What Are Some Raw and Vegan Options for Contraceptives – The Renegade Health Show Episode #333

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Today we’re almost 1/3 of the way to 1000 episodes! πŸ™‚

And to celebrate, let’s talk contraceptives (LOL!) for people who want to maintain a raw and/or vegan lifestyle. There are two options that I know of…

In this episode, we’ll also talk about Vibram 5 finger shoes, how to overcome cravings and more!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What is sweet in your life?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living β€” he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols β€” including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more β€” to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com β€” which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Erica says:

    I would like to jump in with some additional information on the birth control question. Fertility awareness method/Natural Family Planning (NFP) is very effective, safe, non-toxic, and encourages people to be much more in tune with their body. You can learn more about it by reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, or going to http://www.nfpandmore.org/ or http://www.ccli.org/

    Also, ecological breastfeeding is a natural form of child spacing that works well. If you are already familiar with NFP it is fairly easy to understand.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Bette says:

    My life…sweet. hmmmm everything. My faith and my work is sweet. Painting, preparing for a display in a cafe. My raw foods yummmm, my friends…my fam, my kitty cat, my trusty lil car….soooooooooo much.

  3. Ronald says:

    My daughter who gave me two beautiful daughters too!!!!

  4. Adam says:

    Does cooking foods that have omega 3 fatty acids in them make the fats go “bad”? (eg. salmon or omega 3 eggs)

  5. Anthony Michael says:

    coitus interruptus??? you can’t be serious… isn’t this what the pope of rome in the vatican prescribes? and look at all the big catholic families… obviously THAT recommendation is NOT working. Of course there is the third method you forgot to mention.. the bill clinton method.. BJs.. which in arkansas are not considered sex.

  6. Arianna says:

    Hey Kevin and AnnMarie!
    To answer your question, my friends and family and music are sweet in my life. More time with them and less on work will greatly lessen my cravings. This I know.

    Also, to answer your reader’s letter, I’ve been practicing natural fertility awareness for over 1 1/2 years http://www.fertaware.com I personally took Ilene Richman’s 4- week class in NYC and have not gotten pregnant yet! This is a wonderful way for committed monogamous partners to understand the woman’s body and cycles. Using a combination of morning temperatures, checking cervical fluid, and whether the cervix is open or closed, you absolutely KNOW when you are fertile and when you are not.

    One caveat – since I’ve been doing a lot of juicing over the past year, I’ve noticed my chart gets very unpredictable during those times, although that could be perimenopause too. So if someone is doing heavy detoxing or juicing it would be prudent to use an additional form of birth control.

    Okay, way more info than most of you want to know about me, but if it helps just one person…


  7. Bridgette says:

    The sweetness in my life is my dog, my bird, my body, mind & spirit, my home, my work, my family & friends……the only thing missing is my Sweetie……so, anyone out there looking for a sweet sweet sweetie…..here I am…..Ha ha ha!!!! hee heee heee!!! Sweet~ : )

  8. Katie says:

    Haaa!! OMG, Anthony Michael…too funny!! Good ‘ol condoms πŸ™‚ Works for me us…together 12 years LOL and two planned children. What is sweet in my life; my children, dog, cats, husband, home, EVERYTHING πŸ™‚ Raw cacao monkey shakes w/banana and goji berries, chia, hemp hearts, vanilla bean, water YUM

  9. Rachel says:

    I was very disappointed to hear your rather ignorant suggestion concerning “vegan” contraception.

    Anyone who is serious about understanding their fertility should immediately look into symptoms-based natural family planning methods, which are far more effective and scientifically valid than withdrawal when abstinence simply isn’t an option.

    NFP basically involves understanding female fertility cycles thoroughly and planning your sex life around them. It has been proven 99% effective when practiced correctly. It takes very little effort, and with some practice and information, can transform how you think about birth control. Basically, by understanding the menstrual cycle, vaginal secretions and basal body temperature, women can predict their own fertility with surprising accuracy.

    My husband and I have been successfully and happily practicing it for over a year now and many more have utilized it successfully for a lifetime with no medication or other expensive methods.

    Please research it online or pick up a book- it’s well-worth informing yourself! The “Pill” made me horribly ill and comes with scary health risks (blood clots, stroke, etc.) and condoms are just a hassle. Understanding my own fertility has been so empowering, and is by far the amazing, natural, long-term solution for us!

  10. Pamme says:

    Interesting shoes… I’ve been hiking without shoes and I’ve become very aware of my body mechanics! I could use those shoes for trail running… for which I still use shoes. Sweet!

  11. Kiani says:

    Fresh picked flowers are swweet! They add a nice smell to my car when I leave them in there. My Coconut Sprouts are sweet. They give me a different kind of healthy goodness when I juice 4-6 of them. Eating a little pinch of dried organic Stevia Leaf flakes after a meal satisfies the sweet craving. Fresh-picked, fully vine ripened Tomatoes are sweeter! Unripened fruit that is picked to have a longer shelf life is more acidic. Chocolate Mint tastes sweet to me as well as Coconut water, Coconut meat and Macadamia Nuts.

    Aloha from Hawai’i,

  12. Redpumkpin says:

    The rhythm method, used by catholics, but otherwise known as natural family planning is another viable option. In some ways is really good because you really get to know your body and your cycle. You know the signs of ovulation. It claims to have as high of a success rate as any other type of animal or chemical protection.

    Still, I think it would be totally awesome of someone did come up with a vegan, non chemical alternative. Maybe condoms made from natural rubber. Maybe that’s already a possibility(?)

    Breath in, smell the summer night air, very sweet. Sweetness is all around. Thanks for pointing out that the need for sweets comes from a lack of sweetness in our lives. This is one I will never forget. Hugs!

  13. Patricia Autry says:

    what is sweet to me is life.
    Flowers, Herbs, Raw Food, spending time in my kitchen.
    I remember seeing a movie titled “Like Water Like Chocolate”, where everything that was created in the kitchen was like magic.
    For me everytime I create something to eat I try to add a little magic. I love cooking.

    And the sweetist thing in my life is my two grandsons. They love raw cacao shakes.


  14. Vini says:

    Excellent idea about the how to overcome sweet cravings. Thanks ~

  15. Vini says:

    I have strong sweet cravings too and I am having to think hard as to what is sweet in my life ..lol ..ok..need to work on this one :).

  16. Betty says:

    Your skin looks amazing!

  17. Susan says:

    There are some great natural birth control methods out there–when they taught us about the rhythm method way back when, it was only based on a 28-day cycle, in typical “onesizefitsall” mentality, and so it fails at times because not every one has 28 days, and some women vary with their cycle even from month to month.
    There is a great book featuring the Fertility Awareness Method called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”, by Toni Weschler, another one called “No Pill, No Risk Birth control” by Nona Aguilar, and a third called “A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control”, which is catholic church centered, by Margaret Nofziger.
    All three books have you chart your body temp daily, and two of them have you check your body’s secretions, to draw a monthly picture of where you are in your cycle. There are other books too that just focus on the secretions, or just focus on the daily position of the cervix, too. You can actually tell when you are most fertile by these indications, and when you are safe to have sex without getting pregnant. These are things that we should all be taught, to give ourselves greater wisdom about our cycles, our health when it looks good and to tip us off when something might not be normal, because we are so aware, watching our cycles and signals. I am sure they had the Conservative gag order in our schools and lives in the past 500 or so years, to be keeping us from info like this. I think that silence has resulted in far too much ignorance and countless teenage pregnancies. I recommend that first book, as it is very comprehensive. Enjoy!

  18. karen says:

    I ate the white leaves of daisies today and I chewed on oat plants and I thought mmm sweet!

  19. Janece says:

    It’s an expensive investment but the Ladycomp (http://www.ladycomp.com) works great… as in 99.3% effective. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  20. Sue B. says:

    One great source of vegetarian protein that you will not find on whfoods.com is SPROUTS! Sprouted beans + seeds can be as much as 35% protein. I emailed George a while back to find out why he doesn’t include them on the site. His response was that while he agreed sprouts could be a great nutritional source, he couldn’t in good conscience recommend them due to the potential for bacteria like e coli. A good reminder to be careful when sprouting your own and wash them with hydrogen peroxide. But don’t forget them!

    Welcome back to the Pacific Northwest Anne Marie and Kevin! Hoping to see you here in Seattle when you come back in July xo

  21. jackie says:

    Oh, at this moment, the first thing that comes to mind is my sweet grandbaby, plump and smiley, making funny noises, and crawling so hilariously on the floor with her butt pushed up as high as it can go, and then pushing those chubby feet into some type of crawl!

  22. jackie says:

    Oh, one more thing, I have a question. Recently I’ve read that cruciferous veggies, (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts), and cabbage and kale work against the thyroid, so these should all be cooked. Now I am confused…I need to get my thyroid boosted up, so should I avoid eating these things raw? Darn, I love raw cabbage! Do you know if this is true or not?

  23. Michael & Tracy says:

    Now that was funny Kevin. Let’s see sweet, my husband, my children, my cat and dog, being raw vegan, mother earth and all her treasures she offers and having friends…SWEET!

  24. rainbow says:

    my partner and i used the basal temp plus checking cervical viscosity, and it worked extremely well. when i showed as fertile, we used a condom, or waited until i wasn’t. but withdrawal definitely does not work; please do not recommend that. there are good little swimmers in even the very first male lube, so that’s a no no. and complete abstinence is simply not very realistic when people are ready for physical intimacy. waiting a few days till the signs are right can be nice, though. the books recommended by susan above are all helpful, so learn to know your own body. it’s quite empowering.

    what is sweet in my life is the organic vegan raw “potluck” i host every monday night. i’m the only vegan (or even veg) person, and i hear more and more stories of how i’ve influenced in positive ways many of the folks with whom i interact. and at least one night a week, whoever comes gets wonderful raw vegan healthy and fun food, as much as available organic (that remains an issue for me in this rural area). sharing light and compassion with others in a joyful and non-judging way, now that is sweet! πŸ™‚

  25. Pery says:

    Like many several previous videos, this one also does not stream. I am missing seeing and hearing many videos.

  26. Marijana says:

    My husband and kids, my dog and cat, my health and opportunity to teach other people how to regain their health and felling great, vibrant and happy.

  27. MARY THOMAS says:


  28. Barbara says:

    The only sure form of Birth control is to obstain from sex like Kevin said. But you always take a risk when you try to do something different. What is sweet in my life? mmmm…My mother is still living and she is sweet and precious to me. My friends, my work.

  29. aga says:

    For sugar craving the best is chromium supplementation:))

  30. LBW says:

    I second the Ladycomp recommendation. NFP works, but who has time for it? Ladycomp may seem a little expensive (I got my refurb’d unit 4 years ago and it’s still going strong), but it’s alot cheaper than a baby. :o)

  31. Teri says:

    thanks Kevin for answers to my question about amounts… Its probably all common sense. I need to listen more to my good instincts I would like to interview you, has anyone done that?? Probably have to many Questions. BTW Your hair is looking great you need length keep it on the long side. Wish I were there. Oh yeah , what is sweet?? besides my family! Life, sun and appreciation for all the good health so far. sending lov and sweet happiness

  32. Debbie says:

    I’m not sure if I am the Debbie you referred to, but you put me in tears. It felt that you were speaking right to me personally. A lot of things came to mind immediately. That probably means that you hit the nail on the head! Why didn’t I see that? Hearing it makes it real. I do have to work on that, because I need to not have these strong sugar cravings anymore. Now, I will work on that!
    Thank you Kevin.

  33. natalya says:

    Watch here on youtube episode what is going to happen if you are practicing Family planning method, which, by the way, was invented by Natzies to reduce population of other nations , while Germans didn’t practice the same method on themselves :


    Also, read The Bible to learn about how man is punishing himself for withdrawal.

    If people do not want children there is need for sexual act, even animals know that. Natural lifestyle is not only about what you eat, but also how you act regarding your spiritual growth, because human consists not only of material body, but also of soul and spirit. Sickness of the soul damages the body’s health even more then unhealthy food.

  34. Meri says:

    I agree with Teri – Kevin, your hair is looking awesome! πŸ™‚
    What’s sweet in my life is my relationship with my partner, and being lucky enough to have both of our parents and brothers close by so we can visit them regularly. I know we may not always be that lucky so I’m appreciating every moment we get to spend with them now. It’s nice to see our little neice and nephew grow up too.

  35. Lisa says:

    Thanks for addressing my question Kevin! Even though the answers are disappointing ;o)
    And thanks for everyone’s book recommendations, too.
    I am very wary of NFP since I have so many friend with NFP babies, but I am aware of that.

    What is sweet in my life? Well, the Renegade Health Show!!!

    I love and appreciate you guys!!!

  36. deb says:

    What’s sweet in my life? My beautiful daughter conceived while practicing NFP!

    I know women who have conceived while breast feeding. If you’re not ready for the responsibility of a child, use a condom.

    Yes Kevin, a great teacher should become obsolete. Thanks for being a great teacher.

    You are looking healthier and happier than ever.

    Stay sweet.

  37. Rawbbie says:

    I had to laugh when the contraception issue came up. While it is true about the methods that have been suggested, there are a some other ones worth considering.

    1) anal sex. Great for the guy, maybe not as great for the woman, at least until the learning curve is achieved.
    2) for the man to become a master of tantric techniques, where he will not ejaculate during orgasm unless he wills it. I have tried for about 4 years now to work on this, with no success..LOL.
    3) while they are not totally natural, I have found a brand of condoms from Japan that do not irritate my partners vaginal walls (and she is highly latex sensitive).

    What is sweet in my life? My children, my wonderful friendships, all the amazing raw food I am blessed to enjoy every day. I guess that is about it. I need to work on getting more sweetness in my life.

  38. Julie says:

    Washing vegetables, especialy if not using organic is very important to do so you can get all herbicides and pesticides etc off of them before you consume them. Do not use regular tap water cause it doesn’t remove and it adds fluride and chlorine to oyur vegetables and fruits. The best thing I found is a machine I use that hooks to your kitchen tap water and makes 7 tpyes of water and one of those waters being 11.5 to clean fruits and veggies, they taste so much better and last longer and you will be suprised after washing them what the water looks like when your done and you will never want to eat fruit and vegies without washing them in tha water. Yes kevin and Marie the machine would work in your rv also. Go to http://www.youralkalineh2o.com or http://www.youralkalinebody.com

  39. Shannon says:

    I got a pair of Vibrams about a year ago – I LOOOOVE them. They make your feet feel great.
    They are also great for outdoor yoga.

  40. ann gleason says:

    My new boyfriend is so sweet, my housemates, my friends and family… summer solstice is so sweet, farmer’s markets in town twice a week!! My city is so sweet, (Portland, ME), we are having gay pride day this weekend, also, Dances for Universal Peace… lots of great musicians, strong sense of community… releasing unhealthy habits and patterns is so sweet, having the apartment to myself (with Alexander) for the weekend is so sweet!!

  41. Michael & Tracy says:

    Great Show Kevin, your delivery and pacing in this episode are outstanding…the glow of the summer festival season is showing through big time. Shine on Brother!



  42. Shannon says:

    oh, and what’s sweet in my life?

    My husband!
    My kids!
    All of my family and friends!
    A beautiful day outside!


    A perfect (young) coconut!

  43. virginia says:


    My husband and I have used NFP in the past since we are catholic, we must choose ETHICAL decisions in our lives, now after 5 beautiful children we just relay on God’s providence so really don’t have to worry about contraception!!!, also for Mr. Anthony Michael the Pope in Rome does not recomend withrawal, he promotes chastity (abstinence)and coitus interuptus it still NOT an ethical desicion ,as the act was not completed as intended, and yes catholics have a lot of children, wich are really blessings, wich is why my life is so sweet!!!

  44. Geri says:

    after having cancer in one leg, born with club feet, one leg shorter than the other and still being able to walk! Don’t take anything for granted! Be grateful for all! Kevin, what or how do you feel about Codex Alimentarius? Please if you can answer because a lot of people are afraid, including me. Thanks

  45. Karen Jackson says:

    The sweetest thing in my life is my new grandson. I thought maybe I would never be a grandma, but I have been blessed with the sweetest little angel. It’s all good!

  46. The sweetest thing in my life is my new grandson. I thought maybe I would never be a grandma, but I have been blessed with the sweetest little angel. It’s all good!
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  47. Jack says:

    I know of these Australian vegan condoms called Glyde, you can get them at thesensualvegan.com.
    What’s sweet in life? music for sure.

  48. Deanna says:

    Thanks for your informative shows! Just a word about Portland. I lived there 10 years…and yes, it is very overcast much of the time, but June through September are gorgeous with lots of dry weather and sunshine. You won’t find nicer summer weather anywhere!

  49. Sherry says:

    Thank you so much Kevin for answering my question about growing new teeth. I almost fainted! I never expected to get your personal attention. Thanks for mentioning Barry Carter. I’ll research his work. Keep your ears open in your travels — I know it is possible to grow new teeth. The only reason we don’t is because we think we can’t. It is one of my missions in life to research this field and promote new technologies that make growing new teeth possible. All the best to you and Ann Marie.

  50. Mary says:

    It’s very sweet of you to really let people know that they CAN take responsibility for their own health, their own actions–and–their own research. We all have the same access to the good info you provide. You nicely told the peeps to quit being such lazies.

    When you need to know something, you don’t need someone parroting stuff that you can then parrot to someone else. Do research. Read, for cryin’ out loud. Study. The Internet is a great source of info.

    Best of all, listen to your own body. Just because Kevin says wear Vibram 5 finger shoes DOES NOT mean you have to run out and buy them. Learn to think for yourself. Empower yourself. Use your God-given brain. It’s lovely and fun.

    Now that’s sweet.

  51. diana press says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for all the great videos!

    I want to know how you manage to travel all over and have access to raw organic foods and superfoods in order to stay mostly raw vegan.

    LOVE, Diana

  52. lauren says:

    growing up my fathers motto was “short happy life!” mostly as an excuse to eat ice cream in his coffee regularly…

    being raw we still can have that philosophy-
    life is sweet when there is nothing you “can’t” have, just don’t wanting what is bad for me but only what is good and delicious

    i do crave sweets when i feel love is lacking in my relationship. its a difficult metaphor though, because when some sweet food like say, apples, are taken away from us we simply switch to oranges, mangoes, etc
    but when someone stops loving you its much harder to just find something/someone else that is sweet. but we must remember all the other sources of love in our lives, like the other sources of sweetness.
    its a very good way to look at things when youre sad. Thank you Kevin.

    and i’d add, listen to matisyahu![musician]
    religious or no everyone needs to be reminded how grateful we should be for life.

  53. ktlove says:

    This comment is for Pery. I can’t access the video from this site, but I have found if I click on the YouTube link in the right hand column, it brings me to where I can view the videos. A little cumbersome, but definitely worth it!

  54. Althea says:

    What’s wrong with having babies? They are blessings from God and I got to have 8. Sweet! πŸ™‚

  55. Alena Liska says:

    My two “Buddha” sons and Rosie granddaughter,Emily daughter-in-law,twins, my garden,my trees,the beautiful place where I live, the clean air,water, music in my life, friends and family, meditation group, roof over my head, food in the kitchen, cup of tea & sun/Happy Lite in the morning, ablity to walk almost any where in my small town, the organic food at the local farmers market, lovely parks in the area, the Strait of Juan d’Fuca and Olympic Mountains to gaze at, my support group, people that love me, the love in my heart, EFT, and my Higher Power/Creator.

  56. Ilene says:

    What’s sweet in my life is having the opportunity to teach women (and sometimes their partners) how to practice vegan, environmentally friendly, healthy, inexpensive birth control, and empowering them around their reproductive and sexual well-being at the same time. Sorry Kevin, but you missed the mark. Abstinence is a sarcastic answer that doesn’t actually help anyone. Withdrawal can be effective (it has a 4% failure rate when used perfectly) but it’s dependent on having a partner who is proficient in it, and doesn’t give the woman any control over her own fertility. As many viewers/readers have mentioned, there are systems of body observation that enable women to know when they are fertile and when they are not. That information can then be used to practice natural contraception. However, the posts have muddled together methods with religious underpinnings, secular methods, as well as some other types of contraception such as Rhythm which don’t belong in this category at all. In short, if you are interested in Natural Family Planning (religious underpinnings, no condoms, no pre-marital sex, etc etc), check out ccli.org or boma-usa.org (or woomb.org if you’re outside the US). If you’re not interested in Catholic values, think you might want to use barrier methods occasionally, etc, consider Fertility Awareness. As mentioned by Arianna (post 6), I am a teacher of this methodology. It is extremely effective for pregnancy prevention (2% failure rate with perfect use), and can also be used to help achieve a desired pregnancy. There are some good books on Fertility Awareness, but it is generally not recommended that one practice FA for birth control based solely on the reading of a book, as it is easy to make a mistake. Books to get you started include Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler, and The Garden of Fertility, by Katie Singer. A simple book that some people might prefer is Honoring Our Cycles, also by Katie Singer. From there, you’ll want to get some instruction. You can contact me, at http://www.fertaware.com, or one of my colleagues, such as Katie Singer (www.gardenoffertility.com) or Justisse (in Canada) http://www.justisse.ca). Wishing everyone good health.

  57. Patricia says:

    Hi Kevin,
    thanks a lot for saying that a craving for sweets comes from a lack of sweetness in life. I had never thought about it that way, but it makes sense to me. I am starting my detective work now to find out where I need to add sweetness.
    What is already sweet in my life is my family.

    As to coitus interruptus I would like to add that it is just not as much fun as going all the way – for both sides. I favor the temperature method which for me works well.

  58. colleen says:

    What is sweet in my life?

    Wow Kevin! I have to say that you are pretty sweet!

    Have been extremely busy recently so haven’t had so much time to see you in action on the blog but you are looking absolutely gorgeous!

    Don’t know what it is but you are looking fit,tanned, blonde and beautiful – lucky Annmarie!

    Thanks for making my day

  59. Sharon says:

    Sweet? If sweet cravings become overpowering it’s an imbalance in the brain. Typically a bit of GABA powder will fix it within a few minutes.

    I like scented candles. Scent is very powerful and can kick sweet cravings. There’s a whole book called Scentsational Weight Loss!

    Eating enough fruit helps too.

    Birth control? Billings method. Learn to identify when you’re ovulating and avoid sex if you absolutely can’t risk having a child at this time or have protected sex if you can afford the risk. Condoms are not a sure thing and withdrawal is useless. It takes your body a while to stabilize and you can easily get pregnant shortly after stopping birth control pills. Be sure to use a lot of probiotics if you’re on the pill and afterwards. You don’t want to have a pregnancy without probiotics!

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