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In Asheville, Annmarie was lifting some things out of the “basement” of the RV…

I heard her calling to me from inside and went out to find her on the ground in pain. She couldn’t move.

She had thrown out her back (or more technically locked her S.I. joint.)

Here’s what she did to help release the tension in and the pain. You can use these techniques with many types of lower back pain issues.

Be sure to pass this one along to a friend who has lower back pain and help ’em this weekend!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What have you done when you’ve had back pain?

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Here are some resources from this video…

Free Report on How to Relieve Lower Back Pain
Peaceful Mountain Products

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have done all those streches you showed, and I took Noni, Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Fish oil, MSM, Garlic,Beta Glucan, Probiotics, Grapeseed extract,Gluosamine/Condroitin,
    also Juicing with Carrots and other Vegetables helps alot. But first and foremost

    My question is why do some people get leg cramps at night from the back of the knee to the inner thighs all the way up to the pelvic area? OUCH!

    • Allysen says:

      I’ve heard from a lot of different sources that has
      something to do with potassium deficiency. Although stretching or
      squatting will almost instantly ease the pain, a healthy diet will
      work wonders.

  2. Janett Hoke says:

    As a massage therapist dealing with low back pain is often an individual thing with many different causes. One thing I did not see you talk about is a stretch for the psoas muscle, which is a hip flexor. Your inability to straighten your legs tells me that that might have played a large role in your challenge.
    I would regularly recommend psoas stretching as on this website http://stronglifts.com/the-psoas-is-it-killing-your-back/ as well as the stretches you did. Good luck. Another good source is a book called “The Psoas Book” by Liz Koch.

  3. eileen says:

    As always awesome show – but I’m wondering why you are leaving yoga out of the equation since those poses (cat-cow), moves, exercises are yoga. Knees to the chest is a great stretch for the lower back and it flattens the natural curve. Hugging each knee and deep breaths through the nose to massge the spine have really worked for me. Gentle spinal twists, while deep breathing are wonderful postures for release. How about a yoga class while you are traveling?


  4. Janett Hoke says:

    As a massage therapist, we find that low back problems are very individual and with a variety of causes. We often find, however, that the psoas (hip flexor) muscle is often involved. The fact that you could not stretch out your legs tells me that there is a good chance your psoas was a major player.However, you showed no hip flexor stretches. Here is a good page for a stretch on that http://stronglifts.com/the-psoas-is-it-killing-your-back/
    Also, a GREAT book to check out is “The Psoas Muscle” by Liz Koch.

  5. Rosa says:

    I follow the exercises from Pete Egoscue’s book Pain Free.

  6. Steve says:

    I used arnica gel and pills and stretching for years,some relief but would not heal. Discovered Ozinated olive oil, a great deep tissue healer.
    After going back to almost 100% raw food diet and increased super food intake, even more healing. (Started back to Raw in DEC 08, even though I have juiced and sprouted since 99)

    Maybe I am crazy,but after watching a lot of David Wolfe You Tube and slowly ADDing things he suggested to my routine, there has been a complete healing of the pain in my back and knees. The constant wearing of my Zapper seemed to get rid of old scar tissue on my knee, along with a lot of other benefits. The intake of organic MSM powder in the am and pm helped even more.
    But the most amazing is the Earthfx pad and sheets, such a simple concept with great results in many area, just as reported.

  7. Brad Martinson says:

    I have been battling back pain for 30 years. When I have a bad attack, I will stretch all day and have my wife massage me and visit the chiropracter. I stretch constantly. I am a carpet installer, which is why I have a bad back,and after I lift a heavy carpet or move heavy or awkward furniture, I lie down and stretch…cat back, hamstring stretch and reverse crab (pelvis toward the ceiling). I use a massage pillow at the computer and lumbar support in the car.I don’t let it slow me down, I just keep up with it. I surf, ski,golf….I’m 54. Keep it moving and you can avoid surgery! I am a vegan for almost 20 years and I suppose that helps too.

  8. Helen says:

    Thanks for sharing. You two are such a lovely couple, thank you for all the great information!

  9. Don says:

    Ann Marie so sorry for your misfortune.
    back pain, truly SUCKS!
    I have hurt my back a few times and just babied
    it till I could strech and move without pain.
    cherry juice consentrate helped with the inflamation. anyway, I am glad you are
    feeling much better. keep up the good work guys
    I appreiciate you two sharing the knowledge, it’s all good.
    oh, a favorite movie from ? the other day.
    Phenominon [spelling?] with john travolta.
    and pay it forward with helen hunt. feel good stuff.
    wishing you safe travels,

  10. Katherine Christensen says:

    My husband does chiropractic “back power” exercises that help prevent his back going out. If he misses them for awhile and his back goes out, then he returns to the chiropractor and does the exercises regularly again.

    My 3-year-old son jumped on the small of my back while I was lying face-down on my bed. I went to the chiropractor for a year, and added “back power” exercises to my usual stretches. Wish I’d known about these supplements! I’ll put them in my first-aid supplies.

    When experiencing any pain, we start with smaller range of motion, as Annmarie so ably illustrated.

    One exercise that helps is lying on the back, knees bent. Tighten stomach and buttocks to push the small of the back to the floor, slightly raising the pelvis in process. Repeat slowly 10-12 times.

  11. jackie says:

    Steve, What is a zapper? My son has scar tissue on his back from a muscle injury that healed incorrectly…is it possible a “zapper” could help?

  12. Kim says:

    PRAY,Yoga, Chiropractor,Massage and LOTS of water!

    Glad you’re doing better!

  13. Michael T. says:

    Great show, Ann Marie! I am glad to hear that you back is better.

    When my back and/or sciatic area are hurting, I use tiger balm or some other bland of essential oils, especially oil of wintergreen, which is a source of methyl salicylate, a natural form of aspirin. You can also use icy hot cream, which has the same active ingredient.

    Methyl salicylate is a fast-acting anti-inflammatory, and will help reduce swelling and relieve pain. Be careful not to use too much, as it can be toxic in large amounts, just as taking too much aspirin can be toxic.

    Once the swelling goes down, it is good to do the kinds of stretches you showed.

    And Kevin, thanks for the words directed to me at the beginning. I appreciate that you listened to what I had to say, and that you are open to such feedback.

    I went to the Mercola site and found the interview where the guy said that washing with soap can remove most of the vitamin D, if you wash too soon after sun exposure. This was news to me. I am now wondering how they did these studies, and how soap can pull the vitamin D out of the skin. I guess if you use a lot of soap, it has strong pulling power and can even reach down 5 levels into the skin.

    So, I suppose it would be a good idea to avoid washing with soap for a while after sun exposure.

    Also, note that Mercola also says that the UV-B rays are only present during the mid-day sun, therefore you have to get outside in the middle of the day in order to get vitamin D.

    Also Kevin, I apologize if I came across as an arrogant know-it-all. I still have a lot to learn, even though I am 45 and have been around a few years longer than you …

    I appreciate that you are actively exploring the cutting edge about health, the edge between what is known and what is now being discovered. This is an exciting place to be, and I am happy to be exploring with you all.


    Michael T.

  14. Dorothy Silva says:

    Love your show!
    I use every single one of annemarie’s ideas.
    Also ice and heat.
    Magnetic pad on the back reduces much of the pain immediatly. Works wonders.
    Its hard to do but for fast relief stand in the shower and let warm water hit your back, then start to alternate very cold and very hot for a minute each many times. Scream if you have to. This is so effective, it may be the only thing you have to do, besides the chiropractor.
    Good to see you recovered.

  15. Sarah Satchi says:

    Hi Guys!

    First thing I do is BREATHE!!

    I avoid stretching and twisting, and find on the contrary that back bends are most healing. I find muscles relax when they are allowed to contract to their fullest extent.

    The standing or reclining locust( half when standing) and cobra have given immediate relief. Then I follow a progamme of gentle backbending, avoiding all forward bends and twists until it feels healed up.

    Rolling on Yamuna’s body rolling balls or just rolling around on the sore or tight muscles also gives relief.

    Of course chiro and massage are great as are essential oils.

    Love seeing Boulder!! Used to live there ages ago!


  16. Heather says:

    This show was great — my husband just threw his back out a couple days ago (lifting heavy boxes!). He’s done this before and has not been able to move for 24 hours.

    This time, I did an energy healing technique called The LifeLine Technique, developed by Dr. Darren Weissman. It helps you consciously connect to and release subconscious suppressed emotions that create symptoms of pain, fear or illness.

    Within 30 minutes, he was up and walking around. He tends to be skeptical about energy healing, but he’s a believer now! 🙂

    We also use Traumeel — both the sublingual tablets and the gel — it’s great stuff.

  17. chris keinath says:

    Thanks! Timely, just had another bout myself… totally debilitating. Frustrating, cause it seems there is nothing you can do (am talking about muscle spasms, and the tightness/rigidity that is part of this). 10 days of crippling pain.

    How Wonderful to be back (no pun intended), as you note, to being able to move. Help came from enzymes (Heal n’ Smooth… from http://www.losethebackpain.com), and for the first time in years, got pain med (lodiane) from a doc (a testament to the pain… I hate pharmaceuticals).

    I am now looking for a physical therapist, to explore possible muscular imbalances, that might be the “root cause” (tight hamstrings that pull the pelvis out of alignment, for example… common in runners).

    Thanks for the timely vid… best wishes on your travels. Come up to Portland (OR) sometime!
    (ps. the other immediate relief came from massage! Gotta love that…)

  18. Nicole says:

    I have suffered with back pain for about 15 years now. Whenever I throw it out I go to the chiropractor. It usually helps but for a while physical therapy seemed to help more. Thanks for the new tips Annmarie! Hope all is well:)

  19. Mike Hunt says:

    I have used arnica for my lower back and sciatica. I also like icy hot. I start out by rubbing some into my lower back and work down to my butt and then my legs. Once I mistakenly got some icy hot in my rectum but this felt very tingly and pleasant so I rubbed some deep inside with a cucumber. You will like. It helped stop the cramps and tightness.

  20. Penny Taylor says:

    My Hubby bought me a gaget years ago from Australia. Have lost the paperwork so no idea how it works.
    Id been having treatment for years for my back from various hospitals and chiropractors until I used it. You lay on the floor put your feet and ankles on the machine and it shakes you gently like a fish feet going side to side.
    Have lent it out to several people and its cured them all.
    I bought it for lymphodema unfortunanetly it didnt cure that but my back is fine now

  21. Liana says:

    Yoga! 🙂 I’m an instructor, and injured my back during one of my more intensive teacher trainings (with Ana Forrest). To meet the training requirements I had to continue with 12+ hours a day (for 30 days straight) of yoga, classes, and teaching — as strenuous as it was, it was the yoga that helped my back to heal the most. There are specific Forrest yoga techniques that focus on strengthening the core, and are designed, in particular, to help heal the lower back. From my Iyengar yoga training (with a specialization in the treatment of scoliosis/back alignment), I highly recommend hanging (upside down) daily (or 2-3x per day) in a yoga sling to gently and fully traction the spine. Also, the healing touch of a gifted massage therapist and/or acupuncturist can help relieve the pain and speed the healing process tremendously! Glad to see that all the spinal twists and cat/cow asanas helped you, AnneMarie! 🙂

  22. Faithe says:

    Hello there!
    Great shows!
    The Chi machine…that’s a great piece of equipment!It re-aligns the spine.
    The TENS unit which is electrical stimulation is another good option, but always the exercises shown.

  23. Alex Newell says:

    I used to run a backcare clinic years ago. I used Osteopathic and naturopathic techniques and trained patients to heal them selves.

    This of course is bad for business!

    Nearly all back pain is muscular in origin and nothing to do with sacro iliac or any other joints.

    This is very good news because you can work with muscles!

    good techniques include

    (1) magnesium tablets: magnesium relaxes muscles and most pain is due to muscle spasm
    (2) back that up ( pun intended) with bathing in a comfortable hot bath with 1 pound of Epsom Salts
    (3) if you can’t get into the bath – sitting on a small chair in the shower is good too
    (4) use E.F.T.

  24. Alex Newell says:

    oops sorry!

    (6) Castor oil packs are awesome!
    (7) Massage according to your own tolerance can be very helpful. If massage itself is too sensitive then a light application to the area of flax oil will help too

    This is turning into a book so I better stop!


    Nearly all back pain can be eliminated with a small number of treatments so do not be hoodwinked with treatment schedules that go on and on!

    Good Luck


  25. Annmarie, I feel your pain!! So sorry…remember, strong people hurt themselves! I manage, maintain,nurse and use my 57 year old back for craft work, home renevations, auto mechanics and other athletic,(brutal!) work. From youth I’ve nursed degenerative discs, lower back, and practically paralyzed dozens of times until in 1993…Physical Therapy!! Truly life changing, physically enlightening and empowering! I had to suggest it to my then Pharmaceutical “doctor”, otherwise he would never have even mentioned it.. (prozak was his suggestion…I
    counter-offered : “How about physical therapy?” His reply: he blinked twice, tilted his head and said “Yeah, we can try that” !!
    It turned out very well!!
    Presently, Fran and I eat, teach, demo and feed a raw, vegan and alkalinizing cooked lifestyle. It keeps us active and we hope, helps others! Incidentally, magnesium powder
    drink supplement is tremendous for muscle spasm and cramping…a real remedy in those painful episodes! Stay healthy and careful!!
    Keep up your tremendous work!!
    Joe and Fran
    Joe and Fran

  26. Ellen says:

    I had sciatica, which was very painful. For three years I went to a reflexologist, chiropractor and practiced yoga. All of this would help a little. I then ordered the original sun chi machine and within two weeks my sciatica was gone. I use it every day and have not had an attack in three years. It also took care of my low back pain. I ordered it on line. There are different companies but after researching, I found that the Sun Harmony original chi machine had the research to back up its claims.

  27. susie says:

    Young Living’s essential oil blend DEEP RELIEF!!! Straight Helichrysum is awesome too!
    Love, Susie

  28. DIdi says:

    l also am a nurse and have once had a similar experience about 10 years ago to Annemarie, of being caught out stuck and immobile whilst doing an insignificant and inane activity.lt was quite a shock to me at the time as l regarded myself as being strong and fit. l attended a physiotherapist (that is what we in Australia call the ones who deliver Physical Therapy in the mainstream health system here). Through my physiotherapist l became much more aware of my posture during walking, and worked on a series of different exercises to retune my musculature.ln essence to spread the load more evenly, stabilizing pelvic and shoulder muscle groups through stretching, massage, stengthening of abdominal core muscles. l also used magnesium supplementation, applied a heat pack and used a towel rolled up to form a lumbar roll to support the lumbar curve of my spine while l slept flat on my back. Also Epsom Salts(magnesium sulphate granules)in a hot bath is a great & delicious way to relax, soothe tight muscles!!

    After the acute phase l went on to do a series of 4 weekly walking classes to break my bad walking habits and to re-learn how to walk efficiently.l now walk & swim regularly,use massage when l am feeling tightness that l can`t shift through streching.l also have specifically worked on core strength with yoga, pilates and gym. l make sure l regularly go for an hour walk at least twice & up to five times a week.l know it sounds bizarre but l haven`t had any back issues since. After all we were designed to walk lots as our original nomadic ancestors had done so. Hug the earth with your feet and soak up all the earth, air and sunlight Prana while your are out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers and thanks from me also for the great show Annmarie. l hope we will see more of you hosting the shows in the future !! l also appreciate both of you for your efforts in providing us/me with the latest and well considered information.

    In gratitude, Didi.

  29. Gail says:

    I use my far infrared heat pad. It works wonders for back pain. I sleep on it and the next morning the pain is generally gone. Sometimes the pain has not subsided completely and takes two nights but one night usually does the trick. I also use the Chi Machine which replaces the need for a Chiroparactor. http://www.agelessbodies.com is where you can find info on the products. Also, I use the Electro Reflex Energizer which has spot pads rapidly soothes tension, soreness and pain, with penetrating electro stimulation pulses.

  30. I like to do a sort of spinal decompression. With knees bent I use my hands to push my femurs away from my shoulders.Taking care to relax my body at the same time. I can feel my spine decompress.I do this whenever I feel like it and it always feels good.I think it helps along with yoga moves to keep things good.

  31. zyxomma says:

    This happened to me only once (once was enough!) from lifting something far too heavy. I used spinal lymphasizing (cupping one hand above the spine, the other below) and breathing as follows: inhale deeply through the nose, with held breath, say “god bless and heal my entire spine,” then exhale strongly through the mouth. Repeat. Repeat, this time at the top of the inhale, say (without exhaling) exactly what you want healed, then exhale strongly through the mouth. I did this till the spasms stopped, then got into a hot bath with dead sea salts and essential oils. Btw, Kevin and Annmarie, thank you so much for High Raw. Glad to have it on my hard drive, it was a fun read. Health and peace, everyone!

  32. Makorev says:

    Annmarie and Kevin, here are my 2 cents:
    All those stretches are great. When in spasm get a partner, if possible, to find and press the triggerpoint on the muscle(s) involved. Press with middle finger knuckle or elbow and hold for 30-45 sec, or until muscle is fatigued and relaxes. Repeat as needed. A chiropractor taught me that one. Also, I follow up with alternating 3 min each moist heat and ice pack for several minutes. Cold drives blood deep into muscle and heat “pumps” it to surface, back and forth. BTW, for moist heat wrap a small, moist towel in a large dry one, place in microwave (my only use for it)for 60-90 sec. Mg and Ca supplements along with epsom salt bath can help. A dense foam cylinder is great for rolling out all back/leg stiffness cf http://www.coreperformance.com/store or chiropractors sell them(also, 4″-6″ PVC pipe). Also, lying on back, knees together & raised, then rolled L/R (trunk stablized on ground by arms) is great daily conditioning for lumbar area, is knee to chest.
    I get a lot from you, just wanted to share a little with you. Thanks, guys.

  33. Doreen says:

    I just want to say….you two are so cute! Annmarie, I am glad you are feeling better with your back! They are all great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Judith says:

    I like that you did what felt natural to you when you were in pain. As a teacher of the Alexander Technique, who has suffered with back pain myself, I’ll share with you what I typically do when I find myself in spasm: I lie down flat on my back with my knees bent, feet on the floor, and a couple of thin paperback books under the back of my head (not under my neck). This takes pressure off the neck, and allows for a more full and complete lengthening of the entire spine. Gentle pelvic tilts in this position can help, as well.
    When you have enough mobility, the side stretching you had done is a great way to help stretch the area, but be sure to do them slowly, and allow gravity to do the work….don’t push it.
    I’ve been using Weleda Arnica massage oil since 1985, and I will not be without it! I also take arnica, homeopathically when i”m in spasm. Ice and heat alternately, are extremely beneficial. I go with my instinct on which one to use. sometimes one, or the other, sometimes both.
    Of course, the other two things I do are to get a good, deep, massage,and to be as conscious as I can of my breath. I am mindful to breathe into my back, and to think of my torso as a three-dimensional breathing container.
    Here’s hoping you never have to use the tips we are all leaving for you!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  35. Justin says:

    Great video. I like the field there and all the back tips. Good stuff. Fortunately I haven’t had any back problems in my life. I try to keep my back strong by working out a lot. Knock on wood. Good tips though and should I ever have a back issue I’ll use these tips! 🙂

  36. Laura says:

    Lots of comments here. Looks like everyone has experienced this.

    I have upper back issues from a serious car accident I was in many years ago. I not only have neck pain periodically, but also get some massive spasms around the shoulder blade and even front of my neck.

    In the accident I hit the windshield and as a result my neck bones are curved in the opposite direction they should be.

    I use a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE THERAPIST for the spasms and recently I’ve been seeing an awesome chiropractor who went through the very same thing when he was younger.
    So three times a week, I’m adjusted then in traction to train the vertabrae to reverse direction and be corrected.

  37. del says:

    That was a timely video. I pulled my back out around the same time! Wow. I was just putting on my pants in the morning and I heard and felt it go out. Ouch! It took a good week or so before I was back to normal. I took MSM about a tablespoon in water (7 grams), Zyflamend from New Chapter (four capsules twice a day, Arnica gel in the beginnng, stretching it after I rested a little. After a hot shower put DMSO. I’ve also read that if one can go jogging as soon as possible even if it’s walking at first, go do it. The stress reduction and movement will heal the back muscles much much faster. I’ve done it and it works. Just go easy at first and run on grass or somewhere soft if possible.

  38. Connie says:

    I’ve had several episodes where I froze up my back and couldn’t move for two weeks. I did not stay in bed, but it was tough moving around. On one occasion it was so bad that I had to get hubby to help me out of bed, so I planned my schedule so that I would not have to wake him up during the night (e.g. did not drink water past 7 or so) and that getting up when he did in the morning was not too early for me. He re-arranged the furniture around the bed so that I could use it to support myself as much as possible.

    When I’ve had a frozen back, I sat when possible but found I actually felt better when I was walking around so eventually I learned to stand and not sit when I could. I spend my days downstairs (two sets of stairs) and the bathroom is in between, so I got a fair amount of “exercise” inching my way up and down; usually felt better after doing so.

    To treat my frozen back, I did what came naturally–slowly stretched in whatever way came to mind. Next time I will be more aggressive and have a plan, using tips from this forum. Thanks so much!

    A couple comments:

    1) MSM–I heard that MSM helps arthritis because of the damage to the connective tissue so I bought some and took the minimum dose to try it out. Within a week my head was feeling foggy (a frequent side-effect) so I stopped taking it. Just a warning! I am getting great results with “purple pectin” (see article at my website) for the arthritis so I’m good without the MSM. Now I just need to find another (non-internal) use for it 😉

    2) Leg cramps–my son has leg cramps a lot and I have them occasionally at the bottom of my feet (kinda makes my toes curl downward). I learned that this can happen with a deficiency of magnesium so I suggested that to my son. He bought himself a bottle of magnesium capsules and that seems to be working for him.


  39. Peggy says:

    My husband and I both have back issues.
    We use magnetic/far infrared back pad that
    is amazing in relieving the discomforts.

  40. Gina says:

    Annmarie is about the cutest thing going.
    Back pain: After many minor back injuries and a couple major ones (no broken bones) DAILY: The stretches Annmarie demonstrated except for the “cat stretch” which I’ll put in the regimen. Also some standing up stretches several times a week. I’m a 53 year old window cleaner, this is necessary!
    When the pain was severe I went to a chiropractor often. Now once a month works, if needed. I go less sometimes. Also when it gets painful from overuse I use a salve my mom makes.
    Comfrey root, valerian root, burdock root, yucca root, wild lettuce, chaparral, scullcap, cayenne, goldenseal root in a base of olive oil and beeswax. Lots of strong healers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and pain killers in there.

  41. Hi Annmarie,
    You have done well great choice in homeopathy, I used arnica 200 when I did my back in and used caster oil packs for the inflammation. You are so right to keep moving even if it is slow to start and gradual progression.

    I recommend Arnica 200 at the time of the injury hourly until the pain eases then only when it comes back. Some times you will only need one or two doses.
    I’m glad to hear that you are fully mobile again.

  42. Geri says:

    Love the yoga poses AnnMarie! I just started taking yoga and now my blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been! As always, great show guys!!!

  43. Quinny says:

    So many good tips! Kevin & AnnMarie you two have a lot of wonderful fans.

    I’ve sprang my lower back one and a half years ago. I have tried yoga and Tai Chi. And I have also taken Magnesium, Omega 3 Oil, Gluosamine with Condroitin and soaked in Epsom Salt. Dietwise, I tried detox and went 100% raw for 2 weeks and stayed 70% raw now.

    I have had constant treatments like, Chiropractic, Massage, Physiotherapy, Osteopath, Naturopath and Acupuncture with Chinese medicine.

    During the whole duration, the condition has only improved slightly but not healed. And, the lower back pain caused my upper back to tighten and then it affected my shoulders, my shoulder blades and my neck. At this moment, I also have two bumpy areas on my hands just under my index fingers, and I don’t have full range of motion of my index fingers, no one know what exactly they are. Plus, for some reason I also got a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on my right hand.

    I was hitting a dead end. But now, I have other thing to try, thanks to everyone’s input.

    Thank you Kevin and AnnMarie for doing this blog!! Hopefully, one day I could find cure.

  44. Frances says:

    I use an E Cell in conjunction with a magnesium wrap made from dipping a towel etc into a solution made with about 500ml hot water and 1 Tbsp of Epsom salts and wrapped around the sore area with a heat pack over it. I usually use some plastic wrap to keep the moisture in. Ocassionally I use a physio and acupuncture. However the E cell has made a tremendous difference to my back and knees.

  45. Victoria says:

    Feldenkrais, somatic movement lessons, through individual sessions (called Functional Intergation lessons) or group cllasses can help people become more aware of how they are moving and using their muscles and skeletons. Over a few lessons their range of movement often increases and they can move again in ways they hadn’t in years. It’s also great for those who have had stokes or injuries. You can learn all about it on the web.

    It has saved my neck and back.

  46. Rene Oswald says:

    Hi Annmarie,
    Glad to hear that you are doing better, I can truly empathisize with you, I recently hurt my upper back, neck and shoulder area. I’ve been doing Viniyoga for about a week now and it’s starting to help. I have a friend who does it a few times a week to prevent back problems, she’s in her 70’s and she has amazing flexiblity and energy (of course she also eats high-raw!)
    Love you guys–come see us when you’re in Florida!

  47. Kristen says:

    After care taking for my mom after her surgery in 2/2012 I slept in a chair for 3 wkd then on her floor for 2 1/2 months. The weekend before last I stood up and ouch!
    I’ve never had low back pain in my life. I’m athletic and even taking care of her I at least walked.
    Just got her stable and I was ready for the gym and gearing up my athletic endeavors.
    Arnica creme, arnica tablets, ice, physical therapy and chiropractor….
    Still twinges in my low back.
    Feels like when I stand that I can’t right my pelvis?
    One evening in the chair I lost the feeling in my right leg, hip to toe and it locked in a position that was bentl I thought I wasn’t going to be able to straigten it…..
    Any thoughts on how to speed this up?
    Thank you for all the comments that I’ve readl

  48. Lora says:

    Thanks so much for the tips on lower back I just did them my back just went out .you guys are awsom.thanks so much for.

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