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Thanks for the feedback from yesterday’s show…

Based on that, we’ve clarified and additional-ized (love that quasi-word!) the topic about fruit.

Today, I talk about how fruit can strip minerals from your body as well as the top anti-inflammatory raw foods.

There are also two websites I want to show you. 🙂

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What are your plans for the weekend?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Rio Waller says:


    Great show! I’m on vaca in Seattle right now…I live in Fresno CA. Just hangin’ with the family here.

    I have been 85% raw for over two month and loving it!

    Was wondering if you would talk more about food combining? So are you saying that (for example) at breakfast have fruit only and then at lunch have nuts only?

    Thanks for your time! Great info!

  2. Didiydi says:

    Thanks for the info Kevin!
    Ana Maria Clement shared a tip on her lecture- soak flax seeds with lots of water (she didn’t specify) over night. Cut very thinly apple and garlic, mix. Drink flax water, that will coat the stomach and intestines, and then eat the garlic/apple mix. 3x/day, I think bf meals. Up the garlic every day by one clove more, as much as you can, and do like this for 21 day. She said best anti-inflamatory medicine.
    This weekend I’m starting my 4th week of Ejuva cleanse, so no food for me for a week….yay:D
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Linda says:


    Let me be the first for the day! YOU ROCK!!! I’m online looking at another post you sent the other day. Wondering, what are good inflammatory foods.

    Just finished looking at today’s post. Thanks for those additional sites I will definitely be using them!

    I’m actually staying very “low key” this weekend, close to home, no special plans. Must save money I was laid off a couple of months ago, so if I do anything it will be for FREE!!! You and Ann Marie enjoy your weekend.

    Thanks again for the information!

  4. Dewey says:

    Why did the FDA Ban The 100% Natural Vitamin B17??? Maybe because it Cure 87% of All Types of Cancer…???
    Maybe you should Do A Show On B17 which is Found in Nuts and Seeds in High Quanties… Here is a good place to Start Your Investigation…

  5. Brenda says:

    This weekend? Off I go for a week away to Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. Oh boy, there is fun to be had including fire works. Happy 4th of July.

  6. Geronimo says:

    celebrating freedom, uh…well July 4th anyway.

  7. RW says:

    I will be doing some hiking this weekend in an Indiana forest.
    Could do a show on hiking tips / benefits someday?

  8. DELANEY says:

    I’m going to work for a bit and then to the Taste of MN. I have to make it home in time to be with my pups since they’ll be completely freaking out with the fireworks on my block. Never bring your dog to an event with fireworks! It’s terrifying for them.

  9. Jim says:

    Excellent info Kevin! Yes the key is balance. I have been eating a raw food diet for about 3 months. Green smoothies every morning and feeling great!

  10. Annabelle says:

    Going to a mixed raw/vegan/vegetarian BBQ party on the 4th and a raw vegan supper event on Sunday.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Madell says:

    Staying home and going down the street to my moms house for a BBQ of which I am bringing my own meal of marinated portabella mushrooms.

  12. wendy green says:

    omg…is everyone traveling? no comments?

    this was a great show kev. love seeing you at the computer outdoors in good old humid NJ! thanks for the clarity. loving my BG algae. thanks for the links. this weekend? staying at CV. the old president vows to come back, the new pres ain’t leaving…fireworks on the 4th? pray not. enjoy!

  13. andy reed says:

    Great Info Kev, as usual!!
    A way I try to keep fruits from acidifying my body is to eat the fruits which are low glycemic and high in anti-oxidants. If I eat high glycemic fruits I put them in a green smoothie with microalgae like chlorella. This way the banana for example is turned into a low glycemic food overall because of the intense glycemic balancing nature of the protein in the greens and chlorella. Remember protein balances blood sugar.
    Other amazing anti-inflammatory foods besides the ones you mentioned are foods which contain quercitin. This flavanoid is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory. Examples include red grapes, red and yellow onions, garlic, broccoli and apples. With garlic, be careful not to eat too much as it is a very powerful antibiotic as well and can kill our probiotic flora.
    Also food that contains polyphenols dampen inflammation with phytochemicals. Examples include blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries and any herbal or green tea.
    My daily anti-inflammatory tea is fresh grated turmeric and reishi powder. This is the combo used by the herbal masters from Okinawa, many of whom have lived to 120+ years w/o any degenerative inflammatory disorders.
    An interesting factiod is that a tablespoon of olive oil has the same anti-inflammatory potential as a 400 mg Ibuprofen.
    This weekend I am writing I have dedicated to my book on health simplified and transitioning to raw foods!

  14. gary says:

    1. if you are going to make specific scientific statements, you need to support those statements. your answer, “because that’s what happened to me” is not an answer to the question, “prove that fruits strip minerals from the body”. what you’ve said is unscientific, irresponsible and false until proven otherwise.

    2. foods are not antiinflammatory. foods are broken down into macro and micro nutrients and move into the blood and tissues, the body is the mechanism that controls and directs inflammation. stop attributing magical properties to foods. it’s unscientific.

    3. excellent link to pesticides. thank you.

  15. Nicole says:

    Hi Kevin! Can you do a show about liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, parasite cleanses and how to know if you need to do these? I have issues with going number 2 and people sometimes say I should do a liver cleanse, or a kidney clean, and I wonder what this is based on. Do they work? How do you know what you need?

  16. Ted says:

    I’m training for my triathlon this weekend. Lots of biking, running, and of course, swimming! I will def. load up on the anti inflammatory foods so I can recover faster from my runs.

  17. Jalil says:

    Umm Gary, Kevin isn’t a scientist. So he doesn’t need to give scientific answers to anything.

    He is giving us his opinion.

    Take the negativity elsewhere

  18. Steve says:

    Going to a Freedom Day Celebration, Living Food Potluck, and Contest! Making some of that popcorn you showed on a previous episode and some homemade ginger blueberry Komboucha.

  19. Mindaugas A. says:

    Some confused info from Kevin.
    Let’s see what his friend (Mike Adams) has in his portal (read last sentence):

    The same friend cooperated with this company, which has most raw form of marine oil (mostly from Green Lipid Mussels). It’s called most potent Anti-inflammataory Omega-3 ( has 33 Omega-3 ) and works 2.3 times effective as mentioned in comments Ibuprofen. Actually somebody mentioned Olive oil. Bit it’s known more as Omega-6 which can activite inflammation (our diets are 44:1 till 25:1 Omega6: Omega3. While should be around 2:1)

  20. sue says:

    Gary– I have to agree with Jalil– for many of us this is a happy little community of like-minded folks trying to sort out the whole health and nutrition thing for ourselves. You are free to believe whatever you want, but please, dont use hostility and an argumentative spirit to sort out those beliefs here. There are better, healthier ways to communicate disagreement or to ask for more clarification. If you are interested in holistic health, mental and spiritual health are just as important as any of the nutrition, and that actually is scientific. But there is no science to a lot of this nutritional stuff because there is a lack of funding for research on these details. We have to sort it out for ourselves and many of us have found that that it doesnt have to be scientific because it is spiritual.

  21. Marty says:

    Hey Kevin, I just got your book, the Fitness for busy people. Yours and Annmaries. I sat right down and read half of it immediately. It is great! I love how you hit so many things right on the head about all our self talk and lies, lies lies!! I am so enjoying this book. Thank you so much! Also, you mention how skin looks healthy and I have noticed forweeks and weeks now what beautiful smooth skin you and Annmarie have. It’s working!!!
    Marty Schumacher

  22. Lauren says:

    Gary, no one’s attributing magical properties to foods. If you read about anti-inflammatory foods, you’ll see that the term itself refers to foods which are less likely to cause an inflammatory reaction when they are processed by the body. And that is something that any dietician will back up.

    Skepticism is fine, but you appear to be going beyond that…you’re being borderline insulting, and that’s not going to help anyone get answers. It just causes bad feelings.

    Kevin didn’t just provide personal information about why fruit could strip minerals from the bones. The first reason he gave was because they could cause the body to become too acidic. The second was the way that a person’s metabolism could adjust if the person is eating too much fruit. Instead of accusing him of something he didn’t do, if you honestly want clarification, ask for the source. He has many, and knows many of them personally.

  23. Farner says:

    I didn’t find Gary’s comments offending, argumentative or hostile. he merely speaks in a “matter of fact” manner. I think we search for the best information with the best level of scientific proof. RawK On!!

  24. bandedbonnie says:

    Our pie cherry tree is keeping me busy this weekend. Theres plenty left to pick! Also on Saturday, we are headed to the Pomeroy Living History Farm in Yacolt, WA where they will be demonstrating steam logging.

  25. Gillian Earle says:

    Hi Kevin, thanks for yet another great show. I’m continually working on arthritis pain so thanks for the tips about anti-inflammatory foods.

    This week I’ve been preparing for my second liver/gall bladder flush. Felt tremendous for a while after the first one, but know there are a few to go yet – so today’s the day and will be chilling tomorrow.

    Love to you both


  26. Lillian says:

    If you are O blood group, you make too much acid in your stomach, is it better for you to eat more veg and veg juice in your diet than fruit.

  27. Trish says:

    At the beginning of the segment you discussed mineral levels. How can one assess or find out what their mineral levels are? I live in NYC, so if you or anyone else has a resource that can assist me I’d very much appreciate the info./assistance. Thank you 🙂

  28. gary says:

    nonsense, people. kevin should provide support for his statements or DON’T make the statements.

    it’s quite easy to provide a link to support anything, if time is short.

    honesty and truth trumps “politeness”

    be accurate and don’t make absurd statements, and there would be no need for me, or anyone else (note i was not the only one) to ask for clarification or support for the statements being made.

    remember, blueberries cure cancer, and garlic too, so eat your blueberries and garlic ! because i said so!

  29. Jonathan says:

    I think that Gary’s questions are totally legitimate. There is so much “good advice” out there, that it is sometimes difficult to navigate through the maze.

    In my case, I have been diagnosed with stage IV ocular melanoma, which medically speaking is not good news. Happily I am completely asymptomatic, which means that I can use my good health to support my healing. So naturally I am seeking the Golden Path towards health. The problem is that there are so many approaches, that they can’t all be right. For example, I am being urged to go down the optimum raw living route of almost all green and to cut out even carrots and beets. Problem is that my BMI has dropped from a nearly obese 29 to an almost underweight 20. I am withering away due to a hyper thyroid and need to keep my weight up. Others are telling me to ensure that I ensure sufficient fruit in my diet so that I benefit from natural antioxidants and Resveratrol. And then my naturopath, based on my blood “O” type is stressing the need to also include some organic eggs, fish and meat in my diet to ensure that I add some weight, and have the energies to deal with my medical issues.

    We tend to be blinded by science by many people who are basing their approach on anecdotal evidence, at the best. Many are well meaning, but what works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else, and can in fact do damage. As they say, too many cooks spoil the broth, so my approach is to stick to one expert who knows the business.

    (Not that for one minute I trust the scientific research as much is bias due to the funding of the pharmaceutical companies.)

    But it is a fair question to ask where the evidence is for any approach. I even ask my oncologist who is one of the top in the world in her field, and if the evidence is not completely there, which it usually isn’t, she will tell me. So if I can question my oncologist, I think it fair to also question the nutritional advice being given.

  30. Ilene says:

    Gary…if you don’t like the way info is dispersed here go somewhere else. This is info. That’s it, info. Take it or leave it. Period.

  31. deb says:

    I’ll be in the Colorado watching wildflowers spread out like fireworks in the mountain meadows.

    Speaking of Colorado, if you all get the chance to visit Fort Collins check out the Tasty Harmony Cafe. YUM! Raw, vegan key lime pie and other raw, vegan selections, including a daily raw, vegan special. Reasonable prices too! I know there was more than $6.00 worth of nuts in my pie.

    I was in Fort Collins to hear Deepak Chopra speak and was moved to take a vow to committ to peace in my thoughts and actions. Join a world wide movement and take the vow! Here’s the link:


  32. Lori says:

    Most of us truly appreciate all your information and know how to assimilate for our own individual use/needs. We appreciate you giving us further sources to go do our own investigating if and when desired. I’ve always found that personal experience was the best teacher and thus trust that as a source. I’ve found so many helpful links by coming to this site that it often leads to many, many hours on the computer! Thank you! Oh, and I’m going to Disney to celebrate the 4th! It’s my anniversary! The whole country celebrates with me! What a great country we live in!

  33. Jalil says:

    Why don’t you simply go listen to byron richards or someone along those lines if you want scientific talk?

    easy enough.

    we like kevin and annemarie just the way they are.

    thanks and goodbye.

  34. PE says:

    On the feud with Gary– negative comments are as wonderful as positive, if right; yet as Lauren said, funding isn’t often there for controlled studies, so we wing it at times, aware of probable errors.
    Anti-/inflammatory estimates are at for nearly all foods; see the site for the basis. 27 of 39 fruit I examined were mildly inflammatory, the others anti.

  35. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for all your comments 🙂

    I want to clarify something very important to all of you as readers of this blog.


    I believe following personal experience (or mentors) is more important than relying on any other reductionist scientific study (in the field study is a different story). In fact, in 2005 the JAMA published an article that (paraphrased) stated 1/3 of all scientific studies are flawed / swayed / spun in a biased manner.

    If we go off of this scientific information we can go down the wrong path, very, very quickly. Things don’t do the same thing in the lab as they do in “real” life.

    (NOTE: This does NOT mean all science is wrong, is just means tread with caution.)

    Scientific minds have made incredible accomplishments and have also really mucked things up over history.

    Gary, (I could be wrong) I don’t think you’ve followed the blog long enough to know that I recommend a STRONG scientific approach to health, which you’ll find throughout my posts and book as well.

    I believe it IS necessary to work with a practitioner who can provide scientific testing to get the best results for your own body… because then you OWN the information. Many of my “assumptions” are OWNED because of scientific tests like blood and mineral levels (specifically my mineral level rebuilding with green juice, seaweeds and marine phytoplankton).

    This type of process will decrease the amount of anecdotal evidence and actually allow us to communicate strongly with a Western minded population.

    It will also reduce the frustration that someone like Jonathon feels while he’s going through his health challenge.

    Thanks for ALL your comments, they’re all good. 🙂

    Live Awesome!

  36. Mary says:

    Thanks for the great links. These will come in handy.
    This weekend; was to be Party and fireworks. It is now pouring and suppose to keep on. I guess it will be party in the rain. No fireworks, 🙁

  37. Sharon says:

    Test, test, test! There are no rules when it comes to food. Some people do fantastic on a fruitarian diet, others don’t. Some might do well for a time and then not. I used to work for a doctor who did testing on EAV and trust me when I say allergies (that cause inflammation) are always changing. Think about it–every 6 weeks we have a completely different liver. If our body is always changing so are our nutritional needs.

    RUN from anyone promoting blood type diets. The people who love to do the research like Dr. Rick Dina and Dr. Gabriel Cousens will tell you this is bogus and there is no evidence that blood type plays a role in health. Think about this. In the animal kingdom there may be hundreds of blood types but the animals eat the same thing. This is a crazy idea that fooled many including those in the medical and holistic community.

  38. gary says:

    thanks for the response kevin.

    i do not dispute that there is bad science, that is why in the original post from the previous thread i asked for support/logic/science (something, you pick!) to back up your anti-fruit (mineral stripping) statement.

    then you did address the issue, albeit unsatisfactorily. the reason that you cannot properly give support for your statement is that it is not logically true, therefore the only thing to do is move to another subject or become defensive, which is what people have done. many of us make the mistake, by the way, of claiming that “I did X, and Y happened, so Z is the cause”. or I did X for a little while and Y happened, so X does not work.

    >Many of my “assumptions” are OWNED because of scientific tests like blood and mineral levels (specifically my mineral level rebuilding with green juice, seaweeds and marine phytoplankton).

    even your tests prove nothing about fruit stripping minerals, nor does your anecdote about your teeth.

    unless you would like to present a paper detailing your mineral levels and dietary modifications so we can draw the proper conclusions?

    i’ve asked clement for the same support for his anti fruit pronouncements and his response has been massively underwhelming

    then again, i’ve only been “doing” this raw thing for 30 years and you’ve been doing this for ???? so take my annoying comments (questions) for truth and accuracy with a grain of salt, eh?

  39. Dorothy Silva says:


    I appreciate soooo much the info you share with us. I love to do research but just dont have the time. So thanks for sharing what you find. Love Annemarie’s recipes too.

    See you at the Expo in Santa Rosa!

  40. Kathy Thompson says:

    Children, children—stop all this sensless fighting before grandma knocks your heads together!!! LOL

    Gary, you have a computer, go to and find the studies if you need them so bad. You have 30 years raw experience, why don’t you contribute something that can help us all on our journey? I know for myself, I prefer to just try what others have found effective and listen to what my body tells me rather than spending all my time thinking about food, which just makes me want to not eat! Then I get so hungry I go eat junk food! If you know of studies that contradict what you read here, please share them with us as some of us really do care. We are all individuals, we’re all different from each other. What works for one may not work for another and if you can supply the science to explain why we’d love to see it!

  41. andy reed says:

    All the nutritional masters I have studied with all agree on one thing:
    Who we are as people,
    is significantly more important than what we eat.

    The three pillars of health from Asian theory are
    1)Emotional Well-Being (Quiet the mind, meditation)
    2)Appropriate Exercise (Quiet the body, yoga, etc)
    3)Appropriate Nutrition

    Theory states these all must be in balance to dispel inflammation and prevent disease.

    In my humble opinion, as we all share our life experience, to find health we must be filled with gratitude and love.

    Dawson Church has proven this with the scientific method at the Soul Medicine Institute looking at heart coherance methods (compassion, empathy, EFT) and their effect on our genomic potential of translating RNA into tissue.

    The two obstacles to learning and healing are
    1) I already know this
    2) I disagree

    The more I learn the more gentle and humble I become about what I don’t know.

    Michael Pollan has pointed out that in studies that look for the healing nature of foods, most make a basic erroneous assumption that the chemicals in these foods, ie anti-oxidants, beta-carotenes, etc., are the healing agents. He states the truth is actually the food itself is healing, and the science makes the foundationless argument that it is the chemical alone that heals. Our universe does not conform easily to the scientific method, and relying on it too heavily as is done in the modern world, confuses the obvious on a regular basis. The empirical method of trial and error is much more effective when it comes to nutrition because the body is simply too complex, too many variables.

    From an Asian medical theory the whole form of any food, the passive and the active, are necessary for safe and effective healing. This can be shown in thousands of examples. For instance Milk Thistle seeds are more bioavailable to the liver in whole ground form than in the standardized extracts. And the toxic nature of the statin drugs are entirely non-toxic when taken in whole form from their original source, the medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and shiitake.

    I was long confused about the omega oil dilemma. It was not until I looked at actual clinical case studies that the confusing morass of available information was simplified.
    Olive oil is anti-inflammatory because its high levels of omega 9, regardless of the bodies state of 3:6:9 ratio. Ratios of 3:6:9 and levels of Omega 6 are a significant concern in the SAD diet, especially if the liver and colon are congested and inflamed. In congested livers the conversion of alpha lineolinic acid (ALA) to omega 3 is not usually possible. Most plant based oils (nuts, seeds) contain ALA, not the end product of omega 3 our body uses. To eat only ALA(plant-based flax,hemp,etc) with liver congestion then furthers the imbalance of omega 3:6. In folks with congested livers (almost every American who has consumed any period of refined oils) the finished product omega 3 is essential to decongest the liver. This can only be found in microalgae, fish, or krill oil. In conjunction with these end product Omega 3s, ALA can assist the process. So taking Omega 3 and plant-based oils together is the quickest way to decongest the liver. Of course consuming only unrefined oils and a high chlorophyll raw food diet speeds up the decongestion even faster, along with other techniques I am sure you are all ware of.
    Coconut oil, being highly saturated, furthers the liver congestion and is unhealthy in a congested liver state. Once the liver and colon are decongested of amyloid plaques and fatty refined oil residues, coconut oil wonderfully healthy for our bodies. So, as with most things, as our needs change so does the best diet for us as well.

    This is all important to inflammation because a balanced 3:6:9 ratio is necessary to curtail the production of prostaglandin 2 in our bodies, the pro-inflammation hormone. It is best to strive for more 3 and 9, as omega 6 is always in surplus in our diets. Once our livers are decongested, we can convert ALA easily into omega 3 and can then prevent inflammation by just consuming plant based ALA, the precurser to omega 3.


  42. amanda says:

    Making the most of the gorgeous hot sunny weather we’re having in the south of England/

    Friday night: Met up with friends and family at the beach. Lots of swimming and sandcastles, plus a bit of t’ai chi.

    Saturday: Cycling, swimming in the sea, lazing on the couch, and bouncing on the trampoline.

    Sunday: Taking the canoe down the canal, plus some yoga, raspberry feasting, and a bit of veggie and flower gardening between water fights.

  43. Thomas says:

    try LabCorp for testing
    they work with DirectLabs
    I’m sure you’ll find one in NYC.
    They have lower prices than most clinics.

  44. marius says:

    I think Gary is getting some unfair feedback here. We all love Kevin and Ann Marie and the work they are doing, but people must be able to contradict and ask questions about the info that is broadcasted here.

    I think the statement “fruit can strip minerals from your body” is too generic and tabloid. Of course, living on fruit alone is probably not going to be very healthy for your body’s mineral levels. However, if you follow the advice of all the raw gurus out there to eat a significant amount of greens every day (I think this is the only thing all the “gurus” agree on ;-)) most people will be fine.

    From my own experience, eating too much fat in my diet has been the culprit of my health issues. I used to put a lot of overt fats (like oils, avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, etc.) on my salads, and also eat a lot of fruits in between meals. This diet didn’t work at all for me; I was lethargic, had bad skin, my teeth ached and I was feeling miserable. Now I follow more or less Doug Grahams 80-10-10 diet (eat fruits and greens with only a small amount of overt fats) and all my health issues are gone – yay!

    But the fact that eating lots of fruits and greens works for me doesn’t mean that it will work for everybody. Like Kevin points out,we all have too find out for ourselves what works best for us.

    PS, I have already mentioned that what all these gurus with conflicting opinions on diet tend to agree upon is that eating a lot of greens is good for you health. Also, what most of them recommend; excercise regularly, get enough sleep and get enough sunshine;-)

  45. ta says:

    weekend plans: walk with friends to local farmers market on Saturday – DONE. Fresh apricots are available!

    Gonna try to go to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival – featured this year is Wales, African American radio/barber shop & beauty shop culture and Central American music. OR virtual golf OR enjoy my balcony garden while reading. So many options.

  46. gary says:

    for KT

    I know the purpose of this comment section is not to get into deep discussions. just once in a while i feel something needs to be said, so i did, and so did others, when certain claims are made.
    and even the qualification made about the body being made “acidic” by fruit is not true, nor is this notion about people being so different that they need different customized diets.

    > you have a computer, go to and find the studies if you need them so bad.

    I don’t need the studies. I haven’t made any claims

    > You have 30 years raw experience, why don’t you contribute something that can help us all on our journey?

    well, do you want to eat animal products?
    probably not.
    so that leaves us with fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds
    is whole better than not whole? yes
    fresh better than not fresh? yes
    water rich better than not water rich? yes

    so we are left with fruits and veggies
    can we thrive eating mostly veggies? calorically speaking, no.

    so we are now left with mostly fruit and some veggies as desired. nuts and seeds are dehydrated and need to be minimized or eliminated.

    therein lies most problems with raw diets.

    ANY food that is not fresh and whole and water rich (dried foods, nuts/seeds, excessive fatty foods, powders, salts) will cause dehydration, unnatural hunger and various other problems that are then attempted to be remedied by other foolish means.

    the challenge is in letting go of addictions and getting to all Fresh foods. it gets easier over time.


  47. Mary says:

    Dear Kevin,
    If it were just you and me chatting and sharing some health info we think we heard or someone told you that so and so said, that’s one thing. But you seem to have a wide audience that doesn’t realize you are not a scientist and not a doctor. You’ve had personal experiences with health, as we all have, but from a really professional point of view, please be cautious about what you’re telling your audience. Some of what you said in today’s program just doesn’t make sense, not even to a lay person like myself.
    People must take it upon themselves to get good education. If we can’t get it from you, we must get it elsewhere. Nutrition is a very complex subject and is becoming more complex as genetic modification, environmental toxins, lack of pesticide controls, poor sanitation, etc. are becoming more commonplace in the U.S. and other countries. Nutrition is more than simply eating. The science of what happens next cannot just be “made up” because you’re in a chatty mood. I caution you as a fan.

  48. Mark says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Gary. I made a similar comment in the previous blog post that fruit is the key, not the enemy. Fruit will not by itself strip out the minerals, it will solve issues like ravenous hunger, cravings and other issues most that try to shift to a raw diet have and end up giving up saying it doesn’t work. If you need greens your body will signal that it needs it and then you eat it.

    And Gary makes a valid point, tell us how fruit strips minerals from your body? I still don’t know and I don’t think Kevin answered it. Neither did Dr. Clement or Paul Nison or any others that believe eating lots of fruit is bad. I’ve never heard of ‘minerals being used to process other minerals in your body and that will lower your mineral levels’ and your teeth hurting. Perhaps it was from some other issue like side effects from some of the super foods you eat? Or from the variety of cooked foods you eat? Or something in your environment, or maybe that’s what you believe? There could be dozens of reasons why ‘that happened to you’ but not necessarily that too much fruit will strip minerals from your body.

    And Kevin, when you mention in the video ‘we’re talking extreme cases here’… if this is only in extreme cases, why are we talking about it? It probably doesn’t apply to 99% of people! So why mention it as the main topic? To get a spirited discussion like this going?

    It’s important that Gary, myself and others that may have valid questions ask them instead of blindly following everything someone says. Even Kevin agrees and mentioned that you need to be your own health advocate and I certainly agree.

    But I disagree that everyone is so different that something like eating lots of fruit won’t work for most of us. The reason why it doesn’t is that either we don’t give it enough time, we’re not cleaned out enough, we’re still addicted to cooked foods or won’t allow ourselves to go 100% natural to see if it will work for us. Let’s face it, how many here have tried raw 100% and lots of fruit long term? Not many from the comments made… so how do you know eating lots of fruit won’t work for you? Dr. Graham talks about this extensively… it’s not the fruit, it’s the fruit and fat combination mostly that causes many of the problems, or the fruit and what you eat in addition to the fruit. Someone like Gary who has had 30 years experience and although shorter, my 5 years at 100%, have revealed so much to us that wouldn’t come up unless we went there and experienced it personally.

    Why not let someone who’s had the experience share it rather than throw them out the door because you don’t agree?

    Let’s learn something here rather than blindly follow, right?

    The truth is what we’re seeking here and if you truly want to, you will find it if you open yourself to it.


  49. Cheryl Holt says:

    Hi Kevin!

    I just wanted to input the info below about Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid – What Is It?

    It is a practical eating guide that promotes optimum health and healthy aging by providing dietary advice that addresses inflammation. For more than just raw foods however.

    I am spending the 4th of July with family. We had a yard sale this am and a nice dinner this afternoon with yummy young Thai coconut shakes. We will be swimming this evening. Enjoying this magnificent weather here in Peoria, AZ. WOO HOO! Happy Fourth of JULY to all who celebrate it! : )

  50. Dede Mc says:

    Oh man…Kev….I had to have surgery July 1st..emergency thing…so on July 4th..I just took it easy. So..that was cool.
    Thanks for your helps me so much. I need anti-imflamatories big time due to ca history…so all info helps tremendously.…joy

  51. Laura G says:

    First, I want to say thank you for this info. You answered MY question even though you didn’t actively use it on the show. YAY!!! Thank you!

    This weekend? Well, my boyfriend took me out for a lesson in driving stick. All these years driving and still don’t know how to drive stick. I’ve decided it’s time.

    That’s it. I was invited to a ‘Luau’ but decided against it because everyone would be indulging in habits I’ve committed to kicking to the curb and I just don’t feel strong enough yet to put myself in that environment. I’m in transition and haven’t found people close in vicinity to hang with that are moving in or have moved into the direction I’m heading.

    Thanks again Kev, I love your show. I look forward to it everyday. If I don’t read any other email, I always watch you and Anne Marie.

  52. Meri says:

    Great explanation on the fruits and minerals topic Kevin 🙂

    This has been a busy weekend, I only just got to the computer today (Sunday!). It’s my partner’s 30th birthday tomorrow so we’ve been celebrating a lot. We’re now very bruised from paintball and stuffed full of yummy food! Hope everyone else’s weekend has been as awesome as ours.

  53. char says:

    Gary ~ As a man eating raw for 30 years, I’d enjoy reading more on your experience. Thanks for your insight, Gary. Kevin & Ann Marie…. thanks for being the catalyst that opens the door to many different voices.

  54. Julia says:

    80-10-10 by Dr.Graham is actually the best raw diet we can do to our’s just a matter of how to DO it.
    our teeth get all sensitive if we eat immiture and unripe FRUITS.I totally agree that we have to make sure we getting greens in our diet..
    80-10-10 diet is the closest to nature isn’t it was we should thrive more?

  55. Conflict stresses me out.

  56. Kristi says:

    Gary, Thanks for that last post. I like your advice… especially considering you have lived in for over 30 years. I agree with minimalizing the powders and dehydrated foods. I have only been raw for 4 mths but already i regret buying the dehydrator. I don’t feel as well when i eat that way, i like fresh fruits (mostly) and veggies. If i don’t eat fruit i go WAY TO HEAVY on the nuts and seeds. And how come nobody every questions nut milks? That isn’t natural to make milk out of a nut. My problem is that i TOO agree with Kevin about the teeth thing. Personally it has been truth for me. My teeth are sensitive now, but not transparent. My 2 year old daughter and husband also have the sensitivity. So we are working on getting more calcium in the diet through sesame seeds. We can’t eat as much greens as ‘some’ people suggest we eat to up our teeth health. That isn’t really natural for me either. But sesame seeds, the way you find them in nature you can get a handful immediately without effort. I make calcium balls from raw tahini, ground sesame seeds and flax seeds. Then i roll them and put back into the fridge for another hour. My daughter loves it. Oh and i sweeten with molasses! That’s a calcium booster! Minerals are in fruit too, are they not?

  57. wayne says:

    this is my first time commenting and i want to say thank you, kevin, for your show. it is both interesting and informative while covering a wide range of topics.

    as to the fruit controversy, let me state my bias right off. i believe professor arnold ehret is correct that fruits are our natural food and herbs (greens) are our medicine.

    the fruit problem arises because most of us are not clean enough to eat a diet based largely on fruits. the reason is that fruits are very cleansing; not necessarily because of anything in the fruit per se but because the are so easy to digest they do not take much time and energy away from the cleansing that the body does every chance it gets.

    so why does that creat a mineral shortage. i have never heard of fruit requiring minerals to be digested unless they are not organic and thus contain chemical residues. on the other hand, cleansing requires the use of minerals to buffer the toxins being released. if your food does not have enough minerals to buffer the, highly acidic, toxins being released thru cleansing – and unless you are very very clean they won’t – then your body will use the minerals it has, often depleting your body of minerals in the process.

    so, while i believe your explanation was a little off the mark, i think your advice was right on target: eat more greens; eat more seaweed and , if necessary, take coloidal minerals.

  58. Tim says:

    Hello, I’m 100% new to this, but I want to get started.I want to completely change my eating habits as i feel terrible. I was injured over a year ago. I had surgery on an already bad left knee. I was a pretty decent ice hockey player and never been on any type of diet. Now that I’m 40 I want to get into much better shape. Since the injury I’ve not been avle to enjoy any “normal” activities, thus I’ve gained over 50 lbs. I’m 6-1 and now weigh 250 I use to weigh between 190-200. It looks like I will be getting either a partial or full knee replacement. I want to know how to get started and what I need to do to cleanse my body to start a raw food diet. I wanted to give a little background. Basically I use to be a very good athelete now I can hardly walk. I have severe arthritis in both knees but the left has had major trama from a 15′ fall from a ladder.So I’m going to try and loose some weight and once I’m able to ride again I will use a bike as my cardio workout. Right now that can’t be done so I’m hoping that starting with a healthy food intake would help in that direction. I’ve read this whole blog and I find this very interesting. Any suggestions on how to start will be appreciated! Thanks, Tim

  59. Health Shop says:

    Thanx for the links man. Keep up the good work

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