raw World” myself……You don’t have to “decide, IMO.” I’m mostly in the raw world though, with a little Weston Price thrown in……

    I’m of the notion that the main thing people need to do is eat REAL food and that most of it should be raw. For some this will mean some meat, or raw milk, for others, it will mean vegan.

    I’m probably 95% raw, make my own raw butter, have occasional raw milk, occasional homemade yogurt, raw homemade kefir, eat a little homegrown chicken, some wild salmon, raw homegrown eggs….etc…..And yet eat a mostly vegan diet with these things thrown in. The other night I had some cooked rice noodles……

    But I know I eat too much fat! I think fat is good for you, but I’m 5 ft 3 and 132 lbs, and should be around 115. I just crave it, but need to cut it down until I’m at my ideal weight..

    I tried using and couldn’t figure out how to do just plain raw almonds, for example…..sigh. I would love if someone could coach me…

    Thanks….yeh, I hate to say it, because I also turn the volume down on my speaker when I watch you….LOL, but just be yourself.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Mary Kay in Ohio

  96. Robin says:

    My daily caloric intake is around 1500-1600 calories, with daily exercise burn of 300-400 calories. I shoot for 10% fat with just my avocado/flax oil blended salad dressing and snack of 7-8 almonds (yes, I have to count them or else I would unconsciously eat many more.) ๐Ÿ™‚ But I haven’t been measuring the salad dressing, so I could possibly be at 15%.

    I noticed a variety of opinions regarding fat intake on this blog. Glad you are bringing it up, Kevin. My opinion is that there are different body shapes of people, and some people have a higher metabolism than others. Being a pear shape, I can only be at my ideal weight on a low fat diet. But that doesn’t mean others can’t thrive at a higher range.

    Even if I was a naturally thin person, I would be nervous eating at 40% fat. My mind is visualizing the hardening of the arteries and stomach churning at this thought. I think it would be more conservative to increase fruits (for the higher calories) if I had a higher metabolic requirement.

    It wasn’t until I read Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 book that I realized I had too much fat in my diet, and then after I changed, my excess weight came off and felt significantly more energy. I think all the fat made me fatigued.

    Have been enjoying your videos, Kevin. I think everyone responds to authenticity, so keep expressing your energy and passion for raw food!

  97. laura says:

    sooo fats… I would say 30-40%…?? How do you calculate that anyway??? I used to eat much less fat – mb 10-20%… but got quite thin… didn’t bother me at all since I felt great! definitely had more energy than I do now… but I couldn’t take everyone bothering me anymore, so I started eating more fat… and now I think I am addicted to it!? I am still thin per others standards…

    My wild guess is that my digestion is very off so I have more trouble digesting fats and assimilating food than I should…


  98. Ron Williams says:

    Loud! I tell my friends that you are a brash Yankee and to listen to what you say and not how you say it. Your efforts are appreciated. Fat percentage? I don’t worry about it. Mostly raw, mostly vegan, at this level, fat is not a problem. I think this is the 99th response. Hope you break 100!

  99. Nadia says:

    30% of fat. Gives taste, texture and satiety.

  100. Tanya says:

    A comment on organic coconut products.. about three weeks ago a company working from Vancouver Canada (where I am from) is now carrying organic, hand processed young thai coconut water, meat and oil. (No chemical treatments, no dipping for shipment). These products are processed on site in sustainable vegan facility (yay!) in Thailand and frozen immediately. They are then shipped frozen to North America and stay frozen until they are bought. I bought some from their first shipment (all three products as I LOVE coconut) and can’t believe the quality – unreal!! I have never had anything like it! I have coconut water every morning with my E3 live. I am sure they could arrange shipment direct to the USA. The company is called OrganicLives – they are all about sustainability and working with small farms too! I don’t know if the products are up on their web site yet but you can email too. Here’s their site:
    Yay coconuts with no chemicals!!

  101. May says:

    If you have to be loud (and I know you do!) *please* do it at the beginning. I was turning my volume up, up, up and then suddenly you yelled and hurt my ears – not good ๐Ÿ™

    I’d really prefer a steady volume throughout but know from experience to turn you down until you’ve done the hyper bit LOL

  102. Cheryl Holt says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie!
    WOO HOO! Over 100 responses!!

    Well Kevin I like your high energy it’s uplifting! I am so gald Mango told me about your pod cast. Annmarie and you have not only guided me along this path but you both have always inspired.

    Rock on Mr. High Energy! I love those wild intros, it wakes me up, and gets the neurons thinking, along with generating an incredible smile!

    I have no idea how much fat I consume on a daily basis. So I will conduct an experiment as the notes left here by others reflect a large variance. I am an intuitive eater along with one being driven by what is fresh at the Farmers Markets.

    If I guessed I would think it is about 30 percent fat.

    Love, Light, & Peace,
    Cheryl in Peoria, AZ : )

  103. Laura G says:

    Be yourself. Your intros are your signature. I love your energy.

  104. Laura G says:

    You scared me at first with your calm intro. I thought you were going to give us some bad news.
    Stick with being yourself. I love the high energy. Keep it.

  105. shelagh says:

    i some times make a really simple raw apple sauce that is just blended apple and i notice it turns brown fairly quickly (oxidation???) but i also spice it up some times and add a fair bit of ginger and it doesn’t turn brown. do you think adding ginger (and maybe other ingredients) could prevent or slow oxidizing? bt i do agree with you when you say don’t worry about it. just started watching, really enjoy it. see you tomorrow!

  106. Doris says:

    I’m new at all this blending. (Just got my blendtec yesterday.) My goal is good health. So, my question is: Does blending take out all the roughage? Does that hurt our digestive/intestinal system ?
    Would like your help. Thanks.

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